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The Three Hands of the Goddess
Marcos and Kaarthen got to the Grippe on the edge of the chaotic lands after the main gates had closed.

“So, I thought you were important?” Kaarthen said noticing he wasn’t even trying to present himself to the gate.

“This close to the lands of chaos they don’t speak to two people in black who stroll up after dark. Nevertheless, that doesn’t matter. Let me ask you: if there is a way in, and if that way was quick but dangerous, what would you say?”

“I thought we were immortal? But that doesn’t matter I’ll follow you.” Kaarthen said. Inside she was curious.

“Come along.” Marcos said with gleeful mischievousness.

They followed the wall until they came to a cemetery outside the city.

“Grippe is inside the lands of Menthino, they represent themselves in court, and pay a portion for the common defense. Nevertheless, they didn’t ever give rights for anyone to come in openly. About six hundred years ago, an epidemic swept through here and the city called in others to help in the crisis. The city of Leethon sent people. Half of them were state spies. They cut several tombstones that lay against the city wall in an intentionally useful manner.”

“Why do you trust them so much if they are so inconvenient?” asked Kaarthen

“Grippe is not a city in the traditional sense. They are a mining company set forth last cycle. However, that’s what makes them good for my purposes, they survived. Not completely, they don’t know or remember that they are the oldest city, but they still mine. They have better than six in ten of surviving a cycle perhaps even eight in ten. Therefore, I bought the city.”

“So, again, why are we sneaking in?” Kaarthen said following him up onto a mausoleum.

“The only two ways it could be destroyed is by disease from the inside, which is controlled hopefully by the walls and really isn’t a complete loss. The other way is internal unrest that continues for extended period.
If that happens, I will kill whomever I have to, to keep the city secure.” Marcos said hopping to the top of another statue.

“I collected a great many powerful and useful things here, weapons mostly. I thought one day Dark Mother would be challenged and the god would have a champion I couldn’t beat directly. Now, for whatever reason that hasn’t happened, but I can’t destroy this stuff.” Marcos huffed, and jumped up to the top of the wall. They were several meters high in the air. Around them pale moonlight illuminated hills and trees. In the city, lights and noises of a movement were everywhere. “The security is all completely necessary. You’ll find the people of Grippe don’t get out much and are usually ignored if they do.” Marcos waited for Kaarthen to traverse the tricky climb.

“They value usable technology and the like to show it off. They like the attention they get for it, so lots of them would be trying to show off for a new face. So just smile and please don’t ask questions.”

“Interesting, but Marcos, why leave a way in?” Kaarthen asked after she jumped over. The way down was easier and nobody was around.

“Because now, only I know about it.” Marcos said starting ahead.

The two slinked through the night. Flameless candles and streetlights fascinated Kaarthen. All the work was done in shiny brass with exposed parts that boggled the mind with the complexity. Some lit windows showed contraptions everywhere lining walls and tables.

The people rode odd chairs with wheels that moved. Their feet spun a chain that moved the strange craft. Everyone seemed to have one. The crafts varied in size from those pulling carts or some so small one had to stand atop it, there were no horses in sight. The many crafts all made a racket as the metal or wood wheels scratched and ground over the paved cobbled stones. The loudest noises were from whistling noises like giant teakettles off in the distance.

The two earned a few odd looks from the residents as they made their way further into the city. Most women were dressed in tight swooping dresses with narrow flowing skirts that emphasized their hips and bosoms. The men were covered head to toe in layers of buttoned jackets, hat, and long skinny pants. Lots of people wore goggles on their foreheads or on their eyes as they rode around. The people were all of various colors but they didn't seem to have tans. Even the darkest brown-skinned people seemed to have none of that vibrancy of time in the sun.

They arrived in a large open square that had a large bank, municipal town hall, and stage with a seating area for gatherings lining the edges. A fourth building sat back behind zigzagged stairs and a tall iron wrought fence atop a stout stonewall. On two sides, large wooden drawbridges were raised for service deliveries. One brought things to the front. The other entrance was cleverly sectioned off. It ran towards the back of the four stories tall, stone building on the left side. Directly behind the rectangular structure the stone face of mountain seemed to butt up against the back.

This remarkable and at the same time subtle building was where Marcos led. He produced a key at the outer gate and they walked in. Marcos took her around the side of the extended entranceway to a glass door that looked much more like one of the full-length windows. He opened it and ushered a gawking open-mouthed Kaarthen inside.

Kaarthen was shocked, and the wonder wore off as she stepped in. The interior of the building was not furnished. It was a barren cave like passage. Before them, was a solid seamless stone cut square that made a passage for Marcos to walk along. Just as they entered the passage, a gap between the cave and the fake building's facade caught Kaarthen's eye. Looking up, Kaarthen could see lamps lighting all the windows visible from outside.

Following the passage to the left, then turning right, they reached the perimeter of this disguised building. Kaarthen could make out stairs taking them down. After fifty steps, they reached a door on the right that Marcos opened. Inside looked very much like an elaborate high temple.

“Wow I’m sure the goddess would be proud of your piety.” Kaarthen said looking around. She reflected real internal thoughts of wonder at what her champion had been doing.

Before her were hundreds of various statues. All the statues were from different cycles, and were done beautifully. All the aspects were represented. Seductive coy femininity, wantonly lewd maternal fertility, and stoic severe death. Some times the statues were rendered obviously pregnant.

The wall was covered in mosaics and portraits of her full form. She sat in a black toga. Her body was her ebony skin and floating obsidian hair with the pitch-black voids of eyes and silver mirrors of pupils. Some were done in the traditional three-armed form with her sitting, pinching an exposed nipple between her thumb and fingers of her left hand, delivering birth to a skull with one right hand, the second right arm was raised holding up a rose.

That gave her pause.

“I have seen lots of images of the Dark Mother, never have I seen her with a rose in the third hand. It was always done with a downward dagger or an up held sword.” Kaarthen commented quietly.

She saw another portrait. It was not as well done, and almost hidden, but it reminded her of others for some reason. Looking back and forth the Goddess was who noticed it.

“You did the paintings yourself, didn’t you?” Kaarthen said truly amazed.

The background was the common feature. It was the same temple as when they first met. In others the main temple in Mavvus was the background or clearly over her shoulder. The pictures and portraits varied in size growing in style and detail, culminating in the complicated mosaic on the long wall.

“I did it all myself. This is where I have stayed as two cycles started. Only that one is not mine, an artisan gave it to me.” He said, indicating an excellent work. The goddess only once had him go to Dar Delis. However, the portrait was cold and vague in accuracy compared to the others.

“But why the rose? You can’t even see if it’s dark red or black.” Kaarthen said squinting and stepping forward.

“A long time ago I was unable to have healthy children and I felt cursed. Remember, when I was first… created, the children I had were vampires. I know that an immortal depressed over their conditions, or eternal existence is an odd thing but it happens.” Marcos walked over to stand next to her looking at the painting. “I wanted perfection, I asked Dark Mother to give me mortal children, as normal as others. She did, but she did not allow me to take wives after that. I was quite surprised that she had you become my Companion. I meditated a lot over it and that dark form never returned. After that, it was always her other aspect of Death that dealt with me. I thought perhaps if they were separate aspects, my Host couldn’t be close to me for some reason and withheld herself. It seemed she wanted me to be a tool and act as a tool. In addition, it seemed she wanted me to be hers alone. I thought when I reached that part of the portrait she killed my love and yet she perhaps loved me. The rose fit the aspect. I had thought about displaying it. Women, especially those in power who feel they can’t, act in similar ways when their emotions become powerful. I have known many queens and nobles who thought themselves above impulse and emotion. Their efforts and training for control naturally try to inhibit that whimsical, or primal feeling. Usually bad things happen when it’s repressed too much. They become excessively distant and cold, or obsessive when they want to be closer and warm. People of power, or responsibility are always taught little of love, they think it a distraction. Uncontrolled and unexpected it is much more insidious than a distraction. I think it is no different from horse riding. You aren’t really in control, the horse very easily could kill you, but you may guide and hope the rules are common between both of you. If you’re able to train yourself with schedules and limited timely satisfactions, love can be fulfilling as you continue your work. Like any addiction, I suppose. So to answer your question, it is both red and black.”

