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Sequel to Bryan's Corvette
I think we were both stunned for a few moments as we went about straightening clothes and setting hair back into place. I put my glasses back on, twisted my hair into a hasty bun and reached for the door handle.

"Don't go." Bryan whispered huskily. " I haven't given you my gift yet."

I hesitated as he reached behind the seat and pulled out a small shirt box sized present. It was wrapped in blue wrapping and tied with a bow. There was a tag attached to the bow which read :

To My beautiful Edyn
With much affection and desire
From Bryan

I caught my breath as I read the tag.

"You think I am beautiful?" I asked disbelievingly.

Bryan reached over and stroked the curve of my cheek with the back of his fingers. Making small circles and gazing at me warmly. Those blue eyes of his seemed to see to my soul and to all the insecurities that lay within.

"I think you are the most perfect woman that I have ever laid eyes on and I would like to make love to you all night." He blushed a bit and a boyish grin turned up the corners of his full mouth. I blushed too and began unwrapping the gift to avoid the issue altogether. Inside the box was a tiny thong and bra set along with a gauzy robe and thigh high fishnet stockings with garters. The pieces were all scarlet red except for the black fishnets and looked to be made well. I was speechless as I allowed my fingers to feel the materials and marvel at their textures. I blushed again as i imagined wearing these things while sprawled on the bed beside Bryan.

I thanked him quietly and closed the lid quickly.
"Those are very pretty." I commented. "Thank you but I should be going. Thanks for the tour of your fabulous car."

I reached for the door handle for the second time since entering the car. I was fighting the desire to stay with the little voice in my head that was telling me it was foolish to waste my energy on this man since he was moving shortly. Falling in love was out of the question so any type of personal interaction we engaged in would be purely physical. I wasn't going to run the risk of falling in love for a man who would move off and desert me and after the earlier lustful interlude I was afraid falling for him would be just too damned easy. I sighed dejectedly.

"Please stay, Edyn, come with me to the marina and see this boat my boss has given me unlimited use of. I am expecting some friends in a few hours and I told them I was hoping this girl from the coffee shop would come too. They all seemed eager to meet you. I will have you home by 4am, I promise." said Bryan pleadingly. "I really want you to come."

I wish I could say that I left that car and headed home to my cat, Jackson, who would surely be missing me by now but he had asked so politely and it had been ages since I had a night out to relax.

"You promise to behave?" I asked light-heartedly.

"I always behave, my dear." He said with a mischievous grin and backed out of the coffee shop parking lot and headed north easterly toward the marina that serviced Lake Griffon. He drove fast and took curves like an expert race car driver. The ride was thrilling and frightening at the same time. I found myself laughing out loud in exalting fear. I was thoroughly enjoying myself as he rounded the last curve and sped into the marina parking lot sideways. He hit the breaks and threw it into reverse to back into a parking space. The cocky way he drove made me wonder if he was this cocky in bed. I could only hope.

When he pointed out the boat to me I was astonished to see that it was more of a yacht than a boat. It seemed to stretch on forever and was decked with huge sails and sparkling lights. It floated gracefully in the water at the end of the dock before me.

He took me by my left hand with my right hand clutching the box containing his gift. He slowly pulled me behind him down the length of the dock. I could tell he was moving slowly to give me time to drink the marina and boats in and commit the moment to memory. It seemed almost magical to me as we walked along the dock in the moonlight to a fancy small sized yacht. I was beguiled by the mood of the night. I couldn't remember ever feeling this excited and enthralled as I walked behind him. The best part was the man holding my hand. He smiled back at me several times with his teeth gleaming whitely at me. My knees grew weaker with each step.

Bryan helped me onto his boat and I felt like a child full of wonder as he gave me a tour of the beautiful vessel. He claimed it was even sea worthy but for now he would use it to cruise Lake Griffon until he had to relocate.

