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It was winter break and Pet and I were in the train terminal, awaiting our ride back to my home. She had told her parents that she was going with some girlfriends for the holiday. I lived alone; my parents traveled often so I had been on my own since the beginning of high school.

We sat on a bench, a small blanket covering us. The terminal wasn’t heated well and the two feet of snow on the ground made the blanket necessary. Pet was wearing a midriff-exposing tank top, with a jacket on top to keep out the cold and tight black leggings with no panties, as per my instructions. A benefit of the blanket was that Pet was able to carry out my latest instruction. She had completely removed her pants and was sitting naked on the bench, the cold metal pressing in to her ass cheeks. Her legs were slung over my laps and she was slowly stroking my cock with her thighs, drawing me to a slow orgasm on top of her naked pussy.

To everyone else, we looked like just another canoodling couple, our heads close together, sharing quiet kisses. My hand curled in her hair, pulling it just enough to send little shockwaves of pain through her scalp.

The doors opened and a family of three walked in. The parents were old and nondescript but my eyes locked on the daughter. She couldn’t have been older than 12, her body just beginning to grow in to itself. She had long straight dark brown hair. She was wearing a black jacket over a white tank top and I could see the black training bra she wore underneath. Her pants were pink and soft, tight enough to show hints of her rounding ass.

My cock jumped in between Pet’s thighs and I shot a hot load on her stomach. She groaned in to my ear. “Master… what brought that on?”

I kissed her neck and nodded toward the girl. Pet, whose real name was Katherine, glanced over and smiled. “She is pretty Master. It would be much fun taking her innocence away. Just picture it Master – her tiny bald cunt split open on your cock, my lips trailing across her neck.”

I stifled a groan in her hair. “You are a dirty little molesting cunt Pet.” Katherine giggled and licked the shell of my ear.

“Only for you Master.” I smiled and glanced at our little girl, who was staring wide-eyed at us. I smiled at her as Katherine continued to suck on my ear. The girl blushed and looked away.

The loudspeakers erupted with noise, announcing the train was boarding in 10 minutes. Katherine quickly got dressed underneath the blanket while I tucked my cock away. We both watched the girl and her parents.

“Oh sweetie, are you sure you can go alone? I can ride with you to the city if you want.” The mom looked on the edge of tears as the girl rolled her eyes.

“Honestly mom I’ll be fine. I’ll call when we get there.” The girl grabbed her bag, wheeled around and marched toward the train.

Katherine and I walked up the ramp, both of our eyes glued on the tight preteen ass wiggling in front of us. We emerged from the tunnel, with the train waiting on our left. The girl looked unsurely at which entrance she was supposed to head toward.

I smiled. “Need some help?” She looked up at me and blushed again, before nodding shyly. Katherine smiled and handed me her bag with a wink.

I took all of our bags (only one each) and held them as Katherine wrapped an arm around the girl. She shivered slightly and Katherine cooed over her. “Come here. Let M worry about the tickets and we can go in the train. You poor thing you’re freezing.” I grinned in appreciated as Katherine pulled the girl inside her coat as they walked ahead of me, the girl instinctively wrapping her arm around Katherine’s toned bare stomach and waist.

I handed our tickets to the conductor who nodded at me, before eyeing the girl questioningly. “Can’t ride alone unless you’re over 13.” The girl stammered for a second before I spoke.

“Don’t worry; she’s my girlfriend’s sister. She’s with us.” The conductor nodded and waved us in. The train was warm and the three of us stopped in the first open compartment we could find. It fit four people, with two sets of two-seats facing each other, the door of the compartment on one side, the window on the other.

We all removed our jackets. I slid the bags underneath the seats as Katherine sat with the girl, keeping one arm wrapped around her shoulders. Her hand dangled over the smooth shoulder and swayed, occasionally brushing the girl’s budding breast. My pet was doing so well.

I sat across from them, in the suit I wore whenever I traveled. If you wear a suit on a train or plane, people assume you’re a rich businessman. Katherine smiled at me, lust burning in her eyes. “So my dear, what is your name?”

The girl stammered. “I’m not supposed to talk to strangers.” I laughed quietly, letting Katherine keep the girl at ease.