“I see I like it.” Kaarthen sobbed quietly, and turned away. Internally the Goddess was weeping over his story. It seemed mostly sad for taking so long to come to him, and it was greatly conflicted over admitting its presence.

“I’m really glad you like it. I feel it is for you. I thought you would perhaps enjoy it.” Marcos said looking on the painting and smiling.

A pregnant pause hung and Kaarthen froze suddenly, with every sense on full alert. Her mind replayed every time he looked at her or she felt his gaze, every word shared or its tone.

“Does he know?” They both thought together.

“Come on, this place isn’t a temple. I want to show you a few other pieces.” Marcos said internalizing the tension. The Goddess had never had an aspect for guile or subterfuge. Giving him a companion who was identical to her aspect was more than sheer vanity. The Goddess likely wanted a reminder nearby.

The repository of statues and paintings ended with two short stairs leading down. A flat area with metal carriages that looked heavy and solid arrayed in neat rows. They seemed ready to pour out some door and have free reign on the countryside.

As they walked in an old man was sitting on a bulky metal carriage smoking a pipe.
“Welcome back. I see you found a woman.” Said the obviously blind man. He hoped off the carriage.

“Yes, it was a long trip or a short one depending on things. You have kept the place well in shape.” Marcos said looking thing over. He seemed to take pride in the metal carriages. “We’ll be going upstairs and returning shortly. I’ll need my Title box if you please.” He added after rubbing a carriage.

The old man had perked at the mention of ‘upstairs’, but went wordlessly to the shadows and returned silently with a black footlocker three and a half feet wide and two deep. He placed it before them and backed away to the metal carriage to resume his smoking.

Marcos opened it. Inside was a gleaming gauntlet. It lay at the bottom edge it was an open frame with three struts coming down the upper forearm to the articulated wrist, hand, and finger sections. The fingers had tiny sharp claws and all joints were spun out of the way to not be visible or covered in flaps. The underside had three buttonholes across the wrist; behind the holes, the forearm was plated to the elbow. Just past the elbow, a framed semicircle plate had a silver crown on the seat of a throne with sun-like rays along the edge of the semicircle.

“Wow! Is that gold?” Kaarthen asked wide-eyed.

“Yes, but it’s only plated in certain parts. You’ll soon see all army officers have one of these. The Royal family has gold. I am among other things the chief patron of the Royal family. This country was founded by me but I don’t waste all my energy running it.”

“So the king just does what he wants and you wear this?” Kaarthen asked

“Kind of like that. First, you must know there are a king and queen. The King is the Immortal Crown of Menthino. He is also the lead general and I am the chief. He is required on the field for any campaign. I raise and train all eligible men for the crown. I also crown them. And, despite clear instructions I have eight times so far had to kill them.” Said Marcos. He placed the gauntlet on, pulled out individual straightened wires, and bound parts that came together along the bottom. He pulled out another robe and a behind the back crossed sword holster

“The Queen is the Noble Sister of the Eternal throne of Casspil. Despite what that sounds like, she really just does ceremonies to the Goddess. In state affairs, she usually handles trade and diplomatic functions. In war, her powers are nearly nullified. The King handles the Court and tasks military preparedness but cannot invade until that happens. Technically, the Queen is sovereign of the eastern portion of Menthino into Alcanton. That land was part of Casspil, but Alcanton was never developed. It is an entangling mess every time it’s attacked. Since it cannot be held, I integrated the two royals. The Queen is by now, not even remotely related to the King. They are however, intentionally raised as if they are brother and sister. Upon the coming of age of the future Queen, I take the girl on a secret journey through the lands of Alcanton. It’s one of the last times usually they ever leave the capital until they are crowned in Dar Delis. After that, most queens never get to leave Menthino.”

Marcos had finished dressing. He wore a traditional hooded black robe that ended below his knees, and was split in the back up the middle. Two blades were crossed behind him and poke out slits below his elbow. Both were single edged and full-length. One was a Menthino straight sword of black steel. The other was a slightly curved specialty sword.

The robe tucked into the elbow subtly accentuating the gauntlet. The swords, when drawn, slid cleanly and the sheaths tipped up through the split in his robe.

“Well let’s see what changed upstairs.” Marcos said now fully dressed. Turning to the back, he opened an armoire, walked into it, and gestured for Kaarthen to follow. Incredulous, she got in too and was surprised by a jolt and the armoire started to elevate. A few moments later, they stepped out into a mostly empty interior of the building above.

“So this is the mine?”

“Yes the city boils the rock dust and it releases stuff that can be burned which then boils more water. All that comes from another much larger mine, this is a tunnel. Here? Could you sit here please?” Marcos said, indicating to Kaarthen a contraption with a chair seat and a bar for her feet to rest. She was confused looking at it even the wheels had spindly lines going everywhere.

“This is interesting, those crafts outside were a lot louder,” Kaarthen said, noting the ride was smooth and quiet.

“That’s because this one uses a lubricated chain, and has tires softened for durability.”

“So what’s up ahead?” Kaarthen said trying to take her mind off the weird flying sensation. She felt kind of sick with the odd sensation and could feel herself getting dizzy.

“A weapons storage and recovery vault holding some of the most powerful weapons of the last six cycles. Some were forbidden even then.” Marcos said pulling up to the end of the giant tunnel.

A steel door stood at the end next to a mammoth set of double doors. Marcos opened it with a key from his gauntlet.

“I’m showing you this in hope that if the Goddess knows something I don’t or something happens to me you can get here and fight it out.”

“What could happen?”

“Whatever happens?” Marcos answered cryptically.

Marcos opened the door. Inside a vast workshop was laid out with various weapons and oddities in various states of assembly. The room had a hundred foot ceiling and extended for almost half a mile back into the mountain.

A man came up wearing goggles that magnified his eyes making his pupils take up the whole lens. He stopped a few feet away and addressed them.

“Hello sir! Back already I see! We have done marvelous things since your last visit and we’re ready for the test!”

Quickly he hurried them to another room and set about bustling and clearing a spot on the floor for them to stand. The room was not wide but long and narrow. On the far wall, a platform like a bed stuck out and tarp covered a large round cylinder underneath. To either side of the platform holes were cut into the walls large enough for the bed sized platform to side through. The cylinder continued through the holes, but was exposed at either end.

“I thought this room would be perfect for the test. Let me just take the tarp off…Now as you can see this is a large cylinder dart. Its full length is twenty-six feet but as you instructed sir, we removed what you called the ‘warhead’. We analyzed and studied the propulsion end and found that this was made to go to only one place when it was made. We figured political tensions must have been high to create and keep a weapon facing one city. We also recovered from the ‘silo’ as you called it, references to Astrokos, with world maps of incredible detail. Two computers were recovered and we are using a decryption computer to understand the language.” The man finished proudly.

“I see, Ham this is my Companion Kaarthen. From now on, if you see her or she needs help be sure to do what she asks.” Marcos said gesturing. “I’m glad things are going well, I was down stairs and saw everything was clean tidy and nothing had rust. I know it’s hard to keep things out their ready.” Marcos clapped him on the back.

“Be sure to enjoy your companions too once in a while.” Marcos said turning to leave.

"Sir! You don't want to test it?" Ham implored.

