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Ranjini who had a weird fantasy of getting intimate with an older man, elder than her father
Abdul worked for a big real estate development firm as a project
engineer and Ranjini was a freelance interior designer. Ranjini mostly
worked from home except for site visits. They had recently moved into an
upscale apartment complex.

The complex consisted of 5 different buildings, 2 club houses and a
swimming pool. The couple had purchased a fully furnished flat on 4th
floor in one of the buildings. Each floor had only two flats. Since they
bought a furnished flat, settling down was pretty easy.

Their neighbors were Mr. and Mrs. Patel who were in their late 50’s. The
Patel’s were very friendly couple. Their only daughter had gone to UK for
her medical education. Mr. Patel was a retired man and Mrs. Patel was a

Mrs. Patel was very active in social life, while Mr. Patel spent most of
his day by taking early morning walks, reading newspaper, watching CNBC
and trading shares by calling his broker every now and then.

After moving into the new house, The Patels helped Abdul and Ranjini
with finding the maids, milkman, paper delivery etc. Within few days
time, Abdul and Ranjini resumed their routine. They invited Patels for
dinner on one Saturday for all the help they had provided.

Ranjini had planned South Indian menu. For the dinner, Abdul wore a T
shirt and Jeans and Ranjini was wearing an orange chiffon saree with a
matching sleeveless blouse. The Patels arrived by 8:30PM.

Abdul offered Mr. Patel 2006 Satori Merlot, a popular red wine. While
Abdul poured wine in the glasses, Ranjini brought apples for appetizers.
When Ranjini was arranging the plates on the coffee table in front of Mr.
Patel, she noticed Mr. Patel staring at her.

She realized that when she bent down to arrange the plates, her cleavage
was in sight of Mr. Patel. Although Ranjini’s saree was covering the
blouse, the saree was quite transparent to give enough hints of her
hidden treasures.

The thought of Mr. Patel staring at her cleavage brought a mild
excitement in Ranjini. She enjoyed that feeling. She chose to enjoy Mr.
Patel’s staring. After the plates were arranged, Abdul and Mr. Patel
engaged in financial talks while taking sips of the wine.

Ranjini and Mrs. Patel prepared the dining table for dinner and joined
the gentlemen in chat. Ranjini sat next to Abdul on sofa and Mrs. Patel
sat in the chair placed besides her husband. Ranjini could notice Mr.
Patel making very subtle glances made at her while chatting.

Ranjini thought of teasing Mr. Patel. She bent forward to pick Abdul’s
wine glass so that Mr. Patel could again view her cleavage through her
transparent saree. Mr. Patel didn’t miss that opportunity.

After some time, all had dinner and desert and then the Patel are left.
After cleaning the dining table and kitchen, Ranjini changed herself into
the night gown and joined Abdul in the bed. Abdul turned towards her
to take her in his arms.

He kissed Ranjini and whispered in her ears “Patel uncle was mesmerized
by your beauty. He could not set your eyes off you”. Ranjini smiled and
said “It’s because I was teasing him. He was getting a good view of my

Abdul laughed and said “Looks like Mrs. Patel is going to have lots of
love bites tonight”. Ranjini joined Abdul in laughing. That night,
Abdul and Ranjini had a good time having sex. They fantasized of Mr.
Patel watching Ranjini getting undressed.

It made Ranjini wet and Abdul more excited. After they were done with
the act, Abdul asked Ranjini to continue to tease Mr. Patel. He said
“Ranjini, Mr. Patel comes home from his walk sharp at 7 in the morning.

Tomorrow you open the door to pick the newspaper same time in the gown”.
Ranjini was surprised with such an odd request. She said “Are you sure?”
Abdul nodded. “You mean, with this gown, and no bra? It’s transparent”.

Abdul kissed her and said “Yes honey, without your bra. Let the old man
see what he is missing”. Ranjini agreed and both went to sleep. Next
morning, at around 6:55, Ranjini went to the balcony to see when Mr.
Patel entered the building.

Like Abdul said, Mr. Patel returned from his morning walk sharp at
7:00. After seeing Mr. Patel entering the building, Ranjini went towards
the main door and waited till she heard the lift stopping at the 4th

As soon as lift stopped, Ranjini opened the door and bent down to pick
the newspaper. As Mr. Patel came out of the lift, he saw Ranjini bent to
pickup the news paper. Since she was wearing low neck gown, her breast
were seen hanging.

Mr. Patel could also see her nipples since she was not wearing her
breasts. He just stopped there watching her in awe. Ranjini got up and
smiled at him and said Hi to him. Mr. Patel didn’t know how to react.

