Me and Dad in the Woods

Incest: Young Female: Dad-Daughter: Oral: Anal: Underage: Watersports/Urine:

This is told from the perspective of the young girl involved. I'm sure I missed a couple of typos, so don't hold it against me too badly. LOL


I don't really remember when it was that we came to be living in our current house. It's the only house I've ever known or can recall, Daddy told me a long time ago that when I was little, we moved here from another house shortly after I was born. He said when Mommy died giving birth to me, he couldn't stand to be in the old house anymore. Everything he saw there reminded him of Mommy. The wallpaper she picked out, the striking fall colors in the kitchen she insisted on. Even the furniture made him start weeping whenever he'd walk into the living room. So he sold the house and moved us both here where we live now, just me and him. The only thing he kept from the old house was the bed they slept in. He said it had her scent on it, and it comforted him at night to still be able to smell her perfume on the matress next to him.

Oh, I guess I should introduce myself. I'm Millie, and I live here with my Daddy. As I said before, Mom died 15 years ago giving birth to me, so we're kinda like hermits living way out here in the boondocks all by ourselves like we do. I'm about 5ft 3, have long blonde hair, am fairly skinny at 105 lbs, and love to play video games.

My Daddy is so handsome. He reminds me a lot of that main actor from the movie 300 in the face and the way his body is built. He's 38, 5ft 10, light brown haired, and very well toned. To keep himself that way he uses our Bowflex machine to work out on every other day. He's tan like me because we spend a lot of time outside doing chores around the farm, or just laying out in the sun and swimming in the nearby pond. The unchanging Texas weather supplies us with lots of sunshine to keep our tans nearly year round. That's about all there is to do around here when we're not doing the chores.

Our house is a very nice one. It has 4 big bedrooms, each with an ornate 4 poster queen sized bed, 3 full baths with garden tubs, two big hottubs, one on the inside in Daddy's bathroom and one outside on a patio deck, a spacious den with a fireplace for Daddy to read his books and where I usually do my home schooling in, a very roomy kitchen with shiny stainless steel sheathed appliances all around for easy cleaning, and a 2 car garage which we keep our two cars in. One side is where Daddy parks the Toyota Camry, and the other side is where he parks the Range Rover SUV. He says when I'm old enough to start driving he might let me have one of them for my very own. I think I'd prefer the Toyota more. An SUV is more of a man's vehicle.

But I don't know why Daddy has 2 cars in the first place. We hardly ever go out anywhere. And when we do it's usually just to go pay the bills, check the mail in our P.O. box at the post office, or get groceries. The rest of the time we're usually just here at home together. There isn't anyone else within 30 miles of us in any direction. That's why Daddy said he would just home school me because it would cost too much to have to drive me to public school every day.

Our house is a bit far from the main road as well. There's trees all around the house and the farm. If it wasn't for the pair of 4 foot tall brick driveway markers out by the main road, you'd hardly even know there was a house back here. The row of trees along each side of the curving dirt driveway keeps us hidden from the main road.

It does get a bit boring here without any other kids to play with though. Daddy tries his best by playing with me, and he's bought me just about every game there is for my XBox360 to keep me occupied. We play it a lot together. He even installed a very nice jungle gym in the back yard with swings, slides, and lots of monkey bars to climb around on. But sometimes it would be nice just to have someone my own age come over to play with me. It's too bad Daddy doesn't have any friends that we can go over to their house sometimes. If he did, maybe I'd get to play with their kids while he visited them. He says he's happy with spending all of his time here with me, so he doesn't need any other friends. That's too bad. Not that I'm really complaining though. I love having Daddy around all the time. That way I never have to miss him like I would if I were in school most of the day. I love him so much.

Daddy doesn't have a job to speak of, other than taking care of our animals on the farm. We have 2 big horses, a mare and a stallion. Oh, and their little 6 month old colt, a male. All three are beige Palominos with white manes. Then there's our great dane Rusty. He's nearly as big as the colt is. We also have a few chickens running around and some goats. Daddy said pigs are too stinky to even fool with. He'd rather just buy pork from the super market. We have 4 cows out in the pasture and one really tame bull we raised from a calf that lets me ride on his back when I want to.

We both do the chores that need doing every day, in the house and on the farm. And when we aren't working, sometimes we'll go out to the pond behind our house and go swimming. It's funny watching Rusty our dog try to chase after the ducks in the water.

Other than keeping the animals fed and tended to, we pretty much just do as we please. He says he has enough money in the bank to last us our entire lives. That's comforting. Plus I get to see him all the time. That's the best part.

Daddy kind of treats me like I'm the Mommy of the house. Sometimes we'll even have little spats like parents do, but we never go to bed angry. We make up and alls well again.

I think the best part of our relationship is the sex. Daddy's taught me everything I need to know about being a good daughter. He's shown me my entire life what I'm expected to do for him as his daughter.

Ever since I can remember, Daddy and me have been having sex with each other in some form or another. He's always said that is what daughters are required to do for their fathers, satisfy their sexual needs when their Mom's aren't around. I can still remember Daddy putting peanut butter on his dick for me when I was about 3 and letting me lick it off for him. And he would gladly lick on my pussy for me as well, but he'd do it willingly without any peanut butter on it. It always felt so good when his tongue licked my pussy, I never had any reason to refuse him because it was so much fun for the both of us.

The video cameras we use to record our sex are fun too. We have 4 of them. I like watching me and Daddy have sex on TV after we make one of our movies. Sometimes Daddy gets so horny again watching the replay after making a movie that he's ready to have sex again. The big plasma TV he has in his bedroom shows everything so clearly too.

One time a couple of years ago, Daddy was playing around and he used the thin pen camera to see all the way up inside my pussy. I held it open for him and he recorded what my pussy looked like on the inside so I could see it too. It was all wet and pink up in me. The wrinkled muscle that blocked the camera from seeing all the way up inside me, Daddy called it a cervix. He said that is what seals off a woman's womb when they have a baby inside them. It looked like a thick butthole to me though.

Daddy likes having sex with me. It's really fun when we do it. But then again, that is what daughters are for, right? For satisfying their father's sexual needs when their mothers are no longer with them. Daddy told me so.

The best part of our sex, besides feeling Daddy's big dick up inside my pussy and ass, is the taste of his sperm. Daddy taught me that all good daughters have to learn to enjoy and swallow their father's sperm when they come in their daughter's mouths. And I've always been an excellent daughter. Now that I'm older we do pussy sex all the time on top of the anal sex we've always done.

The minute Daddy pulls his dick out of my pussy or asshole and heads toward my face, I know he's ready to cumm. I open my mouth wide for him when he tells me to so he can put his dick into my mouth. He holds onto my head and cumms over and over again while I suck him hard. Sometimes he cumms so much that I can't swallow it down fast enough, and it comes out of my nose. I've learned to hold my breath over the years though when Daddy's cumming in my mouth, to keep from gagging on his big load of sperm. Or I'll open my mouth and let it seep out from my lips and onto my face while I try to swallow as much of it as I can.

