Second in a series...
Cindy Lou Martin’s 38DD tits were swinging with every stroke from Bobby Joe Jackson’s 10-inch cock as he fucked her doggy-style. It was her favorite position; she could slam her ass against his crotch with every thrust, forcing him as deep as possible into her hot cunt.

“Keep fucking me, Bobby Joe,” Cindy Lou said, raw lust in her voice. “I’m close to cumming.” He pushed harder and faster; he loved fucking Cindy Lou. The only other girl at school who was as responsive as Cindy Lou was the school slut, Charlene Thomas. Charlene would fuck anybody with a hard dick, and she had fucked Bobby Joe about a dozen times already.

“I’m close, too,” Bobby Joe hoarsely rasped. “Do you want my cum in your cunt, in your mouth, or on your tits?” Bobby Joe reached around and grabbed both her tits and pinched her nipples. “Or would you like my cum in your pretty ass?” he asked. “I’ve always given you options, Cindy Lou.”

Cindy Lou looked back at Bobby Joe and winked. “I’m thirsty today, but so is my pussy. Cum in me, then let me clean you off, stud muffin.” She wiggled her ass as he pushed even harder into her.

He pinched her erect nipples again as she reached between her legs and twiddled her hot
clit. “AAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!” she cried, as a strong orgasm started in the back of her cunt and quickly spread through her groin and continued throughout her body. Her pussy began milking Bobby Joe’s pecker, and he started shooting wad after wad of hot cock cream into Cindy Lou’s eager love cavern.
“Here I CCCCCUUUUMMMM!!!!” Bobby Joe cried, as the thick man juice filled her horny, sopping twat to capacity.

Involuntarily, Bobby Joe pulled his cock out of her love channel. Cindy Lou quickly turned around and engulfed his love muscle with her lips and sucked him deeply into her mouth, forcing his entire length down her throat in one thrust. She turned on her oral vacuum and sucked him for all she was worth. After only a minute or two of her incredible blow job, he rewarded her with another blast of jizz, filling her mouth and making her gag a little; however, she swallowed every drop and didn’t allow any leakage.
“Mmmm,” she said, looking up into Bobby Joe’s eyes, “that tasted delicious. Did you like it?” She tapped her nipples with the head of his pecker.

“Nope,” Bobby Joe said. “’Like’ isn’t a strong enough word. I don’t know what would be an adequate word to describe what that felt like.” He reached down and kissed Cindy Lou square on the lips. “You know, Cindy Lou, Billy Ray Russell has the hots for you. He wants to ask you out on a date.’

“Billy Ray is cute and all,” she said, “but you’re the only boy who’s ever fucked me. I like the way we do it, Bobby Joe. I don’t want any other boy doing me.” She looked down at the ground. “Before you took me under the grandstands at the homecoming game last year, I would have stripped for Billy Ray and let him have me, but since then, I haven’t wanted anybody else.” She kissed his penis lovingly and placed it in the valley of her cleavage. “I like the way you respond to me,” she said, wrapping his cock in her warm, supple titflesh. “I like the way you have trouble not cumming when I do things like this to you.” She began slowly massaging his member with her tits. “I like the way your cockhead peeks out at me from between my boobies when I’m doing this.” She kissed his cockhead when it came out. “I especially like the way your juices squirt when you cum on my chest.” She worked faster. Bobby Joe closed his eyes, and a little jet of pre-cum juice leaked into her cleavage, making his penis slide in and out easier.

Cindy Lou picked up her tempo, squishing his pecker with her hot tits, fucking his cock with all the speed she could muster. Soon, Bobby Joe could feel the cum starting to squirt out of hid cock all over Cindy Lou’s beautiful, hot, sexy titties.

“I’m cumming again!!!” He warned Cindy Lou about 10 seconds before his volcano erupted. Cindy Lou released his pecker and presented her cleavage to Bobby Joe as a landing spot for his lava. He erupted all over her tits, almost drowning them in hot man cum.

As Bobby Joe’s beleaguered manhood deflated, Cindy Lou said, “Mmmm… three times in a row, Bobby Joe.” She began massaging his gooey love offering into her hot titflesh. “I like that, especially when I got some in my mouth, in my pussy, AND on my titties.” She licked her fingers clean and continued rubbing it in until all his cream was absorbed into her skin.

