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Read the first before you read this one, and as always, if you do not like extreme stories, don't read this one.
Allison woke up, smiling. She excitedly got up, seeing if the changes to her body were still there. Looking down, all she saw were perfectly round 36 DD cup breasts. She laughed as she got up, and looked in the mirror to admire her new body again. Everything was still there, she was as curvy as a porn star, and her blonde hair matched with her new bright blue eyes. She noticed that the bulge in her belly from all the cum was gone, and she had no stretch marks in sight. Allison realized how horny she was, and quickly took off the few clothes she was wearing, and began rubbing her pussy. Moaning as her delicate fingers twisted inside her, Allison lay down in pure ecstasy.

Allison got up in a jolt. Why was she sitting here fucking herself when she could get the plant to do it for her? She ran out to the forest, trying to jog without her massive tits jiggling up and down. She reached the plant, smiling and licking her lips. This time, it looked like a simple tentacle with a round base, perfectly rigid going straight up. Allison calmly walked over to it, and pushed her pussy all the way down to the bottom. She gasped as a fluid immediately came out of the tip of the tentacle, coating the entire shaft and making it much easier to slide along. Allison picked up her pace, riding the green cock faster and faster. Allison noticed more tentacles sliding out of the base, enveloping her in their green slime. Allison grabbed two of the tentacles and began jacking both of them off, being as rough as she could be. A tentacle pushed into her ass, and she was being DP'ed again. The cock in her pussy took over, lifting her up and ramming in and out. She was lifted up by all of the tentacles, as each cock pushed in and out at completely irregular intervals, shocking her every time the huge shaft pushed her to her limits. The familiar suction cups appeared, and slid up to her already huge breasts. They pressed on her nipples, and she felt the wonderful liquid filling her tits even larger. Even though they were already DDs, they kept getting bigger, all the way to F cups. The suction cups pulled out, and the tentacles resumed their brutal fucking.

Allison was in such ecstasy that she didn't realize Kate, her only friend and neighbor, walking on the path near her. "Fuck!" Allison yelled as she pulled each of the cocks quickly out of her. It was too late. Even though she was fully out of the cocks by the time Kate saw her, the cum coating Allison's body was too easy to miss.

"What the fuck.... Allison, is that you?!?" Kate said, peering first at Allison's naked body, then at the single cock that remained. Allison thought for a minute, a small smile appearing, and then spoke.

"Kate, it's me! You have to see this!" Allison held out her only dry hand to Kate, as she reluctantly grabbed on. Allison slowly walked Kate over to the plant. "Touch it," Allison said with a smile.

"Fuck no! It's covered in slime!" Kate replied, but at the same time was mesmerized by the cock. She slowly brought her hand to it, and then lightly brushed the tip of the tentacle. Immediately, all of the other tentacles sprung out, wrapping around Kate and lifting her into the air. "Allison, help me!" Kate screamed as she tried to pull the tentacles off her, but it was too late. Allison moved back a couple feet, smiling, knowing what would happen next.

The tentacles ripped Kate's clothes off her body, exposing her 34 C cups and shaven pussy. Since they were already wet, they slipped right into Kate's pussy and ass, as Kate let out a scream. Allison noticed that the plant was much rougher on Kate, but she struggled to know why. All Allison knew was that she was enjoying this show. The suction cups surrounded Kate's breasts, as the needles pushed in, bring another scream from Kate. Allison saw the liquid streaming into Kate, filling her breasts with every pump. She watched as they filled to the size of Allison's new tits, but the monster didn't stop. More and more liquid kept pumping in, before they finally pulled out at a size of 36 G. Kate's screams turned into moans, as the tentacles' rapid thrusts pushed in farther than any human could go.

