This is my first story it goes
It was July, and I was due for another physical before school started. I was going into the tenth grade and was 16. I was excited about playing my favorite sports...but I HATED going for a physical. Just the thought of another male doctor touching my crotch freaked me out...but no lacrosse.

The hospital smelled of that musty air, and I really didn't want to be there. I grabbed some book off the shelf they had there, to pass the time. I really couldn't focus on the book, this girl walked into the office. She had long brown hair with a tight pair of jeans. I started to get a hard on...OH NO!! I realized, I can't have some guy doctor checking out my parts witha boner!

But before I could do something...

"Jackson, Ryan Jackson?", said one of the nurse's...

I tried to get up and walk to the bathroom but she pulled me into the hallway.

"Come here we have to take your weight."
" did you know who I was?"
"You're picture's right here." She pointed to my sheet. I gave a fake laugh feeling so stupid.

She weighed me and said, "150, a little skinny thang like you?" I was pretty skinny but had tried to bulk up for sports. At 6'1" I appeared skinny. This mainly was my problem...with girls. They all went for the super jocks with the crazy ripped bodies. I wasn't that well endowed either. I have a 6 1/2 inch penis...but what it lacks in length, makes up for in width.

She then took me to the room I would be getting my physical. "Sit down.", she said.

I could finally hide my hard on. She performed all the necessary checks i.e. blood pressure, eye test, ear tests and said, "Doctor Steele will be here in a moment!" She winked at me...horny old bitch.

It freaked me out but another thought quickly raced into my head...who the hell is Doctor Steele? Another doctor grabbing my balls...and what am I gonna do about this boner?

The plastic cover on the bed spread crumpled under me. I noticed a faint smell in the air, not hospital smell, "Perfume?" Oh am I gonna get this sweller to go down?

I walked over to the sink in the room and wet my hands with cold water, then I stuck them down my pants. I could feel my cock raging..I started rubbing it with the water to try to cool only made me hotter. I tried to think about my grandma naked...and other disgusting things that would make it go away...nothing worked. I readjusted so it didn't bulge so much..I bent it upwards so it couldnt bulge out, then Idecided to just wait it out. "What is that smell.."

The door opened and this guy with long hair entered in backwards. In my head I was thinking, "Oh great a hippie is gonna be checking out my tool."

"Felicia?" he said.
"Uhhh, NO!"
"Sorry wrong room. Wrong patient"
"Yeah, you got that right!" I was a bit of a punk. The nerve of this guy.

I heard talking outside, a lady it sounded like.

That smell...

"Its okay Don this one's my patient!" and the door opened. She was about 5'9" with brown hair. A slim body, a nice rack. Prolly a C cup.
"Hi I'm Doctor Steele, and I'll be performing the rest of your physical today."
WOW many thoughts through my head. This hot woman was gonna touch my member...She is beatiful...ah AH, she dropped her pen...ooh definetely a C cup.

"So for your sports, have you had any injuries?"
"No, Doctor Steele."
"Call me Jan. I certainly don't want it to be awkward. Ever broke any bones?"
"No, uhh, Jan."
"You look like a strong guy...", she said with a smile.

I saw her eyes look up and down my body...Did she just check me out? No, its an aspect of the physical. But could she have...

"Okay lets get right down to business." She got up and came over toward me. She started feeling my neck...
"Does this hurt?"...
"No."...She moved down to my back...
"Does this hurt?"...
"Uhhh nnoo."..I was so hot...She moved down to my ass...
"Does this hurt..."...she grabbed my butt...
"Is this part of procedure?"...
"Does it hurt?", she said in a sensual way...
"Nuhnoo it feels kinda good"

I couldn't it, was this my imagination?

"I'm going to have to test for testicular cancer now." She snapped on a rubber glove.

I was so eager I unbuttoned pants in a snap. I forgot to pull down my underwear, my cock still in the position so it didn't bulge.

"You shy boy? I'll do it for you." She pulled down my underwear and my dick just popped out and almost hit her.
"Sorry", I said...oh god i messed this up...ill never score
"Ooh, uh that's okay, now cough when I tell you, okay?" She couldn't stop staring at it. I couldn't stop staring at was just so veiny.
My left ball, "Cough please?"
My right ball, "Cough please?"
I was breathing heavy, we were both breathing heavy...

She grabbed a hold of my balls..."Cough please..." she said in a soft way
I got a sudden boost of confidence and I was so horny...
"I want you!" I said and I pushed her face into my penis...She writhed and pushed me away this funny look on her face...

Then she said with an eyebrow cocked...
"Let me get rid of my gum first..."

She took off her white doctor's spok...she had on a light blue sleeveless shirt with a high neck. She got down on here knees and said...
"Well there are no abnormalities on your penis shaft"..she was stroking it and looking up at me. She pulled back my foreskin and said, "Your head evenly shaped...but what bothers me is that there's nothing on it."
"What do you mean by that?" She started kissing it and licking it. Like she was eating a lollypop. Her head bobbed back and forth. The feeling was so intense I wanted to shout. Then her handjob skills were light and fast..but she saved me enough for desert.

"I'm so hot, one second..." She took off her top revealing a beautiful pair of breasts that filled her black lacy bra. She came over to me, "You can do the honors" and turned around so I could undo her clasp.
"Are you always this good to your patients?" I undid it and it fell to the floor. She turned her head back.
"Only the ones I like. Ride me!"

I pulled down her pants...a matching black lacy thong. It wasn't on for long. I slid it down here long smooth legs. I grabbed her perfect apple bottom and massaged my dick on the top of her vagina, sliding it in her wet crease. A little hair tickled my head, and I thought I was going to die. I was grabbing her breasts..and i finally entered her pussy.

In and out, it was so tight..with her hand she was massaging her clit. I was riding her like a bull...
Back and forth, the feeling was stronger..she started to moan but I covered her mouth in time...I pulled out because I was about to explode.
"Wait!", she said. "Don't touch it!" I didn't touch my penis at all. She stuck two fingers between my balls and up near my prostate. My orgasm happened but I didn't cum!

She smiled, "Now finish me off." She turned around, this time her and I, face to face. We kissed passionately as I descended deep into her.

Harder and harder my dick was pounding her. The look on her face let me know she liked it.

Faster and faster she said, "I'm gonna come! WOAAHH!" She was moaning again...I was going to come too. She pushed me out and starting finishing by hand. I massaged her deeply and toyed with her clitoris. I came so powerful it shot out. She screamed and orgasmed. We looked at each other and kissed passionately.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door. A voice came through.
"Is he okay in there Janet?"
"Yes", she replied panting "He's just fine!" she licked me.

"Okay, just don't squeeze too hard. Be gentle...the testicles are very sensitive." said the voice. Must have been that male doctor from before.

"I think I know the male anatomy" she said with a smirk.
"You sure do, you sure as hell do......."


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2009-09-15 00:06:20
nice..the closet i got wit my doctor was i got a boner and she grabed it wen reaching 4 my leftnut.and it was throbing n her hand and i cud feel her squeezing.i was so horny lol

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2009-08-31 01:25:52
I too have had a female nurse do my physical for football it was great to bad my mom was in the room oooohhhh what could have progressed lol


2005-07-29 00:29:57
very good and very hot


2005-05-18 15:41:21
jack made a comment that has oppend my eyes

P.S. good storie but next time longer


2005-04-27 17:26:13
I tried to think about my grandma naked lol that shit cracked me up the story was fucking hot but i didnt cum

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