This is my 30th offering and it is a story of a young boy with an obsession to peep and he finds out that he’s not alone and he’s not typical.
I am a typical 12 years old boy; at least I think I am. I’m 4”10”, weigh about 90 pounds, I have long, shaggy hair on my head and hope to start my development soon. I’ve got raging hormones that unconsciously want to find out everything there is to know about girls and what makes me feel the way I do down between my legs, plus I want to start doing something other than growing the scraggly little hairs emerging round my pecker.

I am totally consumed by the thought of to opposite sex and what they look like down there in their panties, so I drool over the thought of seeing a magazine or pictures or anything that makes me think that I might get a chance to see something. I am the epitome of the phrase, “I would drag my balls over ten miles of broken glass just to hear her piss in a tin can on the other end of a pay telephone” and that’s bad. But I’m just a typical 12 year old boy.

I live in a small town that acts as the hub for all of the local farmers, you know, where they buy their feed and equipment and stuff. It is a nice clean town or so I’m told; I’ve never seen any other town to compare it with. We live in a single story house next to the forest that makes up the County Park Area and I use that to go back and forth to Jimmy’s house about a half mile away.

One day, I was late getting home; it was just as the sun was setting and I happened to past by this house that also backed up to the same park as we do. I don’t know why I happened to look over at it but I’m sure glad that I did, because what I saw stopped me in my tracks. Through an open window, there in all her glorious self, was a woman,; kind of old looking, about my mom’s age, about 35 or so, standing in front of a mirror looking at herself. The lights were on in the room and she started unbuttoning her blouse. I froze there, mesmerized.

I crept around a tree that was growing next to their back yard and hid there watching intently. As she undid the last button at the bottom and pulled it off, all I saw was her bare skin and her bra. I had never seen a woman in just her bra, not even my own mom. I thought that I had died and gone to heaven. Then, she made it even better. She slipped the straps over her shoulders and dropped down the bra exposing her tits to my starving eyes. I almost collapsed right there in the forest. As she unclasped the bra and removed it from around her tummy, she noticed the blinds in the window had not been drawn so she covered her tits with her arm and went to draw the blinds. She looked out to see if anyone was out there but I had hidden behind the tree, out of sight.

I stood there for the longest time trying to catch my breath. My God, I was thrilled beyond any words that I knew and I literally ran home on cloud nine. Mom asked me what was wrong that evening over dinner; I was so quite. I kept replaying that scene in my mind, over and over of her taking the straps over her shoulders exposing the most wondrous sight I could ever imagine. I was hooked from that day forward, I had to see more.

I found myself being drawn out every night, first into the park to check out if the lady had left her blinds open again. She never did, so then I expanded my search to include other homes in different neighborhoods. I even went through the park to the town next door in search of an open widow.

You see, there is a park between two small communities; each having their own identity. The town where I live is the bigger of the two and has all of the stuff that people want, but the other community is where some people live, like my friend Jimmy. We have one school where we meet but the distance is too great for me to walk, except through the park. That way is a fairly short; I can make it easily in 15 minutes.

So on this one particular night, I had sneaked out of my room after dark and headed for the neighboring town to try and fill the consumption for addiction. I passed the house where I started my new habit; for that’s what it was, a habit, and seeing the blinds all drawn, continued on my quest. I had passed many houses, none with any illumination coming from the rear facing windows, until I made it to a row of houses on the outskirts of the neighboring town. There I spotted one with the rear window covering open and I stop to investigate.

I slowly crept forward in the dark, taking great care not to step on any twigs or anything that might tip off someone of my presence. I got up to about 5 feet from the window and peered into the room. It was a bedroom and there was evidence that someone had been in there not long ago. There was a hair brush on the dresser and the closet door was partly open. There was a light coming from the closet and at that very moment, someone was coming back into the room.

I ducked my head and scurried back to the protection of the park and, again, looked on. There on the other side of the window was a woman; she looked much younger than my mom, setting some clothes down on the dresser. She was reaching into the top drawer and retrieving something. She was holding them up to inspect them. THEY WERE HER UNDERWEAR! MY GOD, I WAS LOOKING AT HER UNDERWEAR!

She laid them down and left the room for a minute and when she returned she had removed her top and was reaching behind her, unzipping her skirt. I was shaking I was so excited. She was stepping out of her skirt and was standing up to brush her hair in the mirror. She just had on her bra and panties and I was watching her!

I had a minute to change position for a better view so I shimmied up the tree I had been leaning on and got a much better angle to see what was about to happen. As I settled in, she unfastened her bra and removed it off of her tits. I thought I would explode seeing her full chest as I did and then she pulled down her panties in one motion and stood up to admire her body, or to show it off for my eyes. Which ever it was, it was perfect. From my angle up in the tree, I could see over her shoulder down to her bushy dark crotch and I almost let out a groan.

As she turned and went into the room, I detected movement below me. I froze. I did not dare breathe. Someone was approaching my position and slowly coming forward to spy on the unsuspecting lady in the window. I waited and watched. Finally a small figure inched its way forward to the very tree I had climbed just five minutes before. It was looking at the window.

