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I surveyed the cafeteria from a distance. I couldn't get over their smiles, the sound of their laughter. These people had probably known each other since kindergarten and here I was, intruding on their perfect little sophomore family. I couldn't believe my father made the whole family move for some stupid job. We all had to fake smiles as we left behind the people we'd known forever in our small and quaint town. I'd only been there a few days, but I knew I would hate it already. I tugged on my old denim skirt and made my way to a seat at an empty table. As I began to open my lunch box, I watched as 3 gorgeous girls walked towards me. The one in the front, who was obviously the ring leader, took a seat across from me and the two others followed.

"Hey. You're the new chick, right?" The leader asked. I nodded my head hesitantly. "Oh. I'm Julie, and this is Bridgette and Miranda." She pointed to the other two girls, with a huge smile plastered to her face. Julie had beach blonde hair down to her hips, with stunning blue eyes.

"Nice to meet you. I'm Paige." I replied. To be honest, I was probably nowhere near as pretty as any of them. My chest length auburn curls and grey eyes didn't even compare to Bridgette's long brown waves and amber eyes or Miranda's straight jet black hair and brown eyes.

"Where ya from?"

"Middleton." I lowered my head to my food.

"Oh...awesome." She shot a confused look to Miranda. We sat there for a second or two before Julie interrupted the silence. "Well, Paigeypoo." I raised my eyebrow at the strange nickname. "Me and the girls are having a little get together at the mall tonight and we would be absolutely thrilled if you would come."

"Err...okay." I stuttered.

"Great! I'll pick you up in front of the gym building after school, kay?" She didn't wait for a response before getting up and walking away with a giant smile on her face. I ate the rest of my lunch in confusion, wondering what the hell just happened.

As the final students departed to their buses, I walked to the gym building slowly. It wasn't hard to spot Julie's car. It was a hot pink convertible. She waved for me to come over. After a long drive to the mall, filled with many awkward silences, we arrived at the mall. I moved to open the door, but before I could Julie locked the door. I looked at her confused.

"Paige, we have something to ask you." she said.

"Shoot." I said, holding my breath and anticipating the worst.

"Okay, but before we should know we practically never ever do this." I let out a chuckled sigh. "We want you to..." She paused to build the suspense. "become one of us." I looked at the other girls.


"Yeah...ya know? One of the "school sluts"." And then as if by those amazing words, something clicked. These weren't the pretty, nice, smart girls I was hoping to befriend here...these were the whores of the town. I swallowed hard, and looked at each of them.

I opened my mouth. I wanted to say no, but all that came out was a weak yes. I wasn't like me at all. But these girls were so pretty and nice and cool...and it wasn't as if I was gonna get any better offers being the weird and awkward new girl.

"Really?" A shocked look came over her face. I bit my lip and smiled slightly. "Well...we have this little test...ya know, just to make sure you don't rat on us or anything."

"Sure, what is it?"

"Okay, so. All you have to do is blow a guy of our choosing." Now I was the one with the shocked look.

"Like...blow?...Like, with my...mouth..and know..." I stammered. She rolled her eyes at me, and laughed.

"Come on!" She said, grabbing my hand.

We walked around, examining the stores for a while before they found him. He was tall with gorgeous brown eyes, and short and cute brown hair. Julie worked her magic, sending flirtatious smiles at him and batting her long eyelashes. Before long, he strutted over to our table in the food court.

"Hey ladies." His voice was enough to make me melt, and I probably did. Julie, on the other hand, kept her cool. She stood up and whispered something into his ear. He smiled and bit his lip. "You got it." With those final words, he walked away. The second she sat back down, I went apeshit. I slapped her chest.

"What the hell did you say?"

"Don't worry. Relax." My eyes widened. How in the world could she tell me to relax? The most attractive man I've ever seen was just standing two feet away from me. "Aw...Paige-Bear is totally crushing." She cooed to Miranda and Bridgette. I huffed slightly, and rolled my eyes. I tried to brush it off and act cool, but it was practically impossible. For the rest of the time, I sat there imaging all the possible things she could have said to him. "Hey, what time is it?" Julie asked.

"7:32" I replied, after checking my phone.

"Oh, shit. Let's go." She grabbed me frantically and ran off, leaving the other girls behind at the table. It was easy to see that she was struggling trying to run in her 5-inch lace-up stilettos. Finally, we got there. A tiny bathroom hidden in the top floor of Macy's. I was having trouble catching my breath, as we locked the door. I turned around to see him.

"You're late." He said, running his hands through his hair. I lowered my head.

"Are you gonna punish us?" Julie replied, in a sultry voice. He walked over to her, and put his hands on her hips. The two were making out furiously for a second, before he parted his lips and the both of them glanced over at me. I rubbed the back of my head. Julie reached out to me, and led me to him. Before I could debate, she leaned forward and thrust her tongue inside of my mouth. I wanted to stop but it felt so good. She ran her tongue across my teeth, while reaching her hands up my shirt. I let out a sigh into her mouth. She pulled my tank top over my head and began to undo my bra. All I could do was moan as she kneaded my 36c sized breasts in her petite hands.

"My turn." He said in a low voice. He pulled me closer and began to kiss me passionately. He tugged on the back of my ponytail as we kissed and released my long locks. I gasped slightly while he ran his fingers through it. Julie began suckling my tits, as me and him continued to make out. He jerked at my skirt, pulling his down far enough so he could reach his hand in my underwear. I blushed hard as he ran his long fingers along my clit. I began to breathe harder, while he fingered me roughly. I couldn't help myself. All I could manage was a "I think...I'm..gonna....mmmm..." under my breathe. They both worked harder. I bucked against him. He pulled his fingers out quickly and stuck them in my mouth. I lapped at my own pussy juices.

Julie stopped for a second as she kneeled down, bringing me with her. She unzipped his jeans and pulled out his rock hard cock. I gasped when I first saw it. It was probably about 9 inches with medium girth. A huge smile stood plastered on Julie's face, as she began to bury the large monster into her mouth. She was probably the only girl that could look that gorgeous bobbing her head on his member, with precum running down her chin. Not knowing what to do, I took his testicles in my mouth. He let a long moan of approval. I began to lick the lower half of his shaft like a small puppy. "Damn..." He muttered. After a few minutes, he let out a final grunt as a warning before he came..and he came HARD. After a good minute or two, Julie's face was all but covered in his hot and sticky man-syrup. "Lick it off her. But don't swallow it." He said, looking down at me. I began to clean her face with my tongue, making sure to get every single last drop. The juice sat in my mouth for a while, warming every inch of me. He motioned for Julie to lay down. He then sat me next to her and pushed my head slightly above hers. Slowly, some of the cum dropped from my mouth to hers. "Mmm...get on your knees." He demanded. "Open your mouths." We both did so, like obedient little children. He draped his finger over Julie's mouth, as she sucked it slowly and carefully. "Now swallow like good girls." I did just that, making sure to show him my empty mouth, as the first cum I'd ever tasted began to travel to my stomach.

And that is the story of how I, a small town girl from Middleton, became the nasty cumslut I am today.

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2010-12-27 09:05:37
I love it! Please make more!


2010-12-26 00:16:12
Reminds me A LOT of the movie Mean Girls.


2010-12-26 00:15:26
Reminds me a lot of the movie Mean Girls.

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2010-12-23 11:47:12
I rated this positive, but it's a letdown, pretty much because it's too short. MAKE A PART TWO, THREE, FOUR, ETC.

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2010-12-23 11:47:02
I rated this positive, but it's a letdown, pretty much because it's too short. MAKE A PART TWO, THREE, FOUR, ETC.

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