"We can't test it in here Ham"

"Are you sure?"

"Yes Ham, it will get very hot and likely suffocate us. Please return it, and concentrate on the 'warhead'"

Marcos left Ham in the room and Kaarthen followed him back into the large workshop. They walked past dozens of men and women busily staring and attending to the parts and pieces before them.

Walking to the far end of the cavernous room he finally reached another door. He walked in and Kaarthen found that there were several buildings inside the cavernous room. They had a lived in look with clothes hanging on strings. Several women wearing colorful robes were working gathering water, or in fields of green under bright lights. The front building was a grey stone though it was smooth and seamless. It was five stories and was forty yards wide with double doors in the center. It had several balconies along the front with tapestries hanging. Several more structures that were similar were behind it in lengthwise rows.

Marcos walked into the open doors at the center of the building in front. Kaarthen realized that the center area was open all the way up like a small internal courtyard. Four floors of apartments had open areas to look down on them. They went through a sturdy gate and took tight zigzagging stairs to the third floor. Marcos opened the gate and inside was a large open square area. It had a square hole going down to the entranceway with railings around the sides. At every corner were doors and directly opposite the stairway was a balcony.

Marcos led her to the room to the right, opened the door, and removed his weapons and armor, put on a robe. He gave her a robe. She also undressed and felt comfortable in it for the first time in a while despite how Marcos used the time to stare. They continued further and Kaarthen noticed they were in a converted apartment with cooking areas and converted bedrooms. They stood in the main room, that was long and narrow with the cooking area and wash area to the left and two rooms at the end. It was now an armory with some of the weirdest and deadliest weapons she'd seen. The bedrooms also had even more weapons. The cooking and wash areas were changed for weapon maintenance.

“These are all the weapons that I personally owned.”

“What about everything outside? Isn’t that also yours?”

“Yes, some of it out there is things being repaired or studied. Most, like that dart Ham wanted to test were recovered from this mountain. Others were brought here from all over the world. These areas of mountains don’t have earthquakes, so this is a safe place to keep things.”

They walked out after Kaarthen had looked and touched everything. They went into the room to the right away from the door. Inside was an identical set up with a feel of comfort for living in.

“This is where I spent a lot of time between cycles. I thought up some of the best features of Menthino or new paintings or sculptures. Those people and their families down there have worked their whole lives in here. Sometimes they go out to see the city and I don’t stop them. The people of Grippe are by nature very comfortable underground. Most of what they do is done at night, and they work best outdoors when it is cloudy. The real reason for that is they all at one time came from down here.” Marcos explained.

He walked through the room carefully removing dust covers and opening windows. All the furniture was stone, cushioned with plush leather or silk. In place of chairs or tables and desks were stone platforms, benches, and pedestals.

He lay across a bed of silk and gestured for her to come over. Kaarthen lay next to him and allowed her robe to open. The robe was parted by the weight of her breasts and the right breast was exposed as she rolled to face him on her side.

Marcos looked at her. Neither needed candles. In the darkness, her hair was black. Her skin had nothing to reflect and the darkness within won out and absorbed the light around it. She looked almost drow like. Her pupils shone almost as bright as mithril but with their own light. He reached and flicked back the rest of her robe exposing the rest of her body. The unique feminine silhouette of a woman on her side was immensely erotic. Her near silent breathing was only noticeable by the panting heaves of movement. Her legs moved, rubbing her thighs in a manner of a hot woman.

She reached forward and opened his robe. Untying the knot, she focused on exposing no more then his cock. She rubbed and yanked on his hardening cock until it started lubricating. Kaarthen’s eyes stayed completely focused on it as she cupped his balls. She leaned in further to it and sucked it into her mouth. She bobbed on the head in her awkward position then reached over with her left and pushed him over. An image of him laying flat with his hands behind his head blocked her vision. She removed her robe and sat on her feet and bent forward till her breasts were on his hips and she could suck him.

She slid both hands along his body until on was flat under his balls and the other was palm down against the top of his cock. She sucked him into her mouth and bobbed with more and more speed and depth. She sucked him into her throat and went still faster. She didn’t gag even when her nose went to his hairs. She knew the goddess was responsible.

She was by now sitting up on her knees bent at the waist using her whole upper body to take his cock. Marcos was nearly about to cum but his peak slipped through his fingers despite Kaarthen’s unrelenting efforts. She gave him one long suck from root to tip and sat back. Marcos was glad for the short breather. He felt her move and straddle him. His cock went from vaguely cold with moisture to hot and wet within her boiling body. Her heavy breasts fell over his face as her pussy lifted into a rhythm.

Marcos thrust up into her as she dropped and for ten minutes, they fucked as Marcos sucked her teats. Kaarthen saw waves of images from Marcos and the goddess. In the images she was there doing various things. She went from pregnant to standing bathed in blood on a battlefield with Marcos. The clothes changed with her armor and weapons in the images. Nevertheless, she always smiled darkly. She saw herself naked many times, in many positions, usually not alone. She saw other pregnant women with her and they all made love to Marcos. They all harvested his seed.

Kaarthen tensed and exploded with a deep-throated howl and went limp. Marcos was close and rolled them over to be on top. He put an arm around her shoulders and with the other had her right leg in his elbow as he lightly slapped her breasts. Her juicy pussy was so accommodating and despite how relaxed she was, it still tugged and clenched for him. He came and with three tight deep thrusts, he spewed then locked himself in to the mouth of her cervix. Her cervix trapped his cock head and he stayed locked in her as he went to sleep.

Movements around him woke Marcos later. He opened his eyes to feel her rubbing his back and kissing him softly. Her legs had wrapped around him as her hips undulated. Her lips felt like cool clouds on his cheeks and forehead. He found himself hard within her stirring deeply with her movements. He thrust in short deep strokes until she quietly begged more. He raised himself and started spearing her almost violently as she bucked under him. Her pussy oozed and her eyes rolled back. Her mouth lolled open and her tongue rolled out as she grunted with his strokes. His ten-inch cock burrowed deeply as she came continuously around his cock. He moved around her left leg, lay beside her, and took her from behind. For another ten minutes, he stroked her with his cock and his hands. He reached for her bud and his bottom arm snaked under her head for a nipple to tease. He pushed her knees up and clutched a breast as he rolled over on top of her back covering her body in his. Marcos came violently bellowing in a long groan of animalistic satisfaction. He rolled to the side still inside her clenched vagina and slept.


Hours later, they woke and were refreshed. Both the lovers had on silly grins as they covered the furniture in dustsheets. They then returned the robes from last night to hooks before watching each other dress in their armor slowly.

Minutes later, they were back downstairs. Marcos returned the key ring he used to get in, took three keys from the blind man, and placed them into a panel of his gauntlet. The blind man quietly disappeared with the key ring trailing smoke from his pipe.

As they left, Kaarthen and the Goddess studied all the pictures and statues again. A majority were in the images of desire from last night. She felt quietly satisfied seeing this repository of artifacts.

When they left, they went into a restaurant out on the town for breakfast. Street cafes and hotel dining were offered. Kaarthen led them to a small caf?ith two petite blond waitresses. Both were short, nearly five feet tall. One had long hair down her back in ribbons and wore a dress to the knees that had many frills. The other wore a navy halter and black leather pants, she had dark gloves on, and her hair was up. They looked as opposite as possible, one was obviously happy and smiling the other had an obvious tormented streak. The one in the dress seemed filled out with small breasts and hips. The other was attempting not to look boyish. She dressed to emphasize her femininity despite her curveless form.

Marcos could feel that both were vampires. They could also feel him. The one in pants backed away as they moved in and seated themselves. Marcos who wore his swords behind him had to sit reversed in his chair.

