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How I went from Dud To Stud
Ok, first of all I'd like to say that this is 100% true, not a fact in here is a lie. Now for an introduction. My name is Ryan, I'm 24 years old, and almost ten years ago I lost my virginity. This is how.

My story begins November 2000. I was fourteen years old. I had been known up to that point as a sort-of nerd type person, but that was all about to change. Even though I was a nerd, I could still "chat-up" the ladies, if you know what I mean, the only problem I had was starting a conversation with them without looking like too much of a creep. At the end of every school term, in Maths we would have an exam, using a past exam paper, as practice for our GCSE's, but unfortunately, I was ill that day. I was always good at Maths, until I got lazy and couldn't really be bothered, but more on that later. I went into school the day after we were meant to have the test to find out one other person had been absent. Lauren Cash.

Lauren had sat next to me in Maths for the past two years, and we may have had a small friendship, but nothing too big. The only real big thing I knew about her was that she was a giant slut, and thats putting in polietly. She was the one I lost my virginity too, and this is what happened.

I sat down in my seat, knowing what was about to happen. My teacher was going to be so pissed it would be unbelievable, and she would literally chew my head off for missing the exam.

"How was the test?" said a high pitched voice from behind. It was Lauren. She said this as she sat in her seat giving her usual cheeky smile.

"I wouldn't know," I replied, " I was ill."

"Really?" Lauren gave a sigh of relief, "So Im not the only one then?"

"So you were ill yesterday aswell," I asked, already knowing the answer.

"If a teacher asks, I was ill, but if if anyone else asks, I'll tell the truth!" She giggled as she said this. Lauren had a habit of having days off for no apparent reason. How she was in top maths, I still don't know. Our teacher then came over and began to give a boring lecture about how we should have come to school yesterday and all the rest of it, before taking us to an empty class room to do the test.

"You'll have the full time, My Johnson wont be needing his room today. Remember, its a 90 Minute exam, so don't rush, pace yourself," My teacher told us as she guided us it Mr Johnsons room. She pointed us to our seats before making sure we had everything that we needed and that we had revised. I hadn't, but still said I had. My teacher then left the room, locking the door behind her.

Within an hour I had completed the test. Lauren had obviously copied me, as she finished a few moments after me.

"Well that test was easy, wasn't it?" Lauren said in a sarcastic way. I nodded to please her, before she began to have another one of her famous speeches about her boyfriend. I had never met him, and he sounded like a nice guy, and Laurens latest speech made him sound better than Superman, before she burst into tears.I didn't know what to do, girls had never done this in front of me. This was foreign territory, but I wasnt going to let that stop me.

"What's wrong?" I asked in a comforting way.

"Tyler dumped me!" She replied as the tears rolled down her face. "I can't believe that backstabbing bastard would cheat on me! I mean, I lost my virginity to him!"

That final statement shook me abit. All those stories of Lauren price being the biggest slut this side of the UK, they were all made up. I put my arm around her to comfort her, and it worked! I only said a few things that I had seen on TV, like "There, there" and "He didnt deserve to be with a woman as beautiful as you."
That last one won Lauren over.

"Hey Ryan?" She asked "Are you still a virgin?"

"Well, umm..." I didnt know how to reply. Should I say yes? Should I say no? But it didn't matter. Lauren had already dived under the table and began pulling my pants and underwear down to my knees, before rubbing up my hard cock. I was a victim of spontaneous erections, and for once it paid off.

"If you want," She said stroking my cock," You can lose it to me," I couldnt give an answer. Before I knew it, my cock was in her mouth. Her pink lips had engulfed it, and her tounge stroked it. She began sliding her mouth up and down it. With in a few minutes, I shot my load in her mouth. What happened next it a bit blurry, but the next thing I remember is me sitting on the table with Lauren riding my cock. It slid inside her. Up and down. Up and down. It was a glourious feeling. My cock was tingling and Lauren screamed out in orgasm.


Never before had I realised how sound proof the school walls were. When she screamed I came, squirting my load of cum inside, as she squirted on my cock.

The next thing I remember is us handing in our tests. But that was only the beginning.

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2011-02-04 15:43:06
Teacher takes a boy and a girl to an empty room to take a 90 minute exam and locks them in the room together and eaves so they can cheat. Yeah right. So not true. And you are an OLD man. What 24 yrar old says "chat up the ladies". Please.

anonymous readerReport

2010-12-29 21:31:20
this is not true !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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2010-12-28 00:36:59
Good story dude, just ignore the faggots who say other wise. Maybe make your next one a little longer and add a bit more detail.
Otherwise, good story.

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2010-12-26 15:53:48
this isent true it is illigal to lock 2 children in a room at school

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2010-12-26 01:18:21
i wish it had been longer

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