I glanced in that direction in time to see movement as a man walked over to the mirror. He was much taller than the woman so I couldn’t see his nakedness but when he turned around to face the window, I could see his hairy crotch and his rather large meat hanging out between his legs. He looked out of the window and I got the feeling that he was looking right at me. He then turned and followed her into the room.

I heard the rustle of leaves and then silence. I held my breath as I waited, my senses on alert. Ten seconds, fifteen seconds, a minute went by as I slowly let out the air I had trapped in my lungs. There it was again, it was close, it was down below me on the ground, and it was standing right at the base of the tree! I held my breath again as I tried desperately to become part of the branch I was laying on. I slowly turned my head to look down and I saw a black hood covering the body of the intruder.

The person waited patiently by the tree as if he knew how long it would take for the couple to emerge from the room. After what seemed like an eternity, I saw some movement through the window and as I glanced down, the intruder moved closer to the tree in anticipation of something happening. I let out my air that I had been holding and replaced it with a new fresh lung full.

I, or should I say we, didn’t have long to wait because the lady came out first pulling along the man and she stopped in front of the mirror and turned to face him. They were naked as jay birds and as they kissed, their hands were all over each other’s bodies. I noticed that my pecker was straight as a board and was poking itself into the tree branch it was laying on.

Suddenly, the man placed his hands on both of the ladies shoulders and pushed her down into the kneeling position and the lady went down willingly. Then she did the most disgusting thing imaginable, she took the man’s pecker into her mouth and she started pumping it in and out. I gasped as I saw it and then covered my mouth with my hand. Did the intruder hear me? I didn’t think so because he had not moved at all, but was glued to the scene being played out in the window.

He had his hand on the back of her head, pulling her into his meat with each thrust of his hips. In and out, in and out, he kept up his intrudion of her mouth and then, he took it out and shot some stuff out of his huge pecker all over the ladies mouth and face. His head was back and his eyes were closed as he sent the stuff squirting onto the ladies open mouth. She seemed to like it because she licked his pecker clean and scooped it up with her tongue.

The man smiled down at her still on her knees and then did something very strange. He looked out the window and smiled a big satisfied smile and walked over and shut the blinds. I was in shock by seeing this display and then I heard the leaves rustle again. I looked down as the intruder slowly walked back the way he had come; back into the park.

I don’t know why I did it; I must have been crazy or something, but I decided to follow the intruder, as stealthily as I could possibly be. I slowly rolled off of the branch and lowered myself to the ground with just the slightest sound. I crouched there listening, waiting for a minute. I heard nothing, so I proceeded to walk toward the park as slowly and quietly as I could.

Finding the pathway, I was standing there wondering which direction I should take when a voice startled me out of my shoes.

“You looking for something?” the voice said in a husky tone.

I was scared out of my mind as I tried to speak but my voice cracked. “No, ah no, I’m just walking over here, I…I …ah…” I stammered. The intruder must not have felt threaten because he said, “Did you see them through the window?”

I froze, I had been discovered. What should I do? “No,” I lied. “I didn’t see anything. Like I said, I was just walking home on the path.”

“I saw you up in the tree, peeping at them in their bedroom. I heard you gasp when he put it in her mouth,” the intruder insisted, walking forward.

I suddenly got a better look at the intruder and in my frightened state; I had not noticed that this intruder was nothing but a little shrimp in a black hood. So I walked over to him and tore off his hood to reveal his identity. What I saw shocked me down to my soul. It was Annie, a girl in my class. My gosh, little Annie was looking at the man and woman in the window the same as I was.

“Chris? Is that you? My God, Chris, what are you doing out here? Well, I know what you’re doing, that’s obvious but…how long have you been out here” she asked in amazement.

“I’ve just been out here about an hour or so,” I said, trying to be honest.

“No, I meant how long have you been coming out here to peep at people,” she explained.

“Oh not long really, I…ah… I saw someone, this lady getting undress on my way home from Jimmy’s one night just after dark and I, ah, I have felt the urge to go out every night since,” I told her feeling very sheepish.

“And when was that?” she asked.

“I don’t know, about a month ago I guess. How long have you been doing it?” I asked.

“Oh gosh, let me think. It was just about a year ago. I was out with my mom taking a walk one evening and I was someone through a window and that put the thought in my mind, so I went back out that night and every night since, just about,” she explained.

“You went out with your mom?” I asked for a clarification.

“Well, my mom didn’t go with me peeping,” she said with a grin on her face. “I do that by myself.”

She stopped and thought for a second and then asked me, “Hey, do you want to join me? I mean I’ve got most of the places all scoped out and everything and I might as well share them with someone.”

I instantly said yes, but wondered what I had said yes to.

Annie was a little girl, about my age and in the same class at middle school as me. She was quiet girl at school and I never really paid that much attention to her. I knew that she seemed smart, she would speak when spoken to or asked a question, but since I had just recently started noticing girls in that sort of way, well, I never even gave her that much thought.

