An interview piecce a wrote to a Dom Man that was considering me
To date l’ve had sex with 3 girls and 6 men, having been penetrated by 4 of those men. Throughout my High School years i had my few girlfriends here and there. At the same time I had begun to indulge in what, at the time, I thought of as deviant behavior. It started with the boy locker room. I would loiter quite a bit admiring the other guys. At the time I was all into working out so I played off as just comparing. In my opinion my real road to submissiveness started with a prank email at my cousin’s house. I was on her instant messenger and sent a message to a guy I knew. Pretending to be a girl, I started to flirt with him to my own amusement. However I quickly noticed how much I turned me to hear that he wanted to ram his cock in my mouth and fuck me raw. When I got back home I started up my own fake account with nudie pictures of a lady friend I had. For a few months I spent my night having nasty sex chats with guys that thought I was the nastiest slut in the world. At time same time I was absorbing their idea about what was sexy and kinky. After a certain point nothing I heard anymore would phase me. I needed more so I name another messenger account with my real pic and started looking for chats with gay guys. I began to enjoy this so much more because I could be more honest about what turned me on. I started doing phone sex with these guys. Keep in mind that all this time I had a girl friend who was pretty serious. It was a very shameful thing to me to be doing those sort of things behind her back.

After a year and another GF under my belt I discovered the webcam. It took to it like a fish in water. I loved having 10-20 guys watching me jerk off. I would do it on yahoo and sometimes AIM. Then one night some of the guys I was chatting with told me about a gay dating site. So I took my show there and it was so interesting because many of these guys were local. The possibility to meet a guy was there now. It was also in this site that I started to a guy regularly and he wanted to see me penetrate myself on cam. I had never done this before. At most I had stuck a soapy finger up there in the shower. But I was so into it that I creamed up my up finger and ass and before I knew it I had 2 fingers up there and this guy telling me hot I was. I loved it pleasing him. Soon I had 30-40 guy watching me at a time and I started taking requests, different positions, different sounds and screams. Then the topic of s dildo came up, they were almost demanding I take a dildo to my ass. In my horny daze I had a desire to obey so found an average sized cucumber and without much delay I had it about 6 inch up my ass and loving it.

After that first time the floodgate opened. I started putting cucumbers, bananas, eggplants up my ass. Anything that wouldn’t be obvious to my parents, a blow dryer handle ended up being the right size at one point. Also I was trying harder and hard to get my fist up my ass. I could get all my fingers in but just not past the knuckles. I never did push it because I know I have a huge fist so as far as I did get it was an accomplishment on its own. Lapping up my own cum was easy to get into, I just honestly like the taste.

It was maybe half a year after that, I was perhaps 18, that I stated actively seeking guys for sex. It was hard step to take. Up to this point I was still telling myself I wasn’t gay or Bi, I just liked how it felt. And it was true that I liked how it felt but I needed more again so I made contact with a guy who lived about 10 blocks from me and less that 5 emails later I was at his house. It was a bit awkward for me but I have noticed that no matter how anxious or nervous I am before I go meet a guy, once I get there and my cock starts getting hard I turn into an easy slut. He answered the door in his boxers, took me up to his room, I took off my sweater and then was a silent moment. He asked what was up and I told him to just drop his short. His cock was small, smaller than mine which I think is small. Guys have told me in average but I feel that im small. But it was a good thing for me, it was easy to get into it. For my first time sucking I dick I think I did well, I just did everything I always imagined doing, sucking deep, licking the balls. He came in like 2 minutes and I liked the taste of his cum, I swallowed of course.

Of course this wasn’t enough, that small one-mintue-man didn’t satisfy me, so I found another. This guy was more dominant and I liked it. It was another first for me, I let him pick me up, I let him take control, take me ways from my safe zone close to home. He took me to his house and felt up every part of my body. His cock was nice and thick, I enjoyed sucking it. He layed on the bed and had me suck wrapping his legs around me to force my head down on him. He watched some porn as I “serviced” him. I always liked that term, service. It tells me that I am there to serve your, my medium is my body and my job is your pleasure. He held my head down on his cock and finished in my throat.

A few weeks later I emailed another gentleman, a much older man this time, around 50. I felt even more comfortable with older man because there was an inherent sense of dom/sub, daddy/boy. I met him at a starbucks and he took me back to him place. This was the first time I met a guy fully intending to get fucked. To me it didn’t seem a big deal considering the number of times id fucked myself with produce. He took his time feeling my body up and down, gave me a few drinks. He told me to strip and then took me to shower and washed me. While the water was running he pissed on my face, since it in the shower with the water going I didn’t mind at all. After that he had me suck his dick for almost an hour. He knew it was first time and let me lube up really good, told me to lay my stomach and relax. I remember his slid his cock into my ass so easy, far easier than I expected. Then after a bit of slow start up he really started pounding my ass. I loved it, I lifted my ass off the bed to meet his cock with every thrust in. He held me by the throat and hair for leverage and fucked me hard. He fucked me till he was out of breath and had me suck him off for the finish. I swallowed his cum too. Just for the record we did use a condom and I have ALWAYS used a condom for penetration and intend to.

The next guy I met was named John, I remember his name because he made me grow a step closer to a cock fiending slut. John was also older, 50’s. He picked me up in his car and took me to his home that was nearby. Because of his nosey landlord my cover was that I was there to fix his computer. I enjoyed the danger. We got to his apartment and with a sensual tone, which he kept for the rest of the evening, he offered me a drink. It didn’t take long for things to get hot and heavy. The real joy of the evening came from the positions. He was well equipped with a kinky mind. He fucked me on the couch, then flat on the floor. Then he had me on my hands and knees and he “rode my ass”. He bent me over the kitchen table and fucked me. Pushed me up against the wall and fucked me. It got intense and a few times I started moaning and he would quickly cover my mouth or push my face down into a pillow because he didn’t want the landlord hearing. In between positions he would push three of his finger up my ass so my hole never got a break. This lasted for about an hour then he cam into my mouth. He made me keep his cum in my mouth until I came. I scooped up my cum in a spoon and fed it to me, then I was allowed to swallow.
This man John gave me a taste of the domination I so enjoy. I loved when he called me his bitch, when he talked about fucking my pussy. The way he held me by the hair when I sucked him and at the end had me hold his cock while he pissed in the toilet. For me it was all very pleasurable. After him I was with a Spanish fellow who let me smoke a joint at his place before he bent me over his bend and pounded my ass for 25 minutes till he busted. I remember feeling disappointed he cam in me instead of in my mouth. I looked at the used condom with envy. And my last fellow was a while ago, it was very plain. I sucked him, he sucked me, fingered me, end of story.
Sir, I miss the feeling of having a man put his will on me and use me for his pleasure. I missed the feminine I get when im being fucked. I miss a cock in my mouth. When it comes to my pursuit of you the money is a second thought, a little bonus, well hopefully a big bonus hehe. I like the idea of being paid because its another form of domination. I am there to service and receive my wage. Im a whore and that makes me horny. Honestly the real motive is to meet a man that knows to take charge and take pleasure from my body. A kinky guy that do all the perverted things ive talked about and wanted to try. I hope that you will be that man for me, good day Sir.
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