The deck seemed oddly deserted to be so well kept and I wondered if a crew was necessary to sail this thing. We walked to the starboard side and looked out across the water. I looked up at the stars and moon and wondered if they could sense my need for this man. Bryan stood closely beside me and then put an arm around me and drew me close. I felt the tautness of my shoulders melt away in his embrace and turned toward him fully and wrapped my arms around him nuzzling my face into his shirt and inhaling deeply. He smelled of leather and cologne and fabric softener. He smelled so different up here at chest level than he did down below. Bryan tightened the embrace, squeezing me gently, forcing me to gasp and look up at him and when I did his lips descended upon mine and assaulted them tenderly. The kiss was so intense and communicative that I saw patterns swirl inside my head to the same rhythm as the movement of his soft wet tongue. I felt myself respond in many places at the same time. My dripping sheath clenched involuntary and relaxed. My legs began to feel a sort of numbness that almost made them seem to wobble. My heart skipped a beat and I drew a deep breath loudly through my nose as he continued kissing me with ardor. I was swept away by the power of his kiss and didn't even notice when the boat began to quietly set sail. I thought the swaying was the weakness in my knees as his lips held mine prisoner.

Time seemed to go on forever as we kissed and nuzzled. My hands drifted to his ass and massaged it through his trousers. My hips were splayed against his pelvis and his penis stirred against my abdomen. I giggled into his mouth and he pulled away and looked at me.

"What is so funny?" He asked me.

"I can feel you harden as we kiss. It's exciting." I pulled away from him then to try and hide my own arousal. It was then that I noticed we were moving.

An alarm went off in my brain and I backed away from him quickly just as the boat turned slightly and I stumbled back against the rail. The impact jarred my glasses loose and they fell overboard before I could catch them. The world blurred and tilted and it frightened me.

"Bryan!" I exclaimed in my confusion and he quickly took me into his arms.

"What's happening? Why are we moving? My glasses just fell overboard, dammit, now I'm as good as blind. Can we just turn around and head back to the marina?" The words tumbled out of my mouth in a panicked jumble as I watched the blurry lights along the shore fade into the night.

“Shhh, don’t be afraid, Edyn. We’re just going to cruise for a bit then we have to come back to the marina in a few hours to pick up my friends. I thought you’d enjoy being out on Lake Griffon on a night like this.” His tone was sincere and sympathetic as he attempted to comfort me. I felt off kilter now though and oddly vulnerable. I decided to take command of the situation the best way I knew how. I asked him if he had any booze.

He smiled and beckoned me to follow him. I bent and picked up the box of practically nothing that I had dropped in order to steady myself on the rail. I was thankful they hadn’t spilled and even more thankful they hadn’t spilled overboard with the glasses. I followed him below deck and into a surprisingly large living area. It was nicely furnished and trimmed in rich oak. No expense had been spared in it’s crafting. There was a large overstuffed leather couch on one side and a bar very close to it.

“I’d like Crown on the rocks, if you don’t mind, Bryan.” I said with a wink.

“Oh, so I get to serve you tonight, eh?” He said with a little grin. Then he undid his cufflinks and threw his jacket on the couch.

“Feels awesome to get out of that thing. The worst thing about them is that they are so restrictive. Of course there are other bad things about suits too.” He said quietly and began opening cabinets to find the necessary supplies. I noted a very well stocked bar as I sat on a stool with my elbows propped on it. My eyes traveled the length of him and did not find him lacking.

“Well, if you ask me you have the better end of the deal. Look what I have to wear to work everyday.” I motioned to my shirt and slacks and then began taking my hair down again. “best thing about getting off work is taking my hair down, I hope you don’t mind, Bryan.” I gave my head a gentle toss and looked down at my uniform sulkily. “We should have stopped by my house and gotten a change of clothes. These are so uncomfortable.”

Bryan seemed to be in suspended animation for he neither blinked nor breathed but stood like a statue instead and stared at me.

“What is it?” I asked “Is my hair wild or sticking straight up or something?”

He chuckled. “No, that’s not it at all. You just look so different. I can hardly believe it’s you.”

I shrugged and pondered what he'd said about suits being bad.

"What other ways, besides being restrictive, are suits bad?" I asked.

"They give people the wrong impression." Bryan said setting a tumbler with golden whiskey and ice in it before me. "Take me for instance, one would think I was a wealthy business man by the clothes I wear and the car I drive and this boat I have access to."

My eyes widened. "You mean you're not?" I asked incredulously. "Then what do you do all day?"

"I run from my boss," He said and chuckled merrily as he drank from his tumbler.

