Me and Dad in the Woods

Incest: Young Female: Dad: Oral: Anal: Underage: Watersports/Urine:

This is still from the perspective of the young girl involved.


I got so relaxed laying there on Daddy's chest that I must have fallen asleep in his embrace. When I awoke, I was laying on the couch with a quilt over my nude body. I awoke to the wet adorations of Rusty, our great dane, licking my exposed face.

"Ewwww Rusty, go away." I told him. I covered my head with the quilt, which made the dog start rooting around and growling like we were playing Hide and Seek. He kept rooting his nose around the edges of the quilt until he got his head underneath it with me. Rusty found my face and began licking on me again.

"DAD!" I shouted from under the covers. "Call Rusty. Get him off of me." I just wanted him to stop licking on me.

I heard a loud, shrill whistle come from the kitchen, and Rusty immediately got out from under the covers and headed in the direction it came from. I peeked my head out from my hideout and looked around to make sure Rusty was definitely gone. He was.

On the coffee table beside the couch I was laying on was one of Dad's white sleeveless Tshirts, and the bottom half of a very small purple eyepatch bikini. It consisted of very thin cloth straps that met in the front on what looked like only 5 square inches of triangular shaped fabric. The matching top was nowhere to be seen. Dad often wanted me to parade around the house in next to nothing stuff like this. I was happy to oblige his urges though. I am a good daughter after all.

I pulled off the quilt and sat upright. I held up the miniscule thong to the light and shook my head at Daddy's affinity for mini-clothing. I slipped my legs into the thong and pulled it up onto my slim hips. It fit me fine but it also left nothing to the imagination. The strap in the back had disappeared completely in my butt crack, and the cloth in the front was just barely enough to cover my puffy slit. It came right to the top of it. If I would have had any pubic hair, it would most assuredly been visible with this thong on. Daddy and his lusty urges...Geez! I'm surprised he even bothered to lay out a Tshirt for me to wear. He prefers me nude most of the time. I went ahead and put that on as well.

The aroma of steak and macaroni and cheese was in the air. I was glad because I was feeling really hungry. I walked into the kitchen where Daddy was standing in front of the grilling side of the stove flipping the meat for our meal. He was wearing a Tshirt and a pair of loose basketball shorts. Rusty was laying underneath the kitchen table gnawing on a big t-shaped bone Daddy had removed from one of the steaks and given him to keep him from going back into the living room where I was laying.

Daddy turned to the side and said "The steaks are just about ready." Then he glanced down at the bottom of my loosely fitting shirt. "Come on, Millie. Show me what's underneath."

I assumed a modeling persona and began to prance around the kitchen like it was a modeling stage. I strutted back and forth on the kitchen floor, strutting like I've seen them do on TV when they come down the walkway. I was waving my arms in car show fashion to accent the shirt I was wearing like it was the latest fashion.

I struck a few innocent Vogue poses for Daddy to start off. Then I grabbed the bottom hem of the long Tshirt I was wearing with both hands and pulled it upward just high enough to give Daddy a quick peek at the purple eyepatch of cloth covering my hairless pussy underneath it. I shook the hem back and forth teasingly in front of me like a cabaret dancer, then spun around, pulled the bottom of the shirt up to my middle back, and flashed my bare ass at him to show him the string of my thong buried way down in my butt crack. Daddy's eyes glared in appreciation as I wiggled my ass at him.

"Oh my!", he remarked with a sly grin. "That bikini bottom is very nice on you. Very nice indeed, Millie. I'll have to order you a few more of those. It shows off your camel toe terrifically under the fabric. And such a lovely little girl wearing it too, I might add."

"Oh Daddy, you always say that when I model something for you."

"But it's true, sweetheart. You are one of the most gorgeous ladies I've ever laid eyes upon. And I'm not just saying that because you are my daughter either. When you grow up, you'll be the spitting image of your lovely mother. You remind me so much of her day after day as you get older. Seeing your beautiful face is what has sustained me all these years since she died. When I gaze upon your face, it's like your dear mother never even left." He smiled into my eyes pleased, then turned his attention back to the meat he was cooking on the stove.

While he flipped the striped charred steaks over, he said "Honey, if you don't mind, will you please set the table for us and get us something to drink? I think I'd like some sweet tea for dinner."

"Okay Daddy." I answered. I got us both a plate from the cupboard and some silverware from the drawer underneath it. I laid out the plates, forks, spoons, and knives on the kitchen table. I got us both a glass from the cupboard and set them beside the refrigerator. I poured Daddy some iced tea from the glass pitcher inside, but opted for root beer as my drink. Then I sat those beside our plates as well.

The rest of the food was already in the middle of the table, laid out by Daddy as he made each dish. We were having shells and cheddar pasta sauteed in creamy cheese sauce, mashed potatoes and gravy, some pinto beans, and a tray of store bought rolls that had been covered with butter and baked to make it soak into the bread. There was also a nice cinnamon and sugar covered apple pie sitting there, also heated in the oven like the rolls, for our dessert afterward.

"Daddy, I don't know why you always cook so much food for just the two of us. We never eat it all for dinner."

He said "Well, what we don't eat tonight, we can always heat back up for lunch tomorrow."

Daddy took his tongs and checked the underside of the steaks. Satisfied that they were done to his specifications, he placed them all upon a nearby oval platter he had gotten out just for them and brought them over to the table. He laid one of the sizzling steaks upon my plate and said "Dig in Millie."

During dinner Daddy asked "Millie, did you do your homework yet?" with his mouth half full of steak.

I replied "Daddy, I got all my studies caught up and done yesterday. This is Saturday, you know. Kids don't do homework on Saturdays."

"Saturday already? I guess time flies when you're having fun in the hot tub with the greatest daughter in the world. He He". He grinned in my direction knowing full well my studies were done.

"Ewwww. Now I have the thought of having to poop out all of your pee in my head. Thanks a lot, Daddy!" I said sarcastically. I stuck out my tongue remembering the aroma of shit from earlier.

"I'm sorry Millie.", he said apologetically. "I didn't mean to ruin your dinner. We can talk after we get done eating."

"That's okay, Daddy". I resumed eating once again.

We sat there silent for the remainder of the meal. When we finished, Daddy scooped all the leftovers into Tupperware bowls and put them into the refrigerator. The dirty dishes from dinner, we rinsed those off in the sink and placed into the dishwasher.

We both settled onto the overly padded couch that I had taken my nap on earlier to let our food digest before bedtime. I laid Daddy's arm over my shoulders and scrunched up against Daddy's side while he turned on the TV with the remote and scoured the channels for something good to watch. The only program on that caught his eye was an HBO special called Real Sex, where they show clips of offbeat and weird sexual stuff and talk to the people who participate in them. Daddy wasn't a prude about sex around kids like a lot of people are. We often tuned in to late night Cinemax and watched those cheesy tame porn shows they air together. Daddy said it was part of my education so I could learn how to please him.

This episode was about those adult sized solid sex dolls that people can buy for like $5000. The people on the show told how they came to want one, how they special ordered them, and what they did with the dolls after they were shipped to their homes. Some of those people even talked to the dolls like they were real people. Some of them dressed the dolls in regular clothes, and some of them dressed the dolls in lingerie. It was kinda funny when they showed the people having sex with the dolls. I kept giggling the whole time I watched it.

Daddy looked down at me and said "What's so funny, Millie?"

I said "Look at those people hunching on those big dolls. It's weird."

"Not really, honey. Some of them may just be lonely and don't have a nice daughter like you to take care of them."

"I guess so." I said. "But it's still funny because they're having sex with a big doll." I giggled at the people on the TV again as the men got naked and hunched the dolls. A couple of men let their wives join in while they had sex with the dolls. The women would rub and lick on the doll's pussy while their husbands fucked it. It was really weird to me.

Daddy was watching the show with great interest. He reached his hand down underneath the loose shirt I had on to my small pokie breasts and rubbed his fingertips against my stiff nipples as the people on the screen were merrily fucking their silicone sex toys. I was so used to him doing this to me when we sat close to each other I hardly even noticed his touch as he fondled my budding little breasts unconsciously.

He said to me "Look at how that woman is licking on the man's dick while he fucks it Millie.". The man's wife had her face buried in between the doll's legs as her husband fucked it's pussy from underneath. The camera didn't show every detail, but every now and then the doll's leg would move just enough and you could see the woman's tongue lapping at the pussy on the doll. "We may have to try that sometime." he added.

While Daddy watched the screen picking up some pointers from the doll fuckers, he was kneading my own pointers firmly with his strong yet gentle hand. He softly squeezed my nipples like he was trying to milk me or something. But I didn't mind it a bit. I gripped his wrist and held it against my chest, enjoying the nice massage Daddy was dishing out on my little titties.

