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This story is about the love between two siblings as they explore their feeling for one another. It is broken into three parts and is somewhat lengthy in total. Your comments are always welcome and I hope you enjoy.
Part I

It was another warm spring Saturday and school had just let out for the year for most, but for me, it had just let out permanently. I had just graduated high school and hadn’t decided what was next in my future. There was college, although I had never excelled in the studying department. There was finding a job, but I guess I wasn’t that motivated to actually start my adult life off bagging groceries or flipping hamburgers. There was always the military, but I guess I worked hard to gain my independence and the thought of giving it right away didn’t make much sense to me. I guess that I was a typical 17 year-old stud out of school; I had no idea what I wanted for myself, but I would figure that out later, because right at that moment, it was a Saturday, it was spring, it was warm and we had a pool, so the only decision that was pressing was how long can I stay out in the sun before I start to burn.

My family was made up of four people, two men and two women, well one woman and a “Squirt”.
My younger sister was the squirt since she was born. She is officially three years and seven months to the day younger than I am and that makes her 13 and change years old. I know what most of you are thinking; she’s a bratty kid sister, but generally, that’s not the case. We have always gotten along real well; oh there are times when we, shall I say, disagree somewhat on something trivial, but over all, she’s a good kid and a great little sister.

My parents, on the other hand, are Realtors; they own their own company and are rarely home. This may sound great for those uninformed people out there who can only think of the positives in being alone, but a daily menu of it gets old rear quick. But Squirt and I have adjusted and do our thing when it comes to food preparation and clean up. We are responsible as far as not having wild parties or anything like that and we actually keep the house basically clean. It’s just the not having a parent around to ask questions of when they do pop up. I guess that’s why I’m having trouble deciding what I am going to do now that high school is over.

On that warm Saturday spring morning, I couldn’t care less whether my parents were home or not, whether I had to fix dinner that evening or for that matter, if they were even coming home tonight; all I cared about was that cool water in the pool and the warm sun baking upon my body. As I headed out to the pool area, I ran across Squirt coming out of the kitchen and said to her, “I’m going swimming in that gloriously cool pool and lie out and catch some rays. So you want to join me?”

She thought for a moment and then replied, “Oh Wit, I’d love to but I’ve got to clean my room and do the laundry. Maybe after I get through if you’re still out there I’ll join you.” As she walked past her she added, “Thanks Wit, I appreciate you asking.”

That’s right, it’s not a miss spelling or anything like that, the people in my life that mean the most to me, call me by my initials, WIT, for William Irvin Taylor. My friends at school called me Will or Bill, my parents and teachers call me William, but my real friends; my true close friends, all call me by my initials, Wit. Squirt is in that category of true, close friends.

Squirt isn’t her real name, obviously. She was born Patricia Ann Taylor, but when she came home from the hospital, she was so tiny and, me being only three years old, I said she looked like a little squirt and the name stuck, for me anyway. So, here we are, two siblings, fending for themselves, Wit and Squirt, on their own.

I was on my third drying cycle when Squirt made her appearance from her chores and immediately jumped into the pool, making a splash that almost reached me. As she came up I said, “Nice try Squirt, you almost got me wet. But if you want to see how it’s done,” I said getting up and running towards the pool, “then watch this!” I canon balled my entrance and a water suction gusher followed that sprayed her already wet head.

“You got me all wet,” she cried in her most indignant pout. “All show you,” she said and with two powerful strokes, she was on top of me, ducking my head under the water. I came up sputtering and retaliated in kind. I never had to worry about playing too rough with Squirt; she could swim like a fish. She could hold her breath longer than anyone I knew and was strong as an ox in the water. So we continued our little game of dunking and water wrestling, we grabbed and manhandled each other until I started feeling a strange reaction.

I recognized the twinge down between my legs as we continued to frolic around doing our rendition of a water ballet, but with every bodily contact I made with this 13 year old beauty of a sister of mine, it became a growing concern; pun intended. Squirt was a little bit of a thing; maybe 5 feet tall and 80 or 90 pounds, but she had been filling out nicely for the better part of a year or so, and I must say, she had turned into a little fox.

She had always been cute as a bug ear, with her pug nose and her dimpled cheeks, but those eyes, those deep blue eyes that when you looked into them, all you could see was the depth of her soul. She wore her long blond hair generally in a pigtail to look her age, but on those rare occasions when she wore it down, my gosh what a looker. I had never noticed this total development of my sister until just this minute and I was starting to get aroused. I was doing more than just get aroused, I was getting turned on. I was getting a HARD ON! My God, Squirt was making me hard! I had to stop these feelings.

“That’s enough, truce,” I declared and swam down to the other end away from her. What’s wrong with me anyway, I know it’s been awhile since I broke it off with my girl friend; my sexually active girl friend, but to get turned on by my sister? No, something had to be wrong with me.

“Can’t take it anymore, huh?” Squirt cried out in triumph. “You’re so pitiful, Wit, letting a girl beat you in water wrestling,” she teased. “What a woos.”

I turned my back to her and adjusted my problem so as not to telegraph it and then I announced that I was getting out. I quickly made my exit to the house and directly to my room to change out of my wet suit. I went in to take a shower and got dressed to mow the lawn.

I worked around the house that afternoon, taking care not to confront Squirt and tempt her curiosity. I don’t know what I would have said if she had noticed the bulge in my pants. I couldn’t get it to go down beyond it being mostly limp but swollen. You know how you think it’s gone away then at the least provocation, it rears its ugly head. Well, I didn’t want any displays of ugliness of its head or any other part of its body, so I decided that the better part of valor was to make myself scarce.

That worked all afternoon but as I was coming in from trimming the hedge, I ran into Squirt in the kitchen and she asked me what I wanted for dinner. “You got a call from Mom didn’t you,” I asked but I knew the answer all ready.

“Yeah, she said not to wait up for them tonight because they had a dinner meeting that will probably go on all night. So what do you want, call out for pizza?”

“Sounds good to me,” I said with a little disgust in my voice.

“Wit, that’s okay, what can we do about it? We’ll just watch a movie like we always do,” she said trying to convince herself as much as me.

“Yeah, I’ll go and get cleaned up,” I said shaking my head and walking to my room. Oh well, at least I lost my problem down between my legs. It had never felt so deflated. I guess I can get into my pajamas now that the crisis has past.

I came out of my room and sat down on the couch and waited for the pizza to arrive. Squirt was nowhere to be seen. I turned on the TV and channel surfed until the doorbell announced the arrival of our dinner. I yelled out as I came from the front door carrying the Italian nectar, “Squirt, the pizza is here. You’d better come and get your share or else it will all be gone.” I listened carefully and heard the shower running from the bathroom so I knocked loudly at the door and announced, “The pizza’s here,” and listen for her response.

“Okay, thanks Wit, I’ll be right there. Don’t eat it all,” she said, knowing that I just might. I smiled to myself and meandered back to the couch where I had made my stake for the remainder of the evening. I had devoured two slices before she made her appearance wearing her night shirt that said a faded “Girls Rule” across the front. Grabbing two pieces, she sprawled out on her tummy on the floor in front of the TV and started munching down the pizza.

Suddenly I stopped in mid-chew as I glanced down at her position on the floor in front of me. All I saw were legs, bare legs, separated slightly and her panty covered butt. I could see the crotch of the white silk panties that stuck out from under her night shirt and suddenly my problem raised its ugly head, its neck and shoulders, hell, its entire body. I suddenly had a tent in my pajamas that was impossible to miss. I grabbed a pillow and placed it on my lap as I thought, please make it go away.

My eyes kept staring at where her legs joined with her butt, defying my minds will. No matter how hard I tried to make them watch the movie, they rebelliously stayed turned to the other show of Squirt’s. She finished her first two pieces and rolled over and sat up in one motion. She semi-caught my gaze on her legs and looked puzzled and asked, “What?”

I said the first thing coming into my mind and answered, “What?” and shrugged my shoulders. She indicated with her expression and eyebrows that it was nothing, and, grabbing two more pieces of pizza, turned back to her original position, but this time, checking her hem line, pulled her shirt down a little and tried to cover my view. I knew I had been caught, if nothing else by the redness of my face that I could feel. I kept the stare up because, although she had managed to cover most of the show she had granted me at first, she still let there be a sliver of her crotch show.

I was mesmerized by the sight of my sister’s crotch display from the rear. Her thin little white silk panties that were padded at the crotch; were still thin enough that as it covered her parts down below, it wasn’t so tight that it spanned the gulf tightly. It kind of lay there touching her on her crotch and I could make out the slight indentation which I swear was her crack. My mind was going wild with possibilities, did I see this, or was it that. If she moved a smidgen this way then I could see into her crotch. I wasn’t thinking rationally any longer, so what came out of my mouth next even surprised me.

“Hey Squirt, how about a back rub,” I suddenly blurted out.

“Now Wit? I’m watching a movie. Maybe a little later when it’s over I’ll give you one,” she said impatiently.

“No Squirt, I’m offering to give you one,” I explained.

“You want to give me a back rub?” she asked as she looked over her shoulders. “I can’t past that up. Sure,” she said readily and scooted down as she cradled her head with her arms.

I jumped off of the couch and straddled her legs right above the knees as she continued to nestle down and get comfortable. I began to lightly rub her shoulders to get them warm before I started the massage in earnest and as I continued to go over her neck and shoulder muscles, the pressure I exerted with my hands increased. I had experienced professional massages before so I somewhat knew what felt good and where to rub.

