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A story of adolescent romance that takes place before highschool promotion... one of my many school related stories i plan to share. Like my last story it sort of moves at a slow pace, but just like my last story it's also true so everything i discribe happened and I thought it was necessary to put into print to better understand the story and characters. Some of the names of people and locations have been altered to protect some privacy. I'm doing these stories as a way to learn different writing styles than i'm accustomed to employing, but please let me know what you think
Away With Anna

School was going to let out for summer soon, and with the completion of my 8th grade year I would be getting promoted to high school. I was now 14 years old, and I could only guess that classes and tests just got more dull and trying from then on. My newest concern about the rapidly approaching end of the school year was losing some of my friends when we had to go to different schools. I would miss my band mates, and my football team, but nobody more so than Anna.
I knew Anna by means of interrelated friends. My friends knew her friends and her friends knew mine. I had always thought she was the cutest girl in school from the moment I met her. She had shoulder length black hair that feathered out behind her head, a pale white complexion that complimented her freckled, beautiful heart shaped face. Her features made her look like a dame from the old noir movies with thin dark lips and gorgeous cold gray eyes framed by long dark lashes. She was pretty tall for her age, with long legs that tapered to a small-taught butt and perky B cup breasts. I had always liked her, and I had it on good authority that she felt the same way about me. But adolescent cowardice stopped me from pursuing her with a little kid relationship. Our mutual friends would often tease and give us a hard time about it, and before I knew it the end of our school year was upon us and I had apparently missed my opportunity.

Throughout the school year all of the honor-roll kids would periodically get treated to a little reward for being so on track. We would get special lunches or get to watch movies, stuff like that. When the year was winding down, and the only thing left to learn was the promotion ceremony lines, all the good kids were presented a similar reward. While the rest of the kids sat back in class and caught up on late work, all the kids with upstanding grades got to go down to the gym and do whatever they liked to entire day. They had a movie playing in one corner, street hockey out on the balcony and everything in between.
A couple of my friends, Tom and Owen had good enough grades to join me for the free day. Once we got down there we happened across my and Anna’s mutual friend Jenny, to my surprise, with Anna in tow. Owen and Tom snickered and whispered crude things about the cute Jenny as she skipped over to us. Jenny was a short, blonde, curvy little thing who always had the drooling attention of every boy in our grade. She threw her arms around me, “Toph! You get to be here for the freeday? That’s great.” She said. Jenny was always so cheery and bubbly, I loved the energy when she was around, but I found myself looking over her shoulder at Anna. She was dressed in a long-sleeved striped shirt and a short jean skirt, but she was avoiding my gaze and looking down at her shoes sheepishly.
Jenny whispered into my ear “Anna got redistricted. She doesn’t get to go to VP with us.” I didn’t know why she told me this but the news devastated me, this would be my virtual last chance to hang out with Anna. As Jenny pulled away she bore her eyes into mine trying to silently code some message to me, then walked back to Anna and drew her over the bleachers across the gym floor. Anna looked up at me unaware that I had just learned about her departure, she gave me a small smile but her stormy expression looked sort of sad.
Me and my boys played a little basketball, the entire time I couldn’t shake the thought of Anna from my mind. Her and Jenny had stationed themselves across the gymnasium where a tribe of other girls had setup a little makeup salon on the bleachers. I watched as Jenny and a few other girls swarmed Anna and started putting blush and lipstick on her, braiding her hair and whatnot. I wasn’t paying enough attention to the basketball game so Owen suggested we climb up onto the folded bleachers in the dark part of the gym where they were playing the movie and play some games on his laptop so we did. Normally we would have gotten in trouble and the teachers would’ve yelled at us to get down, but on one of the last days of the school year no one really cared.
We relaxed in our little isolated top box and I watched the gaggle of kids scurry around having so much fun, yet completely unaware that the were one day going to drift apart from their friends like I was now. I looked back to where all the girls had set up shop and I saw that Jenny and Anna were now gone.
Tom shook my arm “Jenny’s coming.” He said. He pointed her out making her way towards us up on our perch. “Hey what’re you guys doing up there?” she called up to us. Tom always wanted to showout and play the part of the wannabe elder so he answered back. “Nuthin’ just playin some games. You wanna come up little lady?” he held out his hand to her. Both Tom and Owen were leaning precariously on the edge of the bleachers trying to get a better look at the hot little Jennifer, but I stayed sitting back against the stone wall. I liked Jenny and all but all the guys in our grade drooled over her and I knew her pretty well so I always just tried to be her friend as opposed to hitting on her and she was acting suspicious to boot.
“Um no thanks I was going to see if you guys wanted to come out on the balcony with us and feed the ducks.” She said. My two friends scrambled over eachother to be the first one down the bleachers, but something grabbed my pant leg as I went to get up. I looked down to see Anna smiling from between the gaps of the bleacher seats. While Owen and Tom climbed down the front row, I slipped down into the gap between our section of the bleachers and the next. The shadows behind the inner workings of the stands engulfed me, I looked back to see my buddies being led away be Jenny.
The rods and beams that supported the bleachers formed a seamless shadow, behind which was dark and cool compared to the sunny gym outside. The stands sat away from the wall so it created a sort of walkway that led behind every subsequent set of bleachers. I found Anna waiting for me in there. She looked sort of cold and gray in the shadows, but her face was lit up with cosmetics. The other girls had gone to town with blush and eyeshadow and lipstick and whatever else they had. The makeup she wore not only made her look that much more cute, but also older and devilish. The dark liner around her eyes and eyelashes made them all the more hypnotizing, and her lips looked akin to some far off ripe fruit.
She greeted me with her same tiny smile “Hey” she said simply. Her monotone eyes clashed so remarkably with the heavy eyeliner the girls had put on her. “Hey” I replied, she kept looking away all bashful and what little experience I had told me I needed to take some initiative. “Your makeup looks great.” I told her taking a step towards her. Something had happened to her bust, she was wearing something beneath her shirt that brought her breasts together and made them look all the more full. She giggled and played with her hair “Thanks. You think so?”
The small strands of light that made their way through the spaces in the bleachers played a show across our bodies, but the sight of her pale skin in the shade soothed my eyes. “So uh, Jenny told me you aren’t going to Villa Park with the rest of us next year.” I told her. Her face got sad instantly and she turned further away from me. “Yeah, my house got redistricted, so I’m going to East instead.” I screwed up really fast, I had upset her. I didn’t have much experience in the emotional riot that were girls back then so I did the best I could to keep the conversation going on a positive note.
“That’s no good” I said “We’re gonna miss you, I mean I know I am.” She took a small breath “I’m going to miss all my friends so much.” Her voice got small and cracked a little, I wouldn’t have known what to do if she had started to cry. “No, no, that’s not what I was getting at.” I stammered. She turned back to look at me, her eyes were a little watery. I took another step closer to her and put my hands on her arms. “What I’m trying to say is… that I like you a lot. And that’s why I’m gonna miss you.” She gave a small sniff and placed her hand on mine, she seemed to gain her composure a little.
“I always really liked you too.” She said. She leaned in close to me and moved her hand to my chest. I could smell her fragrant perfume, it ensnared my senses and forced me to lose my footing on the situation as blood started pumping vigorously throughout my body. “I was just always too scared to say anything.” She finished. Anna took a step towards me and I had to back up against the cold stone wall. She was tall but I still had to look down at her. Up against the wall we were completely immersed in the shadows. I looked into her eyes. I could see what was left of her premature tears still clinging to the corner of her eyes, and a small run in her mascara. As my heart thundered against her hand on my chest, and a small glint of light and shade flitted across her face I told her “Me too.”. Her mouth spread into a wide toothy smile, she threaded her hands around my neck and her stony eyes locked into mine, she leaned up on her tippytoes, and then we were kissing.