When he felt me grab his hand he said "Oh, sorry honey. I didn't realize I was..."

"That's okay Daddy. I like it. Keep going."

"That's a good girl, Millie.". He continued rubbing his hand all around on my stiff nipples and swollen light colored aureolas.

The next scene of the show was an interview with some nudists who were trying to have spiritually enhanced orgasms with their partners by attending a sexual enlightenment seminar run by some old guru out in California. He was telling them all to eat healthier foods, take care of their bodies and minds with exercise and incense, and to let go of all that they had ever learned about sex. He said what they knew about it was all wrong. Sex was a mutual satisfaction between man and woman, and if it was done right they would both tap into each others Chi and aura and climax simultaneously, or some crap like that.

The guru had the men and women stand in a big circle next to their partners and chant in unison while everyone held hands with the person next to them. Later he told the women to sit upon their men's laps and hunch themselves against the man's dick without putting it up inside them. They did it just like I do on Daddy's dick when he's hard. That's how I got off most of the time anyway since I wasn't old enough to have vaginal sex yet.

I didn't really understand what that guru on TV was trying to get those people to do with one another, but I sure was liking what Daddy was doing to my body right then. There was a bottle of SPF20 sitting on one of the end tables beside he couch. Daddy had reached over, opened it, and applied a few drops of the clear coconut scented oil onto the fingers of the arm he had draped across my shoulders. He worked the lotion into the skin of my breasts, letting my stiff nipples go between his fingers as he rubbed across my small breasts underneath my Tshirt.

He commented "That feels a lot better than a dry ol' hand, doesn't it?", emphasizing it more as a statement than a question.

"Uh-Huh" I said agreeing with him. He grinned down at me, and I up at him. I closed my eyes and enjoyed Daddy's caress as his oily hand glided across each of my budding little breasts effortlessly. My pussy was getting moist under his expert handling.

As he fondled me, Daddy asked me once again "How did you like our kinky pee play today, Honey?"

The sudden topic change sort of woke me from the stupor of my massage. "W-What do you mean, Daddy?"

"I mean.....well, we did get a little nastier than usual with each other out there in the hot tub earlier. What did you think about?"

I wasn't sure how he wanted me to respond to his question, so I said " was alright I guess."

Sensing my confusion, Daddy said "I thought you liked doing it on each other? You seemed to enjoy yourself earlier today. We even drank each other's pee."

"I know, Daddy. I did have fun doing the pee play. I just got a little excited and horny while doing it, so I drank some of it."

" don't want to do pee play any more?"

"It's not that, Daddy. It's fun and kinda dirty. I just don't like for you to pee up into my butt is all. It's too messy and I'm afraid I'll poop on myself like I almost did in the hot tub when you pulled your dick out of my butt."

"I see. Okay then, we'll keep the pee play on the outside of our bodies then. But I can't guarantee I won't want to pee into your sweet mouth again in the future, or that I won't record us doing it to each other."

I was just glad for the end of the rancid piss enemas. "Okay, Daddy." I humbly replied.

"Now where was I?" Daddy remarked. "Oh yeah, your titties. How about we get rid of that bothersome shirt, eh? I want to look at what I'm playing with."

As instructed, I stood up, reached down and pulled the Tshirt off over my head for him. Daddy's hand resumed caressing my small breasts again once I sat back down next to him on the couch. He was staring down at my groin and marveling at how the thong had worked it's way up into my puffy slit.

"Millie, why don't you reach down to your pussy and play with it for me?"

Being the good daughter that I was, I automatically placed my small hand against the outside of the fabric of my tiny thong and stroked it up and down for him.

On the HBO special on TV they were showing a clip about how people masturbate. Daddy said "Millie, look at that one woman really go at it."

The woman's hand was rubbing her swollen pink clit at a furious pace as about 10 other naked pretty women watched her. Pretty soon everyone in the room with her was either kissing on her body while she frigged herself, or they were rubbing dildos against their own gashes lustfully.

"Oh my Millie, look at them now! That is so HOTT!" he said.

As the first woman rubbed herself unmercifully, another woman grabbed a plastic vibrator and rubbed the tip of it all along the wet outer labia lips of the first, causing the first woman to moan out in delight.
Daddy's gaze darted back and forth between the sultry women on TV to my hand rubbing my own pussy rapidly.

Daddy reached down and grabbed my slender wrist. He lifted my thong out of the way and slid my hand down underneath it so I could rub myself skin to skin. He dripped a few drops of the sunblock lotion down onto the top of my slit and moved my hand around to spread it all over my outer pussy. He let go of my wrist so I could play with myself again.

"Baby, I want to watch you masturbate. Do what you see those women doing on your own body. I know it's turning you on Millie. Do it like they're doing it. I want to watch."

I raised an ayebrow at his suggestion. But it's not like it was the first time he's asked me to watch other girls on TV and play with myself over it. We watch lesbian pornos often and he gets me to masturbate to them for his pleasure, usually while he himself jacks off to it. It was nothing out of the ordinary.

Daddy stood up and dropped his shorts to the floor. He had no underwear on, but that was typical of him in the evenings since we were alone in the house, just me and him. His stiffening dick bounced up and down right in front of me against his muscular thighs as he slid his shirt off over his head.

"You know, I don't think a tame HBO special is going to cut it. Let's see what we can dig up to get us a little more stimulated, shall we?" he said winking at me.

Daddy stepped over to the TV and opened the glass door on the side of the entertainment center where we keep all of our DVD's, clean ones and dirty ones. I was staring at his firm butt intently as it jiggled with every step he made. He scanned through all of the titles on their covers and pulled one out. I recognized the cover as one of the more hardcore lesbian ones in his collection. I don't mind if Daddy wants me to watch women having sex with each other. I like to see it as much as he does.

After inserting the DVD into the tray of the player, Daddy grabbed the remote that lay on top of it and returned to the couch. He sat down sideways beside me on the couch with one leg folded underneath his other leg so he could watch me play with my wet pussy and still be able to see the TV screen. He aimed the remote at the TV and pushed PLAY.

After getting to the main menu on the disk, he scanned through the scene selections for one he liked. Of course he chose the scene involving 3 women lezzing out on each other.

"I like it when women pleasure each other, don't you Millie?" he queried. Daddy squirted some more of the sunblock lotion onto the top of my bare pubic bone.

"Yeah Daddy. I love it." I replied. I like boys, but it turns me on when I see the women do stuff to each other too. I rubbed the lotion all over my slit and outer labia lips as he watched me.

The video starts out fairly tame at first, but later the women get really wild on each other, abusing their bodies terribly with all sorts of random objects in just about any hole they can find to shove something into.

The three women were all at one of the women's house sitting around a table drinking coffee and chatting about what each of them had done to their husbands and lovers the night before. The blonde of the trio told her friends about her husband blindfolding her and tying her hands to the bed, ravaging her as she lay there unable to resist. The scene changed to a dream sequence that showed exactly what all her husband had done to her sexually. The twist was that as the man lay underneath her fucking her in the ass, a second man about 18 entered the room and began fucking her in her waxed pussy.

When it was all said and done, the husband ejaculated up into the woman's rectum (which seeped out a little when he pulled his dick from her ass), and the young stud shoved his hard dick into the blonde's mouth for her to hungrily swallow all of his sperm. The twist was that when the husband raised her mask up, she looked slightly shocked at the young man whose dick she was sucking on and exclaimed "Tony!?! W-What are you doing?? I'm your MOTHER!!!??!!" But her lust made her willingly keep on sucking his dick though until she had retrieved every last drop of his cumm. The dream sequence ended and showed the woman's two friends gasping and giggling at her having been tricked into having sex with her own son.

I was half laying on the plush couch by now with my legs folded to the sides and my feet up on the edge of the couch in front of me by my ass, caressing my tender pussy with lubricated fingers all over my shiny pubic bone and puffy slit. Seeing that woman sucking the dick of what is supposedly her son really turns me on whenever I watch this movie with Daddy.

"That's it baby. You do whatever you want to yourself for Daddy. I love watching you pleasure tourself. You're such a good girl." Daddy reached over and started playing with my budding breasts for me as I lay there moaning from his soft caress, and from the self gratification my hand was delivering to my smooth pussy.

The second woman began telling her friends about her own grand sexploits with her own family. Her dream sequence began with her and her young daughter laying naked beside one another in a very luxurious and spacious bed. The daughter's hands were feeling around on her mother's breasts and upper body. The brunette mother was exploring her daughter's slender body as well, pushing her hand down between the daughter's tanned thighs to rub her pussy.