She rubbed her arm kindly, before snuggling in closer. “We’re not strangers, sweetie. I saw you watching us earlier… do you think we would let anyone see us like that? The girl blushed again and shook her head.

“My name’s Jenni. I’m 12 years old.” She looked at me shyly. “Thanks for getting me on the train. I told my parents the age limit was 12. I didn’t want them to go with me.” I arched an eyebrow as Katherine smiled widely.

“Oh that’s our pleasure Jenni. Such a pretty name for such a beautiful girl. M was so happy we could help you out like that.” Katherine pulled her closer still, and Jenni was now almost in her lap, her shoulder pressing in to Katherine’s left breast.

“Why do you call him M? And what’s your name?” Jenni looked up at us in question. Katherine smiled and stroked her straight hair. I noticed Jenni unconsciously leaned in to Katherine’s stroking hand.

“My name is Katherine, but M has a different nickname for me. I call him M… can I tell her?” I pretended to think on it, taking the time to gaze in to Jenni’s eyes. Her green eyes met mine and I held her gaze, feeling her wilting under the pressure. I nodded to Katherine.

“I call him M for Master. We have a very special relationship Jenni. His nickname for me is Pet. Do you understand?” Jenni’s eyes were wide as she looked back and forth at us.

“I think I do. I was looking at… I found something online once about that.” She stopped short and blushed.

I nodded to Katherine, before I turned and closed my eyes, feigning sleep. Katherine giggled to Jenni. “Master needs to sleep. He was up very late doing work last night. Me and you get to have some girl talk Jenni.” I smiled as Katherine and Jenni slowly got acquainted. My cocked hardened in anticipation.

I woke up from my nap to the loudspeaker blaring. The conductor announced we were halfway through our travel, about three hours until our destination. I cracked an eye and smiled. Katherine was sitting very close to Jenni, stroking her bare shoulder and their faces were very close together.

“Then you lean in, and let your lips brush together. Flick your tongue out and run it across his lips.” Katherine did this to Jenni, drawing a shudder from the younger girl. Jenni’s eyes looked in to Katherine’s, lust burning in the blue eyes.

Jenni leaned forward and pressed her lips against Katherine’s urgently, moaning in to her mouth. Katherine smiled at me over Jenni’s shoulder as she grabbed the younger girls head and kissed her back. I silently stood, removing my jacket and shoes. Jenni was oblivious as I locked the door.

Katherine’s hands were holding Jenni’s slim shoulders. One of Jenni’s hands was in Katherine’s hair; the other was rubbing her crotch through her pants.

I eased myself on to the cushion behind Jenni, placing my hands on her hips. She froze as I breathed softly on her neck, Katherine trailing kisses down her jaw. “You are playing with my Pet Jenni.”

“I’m… I’m sorry Master.” I grinned. “I’ll stop.” She tried to move away but I slid in closer to her, Katherine and I sandwiching the 12-year-old virgin between us.

“No you revved her up. You are going to finish what you started my dear.” She shuddered as Katherine kissed her again, the two girls frantically mashing their lips together.

I kissed across Jenni’s back, running my fingers under the bottom of her tank top. I rubbed her tight little belly and I felt her squirm under my touch. I tugged the shirt up, but she clamped her arms down on it.

“No... What am I doing…? I can’t do this.” I pulled her on to my lap, her back against my chest. She squirmed somewhat but I held her fast. I licked up her ear, and she settled, a moan slipping out of her.

“I understand Jenni. Let Katherine show you what to do.” Katherine stood, kissing Jenni softly once more. She stood in front of us, wearing her black leggings, belly shirt and 2 inch heels. She swayed slightly, hips rolling from side to side.

Jenni’s breath quickened as her eyes locked on to Katherine. I pulled her more on to my lap, and I felt her groan as my bulge slid between her legs, lying just underneath her little preteen cunt. “Master… is that…”

I grinned and kissed her neck, my hands rubbing her legs gently. “For you my dear. All for you.” She moaned and began sliding back and forth on me, spreading her legs instinctively. Katherine smiled and sat lightly in Jenni’s lap, grinding her ass down on the girl’s lap. Jenni reached out and rubbed Katherine’s back and sides.

I leaned down and whispered in her ear. “Pull down her pants Jenni.” She gulped and hooked her tiny fingers in the top of Katherine’s pants and slid them down.