“I really hate to fuck and run, Cindy Lou,” Bobby Joe said, “but I have to get home and help Dad out with some chores. Can I call you later tonight?”

“Call me anytime you like,” she replied, desire dripping in her voice and shining from her eyes. “I’ll always be ready for you.” She kissed his cockhead again and gave it a tiny squeeze. She stood up and pressed her hot, naked body against Bobby Joe and gave him a lip lock that took his breath away. He returned that kiss with equal ardor and passion, reluctantly got dressed, and left.

“If Mama and Daddy knew what we were doing here in the barn, they’d shoot Bobby Joe, especially if he got me pregnant,” Cindy Lou said. “But I’m not gonna stop doing him, as long as he wants to do me.” She got dressed and went into the house and up to her room. “Lucky for me, Mama and Daddy had a date today. They’ll be out ‘til midnight, and they’ll probably be out at Make-Out Point, doing the Mattress Mambo.” She reached down between her legs to her tortured twat. “I might even invite Bobby Joe over to my room tonight,” she said. “It would be nice to do that dance on a mattress.”

* * * * * * *

When Bobby Joe got home, his dad was ready for the help. They worked in the fields until dinner, washed up and ate. Bobby Joe helped his mom in the kitchen until dinner was cleaned up. He tried to ask his mom for some advice, but the words just wouldn’t come out.

“What’s the matter, dear?” Mrs. Jackson asked. “You look like something’s troubling you.”

“Well, Ma,” he started, “there’s this girl at school I’ve been seeing. She’s gorgeous, and I really like her.”

“Say no more,” Mrs. Jackson said. “I think your father needs to hear this more than I.” She walked over to the living room. “Herbert, your son needs to have a little ‘talk’ with you. NOW!”

“Yes, dear,” Mr. Jackson said. He came to the kitchen and said, “Bobby Joe, let’s go to the barn and talk.” He used a tone of voice that brooked no disobedience.

The two Jackson men went to the barn and sat on a couple of hay bales. “All right, son, first question: What’s her name?”

“What???” asked Bobby Joe with surprise. “What makes you think it’s about a girl?”

“When your mother used that particular tone of voice with those particular words, she informed me that it was about a girl. Now, what’s her name?”

“Cindy Lou Martin,” Bobby Joe said, and hung his head.

“Second question: How many times have the two of you been naked together?” his father asked.

“Damn, Dad,” Bobby Joe said. “How do you know these things?”

“Don’t cuss at me, boy,” Herbert Jackson said. “I first saw your mother naked when we were only 15 years old. She was a fine figure of a girl, and we gave each other our virginity down by the river. That’s how I know.” He looked his son in the eyes. “Boys at your age have a tendency to go too far too fast with girls. That’s how girls get pregnant and wind up in trouble. So, how many times have you two been naked together?”

“A lot, Dad,” Bobby Joe said. “Ever since the homecoming game last year.”

“Well, that answered my third question,” Mr. Jackson said. “Now for the fourth: Have you been using any kind of protection?”

“No, Dad, we haven’t,” Bobby Joe sheepishly said.

“Well, you should be,” Mr. Jackson said. “Just be careful and don’t get her pregnant. Now,” he continued, “for your mother’s sake, invite Cindy Lou to dinner Saturday. That way, we all get to meet her in somewhat neutral territory.”

“But Saturday is the Sadie Hawkins Day dance, Dad!” said Bobby Joe. “Cindy Lou asked me to be her date, and I said yes! The dance starts at 5:00 and goes ‘til 9:00.”

“We’ll have an early dinner, say, 3:00 pm. How’s that?”

“Great, Dad! I’ll call her up and invite her over.”

* * * * * * *

Saturday came around, and Cindy Lou’s parents brought her over to the Jackson’s place for dinner. Cindy Lou had one of those 17-year-old bodies that was difficult to modestly conceal; 38DD-25-35; 5-foot-8-inches tall; pixie face; electric blue eyes; dazzling smile; and long legs made to wrap around a boy’s waist. Somehow, she and her mother had managed to conceal most of Cindy Lou’s natural charms, and yet still show that she was built and beautiful. Bobby Joe’s jaw dropped to his knees when he saw Cindy Lou; she had never looked so beautiful before.

“I see why you like her, son,” Mr. Jackson whispered. “I’m getting a woody from over here.”