After gently but firmly kneading the knots out of her neck and shoulders, I moved downward to her actual shoulder blades and mid-back muscles. With every move up her back, I would take her night shirt with it and before long it had ridden up her back and was up to her waist, leaving a clear view of her thin white panties and her crack showing through the fabric. It drove me on to higher and riskier movements.

I slipped my hands under her night shirt and ran them up on the bare skin of her mid-back where they continued their task of massaging her muscles. She didn’t seem to mind this intrusion on her personal space, so I would attempt to find out how far I could go after I manipulated her muscles into submission. I again worked my way down her body onto the small of her back, applying a gentle pressure as I went.

Her night shirt was up to her shoulders in the back but was caught under her body in front, so when I would occasionally move my hands up to her shoulders again, I had a clear view of her bare back, unobstructed, but I wanted more. So as I moved my hands to her sides and started massaging her rib cage, they soon met up with her night shirt and had to stop because of the bunched up fabric.

“Let’s move this up a little,” I casually said as I indicted my desire by tugging at her shirt. She complied by raising her body just a tiny bit to allow the shirt to slide up over her breasts and then she reclined back down, again, no mention of not enjoying and agreeing. The only thing she muttered was to say, “Oh Wit, I never knew you could give such great back rubs. I’ll have to remember this for a long time.”

I don’t know when I lost control over my hands, my mind or the situation, but somewhere I definitely did, because from this point forward I couldn’t have stopped myself if I had tried and I certainly didn’t try. I rubbed her sides from near her breasts to her hips, probing the muscles with my constant pressure of my fingers. Feeling her texture of her spreading muscles, I continued to explore the sides of her breasts and into her the front of her hip area. I was kneading and exploring with every venture I made.

My next experiment was down at her waist and hips, but most importantly, the waistband of those panties; those beautiful white, thin silk panties. As I moved my touch down to the band protecting her butt from my gaze, I would rub deeper and deeper on her butt, pushing her skin down under the waistband and I would insert a finger or thumb under the restraint. As I removed my finger I would lower the panties on her butt until I had moved the band down to the crack of her butt.

I thought I had not better press my luck any further so I moved my massage down to her firm hamstrings and started massaging her soft, yet athletic legs with vigor. As I ran my hands over her outer leg muscles up to her panty lines with both hands, I would then circle my stroke towards her junction and run my hands down to her knees on the inside. After several rotations I decided to make a bold move.

I placed my knee between her legs and asked her to spread them out. She hesitated for a moment and then complied. I moved the other knee between her legs as now they were about a foot and a half apart and I had a perfect view upward to her crotch. I swallowed hard as I kneaded her inner legs hard and steady. My fingers massaged up to the crotch of her panties and then barely made contact with it. She stiffened and moved her legs around to protect against any further contact.

She looked over her shoulder at me and said, “Wit, what are you doing?”

I was crazed by this time and as I swallowed hard once again I lied and asked, “Did I touch you? I’m sorry; I just was trying to get those muscles high on your legs. I’ll be careful from now on.”

“I think we had better stop with the back rub; don’t you?” she was putting a stop to all of my plans and I wasn’t about to quit now.

“Oh come on Squirt, doesn’t it feel good? I just want to make it feel real good. I’ll be careful, really. You can lie on your back and I’ll massage your thigh muscles now,” I insisted.

She slowly and wearily agreed and lay back down with me in between her thighs on my knees. I began massaging her thighs as I scoped out her crotch area again. I could see a darker outline where the double crotch of her panties ended and the single layer of fabric took over. My eyes were glued to that darkness as my hands began to massage her upper thighs. I would rotate my hands up the outer thighs and back down the inner thighs and with each rotation I was getting bolder and closer to her crotch.

I was going wild with anticipation and I abandoned any hope of getting her permission. I could wait no longer so on my next rotation I went for it. Sliding my hands up the outside and rotating them towards her crotch, I pressed forward and placed my fingers directly into her crack. She reacted violently by putting her hands upon mine and pushing them away.

“Wit, what are you doing to me down there? Are you trying to feel me up? My God, Wit, you can’t do that, I’m your sister for God’s sake! Stop it right now!” she commanded.

I heard her plea and I knew it was wrong, but my mind kept saying to take it if she wouldn’t give it, so I ignored her objections. I pressed harder with my fingers and found her crack that led up to her little hooded knob. Finding it hidden between her firm labia lips, I brought my finger to bare on it as she fought my hand to save its intrusions. I rubbed it roughly as she screamed her indignant objections and fought back my lustfulness. I had to have her and I wasn’t going to take no for an answer.

She was kicking wildly into the air, trying to make contact with something of mine. She was moving her hips away from my advancing fingers and all the while, she was verbally questioning why. My mind was lost to the impending lust that I was experiencing; I must see her, touch her and smell her. I had lost all control.

I took her by the back of her legs and pushed hard until they rose up and folded at the hips, exposing her butt to my lustful eyes. With my free hand I lifted her hips off the floor and grabbed the waistband of her panties and pulled them up over her butt. What I saw drove my lustfulness even higher. Her thighs were parallel to the floor and her knees were together; her panties were bunched up just below her knees and acted as a restraint keeping them together. I could not believe my eyes.

I saw the backs of her two white legs, but in between them, down at her crotch, were two of the most delicious looking labia lips I have ever seen, with just a hint of moisture escaping from the folds. I let out a loud cry and drove my finger down into the crack in search of the source of the moisture and, finding it, impaled it as deep as it would go. She shrieked and tried to push her legs back down and cried out, “Wit NO! My God, Wit, STOP PLEASE! No Wit, Please,” and her voice trailed off into silence.

I ran my thumb up to her hidden treasure and started stoking on it tenderly at first but then much harder. She was starting to respond a little as I kept up the digital assault. I reached up under her night shirt and fondled her breast with my free hand as she started to moan a little. “Oh Wit, please stop now. Oh God Wit, let me up please?”

My mind did not hear or at least did not respond. I had to have her; sister or not, I HAD to have her. So I released her breast and removed my pajamas down to my thighs and scooted up closer to her vaginal area. She cried out, “OH MY GOD WIT, NOT THAT! YOU CAN’T WIT, NOT THAT! OH MY GOD, NOOO!”

I placed it at the entrance and started my penetration into her virginal canal. I had only entered her an inch or so when she bucked and screamed, “OUW, OH WIT, OUW IT HURTS. OH MY GOD, WIT, YOU’RE HURTING ME. OH PLEASE STOP, OH PLEASE!”

I leaned forward and whispered in her ear, “Squirt, try to relax, I don’t want to hurt you but I’ve got to have you. Now try to relax.”

She quieted down somewhat but as I continued my intrusion, I could feel that she had not really relaxed any and if anything, she had tightened up even more. She was crying now, quietly sobbing, tensing at every little intrusion I made. She would cry out, “Oh no Wit, it hurts. Oh you’re hurting me,” very softly but she was lying there not moving at all.

Then I felt my release building suddenly. “Oh no, not yet,” I thought, but it was too late. I shot my sperm out into her vagina, a mere three inches into her. I hadn’t even attempted a full penetration. I HADN’T EVEN FUCKED HER YET AND NOW I’VE SHOT MY WAD! OH MY GOD, WHAT HAVE I DONE?

I pulled out quickly and rolled out from between her legs. The look on her face made my heart sink; it was one of sheer pain, disgust and disbelief. Suddenly it dawned on me I had just raped my sister. She got up without saying a word and walked to the bathroom wiping the tears from her cheeks.

I cleaned the juices from my crotch area and as I was pulling my pajamas back on, Squirt came out of the bathroom and went directly to her room. I didn’t know what to do or say. The realization of my actions suddenly came to me. I had just raped my sister; my loving, 13 year old baby sister. I had forced her to submit to my lustful, evil actions. I was scum!

I reluctantly followed her to her room and gently tapped on the door. She didn’t answer so I tapped again, a little louder this time, still no answer. I softly spoke and said, “Squirt, are you all right? Squirt, tell me you’re all right, please. I feel so bad and after I saw the tears and everything, I just want to hear that you’re all right.”

“Go away, Wit. If you must know, I am okay. You really hurt me though and you just…well, I’m okay, just disappointed that’s all. But you did hurt me so bad, in more ways than you know…” she let her voice trail off.

That was the dagger to my heart, “in more ways than you know”. I will never be able to have her trust again. I’ve crossed the line of decency, I’ve forced myself on my sister; I’ve raped her. My God, what have I done?

I stood there at her bedroom door thinking; what could I say? I’ve lost the one person in the world that I could always count on to be there for me and I didn’t know what to say.

“Squirt, I’m sorry,” I blurted out. “I don’t know what came over me. I haven’t had any thoughts like that about you before today and they came out at the pool, I promise. I don’t know what happened but seeing you in that bathing suit and you were all over me, touching me and me touching you and then you came into watch TV and you were wearing that night shirt and I could see your panties. I kept thinking just how beautiful you are and how much I wanted to touch you and caress you but you’re my sister. Well, I lost my mind and I did something terrible to you; something that, if I could, I would take back in a second.”

I stopped for breath and a tear escaped down my cheek. I wiped it away and I sobbed a little; thinking of the sobs that I ignored when they came from my sister. Those thoughts just brought out more and I bowed my head and covered my eyes with my hands and whaled in my distraught. Suddenly I heard the door latch being unlocked and opened and there stood my Squirt.