We were locked in a deep kiss for what seemed like eternity. I had been growing my hair out that entire year so that I could get it braided. I had finally achieved the minimum length and for my promotion ceremony I had gotten my hair twisted into (very) tight straightback cornrows. My head was still tender and ached to the slightest touch and as she wrapped her hands around my neck it excited a dull pain across my scalp, but I ignored it. She hung from my neck in a romantic fashion, and I could’ve sworn that she hiked up her leg the way the older women in the movies did. She savored every second with her eyes shut. I leaned in as our lips exchanged energies and I wrapped my arms around her.
I pulled us apart but held her close to me. She opened her eyes and found mine inches from hers. A mischievous grin rolled across her face, and I felt a similar smile play across mine. For a second in time all was well with the world as we gazed into one another’s deepest recesses, then instinct took me over.
I grabbed her hips and snatched her off of her feet, then turned to pin her between the wall and myself. Anna didn’t miss a step and pressed the soles of her shoes to the wall sticking her knees out, allowing me access to the bay betwixt her thighs, which held me tight as I held her. I might have chuckled slyly. Now with her hands still tied around my neck, she was positioned slightly above me. Her gorgeous gray eyes were still fixated into mine, her feminine fragrance washed over me even stronger, and I could still taste her tangy lip gloss on my own lips.
We kissed again, this time our lips parted and our tongues danced around one another’s. I decided to show her what I knew of kissing. I trained my tongue into every crevasse of her mouth. We went on for what could have been days my love muscle growing and pulsing within my pants the whole time. Pressed hard against the heat of Anna’s pelvis, my piece begged at the chance to meet it’s new friend.
I massaged the inside of her mouth, moving about her tonsils and teeth. Then I pulled away not bothering to check her expression this time. I kissed down her chin to her neck and sucked there for a moment. I pulled away the collar of her shirt and bit into her soft neckline, She gave a little “Oh!” and dug her nails into the nape of my neck in return.
My one free hand found her bare leg leading out from her skirt. When our skin made contact she made a small gasp. I thought I might have gown too far, but she responded by licking my ear. My hand crept further upwards to her thigh beneath the jean material. She bit onto my ear, and ground her hips forward against me. The warmth between our bodies ignited in contrast to the cold, dark shadows we were entwined in. I moved my procession back upward and reciprocated her ear nibble. She had to release my earlobe in order to elicit a small whine. My hand finally found it’s way to her backside and I could feel her smooth cotton panties beneath my roving palm. I found I could support her entire weight just by pressing our hips together. With my newly freed hand I quickly sought out her breasts pressed against me, and quickly maneuvered to rub them outside her shirt. The soft sighs that resulted from her were sweet music to my ears, and it set my blood on fire.
I would have sealed the deal right then and there with no shame, but Jennifer’s voice case resonating through the seating tunnel “Time’s up lovebirds! Miss Briggs is coming this way.” I only had time to think of Ms. Briggs’ scorn should we get caught before I let Anna down gently and darted out onto the basketball court, leading my companion out by the hand. Sure enough Ms. Briggs was giving us the eagle eye, as we came out to meet Jenny.

Jenny lead us both out onto the balcony that overlooked the school’s pond, where a handful of kids were still playing floor hockey. Tom and Owen were still leaning at the edge of the terrace, looking sulky and halfheartedly tossing chunks of bread into the water. When they spotted us coming back Tom snorted “Where’ve you guys been?” both him and Owen smirked at me. I went to make something up but he cut across me “Nevermind, I’m bored as shit. Let’s sneak outback so I can smoke.”
Normally most teachers wouldn’t just let you stroll out even if it was a free day. But 3 years of ill behaved middleschool classes left us with a masterful tact for skipping class. All you had to do was have a good story and listen our for the sound on teachers’ keys. We didn’t even have to be shifty as we left, the teacher’s that were watching us were either lax or otherwise preoccupied. All 5 of us left with our arms interlinked Tom to Jenn, Jenn to Owen, Owen to Anna, and Anna’s hand was tightly interlaced into mine as we sauntered out into the hall.
As we made our way down passed various classrooms, my pair of friends orbited close to Jenny cracking jokes and trying to garner her attention. I stuck close to Anna our hands still locked together. We trampled down a flight of stairs, I did the chivalrous thing leading her down the last step, and held the door open for her.
We decided to duck into the cafeteria bathrooms, the girls on this side and the boys across the floor. Before we parted Anna and I lingered in separating, she looked into my face and I could feel myself smile, but she didn’t return it for some reason. It was fun playing sweethearts and all but had I done something wrong?
I tailed Owen into the restroom, and found them both staring me down. “You sly bastard.” Owen jibed and I tried with all my might to look innocent. It probably didn’t show or matter but I attempted to show no emotion for as long as I could stand it. But after a few gritty seconds my face exploded into a great beaming grin and I erupted into laughter. I tried to shake it off saying “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” They obviously didn’t believe me, Tommy rattled his head while he stood in the urinal.
“Whatever man,” he said smiling “you guys were probably going at so hard, you might have swapped freckles!”. He could have been right Anna and I both had a handful of freckles across the bridge of out noses, but I still was never one to ‘kiss and tell’. I stepped up to the free urinal and let my stream go all the while trying to look nonplussed.
Tom withdrew and went to the sink behind Owen, I repeated myself to them saying nothing happened. “Dude, Anna’s always had a thing for you, it’s not a big mystery when you guys disappear at the same time.” Owen told me. “You might have waited too long.” He sighed. “Yeah Jenn told me that she was going to a different school.” I answered. Tom looked into the mirror and shook his head again “Not that.” He said “There’s always a way around distance if you really like the girl. Jenny said that she was hooked up with this high school guy already. She says Annie’s crazy for being with him and he dunnit treat her right.”
It all came together after that. Anna had a boyfriend, a sad one apparently, Jennifer didn’t like him or the way he acted so she was trying to get her together with me. It wasn’t exactly noble, but this mystery guy was supposedly so bad that it warranted Jenny’s concern, even the concern of a few other girls who helped to doll her up for me to whisk her away. I really wanted to, in my eyes she deserved nothing but the most flawless of honorable treatment (as do all women in my mind) but not for her friends’ piece of mind… for hers. In my adolescent years of clueless bliss, I wanted all the best things for the beautiful women of the world, especially Anna, I’ve always been the guy willing to pay proper tribute for entrance to a woman’s temple.
“I say you go for it!” Owen blurted, “Why would he even need our advice on that?” Tom teased. I went up to the sink to wash my hands and examine myself in the mirror. I had microscopic smudges from her little spots of running makeup on my cheek and mouth, and tiny patches of glitter here and there. I kind of smiled to myself and tried to wipe it off with a paper towel. “She obviously wasn’t against the idea her friends put her up to was she?” Tom said “Looks like she wants you to be her man instead, if you ask me.” He was right, he was absolutely fucking right. Not only was it possible for me to rescue her, flatout runaway and fall in love, but it was damn near my duty. Instantly my mind was filled with Geminian fantasies of being Anna’s knight in shining armor.
We left the bathroom and filed to the other side of the cafeteria. I was in revere as we went, trying to plot my rescue plan. I had to get Anna alone again, then we would runaway. We parked ourselves against the wall outside the girl’s restroom and waited for them to emerge. The eternal question ‘Why do girls always take so much time to do everything, most commonly; go to the bathroom?’. We waited for atleast ten minutes before they came back out.
The two girls emerged smiling and giggling like they new something we didn’t. If possible Anna grew cuter since she had went in, her makeup had been touched up with the smudges wiped away. “Welcome back girls.” Thomas said holding his arm out for Jenny to take. She chuckled and snuffed him, walking right past him and clasping onto Owen. Tom’s jaw fell open and Anna spun onto my hip lacing her hand into mine.
Owen and I pulled open the doors to let the girls walk in, and the open stairwell amplified a small noise coming from behind us… keys. We turned and saw to our horror a teacher coming our way. Not just any teacher, Mr. Crowley the head of discipline and the football coach. If he caught me I wouldn’t have lived long enough to write this story down.
“Fuck!” Thomas exclaimed beneath his breath, and with that we all darted through the doorway to the staircase. As the doors slammed all of my companions started back down the stairs, but my mind threw up a red flare. I grabbed Anna’s hand and pulled her towards the stairs that led up. She didn’t really seem to know what was happening but took off up the stairs a few steps ahead of me. I glanced down to see that Tom and Jenn had looked back to find us. They both sort of smiled at me then returned to fleeing down the stairs, their footsteps echoed over and over as they went and I sped up to catch Anna.
My opportunity had presented itself sooner than expected, my mind raced to establish the next step as we flew up the steps. We came out into the hallway that connected the library to the 7th grade classes. The library always had the fluorescent lights that hummed noisily and cast a sick green light. Anna looked at me her face flustered a little, and then looked around to see where the rest of our party had gone. Meanwhile I examined our options; we could go across the library and get to our empty 8th grade classrooms… no a lot of the other rooms still had class going on and anyone who ever attended Whitcomb Manor can tell you that we had no walls, nothing separated the boundaries of a classroom aside from the Teacher’s scorn.
Anna turned back to me with a quizzical look then broke into a bright smile. Even in the annoying lights she looked so beautiful. I wanted to bend down and begin kissing her again…. The Spanish room was empty! From across the stacks I could kind of see into the completely dark room. It was an actual classroom, complete with walls and a door and the teacher, Senora Hayes, was keeping order in the gym. It was perfect. I picked Anna’s hand back up into mine and we weaved our way through the library, careful not to get noticed. We were going to runaway together, I was going to rescue her.
We ducked into the Spanish room, and I closed the door behind us. The room had no windows and was completely dark aside from the faint sad glow coming from the inner workings of an overhead projector. The shadows engulfed us, and it was instantly cool almost cold, just like beneath the bleachers. I made to turn on the lights but Anna’s voice came, I could barely distinguish her in the dim light “No!… leave them off.”