They lay there undulating against one anothers bodies and french kissing one another as they groped and fondled each other. As I lay there on the couch frigging my pussy at the horny females, Daddy raised up from his seated position. He planted one foot on the floor and rested one knee beside me so that his dick was mere inches from my small face.

"Look at those women Millie. See them playing with each other. That's how families are supposed to be with each other. They want to have sex and pleasure each other. Look at how they're making each other horny. I'll bet you're getting horny too just watching them, aren't you baby? Here, show me how horny you're getting from watching those woman."

He grabbed the base of his firm dick, leaned his torso forward a bit, and touched the pinkish head to my tiny lips. I opened my mouth and started licking my tongue out onto the head of Daddy's stiff dick while I masturbated my swollen clit right in front of him.

He said in a soothing voice "Tell me how much you want Daddy's big dick baby.". He held it just far enough away from my mouth so that I couldn't reach it to suck on it for him, teasing me with it by keeping it just out of reach so I couldn't put it in my mouth.

I was so horny that my young pussy was throbbing pleasurably. I begged Daddy to put his dick into my mouth for me.

"Uhnnn, I want it so bad Daddy! I want your dick bad! Let me suck it Daddy. Ahnnnnn....". I licked my tongue out at it like the horny pair were doing on the DVD. My fingertips were feeling around on my clit and vaginal opening. My lust was building up inside my groin.

Daddy grinned. "You ask for it very well, baby. Here, have some dick, Millie."

He leaned forward so that I could get my small lips around the head of his long dick. I suckled it as hard as I could, bobbing my head back and forth upon it repeatedly. Daddy let out a low pleased moan as my tongue worked it's way to the underside of the pointed tip and into the hole in the end of it.

"Uhnnnnnnnnn....Oh yeah Millie....Like that.....Keep going horny little baby."

As I fed myself on the soft glans, Daddy was hunching his hips a couple of inches, making his dick go inside my mouth a little deeper. It was pushing against the inside of my mouth, making my cheek protrude when it went in.

"Uhnnnnn, fuck Millie! You are the best dick sucker in the whole world. Ooohhhhhhhh...". he moaned. I was pleased as well that he was satisfied with my work.

Daddy squirted some more sunblock onto my small nipples and down onto my pubic bone. The cool lotion hitting my bare skin made me gasp and flinch just a little, but the chilly feeling soon subsided.

I rubbed the dollop of lotion into my groin, and Daddy used his own hand to rub the other one around on my chest and stiff nipples. My aureolas were swollen and stood out like firm little hills from the rest of my small pokey breasts. Using his thumb and index finger, he gently kneaded my swollen pink aureolas, which felt terrific to me. I inhaled on his dick even harder as he massaged my nipples lovingly. My hand was going a mile a minute on my slippery pussy below.

As the daughter on TV was laying on the bed on all fours with her chest upon the sheets, her mother was kneeling behind her, spreading her daughter's gash with her hands and hungrilly licking her long tongue out at the younger woman's moist clit and vagina. The daughter was writhing her hips around and grasping the sheets with both hands. She pushed her ass backward and grinded it into her mother's face, moaning very loudly from the intense feeling the older woman was providing her groin.

"Ahnnnn....Ohhh Mom, you know how to eat a girl's pussy goooooooood! Uhnnnnnn...." I heard her say on TV. When her mother's tongue went higher and started licking upon her wrinkled anus, the daughter moaned even louder. "Oh fuck Mom that feels soo gooooood on my asshole! More.....MORE! Ahnnnnnnn...." she exclaimed in ecstasy. Her mother's hands pried the daughter's ass cheeks apart so she could get to the hole better, causing her anus to stretch open about a half an inch.

The camera zoomed in on the mother's face as she stuck out her slender tongue and pushed it about 2 inches up inside the daughter's rectum. The younger woman's breathing was getting faster and she pressed her ass backward into her mother's beautiful face to drive the tongue up inside her own ass even farther.

I was getting aroused watching the woman licking her tongue down into her daughter's asshole so eagerly. My hand was assaulting my poor clit bump wildly as I stared at the perverted duo. The thought of her actually tasting the girl's poo was a bit revolting, but I could appreciate a good butt licking. Me and Daddy did it to each other often while having sex in the 69 position.

"Ahhnnn.....Daddy, look at that nasty girl. Her M-Mommy is eating her asshole. That is so cool! They're being so nasty with each other. Ahhnnn...Ahnnnn...Ahnnnn....". I sounded like a puppy who had lost it's mother I was so horny at that point.

When I started whimpering from my building climax, Daddy picked up on the signs. He took the palm of his hand and pressed down onto the hand I had on my hairless cunt. As he applied pressure to my fingers with his palm to make my hand feel more intense against my clit, his middle finger snaked it's way down below my pussy and onto my wrinkled asshole. The lotion on his hand allowed his thick digit to slide very easily into my rectum. I was so turned on by the people on the DVD and by Daddy's assistance on my asshole and groin that I didn't even worry or consider if there was anything already inside my ass like a poop.

Daddy's finger was rapidly probing my own asshole as he said to me "She knows it's her job to take care of her family's sexual desires. Just like we do for each other, isn't that right baby?"

I was sucking his dick hard right then, so when I let it go to answer him, it made a loud *POP* sound on my small lips.

I looked up at him with a sly perverted leer. "Th-That's right Daddy. I'm y-your little fuck baby.". I was quickly approaching my first hard climax of the evening. And I doubted that it would be my last before we were through for the night.

He was shoving his thick finger up into my asshole when he said "Look at how nasty they are with each other Millie. That is so dirty her eating her daughter's nasty asshole, isn't it baby? You like it when I use my finger in your asshole, don't you, Millie?".

I replied in a breathy voice "Ahnnnn....Ahnnnn....It f-feels so good in my bottom Daddy! Ahnnnn...Put it in my butthole deeper, D-Daddy! Uhnnnnnnn...." I wrapped my lips back around the head of his engorged dick and sucked on it as hard as I could. He quickened his finger motions as instructed, causing my body to jerk when his hand hit against my groin on the instroke.

"Look at them Millie.", he urged me. "Look at her dirty mom eating her asshole like that. It makes you want to do something dirty too, doesn't it baby? I'll bet my nasty little baby wants some pee right now, don't you?" he urged.

I was so horny I didn't care anymore. My climax was almost upon me, and in a fit of lust I said "YES! I want your piss Daddy! Piss in my mouth. I want it all. Piss in me Daddy!"

I sucked on the end of Daddy's stiff cock hard trying to get it out of him myself. He strained and shot a few small squirts of smelly urine into my mouth for me, but held back from releasing all of it at once for fear of choking me. I swallowed it down as fast as he gave it to me.

To appease my sudden desire for urine, Daddy pulled his finger from my rectum and grabbed an empty glass he had drank his soda in. He pulled his hard dick from my puckered lips and held the glass in front of the hole in the end. He relaxed and out came his amber colored pee into the glass. The 24 ounce glass was 3/4 full when he finished.

"Here baby." he said handing me the glass. "Drink up. Drink my dirty piss Millie. Drink it baby."

I leered up at him grinning, thinking about how depraved I was behaving. When I grabbed the glass myself, he put his middle finger back up into my little butthole and resumed his pleasurable invasion of my rectum.

I held the clear glass up to my lips and lapped my tongue down into the smelly yellow liquid for Daddy's sake like a cat lapping at a bowl of milk. He was staring at me intently as I tilted the glass and drank a small mouthful from it.

"Ahhh, my dirty little girl likes her Daddy's dirty ol' piss, doesn't she? She's a dirty little girl like those nasty people on the TV. aren't you? Playing with your pretty little pussy and drinking my dirty piss while her dirty ol' Daddy fingers her asshole for her.". His lusty eyes never even blinked as I swallowed a third and then a fourth mouthful of his acrid pee.

I finished off the last of Daddy's pee and smacked my lips on the last mouthful. I gargled it, then sent it down my throat into my belly with the rest of his urine. I was a depraved little girl, and I loved being that way too.

Daddy looked at me satisfied. "I knew you were a dirty little girl, drinking Daddy's piss like that. But you're my dirty little girl though, and I love you for it Millie.". I smiled up at him and opened my mouth wide so he could put his hard dick back in my mouth, which he did, and I sucked hard upon it for him because I knew he liked for me to.

When I started whimpering again nearing my climax, Daddy got a little aggressive with his anal probing to make me come faster. He started pushing his middle finger more firmly into my bottom on the instroke, My small body rocked back and forth from the impact with his moving hand.

"Ahhnnnn...Ahnnnnnn....Ahhhnnnn...More Daddy." I whimpered despite having a mouthful of dick. One of my hands was rubbing my swollen abused clit furiously as I squeezed my small breasts firmly with the other.