“Oh Squirt, Patricia Ann, can you ever forgive me?” I blurted out in a gushing explosion of emotions. I threw myself into her arms and we embraced each other and cried our eyes out. We fell to our knees and hugged each other and sobbed. We cried for, I don’t know how long, but it seemed like an eternity. When we both had had our cry, we helped each other up and we walked out to the living room, hand in hand, and sat back down on the couch.

We sat there in silence for a period of time, neither of us knowing what to say. Squirt finally broke our quietness when she said, “It really did hurt a lot Wit. Does it always hurt so much?” she asked.

“Well, I’ve never known it to hurt a lot like that, but I’ve only been the first time for one other girl I’ve been with. All the others have had other experiences,” I said.

“How many have you been with?” she asked rather impulsively.

Scratching my chin and thinking awhile, I slowly said with a straight face, trying to lighten up the mood “Well, if you count the entire girls volleyball and basketball teams, let’s see that would be…”

“Oh Wit,” she said, punching me in the shoulder, “I’m serious. How many girls have you been with?”

“Squirt, there’s only been four total, that’s all,” I said seriously.

“Then I’m five?” she asked.

The thought of what transpired this evening had left but suddenly came back to me as I slowly agreed, “Yes Squirt, you are the fifth.” Then I thought, “But the first I’ve had to rape.”

She thought for awhile and then asked, “Do you think it will hurt as much the next time”

I thought in an instant, “Not if you do it with someone other than a rapist,” but said, “I hope not Squirt, if the lucky guy who you chose to be the “next one” is any kind of a man, it shouldn’t hurt at all.”

She just let what I said sink in and didn’t say a word. She sat there thinking for the longest time and then she said, “Well, I’d better go in and go to bed. Give me another hug Wit and tell me goodnight.”

I put my arms around her shoulders and drew her into a big bear hug and then gently kissing her on her forehead, I whispered to her, “I love you Squirt and I’m so sorry.”

She got up and turned to go and then stopped and said, “I know, Wit.”

Part II

After graduation, I decided that the best course of action for me was to enroll in a community college over at a town not too far from where we lived. It was a far enough drive that I couldn’t make the daily commute back and forth, so I moved out that next August into an apartment I shared with a good friend who also made the same decision as I.

It was tough leaving Squirt by herself, completely alone in that big house, but she had grown up a lot since the incident that happened in the spring, and I felt like she could make the adjustment okay. She actually had accepted my actions better than I had. I went though quite a period of depression after I had violated her, her dignity and her trust in me, and I still felt awkward around her sometimes.

She, on the other hand, was soon her old self; joking punching and not afraid of making physical contact with me, as if nothing had ever happened. I just marveled at how she could just shrug it off. I certainly couldn’t but, taking her lead, I was trying.

We both celebrated a birthday in the interval and as I was finishing up my first full four mouths away from home and driving home for the holidays, my mind went back to my little sister and how much I had missed her. I wondered just how much she had changed and I guessed I was anxious to see her again, much more than my mother and father.

As I turned off the motor of the car in the driveway, I saw Squirt run out of the house to greet me and I smiled. It made me happy to see her happy and as I opened the door and got out, she threw herself into my arms and gave me the biggest hug imaginable.

“Oh Wit, I’ve missed you so much,” she said into my shoulder as she buried her face into my chest.

“I’ve missed you too Squirt. Let’s take a look at you and see how much you’ve grown,” I said releasing her back to the ground. Standing back and giving her the once over appraisal, I was shocked to find her not wanting in the “fox” category and I raised my eyebrows and let out a slight whistle to convey my approval. This caused her to turn a little shade of red, but played her part and spun around to show off her added weight and curves in all of the right places.

She knew that she was maturing, or so I thought because how could anyone not see it, but she didn’t know just how much she had grown in the last four months. I could tell instantly and as I ogled her rounder hips, her thin little waist and her expanded breast area, I suddenly thought back on that one warm spring day and stuttered deep in my soul.

She walked me into the house with her arm around mine and I asked her about our parents. She shrugged her shoulders and indicated that nothing had changed; they were still consumed by their work and nothing would ever change and quickly changed the subject into more pleasant topics.

Later that evening, around the dinner table, all four of us were present for a change and our mom invited us up to the mountain cabin for the long weekend to get away from the business, from the phones and the client’s demands and to just be a family. It was music to Squirt and my ears and we enthusiastically accepted.

I was to drive my sister up to the cabin in my car and they would follow us up as soon as they closed down the office that Friday afternoon. We were so excited as we made the three hour drive up into the mountains to our cabin and we talked and sang and talked some more until my cell phone rang. As I looked at who was calling, I got a sinking feeling in my gut and I glanced over at Squirt and answered the call.

Of course it was our mom and, of course, they had an emergency, and, of course, they were going to be delayed a day coming up to join us. That meant that we had to fend for ourselves, again, and that they would be up just as soon as they could get away. They were sorry, but a client that they had been working with for mouths, all of a sudden, needed his hand held so they had to go to him or lose months of work on this big “deal”. What’s new, the client always takes precedence over your own family, doesn’t it?

I was almost rude to my mother and I mumbled something about it “being alright” and that “we would be just fine”. All along I was thinking, “Yeah and a Happy Holidays to you too.” As I disconnected the call, Squirt simply said, “Well, didn’t you expect it?” I didn’t answer I was so disgusted but just kept driving.

We drove along for the next several miles in silence, deep in our own thoughts, when Squirt suddenly said, “You know when mom took me to the doctor a couple of mouths ago, she actually said that they were going to slow down and take more time to be with us. I told her that it was too late for you, you were out on your own now and, in three more years, I would be too.”

I interrupted her by asking, “You went to the doctor, were you sick or something?”

“No, mom just took me in because of female problems,” she answered.

“Female problems, was it something that I did?” I asked in a panic.

“Why is it that guys are so self-centered that they think everything that happens revolves around them?” she asked disgustedly.

“Well, I don’t know, I just thought that after what I did last spring, I…ah…you’re right, I had no reason to think that…to think at all,” I relented.

“Wit, I was having trouble with my period and…” she started to explain.

“Oh, too much information,” I interrupted.

“…and the doctor prescribed birth control pills for me to regulate my menstruations,” she continued.

There was a sudden silence in the car. I didn’t dare say anything and Squirt just let the topic die. I wondered what she was thinking because I knew what was going through my mind; those terrible thoughts that I had to get rid of.

I turned on the radio as we continued to drive along towards to mountains as we climbed in elevation, it was getting cloudier and the wind started to pick up. We were listening to the top forty station when it was interrupted by a weather alert. It said that a sever snow storm was approaching this afternoon and 2 to 3 feet of snow were forecast for the mountains, including blizzard conditions for the pass, closing to traffic by 5 PM tonight.

We could make it but our parents couldn’t unless they left right now. I called mom back on my cell and told her what the station had just reported and she told me that it was impossible. We then talked about how we were going to stay at the cabin until the weather broke and then make our way back home. It would probably be three or four days and that we should be okay because there was more than enough food up there and there was plenty of wood cut and chopped for the fireplace. She said that she would call every day to check on us but to be careful and smart about this.

I told her that we would and that we would be alright and hung up. “Well, it looks like it’s going to be you and me, Squirt, all alone up at the cabin over the weekend,” I said cheerfully but with a little dread in my voice.

It was snowing when we arrived at the cabin, not hard, but a prelude to the coming attractions. I hurriedly gather some more wood for the fireplace as Squirt pulled our bags into the cabin. I checked the food supply, I don’t know why because it was too late to go to the store if I found something that we absolutely needed anyway, but found it to be more than adequate.

As we both finished up our self appointed tasks and joined again back in the living room around the fireplace where I had started a nice cozy blaze to take the chill out of the room, Squirt came out of the kitchen carrying two mugs of hot chocolate for us and she sat down in front of the fire.

I smiled my thanks to her as I accepted her smooth, wintertime nectar of the cabin Gods and sat down beside of her. We sipped from the mugs of awhile in silence and then she asked, “Well, what are we going to do for three days to keep us busy?”

“I don’t know, I haven’t thought about it,” I replied, “what do you want to do, play some cards?”

After thinking a second or two, she slowly said, “Wit, do you remember that old trunk of clothes mom had up in the attic that we used to play dress up with when we were kids? I wonder if she still has that. I’m going to find out,” and with that, she got up and went upstairs towards the attic. I heard her rummaging around up there for a couple of minutes and then I heard her yell down to me, “Wit, come help me. I found it!”

We brought it down out of the attic and as she was going through its contents, she shyly asked, “Wit, do you ever have fantasies about dressing up and role playing with someone, you know a person of the opposite sex, and that that role playing turns into, you know, playing around and stuff?”

I was shocked to hear this come out of my sisters mouth and I told her, “No!” and then toned it down by adding, “I’ve never had any fantasies about doing that, why have you?”

“Well, I was just thinking, since we are going to be up here by ourselves and everything, maybe, if you would like, we could tell each other our fantasies and the other one could help her play them out. For example, I have this fantasy about dressing up in these cloths and playing a part and you would have to play along with it until it was over. Then you would tell me your fantasy and I would have to play it out until it was over,” she explained with her head looking down at her hands in her lap.

I thought for a long moment. This could get out of control in a heart beat if we let it. Maybe that was her way of telling me that she wanted it to get out of control or maybe she just wanted to play a game. She was getting a little too old to be playing games, so I guessed that it was the first one. I had to ask her for clarification.