I thought that was odd but decided not to press him for details as I finished off my drink. Bryan looked surprised that I had finished so quickly as he poured me another. I sipped the second one slowly though as we chatted about casual things.

When a door to my right opened and a distinguished looking middle aged man in a white captain's uniform stepped into the room I nearly fell off the stool; it startled me so thoroughly. I rushed over to where Bryan stood and eyed the man warily. Since the moment we had started adrift I had suspected we were not alone but this was the first time I had seen anyone. He had a kind face from what I could tell without my glasses.

“Edyn, meet Captain Peter Blane. He is retired from the Coast Guard and now makes this boat his home and sees to the upkeep of it. Captain please meet my friend, Edyn." I was impressed by the formal way Bryan introduced us and remembered my manners enough to offer my hand which the Captain took gently and held to his mouth. The kiss was only lightly placed yet I felt Bryan's stance change beside me and when I ventured a quick glance to his face, I saw by the set of his jaw that he was unhappy with the contact.

I smiled at the Captain politely and then excused myself to find a bathroom. Bryan pointed to a small hallway off the main room that led to the galley and off of that was a smallish but fully equipped bathroom. I sat down on the commode heavily and quickly released the urine that had been making me very uncomfortable since I finished the first tumbler of Crown. I sighed as my bladder emptied. I looked at the brown work pants around my knees and groaned. These clothes I was wearing were horrendous. I pulled back the shower curtain and noted a fully functioning shower. I thought of the beautiful under things that Bryan had bought for me and the way he made me feel just by looking at me. I felt a blush creep across my face as I thought about surprising him by slipping into those clothes. The box was resting on the bar in the living area of the boat so I had to retrieve it without him knowing if it were to be a true surprise.

I crept out into the galley and then down the hall to the living room and to my luck it was empty. Perhaps the Captain and Bryan were off talking nautical jargon above deck. No matter, I thought as I ran across the empty space to the bar. I grabbed my tumbler and gulped the contents, snatched the box up and ran back across the floor giggling all the way. I made it into the bathroom undetected and quickly shed my work clothes and slipped behind the shower curtain.

I was happy to see the shower was supplied with a good quality shampoo and conditioner as well as a spicy smelling body wash. I poured shampoo into my palm and began lathering the thick tresses on my head. The warm water felt so luxurious as it cascaded over my forehead, nose, lips and breasts. I worked the lather gently, massaging my scalp, delighting in the tingles it generated. The alcohol was making me feel warm and blurring my senses just enough that when combined with my diminished eyesight I felt as if I were melting. I found myself wishing that I was not alone in this shower. I imagined Bryan's hands on my large breasts. He'd caress my nipples with his thumbs moving in circles, he'd...I pressed my legs together tightly. I was losing focus on my surprise for Bryan. I felt a little nervous when I thought of how bold I was being but buying someone you barely knew underwear was also very bold so he was only getting what he deserved.

The bathroom was steamy when I finally finished washing every body part meticulously and stepped out onto the bathmat. I was once again thrilled to find feminine toiletries under the sink which I used liberally. I rubbed spicy scented lotion up and down my thighs, knees and calves and massaged my feet with a generous amount in order to make them soft and supple. I couldn't help but wonder what woman also used this boat. Her taste was impeccable. My skin felt like silk as I slid my hands over my perpetually aroused body. I sighed as I slipped into the clothes he had given me.

I caught my reflection in the mirror on the back of the bathroom door. it was still a little foggy but I could see the outlines of my body well enough and I felt a chill go up my spine as I noticed how delectable my breasts looked in the lacy push up bra. He had gotten the sizes pretty much right but the cup could have been a size larger. My breasts were squeezed in there tight and if the rounded lobes had been a hair bigger it would have been uncomfortable. I smiled at my reflection. I was hoping to be rid of the bra in a few moments anyhow. I ran my fingers through my still damp hair and wished once again there had been a hairdryer under that sink with the rest of the goodies. My hair would just have to air dry which would cause it to curl into soft ringlets down my back. I had left my purse in Bryan's car like an idiot and so my face would just have to remain free of makeup. I would have loved to play up my full mouth and almond eyes. I looked at my reflection uncertainly and all the imperfections on my body started to glare at me. The scar on my thigh from childhood, a mole here and there, the slight upturn of my nose seemed to call at me to warn of impending rejection. I squinted my eyes to see if ...