Uhnn...Uhnn...Uhnn" I whined with each impact against my anus. Daddy was jacking himself off with his free hand as I suckled on the meaty end of his firm dick.

The raunchy action on the TV was stimulating my lust as I watched it. The people on TV were so disgusting and depraved, yet I kept staring at the screen. I abhorred the idea of participating in scat play, but watching the mother eating out her daughter's asshole made me even hornier. I didn't care. The idea of a family acting that way with each other was scintillating to me. That's all I had on my mind was the idea of a family having such dirty sex with each other.

Then finally it hit me. I pulled my mouth away from Daddy's manhood and screamed loudly, "AAAAAAHHHHNNNNNN!!!!!!", as my orgasm coursed through my small body, causing me to start trembling uncontrollably. I could feel my immature pussy squeezing down and getting very wet below me. My hips were bucking up and down against Daddy's finger in my ass. His hand was going faster in my asshole to heighten the immense pleasure as I came on myself.

He whispered "That's a girl Millie. Cumm for Daddy. Clamp your asshole on Daddy's finger as you cumm."

I looked up at him weary and bit my lip. I did as he told me and squeezed my sphincter tightly around his probing middle finger as the orgasm ran through my groin. It did make his actions feel more intense and helped prolong my climax. He jacked his hand back and forth slowly along the hard shaft of his dick right beside my face the whole time.

My body was tired, oily, and spent after the wonderful sensations in my pulsing groin subsided. Daddy pulled his middle finger from my anus and reached over to the coffee table for some Kleenex to wipe it off. It was surprisingly clean when he removed it. My earlier pee enema outside must have emptied my bowels better than I had thought.

"How are you doing, honey? You feeling alright?" he asked.

"I....I'm f-fine Daddy. Oh man, did that ever feel good!". I was out of breath and weak as a newborn kitten. My slim legs were still shaky and weak feeling.

I just laid there on the plush couch trying to regain some of my strength. I was sure Daddy had more sex play in mind. He hadn't relieved his sexual frustration yet for the night. The sample of pre-cum I tasted while sucking him off was just a precursor of the load he would eventually put into one of my yearning orifices.

He looked at me lovingly and smiled at my defenseless state. "You did great, Millie. I do so enjoy watching you cumm hard like that. It never gets old."

I grinned and said "Thank you, Daddy, for helping me cumm so hard. Your finger in my butt felt terrific and helped me get off."

"Glad to be of service, honey. Now, what say you and me head upstairs and we'll get you all cleaned out, hmmm? I have a hankering for some more of that nice little firm booty of yours tonight."

"Yeah, Daddy. I'd like that!", I said smiling up at him. "But no peeing in it this time, okay?"

"Okay Millie, I promise."

The two related women on the DVD that was playing on the screen were going at it like sex addicts now. Just before Daddy turned off the movie so we could head up to the bathroom for my scented enema, the mother of the duo put a long two-headed purple dildo up inside her pussy and her daughters cunt. They were bumping their groins together, driving the monster deeply inside themselves. As they bumped against each other, moaning loudly and calling out to each other with very dirty sounding language to excite themselves, you could see the daughter had a second long dildo with simulated balls attached wedged up inside her rectum. The mother was deep throating a third dildo, cramming it down her own throat as her daughter watched. Then Daddy clicked the remote and the screen went dark.

"Aw Daddy, it was just getting to the really wild part where the Daddy joined in with them." I pushed my bottom lip out playfully and made a fake sad face.

As he picked me up off of the couch in his strong arms and carried me to the bathroom, Daddy said "Why only watch a father fuck his sweet daughter in the ass when you can actually experience it?". He smiled at me and raised one eyebrow slyly.

I grinned and giggled, teasing him with some more dirty talk. "Mmmmmm. How good are you going to fuck me in the butt, Daddy? Up inside my tight little ass?"

I reached my hand down to my groin and rubbed my hairless slit gaudilly in front of him.

He repied "Babby, I'm so horny tonight that I think I'm gonna put my dick up in you so far that you will feel it touch your tongue. How about that?"

I removed my hand from my pussy and suckled on my fingers, licking off my juices from them.

I said "Mmmmmmm, I'd like that Daddy. Then I could give you a blowjob while we fucked."

He laughed out loud, as did I, at my joke. He curled his arms and lowered his face to mine. I hugged my slender arms around Daddy's neck and kissed him deeply as we strode into the bathroom. The hot tub was already bubbling and warm. He must have filled it before he put in the movie downstairs so it would be good and warm. Like I said, I knew Daddy wasn't done with me yet. He hadn't let me have any of his sperm yet.

Daddy sat me down backwards on the commode so he could give me my enema. I laid my arms down on the lid of the tank in the back and jutted out my ass so that my asshole was visible to him.

He reached under the sink and got out the hot water bottle and the vanilla scented additive. He put about a quarter cup of the scent into the red rubbery jug and filled it the rest of the way with warm tap water. He shook the hot water bottle to mix the contents well, turning it upside down and squeezing the jug with his fingers to homogenize the two liquids thoroughly.

Daddy brought the jug over to me and hung it behind the commode on a plastic hook he installed just for my enemas. He spit down onto my ass crack just above my asshole for lube. The thick saliva slithered it's way down slowly to my anus where Daddy used his finger to spread it around on the hole.

"Mmmmm, that feels good already, Daddy." I commented.

He grinned. "Okay Millie, here it comes."

Daddy aimed the nozzle on the end of the flexible hose with his hand and pressed it against my wrinkled asshole. It slid in easily. Then he loosened the squeeze clip on the hose. Into my rectum the scented water gushed, filling my immature rectum in mere seconds. Then the torrent of fluid spilled over the top of my curved colon and poured into my large intestine. That too was soon filled to capacity. The full feeling of the water inside my guts was nice. I love it when Daddy gives me my enema.

When half of the hot water bottle was gone, Daddy closed the clip and stopped the water. I knew what to do next. I clenched my butthole very tightly and stood straddled over the toilet. With my legs I bounced my body up and down to make the water slosh around inside me. That helped make any poo inside me come down faster.

After a good shake, I sat back down upon the commode and relaxed my asshole. Out poured the noxious mixture of poo and water into the bowl below me.

"Oh my, Millie, look at that one there! It's as big as one I would make." he joked.

I looked down between my slim legs and saw the poo he pointed out, but it wasn't as big as he made it out to be.

"Oh Daddy, you're sick." I said, and jutted out my ass for him again.

"Well, I think it's pretty impressive myself coming out of such a young girl as you." He kissed me on the back of my neck.

Daddy grabbed a box of wet wipes that were on top of the sink. When I had pushed out all the waste water I could, he flushed the toilet and gave my crack a quick cleaning for round two.

He reinserted the nozzle back into my rectum. He loosened the clip and once more a flood of vanilla scented water rushed up inside me. When the hot water bottle was completely drained, he pulled the nozzle from my anus and slung the contraption over into the bathroom sink.

As before, I raised my body and bounced it up and down to make the fluids in me clean me out. Then I sat back down and loosed my bowels. Daddy watched the flow as it came out of me to see if anything else emerged. The water was clear and poo free, just as he expected.

"Looks like we got you all clean and refreshed, Millie." he said. "All clear. Now lets get into the jacuzzi."

Daddy used another wipe to wash off my crack, then he took my hand and led me over to the soapy hot tub. The water was so inviting.

I climbed over the side and sunk my whole small body down into the soothing water, head and all. I re-emerged on my knees and, after wiping the suds from my eyes, I saw Daddy setting a paper cup down in the corner of the jacuzzi. He too dove under the bubbling water like me but he didn't come right away. Instead I felt his head slide underneath me between my legs and start licking on my gash under the water. Daddy could hold his breath for over a minute.

As he lapped his long tongue upon my slit and my clit bump, I reached down into the water and began jacking his hardening dick with my small hands. It was soon as rigid as a tree limb again.

After about a minute, Daddy slid out from under me and came up for air. He wiped away any excess water and suds from his face and announced "Damn baby, your pussy is the tastiest little twat in the world!"

I blushed a little at the compliment. "Y-You really think so, Daddy?"

"Yeah I do, Millie. Now give me your ass so I can eat it some more!"

Like the dutiful daughter I was, I stood up in the hot tub and turned so that my butt was showing to him. I eased backward until it was directly in front of his nose. I leaned forward to expose my crack to him, holding onto the side of the hot tub for support.

Daddy knelt down onto his feet below him so that he would be low enough to get his mouth down to my exposed crack. He grabbed me by my slim hips and buried his face up in my slit. First he suckled upon each of the puffy fleshy lips covering my pussy. Then his tongue snaked it's way to my clit and bladder opening. I closed my eyes and moaned as Daddy pleasured my sensitive flesh with his long expert tongue.