“Squirt, do you know what you’re asking for? I mean, giving all of what happened last spring and all, well, I was just wondering, you know what this sounds like don’t you?”

She slowly looked up into my eyes and slowly nodded her head yes and then diverted her eyes back down to her lap.

I saw what she was saying and I thought about it for the longest time and the thought, “What the hell,” and then said, “Okay then,” making my decision all at once, “what is your first fantasy.”

“Well, I have this fantasy about being this girl in high school along time ago,” she started with all of her enthusiasm bubbling out at once, “and she meets this hood kind of guy, you know like in the movie “Grease”, not exactly like that but with that kind of scenario, you know. They meet and fall in love and stuff…” she explained it and let her voice trail away at the end.

“Squirt, it’s that “stuff” that I’m questioning. Just how far are you willing to take this fantasy of yours?” I asked.

“Until the end, I guess,” she said shrugging her shoulders. “I mean we’ve done it before and I’m on the pill, what else are we going to do up here?”

A sudden jolt came to my crotch. Did my sister, my sexy younger sister, just tell me she wanted to role play to the end, the natural conclusion to a love story? My heart skipped a beat as I asked, “Okay, where do we start?”

She started pulling out our ward rope as she excused her self to go into her room and change. I took the clothes that she had pulled out for me and retired to my room to do the same. When we met back out in the living room, we began playing our parts.

Squirt was dressed in the period, wearing white, short sleeved blouse, buttoned up to the top over a frilly bodice, with a full Pendleton plaid skirt, coming down to her mid-calves. She had on bobby socks, but she couldn’t find the shoes to match the time. She had a scarf around her neck and she had her hair pinned up in kind of bufont style. I had to chuckle to myself, she was really getting into this role playing stuff.

I, on the other hand, had put on some jeans, wore a white tee-shirt and a pair of white socks and had rolled up the cuffs of the jeans. I hadn’t bothered to comb my hair in a “Duck Tail” so I really felt undone as far as my role was concerned. She came up to me, she chewing her gum and stopped to bat her eyes at me.

I almost had to laugh under my breath but remained in character.

“Hey, Chicky,” I said as an introduction. “What’s your name?”

“I’m Joan but you can call me Joanie,” she said, continuing to bat those lovely eyelashes at me.

“Hey, Joanie, you can calls me Rocko,” I said in my best hoody voice. “What’s shakin’?” I asked.

“Nice to meet you, I’m sure,” she said in a shy little voice.

“Do you want ta dance, Joanie?” I asked, not knowing what else to say.

“Well, okay I guess,” she answered and shyly put her arms out in the dancing position. But I took her into my arms and brought her close to my body, as I crushed her against my chest. We began to sway to the beat of the imaginary music and I began to run my hands over her back. She sighed and hugged me warmly around my neck. I moved my hands down to her waist and then to her hips.

She stopped dancing and looked up into my eyes and said, “Why Rocko, what kind of a girl do you think I am?”

“I just wanted to rest my hands here on your hips, that’s all,” and continued to rub my hands on her hips.

“Oh,” is all she said and resumed dancing with her hands around my neck. As we continued to dance, my hands started pulling her into my crotch and I started to swell with the contact. She started grinding her hips into me a little and the she said, “I think you are starting to like me.”

“Yeah Joanie, I sure am,” and I reached down to give her a big kiss. Meeting her lips with mine, we stopped swaying and started making out in earnest. As I was bending down with my lips firmly on hers, my hands were starting to explore around on her butt cheeks; grabbing them gently and massaging them over and over. This caused her to sigh into our kiss and drive her pelvis into mine.

She was pressing her pussy right into my cock and it was growing into a raging rod. With every push and grind it got bigger until she had to feel it with her hand. One of them slipped down off my neck and came to rest on my cock where it proceeded to rub it up and down. I almost lost my wad right then and there it felt so good. I reciprocated the attention by pushing up her skirt until it was wadding up at her waist and then pressing my hand into her panty line crotch. She moaned and pressed harder on what her hand was rubbing.

She was breathing heavily with an open mouth that I was still trying to kiss. I kept trying to devour her mouth with mine as she continued to moan and gasp for air. Her hand went to my belt and tried to unbuckle it but was having trouble with her dexterity so I stopped my crotch probe to help her with the belt, button and zipper. I soon was standing in her grip with my cock being massaged through my boxers.

I immediately went back to her crotch as I tried to reach inside of her panties. I had little trouble inserting my hand down the front of them and I came to rest right on her fuzzy pubic hair. She moaned out loud again as she separated her legs just enough for me to probe her opening with my finger. She gasped at the intrusion and ran her hand down my boxers to grab on to my rod and started to pump it for all she was worth.

I was starting to groan with the anticipation of my growing need and her knees were starting to buckle from my manual stimulation when, just then, my cell phone started to ring. She said through her breathless vocalizations, “You had better get that, it might be mom.”

“Damn,” I sworn, “Mom what the hell do you think you are doing?”

I collected myself the best I could and then flipped it open and said “Hello.” It was mom, she said that there was no way they could even think about coming up and wondered how we were doing. I told her, when she asked why I was so breathless, that I had just come in from getting some wood and it was really coming down outside. Squirt had slithered down to the floor by this time and was composing herself the best that she could from her excitement. I was trying to get my withering cock back into my boxers as I finally said to her my goodbyes and closed the top to my phone.

I looked over at Squirt and saw that she was red in the face and still a little out of breath. All of a sudden, the sight and the circumstances of the last few minutes tickled my funny bone and I started to laugh. It was an infectious laugh that I couldn’t stop. Seeing my little sister on her knees on the floor, trying to breathe normally, her hair messed up and her skirt all crumbled. I was standing there with my jeans down around my ankles and my limp cock sticking out of my boxers, it had to be hilarious.

At first, Squirt didn’t see the humor in it all, but when she saw me in stitches, she couldn’t help but join me. I fell down to my knees right beside of her and gave her a hug as I continued to laugh until it finally subsided. I was quietly holding my sister, gently rocking her back and forth; feeling a total love for her. I assumed that the moment had been lost and that we were no longer Joanie and Rocko but Squirt and Wit had reappeared to the scene.

I started feeling a little hungry so suggested that we go get our pajamas on, fix something to eat and cuddle up to a movie. After we fixed two bowls of soup and toasted cheese sandwiches, we settled down on the couch to watch a movie. Since we didn’t get cable up at the cabin, we picked out a DVD from the collection and put it in. We had seen it previously and before I knew it, Squirt was sound asleep curled up on my lap. I stroked her temple with my hand as she slept and I really stopped to look at her.

She was more than attractive; she was beautiful for a 14 year old. She had not gained the maturity of features that she will develop to say right now that she is a beautiful woman. But she is as cute as a button and she’s well on her way to be a real looker.

Her legs were covered by her red pajamas but there were a lot of them curled up to her chest as she slept soundly with her head firmly on my lap. Her messed up hair was scattered all over her face and my lap but I noticed the light blondish color accentuated her green eyes that, for the moment, were resting under her lids.

My eyes wondered to her hip and I tried to see if she was wearing any panties under her pajamas but as I slowly lifted up the top, I caught a glimpse of her panty waist band sticking out over the bottoms and I sighed a contented sigh. I don’t know why it was so contented, you would have thought that I would be turned on by the thought that she didn’t have any on, but I had that satisfying feeling that my sister wasn’t a little slut just yet; maybe by the time this weekend is over but not now.

I glanced down at the buttons that fastened the top and immediately noticed a gap between two of them and the skin that it exposed. It was soft looking because it was a portion of her small little breast that moved in rhythm with her breaths. I looked on intently as it rose and fell, rose and fell. I thought what a wonderful sight she made; silently sleeping, all curled up in her big brother’s lap. As I said, I felt content.

The movie ended sometime during the night but I didn’t see any credits because I was fast asleep as well, but as the light tried to break through the snow storm, it cast an eerie gray glow over the room, waking me up. It was that or the terrible neck ache that I had from sleeping without my pillow. Squirt was nowhere to be found so as I gained my balance and wandered to the window, I was shocked to see at least three feet of snow on the ground and it was still snowing.

I headed to my bedroom to get some more rest and as opened the door, there was Squirt, all curled up with my pillow, still sleeping. I rolled in beside of her, scooting her over a smigg so we could share my pillow and my bed.

I woke with a start and looked at my watch. It said it was 10:30. I rolled over to check and I was the only one still in there, so I got up, splashed some cold water on my face and wandered out to see what that smell was. I found Squirt in the kitchen, making breakfast for us. She smiled as she saw me enter and greeted me with a, “Good morning sleep head. I was wondering if I was going to have to come in and wake you up.” She was still in her pajamas and she looked just as I had examined her the night before, except that she had brushed her hair. I was somehow very please she looked the same.

She marveled over breakfast at the amount of snow that had fallen over night and that got me to thinking about what could happen to us up here all by ourselves. She left to take a shower and change clothes as I continued to fret over our predicament and I concluded that we would be just fine if we didn’t panic. But I thought with a chuckle, if we lost electricity, there would be no more hot showers and wondered up to the attic to see what get up I could come up with for today’s fantasy.