I grinned so hard she had to have seen it no matter how dark it was. I led her over to the table at the front of the class, the projector cart stood next to it, giving off a dim golden light and a small warmth. The table was one of the black granite-top tables we had in all the science rooms. The nearby light source gave off a little heat but the tabletop was still cold to the touch as I lifted her onto it. She gave a tiny gasp when the skin hidden beneath her skirt made contact with the chill. In the moment of vulnerability between the golden overcast light and the sexy way she gasped, she was so irresistible I had to kiss her.
I worked my tongue vigorously in and out of her mouth, trying to bring the contrast of my tongue’s warmth to her mind. Our heads snaked back and forth and I wrapped my arms around her, I would bring self-generated heat to my goddess. For some reason I just had to vocalize myself to her then and there, I was quite a romantic when I was young(er). I pulled away and told her what I had learned form Owen and Tom.
She seemed to take the subject pretty well, I guessed maybe her girlfriends had spoken to her about it often. “Reese isn’t a bad guy” she said with a look of offense “just a bad boyfriend.”. I listened to her hard. A quality I have that a lot of people lack is that I like to listen when people speak, you learn a lot that way. When Anna saw that I wanted to here more she went on “I mean he’s nice, we go places and have fun… But it’s so obvious that he just wants a girl. Something sweet to showoff on his arm. He’s forever trying to get me to do stuff.”
I stared at her and chose my words carefully. “…He’s certainly got a good idea of what to showoff.” I said making her smile “But it’s obvious that he doesn’t appreciate you enough.” “How do you know?” she asked. “From where I sit, you’re invaluable, so he couldn’t possibly.” I answered. She gave me a bashful smile and her eyes started to water. I expected her to say ‘aww’ or something like that, but instead her leaned in over my shoulder and licked my ear like a viper.
“How much am I worth to you, Christopher?” She purred. I normally don’t respond positively to my full name, but she was goading me, trying to see what I could prove to her. As a lover I’m not a liar when I talk girls up, I mean every word and regret what I cannot deliver.
I let her know my intentions, I leaned in close to her ear “Don’t worry, I’m going to save you.” I hissed. “You can’t do that, it’s too late now.” She told me. My hormones and heart fueled my answer “It’s never too late Anna. I love you, so I can’t let you be unhappy, I’m going to rescue you, and then we’re going to runaway together.”
She leaned back on the table and looked into my eyes, almost looking through me I could swear. “Do it!” she said to me softly “Come save me.” She grinned devilishly and snared her legs around my back, locking me in position.
In situations like this it is the duty of the man to take control and lead the lady. She had given me virtual permission by telling me to do as I intended, and I had no intention of disappointing her.
I placed my hand on her chin, and she laced her hand around mine. Both of our hands expelled heat onto one another, and her light pale skin look so appeasing against my own darker browned complexion. I lead her face to mine and locked her into a kiss. She wrapped her hands around my neck again, it was as though we never left our alcove beneath the bleachers, and we were not going to be interrupted this time around.
My hands quickly caught up to their former pace and found her thighs within the confines of her skirt. I moved my lips to focus on her neck, and I squeezed her thigh, which earned me a small gasp in return. I could smell the very flowery feminine essence that intoxicated me downstairs.
I pulled away from her and gripped the bottom of her shirt to pull it over her head. She didn’t miss and beat and lifted her arms into the air so that her shirt came off with little interference. I found her frame (as I do every female frame) so very sexy, the way her build was long and slender when compared to most, and something about her ribs showing themselves when she lifted her arms stirred my inner animal. When I looked down I had to fight back a laugh, instead of a bra she had tied a jumbo black bandana around her torso. I vaguely remembered thinking about it before. She glanced down looking as though it surprised her too “Oh yeah,” she giggled “the girls put me in this. They said it would make my boobs look fuller for… the guys”.
It was doing the trick as a matter of fact, her admittedly small breasts were hugged together and looking deceptively greater. It was obvious that she was a bit self-conscious about the size of her bust, but, no matter how she tried to avoid it, she had also done it for me, for my attention. I’ve always hated it when girls and women look down on themselves, fretting over their imaginary flaws (symmetry and love handles and crowsfeet and that nonsense) that have never troubled me. I was beyond words as I removed my dress shirt to even the score (classic). She had tried to change herself so much to get my attention, and now that she had it fully I was going to show her that she had no need for any change.
I pushed her to lay back onto the table. Her gorgeous body reeled out in front of me. I could see so much more of her skin now. Her ivory skin clashed with the granite tabletop beneath her, yet her bandana matched the jet black perfectly making her seem like her body was surfacing out of it’s blackness like a sexy optical illusion. I told her that she was all but perfect as far as I could see.
She tugged on my arm signaling me that she wanted to reward my words with a kiss and I obliged. I gave her a kiss that I aimed to addle her mind with. I worked my tongue and rhythm to please her, then worked my way downward. I planted my lips against everything below her mouth, her cheek, her chin, her neck and shoulder line. All the while she caressed my back, digging her nails in a bit.
I found my way to the bandana that hid more of her perfect skin, instinct told me to remove it. But for one thing I didn’t want to make her thing I was stuck on her breasts, and for another I found myself drawn to her stomach. I drifted across her colors (bandana) breathing hot air through the fabric.
When I reached the bottom I couldn’t help myself. Her stomach was so alluring; I had to kiss it right away. The skin there was unbelievably soft and warm under my lips. Anna loved every second of it. As I got to her bellybutton and got to teasing it with my tongue, she started sounding off with little moans. Mmn! Ah! Mmn! She ground her hips up into my chest and her sweet voice instantly kicked off a rock hard erection in my pants.
“Kiss me again!” she ordered trying to force me back up to her lips. I complied, and brought myself to her face and noticed she was blushing hard. In fact the whole room seemed to be resonating and amplifying our heat. As our tongues danced and explored I noticed that we had both started to sweat, and no doubt I was as red in the face as a mulatto could get. I assumed it was our friction generating this ungodly heat; it couldn’t have been the projector.
I broke away and removed off my undershirt, I wanted to feel her body against mine. She raked my chest with her eyes, and then leapt up with an animalistic look on her face. She caressed my abdomen gently with her hands, her palms sent warm ripples through my body and my dick swelled against my boxers from the sensation. She brought her lips to my chest, and I was sure that her wet mouth and tongue brought our room temperature up a few more degrees. She kissed and sucked at my chest, running her fingernails across the small patch of hair I had, and leaving wet lovemarks.
From my angle I could see the knot that held up her bandana. It wasn’t a goddamn rubik’s cube like a bra, I wore rags all the time, so it was no trouble to reach out and undo it behind her head. With her lips still roaming around my midsection I pulled her bandana off and threw it away absentmindedly. A mass amount of light was suddenly extinguished as it landed on the projector’s surface, leaving us with just a microbit of golden light to illuminate ourselves.
I layed her back onto the table again, she made no mention of it being the slightest bit cold. Her full figure sprawled out before me, and her newly revealed skin completed her contrast to the black tabletop. Her chest was no doubt on the smaller end but to me they were perfect. Her small breasts rest with the help of gravity while she was lying down, they looked completely serene and her dark tea colored nipples completed the picture. I raced to meet these new additions.
I licked and sucked at her tits the way impulse has you do it. I licked each breast in turn. I sucked at them hard, leaving wet hickeys and making sloppy suction cup sounds. Shlurrp! Shlurpop! Shurrp! She began to hum out little moans again in response. I planted my mouth square over her nipple and swirled my tongue around it until her nipple stood stiff and erect in my mouth, then repeated the process on it’s twin. Nature’s way was showing me that she was enjoying this, we were in tune and nature also told me that she was pretty far along. I didn’t want to focus on her chest too much and I had greater treasures in sight.