The other, obviously younger, vampire approached and stared at him with childlike interest. She was drawn like a moth to a flame. She seemed aware something was different about him but not what. The girl in pants quickly rushed in, and without a word, hooked the staring blonde by the elbow, and around the waist, hauling her into the kitchen area. Loud whispers were heard from behind.

“Is that normal? Are we disturbing them?” Kaarthen asked confused. The goddess seemed to reach out to the two curiosities as well.

“Those two are vampires. There is one more back there but it’s also weak. The one in pants is the leader but likely only a hundred or so. They can feel our power. Soon you’ll feel them too. That young cute one was not dangerous, but very young, and was drawn like a moth to a flame. As an immortal, they’ll sense our power. As vampires, they usually consider it a threat. That’s why the other one grabbed her. Perhaps you were also drawn here.” Marcos turned to her considering. “In the future, you should know that pale people with dark blood red pupils are usually vampires. We couldn’t see their eyes as we walked in. Nevertheless, in the future be aware of pulls on your attention. They can’t really harm you. They are less powerful and relatively fragile. However, they are quick and some old ones have magic and can affect mortals around themselves. Long ago I used to kill vampires on sight, but no one here should know that, they are all too young.”

They sat patiently. Marcos noticed that the narrow street and the way the building faced kept the sunlight out of the large storefront windows without the need for curtains. They sat alone in the middle of the restaurant listening to the vampires figure what to do.

Finally, the blondes returned. The one in a dress went to a stove and opened a steam valve in the wall acting busy and normal. The other on in pants came directly to the table but stopped two paces away.

“Hello we rarely get early customers. Forgive our earlier actions. We are new here. Perhaps coffee today? Or tea?”

Her words were clipped and her mouth barely opened. Marcos knew vampires valued strength and appearances almost above everything. This vampire was very low class and likely never was in a coven. Other vampires would have killed her for her shameful weakness.

“Bring us tea with lots of sugar, bread, breakfast meat, and whatever else you have.” Marcos said.

“Yes, very good” She said already backing up before turning and nearly running.

Kaarthen regarded him suspiciously. “Why are you making her nervous?”

Marcos shrugged. “I’m not. I don’t have too. Culture says that, for them a stronger vampire can kill them at their own discretion. That girl’s actions were overly polite and displayed her obvious weakness. She is a hundred years old but likely never has been around other vampires.”

“You think she’s running from something?” Kaarthen said with the tone of sympathy.

“Yes, vampires stay the hell out of Menthino because I require it. If they were in Mavvus I would destroy them, but this is an independent city on our border. Fate left them alive here, so they are likely the only ones in the city or nearby.”

The girl came back holding a tray. As she placed the cups, Marcos noticed her hands were shaking the tea and almost rattling the cups.

“Please sit.” Marcos said quietly as she finished. He gestured a chair with a low back and arms he wanted her to take. To retrieve it, she would not have a chance of eye contact with her friend who watched nervously from the bar.

She froze for an instant but moved very stiffly and brought over the chair. She sat quietly and demurely but away from the table. The other blond watched but didn’t move or speak.

Marcos looked her over. Her hands were in her lap, her shoulders looked tight, and her head drooped as she stared at the table.

He reached out studying her face. “Did you know vampires are not allowed in Menthino?” He asked. He lifted her chin easily though she initially flinched. Her body shook like a leaf. Marcos noticed how skinny she was. Her chest was small and sunken under the halter and her arms were rails.

He paused. Her eyes stayed off his and kept to the wall. She reminded Marcos of some nervous dog. He waited for her response letting second go by then continued.

“So why did you bring your children here?” He finally said expecting an answer. Again, she didn’t speak but stayed quiet.

“Speak, what reasons do you have to hide here?” Marcos said slightly irritated.

“Sir, this girl once had a master. He was killed by his children who thought to control the coven. This girl was no more than a slave to them. They told this girl to serve. When the coven broke, this girl fled and took Mara. She was a pleasure slave, she knows nothing, she was kept locked in their dungeon, raped and made to serve any who wanted pleasure. We shall serve you if you find mercy for us.” She finished with a voice full of emotion.

“Of course, come with us it will be safe for you. We travel to Mavvus, in the city there will be a quiet place for you to live.” Kaarthen said surprising Marcos.

The girl was confused. For vampires, the less powerful usually don’t decide in another’s presence.

She turned to Kaarthen. “Thank you Mistress! This girl is so happy! She will serve you well.” She got out of the chair and kneeled taking Kaarthen's hand and placing it around her neck.

Marcos shook himself back to reality. “Vampires are not allowed in Mavvus.” He said indignantly.

“Well these two will hardly cause a stir. They can keep up on our travels as well.”

“They can’t stay in the city I will not permit them in my tower. They are likely unable to travel in the daylight also.”

Vampires are famously photosensitive. They might die if left out but it would take a long time. Usually, they suffer a huge drop in energy that debilitates them for hours. Only powerful older vampires can act unaffected.

“You told me earlier you had a pair of tree nymphs in the tower and grew a rock nymph from stone. These would be the same and only require blood instead of the energies of sexual excess. Since they can take care of themselves they may help the city by feeding on the criminals.” Kaarthen said optimistically.

“This girl never actually stalked and fed from humans before. This girl was made to drink of cows and horses.” The vampire added.

“Well that explained a little of why the two weren’t noticed.” Marcos thought.

Adventurers are paid lots of money for vampire heads.

“Can they even walk in daylight before passing out? Why should we help these two?” Marcos inquired of Kaarthen. He turned to the girl. “Excuse me, who is the third?”

“Rinis is another slave like this girl but she’s been around much longer. She is as old as Mara and this girl.” She said looking down still. She was obviously used to her fate being decided by superiors.

“You three are very weak.” Marcos said finally, not sure what point he was trying to make.

“But we can protect them. They shouldn’t live in fear.” Kaarthen rallied. Confident optimism was in her voice.

“They are not pets Kaarthen. Vampires grow stronger with time and blood. They will eventually want to use that strength since vampires value little else. Could you ‘put them down’ if they threatened the city? Would you fight them if they went berserk or revolted? Will you keep track of them to see when they plot against you? They are proud creatures and these three are poor examples, but given time and they will ‘grow up’.” Marcos protested. This was shaping up to be a classic reason vs. emotion argument.

“The goddess will aid me. I shall be their night mother.” Kaarthen said. If her eyes could grow misty and cloudy with delusions, they would be by now.

“Then they are yours, I hope no problems develop. I will protect my city. My women in the tower are not to be violated. In fact, they may never enter.” He delivered his statement in a building loud commanding voice of a father.

Kaarthen squealed in glee and hugged the little vamp. Its small head was dwarfed by Kaarthen's bust and it blushed returning the embrace.

“Just a question, how did you get work here?” He asked. Marcos needed to know how these vampires worked their way in. If they used an ability, compulsion, or a geas he would kill them here and now rather than allow them near those he protected.

“Mara is happy to fuck the owner for rent and a room. We don’t ask for any money, the owner pays us for one person. We can’t complain really, He knows what we are. Outside the city or anywhere else Warrioresses or adventurers would kill us for sport. We have been here for a few months.”

“There, there, go and get the others, we will wait for you.” Said Kaarthen gently.

Marcos noted how she took to this mothering role quiet easily. It was almost disturbing how quickly things had changed from the comfortable dynamic they had. She was arching her back pushing out her bosoms and smoothing the front of her robe with a warm smile.

“Are you sure about this?” Marcos asked again.

She looked at him smiling. “The Goddess in me will help them with what they need to stay out of trouble.” Kaarthen answered with remarkable truth.

“I see. Is that what you’re trying to do?” Marcos asked.