She said, “Great, we have about 30 minutes left tonight before all of the good ones turn out their lights and go to bed, so we had better hurry,” and turned to walk towards the neighboring community. She said over her shoulder, “Chris, you really need to wear darker clothing.” After about 5 minutes of walking in silence, she stopped and turned towards me and whispered, “This is one of my favorites. It’s Mel Johnson’s place, you know Alice Johnson in our class? It’s her older brother. He watches porn on his computer and then he whacks it off. It really turns me on, I don’t know if you like to watch a guy whack off his meat or not, but it does something for me.”

She crept right up to the window that faced back towards the park, the one with the light on and the blinds partially pulled down. I crept up beside of her on my hands and knees until we were at the window, peering in through the uncovered, bottom part. Looking straight into Mel’s room at his desk, we found him staring at his computer screen and at pictures of flesh that I presumed were naked girls.

He continued to watch the activity on the screen for awhile and then, turning it off, he made his way to his bed and lay down and took off his boxers. His huge meat came springing out and he grabbed it with his hand. He closed his eyes as he started stroking his pecker with his legs spread wide apart. As he continued to beat it off, the image of Annie’s breath started to fog over the window under her nose. Her hand was down between her legs and she was rubbing herself furiously as she watched the show.

As the scene before us played out to its natural climax, the one kneeling right next to me played out as well, and when Mel brew his rocks, so did Annie in a quivering release of emotions. She was shaking as her hand rubbed on her crotch on the outside of her jeans. She was oblivious to my presence as she brought herself to the desired conclusion and as she turned and sat down below the window, Mel got up and closed the blinds the rest of the way.

She sat there, recovering from her orgasm for a few moments and then, getting up on her feet, she indicated that I should follow as she made her way back to the path. She said that that was all for the night and asked if she would see me tomorrow night. I said that I’d be here and we parted company and each went our separate ways back home. I learned about whacking off that night for the first time and I when I got home, I really learned my lesson. I loved it.

That next day at school I kept trying to catch Annie’s eye but every time she would looked in my direction and I looked back, she would instantly look away in embarrassment. I wasn’t trying to embarrass her, I wanted to talk to her, so I noticed she was standing by herself after lunch so I walked up to her and stood facing the other direction as said, “Annie, I’m not trying to embarrass you or anything but I want to set up a time and place to meet tonight.”

She said, looking the other direction, “At the play ground at the park at 8:30.”

I made a mental note of what she had said and then, something came out of my mouth that I couldn’t believe. I told her, “Wear your PJs.”

“What?” she asked under her breath.

“Wear your PJs!” I demanded emphatically.

“But…”she protested.

“DO IT!” I ordered her.

She didn’t say another word, but walked off to meet some of her friends.

My God, where did that come from and why was I so demanding? What will she do?

The rest of the day and that evening, I was in a constant state of arousal. The thought of Annie in her pajamas, standing next to me, watching a scene out of a 12 year olds imagination was making it very hard to be around my family. So, right after dinner, I excused myself and went up to my room. With shaking hands, I removed my jeans and shirt and slipped on my pajamas over my Jockeys and a pair of sneakers. I made up a dummy out of the spare pillow and a blanket to ward off any unexpected parental bed checks and then eased my way out of my window to the park.

I had made sure that I wore my dark blue pajamas in hide my presence and I hoped that Annie had thought of that same thing. It was now 8:20 as I neared the play ground at the park and my heart was racing thinking of the unknown experiences that awaited both of us. I looked around and saw no one. She hadn’t arrived so I slithered to the outskirts of the opening and waited. As the time sped by, my anxiety rose as I began to wonder if Annie would show up. Did I scare her off?

Just then I heard a soft whisper, “Chris?” It was Annie, she was right on time and I hadn’t scared her off. I checked to see what she had worn and she had complied with my wishes. This is going to be a fun evening.

I greeted her with, “Hi Annie,” as I strolled over to where she was standing.

She grinned a sly little grin and told me “Hi.” Then she pulled on her pajama bottom away from her legs, indicating that she did as she was told and asked, “Why did you want me to wear my pajamas?”

I was embarrassed to answer her, but after a brief second, I confessed, “I thought it would be hot for us to wear them, that’s all.” She thought about it and then she shrugged her shoulders indicating her acceptance of my explanation. Then she turned to me, scrunched up her shoulders as said, “Makes me feel kind of naughty, does it you?”

Not waiting for an answer, she started heading out the way she had come; back over to the other community. She spoke very softly, almost in a whisper, as she explained that she a peeped at Patty Anderson’s house about a week ago and had been treated to a wonderful love in between her and her boyfriend. “It was hot peeping at them until they turned the lights out. Man they were just making it interesting, too.”