Somewhere lightyears away a bell rang. I reeled back and looked towards the door. Movement throughout the entire school echoed and churned. The schoolday was ending, from all over came the ruckus of footsteps trampling up and downstairs, lockers slamming shut, and kids talking over eachother.
I looked back to my quarry, and Anna seemed to not have taken noticed. The only garment she had on still was her blue jean skirt and presumably some underwear. The taboo of still wearing a skirt thrilled me, she had even managed to kick off her shoes behind me. One of her arms was draped across her eyes and the other was clasped around my arm. She pulled on me wanting me to continue. If we didn’t pack up we would be left here and have to walk home, not to mention the chances of being caught doubled while everyone in the school was in motion. But Anna didn’t show a single sign a caring, and soon thereafter I forgot about caring aswell then I went back to my duty of kissing her body.
I reran my course around her bosom and worked downward back to her beautiful stomach (I really can’t express in so many words how much I find women’s stomachs appealing to my senses). I focused on running my tongue around her bellybutton for a moment, then I ventured lower. My lips roved until they came to meet the waistband of her skirt. I rested my mouth there with one lip on the lower side of her navel and the other on the rough jean material and breathed deeply. Then I bit onto the skirt’s top button and unsnapped it with my teeth.
As it came undone Anna elicited a small squealing sound between a gasp and a cry. The sound commanded me to bring my mouth back to hers. I darted back up to kiss her once more, plunging my tongue into the contours of her mouth. I took another look at her face, she had an expression that told me she was putty in my hands but she had tiny tears in the corners of her eyes. I couldn’t examine the situation, my blood was on fire and it was time to pay proper tribute.
I withdrew myself, and ducked in between her legs within the shade of her skirt. The heat there was even more intense. I saw her striped underwear. They were cotton boyshorts (AN: my favorite kind later in life no less), stretched tight against her butt and thighs, striped black and white like her shirt was. The fabric pressed against her vagina was a little wet, and when the sweet musky smell hit my nose I immediately had to bring my mouth to her.
I placed my mouth over her entire opening and breathed some hot air through her panties. Anna let out a soft sigh and clasped her hands onto my head. The tender skin of my scalp beneath my braids, cried out in pain. I didn’t exactly hurt, it felt like a nagging exciting pain that intensified as she dug her grip into my head. Since then it’s true that I’ve done a good job at associating a little bit of pain with pleasure.
Meanwhile between her legs I ran my tongue back and forth over her labia beneath her oh so enticing bloomers. I rolled and swirled my tongue until I couldn’t stand it anymore. I reached my hand down and pulled the bridge of her underwear aside so that I could maneuver my tongue into her slit. I could make out a patch of short black pubic hair the same color as the hair on her head. Her vagina was small and sleek, I could see the difference in coloration between the skin of her upper thigh and the skin beneath her panties. I notice that her box and her asshole were visible at the same time, really close to one another. From my position the sweaty spicy odor was overpowering, it excited me further, in retrospect the feminine smell is a powerful device.
Using my other hand I pulled her panties farther out the way and opened her lips up a bit. I worked my tongue all around the outer reaches of her cunt, the flesh of her vaginal lips felt pleasing against my tastebuds. Anna was already making sharp inhalation noises that were angelic to the ears Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!. The wet pink velvety folds of her slit nearly swallowed up my face, from my mouth resting at her aperture to my nose brushing against her small clit. I wanted to impose myself on her deepest parts, so I plunged my tongue into Anna’s love canal. Instantly her legs closed around my head, muffling sight and sound. I tried to keep going.
I formed my tongue (which is apparently above average in size) into a spearhead and began running it in and out. The sweet wetness inside of her spurred me onward. I made to impale her with my tongue over and over and over again, with her moans growing in pitch. I felt her clitoris grow stiff on my upper lip, nature (and what little experience I had) told me I was doing a good job and Anna let me know herself “Christopher! Yes Chris!” she sang “Keep going…Mmn… don’t stop.”. She ran her hands over the top of my head, and my hair pried against my scalp with pleasant pain.
She ground her pelvis against my face, which grew more and more wet as I went on. I picked up my pace and she continued to repeat euphoric nonsense. I opened my mouth as far I could with her legs pressing against my jaw, and clamped down as much of her pussy and clit as I could get, then I sucked hard and noisily. Her legs tightened even more around my head, I lost my grip of her underwear and it snapped back over my face. I felt her voice resonate through her body down to my ears pressed against her thighs, she moaned low through an orgasm “Aaahhhnnnnmmmnnnn!” Fluids gushed and flowed over my chin as I was pinned down into her hot crevasse.
When she finally came down I wrenched myself out from under her skirt. I came back to meet her face, she was still tilting it to and fro in pleasure and seemed unable to open her eyes. As I came downward to deliver a kiss she simply said “Fuck!…”. I led my tongue into her mouth, sharing the sex juices on and around my mouth with their owner.
She placed a hand on my face and stroked my hair with the other, bringing about more jolts of pain and pleasure in my head. We sort of fell together onto the table and kissed for quite some time. It didn’t occur to me back then but at some point we should have heard a late bell to round out the day, but we never did, we must have been otherwise focused. My hand made it’s way back to the ass beneath her underwear and I decided it was time to get the cotton barrier out of our way.
I stood up and lifted her long legs up into the air. From my standpoint her ass came out from her skirt and made me hungry for a great big bite but I resisted the temptation. I grabbed her boyshorts at the base from the backside. She made a very ladylike effort by lifting her back up off the table for me to remove them. I was going to toss them carelessly like I had her bandana/bra but decided not to. I didn’t want her to lose them so I wrapped the panties around my wrist the way I always did my hair ties.
The full view of her sex with her legs in the air made my already soaked mouth water. With her pussy lips pressed together it looked like a peach or a fortune cookie. I held her legs up and dove back down to get back to work. In this position her snatch was folded together and so tight I was hard pressed to fit my tongue in the same way I had before, but I certainly tried. She was still sensitive so when my tongue scraped against her insides on the way in and out, she started writhing and wriggling (which looked great from my angle). “Oh!” she breathed “Oh, fuck. Oh, fuck.” She kept repeating.
I withdrew my tongue and held her legs in place with one hand, then ran my fingers up and down her slit with the other. After sizing up her passage, I stuck my middle and ring fingers inside of her (“Oh, FUCK!”). I had to work them in and out a few times, getting them slick and wet. My fingers were/are pretty thin but I still could only get so far into her channel. So I worked them in and out over and over, each time getting deeper inside.
On the other side of her own legs Anna starter fondling her own chest. She was much rougher with herself I realized, rubbing her tits like she aimed to make a fire, and tugging on her nipples. “Oh, fuck.” She kept saying in between biting her lower lip.
I picked up my pace some more, in the back of my mind I was probing inside her with my fingers searching for some sign of her hymen. My fingers were making it all the way inside of her down to the knuckle, in the process my entire hand was getting drenched but I didn’t think I could feel her maidenhood. That would probably mean that her boyfriend had gotten to it, but that didn’t phase me, we were together now and I would make this the best experience of my goddess’ life and then we would runaway just like we planned.
I drilled my fingers into Anna, moving them like a piston. I felt her ankles start twitching in my hand against the rhythm of my penetrations. Her voice kept growing in octaves with every repetition of her sexual mantra. That was a clear sign she was close so I poured on the gas even more, damn near slamming my digits in and out of her. “Wait!” came her voice but I had no thoughts of stopping or slowing down. I kept moving like a machine “Wait, wait, wai- OH! Oh fuck! Fuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuck- Ohhhhhhhmmmmmnnnnn!
As her second orgasm came her pussy clamped onto my hand and held me there, pulsating and sucking at my fingers. She moaned as she made an array of expressions all of which seemed the epitome of beautiful to me. She bucked her hips around irresponsibly trying to take in more of my hand. Her legs kicked and thrashed a bit but I held them at bay and her fluids gushed more violently than the last time coating my hand and dripping to the floor. Her second orgasm was a more sporadic affair than the first one, and I loved watching her body contort with every second of it. If I could frame a woman writhing in orgasmic pleasure and put it on a museum wall I would do so in a heartbeat.
When she seemed to finally start coming down, I let her legs go and they slumped apart, releasing her vice-like grip on my hand…some. Her pussy clung stubbornly to my fingers, almost trying to suck me back in, and as I pulled them free Anna made a guttural groan through her teeth. She kept having small waves of spasms in her face, legs, and hips, so that her entire body was moving spontaneously before me.
I traced my soaking wet hand across her flawless body and up to her mouth. She didn’t hesitate to open her mouth and accept my fingers. With her eyes still closed she sucked her juices off my digits in a sultry and suggestive fashion. Her tongue’s rough texture felt good against the grooves in my fingertips. I lifted her skirt up to expose her sex to what little light we had.
Her sweet treasure was glistening with sweat and her selfmade moisture. The entrance to her passage was no longer tightly shut, but slightly open, her lips were inflamed and excited, and her clitoris protruded out from its sheath. The whole of her box sort of pulsated as she sucked at my fingers and breathed through her nose… it clearly wanted more of me.