“Dad!!!” Bobby Joe whispered back. “She’s my date tonight. And you’re married to Mom!!!”

“Yup, I’m married,” Mr. Jackson agreed, “but I’m not dead. I think your mother and I will see about getting you a baby brother or sister tonight after you go to the dance.”

The Martins came over. “Hey, Herb,” said Andy Martin, Cindy Lou’s father. He held out his hand.
Herb Jackson shook his hand. “Hey, Andy. Cindy Lou sure has grown up.” He looked at Cindy Lou approvingly.

“She takes after my side of the family,” Cindy Lou’s mother said. “She’s got the Harris eyes and hair. Most of the women are naturally blonde haired and blue eyed. But my sister Adelaide was brunette and brown eyed. We could never figure that one out.”

“Dinner time!” called Emily Jackson. “Come and get it!!”

“She Who Must Be Obeyed has spoken,” Herb replied. “Royal decree has been made, and we must obey. Bobby Joe, please escort your lovely date into the dining room while I say good-bye to her parents.” Bobby Joe took Cindy Lou’s hand and led her to the dining room table and seated her.

“Andy, Georgia,” whispered Herb, “Emily and I will be over about an hour after I take the kids to the dance. Emily was hoping someone would ask Bobby Joe and I’m glad it was Cindy Lou. Your daughter is smoking hot!”

“Thanks. We’ll be ready for you two; who gets whom first?” Georgia asked.

“We’ll work that out after we get there. Now, go on!” Herb rushed the Martins back to their car and joined the dinner party.

* * * * * * *

Cindy Lou and Bobby Joe arrived at the dance just before they opened the gymnasium doors. They went in, and he went over to get both of them some punch. A slow song began, but the couple sat out the first dance. Another slow song came on, and Bobby Joe took Cindy Lou out onto the dance floor. They swayed together there in each other’s arms, looking into each other’s eyes. She smiled at him; he smiled at her; they kissed deeply. Sherman O’Rourke, captain of the football team, danced over behind Bobby Joe and whispered, “Get a room, you two,” and danced his date away again.

“What do you think, Cindy Lou?” Bobby Joe whispered. “Should we? Get a room, that is?”

“Thought you’d never ask,” Cindy Lou replied, deeply kissing him and slipping her tongue into his mouth. “Let me make a couple of calls, first. I may be able to set something up with one of my cousins.”
The young couple went to the sidelines and sat down while Cindy Lou called her cousins. “Great luck,” she said. “Jennifer will be here in half an hour to pick us up, and we can use her apartment. She’ll be back to get us about 8:30 and bring us back to the dance.” She threw her arms around Bobby Joe’s neck and kissed him again.

Jennifer arrived 25 minutes later and was standing by her mini-van when Bobby Joe and Cindy Lou came out of the gym. “So, you’re Cindy Lou’s stud muffin,” Jennifer said to Bobby Joe. Bobby Joe couldn’t believe what he saw; 5-feet-8-inches tall; straight, waist-length, jet-black hair; grey eyes; full, red, pouty lips; 38GG-24-35 figure; shapely legs; all encased in a lacy leotard that didn’t hide anything, and wearing calf-high black patent leather go-go boots with three-inch stiletto heels. “What’s your name, big boy?” she asked, smirking wickedly at him.

“Uh… Robert Joseph Jackson, ma’am,” Bobby Joe blurted out. “Most folks around here call me Bobby Joe.” He held out his hand to Jennifer.

She stepped in close and said, “Hello, Bobby Joe,” and kissed him deeply, slipping him her tongue and rubbing her almost naked body against him. She looked at Cindy Lou and said, “I like your man, Cindy Lou. He didn’t kiss me back, even though he wanted to. I think he’s a keeper.”

“So do I, Jennie,” Cindy Lou said. “Shall we get in, Bobby Joe?” She winked at her date and opened the side door to the mini-van.

Bobby Joe climbed in and was surprised to see no seats in the back of Jennifer’s mini-van; just a thick mattress with clean sheets on it. He turned to Cindy Lou to say something, but she just held out her hands to be helped in. He helped her in, and she pushed him down onto the mattress. Jennie started the car, Cindy Lou closed the side door, and they started driving.

