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Man meets girl and her dog on a walk.
The Adventures of Ed & Abby

Chapter 1
I saw her again....walking the two beautiful animals, the male was a Bouvier des Flanders and the female was a boxer...and her...she was beautiful. She had that innocent look to her...young, shoulder length blonde hair flowing gently in the breeze. She had that "girl next door" look. In fact, she was my neighbor and while we didn't know each other well, I'd said "Hello" to Abby several times when we see each other outside. Man, she was hot.

As I worked in my yard she continued past my fence, the two beautiful animals leading. I was surprised my Swiss mountain dog Alex didn't go crazy. Apparently he was friends with the other dogs as they sniff each other at the fence. Alex ran up to the fence to say hi to his friends and Abby paused as the dogs sniffed each other through the fence.
"It's a beautiful day to walk" I said to Abby.
" couldn't ask for a more beautiful day and what a great way to spend it with my two friends here" she replied as she gestured towards her dogs. Abby was dressed in those short, shorts. The type of shorts that are like a second skin. Her breasts were well proportioned to her small frame, firm and round like you would expect of a woman of her young 24 years. As she fiddled with the leash, she inadvertently dropped it and as she bent over to pick it up off the ground behind her, her Bouvier des Flanders, took the opportunity to stick his muzzle into her well rounded ass and take a sniff. Most people would jump at that action but Abby took it in stride, almost as if she had expected it to happen.
“Silly dog!” Abby exclaimed as she stood upright again. She gently pushed the Bouvier des Flander’s muzzle from her rear end. Logan, the dog’s name, tried again to put his muzzle in his owner’s crotch.
“Logan! Stop!” Abby scolded the dog. I watched and chuckled at the scene.
“It must be tough to control those dogs sometimes,” I guessed out loud. “I’ve heard they’re a very dominant breed”
“Well, Logan is definitely used to getting his way, but he’s really a well behaved dog” Abby replied.
“I guess since we’re neighbors I should introduce myself. My name is Ed and this is my dog Alex” I gestured towards my Swiss Mountain dog. He was also a beautiful animal. Alex was 5 years old and was a big boy at 145 pounds. Bigger than the average Swiss Mountain dog and a tall one at that, almost reaching 3 feet at his withers. Alex wagged his tail at the mention of his name and Abby put her hand through the fence so that Alex could get a whiff of her scent. I caught a faint whiff of her essence too and she smelled like a spring flower.

“Hi, I’m Abby and this is Logan and Josie” she said pointing at first the Bouvier des Flanders and then the Boxer. They too wagged their tails at the mention of their names. I set my shovel against the fence, my 43 year old body a bit sore from the manual labor. I’m not in the best shape for a guy my age, but I’m not that bad either. I still seem to catch the eye of women with my short cropped grey hair and my goatee. I asked Abby if she would mind if I went along with her on her dog walk as Alex seemed to want to go and certainly I would love to get to know my neighbor a better!

Abby agreed and we set off down the street, talking of weather and the neighborhood and how beautiful it is around our town. We walked a few blocks one way, then the other and then we ended back up where we started by my house. I kept eyeballing Abby’s skimpy top and her beautiful round ass whenever I got the chance. I was really happy that she was spending the time with my dog and I.

As hot as it was outside, I decided I’d invite Abby in for some lunch and a couple cold beverages and she gladly accepted. We all went within the confines of my fenced, private yard. I led the group to the backyard, Alex actually led the way, Abby’s two dogs bounding after him and ran to far end of the yard where they busied themselves sniffing around and playing.

“What would you like to drink Abby?” I queried.
“Whatever you have is fine with me Ed” she replied. I went to the outdoor fridge on my patio near the pool and grabbed a couple of sodas and a bottle of rum and mixed us a couple cold cocktails. We sat out by the pool now, absorbing the warm sun, chatting about our animals.
“How long have you had your dogs Abby?” I asked.
“Well, I’ve raised Logan from a pup and now he’s 3 years old and Josie was a rescue and she’s about 4 years old now. She’s been with us for 3 years and is just a real good dog”, Abby explained. As we relaxed, we got closer to each other, Abby’s beautiful face smiling as she talked animatedly about her pets. Well one thing led to another, the rum flowing and soon we we’re making out on the special air mattress I keep by the pool. I kissed Abby passionately, taking time kissing her neck, her ears, making my way down her body. I pulled off her top quite easily and sucked on her nipples, kissing around them, my hands busy on the rest of her body, feeling her tummy, down to her thighs and eventually my hand made its way to the zipper on her shorts.