I brought myself back to kiss her yet again. I stirred my tongue around my fingers to meet hers and we both fed off of her fluids for a second. In the interim my free hand was undoing my pants, I had to pull my hand from our mouths to assist in getting them fully undone and pulled down around my hips. I broke away from Anna and drew myself up to full height over her exposing my privates. Anna finally opened her eyes back up to see why I had pulled away and sat up a little.
Now I’ve never thought of my dick as big in any sense of the word, but throughout the entire course of my sex-life I’ve been told by countless girls that I’m ‘above average’, yet it’s hard to say exactly what size it was at the time of these events. But I can say for sure there was a sparse layer of black curly hair surrounding it.
When Anna caught sight of it she didn’t say anything right away, she just pursed her lips and her eyelids narrowed a little, and then she gave me an ear-to-ear smile.
“I don’t want to stop.” She said “But you can’t go off inside me okay?”. I didn’t really get what she meant at first go off? Then it dawned on me what she had meant. “Why not?” I asked, and instantly I felt pretty stupid having had asked, when I had went through countless sex-ed programs and all manner of other modern day lessons on the subject.
“I’ll get pregnant.” She said slowly giving me a look that made me feel just a dumb as I described “ We don’t want that, right?”. “Right,” I told her “cause then we’d be stuck together and that would just be unbearable wouldn’t it?…. So what am I supposed to do?”. She still looked sort of incredulous when she said “Just pull it out and go on my belly, or wherever.” That was a request I had no problem committing to with a raven-haired beauty sprawled out in front of me. I assured her I would do as she asked, and then I placed my hands on her hips and went to square up our sexes.
As I brought the head of my prick to rest against the opening of her temple, she put her hands on mine and told me “I’ve wanted to do this with you for so long.” I looked up into her face and saw that her expression had formed into something that I would describe as a combination of tranquility and enthusiasm. “Me too.” I replied, and trust me that that was no embellishment on my part.
After exploring it with my tongue and fingers, sliding into her pussy was easy work. I pressed the head of my monument inside of her. The wet folds on her vagina pressed against me as I entered. Anna gasped at first but then just sighed slowly as I slid inward. Her pussy was plenty wet and I was at the perfect height to get more than half of my length in before I drew back out.
Her flower stubbornly pulled against me exiting and Anna let out an engaging moan from behind her lips. I pulled all but the head of my rod out then drove it back in. Her slick insides provided little friction and I was able to get almost down to the hilt on the second plunge. The folds of her sanctuary pushed farther back allowing my dick more space to fill. She vocalized more pleasure as I retreated and her nails dugs into my arms.
As I leaned into the third pitch, Anna closed her legs around me forcing me in the last few inches. I went in completely to the root of my stock with more force than I had intended. Other than one of those angelic gasps that girls often give off during intercourse she made no sign of it causing her pain. I made to draw out again but her legs held me tight limiting my exit.
Soon I was gliding in and out at a moderate pace like a jackrabbit. Upon every re-entry the force of her legs at my back would slam me into her slightly. Anna’s voice grew in pitch, and worked in time with our rhythm, “Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Fuck! Me! Ah!”
I kept going with vigorous half-strokes. I felt only a little pleasure aside from the wet pressure against the whole of my manhood. I normally only get orgasmic tingles when the head of my penis is being stimulated, but I certainly didn’t deter from my pattern.
In sharply and out just as pointedly I went. I lost myself in watching her body respond to mine. The way her head tilted from side to side as she exhaled musically, how her body all shifted upward opposite my brisk thrusts. Her eyes shut tight and her body contorting, a simply stunning sight to behold. “Kiss me! Ah! Ah! Kiss me please, Toph.” This time it was a request and not a command.
I placed my hands on her lower back and lifted her into a sort of sitting position to kiss me. Her butt held her up on the edge of the table and the new positioning allowed me more freedom of movement with my hips. She wrapped her arms around me and I ran my tongue around the now familiar precincts behind her lips. She moaned into my mouth, as I was able to lengthen my blows.
I kept going; ignoring whatever fatigue I might have been feeling. I bent my knees and kept fucking at a quicker pace with more force. I started lifting her hips and driving her down onto my drill against my own body’s guide. Faster and harder my pattern grew. The bottom threads of her jean skirt felt so soothing brushing against my thighs. Behind the sound of my fly buttons and belt jingling, nasty slapping noised started sounding as our thighs smacked against each other’s. Anna started squealing into my mouth so that it echoed around my head, jarring my brain.
After what seemed like a while I finally start feeling the tingle in my loins just as Anna started to squeal and moan with purpose. “Mmmn! Mmn! Mmmn!” She exclaimed onto my tongue. I assumed she was still trying to spout profanity. The whole of her pussy clamped down on my member, flushing wetness out of the microscopic space between our genitals. She snatched at a handful of the braids that barely had enough slack to hang from my head. She ground her pelvis down onto me against the negative space that held her aloft. She was coming again and as she toiled against me the head of my cock started to make contact with the back-wall of her snatch.
The unexpected stimulation of both my heads almost pushed me over the edge, and remembering what I had promised her, I quickly laid her back on the table and unlocked her legs from behind me. As I went to remove myself from within her my baser instincts protested furiously, my body wanted me to go against her wishes and fill Anna’s alcove with my seed. After a short internal struggle, I pried myself from her depths so that my dick lingered above her skirt while she squirmed around and moaned through her closed lips. “Mmmmmmmmmnnnn!
My tool hovered above her, throbbing and twitching… but I hadn’t came yet. I wiped my wrist across my forehead and found I was sodden with sweat. Anna was sporting what I could only call a full-body-blush, but with her eyes shut tight I didn’t think she noticed how close I had come to losing it.
I waited for her to settle down enough to open her eyes back up. And then when my breaking sensation died down aswell, I led my cock back to its cozy new pocket. I reset the pace, starting slow again. Her pussy was sopping wet and actually made audible sloshing noises as I entered and exited. Anna’s composure seemed to be strengthening, as she moaned lighter than before. I took that as a cue to exuberate things.
I took hold of both her legs at the ankles and lifted them into the air spread eagle. She gave an “Oh! ” Of surprise and her moans caught back up to their previous pitch. I drove myself in and out with purpose trying to reach that rear wall I had felt before. I had a few seconds to appreciate how gorgeous her breasts were as they bounced up and down against my tempo, before she started to fondle herself once more. Either my erection grew bolder or her wonderment grew tighter against me.
I started going faster again. Now I was able to withdraw more of myself from her, and therefore I was able to drive just as much of myself back in. Eventually the stimulation at my dickhead I was looking for started to build back up. Her inner workings coiled around me gripping like a vice. Anna rubbed her own bust brutally, squeezing them and pinching at her nipples. By now she was nearly crying out swears and squeals of pleasure. The sight of it made me salivate. I remembered my ‘lesson’ with Krystal and Amy what seemed like forever ago, and what Amy had told me about talking to girls as you did it. “Does it feel good Anna?” I asked between slow deep breaths “Tell me”. Her eyelid where closed tight and she was singing soft sexual sighs but her reply still came, almost at the top of her lungs “Ah! Yes! It feels so good Christopher. Ah! Oh,yes!”. She had screwed up her face and as I gazed at it she opened her eyes just in time to lock them with mine. The content look of pleasure on her face sent me right back to my limit.
I felt I was going to ejaculate so, without releasing her ankles, I removed my pole from within her. With me holding her legs apart, we both just sat for a moment with heavily baited breath. My cock was aloft above her once more throbbing and twitching with a will of it’s own, but I failed to come again. I let out a sigh, more of exasperation than of relief and caught her expression. She was giving me a coy smile “What’s wrong?” she asked.
Certainly from my position nothing was wrong. I just kept missing that moment of no return; in the meantime I could continue the sensual ballet with my new dance partner. And I had plenty of things I still wanted to do with her. “Nothing.” I panted. The near-bursting sensation in my groin began to die and I knew that meant I still had some time to work with. “Nothing’s wrong. Uhm, could you turn over?”
She merely purred, “Ooh…” as I released her legs and she twirled around to a bent over pose. Her jean skirt brushed against my brick-hard staff and fell back down over her butt as she shifted, and the feeling almost made my knees buckle. She bent over the table, lifting her ass to perfect alignment with me, giving me a wily look over her shoulder. It seemed to me that she had done this before, but I hadn’t. I grabbed her skirt and moved it back out of the way.
I gripped myself hard, feeling my cock throb against me, and attempted to find her opening from this new angle. I slid my dickhead up and down her slit a few times looking blindly for her outlet but to no avail. So I had to mouth her pussy again, licking around her treasure from this new angle trying to size up her gap and eliciting more soft musical moans from her. After a few lashes I tried again to find the hole I had rediscovered but still couldn’t get to it with my baton. After a few seconds Anna reached back and grabbed me herself, so I instead placed my hands on her waist where they conflicted artfully with her skin tone. As she led me back to her now familiar field her grasp almost made me burst immediately. A woman’s hand around my shaft is another priceless sensation.
With my beam back to where it was needed, Anna withdrew her hand and clutched the other side of the table, laying on her stomach and elbows. I started my journey back inwards, but with this new position her snatch was closed up tighter than before so it required more effort. Both of us breathing heavily still, I pushed myself into her.
As I went further in she gasped and arched her back, tilting her head back towards me all the while her insides pressing tensely against me. My member was burning with electric sensations of bliss from every angle as I probed. I finally managed to insert the whole of my manhood within her, my base and balls meeting with the cleft of her peach. I could feel the backwall of her uterus pressing gently against the tip of my dick. “What about this?” I demanded “Do you like this?!”
Mmn.” She cooed, “Yes, this feels so good.” Her comment provoked me, I used the center of gravity beneath my hands to draw myself back out and thrust back in hitting the end of her channel as I did. Our bodies made smacking sounds as they collided again and again at a climbing rate.
Anna started singing her erotic song once more “Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!” nearly screaming as I pumped in and out. With every thrust I had to labor my breathing as though I was running drills. Inhaling as I entered, and exhaling as I exited. The stimulation of my prick grew and so did the pitch of her moans.
I had a sudden desire to bend down and bring my mouth the nape of her neck as I did, what seemed like so long ago, beneath the bleachers. I relented the action of thrusting solely to my own hips, my body twisting like a serpent, so that I could lean in and oblige myself. I nibbled at her neck and shoulder and ear and everything else I could reach form behind her. She responded by raising her voice and splashing herself back against my velocity.
With her added force my cock began violently making contact with that far barrier within her core. I hit it deftly again and again, while it was all I could do not to lose it as I bit down on her neck. The mixed odors of her makeup, perfume, and our bodily fragrances made my head spin.
“Yes! Ah! Oh God yes!” she cried. She put a hand on my head, “Right there. Don’t stop. Ah! Don’t stop. Dontstop-dontstop! Ahhhhhhnnnn!” She shuddered beneath me and I had to latch onto her with my teeth. Her pussy clenched down more tightly than ever on me, but underneath my weight her body had nowhere to thrash or flail to. As she came I tried my best to keep thrusting. I pulled and pushed against her clutching pussy, while it pulsated around my shaft.
I only managed to do it a few times before the added pressure from her orgasm made me believe I was going to burst again. I released her neck and actually had to use the table as leverage to pull myself from her, and my intuition roared with disapproval telling me to paint her insides.
My obelisk shone with her wetness and sat, rigid as could be, resting in the crack of her ass. I huffed and puffed nearly out of breath, yet I still hadn’t come. My orgasm had been locked out at the last second just like before. I was beginning to get annoyed with my inability to finish (a quality I later embraced). Anna’s body stopped trying to jump from the table. She laid her face on the table with her tongue stuck out between her teeth in a furtive smile looking back at me content.
Without waiting for the bursting feeling in my loins to completely die down I drove myself back into her. She arched her back again and purred affectionately “Mmmmn.” She lifted her right knee up onto the table, and I was able to go that much deeper into her.
She was beside herself with bliss as I made pointed contact with her backwall, kissing her womb with the tip of my dick. She lifted herself onto her hands and off the table arching her back further. In the dim light her slender body looked absolutely stunning, elegantly bending like an acrobat. I saw my chance and wrapped my hands around to grab her breasts. I massaged them more roughly than I had before trying to emulate her, twisting them against one another and then using them as leverage for my hips’ motion.
Again and again I made contact with her deepest recess. She didn’t cry out anymore but moaned softly to me “Mmmn, yes. Ah! C’mon, mmmn.” And before I knew it the wet coils of her cavity brought me to the edge again and I withdrew hastily.
Anna looked back over her shoulder, her body warped sensually to see if I had finally burst. Her concern wasn’t necessary but it certainly made me feel… appreciated. My erection was beat (not beet) red and throbbing with the simultaneous pain and pleasure of my staved off orgasm. It was glistening with a mixture of sweat, pussy-juice, and precum. The muscles within my manhood, strained and cramped causing me to wince slightly, but I still hadn’t managed to ejaculate.
“Here, let me.” Anna said in an almost frustrated fashion. She spun off the table and crouched down in front of me. She wrapped her hand around my irritated prick and pumped me a few times, then went to bring her mouth to me. She no more than pressed her lips to my dickhead, then I erupted.
The collective pressure of my withheld trips to the edge, all drained from my body in quick order. I let out a long sigh of relief and looked down to gaze at my young lover. I guess the failed orgasms had built up a mass amount of ejaculatory fluids within me. I spurted a great quantity of cum like a cannon. The first few strands of pearly liquid burst from her lips splattering onto her chin, then she pulled her mouth away but continued to stroke me. I shot cum all over her chest landing in short strings on her neck, bosom, and stomach. And as my semen purged with less force, it leapt onto her skirt, thighs, legs, and finally onto the floor beneath her.
My streams of cum died down after what must have been a full minute, and Anna kept massaging my cock, smiling up at me. She took my head back into her mouth and sucked at it, swirling her tongue and cleaning the last of the cum from my posthole. My knees almost gave way again but I maintained and she pulled my head from her lips. She kissed the head of my tool like it was her fairytale prince (muah!). “Mm.” She said softly, looking up at me “There we go.”