I scrounged around, looking for something real sexy and then a spotted the perfect outfit for Squirt. It was a fantasy all right; it could be construed as sexy and it really fit the way I had begun to look at Squirt. It was an old wedding dress complete with a veil and everything. What is it doing up in the attic at the cabin? It surely wasn’t Mom’s, or was it? Mom and Dad used to come up here all the time without us kids. I wonder if they didn’t do a little role playing of their own.

I took the dress down off the hanger and slowly went to Squirt’s room and put it on the bed. Then I went out and knocked at the bathroom door. “What, Wit?” she asked.

“I’ve got my fantasy for the day all planned out. Your outfit is on your bed,” was all I said. She didn’t answer, but I could hear a little giggle coming from the room as I went into my room to gather my morning stuff to be the next into the bathroom.

I came out of the bathroom and went out to the living area of the cabin looking for Squirt and not finding her yet, I settled down on the couch to wait. After about 20 minutes, her door opened and out walked a vision of beauty. She had fixed her hair in a bun on top of her head, she had put on the wedding gown and the thing fit her as if it was really hers. The veil was covering her made up face and she looked the part of a virginal, shy bride walking down the isle. My mouth must have dropped open because the next thing I can remember was me having to shut it to keep the drool from escaping between my lips.

She said, “Do you William take this Patty Ann to be your lawfully wedded wife?”

“I…ah..I…do,” I stammered.

“Then you may kiss your bride,” she said.

I walked towards her, lifted her lacy veil and smiled at “my bride”. I then gently lowered my head down and tenderly kissed her lips. She kissed me back as sweetly and tenderly as she could. I took her into my arms and pulled her into a much more sensual kiss that turned into one of passion. She was on her tiptoes, straining to reach up to my kiss. Her body was pressed into mine as my hands pulled her tighter against me. My mouth was open and devouring her mouth. Our lips were apart and our tongues began to explore the reaches.

As I slid by hand up her back, I immediately noticed that the soft skin of her back was not interrupted by the contact with fabric so I went searching for the outline of the dress. I found it down by her hips and up by her neck. The dress was completely backless and that meant to me that she wasn’t wearing a bra. My cock stiffened a little as I began to fantasize.

I backed away a little to look upon my bride; my loving, petite, my gorgeous bride; standing before me looking shyly on, wondering what my next move would be. She smiled a nervous little smile and then dropped her hands and her eyes and waited. I slowly put my hands up to the neck of the dress and search for the way it could be freed. I found it to be a hook, actually three hooks so I slowly unhooked it and let it fall away off of her beautiful body.

I gasped as it fell to the floor from the beauty of the sight. In the blinking of an eye, it made its fall down over her body and gather in a heap on the floor around her feet, but my eyes took in the entire show that I played over and over again in slow motion. As it released from the neck line, it cascaded down over those two perky little mounds that make up the curves of her chest. Slowing down just a little as it cleared each hard little nubbin, it then fell freely down exposing her trim tummy, her tight little abdomen and hesitated again at her hips. Then, sliding over the sexy, the curviest hips imaginable, it exposed those tiny little see-through bikini panties before it made a free fall down to gather at its resting place. This is what my eyes saw in the flash of a second.

I again walked towards her and as I gently touched her little chin and pulled her gaze up to meet mine, her eyes looked scared and her lower lip was tucked under her front teeth. Her skin was a little flushed around the cheeks as her hands went up to cover her tiny little breasts. I smiled and scooped her up in my arms, pulling her out from the dress, and then walking confidently back to my bed room.

As I lay her down on her back, she shyly put her knee over the other in an attempt to hide the treasure between her beautiful legs. I stood there staring, removing my clothing and waiting to take my bride. She knew what I was doing and started to relax. As I finished my disrobing by depositing my boxers by the side of the bed, the look of terror came back to her eyes as they met my engorged cock. I looked down at it and said, “Do you like it, Patty Ann?”

“It’s so big, William. Do you think it will fit?” she asked, playing the part, but I wondered if she didn’t mean it in all reality.

“I’ll take it easy until you are used to it,” I reassured her. “But first, I want to touch you, I want to taste you, I want to love you all over,” I said looking at her body lustfully.

She just closed her eyes and gave off a slight shutter. I sat down beside of her and slowly bent my head down to kiss the beautiful little lips. As our lips met, they separated just a little as I ground into her through her mouth. As I kissed her most forcefully by rotating my mouth over hers, I would open my lips wider with each revolution and slowly insert my tongue between her lips. She started to respond and pretty soon, we were fencing with our tongues, trying to stab each other linguistically.

She was starting to squirm now under my kisses so a slid my mouth off of hers and down to her neck. She craned it to one side to make room for my adventurous mouth. Finding the skin soft yet firm, I sucked on it firmly and caused the blood to rise to the surface as she lowered her chin in an effort to fend me off. Having been thwarted on her neck, I proceeded down to her chest and started licking my way down to her mounds.

As I went down with my mouth, she suddenly held her breath in anticipation and when I landed on one of her nipples, she took another deep breath through her lips and let out a little gasp and then a slight moan of contentment. I ran my tongue around the tiny pebble of a nipple and this caused another moan to escape her lips. Biting, chewing, licking and sucking, my mouth was devouring her breast, so much so that the other one begged for attention. Having satisfied one, my mouth went to its mate for the same oral treatment that hardened the first.

Now she was reacting to my oral stimulation with moans and cries as she strained her chest off of the bed to meet with my mouth. As I bit down on her nipple gently, she would shake uncontrollably as she contorted her chest up to feel the pain. I bit down again and she shrieked with pain or pleasure, I’m not sure which.

I placed my hand up to her breast as I moved my mouth further south onto her tummy. I would squeeze her nipples between my thumb and forefinger and occasionally flick it with my finger to instill just a little more pain sensation. As I found her navel with my tongue, I inserted it roughly in it as far as it would go. Her muscles rippled at the stimulus as my finger pinched hard on her nipple. She was getting more and more aroused, but the next stop was the one I was anticipating.

I scooted myself down further on the bed as I moved my mouth down to her waist band of her tiny little bikini panties. The small little triangle of pubic hair, although being light in color, shown through the fabric as if it was non-existent, even down in the unpadded crotch, I could make out the lips, her slit, and the moisture starting to form. I felt a jolt to my groin as my mouth went down lower between her now separated legs. She was straining to keep quiet but as I neared my destination, the anticipation was too much for her bear and a low moan and gasp companied by a twitching of her hips made me realize that she wasn’t going to last that much longer.

I made the decision to try and give her some relief from the sexual stimulation I had inflicted upon her. I place myself between her legs and buried my face into her crotch. She screamed with delight and spread her legs out wide as she dug in her heels and raised her crotch into my mouth. As I began to lick through the panty material, she started her release by straining her hips skyward, holding her breath and tightening up every muscle into a board. Then, with a shriek as loud as she could, she let out her breath and started gyrating herself in an orgasmic release like I have never seen before. It lasted a long, long time and when it subsided, she let herself back down upon the bed and quivered herself into submission. She lay there for the longest time, spent of all emotions.

I suddenly felt left out and so after a few minutes, I reached my hand up and started touching her breasts again. The first touch sent her right into orbit. “Wit!” she cried.

“No, it’s William, Patty Ann, your husband,” I calmly asserted, being her back to the game we were playing.

She smiled and cooed under my massage of her breasts. Feeling that she was back on track, I started moving down to her crotch area and the smile on her face let me know that she was ready for more. I gently started feeling her crotch through her panties and as I inserted a finger into her slit, she closed her eyes again and the expression on her face changed dramatically.

It became one of serious pleasure that I was inflicting upon her and she wasn’t about to miss any part of it. As I separated her lips and ran the silky material of the panties up the slit, she suddenly tensed up at the sensation. She was already building towards another gigantic orgasm and I had barely touched her. I decided that I would try and join her in this one but only if I didn’t have to rush to get on board.

I backed off the clitoral stimulation and started to press my entire hand over the vaginal area. Moving my fingers around and into her opening caused her an equal amount of pleasure so I decided that I need some manual attention myself. I moved my body up to her hips and kneeled beside of her, facing towards her body. I inserted my hand into the bikinis and started to move it around once again. She got my hint and grabbed on to my cock and started to rub it up and down. Instantly I started to feel the build up, so I slipped off her panties as she continued to stimulate my rock hard erection and then I suddenly placed my head between her legs and started to stick my tongue into her vagina.

Facing her feet, my tongue went deep between her legs as I swung my leg over her mid-body placing my cock right in front of her mouth. I was dying for her to take it into her mouth, but I was sure she didn’t know what to do. All of a sudden I felt a lick and then a kiss. I was in heaven as I rammed my tongue into her vaginal canal as far as I could stick it in. I had my mouth wide open and my lower teeth scraped over her clitoris and she opened her mouth to my erection and started sucking on it hard.

I felt her teeth run over the top and bottom as she took it in and I knew I wasn’t long for this world. I didn’t know what to do next. If I stayed where I was, I knew I was going to blow my wad into her mouth. I didn’t think she was ready for that, but it was too late. I could feel it leave the balls and travel up to the opening and, as I stuck my finger as far as I could up her vagina, I erupted my sperm all over and into her open mouth, much to her surprise and discomfort.

She turned her head, spitting the shooting cock out along with as much sperm as she could gather in her mouth. She was gagging, trying not to swallow the stuff. And just as she was spitting, her orgasm hit as she yelled out at the top of her lungs and she started bucking at my head and hand and strained to extract her orgasm out through her vagina. She was rocked by the force of her eruption and as the sperm was subsiding from the end of my cock and squirting onto her cheek, she let out a loud sigh and went limp under my weight. I rolled off of her and collapsed also.