Afterward, Daddy will lay down right beside me to snuggle abainst my naked body. He will start kissing me on the lips, even if some of his cumm is still on there. He says that it came from his own body, so it's okay. We'll french kiss too. I like french kissing the best. I love when Daddy rolls his tongue around inside my mouth. It's seems kinda kinky when he french kisses me while I still have some of his sperm inside my mouth. But we like to be a little kinky sometimes. It makes the sex more enjoyable and exciting.

And yes, you heard me correctly. I said when Daddy pulls his dick from my ass and puts it in my mouth. We're very clean though when doing anal sex. Of course when Daddy is planning on fucking me in my butt as well as my pussy, we do a little bit of prep work beforehand. He gives me a vanilla scented enema so that there won't be any worries about poop or bad smells.

We tried it once without an enema, but the smells and messy stains were too much for us. I usually do everything Daddy asks me to do without question when we have sex together, but I asked him early on not to put his dick in my mouth if it has any poop on it. The smell alone is awful enough. I sure don't want to taste it. He said he understood. That's when we started doing the enemas beforehand.

Daddy bought some scented extracts that you add to warm enema water, and began giving me an enema when he's feeling REALLY horny and plans to fuck me in my butt. The vanilla ones work the best, so we've stuck to using those. A lot of the fun in our sex is when he gives me the enema itself. The full feeling inside my butt feels warm and nice. Most of the time though I just enjoy the act of Daddy giving me one. It's like he's filling my ass with a LOT of sperm or something.

The enemas also help when Daddy is in the mood to fuck both of my holes at the same time. That way there won't be any germs or poop on his dick when he pulls it from one hole and puts it into the other, or if he pulls it from my butt and lets me suck him to climax. If he's fucking me in the ass when he starts to cumm and puts his dick in my mouth, all I can taste is the vanilla oils on his dick while I'm sucking his sperm out. The scented extract makes his sperm taste like thick creamy Jello pudding on my tongue.

Most of the time when me and Daddy have sex, we generally stick to normal positions and acts. Regular missionary and doggy style stuff, plain sucking, licking, fucking. But every now and then Daddy will decide to be a little naughtier than usual.

One night when I was taking a shower back when I was about 7 or so, Daddy surprised me by opening the shower door naked. Now I'm used to seeing him naked all the time when we're in the house, and we've had hunching sex in the shower and bath tub since I was little. But this time there was something different about Daddy's lusty expression.

"I think I'm going to try something a little different tonight, baby" he said grinning. "A new thing me and your Mom used to do on each other."

I smiled back up at him as well. I wasn't sure what he had in mind, but it wasn't my job to worry about it. Daughters are supposed to do whatever their Daddies tell them to do without question. And I am a good daughter.

Daddy stepped over into the bath tub and wrapped his big strong arms around my waist from behind. His dick was already hard and erect. He hugged me close to him and started hunching his dick against my wet soapy back. The soap let his dick glide smoothly against the small of my back and the top of my butt crack, and it felt good against my skin. Daddy was grunting satifactorally behind me out of view, keeping my ass pressed against his legs by holding my shoulder with one hand as he hunched the top of my ass crack and lower spine.

I braced my arms against the back wall of the shower so I wouldn't fall over from Daddy's thrusting against me. Then he stood still and I felt something spraying all over my back up to my neck. It was wet and way warmer than the spray of water coming out of the shower head. It went up the middle of my back and sort of spread out all over my shoulders, dripping off of my skin and splashing down into the tub below. The warmth felt great against my chilled wet skin the shower head wasn't spraying on. The jet of warm fluid continued, even spraying up onto the back of my head and soaking into my hair.

Then I smelled it. The acrid scent of urine. Daddy was peeing all over my back. He had never tried that before. I started to say something about it in protest, but his firm hand on my shoulder told me I should just go along with it. He had never done anything before during sex that would hurt me or anything, so I relaxed and kept quiet.

He expertly grasped his dick with his free hand and aimed the smelly spray all across my back and onto my hair for a few seconds. Then all of a sudden it stopped.

Daddy spun me around to face him. "Ohhh baby, didn't that feel good. Hmmmm?", he asked.

Not sure how to react, I just sort of mumbled "Mmmm-hmmmm" to him.

Daddy picked me up under my ass and leaned his back against the back wall of the garden tub. He worked his arms underneath my knees to keep me aloft at eye level. Daddy french kissed me, driving his long tongue up inside my parted lips and thrashing it around inside my mouth. I wrapped my arms arouns his neck and started kissing him back with my tongue.

I could feel his stiff dick right up between our two wet bellies. He hunched his groin to make it rub against us both. Then he started grunting again.

"Here it comes again, baby." he said.

With that said, I felt the warmer fluid start to spray out from his dick once more. Since we were laying right against each other belly to belly, it ran up the small gap in the middle between our skin, up to our chests. I could also feel it dripping warmly down onto my tender pussy below.

Daddy kept kissing me hard as he peed on us both, I guess to reassure me that what we were doing was okay and not going to hurt us. Even though the idea of urine in and of itself was a bit unappealing to me at that time since it was the first time we had done it, I had to admit that the warmth eminating from the urine soaking into my skin felt kind of soothing and erotic.

The piss sprayed all over my little breasts and nipples, making them hard and swollen. I held on tightly to Daddy's neck and started hunching the top of my slit against the shaft of his firm pissing dick between us. The long protrusion down the underside of it made for a very nice ridge to grind my clit against.

Even after the pee ran out, I continued grinding my pussy hard against Daddy's big dick until I came on myself. As I stiffened up and became weak in his arms, he continued to hunch my slit for me to draw out the intense feeling eminating from my groin.

I was breathless and shaking afterward. He eased my small body down onto the floor of the bath tub on my back, kneeling his body between my trembling legs. Daddy smiled warmly down at me, thoroughly enjoying the after effects of my orgasm. He caressed his hands lovingly all over my wet belly and chest. He stuck out his thumb like a hitchiker and pressed it against my lips. I grabbed his hand with both of mine and suckled on his thumb like I do the head of his long dick, looking up into his sweet adoring eyes while I rubbed my little tongue all over his thumb.

"That's the way Millie." he said to me. "You're such a good little girl. Mmmmmm......such a good, little, horny girl. How did you like it when I peed all over you?" he queried.

I pulled his thumb from my mouth and said "I......I liked it, Daddy. It felt nice and nasty at the same time." I wrapped my small lips back around his firm thumb and suckled on it once again, my eyes not once looking away from his.

"I thought so from the way you were hunching yourself on my dick. I think we'll be doing that again real soon. You know I'd never do anything to you that I didn't think we'd both enjoy.

With his thumb clenched in my teeth, I grinned up at him devilishly at the nasty idea. "I know, Daddy. I want to do it again. But I get to do it on you too next time." I demanded.

Daddy smiled at my enthusiasm. Like I said, there wasn't much that I was unwilling to do when it came to our sex. I knew what my job was in life; To take care of Daddy, no matter what. That's what a good daughter does. She takes care of her Daddy's needs and wants.

"Okay Millie. You can pee all over me as well." Daddy was jacking his hand up and down the shaft of his hard dick between my slim legs right above my pussy. The shower spray splashing down onto us both gave his hand the lubrication for the job. "In fact baby, I'll bet you have some pee in you right now, don't you?"

He put his free hand down between my legs and pressed the rough thumb print against my wet clit and peehole, working it in an up and down motion against the slightly raised tender knots of flesh. It felt so good on my slippery bald pussy.