Patty Anderson is a sophomore in high school and was the talk of the town. She had quite the reputation and, from what Annie just said, it must be well deserved. We continued to walk until we came to a row of homes on the other side of the park. We stopped behind a house, but there were no lights coming from the rear of the home, so we waited. I checked my watch and it was 8:45. At 9:05 a light came on in a room facing us and the park. It was Patty going into her room for the evening. Annie signaled for us to creep forward into position.

Leaving the safety of the forest, we crawled up to the uncovered window and peered over the lower edge into the room just in time to see Patty turn the lock on the door and turn up her stereo. She moved over to her closet and went inside and when she came back out, she was wearing her shorty night gown. Damn my luck any way, I had missed it.

She began playing an air guitar and singing to the beat of the music. She was singing into an imaginary microphone and throwing her long hair from side to side. She started dancing around wildly as she kicked her feet out and twirled around and around. Her night gown would fly up with each twirl, exposing her little cotton panties to our view. I started getting a woody as I watched on in awe.

As she twirled, she would raise her night gown up over her hips and she started watching herself in the full length mirror on the opposite wall. She would stare at her crotch as she continued to raise the night gown. Then, staring right at herself, she pulled it right over her head, flying it around and around in one outstretched hand while the other was resting on her hip. She flung her hips from side to side with the force of the music as she looked on with her crazed eyes.

Her full breasts were flopping from side to side being free from any restraint. Their movements were exaggerated by her gyrations as they continued to bounce all over her chest. She was getting a thrill out of watching them move and she took one hand and pressed her breast to her chest.

I was so hard, my pecker was sticking straight out through my pajamas, so I subconsciously pulled down my pajama bottoms and took it out and started whacking it off. The look on Annie’s face was one of shock. She had never been so close to a boy’s pecker before and now it was beside of her and was being whacked off.

Patty turned around and stuck her rear end straight back at the mirror as she continued to watch over her shoulder. She bent down at the waist and then did the unthinkable. With both hands on her panties, she pulled them down over her hips and exposed her pussy lips to the mirror. I couldn’t take it any longer.

I was rubbing the skin over my hard shaft when I felt another hand take over for me. IT WAS ANNIE! SHE WAS WHACKING ME OFF! My mind went wild with stimulation from both senses. My eyes were watching Patty’s ass sticking right at me through the mirror and Annie’s hand was pumping my rock hard pecker. Then Patty, with one motion, stripped her panties off and flung them to the floor with her toes.

I felt it building as Annie continued to pull on my pecker. Patty was playing the air guitar once again. Her hairy crotch was staring me in the eye and then, as the song was about to end, Patty skidded to a stop right in front of the mirror, on her knees which were spread apart. She ended her performance flat on her back with the back of her head on the floor. Her legs were bent at the knees and she was sitting on her calves. Her pussy was a foot from the mirror and staring right back at my unbelieving eyes.

At that moment, I shot my first load onto the wall outside of the window as I groaned loudly. Patty, hearing my explosive reaction to the show, looked over her head and saw a pair of wide eyes looking on. Mortified, she rolled over and cried out in a muffled scream and hurriedly crawled over to the window and pulled the blinds down. I collapsed right where I had shot my stuff as Annie was saying something about running back to the protection of the park. I tried to stand, but my legs would not support me, so I felt an arm go under mine and we hobbled back to the trail.

We hurried down the trail for a ways and then we stepped off into a thicket of trees to sit down and catch our breaths. My strength started coming back to my legs as I realized what had just happened.

“Annie? You just whacked my pecker off!” I said suddenly. “What made you do it anyway?”

She looked rather sheepishly down at the ground and then she said in a voice just above a whisper, “When I saw that you took it out to play with it and you were so intent on watching Patty do her dance, I thought that maybe I could take over the playing department for you. Did you like it?”

“I…ah…I…I guess so. I’ve never felt anyone’s hand on my pecker before. I…ah…it felt kind of different. But I guess it fell good,” I stammered.

“Well, I guess it must have because you shot your stuff all over the wall back there,” she said with a grin on her face. “Did it feel real good, Chris? I liked the feel of it, making it shot all over and stuff.”

“Yeah, I guess it did. It felt really good!” I exclaimed.

She beamed with pride and put her arm on my shoulder and gave me a hug, kind of. She then stood up and indicated it was time to move on. I thought to myself, “Is there more?”

She let the way back over to the left, kind of in the direction of Mel Johnson house. I wondered if we were going to stop off and check Mel’s room out to see if he could get Annie off tonight. I started to say something, but it was met with a shush as we stopped behind a familiar illuminated window. It belong to Mel and as we crawled forward on hands and knees, right up to the window’s edge, I began to wonder why she would bother searching around the neighborhood if she could count on good ol’ Mel to come through for her.

He was sitting at his desk again, watching his porn on his computer, sitting in his boxers that were tented in front. His hand was down between his legs and he was rubbing it up to attention. We stayed there for much to long watching him stimulating himself and then he got up and lay down on top of his bed. Pulling his boxers down his legs, he began to rub his pecker as he closed his eyes.