Jenni gasped as Katherine’s tight ass was revealed. “Kiss it.” She leaned forward, placing light kisses on her cheeks. Katherine quickly slid the pants all the way off, kicking them to the side. “Spread her cheeks.” Jenni, in a trance, pulled Katherine’s toned cheeks apart and gasped again at the completely shaven asshole and pussy.

“Do what feels natural my little girl.” She nodded, and leaned forward. She kissed both cheeks reverently, before breathing in deeply. She stuck out her tongue and inched it in closer to my Pet’s dripping hole.

I gently wrapped my hand in Jenni’s hair and yanked her head backwards. She yelped and looked up at me in fear. “My little girl, if you are going to play with my pet, you will do it how I say. If you want to play with her and myself, you will submit to me. Now. Until this train ride ends you will be mine to command. Do you understand?” Tears sprung from her eyes but she nodded. “Do you agree? Are you mine?”

She looked at me, before glancing at Katherine, who looked at her over her shoulder, face flushed with arousal. Jenni turned back to me and nodded slowly. “Yes… Master. I am yours.”

I smiled and kissed her hard, ravishing her mouth with my tongue. “Excellent Toy. Now pleasure Pet.” I turned her head back towards Katherine’s pert ass, which Pet was spreading eagerly. “Eat her holes. Both of them.”

Jenni, eyes clouded with lust, leaned forward and licked up her slit, drawing a low groan from Katherine. Jenni sucked eagerly at Katherine’s clit, as she grinded herself on my bulging cock. Using the hand buried in her hair, I guided her up to Katherine’s asshole. I smiled at my luck as she didn’t hesitate, sucking at Katherine’s ass and slathering it with her tongue.

“Such an eager toy. Eat that ass you little cunt toy.” She moaned as she tongue-fucked Katherine’s ass. Katherine squealed loudly, juices gushing out of her spasming cunt. Katherine stood shakily, pulling off her shirt. Jenni stared at her, in her sweaty naked glory.

I pulled her tight against me, thrusting up at her body. “Hmm I am going to enjoy my toy. Take off your clothes.” She stood hurriedly and pulled off her shirt, while Katherine sat next to me on the chair. We groaned as she unclipped her training bra, revealing her budding breasts. “Come here toy.”

She stood between my spread legs and I hungrily sucked on her growing breasts, feeling her groan against me. Katherine sucked on her other teat, biting gently on the nipple.

We pulled back, breathing hard. “Continue.” She slid down her pants, revealing a white thong, darkened with arousal. “Fuck Pet, look at her puffy little mound. Little cunt is begging for it.” Katherine giggled and kissed Jenni while pulling her panties down.

I sat back and looked at what was standing in front of me. A beautiful 12-year-old, completely naked with a puffy mound swelling with arousal. “I can’t wait any longer.” I unbuckled my belt before sliding my pants and boxers all the way down.

Jenni gasped at my cock, which was straining, and an angry red. “I am going to fuck you now Jenni. For however long you live, however many guys spend themselves in your cunt, know that I, your Master, was the one who made you a woman.” She nodded shakily and climbed on to the bench, straddling me.

“Take me Master. Make me yours.” Katherine stroked my pole, spreading my precum all over. Jenni lowered herself gently, until my head pressed against her opening. She wrapped her arms around me and I held her gently.

“You will be mine cunt. I will own you. Say it. Say ‘fuck me Master, fuck your little preteen cunt.’” She groaned and kissed me gently.

“Fuck me Master… fuck your little preteen cunt slut.” I groaned and kissed her. At the same time pushed her down hard, feeling her body resist until I popped in.

Katherine kissed her hard, swallowing her screams. My cock slid in halfway, and I grunted. She was so tight. Her body pulled on my cock, squeezing it. “God you’re tight cunt. Fuck yes.”

“Go… all the… way Master.” She groaned, her eyes shut against the pain. Katherine smiled and placed her hands on Jenni’s shoulders. With groaning from Jenni and me, she pushed down, forcing Jenni to accept more of my cock.

Finally, I was fully sheathed inside her. I leaned forward, kissing her neck as I breathed. “Cunt, I might have to keep in touch with you. You are so tight.” She grinned against my shoulder.