"Edyn, are you in there?" Bryan asked and knocked on the door a few times.

I gasped loudly. He was outside the door and I was only inches away from him. I felt a familiar moistness between my thighs as I thought about what his reaction would be when he saw me. I cringed when I thought about the possibility of rejection.

knock-knock-knock ..."Edyn?" This time his voice was hesitant and worried.

"I'm here, Bryan. I umm...I slipped into something a bit more comfortable." I said trying to keep the nervous quiver from my voice.

"You did? Come on out here and show me how you look. I have been waiting to see this since I bought you that set." He sounded excited and I suddenly felt extremely desired. I opened the door slowly until he would only have been able to see a sliver of me and stood there breathing hard as his eyes swept up and down the visible length of me greedily.

The curiosity filled gaze he had first laid upon me instantly transformed into a look of hunger. He made a sound in his throat that was similar to a lustful growl as he reached through the crack in the door and grasped my arm and pulled me out into the galley. He pulled me to him and buried his face in my neck and inhaled. I sighed softly as I felt his tongue begin to work it's way up the side of my neck and to my ear lobe which he nibbled gingerly. One of his hands had found my full breast and was busily trying to free the compressed nipple. As soon as he got it loose he flicked his tongue across it and it hardened to a pink nub. He watched it for a second and then he asked politely.

"May I take you to my room and have wild sex with you?" He grabbed my head in both hands and peered intently into my half closed eyes. "I want you to be aware that my tastes may seem animalistic, my passion near brutal. Can you handle me, Edyn?" He asked and then raped my mouth with his tongue, leaving no surface untasted. I could barely nod through the force of his kiss and then with no warning he swept me up into his arms and made his way through the narrow quarters and into his bedroom. I felt the softness of the comforter beneath my scantily clad body and took a moment to survey the room. It seemed like a bedroom in a nice home except on a smaller scale. It was such a luxury to be on a boat like this with someone like Bryan that I completely lost myself in the moment and let his hands have full reign on my body.

Our mouths remained locked as we undressed him quickly and lay down in a tangle of limbs on the bed. His tongue laid claim to my mouth and then my exposed nipple and then traveled down to my neatly trimmed pussy for a little tiny taste before it climbed back up my body and dipped back between my lips to tangle with my tongue again. I do not know how many times he made that journey but every time he tasted my pussy he would linger longer and use his tongue to make wet circles on my clit. Then like a ravenous beast he would travel back to my mouth to leave a trace of myself on my lips. His tongue began to inflict such pleasure on my pussy that I found myself clutching his head with my thighs and trying to hold him there with his tongue against me. He would always struggle free though and return to give me my taste and after I became used to the exotic scent and taste I began to look forward to his kisses. I felt him slide my thong down my thighs and I froze for a moment. The moment was arousing me incredibly, almost like a little panty removing ceremony...the only thing between his cock and my begging pussy. He could have fucked me fine were he to just leave the crotch pushed to the side as he had done earlier but apparently he wanted better access and when his mouth closed over my clit I understood why.

His tongue seemed to be everywhere at once as it flickered over me from clit to slit and then dipped inside a time or two only to come back up and remain focused intensely on sucking and maneuvering my swollen nub. I moaned shamelessly as I writhed on my back with my legs wrapped around his shoulders. I could not stop myself from rubbing my clit into his mouth as he began setting my orgasm in motion. My entire pussy inside and out began to tighten in notches as the climax approached. Each thrust of his tongue in my pussy left me trying to grasp it with my muscles to hold it while at the same time I felt an undeniable urge for pressure on my clit. I groaned as my hips came off the bed. To have an orgasm while being eaten is truly divine and this orgasm was no exception. I arched my back as the ripples traveled outward and my hands clenched the sheets involuntarily as I screamed in ecstasy. Juices ran to puddle beneath my ass as I lay there still, letting the pleasure fade away.

His deep chuckle brought me around and I found him gazing at my body lustily. He reached around to unfasten my bra to the delight of my squashed breasts who perked up nicely when freed to his wanton hands. His sandy hair was beyond wind blown as he got to work suckling every inch of newly exposed flesh and removing the remainder of the whorish get up.