After Ranjini got up, he could clearly see her well rounded breasts with
erect nipples through her much transparent satin gown. Ranjini paused
there just for few seconds before getting inside her house and shutting
the door.

After shutting the door, she looked through peep hole. She saw Mr.
Patel wiping his lips with his tongue and returning to his house.
Ranjini ran in the bedroom laughing. Abdul asked her what happened.
Ranjini told him how Mr. Patel was shocked. Both had a good laugh.

From that day onwards, it became a routine for Ranjini and Mr. Patel to
meet in the hallway and greet each other, with Ranjini always wearing
seductive clothes. One morning Ranjini was a bit late to get off the bed.

She went to pick the newspaper thinking Mr. Patel would have already
left. But to her surprise, when she opened the door, she saw Mr. Patel,
standing with newspaper in hand waiting for her to open the door.

Mr. Patel handed the newspaper to her and intentionally, he touched her
hand. He had come too close to her to give the newspaper and his warm
breath touched Ranjini’s open neck. It was a very sensitizing feeling.

Today, it was Ranjini’s turn to get shocked. She shut the door and stood
there for a minute to think of what happened. The old man had dared to
touch her. But strangely, instead of getting angry, she was feeling hot.

That night, when Abdul was making love to her, Ranjini thought of the
incident in the morning. Just the thought of it made Ranjini wet. Abdul
immediately noticed Ranjini getting horny. Abdul knew how Ranjini
fantasized and he asked her what fantasy she was thinking about.

Since both of them were very frank in the bed, and boldly shared any
fantasies, Ranjini told him “I am fantasizing Mr. Patel kissing my naked
body”. Abdul looked at Ranjini and said “Interesting! You are getting
crush on the old man” and laughed.

He asked her to continue painting this fantasy further. Both had
wonderful sex fantasizing Mr. Patel caressing Ranjini’s naked body.
After sex, Ranjini asked Abdul if he really enjoyed her fantasy. Abdul
looked in her eyes and said,

“Barring the part where you talked about Mr. Patel having sex, I liked
it. I enjoyed the part where you talked about him touching your body,
your breasts and all. But the thought of someone else entering inside
you is like... Ewww... That place is only for me.” Ranjini nodded.

After a long silence, Abdul said to her “Looks like you want him to
touch you don’t you baby?” Ranjini looked at him and said “May be... I get
very horny even to think of him exploring me.” “Ok. I will let you do
that in real.

But one condition, you should record the complete act in the video.”
Ranjini smiled and kissed Abdul and said “Okay honey!” Next morning
Ranjini intentionally went 5 minutes after 7:00 to get the newspaper.
Before opening the door, she checked through the peep hole.

Mr. Patel was outside her house, holding the newspaper. Ranjini adjusted
her gown such that her cleavage was more visible. She opened the door
stood against the door frame, with one leg folded in the knee taking
support of the frame.

Mr. Patel offered her the newspaper, but Ranjini did not advance her
hands to take it. Instead, she looked into Mr. Patel’s eyes, bit her
lower lip and widened her gown’s opening to intent fully give Mr. Patel
a glimpse of her right breast just for few seconds before covering

Mr. Patel had become bold enough. He moved forward and before Ranjini
could react, Mr. Patel kissed her lips and pinched her buttocks and
then moved away from her. When he kissed Ranjini, his frail body had
completely brushed against her.

Her breasts were pressed against his body. Ranjini pulled the paper from
his hands and asked him to ring the bell at 3′o clock in afternoon. She
knew that Mrs. Patel would have gone to the club house to play cards
that time. Mr. Patel nodded.

After Ranjini shut the door, she walked towards the kitchen. She was
still thinking of that kiss. It was a kiss she had never experienced.
The kiss had come from an old man, with dry, wrinkled lips. But it was
still very strong kiss.

Ranjini decided to not tell Abdul and surprise him with the video at
night. In the afternoon, after she had her lunch, Ranjini tested her PC
Cam. She set it on timer to start exactly at 3:00PM. She also adjusted
the PC and cam such that

it would record anything that was happening on the sofa. She also shut
the computer screen off. At 2:30PM, Ranjini changed herself in the same
orange chiffon saree she had worn when the Patel’s visited them for

Only difference was that she chose not to wear bra today. She only wore
the sleeveless blouse. Mr. Patel rang the door bell sharp at 3:00PM.
Ranjini opened the door and hurriedly got him inside the house and
directed him towards the sofa.