Part III

I awoke some time later that afternoon. Checking on Squirt and finding her still asleep or unconscious depending on how you were looking at her, I decided to get up and check on the snowfall. Peering out the window in the dwindling light, I determined that it was no longer coming down but the accumulation had to be over four feet. I couldn’t see my car any longer, just a mound of snow where I had parked it. My God, how and when were we going to get out of here?

I went back into my bedroom and taking a wash cloth with me, decided that I needed to clean up my spent sperm from Squirts cheek and around her mouth. I slowly started rubbing on it but it had dried and was not coming off very easily. She awoke at the slightest pressure on her cheek and as she stretched and yawned, she saw me and instantly started to smile. When she gives me those little contented smiles, my heart melts with affection.

“Hey Squirt, how’re you doing?” I inquired trying to revive her.

“Don’t you mean, Patty Ann?” she asked in jest.

“Well, I thought I would let Patty Ann and William rest for awhile and see how you are doing,” I stated. “Having any problems?”

“Well, now that you mention it, what did you shoot in my mouth anyway. Not only did it surprise me by shooting down my throat and gagging me but it tasted terrible. It was warm and slimy and it stuck in my mouth. My gosh, Wit, why did you shoot it in my mouth?” she finally asked.

“Well, I though you had never done anything like that before, but by the time I came to that conclusion, it was too late, I couldn’t hold it back,” I said truthfully. “I’m sorry you didn’t like it because it felt real good for me.”

She sat up and joined me sitting on the bed and said, “Well, as long as you liked it than it was worth it,” she said and giving me a kiss on my lips. “But next time, would you give a girl some warning.”

I laughed and got up to go out to the kitchen to fix something to eat and said over my shoulder, “You’d better get cleaned up and come on out and see what there is to eat.”

In about 15 minutes, she joined me in the kitchen. She was wearing the night shirt she wore the night that I forced her. Seeing it on her again made my heart sink a little at the memory but I thought that it was water under the bridge and forgot about it. Besides, if it hadn’t been for that night, chances are we wouldn’t be here today.

We settled on a bologna sandwich with lettuce and tomato, a bag of chips and a coke to drink and we took them out to the living area to eat. I put the wedding gown on a chair to get it up off the floor and sat down next to Squirt to enjoy my sandwich. We ate and talked awhile and then Squirt broached the subject of sticking my cock in her mouth.

“Do guys really like it when we take it in our mouth?” she asked.

“Well do girl really like it when a guy sticks his tongue on her pussy or up her vagina?” I countered.

She thought for a long time and then said, “I guess I’ve got to try again to see if I like.”

“Do you mean the taking part or the receiving part,” I asked.

“Both,” she answered.

“Well, I can think of no better time than right now to see” I said. “What do you want to try first,” I asked and then I thought, “why not let’s try receiving first. Get up here and sit on my lap.”

As she tried to comply with my instructions, she sat down facing away from me and I said, “No Squirt, facing me with your legs on each side of me.”

She sheepishly turned around and pulled the shirt down in front of her. Noticing my inquisitive look, she said, “I’m not wearing any panties,” and sat down where she was told.

I reached out and took her around the shoulders and drew her in to my hug. I began rubbing on her back through the night shirt and as I reached the hem line of the garment, I inserted my hands under it and rubbed her bare back all the way up to her neck. She rested on my chest, breathing deeply as she relaxed her muscles. “Ummmm,” she said as she gave up to my hands completely.

I massaged her back and then moved under the shirt up to her shoulders and once there, I exerted just a little pushing pressure to the front to get her to sit up on my lap away from my chest. Then, running my hands under her arms and onto her front, I pressed my palms into both of her breasts and started to rotate my hands around and around. I looked directly into her eyes and hers into mine and she bit her lower lip as she enjoyed the presence of my hands.

I rubbed her tender little breast, concentrating on her nipples. As she closed her eyes, I could tell she was getting aroused. Then I moved my hands down to her thighs and I started sliding them upward towards her hairy little junction. As they made progress, her breath intake was magnified and when I finally made contact, a brief, sharp cry escaped her lips.

My finger was barely touching her lips as it made its way up her slit to the top and then traced back down to the bottom. I felt a little moisture on my finger as it rubbed at the bottom. Her eyes were closed and her mouth was open as it made its way up and back one more time. This time her breaths were audible as she fought for the air that she needed.

Stopping at the bottom, directly at her opening between her guardian lips, I made a slight intrusive probe up between them and settled right at her vagina. She let out with a loud sigh and a sudden inhalation of air that caused her chest to heave and her hips to shutter. Placing my other hand on the backside of her leg, I lifted her up into the standing position right in front of my face. I slowly raised her night shirt to look directly at her Holy Grail. I was mesmerized by the beautiful sight and I had to taste it.

I pulled her into my face and stuck my tongue out squarely onto her clitoral area at the top of her slit. She bucked away and then pressed her hips onto my mouth with more power than I knew she had. She began rubbing her crotch on my tongue by raising and lowering herself by the use of her knees. I moved my hands up to her breasts once again and encouraged her to remove the night shirt completely. She complied with my wishes and was standing there, naked as she could be, grinding her clit into my tongue.

She leaned into my face with her body and separated her knees even more and settled her vaginal area down on my oral assault. She was suddenly mad with arousal as she began humping my open mouth with her pussy. All of a sudden, I could take it no longer and peeling my shorts off of my butt down to my knees, I pulled her down directly onto my hard erection. She gasped loudly as it made contact with her vagina and she recoiled from it.

“It’s okay,” I reassured her. “Just relax and let it slip into you. You can regulate how much and how far you can take it in. Trust me, Squirt, you’ll like this part very much.”

She lowered herself down until my cock was right at her opening. She hesitated a second and then let herself down on my cock and felt it penetrate her vagina. As it made its way into her, I could feel the walls give way to allow the intruder further access. It felt great to me and, judging by her continued submission of her vagina to its penetration, I think that she was enjoying it too.

She ever so slowly allowed her knees to collapse until she had hit bottom. She rested on my abdomen a second with my cock fully engulfed in her opening and then started its quicker expulsion out. But before it was completely out of her, she reversed directions and sent it in fully and quicker than the initial penetration. As she withdrew it this time, she reversed again with force and a moan and then repeated the act. With each insertion and withdrawal, she repeated the rotation with more force and speed until she was finally ramming it in with such force and speed that I feared it would come out.

I felt the urge once again start to build and I knew I had only a couple more plunges before I would spew my sperm deep within her womb. She started to tense up as she repeatedly rammed it up into her pussy. Her legs were starting to weaken and her coordination began to falter. Now it was an effort to ride the jackhammer of her knees as they continued to raise and lower her body down on the intruder. Finally I could take it no longer and I threw her over on her back with my cock still buried deep within her cunt and I impaled her with one last hump of my hips, I shot my wad into her just as she screamed and frantically ram her poor little pussy against the onslaught of my driving hips. Over and over we slammed into each other until we slowed and then stopped. We were both exhausted and completely spent for the night. We collapsed onto the couch in each others arms to sleep and rest until the next time.

After sleeping off our orgasm this time, we both decided that we had had enough excitement for one day and we went to bed; together of course and we slept the entire night through. I had wonderful dreams about being on a deserted island with this young hottie and we were making it all the time, anytime we wanted to. When I awoke, I thought that our situation here at the cabin was very similar to my dream and I got all warm and fuzzy. I felt for my hottie but came up with just a warm spot where she had been.

I listened intently and I thought I heard the shower running in the bath so I assumed that she was in there. I started to doze off again when she came bounding into the room and jumped on the bed with her feet. As she was bouncing up and down, I rolled over, opened my eyes to this lovely creature, totally nude bouncing on my bed grinning her face off.

“Wake up you sleepy head,” she giggled. “I’ve taken my shower, I all cleaned inside and out and I want to play. Can I play with you?” she asked, dropping to her knees beside my body. Her momentum from the bounce threw her over the top of my body and as she screamed, she landed on my stomach with her upper torso. I instinctively put up my arms as a self defense mechanism and she fell into them, still giggling.

“What’s this thing jumping in my bed?” I asked playfully as I started to tickle her around the mid-section. “What is this thing? It wants to play, uh. Well we’ll just have to see what games this jumpy thing wants to play. How about the raspberry game?” I asked and proceeded to move my head down to her tummy. I opened my mouth wide onto her tummy muscles and blew air out on it, causing my lips to vibrate and make her scream loudly from the tickling. She rolled up in a ball with her knees tucked to her stomach to protect it so my hands went down to her bottom and probed her crotch from the back side.

“Ohh,” she squealed as she tried to block my advancing hand by lower her knees and by pushing out her tummy. But this just opened it up to my raspberries again as I renewed my assault on her tummy. She tried to roll off of me but my grip on her was too tight so she scooted her body around so her face was more towards my feet. I saw what she was doing so with one hand, I grabbed a leg, pulled on it hard and swung it over my head so I was looking up between her separated legs right at her crotch. I literally picked her up and moved her down so that my face was buried into her pussy.

‘OH WIT!” she screamed and then started to relax into my oral assault on her vaginal area. I started to run my tongue up her slit and separate the lips around her hooded treasure. I felt a lot like that eventful night when I forced her. This time there would be no forcing. She wanted it as much as I did and I was going to make this one special.