Annie immediately started rubbing between her legs on the outside of her pajamas. “Turn around is fair play,” I thought and scooting down so my head was waist high, I inserted myself in her play and took over the massaging role. She sighed rather loudly I thought and removed her hand to mine. I was shocked to feel the warmth coming from between her legs and as I continued to rub, I swore that I could feel something wet down there.

She began to breathe very heavily and as I looked up to her face, she was biting her lower lip in between throaty breaths. She spread her knees and I probed up between them and felt the moisture emanating from her deep within her crotch. I had never felt anything like this before so I continued to rub and probe with my finger. The more I rubbed the wetter it got, so I decided that I had to check it out.

I slid my hand down inside of her pajamas and her panties and when I got to the place where the moisture was coming, I probed with my finger and found a little hole. I inserted it up the hole and Annie almost cried out with pleasure. She bit down hard on her lip as she inhaled a deep breath. I curled up my body down there so I was looking right at her crotch area and pulled her pajamas and panties down until they could stretch out no more. But I did manage to get them down around her thighs and that was far enough to see her wet little pussy right in front of me.

She had just a little pubic hair starting to grow out of these two puffy parts that looked like lips, except they were vertical instead of horizontal like your mouth. The moisture was coming from the hole between the lips, deep between her legs. When I touched her down there, she moaned and moved her hips around. She must like it when I touch her down there.

She was moaning louder as she watched Mel whack his meat, getting more and more excited and all of a sudden, she took in a deep breath and held it. She tightened up all over and then, as if she had an itch all over her body, she started shaking and jerking all over and the moisture came flowing out of her hole all over my hand and finger. She grabbed my hand and shoved it down on her crotch real hard and she started to moan out loud.

I put my other hand to her mouth in an attempt to silence her but it didn’t work that well. I don’t know if Mel ever got his rocks off or not because I didn’t stick around to find out. Taking Annie by the arm, I literally drug her on the ground back to the safety of the dark path in the park. Both of us were panting as we lay there exhausted. Annie’s pajamas and panties were down to her knees because of me dragging her, but she didn’t seem to mind, she just lay there, dozing off.

Finally she sat up and pulled her panties and pajamas up into place and stood up to look at me. I stood up and Annie came up to me and stopped right in front of me. Without saying anything, she reached up on her tippy toes and kissed me right on the mouth. Then she asked me, “See you tomorrow night?” I was still shocked over the kiss so I said, “Uh huh,” as she walked back down the path, back to her home. I turned and walked back home, still wondering what had just happened, but feeling a warmth deep inside that was totally new to me.

The next day at school, I caught Annie looking at me several times and at each encounter, she would look down and turn red in the face. Her smile was radiant today, I thought, much more than normal, or am I just more aware of her smile. Heck, I’m much more aware of Annie than ever before.

She was wearing a short little skirt that day with a short sleeved pull over top. It fit kind of tight over her chest area and I noticed that the bra that she was wearing made indentions around its edges and I could make it out clearly. Why hadn’t I noticed it before?

I caught myself looking at those bare, thin legs of hers, knowing that the night before I had seen where they met. I had touched her there and had rubbed her pussy. I imagined going over to her and rubbing her pussy right then and there, running my hand up her skirt onto her panties and rubbing her crotch. I wondered what color her panties were. I was getting a woody so I turned away to clear my mind.

I literally ran home after school that day and threw my books in the corner. It was a Friday so I didn’t have to do any homework that evening and I had nothing to do but wait for the clock to tell me its time to meet Annie. I sat and waited. I went to the kitchen to get something to eat and checked the clock again. It said it was five minutes later than the last time I had checked. It was going to be a long afternoon and evening.

By the time it was 8 in the evening, I was busting at the seams to get out of there. I told my mom a lie that I was going to go over to Jimmy’s house and took off through the park. Feeling the darkness of the friendly forest made my heart start to slow down and as I walked along to the noises of the park, I began to feel right at home in the seclusion of this place; I was becoming one with my surroundings.

I wondered slowly until I had made it to our rendezvous spot and stop to swing a little on the empty set at the playground. I was gently swinging back and forth when I heard Annie make her way into the clearing. She stopped a second to make sure it was me and then sauntered up to me and grabbing the chains of the swing. She came right up to my separated legs and said, “You’re here early aren’t you? I couldn’t wait either. Tonight will be so exciting.”

I agreed but I didn’t know just how exciting it would turn out to be.

Part II

Annie, my new found friend and accomplice in crime, our crime of peeping that is, had just come to meet me at our secret rendezvous spot in the County Park which separated our homes. We discovered each other one night, quite by accident. We have been out peeping every night since.

It was nice to have someone to watch the neighbors with, considering we were watching them through their windows at night and we’d been rather successful with the houses we had picked out. Anyway, it was comforting to know that I was not alone in my addition. I had Annie, my classmate, my friend and, I’m finding out, maybe my girl friend.