"I'll bet you'd like to pee all over me right now, wouldn't ya, baby? You wanna pee all over Daddy right now, don't ya? You go right ahead if you want. I'd like it too. Go ahead Millie. Pee for Daddy." he insisted.

I was a little reluctant to loose my bladder all over Daddy, seeing as how it was the first time he had ever ask me to do something so vulgar and kinky to him when we had sex.

I said "I.....I dunno if I can, Daddy.". I put my finger to my mouth and bit down on my fingernail, not sure if I should attempt it or not.

Daddy thought my hesitation was from not having any urine inside me. He said me "When was the last time you peed, Millie?"

I answered "Uhm, about 3 hours ago."

"Then you should have some inside you. Just push really hard and see if you can get some out for me. I want to see it come out of you. It's okay baby. I won't be mad. Go ahead Millie, push it out for me."

I finally relented and decided to try since he was so adamant about me doing it. I grabbed the back of my knees and pulled them to my chest, making my pussy aim upward just a bit. Daddy was jacking off with his dick still hovering just above my exposed groin. His eyes and thumb were both concentrating on my clit and peehole.

I bit softly on my bottom lip and squeezed my belly muscles tightly. After a few seconds a small trickle of urine emerged and arched upward about 4 inches, then stopped. Daddy started jacking off even faster than before. The loose foreskin was enveloping the head of his dick , only to be wrenched backward swiftly unsheathing it again. He kept repeating this as fast as his poor arm could move his hand.

He urged me on. "Oh yeah baby. Keep pushing. I can see it. Ahnnnnn...." he moaned. His free hand was rubbing my moist gash almost as fast as his other hand was working on his dick. It felt great too.

I tried again. I gritted my teeth under the warm soothing spray of the shower head and grunted aloud as I pushed on my bladder with my belly muscles harder this time.


Daddy grinned as he saw my amber colored urine start to emerge and arch upward toward him again. This time a good stream of pee came out, hitting daddy's hand and dick. It splashed all over the both of us as he used the fluid to lubricate his hand. He was jacking off to the sight of me peeing on him.

He said "Ahhhnnnn, yeah. I knew you had some nasty ol' pee for me. Keep it coming baby. Give me all that dirty pee inside of you. Uhnnnnnnn...." he exclaimed.

It was sort of funny hearing Daddy talk like he did. Here he was telling me the pee was "nasty" and "dirty", yet he didn't have any qualms about us doing it on each other. But as long as he asked for it, I was willing to satisfy him by giving him all of my pee.

Daddy put the head of his long dick into the emerging stream of urine shooting upward from my pussy. His jacking motions with his hand and arm made the pee splash all over my body and his. My entire belly and pussy was covered in smelly urine, as was his hand and groin. But he was happier than I had seen him before, so I didn't say anything. Good daughters aren't supposed to complain as long as it pleases their daddies.

"Oh baby, you don't know how horny this is making me right now. I love feeling your pee all over my dick."

He took his free hand and rubbed the urine around on my belly, thighs, and outer pussy lips. I just laid there smiling in the bottom of the bath tub with my knees to my chest pissing on Daddy as he jacked off in my pee. Seeing Daddy enjoy himself so much was nice though. I love pleasing him. If I make him horny, then I'm doing my job well as his daughter.

The pee ran out after a half a minute. All I could get to come out now was a couple of small after-squirts. Daddy didn't miss a beat though. He let go of his hard dick and moved my hands aside. He layed his stiff dick between my pee soaked thighs and closed my legs together tightly. He wrapped his strong arms around my legs to hold them up against his belly and to keep them closed around his firm dick.

He started hunching me, fucking his long dick swiftly against my pee covered slit. The wetness from the urine made the dick slide effortlessly against my pussy slit between my clamped thighs. I reached my hands to it and pressed it down harder against my gash so I could get off on it too. Daddy was pleased with my participation.

"Oh god baby! Th-That feels so fucking great! Uhnnnn....Uhnnnnn.....". He wa staring directly into my eyes and smiling. He could see that I was enjoying this too. "I knew my baby would like to do pee play. You like it too, don't you Millie?" he asked.

I replied "Yeah Daddy, I love it! It feels so nice and warm on me. Your dick feels good against my pussy." I curtly nibbled on my lip again as Daddy hunched on me faster.

"I knew you would. You're such a good and sweet daughter. I love you so much, baby. Ahnnnnnn...."

"I love you too, Daddy"

I could feel another nice orgasm building up inside me. I pushed down on his stiff dick a little more so it would rub against my outer pussy harder, and sure enough my climax came to a head.

AHNNNNNN....DADDY.....I'm CUMMMMMMMIIIIINNNNGGGG!!!! UUUHHNNNNNN!!!!!" I shreiked as it hit me. My pussy clenched and my whole body started shaking. I grasped Daddy's dick like a pussy and squeezed it hard.

Daddy must have felt my juices coming out, making my gash that much more slippery against his dick. It brought his building lust to a head as well. He pulled his dick out of my hands, let go of my legs, and spread them apart. He aimed his dick right at my pussy hole and pressed the head of it up against the opening into my womb.

"Here it comes baby! UUUHHHNNNNNNNN!!!!" he grunted aloud.

He kept jacking off his dick as he pressed it against my vagina. He often spermed into my pussy like this since I ccouldn't get pregnant yet. I'd rather taste it in my mouth though.

My pussy was still way too tight to ever let his dick go inside me, but the small opening did seal tightly against the pointed reddened head of it.

I felt his sperm shoot inside my pussy each time his balls pumped it in me. When the vaginal canal filled to capacity with sperm, it squeezed past my cervix and oozed it's way up into my womb. One of Daddy's orgasms could fill me up fairly well because of my young age and small stature.

Daddy used his hand to squeeze out each thick dollop into my pussy every time it pumped out some more, grunting each time he jacked it up inside me.

"Uhhhgn....Ughnnnn...Ughnnn" he'd utter with every glob that he pushed inside me.

When he was done, Daddy pulled his dick from my smooth pussy lips and examined his handywork. Some of the sperm was trying to seep back out of my womb. He just took the head of his dick and rubbed the sperm around on my pussy and clit when it did. It tickled my overly sensitive pussy lips. The water pouring down upon us from the shower head rinsed away the urine from our bodies.

"Whew, Millie! I haven't cumm that hard in a long while. That was a good one." he said to me trying to catch his breath.

I stuck two of my fingers up inside my tingling pussy, coated them with a good bit of Daddy's sperm, and placed them in my own mouth, sucking hard upon them before returning them to my vagina.

I said "Yeah, that was nice, wasn't it Daddy?". I was curious, so I asked "How come you wanted to do the pee play?"

Daddy said "I used to do it with your mother back when she was still alive, and she loved it. I figured you were old enough now to try it out with you too. You're not ashamed that I tried something so bizarre with you, are you baby?"

I smiled up at him and said "No Daddy, I liked doing it. I was nice and warm....and a bit nasty. But not bad nasty like poop is. Good nasty like doing something we shouldn't do. Kinda like when we have sex outside in the open or on the kitchen table where we eat. It was neat."

"I'm glad to hear it Millie. I think we might work it into our bath fun. How does that sound?"