“Fuck… me… Master.” I leaned back as she pushed herself up. Her sweaty thing quivered as she slowly bounced on my cock. “Fuck Master… you are filling me up so good.” I pinched her nipples as she rode me, Katherine whispering instructions in her ear.

Jenni’s face flushed even darker as Katherine slipped a finger coated in with pussy juice in her backdoor. “Ride Master, cunt… ride his fat cock.”

I had been on the edge for so long, I knew I wouldn’t last long. “Hmm here is my gift to you cunt. I am going to cum inside you. You have no protection and your womb is just now ready to receive my gift.” Her eyes widened.

“You mean?” I nodded and picked her up. I turned and held her against the wall, feeling Katherine press her naked body against my back.

“Fuck her Master. Fuck this little cunt and breed her fertile cunt.” I groaned and began slamming Jenni in to the wall, withdrawing fully before pounding back in. Jenni began moaning and crying, as her cunt finally got used to my meat splitting her open.

“Here it comes cunt.” I pushed all the way and held, enjoying the tightness before I released. I moaned as I shot stream after stream of hot seed deep inside her. It splashed against her cervix and I felt her spasming around me, cumming again and again.

Finally I pulled out, seed leaking out of her already-tightening cunt. “Enjoy my baby cunt.” She groaned and watched me with half-lidded eyes as I sat on the far bench, kissing Katherine hungrily.

I enjoyed the feeling of having dominated another as well as my slave’s body pressed against my own, when I felt a new sensation. I looked down to see Jenni, body glistening with sweat, between my legs. She sucked hungrily at my cock, feeling it harden in her mouth. “What a good cunt slut.” She bobbed on me, taking me deeper and deeper in her mouth.

Katherine frowned. “It’s supposed to be my turn with Master. Little cunt!” She grabbed Jenni’s hair angrily and slammed her face down. I groaned as my cockhead slid in to her throat.

“Good job Pet. Fuck her face on my cock.” Pet growled as she forced Jenni’s head down again and again. After I enjoyed it for a few minutes, I pulled Jenni off.

“Now, to take the final hole this little cunt has left to give.” Katherine and I watched in shock as Jenni tiredly dropped to her hands and knees and spread her cheeks.

I dropped down and began enthusiastically began eating her ass, stretching her in preparation. Katherine sucked happily on my cock, deep throating me with the ease of much practice.

I pulled back and aligned myself with Jenni’s 12-year-old asshole, the only hole that remained unspoiled by my cock. “Say it cunt.”

She breathed, and her eyes looked back at me, completely covered in lust. “Fuck me… fuck my tiny virgin ass. Rape my hole.” She spread her cheeks for me, her glistening asshole winking at me.

I placed my head at her hole and pushed. Katherine lay in front of Jenni, holding her head down in her cunt, forcing the girl to eat her out. My cockhead popped in to her ass and I began pushing in. Her ass was incredibly tight and hot.

I pumped slowly, going slightly deeper each time. Katherine was moaning and thrusting up in to Jenni’s tongue. “Master… love using this little preteen whore. She loves the cock and she was born to eat cunt.”

I was breathing hard and as I pumped fully in and out of her tight ass. I spanked her, drawing yelps out of her. With a grunt I deposited my second load in her ass. I pulled out and sat back as I watched my pet use the little cunt.

As the train slowed, Katherine dressed while I throat-fucked Jenni hard. The girl was covered in sweat and fluids. With a grunt, I pulled out and spurted my last cumshot on to her face. Three hours with the cunt had drawn six orgasms from me and cunt’s body was drenched with seed and cunt juice, both hers and Pet’s. Her eyes were completely glazed over with sex. I tucked my cock away and patted her face. “Good girl cunt.”
She nodded distractedly, her eyes starting to brighten. “We have to leave. Pet left you my number in your bag. Goodbye.” I grabbed my jacket and the bags from Pet, who stood completely dressed. She kissed Jenni hungrily, sucking her face hard.

We walked out, and quickly hailed a cab, my fingers sinking in to Pet’s asshole as we went home.

Back in the train, the door opened. The four train assistants looked down to see Jenni, still naked, scooping cum from her ass to her mouth. The four men shared a look before closing the door behind them. Jenni smiled and reached for the first man’s zipper, as hands rubbed her body.

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