Mr. Patel was wearing a shirt and lungi. He had placed scent soaked
cotton in the place between his ear and head. Ranjini remembered of the
old movies where she had seen men putting scent soaked cotton.

Mr. Patel sat on the sofa and he moved his lungi to expose his hairy
thigh. He signaled Ranjini to come sit in his lap. Ranjini dropped her
pallu and walked towards Mr. Patel, giving him full view of her
breasts, covered only by her sleeveless blouse.

Her nipples were erect and areola was seen through the blouse. Ranjini
sat on Mr. Patel’s lap wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed his
dry, wrinkled lips. She parted Mr. Patel’s lips and put her tongue
inside his mouth.

To her shock, Mr. Patel’s dentures came out. Mr. Patel quickly removed
his dentures and kissed Ranjini with his toothless mouth. The feeling of
his gums brushing on her lips was strange, but enjoyable to Ranjini.

Now Mr. Patel moved his attention to Ranjini’s breasts. He cupped
Ranjini’s left breast and pressed it gently. Ranjini unhooked the blouse
to expose more of her breasts. Mr. Patel moved his wrinkled fingers
inside her blouse to touch her nipple.

Ranjini unbuttoned his shirt and placed her hand over Mr. Patel’s chest.
Unlike Abdul’s firm unhairy chest, Mr. Patel had a hairy, plump chest.
Ranjini missed Abdul’s chest. Mr. Patel had by now removed Ranjini’s
blouse and he continued staring and Ranjini’s well rounded 34C breasts. Ranjini held her
breast and asked Mr. Patel to kiss it. Mr. Patel obeyed immediately.
He kissed Ranjini’s breast and the sucked the nipples. His toothless gums
were holding Ranjini’s nipple.

Ranjini liked it. She moaned while Mr. Patel sucked her breasts. Ranjini
adjusted herself so that the camera could capture Mr. Patel sucking her
breasts. While Mr. Patel sucked her breasts, Ranjini moved her hands
towards his penis.

Although Mr. Patel seemed to enjoy sucking Ranjini’s breasts, to her
surprise, Ranjini did not notice any hardness in his penis. It was
hanging dull inside his underwear. She looked at Mr. Patel. He said “I
am growing old Ranjini, what do you expect”.

Ranjini kissed him again and said “It’s ok”. In her mind, Ranjini was kind
of relieved because it was not possible for Mr. Patel to enter inside
her. Ranjini let Mr. Patel suck her breasts. She was enjoying it.

Actually, Mr. Patel was doing a better job than Abdul in sucking. May
be because of his toothless gums. Now Ranjini asked Mr. Patel to stop
and get fully naked. Both of them got up and removed their clothes.
Ranjini now laid herself nude on the sofa.

The naked Mr. Patel came over her. Like Ranjini had fantasized, Mr.
Patel started kissing her naked body. Overall, Ranjini enjoyed it, but
she was getting bothered by the erection less penis. She asked Mr.
Patel to sit on the Sofa and kneeled down before him.

Ranjini took hold of his ‘old man’ hanging flaccid and started feeling it with her soft hands. Mr. Patel definitely enjoyed her soft hands on his manhood. She slowly pulled its skin back and kissed on the cock head. Mr. Patel felt an electric shock running through his body. She rolled her wet tongue over the old man’s little mass of flesh. Ranjini slowly licked all over his penis and started to suck it up. Mr. Patel could feel a sensation running through his body.

Ranjini continued to kiss and lick his penis. To her surprise she was getting pulsations from it. Mr. Patel too was surprised by the sensations he got. His ‘old friend’ was responding to Ranjini’s magical tongue. Ranjini continued to suck him and lick him as she felt ‘Mr. Patel’ slowly growing inside her. The young woman was definitely working magic with his cock which was harder now. Not like it used to be in his young days, but the hardest in his last decade of sex life with Mrs. Patel.

Ranjini could also feel the old man growing longer and stronger and she resumed her acts more vigorously now. Mr. Patel too was enjoying the vigorous sucking he got and he too was moaning hard now. Ranjini was in a kind of frenzy now and increased the tempo of her sucking and Mr. Patel’s body was shivering of excitement. He could feel his balls tightening and asked Ranjini to stop.

Ranjini was feeling horny and the sight in front of her made her even hornier. Mr. Patel was sporting an erection of nearly 4 ½ “long and a lot harder than how it was before Ranjini touched it. It was definitely small compared to Abdul’s 8 ½ “and a lot less hard, but it wasn’t the size of the thing that got Ranjini excited. She was going to have her fantasy come true.