"That sounds like fun, Daddy." I said enthusiastically. "We can drink a lot of water beforehand so we'll make more pee to play in."

"That's the spirit. I've even heard of a medicine called Lasix that makes people pee more. Maybe I can get us some of that."

"That would be so cool!". I looked forward to the next time we got to pee on each other again.

Daddy watched as I continually dipped my two fingers into my pussy for more sperm. To help me get it out, he leaned down to my groin and put his mouth up against my vagina. He sucked his cheeks in until he had a good mouthful of his sperm. Then he placed his face right above mine and opened his mouth a little. Using his tongue, he made the sperm seep out slowly. I opened my mouth and welcomed in the salty tasting ooze. He saw nothing wrong with putting his sperm into his own mouth. It came from him after all.

I lapped my little tongue out at his lips and he parted them further. The blob of sperm dripped out in one single drop and landed right into my open mouth. I rolled it around with my tongue against my cheeks, all over my teeth, and I even gargled with it, much to Daddy's delight.

Daddy grinned and commented "My beautiful little sperm eater. You're the best little daughter any dad could ever have. You do your job as a daughter very well. I really do love you Millie."

I swallowed the large drop of sperm so I could talk and I breathily replied "I really love you too, Daddy."

Daddy picked me up off of the bath tub floor and stood my young, smooth, naked body up in front of him facing him. He too got up on his knees so we'd be eye to eye and hugged me tightly against his big, strong chest. I wrapped my arms around his neck and held on tightly. Our lips met and we kissed for what seemed like 5 minutes. We each caressed one another's bodies as we kissed. Daddy kept his hands mostly all over my wet ass cheeks.

I moved one of my arms down between my thighs and rubbed Daddy's thick, slimy sperm around on my hairless pussy as it seeped out slowly from my full womb. If his poor dick hadn't lost it's firmness after cumming so much in me, I would have hunched my pussy against it until I cummed again. But sadly Daddy was spent for the moment and the poor thing was starting to sag, so I just fingered myself using his sperm as a lubricant for my fingers to explore inside while we kissed.

After I played with myself and made my pussy climax again (as Daddy watched), he used the hot water bottle and douching tip to wash out the rest of his sperm from my pussy and womb. It felt strange when the nozzle slid past my tight cervix and water splashed against the inside of my uterus. I've never gotten tired of that nice sensation of the torrent of water hitting against the inner walls of my womb. I look forward to each time Daddy rinses me out with it, even to this day.

We did the pee play on each other a lot in the shower after that. At least 4 times a week. We got so used to the act that we started getting a little kinky when we did it on each other. We didn't just limit the peeing to just pissing on each other's bodies.

Not long after the first time, we got really horny and adventurous. Daddy has always said to me that if I ever felt like trying something new with or on him that he didn't mind. He even let me use swear words like "Fuck" and "Asshole" and "Pussy" during our sex. He got off on hearing his little girl talk dirty to him. He said it reminded him of how he and Mommy used to behave whenever they had sex. She and him would shout out cuss words and talk dirty to each other when they were having sex, or so he tells me, and he had no qualms about me doing it either as long as it was done only during our sex.

I was down on my knees in the bathtub sucking on Daddy's hard dick one night. I was sucking him really hard when he suddenly pulled his dick from my mouth with a loud *POP*.

He looked down at me with a slight grimmace on his face. "Oh shit, baby! You're gonna suck the piss right out of my dick. Get ready, Millie, I'm gonna piss all over you right now."

With that warning, Daddy grasped his dick with three fingers right below the firm, reddened head on the end. He aimed it down toward my chest as he always did to unleash his urine. He tightened his lower belly to help push out the yellow pee through his hard dick. He says it's hard to pee when he has a hard on and has to push to get it to come out.

As Daddy ogled my naked body below, I looked up at him with a lusty glare, licking my lips at him like he prefers me to do. His hand gripped his dick tightly as the yellow stream emerged from the hole in the end of his long dick. Gravity pulled the line of piss downward in a slight arcing trail, hitting against my breasts and belly button. It ran down the front of my nubile body and spread out all over my front. It poured down onto my pussy as well.

Daddy was watching all of this happen with sadistic glee. I know he doesn't pee on me to degrade me. He just likes to see it happen is all. I like watching myself pee all over his body as well during our sex.

But as I stated before, that night I was feeling a little more horny than usual. Maybe it was just curiosity. Or maybe I was turning just a little depraved, I dunno? Daddy says he likes his women to be a little daring and adventurous. And I am a good, obedient daughter after all.

Daddy stared intently as his pee splashed all over my smooth body. I rubbed my hands all around in it against my skin, which delighted him as well.

I said "Uhnnnnnn Daddy, I love when you pee all over my titties and my pussy like this. Ahnnnnnnn...."

One of my hands rubbed the piss all over my nipples as I rubbed it all over the outer part of my pussy below with the other hand.

Daddy started jacking himself as he watched me act so nasty in front of him. It was hard for him to control the stream of pee coming out the end of the hard dick in his grasp.

He was getting VERY aroused now. "Shit Millie, you're turning me on doing that!". His hand was jacking himself off rapidly, making the line of piss hit all over my body now. "Rub my piss all over you., he moaned. "That's the way baby. Rub my nasty piss all over your naked body, you nasty little pissy girl! Uhnnnnn....."

I don't know what compelled me to do something so raunchy, but I too was definitely getting as aroused as Daddy was by that point. The pee wasn't just hitting my body now. Daddy jacking off was making it hit me in the face as well. But instead of flinching and trying to avoid the nasty stream, I leaned forward toward the end of his wiggling dick and let the pee strike me right in the face!

Daddy was watching in awe as I rotated my face and my head around in the stream of piss. It coated my face and soaked into my long blonde hair completely. Daddy did nothing to aim the yellow stream away from my face. He just let me do as I pleased in it. Seeing it splash against my pretty face seemed to appeal to him.

I took control of his long pissing dick with one of my own hands and aimed it up into the air. That made the stream of pee arch upward and land down onto my face. He removed his hand from it and let me have it all to myself. I moved my face back and forth in the vile smelling fountain. His eyes never once looked away from my face.

When the pee ran out I shook it a little to get out any drops of pee inside. I looked up at Daddy and said "Did I do good, Daddy? Did you like peeing on my face?" I put the bulbous head of it back into my small mouth and started sucking hard on his dick like before.

He just stood there amazed. "Oh my god, Millie. What you just did was....was incredible! And so incredibly hott! I loved the way you just let me piss all over your beautiful face like that. I've been trying to not hit you in the face before now because I didn't know how you would react to it. But if you don't mind it, we can start peeing in each other's faces too from now on. You can do it to me too. Okay?"

I pulled his dick from my lips and answered "Yeah Daddy, it's fun....and dirty!". I grinned evilly up at him and hungrilly continued his blow job.

Whenever I wanted to pee on him, he would stop what he was doing, put his face right in front of my pussy, and let me pee all over his face. But he liked it more during our anal sex in the bath tub. Most of the time Daddy preferred it when I peed on his dick during anal sex with me. It was something about the heat from the urine hitting against his dick and pubic area that turned him on.