All this time, Allison didn't notice the single tentacle slowly moving toward her. It slid onto Allison, and she got the signal. She walked towards the center of the plant and near Kate, and pushed the tentacle into her already soaking pussy. "What the fuck are you doing? What is this plant doing to us?" said Kate, stopping her sentence as the tentacle in her ass exploded with cum, streaming out at a rapid pace. Kate stopped objecting, and went limp, letting the cocks fill her. Allison continued to push cocks in and around her, and soon she was in the air, directly next to Kate. The two girls moaned and gasped as they were pleasured to the point of nirvana. Allison noticed how the plant seemed to be moving the two girls closer and closer. After about a minute more of fucking, the girl's tits were pushing against each other. Allison opened her eyes, and saw Kate's perfect face staring back at her. Overcome with lust and desire, Allison slowly brought her lips to Kate, as the plant slowed down its thrusts, letting the two girls have their fun. Allison brought her arms around Kate, as Kate entered Allison's mouth with her tongue. The girls got more and more intense, and soon they were grinding pussies together, as their hard nipples ran along each other. Their tongues explored each other's mouth, as Allison explored Kate with her hands. Allison stuck 3 finger's up Kate's gaping ass, as Kate did the same, only with her entire hand. The two girls pulled out of each others mouth and began fisting each other up both holes. After 10 minutes of extreme punching, both girls pulled out, again wrapping their bodies around each other, breathing hard and relaxing. "I didn't know you were bisexual," Kate said, smiling. "I didn't know I was either," replied Allison. The two girls continued holding on, slowly pressing their cum-coated bodies together.

"What the fuck do I do now?" Kate asked, swiftly getting up after the truth of what just happened came to her.
"What do you mean?" Allison asked.

"None of my clothes will fit, and I can't get back to my house like this!"

"We can shower at my house, if we go through the back door we'll still be in the woods until we get in the house," Allison replied. "As for clothes, I guess we can borrow my older sister Marie's. She was a D cup, it could work until we go shopping for new clothes,". Kate got up with Allison, and the two girls walked back to Allison's house, Allison explaining what happened along the way. Taking the shortest route to Allison's shower, they both squeezed into the small cubicle and began washing each other. Kate giggled as Allison scrubbed her ass so hard her hand slipped inside. Allison quickly pulled out, and the girls got out and dried off. Still completely naked, Allison and Kate walked upstairs to her older sister's room. They got the key to Allison's sister's walk-in closet, walked in, and gasped at the clothing they saw. Not only was everything revealing and sexy, there was a huge amount of lingerie and inappropriate clothing. Allison noticed at least 5 dildo on a table, and dozens of sex toys in boxes in the corner. Kate looked through the clothes until she found a revealing red bra. She looked on the tag, and laughed. "It says 36 F! Maybe we won't have to go shopping after all!"
"What? Marie was never that big...." Allison said. However, as the two girls explored Marie's closet, all of the clothes were around both the girls new sizes. "I guess this means we should try something on,", said Allison.

Allison found a pair of tight black short shorts, and a cleavage baring shirt, noticing how good she looked in the mirror. Kate had picked out a slutty striped skirt and stockings to go with it, completing her outfit with a white tank-top and no bra. The two girls admired themselves in the mirror, noticing how they looked more like college sluts than the high school juniors they were. "What do we do now?" Kate asked.

"I don't know about you, but I want to get fucked," Allison said with a giggle. "With our looks, I don't think we'll need an ID!"

The girls laughed and got in Allison's car. After a few quick adjustments, Allison was able to drive with her new tits. The girls drove off to downtown L.A., looking for a place to have some fun. They didn't know, however, that what would happen next would begin the best night of their lives.


2015-06-03 15:34:16
Hope there is a follow up part

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2013-03-12 02:12:03
This is awsome keep making more ;)

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2013-01-29 19:50:33
- Mandie, it was a blast having you along! Love the first one you are seuosrily awesome. And Lisa and Rick? Well, they just made our job easy!

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2012-12-23 15:51:14
Why do women love baths? Because the bath sharks are banend to outside the door and can't get in It's the only moment of peace we have, when we don't have to think of anything we need to be doing. Why do women think they need to be doing something? I think that should be one of your blog topics so you can solve it for us. Perhaps we all need to send you our lists of things to do, and you, as the bath shark ~ or whatever ~ can determine that nothing actually needs to be done, so we can spend more time in the bath, with the bath shark relegated to behind the door . Perfect

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2012-08-26 18:26:59
Part 1 and part 2 don't exactly follow, nice story but you seem to have lost yourself somewhere. It's like you forgot your lines and are repeating at a different angle. Try part 3 and make sense out of your confusion.

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