“Just in case you hadn’t figured it out,” Cindy Lou said while unzipping Bobby Joe’s pants and sliding them and his underwear down to his ankles. “Jennie likes to fuck, and she wants to have a place available at a moment’s notice. So, she took out the seats, had a mattress custom made, and keeps it covered in clean linen all the time.” Cindy Lou started stroking Bobby Joe’s penis, and it responded favorably.

“She’s right, Bobby Joe,” Jennifer said from the driver’s seat. She parked in a dark alley and came to the back. “I like to fuck, and get fucked by hard, fat cocks.” She unzipped the back of her leotard and started pulling it down. “I like my man to suck on my nipples.” She unzipped her boots and took them off. “I like to 69 my stud.” She removed her leotard and stood naked over Bobby Joe. “I like his cock in my pussy and my asshole. Do you like all that, stud muffin?” Jennie asked, lowering her pussy over Bobby Joe’s face and taking his cock into her hands.

“CI-Ci-Cindy Lou?” Bobby Joe stammered.

“Enjoy it, Bobby Joe,” Cindy Lou said, shedding her dress, showing she wasn’t wearing any underwear. “It’s the price for using Jennie’s apartment. After she’s done, we’ll go there and then you and I can do whatever until about 8:15. Jennie will be back, and we’ll go back to the dance.”

Jennie pressed her wet pussy against Bobby Joe’s lips as she sucked his cock into her waiting mouth. She sucked his dick even harder than Cindy Lou, and his weapon grew long, thick, and steel-hard faster than Cindy Lou ever could. Bobby Joe ate Jennie’s pussy like it was a gourmet meal, and soon Jennie was close to exploding.

“Not yet, lover boy,” Jennie said, popping his cock out of her expert mouth. “You’re filling my cunt with your cream, just like you do for Cindy Lou. And Cindy Lou is going to make sure you get adequate protein nutrition while I fuck your pole.” Jennie turned around and straddled his manhood while Cindy Lou straddled his face, showing her soft, golden curls to him, dripping with girlie dew, as she lowered her garden of delight to his waiting lips. Jennie, meanwhile, was rubbing his cockhead against her wet, bare pussy lips, teasing him. She pushed his head in and held it there, as Cindy Lou placed her nether lips against his face.

The girls were facing each other, and Cindy Lou leaned forward to suck Jennie’s nipples. Jennie pushed downward and impaled herself on Bobby Joe’s 10-inch long hardon. Cindy Lou took a nipple between her lips and started sucking on it, playing with Jennie’s other breast. Bobby Joe feasted on Cindy Lou’s sweet cunt as she ground her pussy on his face. Jennie started bouncing on Bobby Joe’s cock, driving it hard and deep into her pussy. She played with Cindy Lou’s tits, pinching her nipples. Bobby Joe bit Cindy Lou’s clit; Cindy Lou bit Jennie’s nipple; Jennie exploded around Bobby Joe’s massive manhood; Bobby Joe squirted a gallon of cum into Jennie; and Cindy Lou came on Bobby Joe’s face.

“Thanks for sharing your stud muffin with me, cousin,” Jennifer said. “Could you hand me my purse?”

Cindy Lou gave Jennie her handbag, and Jennie pulled out a small butt-plug. She got up off of Bobby Joe’s dick, which was still hard, and pushed the plug into her still-soaked quim. “I want to keep your juices in me for a while, lover,” she said to Bobby Joe. “It’s not often I get to fuck a stud like you. Maybe I’ll even persuade Cindy Lou to lend you to me someday.” She smiled wickedly at the young couple. She put on her leotard and boots then resumed her place in the driver’s seat.

The rest of the ride to Jennie’s apartment was uneventful; Cindy Lou put her dress back on; Bobby Joe pulled his undies and pants back up and zipped himself; and Jennie ran two stop lights and three stop signs before arriving. Jennie gave them her apartment keys, wished them well, kissed Bobby Joe full on the lips and fondled his crotch, and kissed Cindy Lou full on the lips and fondled her tits. She got back in her van and drove off.

“That’s some cousin you have, Cindy Lou,” said Bobby Joe. He couldn’t believe what happened in the back of her van.

“I told you, she likes to fuck, and she does it very well. I’m sure she could wear you out, if ever I let her do you again.” Cindy Lou kissed him deeply and fondled his crotch. He returned her kiss and fondled her crotch, too. Then they went upstairs to Jennie’s apartment.


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