As she started down the path towards the other community that backed up to the forest of the Park, I asked her where we were going this evening and she said, “We’re headed down to the end of the housing area. There are some brand new homes down there that I haven’t seen yet so I thought that maybe we could check it out tonight. Oh, by the way, I can’t stay out that late tonight. I’ve got to head in after about an hour or so. I’ve got a place or two that you can see though; I’ll give you directions later.”

I fell in behind her as we walked the distance to the new homes. As I walked, I noticed she was wearing her pajamas again. I had asked her, no, told her to wear them last night and I know how that ended; wonderfully. Her little rear end swayed with every step and I could barely make out her panty line. I was starting to get aroused just thinking about it.

We continued to walk along the path that went from one end of the park to the other and as we neared the end, we started climbing up an incline. I noticed several unfinished houses under construction as we climbed and then we came to the one at the end. It was on the end of a cul-de-sac and sat on a real different shaped lot. They had cut out a level place for their back yard and built a high wall around two sides of the yard. I don’t know if they were planning to put in a swimming pool of what, but they had two big sliding doors facing the rear of the home. One of the doors happened to be off of the master bedroom.

As we approached, the light came on, so we settled down on the wall to check it out. We were above ground level by about 8 to 10 feet or so and about 20 feet away from the glass door. You could see a moving truck parked in the driveway so I guessed that they were in the process of moving in. We first saw a younger looking woman walk into and out of the bedroom. Then a young looking man, again I guessed they were husband and wife. After several trips, she put down a load and walked out of sight, removing her top. A few second later she reappeared wearing just her underwear.

Just then she was joined by her husband caring a load of stuff. Seeing her, he stopped, put down the load and gave her a big hug and kiss. It turned passionate from there as she started removing his sweat shirt and pants until he was standing in front of her in his boxers. She looked up at him and smiled as he reached behind her and undid her bra. It fell off and Annie said suddenly, “Look, she’s as flat chested as I am. I didn’t know anybody was that flat.”

We continued to watch as she reached down and removed his boxers and his gigantic pecker was unleashed. “Holy cow,” I exclaimed under my breath, “take a look at his pecker. My God, talking about getting a complex.” Annie giggled and reached over and put her hand on my thigh. I quit thinking about a complex as she massaged my leg.

The man we were watching moved his head down to the ladies boobs and took one into his mouth. Annie gasped as she slid her hand to my crotch. It felt like a shock as she grabbed hold of my pecker outside of my pajamas. I moaned silently and spread my legs out to receive her attention. I wondered what he was doing with it in his mouth but when his hands started removing her panties, my heart started to race. I slid my hand over to Annie crotch and started to probe around a little. She didn’t mind at all.

The lady was grinding her crotch into the man’s hip as she lifted her knee up to make better contact. He put his arm under her knee and started to pick her up while the other arm went under her other leg. He raised both of his arms so she was straddling his tummy. His giant pecker was sticking straight up into her crotch and he slowly let her down. My God, where did it go? She made the whole thing disappear inside of her. She threw back her head as he put it all the way in her and then started walking somewhere out of sight.

We sat there a second in shock, trying to take in what we had just seen and disappointed that they had moved out of our view. She looked at me and me at her with disbelief written all over our faces. Our hands had stopped their movements but were resting in each others crotches.

I broke the silence with a question, “Where did his big pecker go?”

“He put it up her hole,” she said in amazement that I didn’t know where it went. “Don’t you know that we have holes that you put it in?”

“Oh that hole,” I covered my ignorance and lied. “I just couldn’t believe that her hole could take it all, that’s all.”

She reached down and took my finger and placed it at her hole and said, “You put your finger in my hole yesterday, don’t you remember? It felt so good,” she said as she rubbed it around the hole through the pajamas and panties. “Uh, it feels so good when you do that,” she cooed.

“Yeah, I remember,” I gulped my response. “It feels good for me, too.”

“But, I need to be going back home,” she said and started to get up to leave. “I’ve got another house that you might want to check out tonight,” and proceeded to give me directions to it. It was kind of out of my way back home but I thought, “What the heck,” and decided I’d go over to it later that night.

She headed out down the path to her house, but first gave me a kiss on the cheek and a hug. I could get used to this kind of treatment if she continues give it out. I watched her go and then turned my attention to another house on the other side of the street. It didn’t have the protection of the park backing up to it but it had an unfinished house built above it that I could hide in. There were lights on in the living part of the house so I worked my way around and over to it, keeping my presence hidden from any eyes that might be watching.

I skirted around to the back of the house that I had picked out and as I caught a glimpse of the rear, my heart skipped a beat; a light was on in one of the bedrooms. I entered the house under construction and found my way over to the side directly opposite of the illuminated window. I was above it about two or three feet and there was a distance of about ten feet between houses. The blinds were closed but not drawn and I had a perfect view onto the bed. By looking around the room, it appeared to be a young girl’s room.

Just then, I naked little girl came running and squealing into the room; I hadn’t noticed that the window was open to let in the warmish night air and I bet, that’s why the blinds on the window were left not drawn. I stared at the naked little girl as she pulled open a dresser drawer, ripped out a night gown and throwing it over her head and body, she turned in time to squeal again as a man, I presume her dad, came into the room and grabbed her by the tummy.

