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Colt and I make it past foreplay!
*Might want to read the pre-ceding story before this one… or not because this one is definitely better*

Colt and I sat on his bed, bored out of our minds. I could feel this sort of sexual tension between us. It had been a couple days since we sucked each other off and the only thing that ensued now was radio-silence. Maybe it was because I had pushed it too far and gotten the guy into something he wasn’t comfortable with. Or maybe it was the fact that we couldn’t seem to escape from either being around his parents or his little brothers. Either way, I was feeling terrible.

But in the seconds that ensued the above thought, there was a commotion above us and Colt’s dad called him upstairs. I followed him up the stairs where a gift of heaven awaited. His mom and dad were taking his brother to his baseball game, leaving us entirely alone for once in a decade. As we waited for them to leave, Colt and I sat upstairs and watched some TV.

After ten minutes or so, I looked over at Colt. He seemed dazed and spaced-out of reality. “Hey, are you all right? I’m really sorry if you don’t like what I did.”

“What?” He shot a glance over at me before figuring out what I was saying. “Oh, NO NO NO. It’s not that at all. I really liked it. I like you. I’m just exhausted I guess.”

“Oh, great. I really think you are awesome!” Things got quiet after that and we both went back to glumly staring at the tube. Then I got some crazy idea and scooted next to Colt. He glanced over and I put my arm around his shoulder, really burying my face into his personal bubble. I slid my hand up his thigh before taking his then-flacid array of cock and squeezing it in my hands, massaging it through his jeans. “You know, we’ve really only had fore-play. I feel like we have left the job incomplete…”

Colt let out a moan once I grabbed his cock. He had his eyes closed staring up at the ceiling. “What should we do?”

I got close to his ear and started to softly bite his lobe. “We could fuck” I whispered harshly. I gave him another squeeze before getting up and pulling him off the couch. He didn’t even resist, just followed me back downstairs to his room.

Once in his room, I turned him to face me and pushed him onto the bed, following after him. I lay on top of him and started to kiss his lips seductively. His hard cock started to push up against my stomach. I kept going until we were both hard before ripping off both our shirts. I settled down next to him and rubbed his thigh. “What do you want me to do to you?”

He glanced over smiling. “Anything!”

I didn’t skip a beat. I swung myself over his torso and pulled down his pants and boxers. He was already solid-hard. I opened my mouth and started to swallow the 6-7 inches of thin, young penis on Colt. I would go all the way till my nose brushed his small pubic bush and then up again. He was so clean-cut and perfect. His cock really was delicious as opposed to the regular taste of dick-ish flesh. Once he came, his hips thrust outward at me and I caught the oozing volcano of cum erupting in my mouth. It was sweeter than Will’s or anyone else’s that I had tried.

I finished swallowing and got up to strip off the rest of my clothes. Then I kneeled above Colt’s head. “Do you want me to use lotion? Or bare-back?”

Colt had a look of pure confusion. “I don’t know… either one I suppose.” Typical, a decision must be made and I have to make it. I thought I would be nice so I quickly retrieved some lotion from his bathroom. I pulled Colt’s ass near the edge of the bed and propped his legs up. Then I got on my knees and got my index finger lubed up. I didn’t put much on because I had a hidden desire to hear Colt scream a little, which was weird but I felt like living in the moment. As soon as I stuck my finger in his warm ass Colt tensed up. I started to massage around his rectum which got him back to breathing. Then I stuck another finger up his ass. In fact, I stuck them all up there minus my thumb of course and tried to make a fist. Colt was squirming like crazy and moaning like a mad-man.

“Jack yourself.” I told him. Then I pulled his ass to the edge of the bed and placed my dick before his stretched virgin hole. Then I pushed with all my might against his skinny body, popping the head in on the first try. Colt yelped a little. His jacking-off got sporadic, especially as I forced more of me into him. Once I had gotten all the way in, he wasn’t even jacking off anymore. Instead, he just lay there moaning and gasping with every thrust of my pelvis against his butt. After a while I picked up the rhythm a bit as I was about to orgasm on top of Colt’s orgasm which seemed like it might last from start to finish.

“Scott, huh huh, oh fuck me Scott, huh. I fucking love you”

I smiled a little and thrust myself into him even harder. Then in one fell swoop I bashed into my lover-mate and dropped a load of cum into his ass. There was no time to stick around waiting though. I pulled out, climbed onto the bed and started to make out with Colt. Cum was still drizzling from my dick onto his sheets and legs.

“Your turn mate.” I smiled at him as his lanky naked body jumped out of bed and he began rubbing lotion on his finger. I lay flat on my stomach on the bed. Colt got his legs between me and started to rub his fingers in my ass. I stuck a few pillows under my pelvis so that my butt would stick out for him since I was lying on the bed face-down. It was funny. /Colt started to shove all his fingers up my butt in the same way I had to him. He was really keeping track of the process.

After a few minutes of toying with my rectum, Colt finally tried sticking it to me… or in me. He didn’t quite slip it in and on his second pass I moved into his dick so that it would burst through. Colt must have gotten caught off guard because he pretty much fell on top of me, shoving the whole of his 7 inches into my body. Luckily he was all length and no girth so that it wasn’t all too painful, but it struck my prostate in an instant and I was wide awake with pleasure. Colt regained his position and started to pound me really hard. He was taking off at a scary-fast pace but I really liked it. He had me moaning as his long cock hit me in the right spot. Soon he came, not surprising considering the speed at which he set out at. He keeled over and lay on top of me.

“That was good.” Both of us let out a sigh and I felt satisfied as Colt began to heavily breathe on my neck. It tickled a lit and I drifted off, almost asleep. Then Colt pulled out of me which got my attention.

“Holy shit. It’s been almost two hours. We better clean everything up fast. There is cum everywhere!” Colt was freaking out looking at the stains left in the carpet, the pillows, and his blankets.

I got up and hugged his naked body. I nibbled his ear a bit and reached my hand down so that it was slid between his cheeks. “Chill. Let’s get a shower in and then we will take care of all this.”

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2016-02-10 15:21:03
Loved the story and had me hard in no time as I was fucked at a young age by a older boy I was 9 at the time he was 15 it hurt but after maybe four times I got so I really liked it and still do at 34. Really like to clean up the cocks after fucking and get all that good cum, I have one 19 yr old that is well hung and likes to fuck me, and suck me at least once a week.

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2014-07-11 21:07:52
lol its awesome. I liked it

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2011-10-06 00:15:04
it was great want more

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2011-01-11 15:04:54
It was a good story you sould write more about these two

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2011-01-11 15:04:41
It was a good story you sould write more about these two

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