He was interrupted by the presentation of three girls. Each was short skinny and pale. Like Kaarthen, they had pale nearly transparent skin. Unlike Kaarthen, they weren’t darkened by but had a similar dark blush to their cheeks and under the eyes. They looked malnourished, scruffy, and their clothes were ratty.

The third girl had black wavy hair that went past her shoulders. She poked a tooth idly with her finger. Her pupils were extremely dilated and she shivered while staring at Marcos. She wore a simple thin lavender dress with a lace collar and knee length hem.

He had the mental picture of Kaarthen cooing, feeding, and petting three dirty itchy mutts in some alley somewhere. She looked at him strangely when the thought occurred to him but he didn’t care.

“This girl’s name is Ein. We are all four hundred years old this girl was trash from Masil to the far west. Mara was also from Masil we are like sisters we were taken on the same night. This is Rinis. She worked with me in the coven. We all ran away together when our coven went into civil war, our blood bond was broken, and we most likely would have been killed. Nobody would protect us. We are too weak to fight. We will happily serve you with our lives.” Said the blond in pants. She had all the pride of a leader of a gang of street urchins.

Marcos considered the silliness of people who fled in fear pledging their lives to anything.

“I accept your pledge. Please let’s get along.” Kaarthen said standing and bending to hug them.

Rinis continued to stare stupidly at him as she was hugged. Marcos was sure she would have voided her bowels had she eaten anything. He mused that perhaps she was slow and almost chuckled.

Marcos waited outside across the street as the three collected their meager belongings and closed the caf? Predictably, as they stepped out, they fell flat under the weight of the sun. Kaarthen fretted and almost stripped naked in the nearly empty street trying to protect them from the mid-morning sun. Marcos took pity and found a wheelbarrow near a blacksmith. He left money for it paying much more than it was worth. He returned and lumped the three girls in and pushed them down the street. At another store, he bought two blankets and a cowhide for them to cover them selves. Kaarthen hugged and kissed him happily, as he pushed on toward the city gates.

When the sun went down Marcos had to rest with it. They had stopped in a grassy clearing near a creek on the edge of the forest for the night. He was beyond tired but mostly sore. He had refused letting Kaarthen push the wheelbarrow over the rutted dirt road. The hills outside the city had been nearly worth those girls lives. On the flat areas, he still fought the washed out road and every rock while trying to push the wheelbarrow along.

Marcos easily fell asleep sitting in the wheelbarrow covered in a blanket. His swords leaned between the handles and he snored lightly.

Kaarthen sat on the other blanket that was spread out. The three gladly collected around her.

“I have special milk for you.” Kaarthen said lifting off her robe. “Come drink.”

She hefted a teat to them. Rinis and Mara silently suckled her as she leaned back and closed her eyes. The Goddess was reveling in the activities of the whole day. It wanted more though. Kaarthen felt pain in her body as the Goddess made the changes it wanted.

“Come here Ein.” She patted a spot next to her.

Ein scampered forward. Kaarthen reached for her with one hand reaching across her shoulders drawing her in. New long fangs grew in to her mouth with an odd tingling sensation.

In a flash, the Goddess froze them and Kaarthen lunged forward, biting Ein’s neck, latching on for only a second. She took her blood before casting her aside where she collapsed. She pulled up Rinis who stared blankly at her and took her also then dropped her limp body before taking Mara who looked at her wide-eyed.

The changes she made to them were subtle. Their bodies could take almost any body fluid for sustenance now. Their eyes changed to a cloudy bluish grey. They had also lost their fangs because now her milk or pussy would feed them more efficiently. She gained power over them with her conscious thoughts. A bond stronger than anything vampires share was made. They would be little more then her appendages now. They now would be constantly connected to her and each other. The feelings and thoughts of all would be shared.

The Goddess looked down through Kaarthen on the three quite pleased. Marcos would have eventually killed them. They would have gotten stronger and no sworn oath would stop what was in their nature. This way they could feed from her and stay safe. Daylight would not be a problem now and they could hurry without further delay to Mavvus.

The next morning Marcus was surprised to see the three up. As they walked, Kaarthen trailed behind with her hood up. He dropped back to her as the walked

“What’s wrong? Where you up all night feeding your babies? After a night’s rest, you should be fine. How much did they drink?” Marcos snickered.

“I…” Kaarthen was knocked to her back by Marcos who was suddenly upon her.

“WHAT IS THIS?” Marcos roared. He held her head with both hands prying into her mouth. His finger had hooked a fang and was painfully tugging on it. His anger made him lose control and his appearance seemed to darken as his true form peeked out. It seemed that an aura of black was seeping out of him into the air.

This was an extreme reaction. Marcos had already lost control of himself. Mara and Rinis looked on in terror. They could feel Kaarthen's fear. The Goddess was shocked by this reaction. Even though it felt him all those years killing and hunting vampires, it had never seen this. It also was unfamiliar with violence directed against its person.

“She saved us and made us better.” Ein said and instantly regretted it.

“Silence!” He roared

Faster then a blur he closed the distance and backhanded Ein who tumbled like a skipped rock across the road. A mere mortal would have died of a broken neck and a crushed skull. Ein was just stunned and bleeding. Scratches healed as she pulled herself back up.

He reached for a sword but his hand froze. The Goddess was trying to stop him. The Goddess was using her soft body as a platform to control Marcos’ hardened resolve. Kaarthen could feel its push shoving back against her mind under the strain and tasted blood. Her vision tunneled and dimmed, as she grew woozy.

He stared incredulously at his hand but reacted quickly reaching with his armored hand for Mara who stared at him stunned. He seemed to mistake her for the source of the interference.

“YOU!” Marcos shouted with blind hate, jamming his arm through her chest to the elbow, then swinging her away.

“STOP!!” Kaarthen and Ein yelled. Rinis only looked up at him blankly in awe.

“SILENCE!” He roared.

Marcos was now in full form. His body absorbed the light around it, and he looked like a hole in the midday. His black robes and leathers were oozing tendrils of black. His face was only a silhouette with two burning red eyes of hate. He seemed like a man shaped portal to the abyss with two terrible eyes staring back. Talons had ripped through his glove and only the gauntlet remained unaffected. With all the terrible darkness around it, the gauntlet shimmered in the midday light.

He rushed Rinis but Kaarthen lunged, hugged him around his waist, and pleaded. She cringed from the look he gave her. He grasped her head looking at her with eyes that didn’t see.

“Wampir.” Marcos uttered lost in a trace. His voice was a guttural whisper with an accent she had never heard.

Kaarthen's heart sunk with the word and her bile rose. She felt the Goddess scrambling through the world’s memories trying to find a solution before he went any further. She was paralyzed by their shared panic. She knew he was seeing his wives dead on the floor with all his children he had killed. Houses were burning, and everyone was screaming. The images flew into her vision in chaos. Thousands of faces in the shock of pain and death flew in a blur and she fainted.


Kaarthen opened her eyes the pain had stopped and she felt empty. Marcus still clutched her with a blank unseeing expression.

Behind him, the Goddess had appeared with her death aspect. The only change was the bulge of a few months pregnancy she rubbed, and a spear in her other hand she idly held like a walking stick. The image was an imitation of one of his numerous statues.

The display worked, perhaps to well. Marcos roughly shoved her head away. He ran and prostrated before the goddess.

“Greetings mother…..”


Marcos cringed at the recrimination. “I have…I have…I… have lived too long if I have seen this happen.” Marcos sputtered finally. His anger was quelling into dread and self-loathing.

Kaarthen felt mortified at what was happening but she could say nothing but lay still.


“That is most gracious. I thought I failed you by allowing her desires to be subverted and her body corrupted by those…” For a moment, raw emotion broke into his voice before he trailed off.


The Being raised his head and gracefully kissed him, disappearing as their lips touched.

