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This is my first story so go easy on me please, thanks!
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Let me tell you about me, i'm Jake and i'm 17, 6 foot, brown hair, blue eyes and an athletic build . I am in the second year of sixth form/year13 (sixth form is when you stay in your high school for 2 more years to study for A levels in the UK.) I am dating Hannah, standing at 5"5, brunette with a pair of 32B breasts.

Although i did love hannah i would occasionally talk to my mates about how gorgeous our history teacher is, her name, Miss Peters. She Had blonde hair and hazel eyes and was 5"7 with a 36B bust not forgetting a smile to die for. We teased her by calling her by her first name (Katy) in front of her collegues, even if we did get detention it was worth daydreaming over her for an hour or so. 

It was about November time when i was walking to class with my girlfriend and i accidently bumped into Miss Peters in the hallway, Hannah was just outside her next class so I told her to go in. I lowered down to eye level with Miss Peters as she was picking up the books and paper work she had dropped because of me. I then proceeded to help her gather her belongings when i picked up a cd she had dropped, I immediately knew the band from the artwork on the front cover as it was one of my favourites, the wombats (a brittish indie band i thought noone else had heard of).

"The Wombats eh?" I asked.

"Yeah, I'm really into them right now but I don't know why I'm telling you this" She replied as her wonderfull breasts protruded out from her blouse as she stood up.

I tried to say something but all I could let out was a smile as she walked by, I had an instant erection as soon as I saw those perfectly round juicy tits. I don't know what came over me, I never get that excited when I'm around Hannah. Miss Peters looked back at me with an embarresed expression on her face as I tried not to stare at her. I thought nothing of it and proceeded to class.

The next lesson was a drag and when it was over I realised that i had History afterwards, this was my favourite lesson as i sat direclty in front of Miss Peters desk and Hannah wasnt in my History class so there was no way of getting caught looking at her. 

As I walked in, me and my friends greeted her with a "Hey Katy!" She just frowned and told us to sit down. We had to watch some shitty documentary about the state of Germanies economy in the 30's. Naturally being the laughing stock of the school I fell asleep as my so called classmates took pictures of me on their phones. Miss Peters must have left me there as I woke up in an empty classroom with a note on my desk, it read 'Meet me at Mrs King's room at 3:00' Mrs King was the other History teacher in the school who was the type of woman that would be the last to arrive at work and first to leave.

I spent the rest of the day thinking about who could have written that note, eventhough me and Hannah have had sex in publc places she would never have been this adventurous and Katy had no interest in me what so ever, besides she did have a boyfriend.

It was finally nearing the end of my day and I could find out what was waiting for me at that classroom. Hannah went home with her friends so I knew it wasn't her that left the note on my desk. As I made my way to the classroom i began to have second thoughts as i had no way of telling how this could pan out. No matter what I had to solve this mystery so i proceeded down the hallway untill i was standing face to face with the door, the room was dark as the blinds were down and the lights were off, i was about to walk away untill i heard a female voice say "Come in."

As I opened the door And turned the lights on I was shocked to see Miss Peters laying on a table in a bath robe, she was smiling at me and as she walked over to me she had a seductive look on her face.

By the time she made it over to where i was standing i had just snapped out of the trance i was in before she was kissing me rapidly on the lips. I managed to say between kisses...

"Miss what about (kiss) you and your boyfr... (kiss) and my girlfr... (kiss)"

"Will you shutup and kiss me!" She exclaimed trying to shove her tounge down my throat. Eventually I gave in and she slid her tounge in my mouth after locking lips, desperately trying to tackle my tounge in the process. I had tried to hold back my erection but my cock sprung into action, poking her stomach. She took my hand and placed it on top of her breast that lays there under the robe. She pushed me back against the wall as i asked "What if we get caught?"

"We wont, lock the door and put this over it to block the glass." She demanded while handing me a poster with blue tack on it. As she passed me the poster she pinched my ass and looked at me like she was about to jump on me, i have to say it took alot out if me to stop myself from jumping on her aswell. I place the poster on the door and turned around to see her stripping of her robe revealing the sexiest red lingerie I had ever seen in my life, she came towards me and ripped off my shirt touching up my body as I felt up hers. Her skin was so soft and smooth it was like a babies bottom and as i unhooked her bra she unzipped me and began stroking my cock with her magic hands, I wasn't shy to show her my 7" cock. "Oh my god it's huge, thank god I picked you Jake." she giggled. For some reason this gave me a huge rush of energy so i lifted her up and lay her down on a desk.

I was kissing her untill I told her to close her eyes then I kissed her on the nose causing her to giggle but her giggling was cut short by a slight moan as I ran her golden hair behind he ear so i could nibble on it, I could tell this drove her crazy as she grabbed onto the back of my head. I proceeded to kiss up and down her neck, I made sure to kiss her neck behind her ear so if I gave her a hickey noone would see it. After I was satisfyed with her neck I moved down to her arm which I kissed up and back down again untill I reached those beatiful juicy tits, I alternated between her right and left nipple; sucking, biting and licking it. I was now kissing downwards past her well toned stomach and onto her thighs which I then licked around her pussy teasing her and making her even more wet untill she shoved my head into her. 

I then pulled her panties off and wasted no time in diving into her gorgeous pussy, tounge fucking her, the taste was undescribable, the aroma of her feminine juices filled the air as I licked the labia like there was no tommorow! I then spread her pussy lips with my hand as i played with her nipple with the other, this exposed her clit which I quickly anticipated by licking and sucking it this got a quick reation as she shuddered and screamed in pleasure.


I was suprised noone could hear us but I didn't care, I knew I had to do something to make her come so I withdrew my tounge from her pussy and put two fingers in her mouth, she happily obliged and sucked them. I stole a kiss so she could taste her wonderfull pussy juices then continued to finger her with everything I had, it didn't take long before I felt her atart to twitch and reach her climax


"Yeah, you gonna cum for me huh Miss Peters?" I demanded but she didnt respond she was breathing too heavily and i knew it was time so she squirted all over me as I kneel down  trying to catch most of it in my mouth however it came out too fast and most of it spills out onto the floor, she then lay back in exaution on the table. I kissed her so she could taste it again and then I let her subside from her orgasm and catch her breath while I lay there watching her in my own world.

As soon as she regained her strength she straddled me and slid down my body untill she was face to face with my still erect cock.

"Time to repay the favour" she said smiling before she took my whole cock in her mouth and pulled her head up again applying suction to the head as she came up, I had never had a blow job like this before and if i didnt want the moment to last I would have came right there and then. After watching her head bob up an down on my hard and now wet cock for about five minutes i shout out to her.

"M...Mi... MISS I'M CUMMING!" I thought she would pull away but to my suprise and pleasure she let me blow my load in her mouth and then she looked at me showing me what i just filled her mouth with and winked at me before swallowing, she looked like she was loving every minute of it!

"You didn't have to do that Miss." I said apologetically.

"It's ok, besides I like the taste." she said as she licked her lips, she then leaned in and stole one last kiss from me and whispered to me reasuringly "You might get to fuck me next time."


2010-12-26 18:22:16
Part two should be up soon!


2010-12-25 22:00:57
i liked it, message me if theres a part 2 coming!! or if you want ideas of where to take it next..

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2010-12-25 01:03:17
Yeah i agree Fbailey sucks nut juice from shit covered homo cocks!
but this was a good story!

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2010-12-24 19:14:14
nice man, fbailey sucks douche.

again, decent story, keep it up


2010-12-24 17:00:39
Thanks for the commemts, they help alot! I don't mind if they're negative or positive. Much appreciated.

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