Taking the node gently between my lips, I began to suck on it just a little. She moaned out loud and moved her head down to my groin. I suddenly thought, “I haven’t taken a shower yet and my cock has all of last nights juices all over it.”

I let go with my lips and shouted out to her, “Squirt, I need to shower first. Don’t go down there yet, we can do that later.” She complied by getting up, turning around and straddling my face with her knees. Looking down at my eyes, she smiled and said, “Promise?” I replied, “Promise.” and went back to where I had left off.

She closed her eyes but her mouth opened as I resumed my treasure sucking. She allowed me to take the entire clitoris, including the hood between my lips as I sucked on it harder. She verbally responded with moans of pleasure as she started rocking her hips back and forth, causing my lips to stimulate her node with every rocking motion. Occasionally, I would slip my tongue down to her opening and insert it as far as I could, but I always went back up to suck on her clitoris. She seemed to enjoy the diversion but she would always squat down a little more with the clitoral stimulation.

I started using my tongue to trap it against the roof of my mouth as I changed my approach. This caused an immediate reaction. She started crying out, “Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my God!” louder and louder. This spurred me on to duplicate my actions and intensify its effects. Soon she was shrieking, “OH MY GOD!!! OH MY GOD!!” and she started to twitch and writhe around on my face as the gigantic clitoral orgasm consumed her very soul. The anticipation was driving her mad. She wanted it to come so bad but I knew it would be worth the torment, so I continued to suck, lick and tongue fuck her until she reached the top and exploded all over my face.

She was a quivering mass of raw nerve ending, as she rammed her crotch down upon my mouth. She made contact with my teeth, pushing into them with her clit, begging for me to hurt her harder, with more intensity. I didn’t know how to make it more intense so I just opened my mouth wider and gently bit down on her entire clitoral area. This caused one last scream from her as she flung herself off of my face onto the bed beside of me. Rolling up into a ball with her arms between her legs, she lay there jerking, shaking and quivering, all at the same time.

As she came down from her emotional outburst, I took my turn cleaning up and when I came back into the bedroom, she smiled at me with the warmest smile. Holding at her arms to me, she asked, “Wit would you come and hold me just for a little while?” I gladly lay down beside her and pulled her into my arms to cuddle. It felt so wonderful and loving, holding her there in my bed, both of totally naked, alone for the weekend. I could have stayed just like that forever and be content.

After awhile, I asked Squirt, “Are you hungry? Do you want something to eat?”

She sat up with a mischievous grin on her face and answered, “I’m hungry for something in my mouth all right, but it’s not to eat,” and started scooting down on the bed.

“Squirt, do you want some instruction or do you want to try it on your own?” I asked.

“Well, what instruction do I need? You put it in my mouth and then you squirt the stuff and I spit it out. What’s so tough about that?” she asked.

I began to chuckle and then said, “Well, Squirt, if you want to do it right, then there is a lot for you to learn.”

“What else is there?” she asked rather incredulously.

“Squirt, just like I made love to you a few minutes ago with my mouth, giving oral sex to a guy is an art if you want to do it right. You have to know, through experience, what a guy wants and needs; where to suck, how hard to suck with your lips and when to use your tongue. It takes a lot of practice and that’s why not all girls can give oral sex well. They don’t want to take the time to learn how to please their mate.”

She thought for a second, and then asked, “You mean some girls don’t give oral sex to guys?”

“Most girls don’t give oral sex to guys and those that do, often don’t give it well,” I retorted.

Again she thought before she spoke. “Do guys really like it if it’s done right?”

“Squirt, did you like it when I gave you oral sex just now?” I asked.

“Wit, it was so wonderful, I get goose bumps just thinking about it,” she said rubbing her arms.

“Well, that answers your question doesn’t it,” I stated flatly.

“I guess I need the instruction then,” she said, shrugging her shoulders.

“Okay then, move down in between my legs and get on your knees,” I instructed her. “Now oral sex for a guy is really no different than either manual sex or regular sex, it all stems from the manipulation of the foreskin over the staff. You know what foreskin is don’t you?”

She shook her head in the negative so I told her, “Okay, take my cock in your hand, that’s right, on the staff and rub it up and down. Do you feel the skin sliding over the stiffer part, over the staff? That skin is called the foreskin. It’s that simple really, as long as that foreskin slides over the staff, eventually a guy is going to climax. Now, with oral sex, the best way to accomplish the skin moving over the staff is to suck on it and “orally” move it up and down over the staff until you achieve orgasm.”

“But when you do reach orgasm, how will I know?” she asked.

“Well, that’s the tricky part. A guy reaches orgasm when he shoots his sperm out of his cock, you know all about that. Now the tricky part is how well you want it to be for the guy. If you want it to be okay, then you pull off just before he shoots. If you want it to be fantastic for guy, then you continue to suck it out of him and you swallow it down your throat. It’s your call every time; remember that, you’re in control.”

She thought about the responsibility of giving oral sex and then looked down at me and said, “Wit, I want it to be fantastic for you, just like it was for me. I’ll try to do what you said. Don’t get mad if I don’t get it right the first time.”

“Okay you wonderful little Squirt. I couldn’t possibly get mad at you,” I said sincerely. “Now go ahead and start stroking it with your hand and as soon as you are ready, put your mouth down there and kiss it first.”

She did what I told her and soon felt her tongue gingerly licking on my cock. She confined her licking to just the head until I told her to lick the staff down to my balls. She did but stopped the spit out a hair that got caught on her tongue. She didn’t seem to mind but continued to lick it all the way back up to the head.

“Now make it slick with your saliva and put your lips around the head. That’s it, take it into your mouth just a little. Run it around the inside of your lips. There you go, now tighten up your lips a little and try to suck on it like you were sucking on a pickle or a Popsicle. Oh yes that feels great. Keep sucking on it, that’s right. Now take it in a little further if you want. Continue to suck on it, harder, that’s right, remember to make the foreskin move over the shaft. Oh that’s good, Squirt, that’s real good.”

“Now go back to the head and run your tongue around it and stick it in the hole,” I instructed. But as she performed the last instruction, I almost came off the bed it felt so good. “Oh Squirt you’re so good at this. Now go back down as far as you can, stick it way in and suck hard on it.” She tried to take it all the way in but tripped her gag reflex and started to choke. Pulling off with tears in her eyes, she coughed and cleared her throat then went right back to work, sucking my cock.

“Put your hand on it to measure how far you can take it in,” I suggested. “You can use the hand to move the foreskin, also.” Now she was really moving her head up and down on my rod with her cheeks being sucked in by her action. Her hand was pushing the skin along the shaft as she sucking my cock in between those luscious lips. I loved the feeling that my enthusiastic sister was applying to my erection but I was enjoying it a little too much and the next thing I realized, I was beginning to reach that point of no return. I was about to orgasm.

“I’m going to cum, Squirt, make up your mind,” I warned.

She didn’t hesitate but sped up the suction as she pumped my cock with her hand. The urge was imminent and as I strained my hips up into her eager mouth, I shot my first rope right down her throat. I don’t even think she felt it coming it escaped with such force and then there was another and another. She was starting to choke on my sperm, but kept up the suction, pulling it right out of my cock. She cleared her throat with her mouth still around my cock as the last couple of shots oozed out of my dying cock to gather in her mouth. She swallowed hard and then taking her lips from around now flaccid cock, came up to me with a sheepish look on her face.

I grab her around the neck and pulled her on top of my chest and hugged her senseless as I tried to speak. I could express my satisfaction and joy in what she did for me. She was amazing and I couldn’t utter a word. I just rocked her back and forth as she tried to clear the sperm from her throat.

I must have fallen asleep during the afterglow because went I came out of it, my darling little sister was still looking at me with those questioning eyes. I looked down at her, smiled and kissed her on the forehead and said, “That, young lady was fabulous. I can’t tell you just how fabulous it was. My God Squirt, you were perfect. I mean, perfect. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

She beamed with excitement and cuddled into my chest even more. We stayed that way for another half hour or so, but I felt the urge to relieve myself so I got up and went to the bathroom. When I returned, Squirt was just pulling her top on as she walked out towards the kitchen. She asked over her shoulder, “Did Mom call you last night?”

“I don’t think so. Check my phone, would you?” I responded.

Pulling on my shirt, I walked out to the living room and asked her, “Is there a message on my phone?”

“No there isn’t. Didn’t she say that she would call us every day?” she asked.

“That’s what she said. Check and see if we have a signal,” I suggested.

She tossed me the phone and said something about fixing something for us to eat and smiled at me. Catching her reference, I looked at the phone and there no bars. We had no phone. I began to get a little worried; the last line of communication had now been lost. I checked outside and, although it was sunny, I saw an unbelievable amount of snow on the ground. We were definitely stuck up here all by ourselves with no way out and no way to ask anyone for help. “Stay calm,” I thought.

I checked the food supply once again just to make sure that we had plenty. Squirt caught me looking and said, “We got lots of food if that’s what you are doing. I checked it earlier. Are you scared?” she asked, looking a little nervous.

“I’m concerned that Mom hasn’t gotten through to us that’s all. We have enough supplies that we can hold out here for weeks,” I said reassuringly. “But I’m more concerned that Mom and Dad will show up here at an awkward moment, if you get my drift.”

“Maybe we had better clean up around here, just in case. Does that mean that we can’t do it any more?” she asked disappointedly.