When Marcos blinked his eyes open, he felt weak. All his anger had burnt away. He felt emotionless and numb. He sat up on his knees barely able to move his legs out from under him. Meditating, he slowly pulled his form back in, focusing on the image he used for so long. The dark hair, the thin face, the lanky figure, and the dark tan of a southlander. Around him, Mara and the girls crept warily to Kaarthen who was only partially happy he recovered himself. The Goddess was within her again. It was monitoring Marcos as he pulled his mind and body back into shape. The anger at vampires was still there, visible but once again compartmentalized.

Marcos eased himself up onto his feet feeling tired already. His hair was back, His black eyes, and his weathered and tanned skin. He was complete, but didn’t look the same despite the form he wore. He appeared in his posture to be old and worn away. To Kaarthen he looked all of his 67,000 years. He didn’t speak as he turned and ambled down the road. Kaarthen and the girls got to their feet and followed quietly as he slowly led them away.

That evening they stopped earlier than usual at the first inn they found in a small farming town. The inn they found was a four-room inn and walked in to find it quite empty. The girls were for the first time able to be around mortals without conflict. They didn’t care to celebrate. Marcos bought two rooms and walked off leaving the other key for Kaarthen and the girls. He immediately went up stairs. They stayed and ate.

The serving area was quiet. Kaarthen’s emotions ruled the group. The Goddess was raging over the entire disastrous day. For the first time it had been witness to a real miscalculation. It had learned fear from its own Champion. It was not happy or satisfied with how things were resolved either. Quietly the other three ate a real meal for the first time in several centuries. The food was average but with Kaarthen so emotional, they couldn’t enjoy it. They all went to bed full but in a somber mood.

The next morning Marcos opened his door to find Rinis standing outside. His anger flared before he exhaled and stepped past her. She followed him downstairs and out to the stables.

“Hello?” He shouted.

“What?” a shaking pile of hay asked.

“I need five horses.” Marcos said.

Quickly the stable man stood in front of him looking around with the air of a sale.

“Five huh? I dunno if I can part with five…”

Negotiations were quickly finalized since Marcos was well past caring. He turned to the little mute girl but found that Kaarthen, Mara, and Ein had joined them while he was paying.

They led out two mares and three geldings. The horses cost a small fortune and came with everything including camping gear.

“Why horses I thought we were…” Kaarthen started unsure of this change.

“We are taking too long. The trip is only getting longer. We lost any advantages of not having horses. We will be in Mavvus in three days now.” Marcos said in a clipped voice with his back to her. Kaarthen noticed sensitively how he didn’t look at her.

He led the horses to water and unclipped his swords. He placed one in a front loop sticking up and the other across in front of him. Kaarthen did the same with Lourndai. The girls watched and fidgeted with Kaarthen’s stress.

Marcos used a calming touch and words to get the horses over to the road. They seemed enchanted and followed easily. He mounted, set the horse to a cantering trot, leaving the others to quickly learn how to mount and ride a horse.

By midday, the women were all sore but didn’t say anything. That evening they pulled into a larger town. The inn had its own stable that they used and they walked into a serving area much louder and crowded than before. Marcos again bought two rooms and disappeared. When the women ate, they were the center of attention.

Kaarthen could feel their eyes all over her open robe. The sides showed her body scandalously. When she had decided to wear it, Marcos had been the only one who would have seen it like this. She angrily ordered beer with her food.

Not too long after they sat, a drunken man pushed over onto the table. He stood over Mara and put his hands on the table over her. He had a short graying beard, a dirty grey shirt, striped messy pants, and stood barefoot.

“How are you gals eh? Needs a man eh?” He said sharp liquor was on his breath.

Kaarthen silently asked someone to get rid of him and Mara accepted. She spun out from under him and took his hand.

“Give us money.” She said, letting the man draw his own conclusions. She structured a favorable situation where he could assume control. He tossed a few coins on the table. Nobody looked at how much it was, just where the money came from. Mara led him outside to the stable.

“Na girlie I just want a suck” he said tugging her over to the wall.

“We can’t get caught, we need privacy.” She pulled him into the shadows. He drunkenly followed and she slung him on his back to sit on a barrel among some farm implements. She ignored his protest when she ripped open the crotch of his pants. She dropped over him, licked, and nibbled his half-hard cock. His cock was just under average but had large round balls under it. She dropped lower sucking him completely into her mouth. Her mind was aware of Rinis and Ein’s curiosity. Both women had been ravaged numerous times as serving slaves. They had not actively served in that manner. They learned with interest what a woman could do when she isn’t pushed down in a corner and fucked in her face. Kaarthen was sharply disgusted and urged her to finish faster.

The man gave a shock when her tongue crept down and tenderly stroked each nut in turn. She got them both wet before bobbing lightly on his cock. He came then, his balls dumped their spurts, and Mara kept the flow up by sucking it out of him. He noticed when his balls ached that his semen wasn’t stopping. He realized his body was numb and suddenly heavy. He could not move, but still she kept sucking from him. He started to faint with the taste of blood in his mouth and realized he might die like this. Mara continued to suck his seed after he fell back sagging against the wall. She took his purse and walked back out to the inn. When she left him, he was still alive only because the alcohol he drank had saved him. The sugars from his liquor provided for a few long minutes the only energy in his body.

In the hotel, the three went to bed, and Rinis waited for Marcos.

In the morning, Marcos woke and found Rinis waiting again. He walked down stairs but paused, turned, and flipped Rinis coin telling her to get a packed lunch for them. He moved on to the stables and a girl went and got his horses.

He watched her idly she was twenty, skinny, and had an average face that was too plain to be cute. When Rinis came up the stable girl tried to talk to her. Marcos watched the two. The girl was slender. Her breasts were mere bumps under her loose dress. He had a built up urge to fuck since the pussy he was getting the last several days had turned into a monster.

He tried thinking of situations that would work but couldn’t find anything creative, or romantic. He looked around as he finally considered the direct approach. In the early hours no one was around it seemed.

He walked over, grabbed the stable girl, and tugged her further into the stables and into a stall. He pulled his leathers back and showed his face. He fumbled with his robe and pulled his cock out then grabbed the shocked girl and drew her head down to it. She opened her mouth and sucked him. She did an average job of just bobbing along. He pulled her up and yanked up her skirt. This whole time no one said anything the girl looked at him shocked. Rinis stared sleepily.

“Go away!” He yelled. Inside the inn Kaarthen was crying and fell to her knees sobbing as she dressed.

Rinis backed up a few feet but still watched. Marcos turned and thrust into the girl who was now more accepting. For twenty minutes, he felt like he never had any complications. He rammed her hard and she climaxed twice. She started to sag under him trying to keep him satisfied despite her exhaustion. She was getting the fuck of her life from his ten-inch cock. He pulled out of her as he climaxed and shot his load on the stall.

When he walked out, he flipped the girl a gold sovereign that could likely buy a house in town.

“Thank you milord. You blessed me with your presence to know I was more pleasing then your ladies.”

Marcos cringed at the tart’s words. He walked and thought about why he was so upset. The sight of fangs on Kaarthen had caused him to become unhinged. He should be happy she is fine now. This meant he wouldn’t have to fuck his appointed Companion from behind for eternity. Nevertheless, he could not look at her face without remembering that horrific sight. He blamed her for bringing the damn girls too. His hands were tied in dealing with those girls, and that was not a comfortable feeling. Without those girls, everything would have been happy and simple.

He felt a presence near him, turned, and looked at Rinis who wore a blank, questioning, accusing look. He squared up to her his anger flaring again.

“I should kill you.” He muttered quietly. His black eyes told her exactly his thought. His vision narrowed and tunneled onto her face.

“Hey Marcos, let’s go!” Called Kaarthen already mounted. She wanted to break the spell quickly.