Anna found some paper towels on the overhead projector cart and used them to wipe my semen from wherever it happened to land. I went to sit on the table, which I noticed had several moist, misty imprints like you find on steamed up car windows on rainy days. Foggy traces of her hands, stomach, and breasts were hastily fading as I worked to catch my breath.
Anna joined me on the table. She leaned against me, laying her head on my shoulder and I wrapped my arm around her. Our skin emitted so much warmth where we bordered one another. “Oh my God.” She said slowly caressing my chest “That was so…-“ “Great?” I interjected “Fun? Romantic?” “Intense” she finished and that was certainly an accurate deion as well. She took my hand from beside her and placed it on her chest, squarely between her breasts. I felt her heart hammering like a humming-bird. “Feel my heart.” She said, “I feel like I could feint.” “You should feel mine.” I told her. Her hand moved from mine, and down to my still-wilting oak “I did” she said flatly.
I was sort of alpha for me to have thought this, but I wanted to make her forget about her troubles, not just her boyfriend but also any and everything else. “Can your boyfriend make your heart beat like this?” I asked her. I made sure to look down and try to catch her expression. She kept a perfect pokerface, staring silently away from me for a few seconds, “I don’t know. But I do know that you,” she said turning her eyes to look at me and replacing her hand on mine, on her chest “can kiss me again.”. at her behest I swooped down and kissed her, a simple smooch where she inhaled sharply and I took the opening in her defense with my tongue.
“We have to go.” I told her quietly filing my pants back up. She made a groan of protest but slid off the table just the same. I fished my shirts out from underneath our table and put them back on, Anna on the other hand had to hunt her clothes down.
She tugged her shoes back on while sitting on the floor. Then she crawled under the table pick up her shirt from the other side. And finally she lifted her bandana off the projector tablet, multiplying the amount of light in the room in the process. I held out my hand where I still had her underwear cross-snared around my wrist like a rubberband, only then I realized I had used them to wipe my forehead earlier. She reached out to take them but stopped short.
“Would you like to keep those?” she asked me. “Could I?.. Why?” I asked in return. “Just something to remember me by.” She said shortly. I considered it for a minute but decided that I loved the notion of a keepsake and thanked her. “This too?” she asked holding out her bandana/bra, so I took it too. She had left me two tantalizing mementos just to remember her, as though it would do me justice to ever forget her.
She finished getting dressed without the garments she had given me. While she did something stirred in my mind. “What do you want to remember me by?” I asked, intent on not taking ‘nothing’ as an answer. She looked back at me with a smile she couldn’t control spreading across her face, then turned her attention to forcing her foot back into her tennis shoe. Then she lifted herself up onto the tabletop next to me, and made a good show of tying her shoelace solely to avoid looking at me. “Have you ever made love before Toph?” she asked me in a matter-of-fact way.
I was so taken aback that I wouldn’t have had time to come up with a lie if I wanted to tell her one. “Well, I’ve had sex before if that’s what you mean. But nothing I’d say was making love, before this.” I told her truthfully.
“Hm,” she said “Well, I hadn’t done either until just now.” And she finally turned to look at me. I was absolutely shocked “But uh - your boyfriend – He er – the blood.” I stammered. “No.” she put it quietly “Reese is always pressuring me to do stuff, but we’ve never had sex.” All I could say in response was “Wow, okay”
I’m no psychic but I could assume that she had basically jumped me in order to put this romantic decision exclusively in her hands. She had used me to reestablish a degree of control in her life or something to that effect. Whatever the case, it certainly showed that I was to be just a venture of desire and not a lasting part of her life. I was immediately at peace with that. I hadn’t gotten to run away with her, but I had achieved my goal of being her rescuer and it was enough to make her happy to make me happy (y’know?.. it wasn’t really something my teenage mind could put into words).
“Well,” I said bounding off the table and reaching out my hand to escort her down “happy I could be of service”. She giggled and took my hand. We walked with our fingers interlaced to the door, and as I held it open for her to exit I stuff her panties and bandana into my pocket.
The school was mostly empty, but everyday we had a host of after-school events that held over students and teachers alike. The resulting snail-paced melee was easy to sneak through. We made it through the library, downstairs, and across the cafeteria without anyone batting an eyelash.
It was growing dark as we exited the school. Anna’s face was still awash with a romantic afterglow, and that coupled with the jaded urban twilight you get in the city, made her look supernatural. I told her I’d walk her home and asked her which way it was. She took my hand and said “This way.” And led me on.
As we walked we didn’t say much, but when the urge overpowered me we would kiss occasionally. Every few steps she would look to me and smile and that in turn would force a smile from me, and usually that’s when the urge to kiss her would get me.
Anna didn’t live far from the school so in virtually no time we had arrived at her driveway. She gave me the same look from when we had gone to the bathroom earlier. A look that told me she didn’t want to release me and leave, and I couldn’t blame her one bit. She smiled at me sheepishly, lingering in letting my hand go from hers.
“Well,” she said “Thank you Topher.” I was completely sincere when I replied “For what?”. She let go of my hand and wrapped her arms around me in a hug, and I returned the act hugging her back. She brought her lips to my ear and hissed “For trying— or-- For saving me… Thank you.” She planted a kiss on my cheek and turned to go inside. When she reached her doorstep I called out to her “Hey Anna… anytime” She turned and flashed me another smile then disappeared inside her house.
I on the other hand live quite a ways from the school. I don’t know how long it took me to get home but by the time I got there the sun was nearly set and darkness was rapidly spreading across the sky. The entire time I walked my mind swam with visions of what we had done, Anna’s body sprawled out before me, and her voice in my ear. I was completely inside my own head as I walked to my apartment complex on instinct, blindly making correct turns and avoiding traffic. For a moment I hadn’t even realized that I had made it back home.
My Aunt gave no inquiry as to where I had been and I went to my room only noticing how exhausted I was once I flopped down onto my bed. As I laid into my pillow, my mind drifted to fantasies that all included Anna, and eventually I drifted off into a sleep that likewise included her in my dreams.