Abby moaned in consent as I slowly pulled the zipper down, my tongue snaking its way down and in one fluid motion she lifted her butt up and I skimmed the shorts and thong off in one motion. I looked at her beautiful bare pussy, stuck my nose in it just like one of the dogs would and inhaled her womanly scent deeply.
“Oh! Oh my God!” Abby cried softly as my tongue slid down her labia which were wet with anticipation. I felt her reach my shorts and deftly manage to get my cock out which by now was rock hard at its 6 inches. I know it’s not that much but it works for me! We soon worked our way into a 69 as her mouth engulfed my cock and my face was buried in her sweet pussy, tongue lashing out and swirling around her clit. I felt her hands on my ass as she sucked me, her tongue driving me crazy as it teased my cockhead.
“Oh yeah Abby! Suck it baby! Suck my cock!” I exclaimed in my passion. I felt my cock throbbing inside her mouth as she took it all in and then out again, her hands gripping my ass cheeks as she sucked.

I snaked my tongue down from her wet pussy to her ass, slithering over her little rosebud, feeling it flex in response to my tongue. She didn’t say anything so I proceeded to explore her ass with my tongue.
I stiffened my tongue and like a fleshly spear I pressed forward into her ass, feeling it open slightly to receive my tongue. At the same time I felt her hands pulling my ass cheeks apart and then suddenly she took her mouth off my cock and I felt her tongue licking its way back, along my balls, and then the area between my balls and my ass, then to my ass itself.

Abby’s tongue was mimicking mine as we started to probe each other’s assholes with our tongues, slowly tongue fucking, gradually speeding up. We moaned wildly as we thrashed about the mattress.
“Oh my God Ed! Tongue fuck my asshole baby! That feels sooo good! Deeper!” Abby cried. I did as I was told and pressed my tongue deeper into her ass, a couple of my fingers found their way inside of her wet pussy and I settled into a rhythm of fucking her pussy and ass with fingers and tongue. Meanwhile her tongue gave way to her fingers, she slid 1, then two fingers into my ass, sawing in and out while her free hand grabbed hold of my cock and stroked it.

She must have sensed that I loved ass play and Abby was driving me crazy with it. Setting a rhythm much like mine, we fucked each other’s asses increasingly fast, then slow, taking our time again. I suggested we move this inside to be more private. I had ulterior motives. I was going to fuck this girl’s ass, but I knew I needed some lube. Abby agreed and we whistled for our dogs to follow us into my house.

Chapter 2
As we entered the house we quickly made our way into the living room, any pretense of modesty out the window as we shed our clothes completely. Once naked, we dove into my oversized, overstuffed, leather sofa. The leather cool against our heated skin we went back at it. This time I was sitting, almost laying back on the sofa, eyes closed, my legs spread and Abby on the floor on her knees between my legs. She playfully licked my cock again, taking it into her mouth, rolling her tongue around the head, taking the length of it in and back out again. Her other hand was rubbing my balls as I writhed in ecstasy. She stood up between my legs now, bent at the waist I’m sure to give her knees a rest. She continued to suck my dick and play with my balls. I opened my eyes to see Logan, behind his owner, licking her pussy. I instantly felt a surge in my cock at the sight.
“Do you always let your dog lick your pussy Abby?” I asked demurely.
“Oh God yes Logan! Good boy!” was all she could manage as she wiggled her ass in the dog’s face. “Have you ever let Alex lick your cock?” she inquired. I replied that I hadn’t but I was a very open minded person and wouldn’t say no to much. My reply seemed to excite Abby as she suddenly stopped sucking me, grabbed my legs and spread them wider, pushing my legs back so they were bent at the knee and back against my chest. This left my cock, balls and ass totally exposed and vulnerable.
“Logan! Here!” she commanded her dog and at the same time slapped my thighs. Apparently the dog knew what he was to do as he immediately began to lick my balls. It felt a bit different from a human but it definitely felt good! I moaned low as Logan’s tongue worked its magic, now having started to lick my ass. Abby’s mouth sucked back down on my dick, once again she was bent at the waist to suck me.
“Oh Ed! I see that Logan’s getting your ass all nice and wet! Look at that cute hole!” I looked down between my legs at the dog’s tongue licking me and I noticed that my anal muscles had slackened so that my hole was gaping just a little bit.
“Oh Logan!” I moaned. “Lick my asshole doggy! Get that tongue into my ass” I wiggled on the sofa as Logan’s tongue slurped deeper into my hole. Abby decided to help her dog by pulling my ass open more.
“Wow! Now you’re hole is opening up!” Abby said in a lust filled voice. I looked down as she spread me open, my anus expanding wider, as the dog’s tongue licked in and out. Abby reached into her pussy and got her fingers nice and wet then easily slid three fingers into my ass while Logan licked my open hole. Abby groaned as she did this and at first I thought she was turned on by fingering my ass but then I noticed that Logan had stopped licking me and was back to licking his owner. I noticed his cock had come out of his sheath and was pointing straight at her.
“Ed, come and lay on the floor please” Abby said and pointed at the spot just in front of the sofa. “Lay with your feet to the sofa”. I turned around and lay down where she directed and then Abby squatted over my face and lowered her ass to my face where she proceeded to rub her pussy all over my lips prompting me to lick her.
“Mmmm, that feels so good! I guess I’m not as innocent as you probably thought, am I?” Abby said with a sly smile. “When people say that a dog is a man’s best friend, well, let’s just say that dogs are also a woman’s best friend when in need” Abby moved forward so that her asshole was above my mouth and she lowered herself all the way so that her ass was pressed hard against my face.