"Ohhh Daddy.....That' feels soo good! More...more....Ahhhhh..."

As Daddy ate my pussy thoroughly for me, I reached one hand down into the water and massaged his nut sack and dick. He moaned and licked my gash harder as I squeezed his balls gently with my tiny hand.

"That's the way, Millie. Jack me off baby! Ahnnnnn.....*SLURP* Get rough with it baby!. You know how to do it. *SLURP-LICK*", he mumbled as his mouth ravaged my tender groin.

I did as he asked of me. Since he was holding me steady by the hips, I grasped his long dick with both of my small hands and stroked the veiny shaft rapidly under the water. My jacking actions were causing the bubble bath to make more suds from my splashing. The loose foreskin slid over the reddish head on the upstroke, completely covering it. And on the downstroke I pulled it all the way back so that his uncircumsized sheath would reveal the tempting glans once more.

And all the while as I jacked Daddy off, I twisted the skin slightly in my wet grasp, simultaneously wrenching each hand in an opposite direction from the other. That is how Daddy liked for his dick to be handled during a hand job. He said it made his dick more sensitive for sex. And I got a little thrill from it as well since I got to be a little rough with it.

Daddy was really getting into the pussy eating now. His tongue was all the way up inside my vaginal canal. I could feel the tip of his long tongue touching against my thick cervix inside me. It felt amazing too. His tongue tried to probe it's way up inside my womb as well but it wasn't quite long enough to get through the opening on my cervix. But it wasn't for a lack of hearty trying though.

When Daddy's tongue got tired he began suckling on my hairless labia lips and my fleshy clit hood. I was moaning very audibly with every wonderful sensation he gave to me.

"Uhnnnnn....Uhnnnn....That's niiiiiice, Daddy! Eat me.....Ahnnnnn...Oooohhh....."

He responded with "You have the sweetest little pussy, baby. *SLURP-SLURP* The tastiest fucking pussy. *SLURP* Mmmmmmmm......Can't wait to get my dick up in that fucking tight little pussy of yours! Mmmm....."

It was then that he got really turned on. His lips clamped against my tiny bladder opening and he sucked hard upon the hole. I was helpless to stop it. My urine involuntarily poured out right into his mouth! But I suspected that was what he desired.

I didn't mind it though. The intense suction on my slit felt amazing. I even squealed out "YEEEEEEEEE!!"

Daddy kept on sucking on my bladder hole until he had accumulated a hefty mouthful of my pee. He released his lips from my groin and his hands from my hips. I had to clamp my urethra hole closed to keep from pissing all over the place.

He got onto his knees and spun me around so I could be eye to eye with him. With his hands cradling my jawline he eased his mouth up to mine and kissed me firmly. He parted his lips and I felt the warm pee against my own. His tongue pushed past my closed lips and started frenching against my small tongue. I opened my mouth and let the salty urine flow in. We both passed it back and forth to each other until we had swallowed it all down our throats.

Daddy pulled back when it was gone and looked at me lovingly. "You are such a naughty little piss loving girl, just like your horny mother was. She loved to drink my dirty piss all the time."

"Anything for you, Daddy. I'm your pissy little girl!" I said, and grinned.

I put one hand behind his neck and leaned forward to kiss him again. I could smell a lingering aroma of my pee still on his breath. His mouth opened again as well. He jutted out his tongue to me, and I sucked and licked upon it like it was the bulbous head of his long firm dick.

I reached down with my free hand and rubbed the head of his dick under the water. He moaned softly to my touch. "Mmmmmmm.....Yeah Middie, thath a goot liddle pithy girl.". He sounded funny because I had his tongue in my mouth sucking on it hard.

Daddy gently moved his hands down my lean wet body to my shimmering wet ass. He grasped both cheeks firmly and pried them apart to expose my asshole more. I knew what he wanted me to do next. I wrapped my arms around his toned neck and held my weight up. I raised my legs to my chest instinctively from past experience.

Daddy turned just a tad in the hot tub and leaned back against the rear tile covered wall surrounding the jaccuzzi. He slowly dipped my lower body into the water to moisten it, then gently slid my ass down onto his hard dick, using a finger on each of his hands by my asshole to guide the pointed tip into my tight rectum.

He lowered me down further and further until I groaned. He knew he had hit the top bend of my colon then. That would be his stopping point.

"Now for a good ass fucking, Millie. Here it comes." he announced.

I held on to his neck firmly. His hips began rhythmically thrusting up and down, causing his thick dick to penetrate my ass deeply and slide back out until the flare of the head hit against my stretched asshole inside.

Daddy hunped my ass slowly at first, then gradually sped up his thrusts as my rectum got used to the stretching. His hard dick filled my rectum completely. I loved his big dick inside me, and I let him know it too with some of the dirty talk he lets me use during our sex.

"AHHHnnnnn, Daddy! Uhnnnnn......I love your d-dick up in me! F-Fuck my ass, Daddy! Fuck it! Fuck it good! Uhnnnn...." I said to him as my lust built up. "Fuck your baby, Daddy....Fuck it good! Uhnn...Uhnnn...Uhnn"

Daddy loves it when I talk dirty to him like that. "Oh shit, Millie, you're gonna rip the hide off of my dick with that tight little asshole of yours! Fuck! Tell me how much you like my dick in your ass, Millie!"

I responded just as he taught me to do. "I want your big dick so bad, Daddy! I want you to fuck my ass all night long. I want you to fuck me in the ass hard and cumm in my mouth with your shitty dick! I want your cumm so bad, Daddy! I want your nasty dick and cumm in my mouth so bad." I sucked on his ear and his neck afterward.

"Tell me what you would do if I were to shoot my sperm up into your dirty mother's shitty asshole? What would you do with her, baby?" he asked.

I looked at him in the eye and said "I would make Mommy sit on my face and I would eat the sperm out of her asshole, Daddy! I would make her poop it out right into my mouth!". I licked my lips to accentuate my statement to show I was serious.

Daddy smiled approvingly at my answer. "That's my baby, Millie. You're a nasty little pisser just like Mommy was. Would you even put your tongue up into her asshole to get more of it out?"

"Yeah, Daddy. I would eat her ass for you if you wanted me to.". I was so horny from our lust I would have said anything as long as it pleased Daddy. My groin was aching from the wonderful invasion in my ass and my pussy rubbing against Daddy's firm rippled stomach.

He continued to ream out my asshole thoroughly as we spoke aloud.

"Would you eat her asshole while she pissed in your pretty face too?" he asked.

"I would put my mouth on her pussy and drink up her nasty piss for you too, Daddy!"

"Mmmmmm. such a nasty little piss cunt you are. You're my little piss cunt though, aren't you Millie?"


My climax was building in me fast. I looked into his devious eyes. He was so horny by now from my talk that he was beside himself. He got a sly look on his face and grunted. He groaned, and soon I felt it inside me. Daddy was straining hard to expel the amber colored waste through his blood engorged prostate and urethra, and there was nothing I could do to stop it either! His pee was spraying out the hole in the end of his hard dick and up into my tightly stretched rectum. It was what he hadn't given to me as I lay on the couch downstairs earlier.

Dreading another recurrence of this afternoon's messy piss enema outside in the grass, I stammered out "No Daddy......Not again in my ass."

He reassured me though. "It's okay baby, we did your enema already. You're clean as a whistle inside. And I'm not going to waste a drop of it this time around, my little tiny piss lover."

I didn't know what he meant by that, but his assurance that it was okay to do it was all I needed to calm me down and forget any apprehensions I had for the act. A good daughter goes along with whatever sex game her father does with her. I returned my attentions once again to the amazing feeling of Daddy's hard dick thrusting up inside my yearning asshole, and on my building lusty climax.

I relaxed my body and held on to Daddy tightly. His urine was flowing into my colon like the enema had done. He never once ceased his fucking on my asshole the whole time he pissed up inside me. His pee sloshed around inside my rectum with every deep penetration in and out of me.

When his bladder emptied he stopped straining and pushing.

"You like my nasty piss up in your ass, don't you baby?" he queried me as his long dick pushed more of the smelly liquid into my large intestine.

I did in fact love it inside me. I've always enjoyed my enemas, and this was no different. Feeling fluids splash around in me has always felt nice. Doing it during sex just made the moment more fun and exciting for me, especially not knowing what Daddy planned to do with it afterward. I just didn't like it when he peed into my butt this afternoon because I hadn't had my enema first. I don't care for poo.

"I...I love your piss Daddy! Keep fucking me......fuck my nasty asshole good, Daddy. Uhnnnnn....." I urged him.

"Ahhh, just like your sweet piss loving mother. She so loved a good pissy dick up in her asshole too.". His hands cradled my ass ever so firmly, squeezing each cheek like he was checking a loaf of bread for freshness.