The next few days in school I never had a chance to speak to Anna. All of us 8th graders had to practice the steps for the promotion ceremony, (real hard; walk across the stage, sit back down) and I also had to do choir/band practice because the 8th grade music group was to perform at the ceremony.
Since Jenny was in choir I was able to see her a few times in the interim, but only spoke to her once before we had to put the whole thing into action the next day. She skipped over to me during a break in rehearsal, and without me even asking about Anna she told me, “You gave her exactly what she needed.” “What? Sex?” she looked totally taken aback “You guys did it?!?” she demanded a little loudly. “Shh,” I hissed “damn, try to keep it under wraps Jenn, jeez.”
“Well whatever you did,” she said smiling deviously at me “you did it right. She’s been so cheerful these last couple days, like she forgot that she’s going to a different school. She’s been her old-self again.” It made me swell with pride knowing that I helped cheer her up.
“I just did what came naturally to me. I let her know that she wouldn’t be forgotten when she left. I showed her she has a place here with her friends.” Jennifer studied me harshly “And that’s exactly what I wanted you to do, so thanks.”
Really no thanks were needed, and really no credit should have gone to Jenn either. I did what I knew I should do. A damsel in distress, won’t be in limbo very long while I’m around. I’ll always be that way, willing to help and please any woman that crosses my path. Even if her ultimate happiness doesn’t have a place for me. I see it as my duty to this day. “No prob Jenn, just do me a favor.” She looked at me quizzically “Make sure to bring Anna around anytime you see her this summer. I want to see a lot of her before the next school year.”
“I’m sure you do loverboy.” She teased. But it wasn’t like that, I simply wanted to confirm that Anna was happy with my own eyes. Jenny promised to bring Anna around when she could and we got on with rehearsal.