“Tongue my ass Ed! Stick that tongue in my hole” she commanded. I stiffened my tongue and pressed up into her ass, my tongue going in so far that my lips were against that ring of muscle. I sucked on her ass ring while she slowly gyrated her hips, trying to get as much of my tongue into her ass as possible.
“Mmmm God that feels so good that I hate to stop, but I want you see something I’m sure you’ve never seen before” She leaned forward and took my cock in her hand, her head down slightly and her ass up. She whistled for Logan.
“C’mon boy! Up!” and with that she reached around and smacked her ass and when that happened, Logan jumped up on his owner with his pointy cock stabbing air until he finally found his mark and slid home into Abby’s pussy. Abby threw her head down with a grunt as Logan filled her tight pussy with his big dog cock.
“Good boy Logan! Good boy! Now fuck my pussy Logan!” Abby exclaimed and fuck he did. Logan took off like a jackhammer pounding the woman above me. Her body shook with the force of Logan’s assault on her pussy and I had a front row seat to this incredible scene! I’d heard of people who fucked dogs and I wasn’t sure how I felt about it, but now being there, seeing it first hand, I can assure you it was a scene to behold. I figured I should help out and with that I started licking her clit from underneath.
“Oh Ed! That’s it! Lick my clit! Oh yes! Right there! Yes! Fuck!” Abby’s head moved back and forth as Logan and I both pleasured her. I would lick from her clit all the way back to where Logan’s cock was in her pussy even licking his cock as it went in and out of her pussy. Her juices glazed my face while my tongue went crazy on her and Logan, licking everywhere I could. I reached up and groped around her ass until I found her anus which was spasming with the dog cock pounding she was receiving. Her whole ass valley was wet with pussy juice and sweat and my finger found its way inside of her ass quite easily.
Suddenly Logan’s cock fell out and as he tried to get back into her pussy it bounced off her vulva and somehow his cock ended up in my mouth unexpectedly. At first I was taken aback but then I just started to suck that dog cock as he continued to fuck and I braced him with my hand so he wouldn’t suffocate me completely with that monster cock. I felt his knot swelling and I guessed that he would cum soon, so I sucked harder on Logan’s red dog cock. Meanwhile Abby was waiting for Logan’s dog cock to get back in her pussy.
“Logan! Fuck my pussy doggy! Come on boy! I need your cock!” she cried. At that moment Logan’s cock started spurting cum. I caught some in my mouth but as I had his cock in my hand too, I helped it back into Abby’s pussy as he continued to spill his seed and he kept fucking like there was no difference between my mouth and her pussy. He was just happy to have a hole to fuck. His cum was spraying all over Abby’s pussy and my face. Logan drove his cock hard into the pussy in front of him, his knot forcing its way into her cunt expanding it widely.
“Oh my God his knot is huge!” Abby said as Logan’s cock filled her. She moaned low, put her head down on my thighs as I was still under her and I felt her body shudder in orgasm as I slowly licked her clit, pussy lips and around where Logan’s seed spilled out past his knot in her pussy.
Never before had I witnessed, or for that matter, been a part of something so lewd and dirty yet, so hot. I was turned on so much that I could feel that my cock was ready to explode if I so much as touched it by mistake.
To be continued.....

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