Sometimes if I was laying on my back in the tub when he was fucking my asshole, if I wanted to pee he would put my legs up against my belly, push down on the top of my slit, and make the pee rise up like a fountain and come backward into my own face and chest.

During these urine facials it was hard not to get a few drops of it in my mouth. I started realizing that pee doesn't really have a bad taste to it as long as it hasn't been building up inside your bladder for a long time. It's mostly salty tasting, even more than Daddy's sperm. But it doesn't really taste like it smells. Even the odor it gives off isn't too strong if it hasn't been in you for a long time.

As me and Daddy got more and more into the pee play, we got a lot more daring with it. As I bent over in front of him, Daddy would be eating my pussy from behind. He'd beg me "Pee baby. Pee for Daddy!"

I would let the pee flow out, and Daddy just kept right on licking my pussy as it sprayed all over his chin and splattering all over the front of his body. As it trickled down onto his groin, he would be jacking himself off with my smelly, nasty piss dripping down onto his hand and dick below. He adored the dirty pee play we did, and so did I.

One time when we were doing the pee play, I surprised even him. Daddy was standing in front of me as I knelt in front of him awaiting his urine. But as the pee started coming out of his dick, I stuck out my tongue into the 1/4 inch stream of amber colored piss. I lapped at it like a cat does to milk. Daddy got a shit eating grin as I licked all over the head of his spurting dick greedily and willingly.

"Oh FUCK baby, that feels so good. Ahnnnnnnn, that's a good little girl.....Uhnnnn.....fucking FUCK!!" he moaned out loud as my tongue licked on the head of his dick. "You're such a horny, nasty little girl, aren't you? MY nasty little baby. Uhnnnnnn!"

I grunted "Uhnnn-hnnnnnn" as my mouth worked it's way along the thick hard shaft, sucking on the loose foreskin down the sides of his dick. Daddy liked this treatment. When my mouth made it's way back to the head of his dick again, I would lick on the hole where the pee was emerging from the tip. Daddy had to grab the metal bar on the back of the tub to keep his balance because of how good it felt to him.

When I first began licking his dick while he peed out of it, I kept my lips sealed against my tongue so I wouldn't ingest any more pee than I had to. The urine would hit my extended tongue and splash off of it and into my face. It felt nice and warm running down my body, and I was happy doing it that way.

Then one day outside in the hot tub when me and Daddy were doing oral sex, he broke the pee drinking taboo. We were both naked in the pulsating jacuzzi enjoying the feel of the thousands of tiny bubbles rubbing against our skin as they rose to the surface of the wavy water. Daddy indicated he was horny, so like a good little girl I slid over to where Daddy was sitting and immediately started jacking him off under the water to get him ready for the sex. That's one of my jobs as his daughter.

When he was fully erect, Daddy raised up out of the hot tub and sat up on the built in bench seat molded into the corner so his dick would be out of the water for me.

He said "I want to do 69 this time, okay Millie?"

I obediently answered "Okay Daddy", just as I always did when he told me to take up a position for sex.

I climbed up and straddled Daddy's toned legs on the seat he was sitting on. I leaned over, putting my naked bottom right in Daddy's face, and carefully braced my upper body on his legs with my arms. As I did, he maneuvered his strong arms up between my slim thighs and around my waist to hold me up while I raised my legs up into the air. This put my body upside down with my head right above Daddy's throbbing dick, and it put my smooth pussy directly below his chin. We were belly-to-belly in a sitting 69.

Daddy leaned back in his seat a bit so that I wouldn't be totally vertical and get a head rush from the blood flowing downward to my brain. He instantly buried his long tongue up into my little vagina as soon as he had positioned my hairless pussy just in front of his chin. And like I had been taught all of my life, I began sucking on his dick for his enjoyment as well.

Daddy was eating me out swiftly, interupting his assault on my pussy with comments like "*SLURP* Mmmmmm baby, your fucking pussy tastes so delicious....Mmmmmmmm *SLURP*" and "I'm gonna tear up this sweet cunt of yours so good when you're old enough to start fucking it with my dick instead of just my fingers and tongue! Mmmmmmm........*SLURRRRRP*".

I also got into the moment and added my own commentary as well.

"I wanna fuck you so bad, Daddy! I want you to put your big dick up inside my pussy and fuck it hard!".

Like I said earlier, I could use cuss words in front of him too when we were having sex. I liked doing it too. It made me feel more grown up. And Daddy thought it was hott to hear his little girl talk so trashy to him, just like Mommy used to do.

"Eat my pussy, Daddy! Lick it good." I would utter when my mouth wasn't full of the head of his dick. My hips would be involuntarily hunching and grinding against Daddy's mouth and tongue as it explored every nook and cranny it could get itself into, even my butt hole.

As Daddy ate my tender pussy for me, I felt natures call hit my loins.

I pulled his dick from my mouth with my hand and said to him "Daddy, I-I gotta pee really bad!"

He stopped licking on my pussy for a moment and replied "You go ahead baby. Give me your pee! Give me all of it baby! Piss in Daddy's face like a nasty little girl."

I did as he ordered me to do. I relaxed my bladder orifice and out spurted the nasty, odorous pee that had built up inside me. I resumed sucking on his hard dick while I pushed out the vile contents of my bladder into his willing face.

As I held his dick in my mouth and suckled on it like a tasty lolipop, I felt Daddy's open mouth return to my slit. But it felt different. Normally if I pee into his face, he just closes his eyes and enjoys the warm deluge against his face. Or if I'm on my belly like I am now he keeps eating my pussy and lets the pee run down his chin and all over his body while he licks up inside my vagina.

I felt Daddy's lips press against the top of my gash this time though, not the lower part where my pussy was. He had never done that before while I peed on him. I no longer felt the warm urine spreading across his chest underneath me. He had his open mouth directly over my spewing bladder opening!!

I raised my head from his groin and attempted to look backward at him to confirm my theory. I was right. I couldn't believe he was actually letting me pee right into his MOUTH like that!

"Ewwww Daddy, you're drinking my pee. You're drinking my nasty pee!" I uttered in disbelief. I squeezed the sphincter on my bladder to stop the flow.

With his mouth full of piss, he raised his head from my bladder and puckered his lips to make a small hole between them. He then pushed with his cheek muscles and made a small trickling stream of urine come out of his mouth and land on the small of my back. He pushed harder and made the stream splash against my shoulders. With a little more effort he made my pee hit me on the side of my face.

It ran out soon though. He just grinned evilly and said to me "This coming from the dirty little girl who licks my peehole while I piss in her pretty face?"

"Yeah, but Daddy, I never drink the pee. My mouth is always closed." I reminded him.

"But Millie, I didn't drink it. I kept it in my mouth and spit it back onto you. Didn't you like me doing that?"

"Well....yeah. I always like it when you pee on me. But in your mouth.....?"

"It doesn't taste that bad really. You never complain when I pee on your tongue."

"But Daddy, I don't take a big swig of it either."

He suggested "Look baby. Give me some more pee and I'll prove it to you."

I wasn't sure how he was going to convince me, but I never went against his wishes, so I relented.

"O-Okay Daddy. Here comes some more." I said.

He put his lips against my bladder opening again and I pushed. Out came another big mouthful of pee, which he kept inside when I was finished by holding his lips together tightly.