My climax was soon upon me. I began hunching my hairless pubic bone against Daddy's hard muscled belly to stimulate my clit. Daddy could tell what I was doing and egged me on lustfully.

"Yeah Millie, you go, my horny little cunt! Act on your urges. Give in to your lust. Be a dirty little girl. You look so gorgeous when you're horny. My pissy little piss lover. Feel my big dick and my nasty piss up in your ass!"

The dirty talk worked. My pussy compressed in against itself and sent a massive tingling sensation throughout my horny body and I screamed out "I"M CUMMMING, DADDY! AAAAAHHHHHHNNNNNNNN!!!" as it sent amazing shivers through me and my groin.

Daddy squeezed my ass cheeks hard in his grasp as I orgasmed. My belly did crunches against his abs to grind my immature pussy against them. My clit was on fire. I whimpered "Ahnnn...Ahnnn....Ahnnnn...." like a horny lost puppy with each contraction of my pussy and abrasion of my slit against Daddy's abs. I didn't want the amazing sensations to ever end.

But sadly they did. Daddy happily watched me undulate myself on his body like a nymphomaniac until the feeling passed from my tender groin. My strength left my wrecked body and I let my legs hang down limply as Daddy supported my weight for me. He pulled me up against his sweaty skin and sat down on one of the built in seats in the corner of the hot tub and leaned back in it.

"That's how I want my little piss lover to behave. You have to give in to your horny lust when it hits you. You never have to hold back when you're with Daddy. You do whatever you want to yourself or to me when we fuck each other, as long as it doesn't hurt us."

His gentle words were comforting. Sometimes I do feel weird when we do certain things to each other, like the pee play and stuff. But hearing Daddy give his consent for 'anything goes' is good reassurance that I'm being a good daughter like he taught me my whole life. And he's never really asked me to do anything that was totally gross. The pee is tolerable and adds some kinky fun to our sexcapades.

Daddy never did remove his firm dick from my anus. He was hunching it slower now after my orgasm as I lay upon his belly, but he never did pull it from my thoroughly reamed ass.

"Mmmmmm, my beautiful little piss drinker. You are so gorgeous, especially when you let Daddy have his way with you.". One of his hands ran through my wet hair as the other one reached down under the water and massaged one of my ass cheeks soothingly. You're a very good horny daughter and I am so proud of you."

His face leaned down to my head on his chest and kissed me on the lips. I returned the favor and opened my mouth wide for him instinctually. Our tongues mashed together wildly. I could feel our thick saliva mixing between the rapidly flailing appendages.

Daddy pulled his head back a bit, worked up a mouthful of his own spit, and let it dribble down into my open mouth and coat my licking tongue. It resembled his thick sperm as it oozed down from his lips and finally broke off to fall into my mouth. I licked my spit covered tongue out at him and he unhesitatingly began sucking upon it like I do his dick for him. Spit play was one of the things we had grown accustomed to during our years of sex. We shared spit when we kissed, so we figured spitting into each other's mouths was no worse. And it was fun too.

When I got some of my strength back, Daddy was ready to go at it full tilt again. He had me put my legs down and spin my body around. Without ever letting his stiff dick exit my rectum, I turned 180 degrees and was now facing away from him. He laid me back against his flat stomach and had me pull my legs to my chest again. I did, and he put his hands up underneath my knees so I wouldn't have to hold them up.

"Now lets see if we can get Daddy off this time eh, my little bitty piss cunt?"

I replied "I want your sperm so bad, Daddy. I want it all over me.". I could already taste it in my mouth.

"Oh, don't worry baby. I'm gonna give you a whole lot of sperm tonight!" he assured me.

Daddy pulled back on my legs to hold me tight against his belly, then resumed his pounding on my asshole. I felt the tip of his dick hit against the top of my colon inside, but it wasn't unpleasant. He didn't try to put all of his long dick inside my ass. He knew just when to pull out again.

Daddy was watching me very carefully in the mirror that was mounted on the wall at the opposite end of the jaccuzzi, and so was I. In it we could see his big dick thrust in and out of my stretched asshole. When he pulled it out of my ass, the stretchy anus would prolapse about a quarter of an inch outward. Then as he shoved it back up into my rectum, the opening would sink inward.

"Watch me fuck your little ass, Millie. One day I'm going to fuck your sweet tasting little cunt like that. You'd like for Daddy to fuck your tiny cunt for you, wouldn't you baby?"

"Yeah Daddy, I want you in my pussy really bad! I want your whole dick up in my pussy, Daddy."

"That's my dirty little girl. I knew you did. Now look at your pretty pussy in the mirror, baby. Spread it open for me so I can see inside it."

I reached my hands down to my groin and parted the puffy smooth preteen labia lips apart for him as instructed. You could see the small dark opening of my vagina in the mirror.

"Ahhhh..." he said, "...That is a tasty looking cunt you have there, Millie. I wish I could stretch my tongue long enough to lick on it while I fuck your asshole. Why don't you do what comes natural and put a finger up inside your pretty cunt for Daddy?"

I did as he instructed. I pushed my index and middle fingers down into my moist slit and spread it apart to hold it open. Then I pushed the slim middle finger of my free hand in and out of my pussy for Daddy.

His eyes were riveted to the mirror. "Oh yeah, baby. Play with that pussy good. I love seeing you play with yourself like that. You are a horny little dirty girl acting so vulgar with yourself like that. Finger your pussy good, baby. Yeah Millie, finger fuck your pussy for Daddy while I fuck your asshole! Mmmmmm...."

Daddy was penetrating my ass more aggressively now as I played with my pussy in the mirror. My whole groin was still super sensitive from my orgasm only a short while ago. It made my pussy want more. I slid my fourth finger inside my pussy along with my middle finger and worked them both swiftly in and out of my tight vaginal canal.

Daddy was ecstatic watching me fondle myself so willingly. "Faster, baby....faster! Get your fingers down in that juicy cunt of yours! Ahhhhh, fuck....FUCK!" he exclaimed loudly.

Daddy hunched his groin faster and a lot deeper into my rectum. The head of his long dick was tapping against the top of my short colon, pushing up on the bend at the top where it crooked over to join onto my large intestine. It didn't hurt me when he put it in too far, but it caused a lot of pressure against the walls of my rectum.

I said " asshole.....Uhnnn...uhnnn...uhnnn......"

He just replied "That's a good daughter, Millie. You take my big dick up in your asshole like a good little cunt, baby!". He grunted aloud "Nnngh...Nghhh...Nghhh" as he thrust his dick hard into my ass three times to show his zeal for the anal sex.

I had seen Daddy get in these overly zealous horny spells before. He was prone to get a little more agressive during our sex when he was in one of his lusty moods, but nothing so rough as to hurt me. It was more like he was asserting his manhood, and his status of being my father and the man of the house. I usually just played along with him, especially if I was a little horny at the time too. Which I was at the moment.

My small hand was penetrating my hairless pussy in and out rapidly. My other hand was rubbing the fingertips against my smooth clit hood and peehole. Daddy was pounding my ass with the full length of his hard dick now as he watched me violate myself so degradingly under his stare. The pressure and stretching on the inner walls of my rectum were intense, but it felt great. His urine inside was working up into a froth from being sloshed around in my guts so hard by the thrusting of his dick inside me.

"AIEEEEE!! I am so horny right now, Daddy! Look at what I'm doing to my pussy for you Daddy! AAAHHhhhh! I'm fucking myself for you, Daddy! Your big dick in me is turning me on so much! Look at my pussy. I'm fucking it for you, Daddy! AAAIIEEEEeeeee!"

I was squealing loudly in the jaccuzzi as my hands invaded the tender folds between my slim wet thighs. Daddy was staring very intently at my face in the mirror. He likes to watch me get myself off. He says the contorted looks I get when I cumm are very stimulating to him.

I looked Daddy right in the eye in the mirror. I licked out my small tongue vulgarly at him like he likes me to do at times like this, like I was inviting him to shove his big dick into my mouth and begging to suck upon it.

He responded by biting his lower lip and quickening the pace on my poor reamed asshole. He was breathing hard from all the effort he was putting into his thrusts in my tight ass. I knew he would spew very soon, so I concentrated on getting myself off one final time before he climaxed.

I closed my eyes and turned my attention to the hard dick invading my welcoming asshole. I clamped down on his dick with my sphincter muscle to intensify the wondrous sensations it was giving to my rectum and frigged my moist pussy more quickly. It took less than a minute for me to achieve my intended goal.


My pussy instantly clamped down onto my two fingers and became very saturated on the inside with a small flood of thick juices. I rubbed my clit bump hard to further intensify the feeling of my climax as well as prolong it's duration.