He picked her up and put her, feet first, on the bed as she began to jump up and down on the mattress, squealing with glee all the time. He growled, “I’m going to get that tummy,” as he reach for her mid-section once again. She screamed as he grabbed her and fell back down onto her back, picking her knees up to deflect his tummy assault. Her bare little bottom struck up at my hungry eyes and it must have caught her father‘s eyes also.

He grabbed the hem of her night gown and pulled it up to her stomach area and then started tickling her bare tummy. She was screaming playfully and fighting to move her gown back down over her legs, but to no avail. Every time she put her hands down to push the gown down, he would attach her tummy. She gave up and started kicking with her legs instead.

These leg actions of kicking and flailing into the air, spurred him on even more and he got in between her legs with his head and shoulders and used his overpowering weight to settle her down on the bed. She would buck her hips up to try and dislodge him but with little success. As he continued to tickle this little girl’s tummy, he was mere inches from putting his nose into her crotch. He picked up his head and looked down at his little girl and then planted a bug raspberry right on her tummy. She shrieks could be heard all over the neighborhood.

He was growling as he continued to assault her tummy with his mouth wide open, blowing raspberries. She was pushing on his head and then he moved his mouth downward. He growled and blew his way down and down until he was blowing his raspberries on her crotch. She opened her eyes wide as she screamed for him to stop. But she continued to laugh and fight and kick, all the while, with her eyes wide in shock. Then she slowly stopped kicking and fighting him so much and started straining to receive his lips on her pussy.

He was on his knees as she lay on the bed with her night gown pulled up around her chest. From my vantage point, I could see him clearly putting his mouth directly on her pussy. He was humping the bed as she moaned her acceptance. He must have shot his stuff because he slowly stopped with the raspberries and sat up to look at his daughter’s bare crotch. She just lay there with her eyes closed tightly.

“Did you like that, Sweety? Did you like what Daddy did?” he asked warmly.

“Uh huh,” she replied sheepishly.

“Well good. Now this will be our little secret okay? Mommy doesn’t need to know about what we did okay? It’s just our little secret,” he said. He stood up and gave his daughter a hug goodnight and tucked her in. He moved to the door, turned out the light and closed the door behind him.

I sat there for the longest time, going over what I had just witnessed. I finally left my vantage point and made my way back across the street to the park and started walking back in the direction of my house. I wish that Annie had seen the show. I wonder what she would have said.

I followed her instructions but as I walked along the back of the houses lining the park grounds, I saw no windows illuminated; all were dark. Just as approached the last bloc of homes, I saw one window with I light coming from it. I hurried down to a point just in the park but directly behind the window. There, seeing no one in the room, I crept forward until I was right at the window staring into a bedroom. There wasn’t anyone in the room.

I settled down so that my eyes were just at the base of the open window and to the side. Just as I got into position, the door opened and in came a girl wearing a little cotton night gown. I looked up at her face and almost burst out laughing. It was Annie; I was peeping at Annie.

She put her clothes in the hamper and then turned around and looked at the window. She smiled and said, “It’s about time you showed up, I’ve been waiting for you, Chris. Come on and get yourself in here.”

I sat there for a minute, shocked and confused. She repeated the invitation so I got up, raised the window enough to get my body through and entered her bedroom. I looked around expecting her to tell me to be quiet or something but she didn’t. Instead she said, “Don’t worry, my folks are out for the evening, it’s just you and me.”

My heart began to race, being alone with Annie, in her room and she was wearing a short night gown. My God, how did I deserve this?

She motioned me to come forward and stand next to her by the bed and as I complied, she put her arms around my neck and gave me a kiss. I was speechless but willing so as we kissed, I ran my hands down her back to her butt and they felt nothing but skin under the night gown. My pecker jumped as she hugged me closer and firmly until my crotch met hers and it started to grind into her. She backed away to sit down on the edge of the bed facing me. She looked up into my eyes with a smile while her hands went to my waist band. Nimbly pulling it away from my tummy, she pulled them down to the floor. She then removed my pajama shirt and left me standing in front of her in just my Jockey.

“I’ve been wanting to see this thing since I first felt it a couple of days ago and today is the day,” she said as she pulled my shorts down around my ankles.

As I stepped out of them, I felt all of sudden very vulnerable. I was naked in front of Annie and my pecker was coming to life. As she reached down to help me step out of them, she turned her head forward right at my pecker’s height. She stuck out her lips and kissed it right on the head. My knees almost buckled at the sensation as I gasped for air and held it for the longest time.

Her velvety lips touching the sensitive head of my pecker sent shock waves throughout my body and when she began licking around the head, I though mine on top of my shoulders would burst; my God, what a sensation. My little Annie was licking the head of my pecker. I was rock hard by this time and I wished that she would take it further into her mouth.