Daddy slid me down into the water and I spun around to face him. He leaned his face forward right in front of mine and used his thumb to tell me to open my mouth for him.

I was a little bit hesitant at first. Do you blame me? He was about to spit my pee into my own mouth.

I jerked back away from him a few inches. He gestured with his hand to comply and open my mouth. I've never disobeyed Daddy when he tells me to do something, so I slowly and waryingly parted my lips about an inch, closed my eyes, and leaned my head back for what was about to happen.

Daddy pulled my head closer to his face and hovered his mouth over mine. He cradled the back of my head with one hand and placed his other hand on my jaw to hold it still. Puckering his lips, he let a few drops of pee come out and drip down into my mouth. Then he pulled back to see my reaction.

I didn't freak out or anything. It was more the idea of just having pee in my mouth in the first place that had me skiddish about the whole weird deal. Daddy released my head and chin and watched me.

I didn't dislike it, nor did I love it. All I could taste was salt really. It was the same taste I tasted when I licked Daddy's dick while he peed.

Daddy saw I wasn't panicking, so he leaned forward again. This time I willingly placed my open mouth underneath his. He parted his lips and gave me about half of the urine that was inside his mouth. I held it in my mouth and ran my tongue around in the small pool of piss to sample the flavor. As I said, all I could really taste was a salty flavor to it.

Daddy was staring intently at me as I used my cheeks to slosh it around in my mouth and on my teeth. He grinned devilishly, then motioned for me to look up at him. He smiled and swallowed the urine that was left in his mouth. Afterward he opened his mouth for me and stuck out his long tongue to prove he had done it.

"Oh Millie, that makes me so fucking horny looking at you with a mouthful of piss. You're such a good dirty little girl. I loved drinking your nasty piss! I have part of you inside me now baby. I have your nasty piss inside my body. Now kiss me and give me some more of your nasty, dirty pee baby!"

Leaning forward, Daddy cradled my head again and pulled my small face up to his. I opened my mouth and he his own, and we french kissed the urine back and forth between us, gnashing at it wildly with our swirling tongues. When we finally parted, the urine was resting within my mouth again.

Daddy looked down into my open mouth to see it in there. I started gargling with it like I do with his sperm and smiling the whole time.

I spit a little of it up into Daddy's face. He just stuck out his tongue and licked it off of his lips.

Then he told me "Drink it baby! Go on. Drink your nasty piss Millie. Drink it down and swallow it for Daddy. Be a nasty little girl like your nasty Daddy and drink your piss!"

Daddy stuck his thumb into my mouth, and I automatically began sucking on it like it was his dick. He smiled.

I did it. With one swift gulp I swallowed the rest of my pee down into my throat. I did as he did and opened my mouth to show I really drank it down.

Daddy was beside himself. "Oh fuck baby! That was so fucking dirty! You drank your own piss! I-I want to see you do it again baby!"

Daddy put his hand on top of my head. Lowering my face to his groin he grabbed the shaft of his hard cock and aimed the tip of it right at my little mouth. I thought he wanted me to suck on his dick again so I unwittingly opened my mouth wide. But he held my head still and tensed up.

"Here it comes Millie. Have some of Daddy's nasty piss."

He grunted to push the pee down his constricted urethra. It emerged from the hole in the tip and shot out into my open mouth. It stopped coming out after a couple of seconds.

Daddy let go of my head. He looked at my face and said "Drink it down, baby! Drink it and swallow Daddy's nasty fucking piss Millie!"

By now the heat of he moment was starting to wear on me just as much as it was on Daddy. I was probably as horny as he was at that moment. Our taboo sex had taken a turn on the wild side, far beyond anything I had experienced before.

I smiled up at Daddy with my mouthful of pee and looked him directly in the eye. I rolled my tongue visibly in the urine, coating my inner cheeks and my tongue with the vile odorous liquid. He smiled approvingly. Then I closed my mouth and swallowed it all down with a very vocal "AHHhhhhhh" afterward.

"Fuck baby, you're so hott and horny to me right now. I love you baby! Oh fuck, I gotta have some too."

Daddy leaned forward in his seat and aimed the head of his stiff dick back at his own face. He pushed hard with his belly and sprayed the pee up into his own mouth, then cut off the flow again. He gargled with his piss, then swallowed it down his throat.

With pleading eyes, I looked up at Daddy and begged him "Daddy.....Uhnnnnnn....I want your pee bad! I fucking want it all !"

To show how much I did, I wrapped my lips around the tip of his dick and sucked hard on the hole, even jutting my small tongue up into the opening. My hand was furiously rubbing against my slit under the water, and Daddy could see me doing it too.

"Ah, I see my nasty little piss lover is playing with herself. Stand up and let Daddy see you do it. Then I'll give you some more piss to drink.". He was fully enjoying himself.

"Anything for you, Daddy!" I replied.

I did as instructed and stood up in the hot tub. I raised one foot and propped it up beside Daddy's thigh on the built in jacizzi seat. My pussy was mere inches above his groin now. I reached my hand down between my wet thighs and rubbed my dripping gash gaudilly in front of him like a porn star would.

I pushed two of my small fingers up into my hairless slit. I worked them back and forth in between the loose, puffy outer lips of my pussy just like Daddy likes for me to do for him. Then I lustfully pushed them both up into my tight little pussy.

"Look at me Daddy," I exclaimed. "I'm playing with my pussy for you." The faster I fingered myself, the more I would moan. "Uhnnnnnn....It feels so good, Daddy! Ahnnn...Ahnnnn...Ahnnnn...."

Daddy was sitting there quietly as he stared very intently at my groin. He reached up with the hand not holding his dick and fondled my ass cheek, squeezing it firmly but gently, rubbing his hand all around on my wet butt and up into my crack. His fingers brushed against my wrinkled little asshole. It felt nice.

Daddy looked up into my eyes and said "Oh my baby, you must really want some more of my pee. Look at how nicely you're playing with your pussy for me." He stroked his dick slowly while I shoved my middle and fourth fingers up into my pussy right in front of him. "I'll bet there's another hole you'd like to play with too."

When he finished saying that, he slipped one of his fingers from his ass grabbing hand up into my tight rectum. It made me gasp when it went inside, but I didn't complain. He'd often sneak a quick finger up inside my asshole during bath sex. The water on his hand lubed it enough to let it slide in easily. I was kind of glad though that I had taken a dump about an hour before we got into the hot tub.

Daddy's finger probed my asshole, rubbing against the inner flesh of my sphincter. "Mmmmm Millie, your asshole feels extra tight today." he commented.

I squeezed my anal muscles down onto his exploring finger to heighten the glorious feeling of it inserted into my rectum. I moaned to him "Uhnnnnn Daddy, th-that feels so goooood. Ahnnnnn." And it did too. I love it when Daddy pokes me in my ass. I pushed back against his exploring hand to show him how much I liked it. His finger dug just a little deeper. He was up to the second knuckle now, working it in and out of my asshole expertly. Every now and then he would dip his hand down into the water below to wet it again, then reinsert it up into my rectum and finger my asshole again.

After we did this a few minutes, Daddy pulled his finger from my rectum and washed it off in the bubbling hot tub water. When he put his hand back on top of my head and lowered me down into the water on my knees, I pulled my own fingers from my pussy and squatted down between Daddy's legs like he told me to.