It would be impossible to kill one of them and claim an accident. She and the Goddess would want to forgive him for anything that happened. She started to realize the Goddess’ problem that it would never wish to punish him.

She told Rinis to forget her odd fascination with Marcos. It was about to get them into trouble again.

Their day went by quietly and Marcos pushed the horses mercilessly. Kaarthen’s horse threw a shoe late in the day and they had to stop. It was nearly dark. They simply came off the road to the side of the road. Marcos found a replacement shoe in the kit and started a fire. He removed his glove and robe then tossed the horseshoe into the heat. He stood there watching it, trying to ignore Ein and Rinis who watched him as they sat together on the other side.

He was thinking to himself as he did all day. Kaarthen removed her robe and the women followed suit. She walked up behind him as they watched, and hugged him around his back.

“Hey Marcos, shhh it’s me.” Kaarthen said feeling him bristle under her. She pressed her chest into him.

Instantly he moved from her embrace to outside facing her. He clutched her face in one hand holding her back. Without their robes, she was topless and her loincloth was loose, and he was in his tight Safi leathers. Her body sang to him and her arms snaked over his. He quickly pushed her away.

Mara came at him next completely naked with arms outstretched. Marcos grabbed a wrist and barely stopped himself from breaking it before he spun her to the ground. He kept his armored left arm low and pulled back to avoid striking them. Kaarthen came back and wrapped her arms around his waist from behind. Her hands snuck around releasing his cock. She almost had him in her mouth before he freaked and knocked her away. Mara came back as he stumbled around but was tripped when the two collided.

Instantly, Kaarthen pounced and they fell back onto Mara as she was rising. Kaarthen wrestled him while he struggled with both bodies. She climbed atop him completely until they were face to face. She smiled widely at him to show her normal flat teeth. Marcos flinched for a second then seemed to relax. Mara underneath him started to stir. Without moving his gaze from Kaarthen, he raised an arm over her, and dropped his elbow on the back of her head knocking her out.

He rolled Kaarthen over with him until he was on top. He straddled her waist and held her down. His hands idly stroked over her body remembering it. He stroked her breasts making her moan lightly and arch herself. His hands slid around the sides of her breasts up to her neck. She breathed deeply under his touch, and lifted her chin to him as she panted. He kept his eyes on her and finally brought his hands up to her face. He stroked over her cheeks with the back of his armored hand. He leaned forward further placing the gauntlet on the ground and rubbed his right hand over her face.

Kaarthen opened her mouth for him. He stuck his fingers in looking for her offending fangs. His fingers pried her lips apart to see into her mouth. As he leaned further and further over her, she moved her hand and softly stroked his cock. She moved deliberately but very slowly. She brought her arm under and across her breasts to squeeze his cock between them. His ten-inch cock was completely hard and was leaking pre cum onto her cleavage. She milked him with her hand urging him softly to fuck her hand and breasts.

Her legs writhed under him stroking the backs of his calves. She never had to worry about getting hot for him. The Goddess had made her hot with every sight or smell of him. Her resistance had crumbled quickly under that awesome and unrelenting internal pressure.

Her hot writhing body and his hard cock got his attention finally. Still, she could see the internal dichotomy that froze him. She knew to go further, embrace him, or move and put his cock in her mouth would provoke him. Therefore, she rolled over under him slowly and crawled forward. She could see through Ein and Rinis’ eyes what he was doing and where his cock was. He remained frozen as she raised her ass up slowly. She brought her knees up under her and spread them to get to the right height.

She swung and dipped her ass into him and he guided his cock onto it. He slid himself over her pussy getting wetter along her crack. He reached down, steadied her, and straightened his cock along her gash. Kaarthen gasped as he pushed into her pussy. She tried pushing back but his hand stopped her. He pulled out to her protesting moans and wiggling thrusts. He raised his cock and started prodding her anus and she froze. A blot of warm saliva fell onto her ring. She could feel him smear it with the spongy head of his cock.

Slowly inch by inch he slid down into her. She could feel his steady heart beat in the pulses of his cock. She could hear the Goddess in its corner of her mind celebrating as he thrust into her ass. With tough strokes he didn’t back off as he claimed her ass. The thought made her pause, that he was claiming her. Long before spoken word, things like this were how bonds were made. Out under the stars, with the smell of new grass and freshly cut earth marking the occasion. Humanity only recently adopted a new bonding ceremony that was fit for the whole family.

The Goddess was quite pleased with this primal ritual. Kaarthen was quite happy with the lack of pain. The groan that Marcos made as he sank into her ass sounded like he was pretty satisfied too.

He thrust her hard pushing himself deep with full strokes. His clawed gauntlet cut into her cheek and hip as he gripped and tugged her back onto his cock. His sweat dripped from his chin to her back.

She was pushed down under the onslaught of his building speed. She rolled to her right but he held her flat and pushed deeper. He moved his feet to the sides of her. As he pushed down her hips he grabbed her head bending her body back. As their movements loosened his sweaty hand he snatched her again at the neck and shoulder with his gauntlet.

The quick biting pain gave Kaarthen a shiver and she came as he pile-drived down into her ass and the grasses below tickled her womanhood.

Marcos squatted over her, holding onto her neck with both hands as he sped to finish. His growling and grunting was turning them both on in the primal way he took her. Finally, with a muted roar he shot his seed into her. It gushed in dozens of spurts, washing over, and flooding her bowels. The Goddess was delighted by this show of maleness and her feminine acceptance of it.

He withdrew and backed off her looking down over her body. Mara crept over out of the shadows and gently spread Kaarthen’s cheeks to drink his cum from her ass.

As she kneeled bent over her, Marcos was drawn to the pucker of her ass. His cock hardened as he looked at the tight little pucker. If he couldn’t kill her, this would be the next closest thing.

He looked around for the others and saw them naked sitting by the fire. Their pussies glistened in the firelight with moisture that slicked their exposed spread crotches and thighs. Despite being the weakest vampires he’d met, and being several hundred years old, their wet pussies were hairless on their nubile bodies. Ein had hips wider than her shoulders, her stomach was tight and flat, her thighs were firm and slightly muscular. The difference between her and Rinis was the brunette had wider shoulders and larger breasts. The breasts were fitting for her small size and teardrop shaped almost large enough to sag.

He looked at them with open hostility in his eyes and turned to the third girl. He ambled forward and grabbed Mara as they looked on. His cock was dripping with his last spending so he lined up and shoved. He jammed half way into her ass in the first thrust. His repeated thrusts did not seem to get him any deeper. He grabbed Mara’s hair snapping her head up and bringing it back. Arching her back, he pushed harder into her.

Marcos rammed into her roughly in jerky thrusts. Under him, he heard the whines and pained sobs he wanted to hear. His cock mercifully slipped out and speared her soaked pussy as he bounced her. He paused and looked at her ass under him. Her red asshole winked and tried to close under him.

He pushed hard into her gushing pussy. Mara squealed as he viciously pumped her and bent her back into him. For what felt like hours, he violated her. He didn’t care what pleasure she could irk from him. He didn’t care how tight she squeezed, or how wet her pussy gushed for him. For what felt like hours he didn’t care. She was a piece of fuck meat, a cock puppet, a little fuckpet. He didn’t care how she tensed under him again after countless other times and went completely limp. Her face dragged on the ground and her arms splayed as he pulled her petite frame onto him. He felt his climax approaching and pulled her off. Grabbing her hips, he skewered her ass again, and shot his seed into her.

He pushing her away, he stood up. Kaarthen was sitting up and watching. Mara was still cumming, laying face down, panting, and twitching on the ground.

He walked over to the fire, took his tongs, and removed the hot horseshoe. Kaarthen watched as he walked over and imperceptibly paused as he passed Mara’s limp form.