The next day was the promotion ceremony. I had gotten dressed up in my best black church suit by my mother. One by one all of the students were called up onto the stage where we received a rose and a certificate of something-or-other. Everybody’s family and loved ones came to see. My Aunt, Mother, and Grandmother all came to cheer and snap pictures for me.
When it came time for the choir and band to perform all the students that were in those respective classes stood up and took their places. I retrieved my violin and smiled at Jennifer as she took her place on stage. From the front of the crowd I finally spotted Anna whom I had been searching for all day. I hadn’t recognized her because she looked so out of character. Her hair was brushed straight and tied down with a white ribbon, and she wore a short flower patterned dress that stopped at her knees. She looked the part of a perfect little angel, and I guessed that her parents had a hand in her attire just like me.
When the whole show was all said and done everyone lingered to say some final goodbyes. Parents were introduced to one another by their children and they, in turn would make small talk while cooing over their little graduates. When stuff like this happens people always learn new things about eachother.
I, for instance had no idea that my friend Corey had two incredibly hot lesbian mothers, my aunt got along quite well with them when Corey and I met up to say our goodbyes. I also didn’t know that my football teammate Alex was adopted into an oriental family, where his dark black skin clashed with his adoptive sisters’. Without a hitch my family and his got along well for a few minutes before we moved on. Most of my friends were shocked to see that the entire host of family members that had come to support me were awfully caucasian compared to me.
I spotted Anna, looking dazzling in her dress. Her long legs went on forever out from under it, and the ribbon on her head complimented her ebony hair so well. As I walked over she caught sight of me and motioned for her father to come over. She had a small smile on her face that, to me, seemed a little sad, but she didn’t have the slightest trace of sadness in her voice when she introduced me to her dad.
Another surprise, her father was apparently paraplegic, he rolled around in a motorized wheelchair. That explained why I was hard-pressed to find her earlier since she had to sit farther in the back with her dad. I shook his hand and introduced them both to my family.
Our parents made small talk for a few minutes. Drawling on about how proud they were, and how good we both looked. The entire time Anna and I just looked at each other and smiled, unbeknownst to out parents.
After all the embarrassing chitchat we all parted ways. My family went to go speak with the band teacher, and Anna led her father down the ramp to the main floor. While my female elders made the classic comments about how cute pretty Anna was I stared after her, begging her to turn around so that I could get one final look.
When she finally did turn to look back at me, I dug into the vest pocket of my suit, and retrieved the bandana she had given me days before. I had taken it with me as good luck for one, and to show her that I wouldn’t be forgetting her for two.
I waved the garment at her, and she smiled. She looked around to see if anyone was watching, she was virtually hidden behind the railings of the ramp she was on. She turned back to me and lifted up the backside of her dress. She revealed she had no underwear on, and her milk-white rear end flashed out at me for a split second. She dropped her dress back down and gave me one last glance, I couldn’t help but smile from ear-to-ear.
Middleschool was officially over now… but soon enough we’d all discover that our lives were just getting started….

Conclusion: I never had sex with Anna again (yet I could say). Despite Jenny’s promise, I saw very little of them both that summer. When I did spend time with Anna we stuck to one another, huddling close and exchanging new news, but it never went farther than that.
I only saw her once more when the next school year got underway. When we were together she made it a point not to get too flirtatious with me. She told me she way trying to be good to her new boyfriend, and I being the man I am even back then, was content in letting her go. Having done my job long before, I was satisfied just seeing her up and about.
By the time highschool was in full-swing, Jennifer had moved away. She broke everyone’s heart when she left and her sunny personality left an unfillable void in our circle of friends. Around the same time as Jenny’s departure I got word that Anna had gotten pregnant and dropped out of school.
Life had a funny way of rerunning itself because the second I had moved on to greater things, I began seeing Anna around the neighborhood again. I would always see her from afar in the grocery store, or at the shopping center or wherever. She would be pushing a stroller with a tiny baby girl, who sported her mother’s black hair, and a guy that seemed, atleast from a distance, to be genuinely square.
Seeing her would jar the memories from the past. I would pine for her a little but knew it was just my chivalrous nature wanting to swoop her up and finish my mission of running away with her. I certainly hadn’t forgotten her (I have the bandana and boyshorts to prove it) and I like to think she remembered me too.
Years upon years later, she’s living happily with the same guy. The have a quaint beautiful family, like the kind you see in breakfast commercials. I know because our jobs currently interlace. I see her every once in a while, and everytime we see each other we both can’t help but smile.

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FfYiWd Interesting. We are waiting for new messages on the same topic!!...


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(Claps) They should make a movie about this but they r all in college

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this makes me cry tears of happiness and sarrow


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That was a wonderful story! A 12 out of 10! Sweet loving as opposed to raw sex. Sad ending. They should have rode off into the sunset!


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That was a wonderful story! A 12 out of 10! Sweet loving as opposed to raw sex. Sad ending. They should have rode off into the sunset!

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