“Well, if they come up to rescue us, they would have to bring a snow plow or a big piece of equipment to do the job. We would hear them coming I’m sure, so just as long as we keep our cool,” flashing a big smile in her direction, “I think that maybe we could do it, say, a thousand times more,” and rushed to tickle her tummy.

She deflected my approach and then, putting her arms around my neck, she said, “I love you, Wit.”

I looked seriously into her eyes and replied, “I love you too you squirt,” and began tickling her tummy.

But she did not react to the tickling, but instead, got a very serious look on her face and turned her head to kiss me. I was stunned at the depth of her kiss; her lips parted as they moved over mine. I kissed her back and then, thinking what kind of a kiss this was, I really started kissing her back. I was groping her mouth with my tongue as she opened hers up wide. The passion this young girl was showing certainly had started the juices flowing and I picked her up off of the floor, she put her legs around me and drove her crotch in me as hard as she could.

I was in a lustful mood immediately but my higher reasoning took over as I reluctantly started to peel her off of my body. “Whoa, Squirt, you little minx, I never thought I would be saying this but you’ve got to slow down. We’ve got to eat something. We got to pickup around here just in case and can wait until it gets dark. If they come for us, it will be during daylight,” I reasoned.

“But Wit, I want you. I want to feel deep inside of me and I want it now!” she said in between kissing my mouth.

“What have I created?” I thought but said, “Squirt?” rather abruptly.

“What,” she answered with a smile on her face. “Gotcha!” she exclaimed jumping off of me giggling at the joke she had played on me. I grinned and told her that she needed to go into acting, she was a natural.

She fixed us some breakfast, although it was after noon by this time and we picked up the place, including the wedding dress and returned everything back to its place. Finally, at about 2:30 we sat down to watch a movie. We munched on some popcorn and drank two of our last dozen cokes and waited, and waited. Nothing ever happened; no one came for us today. We would have to wait and see tomorrow, or so we thought.

It was about 8:30 when my cell phone rang. We were both surprised to hear it and jumped when it sounded off. It was Mom and she was almost frantic. She said that she had trying to get through to us for a day and a half and she just now got through, something about the cell tower being damaged by the storm or something like that. Anyway, she said that the road crew was busy plowing the roads and they should be able to get us out sometime tomorrow, probably tomorrow afternoon. She asked how we were doing and I told her we were fine; had lots of food and fire wood, that the movies are getting a little old but we were just fine.

She asked if we could get my car out of the long driveway into the cabin and I said we had to dig it out first and I would start the first thing in the morning. She cried a little before she hung up the call and told us that she would see us tomorrow.

After hearing from her, both Squirt and I thought, “Poor Mom, she must have been panicked with us stranded up here and them down off the mountain.” But at least we know they are coming for us tomorrow and that tonight will be our last night alone up here. Wait a second, I thought, “This will be our last night alone. We will have to make it special.”

I turned to look at Squirt and she looked sad, I think she liked being up here all alone with her big brother. I think she liked doing what we were doing. I think we are going to have to do something extraordinary tonight.

It got to be about 9:30 that evening and I suggested that we sleep out in the living room in front of the fire. Squirt really liked that thought and helped me bring the mattress out of the bedroom and laid it near the hearth. We made up our new bed and she went in to shower and change into her night clothes. I got all hard just thinking about our last night together, for awhile anyway.

I walked into the bathroom just as she was leaving. She was wearing a towel rapped around her and as I walked by her, my hand reached out and grabbed her butt. She squealed and scooted away as she made the comment, “Pervert!”

I smiled at my joke and walked in to take my shower. I shaved as close as I dared without cutting myself, put on my pajama bottoms without the shirt and entered the darkened living room. Squirt had turned all the lights off in the cabin and light from the fireplace made a glowing effect throughout the room. She was standing in front of the fire, warming her backside, looking in my direction.

The first sight of her got my blood flowing right to my groin area. With just the light from the fire coming from behind her, the dark silhouette of her beautiful body shown through the glow and stood out like a beacon. She was wearing a thin night gown that came down to her mid-thigh. It had small little shoulder strap holding it up as it fell loosely around her body. I could see clearly the dark image of her body and the glow between her legs, but I couldn’t tell if she was wearing any panties or not.

As I walked forward, I detected a smile coming from her lips as she asked, “I think I’m going to like this aren’t you?”

As I got closer to her, I dropped down to my knees on the mattress and reached out to draw her near. She came to the edge of the makeshift bed and, standing there, moved over to my embrace as I placed my arms around her butt and pulled her towards me. I now knew that she wasn’t wearing any panties.

I moved my hands up under her nightie and ran them up to her butt to massage her shapely little cheeks. As I did, she said to me, “Wit, I want this night to be special. I want it to take us all night to make love. I don’t want to rush a thing. Can we just make love like real lovers instead of two mad teenagers in the heat of the moment? I want you to make love to me slow and easy.”

I looked straight up into her eyes and responded, “I want that too, Squirt, I’ll try if you’ll try.”

She just smiled as she pushed into my embrace with her hips. I continued to massage her rear end as I slowly but surely worked my fingers deep into her flesh to grab hold of her cheeks. I was massaging them harder now and deeper down her crotch from the rear. As I neared her treasure, I slipped a finger into her slit and felt her wet hole starting the excrete fluids. The thought came to my mind, “This isn’t taking it very slowly.”

But my finger had a mind of its own and started to make its way inside of her lubricated little opening. She squirmed a little and separated her legs a little more. I withdrew my wet finger from her opening and slipped it towards the other one. I encircled it twice and then I gingerly broke into its cavity and she squealed and dropped to her knees instantly. I didn’t know if she was saying that she liked that intrusion or she didn’t but by the way that she kissed me, I think that it was the former.

Her knees were wide spread when she landed and her lips were planted firmly upon mine; her mouth was open and her tongue was searching for its mate. Her hands were all over my bare back as her hands made their way down to the waist band of my pajamas. As she inserted her hand down the back of them, I decided to see which of the two it was as I reasserted my finger into her crotch from the rear and probed into her anus once more.

I was right the first time, as she opened up her crotch and stuck out her butt to assist in my penetration. As my finger entered her opening just a little, she moaned loudly and reached her finger down to try to give me the same sensation. It felt unbelievable as it entered my anus; my cock must have jumped a foot from the stimulus, and it spurred on my manual assault on hers. I had it in up to the second knuckle and was pushing for more. She was breathing heavily into ear as she continued to moan and ram her finger up my butt.

I extended my ring finger up her slit while pumping her anal opening with my middle finger and it glanced against her clitoris. This contact sent her madly into a frenzy of lust and need. She fell on her back, withdrawing both of our fingers. She raised her knees up over her chest, exposing her rose bud to my view and, in a begging motion, indicated that she wanted me to re-insert my finger into her anus.

I was only too pleased to comply, as I looked down at her puckered opening, and moved my finger down to her portal. There, encircling it a few times, I slowly started to enter it as she her muscles started to give way to the constant pressure of my advance. As I reached full penetration of my finger, I started sliding it in and out. She was accepting this manual assault and, by all judgment, she was loving it.

I was kneeling beside of her hips and working my finger in and out of her rectum. My knees were separated just enough that when she made an effort to continue my anal stimulation, she had no problem finding my opening. As she inserted her finger into my opening again, I was more than ready. I could feel the reaction with my hand and with my crotch; both were reacting in the neediest way. I couldn’t get enough of her penetration and I couldn’t make my own hand work fast enough.

As I was ramming my finger in her ass as fast as I could, I felt the urge building in my groin. This was going to be a first for me; anal orgasm. “My God, what does this mean? Does it mean that I’m gay? Maybe I’m bi-sexual, I don’t know but I love the way my sister is making me feel and I love the fact that I’m about to shoot my sperm all over her and here it comes.”

At that very moment, just as I started to send rope after rope all over her sexy nightie, she arched her back, opened her mouth and let out with the most unworldly scream/groan/growl that I’ve ever heard from a little bitty squirt of a thing. It almost rattled the windows it was so loud and forceful. She climaxed as hard as I have seen anyone climax, certainly harder than I made any other girl cum. I felt alive with pride that she that I made her cum in this way and I also felt exhausted from my own experience.

After a few minutes, I came back to reality and looked over at where Squirt had collapsed. She was out of it; lying on her back with my hand still between her legs but my finger had escaped its penetration. She stirred and rolled over. Looking up into my eyes, she smiled and said, “Thank you for taking it slow and easy.” Then a satisfied yet wondering look came over her face as she asked, “Wit, how do you know what a girl wants anyway. I would never have thought of you putting your finger up my butt like that, but, my God, I’ve never made it so hard. That was wonderful, Wit,” and she started to cuddle up to me.

“It was kind of wonderful wasn’t it?” I said with a sigh of satisfaction. “Now we can take it slow and easy,” I said almost in a joking voice, but as she rolled over on top of me smiling, I started getting that stirring feeling down between my legs and gave her a big hug as she started pressing her crotch into mine.

We made love several times that night and into the wee hours of the morning. Every time it was different but equally fulfilling. We awoke about 10:00 the next morning and spent the rest of the day getting the cabin and us ready for our rescue. It came about 2 that afternoon and the snowplow came right up to the back of my car. So, after about an hours worth of work, I was able to free it from the drifts and head back down the mountain, leaving behind one of the most special weekends of my life. One I will always cherish and remember.

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Sibling love is always special but multiplied with good fucking


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