Ranjini stood up and sat on the sofa near Mr. Patel. For a moment, they looked into each other’s eyes. Ranjini could see the craving in the old man’s eyes. She knew she couldn’t keep her promise to Abdul but she wasn’t caring about it. At this moment her only priority was the thought of this man, elder than her father, entering her. Mr. Patel brought his face close to her. Ranjini too moved close and opened her lips apart.

The old man took her lower lip between his lips and started mumbling on it. Ranjini enjoyed it as she held him in a tight embrace. Her hard nipples brushed against his plump chest. Ranjini slowly laid herself on the sofa without breaking the kiss and now he was on top of her enjoying. Her hand caught hold of ‘Old Mr. Patel’ which was touching her navel.

” Honey, I need him dear” Ranjini whispered to him as she did. Mr. Patel realized her intentions and helped her guide it to the much craved Heaven he has been dreaming ever since. He pushed himself into the young woman without much effort helped by her wetness. It took him a while there enjoying the feel of her wet cunt, which he never could imagine even in his wildest fantasies.

“Come on dear; do something “Ranjini was craving to the old man to make her fantasy come true. It barely reached the places that Abdul has traveled but Ranjini was feeling her horniest self. Mr. Patel slowly started moving in and out enjoying the feel of her cunt. He was now mating with a woman younger than his daughter. That feeling was driving him crazy and he started pushing harder.

“Like that dear…harder…..haaa…oh…ya….like that baby…..keep going honey…” Ranjini was yelling as the old man grew in tempo and started fuck her more wildly. Mr. Patel was taken at least 20 years down the lane of age as he was vigorously in copulation with the young sexy women in front of him. Ranjini too was growing wilder as she circled her legs around his hips and drew him more into her. For sometime they forgot their ages and were in the wild passion of love making. She was just a woman in heat getting wildly fucked by a man in passion. Their heat of love making was growing high when he was reminded of his age.

“Ranjini, honey, I am coming now” Mr. Patel groaned as he felt his balls tighten again. He knew that holding it back was impossible at this stage and but was afraid of coming in her. Ranjini was too much in heat to respond and his manhood suddenly exploded in her vagina. Mr. Patel let out a loud groan as he shoots out his potent seeds into her fertile vagina. He came in wads and wads of sperm into her and Ranjini was surprised by the amount that came from his little one. He laid on her till he was fully exhausted of his seed.

Mr. Patel slowly pulled back his soft member from and sat exhausted on the sofa. It took a while for him to get back to his senses. He has done a thing he never thought possible at this age. To fuck a sexy woman like Ranjini. He looked towards Ranjini and found that the fire in her was still not gone out. She was craving for more. She kneeled down and caught his member once again. Her mouth sucked up all that remained in his soft member and started working again.

“Sorry dear… I am too old for a second time… You see I am really tired now” said Mr. Patel as he realized Ranjini wanted more. Ranjini kissed him again and said “It’s ok”. She asked him to wait and got back with a cucumber from the freeze. She asked Mr. Patel to suck her breasts while she masturbated with the cucumber. Mr. Patel eager to return the favor agreed to that.

She lay on the sofa and let Mr. Patel suck her breasts. While Mr.
Patel was enjoying her young naked body, Ranjini used the cucumber to
stimulate her clitoris. Mr. Patel kissed her neck, then her breasts. He
slowly moved on to her navel.

He also kissed Ranjini’s thighs. Ranjini now asked him to focus on her
breasts as she was getting very horny. Mr. Patel started sucking her
breasts again. Ranjini enjoyed that feeling. She now started masturbating
using the cucumber.

She was moaning heavily. Mr. Patel was enjoying it. It’s been something he never dreamt of. After about 5 minutes, Ranjini had an orgasm. She screamed loudly. Mr. Patel was scared to hear her scream and he quickly got off of her to wear his clothes.

Ranjini stayed with cucumber in her vagina. She was totally relaxed.
After getting dressed, Mr. Patel came close to her and kissed her and
said “Thank you. You reminded me of my young days!” Ranjini smiled and
said “Thanks to you! I had a great time”.

Mr. Patel helped Ranjini get off the sofa. He sat in the chair and
watched her dress up in front of him. After Ranjini dressed up, she
opened the main door and checked if anyone was around and then let Mr.
Patel leave.

Mr. Patel kissed her again and said “See you in the morning” and winked
at her. Ranjini smiled, gave him a French kiss and said “Sure darling”
and shut the door. Ranjini then went to her computer, stopped the camera
and checked the recording.

She wasn’t sure how Abdul would react seeing his own wife taking
intimate pleasures from an old man.

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