When I was done, my poor spent body went totally limp and I was breathing about as hard as daddy was. He still had his hands underneath my knees luckily, and that kept me from just limply rolling off of his muscled chest and falling down into the bubbling water of the hot tub.

Daddy never let up on his fucking my ass. It wasn't very long after my orgasm hit me hard that his own climax hit his loins.

"Here it comes Millie! NNNNGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!!" he grunted as glob after sticky, thick glob of his salty sperm shot forth from the end of his ass encapsulated dick. It seemed to keep coming and coming for at least 30 seconds while he fucked my asshole hard and deep.

When the pulsations ended, Daddy had me stand up between his legs but didn't remove his softening dick from my ass. Instead he grasped the shaft of his dick with his left hand to keep it inside me. His other hand reached over and retrieved the paper cup he had gotten from the dispenser over the bathroom sink and held it under the shaft of his dick below my strained asshole.

I looked between my legs to watch what he was doing. He slowly removed his thick dick from my anus and quickly put the empty cup underneath it. My asshole was reamed so thoroughly that it didn't close up on it's own. Instead it gapped open, allowing the liquidy contents of my colon to seep out noisily.

When the contents in my lower rectum had dispensed, Daddy lifted the cup up into sight for me to see. Inside I saw a mixture of yellow pee with globs of his white sperm intermingled with it.

"Ahhhh, doesn't it look delicious, Millie?" he said to me holding the cup underneath my face to see it better.

I stammered a bit. "I....I dunno?"

"Oh, I'll bet it it, baby. Look!" With that said, he took a gulp of the concoction and swallowed it down into his gullet without hesitation. I knew Daddy had no qualms about eating his own sperm because he had done it in the past during our sex.

When I saw him take a big swig of the odorous mixture I made a slight uneasy face at him. "Ewww Daddy! You drank your pee and sperm together. That's nasty!" I said at the thought of it.

Daddy looked at me as if to correct me. "Now little lady, haven't you done the same with me many times before? You've drank my sperm and you've drank my piss. Maybe not together, but it's the same principle."

His logic was sound. I had drank both fluids willingly. How much different could a mixture of the two be?

Daddy held the cup up to me and said "Here, try it my pissy little cunt." and grinned slyly.

I was hesitant to drink it at first, but with a little more coaxing from Daddy, I slowly put the edge of the paper cup to my lips, tilted the cup, and poured some of the smelly mixture into my mouth. I took a small sip at first. Some of the sperm that was floating on top of the urine poured in. I ran my tongue around in the drink to play with the lumps of sperm, then swallowed it all down.

"You're right, Daddy, it's not too bad." I said licking the drops of vanilla scented pee from my lips. I tipped up the cup again and got a bigger gulp. I opened my mouth for Daddy to peer inside so he could see the sperm floating around in the pee, gargled the urine, then swallowed that mouthful down as well.

I drank the rest of the cupfull down hungrilly. Daddy took the cup from my hand and instructed me to lay on my belly across his lap. I did as he told me to. Then he said "Millie, spread your legs and push like you're trying to shit."

I understood what he wanted from me. It was to make my body level so the pee and the sperm that had gone up in my large intestine could seep back down into my rectum again. I layed on my belly across his tanned thighs and spread my legs as far as I could. He held the empty cup under my ass as I strained and out came more of the urine/sperm mixture.

He pushed down on my buttocks to help put pressure on my belly so more would come out. I strained and strained and soon we had another half a cup full of pissperm. I drank half of it and gave Daddy the remainder, which he smacked his lips and replied "Ahhhhhhhh, refreshing!" when he swallowed it down his throat, He laughed and so did I. I know, we're sick. But the idea of it being so taboo and nasty was part of the fun. We both loved doing it.

"You know Millie, I don't think I've told you in an hour or so that I really love you, and how much I love what you do for me. Thank you, my little pisser.". Daddy sat me up on his lap and hugged me against his chest.

"I love you too Daddy! And I have as much fun as you do when we have sex together."

"You're the best little daughter any man could hope to ever have."

Our faces were drawn to each other. We opened our mouths and frenched each other for a good 3-4 minutes solid, wrangling our tongues around in one another's mouths. As we kissed, Daddy snaked his hand down between my thighs and put his middle finger into my wet slit. My orgasms gave it plenty of lubrication for him to slide it around on my clit and vaginal opening.

I cocked one leg over to the side so he could have better access to my tender pussy. I put my hand on top of his whispered to him "I want your finger in me Daddy. Fuck me with your finger please! Fuck my pussy with your finger.". I kissed him more aggressively to let him know I meant it.

"Anything for you baby!" he replied.

He dipped his hand down in the water and splashed it all over my slit. As he slowly worked his middle finger up into my tight, juicy pussy I reached down and began rubbing my fingers across my clit feverishly as he watched.

He was enjoying watching his only preteen daughter defile herself so wildly and freely in front of him. I loved having someone watch me do it too. I learned later in life that what I am is an exhibitionist. It's like when Daddy turns on the cameras and records our sexcapades. I love the idea of someone watching us while we have sex. It really turns me on. I'm usually more daring when we have sex too if the video cameras are recording.

"How does that feel, my little horny cunt? Tell Daddy how much you fucking love it."

I would reply "Y-Yes Daddy! Ahnnnnn, I love it so much! I fucking LOVE IT! Oooohhhhh....."

Daddy's long finger expertly worked itself in and out of my tiny pussy. I longed for the time when my pussy matured enough that he could fuck me with his big dick as well. I would love to be able to taste my own pussy juices on it as I sucked him off to a climax.

Daddy did oblige me in that respect somewhat. Every now and then he would pull his slimy finger from my pussy and put it into my open mouth so I could sample the taste of my thick juices. I'd clean it off hungrilly and he'd return it to the depths of my tight pussy. A moment later it would soon return to my mouth for a repeat tasting.

Daddy got a dirty idea. He said "Millie, I want you to piss on my hand so I can fuck your little cunt with your nasty piss! I know you have some piss left in you. Piss yourself so I can fuck you with my pissy hand, baby!"

I looked up at him and liked the idea as well. It was so perverted sounding.

I movd my hand and spread the top of my gash open. I pushed hard with my belly muscles and out came a small trickle of pee. It ran down my slit and onto Daddy's probing finger below.

"Oh yeah, like that Millie. Piss on my hand and your pussy, baby!" he urged me while his moving finger lubed itself with the nasty urine cascading down upon it from my bladder.

I leaned back a bit so the pee would come out straight ahead instead of down. He held me up with one arm underneath my shoulder blades so I could make my body horizontal. Daddy pulled his finger out of my pussy until the tip was resting against my taint, the skin between my pussy and anus, just below my vagina. I pulled my slit wide open and grunted, I strained even harder this time around and soon out came a thin stream of piss from my tiny bladder opening.

As the pee struck Daddy's hand. it followed his finger downward and seeped into my spread vagina. I watched in fascination as he guided my piss down into my pussy. I peered down to my groin and saw it go right down his finger and seep up inside my pussy. I was fascinated by what we were doing and wanted to do it as much as Daddy did.

I paused my contractions for a moment to rest. When the pee stopped, Daddy rammed his middle finger back up into my tight pussy and began fingering me with the piss still inside.

"Don't you just love me fucking your little cunt with it full of your piss, Millie? I know I do.". He kept thrusting his finger in and out of my pussy as the pee sloshed around inside me.

I was so horny again that I didn't care what he did to my body. I just lay there enjoying the penetration as he fingered my pussy with his stiff digit.

"I l-love it Daddy! Keep going. Faster....deeper. It feels soooooo gooooooood! Ahhhnnnnnnn!" I cried out loud.

It felt tremendously wicked, the idea of Daddy making me pee right into my own pussy. I guess I was as perverted as he was for enjoying it so much.

Daddy pulled his finger from my pussy once more and offered it to my open mouth. I suckled upon it, licking off the combination of my piss and my vaginal secretions. He did it four more times in succession, putting his pissy finger into my mouth so I could taste my pussy and pee. I gladly cleansed it for him each time he did.

When the urine had seeped out, Daddy put his finger on the edge of my pussy again and told me to pee again. My bladder was nearly empty, but I tried once more to push out whatever was left. I strained even harder this time. The thin stream of urine seeped out and dribbled down my slit and into my pussy as before.

Daddy pushed his finger back up into my pussy again when my bladder had completely emptied. He resumed his in and out motions on my vagina, and I resumed masturbating my clit and peehole once more as well.

"Millie, your little cunt feels so good on my finger. It's so tight and juicy, juicy from your piss in your pussy."

Ohhhhh, it feels so good up in me Daddy! Give me more of my piss!" I ordered. I licked out my tongue at him lustfully.