But she didn’t take it in, she just continued to kiss and lick its head and that was enough to get it as hard as I ever remember it getting. I couldn’t take it any longer so I backed away and sat down beside of her and directed her to reverse positions. As she stood up in front of me, I made sure that my knees were in between hers and that very act seemed to turn her completely on. She ran her inner thighs against my knees as she slowly closed her eyes.

I reached my hands down under the night gown and touching her legs and began the slow assent upward. With every inch, her breaths became labored as she anticipated the moment of contact with her crotch. As I neared my destination, a quiver of her muscles ran down her legs and she involuntarily moan out loud. I finally touched my target and she grabbed my head for balance and let out a rather loud moan.

I ran my finger right to the spot where I felt the moisture was coming out the night before and, sure enough, it was starting to get all wet and gooey. I reached up her night gown, up around her breasts with my hands and felt her tiny little bumps that represented her nipples. They were as hard as pebbles and she reacted the same as the lady we saw earlier tonight. She suddenly grabbed the hem of the night gown and ripped it off of her body so she was standing there as naked as I was.

She pushed me backward into a lying position with my calves hanging over the bed and as she slowly crawled up my body she came to rest straddling my hips. My pecker was sticking straight up at attention, so she grabbed it with one hand, rose up to place it under her and slowly sat back down on it. It was right at her opening and with the downward pressure of her sitting on me; it started its way up into her.

“My God,” I thought as I felt it go into the tight confines of her hole. “I’m actually going to do it with a girl!” was running through my mind. “It feels so great! It’s going right in!”

Then it came to a barrier and she stopped the downward pressure. “Is that all the further it going in?” I wondered to myself. “I saw it go in further than this tonight.” She rose up a little and then fell down upon my pecker in her hole and it broke through to the other side. She bit down hard on her lip and grimaced in pain as it went beyond the barrier. After stopping a second, she plunged it all the way until our crotches met and she ran out of my pecker. She seemed to groan a little as it bottomed out and then she grabbed me as she rotated off of me but bringing me on top of her; between her wide spread legs.

As I lay there with my pecker buried in her hole all the way, my instincts took over and I began to hump her with my hips; slowly at first but as I got the hang of it, I began to slide it in and out with more speed and force. She was meeting my every thrust with one of her own and then I started to feel the welling deep within my groin. It was a newly found sensation, one that I was beginning to love and with each thrust of my hips and each tug of the skin covering my pecker, the greater the urge to explode became.

Finally, I could hold it back no further and I shot my stuff into her hole with every second or third thrust into it. I was holding my breath and it felt like it was busting my crotch wide open as it built and built into a glorious release. I let my air out in a loud growl as I began ramming my pecker into her as fast as I could. It was very slick now as it smoothly slipped in and out, in and out. I must have kept it up for minutes because when I finally began to slow down, Annie was gasping for air; begging me not to stop.

I had slowed my motion to a slow but stead rhythm as we both started breathing normally again. She had stopped thrusting her hips, in fact, she had stopped moving entirely. She was lying there, allowing me to slowly glide it in and out and when I stopped, she grabbed me by the butt cheeks and pulled me one last time deep within her hole. She opened her eyes, smiled and said, “Chris that was wonderful.”

I didn’t know what to say but I couldn’t agree more with that statement. We had done it. I had put my pecker into Annie’s hole and had done it. It felt indescribable. It was wonderful. “Yeah, it was wasn’t it?” I finally answered.

“Annie, I can’t believe that you wanted it as bad as I did. I mean, you planned it all, didn’t you?” I asked.

“Well, I knew after what we did the last couple of nights that I wanted you to be my first, so I planned the meeting tonight like this, hoping that everything might go right but I had no idea that it would go so well. I mean, you were; it was perfect,” she said with a contented smile.

I pulled my limp, sloppy pecker out of her as it dripped our juices on her leg. “Let’s go in and clean up before you have to go; my folks will be home in about an hour or so and I want you to be gone well before they get here,” she said getting up. “Gosh you’re messing,” she added putting her hand down between her legs to try and hold it in. “Follow me to the bathroom.”

I followed her into the bathroom and took the opportunity to clean up the mess I had made. I really wanted the take my time and explore her body with my eyes after exploring it with my hands. I discovered that her breasts were starting to swell outward as they began to ripen. Her hips had a nice flare to them and her pubic hair more than visible to the eye. As I ran the wash cloth over her crotch area, I could make out the poutiness of her lower lips but marveled at their firmness. How can they be so soft and yet so firm?

I stayed too long and she had to shoo me out; back to her room and to my pajamas. Getting fully dressed once again, I started to stick my leg out the open window when she asked, “Aren’t you forgetting something?” She stuck out her arms in a suggesting manner, indicating that she wanted a kiss and hug. I stopped my exit to comply and as I left she asked, “Tomorrow night, same place and time?”

“I’ll be there,” I answered and headed back to the path in the park. Walking home alone, I realized that I was not alone in my obsession to peep; I had a partner, and I also realized that I was no longer a typical 12 year old. I was a non-virgin 12 year old.

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