“I like to fuck my women naked,” He whispered as he nestled between my thighs like had only happened in my dreams before.

I felt myself grow even wetter with the anticipation of receiving his hard cock. I had wanted to suck on it some more before we got to this point but he seemed intent in his ways and I let him take control. He slowly inched the head of his penis closer to my entrance and I debated whether to inquire about protection. He caught my head once again between his hands and looked me in the eye for a moment and paused to kiss me, my pelvis shot upward involuntarily as his kiss traveled down to my exposed throat and extremely sensitive earlobes. I wanted his cock in me so bad, I wanted to command him loudly to ram it in me like a porn star but I could not speak. I could only feel, my body was alive with desire and nothing would satisfy it but that perfect unity of cock and pussy. He continued kissing me with his cock rubbing my clit in gentle circles. I met each circle with vigor and sucked his neck so viciously I put a small bruise on it right above his collarbone. I glanced downward at his smooth chest pressed against mine our hips gyrating in unison as the tempo increased with each rub.

His lips descended on mine again and as his tongue slid over mine he lifted his hips, lowered them slightly and plunged his cock all the way into my wet and willing pussy. I groaned in delight as he began sliding in and out of me in an age old rhythm of give and take, push and pull, sex and greedy lust. I met his thrusts with open thighs and a welcoming deepness and I found I really liked the missionary position when done so expertly. His cock found all the right spots within my depths and my body knew exactly when to clamp down on him as he thrust. He rode me gently at first, going ever deeper, until he would hit bottom and then he would rest inside of me pushing only slightly. He was lengthening me with his careful thrusts and as he delved deeper I felt a sense of his ownership. It felt as if he were carving a space for himself inside of me and just the idea made a gush of wetness soak his prodding cock.

He smiled at me with slanted eyes and then began to increase the pace and pressure inside me. He was still hitting deep but he was hitting it faster and the way he moved his hips was also causing friction on my clit. I began to gasp as he increased his pace even more so that now he was moving in a plunge deep-pull out rhythm. He licked his finger and slid it between our meshing bodies to tease my clit gently and that sensation mixed with the depth of his thrusts caused an almost unexpected orgasm. I didn’t have time to scream, I barely had time to breathe as I shuddered beneath his plunging cock. As the last spike of pleasure faded to memory he pulled out of me and lay back on the bed. I could see his cock as it lay swollen and glistening with my juices at an angle above his abdomen.

I knew what he wanted and sat up and slid my lips down over his cock. He urged me into a kneeling position and began to rub my clit while I gave my full attention to his cock and balls. I sucked him as furiously as he had fucked me and once I lifted my mouth off his cock, traced it with my tongue all the way to his balls and then managed a tentative lick of his anus. I shocked myself when I found my tongue on his tightly pursed asshole but he only groaned and pushed on my tongue. The only scent was of his musky balls, the only taste was of salty skin. I gave it a few more licks and a couple of suckles before returning my attention to his throbbing cock, which now practically pulsed in time to his heart beat. I swallowed his shaft as I had in the car feeling proud of my skills for the second time that night. I love the smooth feel of a man’s cock in my mouth and deep throat blow jobs make me feel like the ultimate whore. I was in my happy place as I sucked him to the point of no return, to the point of thrusting hips and hair pulling hands and uncontrollable moans. The bed creaked as he thrust his hips upward into my mouth and I tried not to gag as he hit the back of my throat in his passion. I felt him tensing as he slammed his cock down my throat and bruised my lips and tongue. I was grateful when he finally erupted over my tongue and into my raw throat. The cum almost a soothing ointment over the wounds of oral sex. I swallowed his sperm for the second time that night and then I curled up beside him as he lay panting and smiling. I used the crook of his armpit for a head rest and promptly drifted off to sleep.

When I awoke it was morning and I was alone.


2005-10-25 14:32:09
Excellent! I love it!


2005-06-17 23:23:31
nice, very nice. give us some more asshole licking in some more stories.


2005-01-14 00:50:10
i found myself wanting the story to never end!


2004-08-20 11:46:17
WHOA!!!!!!! It rocked, the 1st one did to. I already read the one about Prom night, it got me hot. You realy a great ighter, keep it up.


2004-08-19 15:50:53
beautiful. that was great

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