He complied with my request. He pulled his finger from my pussy and stuck it into my mouth. I held it in place with one hand and sucked on it hard while I fingered my clit and peehole furiously with the other. Twice more the slimy finger was driven up into my tiny pussy and offered to me, and twice more I greedily cleaned it off with my mouth and tongue for him.

I could feel another climax building up inside my loins. I told Daddy "Make me cumm Daddy! Finger my pussy and make me cumm on your hand. Faster Daddy.......harder!! Ugghhhnnnnn....." I moaned loudly.

Daddy quickened his pace and fingered me even faster than before. The impact of his palm against my slit made it that much more enjoyable.

I yelled out "AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHNNNNNN!" when I cummed on myself again. My body began trembling as the sensations ran throughout my groin. Daddy's hand was fucking my pussy at breakneck speed with his finger to make my orgasm last longer.

When it was over I was completely wiped out. I had hardly any strength at all anymore. My body was shivering uncontrollably from my lack of energy. I lay on Daddy's wet lap totally helpless and limp like a washrag.

Daddy scooped me up in his strong arms and straddled me over his lap to face him. He pulled me close and hugged my fragile little shivering body against his own chest. then lowered us both into the pulsating warm water until only our heads were showing above the water line. I laid my head on his shoulder and weakly wrapped my arms around his waist, comforted by the knowledge that he would take care of me in my fragile spent state.

Daddy ran his hand through my wet hair and all over my back soothingly. "I guess 3 or 4 orgasms takes a toll on a beautiful little girl such as yourself, doesn't it baby?"

I whispered "Uh-huhn." and smiled broadly, feeling fully satisfied. "I love you Daddy."

"I love you too, Millie. You are the best daughter in the whole world. Now lets see if I did any damage. I got a bit too carried away on you tonight ."

He reached down to my ass crack and inspected my anus with his finger inside and out. Other than a slight tenderness from him putting his whole dick up inside of it, I felt none the worse for wear. I didn't whimper or react like it was sore, so after not finding any damage with his fingertips, he resumed the pleasant rubdown all down my neck, back, and ass cheeks.

"Looks as if your asshole is just as tight again as when we first started, Millie."

"It always does, Daddy. It always does, even when you put it all inside me." I lamented and grinned recalling the pleasurable feeling in my ass when all of his hard dick was inside my rectum, and the sensation of it filling my colon completely.

We just sat there belly-to-belly in the warm bubbling water for about 20 minutes, letting the swirling water and aerator action massage our tired bodies and enjoying this moment of bonding. Just a father and his daughter basking in each other's auras after another night of very satisfying sex.

When my strength started to return, I got up from Daddy's lap and stood in the middle of the jaccuzzi with my feet parted about a foot. The water's edge was just below my butt and pussy. I grabbed a bar of soap from the side of the hot tub and proceeded to wash off my nether regions, front and back. That was the only part of my body that really needed it.

I looked over at Daddy, who was studying my washing activities with silent awe, and asked him "What gave you the idea to have me pee into my pussy, Daddy?", puzzled at how he had gotten the idea to do it to me.

He replied "Like I said Millie, me and your mother could get fairly wild when we were really horny. She would lay on her back in the bath tub and I would hold her hips up a bit for her. Then she would start peeing up in the air like a fountain while I held her pussy open for her. The pee would fall back down on her gash and run down into her pussy. She loved the feeling and the dirtiness of peeing into her own pussy like that, and the feel of the smelly pee splashing around inside her womb."

"Really? No way!?!" I said astonished. I knew from Daddy's stories that he and Mommy had had some crazy sex before, but it was weird and hott at the same time when he would reveal to me some of her more kinky moments. I longed to be as good a daughter as she had been as his wife.

He continued. "Oh yeah. Sometimes I would do it for her. I'd hold my dick in front of her pussy and pee right into the hole. We even used to keep a long piece of clear plastic tubing handy for our pee sex. It was about the size of a round pencil or smaller. Your Mom would pee down into her pussy like that, or I would pee into her, and one of us would put the clear tubing down into her pussy and suck the pee back out."

Daddy's dick was filling out a bit under the water as he recalled the sexy memories. I saw it bobbing up and down under the water in front of me.

"Oh man, you guys were so pervy back then.". I dipped my soapy groin down into the water to rinse it off, rubbing my hand all over my pussy and crack to make sure all of the soap was gone from them. I put two wet fingers up into my pussy to wash away any of the residual pee inside me.

"When you love pleasuring your partner, you'll do anything that turns them on more." He winked at me as if to show he meant for me as well. "You seemed to enjoy doing it to yourself as well. What did you think about it?"

I thought to myself for a moment and replied "I guess I liked doing it too. It waaaaas kinda nasty and perverted, wasn't it?". My face got a shit eating grin upon it thinking about doing something so vulgar to myself. "

"It sure was baby. Really wild and dirty." He grinned at my devious expression because he knew how much I like to try new things during sex.

Something was worrying me though. "But won't I get some kind of infection from the pee being up inside of my pussy?"

Daddy assured me "That's the beauty of pee, Millie. Pee isn't the nasty liquid people think it is, not like shit is. It's completely sterile when it comes out of you. There are NO germs at all in it. It may smell funny, but it's actually safer than tap water inside your pussy."

My fears were alleved. "That's good. I was worried I might get an infection from having pee up in me."

I scanned the immediate area of the jaccuzzi and found what I was seeking. It was right beside Daddy.

"Daddy, can you hand me the shampoo? I'm gonna wash my hair before we get out."

He reached over to the side of the hot tub and grabbed the plastic bottle of Pert and handed it over to me.

After holding my nose and dipping my whole body down into the bubble bath to thoroughly wet it and my hair, I stepped over beside where Daddy was sitting and rested on the corner seat made into the hot tub. I liked this corner because there were two jets next to me squirting their air laden streams of water upon my weary torso. I enjoyed their soothing dual jet action against my skin as I washed my long blonde hair.

"Like I've said before, Millie, if you ever come up with something new you'd like to try out, I'm always willing to do it with you."

"I know, Daddy.". Then one of those ideas popped into my head. "Oooh, Oooh, I know what we can do Daddy! Tomorrow I want to make a movie of our pee play. We'll do what you and Mommy used to do when she was alive. We'll make our own pee fountain movie! We'll put up a couple of cameras around the hot tub and record it!"

I was very excited at the prospect of redoing tonights debaucherous activities, especially if it emulated something my mother enjoyed participating in. Daddy was very receptive to the idea of making a new movie as well.

"That sounds like a splendid idea, Millie. We haven't made a movie since we started the pee play up. That sounds like a splendid idea indeed!" he complimented.

"Thank you Daddy." I replied. I looked down at the water and I could see Daddy's erect dick standing straight up once more.

He followed my stare and noticed it also. "Looks like he's up for it too, Millie. Ha Ha!" he guffawed.

I laughed at his joke. "Hee Hee. You're so funny."

"Now how's about letting him show you just how good of an idea you had, hmmm?"

Daddy stood up in the water and sat upon another bench seat in the opposite corner of the jacuzzi. He grabbed the base of his long dick and shook it in my direction under the water, grinning like a Cheshire cat.

"You're such a horn dog, Daddy!" I said.

I arose from my own perch and stepped over to the middle of the hot tub once more. A quick dunk under the water and the shampoo in my hair was washed away. I wiped the soap from my eyes and eased over to where Daddy was sitting. He waved his hard dick around at me and said "I'll let you do all the work this time, baby. Whatever you want to do with him."

I said "I want him in my butt again, Daddy!" biting my bottom lip in anticipation.

"You just go to it, my little horny girl. He wants to fuck you in your tight little ass again too."

We had sex twice more that night. Once in the jacuzzi, and then later on I gave Daddy a good blowjob in the bed while he fingered my pussy.


2015-02-07 20:43:53
I think a Third story is in order, Perhaps a few years from this point when she is a bit older and Daddy can take her pussy hmm?

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hay that was hot hope you will write some more to this story


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Loved this part too, but I would really have liked it if she'd pooped with her piss enema all over Dad.

Maybe later?


2010-12-20 19:17:52
I appreciate that. Thanks.

Yeah, I tend to get a little carried away and vulgar when I start going good and I'm feeling a bit amorous while writing. That comes from typing with only one hand, ifyaknowhutimeen. X-) Sometimes I tend to put a little too much detail in them, and they get a bit long winded and stay in one scene for too long. I try to give the reader a good bit of detail so they can get into a character. My main problem is using a limited amount of descriptive words too frequently. My vocabulary isn't all that extensive, and I have to keep referring to all the time to get a fresh word for one I've used a lot.

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Good story, very well written, a little too dirty for my taste, but it still gets a positive rating from me.

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