He said "Oh god baby, you turn Daddy on so much." He grasped his dick and pointed it in my direction. "Here Millie, drink some more of Daddy's pee baby. You earned it.", like it was some sort of reward or something. I didn't mind doing the pee play. It was fun and all because it was so dirty to do with each other. But I didn't consider pee to be a reward.

Daddy played it up like it was though. Because Daddy was getting such a thrill out of it, I played along with his nasty whims. I was getting off seeing Daddy enjoy himself so much, just like a good daughter is supposed to do.

I looked up at him and said "I-I want your pee, Daddy. I want you to pee in my mouth again. I want to swallow some more of it."

I grabbed his hand with my two hands where he was holding his dick and aimed the head of his dick right at my face. I opened my mouth and pressed my lips against the hole in the end of it and started sucking lightly upon it. Daddy removed his hand so I could take control of it.

"My, such a dirty little pee drinker. That's a good little girl. My nasty little piss slut."

Daddy grunted a little and out came a couple of squirts right into my mouth. Then he stopped the flow. I sloshed it around inside my mouth, then quickly swallowed it down for him.

He loved how I was degrading myself for his amusement. I didn't mind though. Anything to please Daddy.

"Does my dirty little pee drinker want some more?" he asked.

"I want more pee, Daddy. And I wanna see you drink some too."

"Alrighty then. Here you go baby."

Daddy pushed and out came a few more ounces of urine into my waiting open mouth. Instead of swallowing it this time I closed my eyes, puckered my lips, leaned my head back, and blew it upward in the air like a fountain. Gravity pulled it back down directly into my face. I opened my eyes afterward and licked my lips, grinning like a person who had just been sprayed with KoolAid instead of nasty piss.

Daddy was amused. He could tell I was really starting to get into the pee play by now.

"Uhnnnn, my little naked pee girl. You are so hott. I love the way you spit it into your own face like that. Now it's my turn."

Daddy aimed his dick backward to his own face and let loose his bladder. He pushed hard to get it up to his own mouth, but he soon had a large mouthful of his own smelly urine and stopped the flow.

He did as I did, leaning his head back and closed his eyes. He puckered and started pushing the pee from his lips into the air. The acrid yellow pee shot up into the air about 6 inches and came cascading back down upon his own face. As the overspray ran down his nude chest and belly, he rubbed the urine into his skin with his free hand to heighten his enjoyment of the decrepid act we were doing on each other.

Daddy leaned his head forward again and looked in my direction with a very desireous glare in his eyes. I kind of knew what was coming next, but I was hesitant to think about it because we hadn't prepared for the act with an enema as we usually do. I had evacuated my bowels an hour ago but that wasn't a guarantee we wouldn't encounter any residual remnants of poo still up inside of me.

Daddy said "I gotta have some of your sweet asshole right now, Millie."

I resisted at first despite my upbringing and obedience to him. "Wait Daddy! I haven't had my enema yet." I insisted. We had done anal sex like this many, many times before, so I knew exactly what to do.

I opened the hidden compartment built into the hot tub beside him and pulled out a condom and a half used tube of KY lube we kept in there for just such an emergency. I used my teeth to tear open the side of the plastic wrapper and pulled out the slippery condom inside. I again used my teeth to make just a tiny little hole in the end of the condom. Daddy likes to cumm inside my rectum, and the hole I made in it lets his sperm seep out while still keeping the poop from staining his dick.

I placed the rolled up condom on the end of his hard dick for him as I've always been taught. That's the woman's job. I slowly rolled it down the length of his circumcised shaft until it was fully encased in latex.

Daddy was getting a little impatient from not being able to just plunge his long dick into my tight asshole already.

"Oh shit baby, I gotta get my dick up inside you right now." he said excitedly.

"Okay Daddy...okay." I replied. I stood up in the hot tub, turned around to face away from him, and straddled Daddy's legs over his groin. I opened the tube of KY gel and squirted a large dollop on the tip of the condom. I also put some on the fingertips of one hand and rubbed it all around on my anus behind me. Then I placed my hands down on Daddy's knees for support.

Slowly I aimed my butt hole down toward the end of Daddy's erect dick. He grasped the base of it and held it still for me. When the tip touched against my crack Daddy moved it back and forth against my anus until his dick was in place. I relaxed my legs and his dick slid up into my tight rectum with no difficulty.

I lowered my body down onto the long shaft until it got to the top of my colon and felt a little uncomfortable. I grunted a little from my asshole being stretched so much, but soon it relaxed and his dick started feeling good in me.

As Daddy leaned back in the hot tub seat, he grabbed the base of his dick to mark the point at which I stopped putting it in my asshole, so I wouldn't put too much of it in me and hurt something inside. I'd bend my legs and lower my butt down onto it, then raise my ass again when I hit his hand. When the flare under the head of his dick would hit my sphincter inside, I'd lower my body back down onto it again, repeating the cycle.

The condom Daddy was wearing didn't feel near as good as his bare dick did, but it didn't feel bad either. It made his dick feel more artificial is all, like one of the small rubber dildos he uses in my asshole sometimes when we'd do 69 on each other. I prefer it more when he fucks me in the butt with his bare skin. It just feels way better against my asshole and the inside of my rectum. But without my enema, he had to wear a condom. I would never suck it again if he got poo on his dick.

Pretty soon my bouncing was rhythmic and steady to the point I didn't have to think about doing it anymore, like when you go from thinking about your breathing to when your brain does it for you unconsciously. I could finally enjoy it myself like Daddy was doing behind me.

Daddy took his free hand and laid it flat on the top of my ass crack. He extended his thumb downward and rubbed it soothingly against the outer edge of my anus, using the excess K-Y gel on it as lube. He rubbed the skin around my slippery asshole slowly where his dick penetrated my nether regions. When I would raise up off of his dick it made my anus prolapse about 1/2 inch, revealing some of the pinker tender flesh inside my colon. Daddy delighted himself with the view.

As I hunched my ass on Daddy's stiff dick, I reached one hand between my thighs and stroked my clit and peehole. "Nnngh....Nnngh....Nnngh...." I grunted with each downstroke on his dick. "I-I'm playing with my p-pussy, Daddy! Watch me. Uhnnnnnnn...." I told him.

"I see that baby! You're getting me hornier doing that. You do whatever you feel like doing to yourself. Now tell me how much you love for me to fuck you in the ass like this.", egging me on.

I stammered "Uhnnn....Uhnnnnn....Uhnnnn.....I-I love your big dick in my asshole, Daddy! *whimper* I love it up in my shitty little asshole! Ahnnnnnnnn....." I moaned out.

"Put your fingers up in your pussy, baby. Finger that tight little pussy for Daddy!"

I did as he instructed. I moved my fingers from my clit and slid a couple of them up into my tiny pussy.

I squealed as I pushed them up inside my vagina. "AAAAAHHhhhhhnnnnnn" I exclaimed. I frigged myself about as swiftly as I was bouncing on Daddy's groin.

After another few minutes and a coup0le of mini-gasms brought on by my masturbating, my legs were starting to tire, so I slowed down my bouncing a little. Daddy could tell I was tiring so he took over for me.

"Millie, bend over the side of the hot tub. I'll finish us off." he said.

I was kind of glad for the rest. My legs were really weak by now. I raised my ass up off of Daddy's groin and assumed a doggy style position on the side of hot tub with my slippery naked ass fully exposed to him. My legs were loosely dangling down in the water. My feet couldn't touch the bottom. They were too short to reach it.

Daddy got up from his seat and came around behind me, taking up a standing position behind my upturned ass. As I held my ass cheeks apart for him with both hands, he pressed the tip of his sheathed dick up against my wrinkled little asshole and easily slid it back inside me.

He placed his hands down on either side of my hips against the side of the hot tub for support and started fucking my ass again. He made sure not to force too much of his dick up inside me, stopping himself at the point I had indicated earlier. Daddy was rocking his hips back and forth, and his motions caused my own small body to rock a bit in sync with his hunching.

As I neared my climax I told him "Faster Daddy! Faster! Ahhnnnnnn, it feels so goood! Uhnnnnnn....Fuck me daddy....fuck my ass! Uhnnn....Uhnnnn....Uhnnnn" I groaned in unison with his dick going up inside my squeezing rectum.

When I orgasmed, I clenched my hands and squeezed the soft fleah of my ass cheeks hard with them. "AAAAHHHHNNNNNNN!" I shrieked. My pussy was getting very wet and dripping down my slender thighs. Daddy kept right on fucking my asshole nonstop as I cummed on myself. It made my orgasm that much more intense.

When I went limp, I reached over for a folded towel on the side and laid my head down upon it, grinning like a cheshire cat while my pussy continued to send wave after wave of pleasure throughout my spent body.

Daddy said "Mmmmmm, little girls look so heavenly when they cumm hard like that. Now it's time for Daddy to have his fun."

Thinking he meant he was about to release his sperm up inside me, I just laid there calmly and let him have his way with my body.

Daddy slowed down his fucking all of a sudden. He left the head of his hard dick inside me against the inner flesh of my anus. He held his body still and grunted aloud.


I was expecting him to unload a nice sized pool of sperm up inside me. What I felt come out of him into my rectum was a lot more runny like water. It shot out and forcibly hit the top of my colon where it bends to join my large intestine. And it was continuous as well. I could tell that Daddy was peeing inside of my asshole through the small hole I had made in the end of his condom!

I was too weakened from my orgasm to protest his actions. I just had to numbly lay there on my belly as he emptied what remained of his urine from before down into my digestive tract.

He said in a soothing but firm voice "That's a good little pee girl, Millie. You take Daddy's piss into your belly.

"Ewwww, Daddy. You're peeing in my ass!" I exclaimed.

"That's right baby. I'm giving you a piss enema. Now you'll have Daddy's nasty piss in both ends of your body." When his urine finally stopped, he resumed fucking me in my asshole.

"Daddy, I can feel it splashing around in my butt." I groaned.

He pulled his hard dick from my ass and used his two thumbs to spread my anus open to peer down into my rectum.

"Millie, this is so nasty! I can see it sloshing around in your asshole! Now you be a good little girl and lay there while I fuck my piss inside you.". He stuck his dick back into my anus and began fucking me again.

I was a little disgusted at Daddy for not warning me about the pee first. But it wasn't my job as a good daughter to complain. Daddy's are supposed to do what they want with their own daughters as long as they aren't hurting them. And besides, he was right about one thing. Was having urine in my bowels any worse than me drinking his pee earlier? So, as with the urine drinking and most everything else he does with me sexually, I just gave in to Daddy's whims and went with it.

It didn't really feel all that bad to have his pee inside my guts. It felt no different than my usual enemas except for him fucking me while it was still inside. I could hear the urine making gurgling noises inside me as it squirted past the end of his dick on the in-stroke and back down into me again when he'd pull his dick backward.

Daddy was steadily fucking my asshole, all the while he was murmuring little dirty comments to himself like "My pissy little slut"........"So fucking hott!"..........."Daddy's baby"......."Fucking FUCK!"
He was thoroughly enjoying my unusual predicament. I was just glad I made him put the condom on before he did it to me.

When his balls started pulsing involuntarily, Daddy stopped moving, leaving just the head of his dick inside my rectum. He grabbed his foreskin and jacked it back and forth rapidly as his sperm spurted up inside my reamed ass.

"NNNNNggghhhhhh!" he grunted out loud through clenched teeth as he climaxed. His hand jacked every drop of his sperm down into my bowels where it mixed in with the smelly urine.

When he pulled his dick from my asshole he looked down at it, studying it for any damage.

"Looks like your asshole is none the worse for wear, Millie. You might want to step off of the porch though and empty yourself over by the bushes before I clean you up. You'll probably never make it to the bathroom. " He grabbed a nearby washrag and dipped it down into the water to wet it. He peeled off the stained condom and tossed it into a nearby trash can, then proceeded to wipe away any remaining K-Y gel from his shaft and pubic area.

I had to clench my anus a few times before it returned to it's former closed condition. I squeezed it tightly as I slipped out of the hot tub and over to the bush Daddy indicated about 30 feet away. I spread my feet apart and squatted down next to it. I pushed out his pee and sperm from my colon with a loud and noisy *BRRRRRRRAAAAAAAP!* sound, like I had diarrhea or something. There were also a few runny clumps of poo that emerged as well.

When I was fully empty, I returned to the hot tub. Daddy was standing there naked waiting for me by the side of the patio with a wet soapy washrag in hand and a drinking cup he filled with some water from the hot tub.

I braced my arms down on the deck of the patio and bent over, exposing my asshole for Daddy. He poured a little of the water down onto my stained anus to remove the worst of it, then began scrubbing my asshole and pussy lips with the soapy washrag. Another good rinsing with the clear water and I was good to go.

While he cleaned me up, I asked him "Daddy, why did you pee into my butt like that?"

He thought a moment and replied "I just thought since you got so into the pee play when we started that you wouldn't mind if I peed into your butt too. Your Mom used to love it when I did it to her."

"She did?". I was a little surprised that Mom would do something so nasty like letting Daddy pee inside her.

"Yeah baby, We did it sometimes. Not all the time though. Just every now and then. Don't worry, I won't do it to you every time we have bath sex. Maybe once a month or so. And I'll make sure we're in the hot tub outside so you won't have to go through the whole house trying to hold it in. Okay Millie?". He made it sound like there wasn't a thing in the world wrong with urinating in someone else's butt other than a possible accident on the way to the bathroom inside.

"O-Okay Daddy." I ceded. I just chocked it up to another of Daddy's sexual yearnings.

He smiled a broad grin and pulled me up against his damp, chilly skin to hug me tightly. I wrapped my arms around his neck and he hoisted me up in one arm on his hip.

"Lets go get back into the hot tub and just relax for awhile." he suggested.

"Okay Daddy." I replied. We both climbed back into the hot tub together. Daddy sat all the way down into the water and held me up against his chest. My head was the only thing showing above the waterline, and the warm pulsating bubbles felt great against my cold, tired body. I laid my head down against his shoulder, contented that I had once again made Daddy happy like I was supposed to do for him. He stroked his fingers through my long blonde hair contentedly while humming some old song from the 60's to himself.

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