He went back to the repair of the horse, hammering and filing into the night.


The next morning he awoke early, he figured they would reach Mavvus that day despite the set back. Nobody was sore despite the late night. One of the benefits of immortality, if they had it, it would work after a good restful sleep. They set off toward Mavvus and it wasn’t until the sun started to go down that Marcos gave up on the idea of making it into the city. Dejected, he stopped them in an inn quite late after the sun went down.

He joined them this time for food in a private dining area. The innkeeper himself served them. Marcos ignored everyone and ate quickly before leaving. The women watched and ate much slower. Kaarthen was in unfamiliar territory and that feeling pushed her to seek closeness to him. After getting set for bed and bathing she took a robe from the room. She left the others to fight over the cooling bath water and made her way to Marcos suite. She felt the Goddess push open the lock for her and she confidently opened the door.

Marcos sat on a bench at the foot of a larger bed then she shared in her room. A fire burned to her left in wide fireplace behind an ornate fire screen. A rug was in front of the fire and ended at Marcos’ feet to her right. Behind Marcos, at the head of the bed were lamps light sitting on end tables lighting the room.

Marcos sat with both hands over the butt of his curved specialty sword looking at his feet. His robe and the top half of his armor was off and on the bed with his straight sword. His boots were next to him. She knew, he knew, she was there. She thought he knew she was naked under the robe too.

Before either could speak, a knock at the door dragged their attention. She opened it and a pair of servers entered one large and old, the other was quick and mousy. The two brought in and set up a tub on the rug, quickly filled it with buckets of hot water from a hidden valve near the fireplace, dumped in two buckets of cold water, placed a tray of scented oils and scrubs across the top, and left with a wordless curtsy.

With a resigned sigh Marcos stood, removed his pants, and with uncharacteristic daintiness he toed the water before easing in. He settled and leaned back relaxing in the water. He closed his eyes and soaked, finally stirring and placing a wet towel over his eyes.

“So tell me.” He said quietly. “Are you happy?”

Kaarthen paused at the question. Inside her corner of Kaarthen’s mind the Goddess was rattled. She walked over to him and knelt with her fingertips in the near scalding water.

“I never asked to be sure why, but you suddenly treated me with warmth.” Marcos said. “I want to know why you haven’t protested being my Companion.”

“The Goddess made me love you.” Kaarthen said blushing.

Marcos snorted. “Love? She is not the goddess of love. Long ago, she told me how death easily conquers love.” Marcos said dismissively. “She meant it. The campaign against that god was very quick.”

Kaarthen continued undeterred. “She made me love you by burning my heart with emotion every time I saw you or was near. The sex did the rest. I know. I didn’t know love before, since Amazons are condescending about those things. I thought it impossible to have love with a man. The stories of it weren’t ever explained.” Kaarthen said. Unbidden she picked up the soap and wet her hands. She leaned forward grabbing the scrub and started on his shoulders.

“You don’t have to do this." Marcos said gratefully.

Kaarthen smirked as she continued. Using her hands and the scrub over his entire body, she massaged and washed him. When she finished she looked down at him in triumph. He was floating himself, with his hard cock sticking ten inches up out of the water.

“Come to bed Marcos.” She said standing. Her robe opened and exposed her from neck to toe. Her nipples were crescents that peaked out the sides. She pulled a towel from a drying rack to the side. She wrapped it around his waist as he stood.

As he stood out of the tub, she fluffed and dried him, and replaced the towel. He moved to the bed and cleared it. Kaarthen climbed up on the other side with massage oil. He lay back next to her and allowed her to rub him down.

She neglected his aching cock. He silently protested trying to tug her hands down onto his cock.

Finally, he rolled atop her, pushed her down, and spread her legs. He pointed his cock at her center before placing his hands on her knees and shoving into her. He fucked down into her, rolling her knees back into the bed and raising her ass into him as he thrust. Her hot wet pussy convulsed around him as her body affirmed its bonds to him. Kaarthen felt him climax through the waves of pleasure she was floating on. She gushed and clamped tightly along his cock as he shot his seed into her. With actual tears of overwhelming emotion in her eyes, she rolled over and allowed him to lie next to her.

The next day they assembled down in the stable and set off. The groups had a expectant and relatively lighthearted mood for the day. They quickly noticed the rapid build up of taller and more crowded towns as they traveled. Finally, they reached a tall gate with towers on either side. It was a made of white and grey stone and was more then ten meters tall, and extremely solid looking.

They passed through with a cheer as the city guard wearing maroon fog coats saw Marcos. They continued east, and their road followed a stream into the city. The city’s road was smoothly paved with bricks and a gutter ran along its center. The buildings were made of exposed timber and plaster with dark slate roofs. Over hanging shop signs, balconies, and hanging laundry crowded the streets. Several squares, fountains, and markets opened up the street around them as they continued.

They mounted a small rise and saw the Citadel of Mavvus in the distance.

The Citadel sat on a two-mile square plot with one corner clipped by the canal. An iron fence surrounded the square. Two hundred and fifty yards behind it, the stone Citadel had a three-story wall squaring the inner compound. The main structure at the center was a T shape. It was hundreds of feet tall, and made of sand colored smooth stone that was darkened by age near the top. The shape was a thick continuously curved dome. The first four floors were smooth and curved with no windows.

The long leg of the T was a mile and a half long. It ended in a giant tower hundreds of yards in diameter that faced the canal. The tower was cone shaped. It had narrow window slits along the sides. A large bundle of five spires came out of the top as if something was growing from within like a sprouting onion.

The two short legs were three-quarters of a mile each. On top of the thick bulwark, a spindly ornate structure lined the spine of the legs with lots of tall windows and a few gardens. The south leg ended in an elegant structure with many stained glass windows that seemed like a cathedral. It looked like a separate structure upon a giant pedestal.

From the far leg to the north, a low stone walkway raised a few meters off the ground and went to the corner of the Citadel’s outer square. Where it joined, a large fat circular tower stood. It was a hundred yards at least in diameter. It was cylindrical with a flat top. On the roof, it had yet another tower and gardens with three large old oak trees.

They continued forward and were suddenly upon another giant building. The Goddess rejoiced at the splendor of it and reveled in the awe that the women felt looking at it. It was slightly awed itself at the appearance from Kaarthen’s perspective.

“This is the royal black temple for our Dark Mother. You three should stay here.” Marcos said quietly.

“Marcos that place won’t be good for the girls. They aren’t vampires anymore they should stay with us.” Kaarthen protested.

Marcos dismounted making her frantic. “Besides these are your slaves for eternity, you should keep them close and protect them. They aren’t vampires anymore. They won’t have any of the offensive abilities you worry about as they get older.” Kaarthen pleaded now following him up the steps.

Marcos stopped and turned to her. “Fine. We’ll see. But first, I have business to take care of. Ein stay with Rinis and the horses.” He said and spun up the steps. Mara and Kaarthen trailed him up to the entrance.

As they walked into the temple, and Kaarthen immediately noticed the darkness of it. The building intentionally avoided excess light, and accented in black silk. The front room had small chambers on either side. The two rooms were lower by a few steps and had benches running around the wall. The rooms were kept dark with ivy covered stained glass windows in the walls and ceiling. Shady people did business inside the rooms standing in hooded robes talking to people sitting around the walls. Marcos led Kaarthen in and walked around into the room to the right. Kaarthen noticed there were weapons on tables in the center and the people sitting on the edges watched her closely.

“Don’t touch anything. If you pick up or set anything on the table they’ll think your hiring someone.” Marcos whispered. Mara and Kaarthen looked around like children.

Quietly one figure got up and walk to them. Kaarthen noticed it was obviously a female despite the hood pulled low covering her face. Marcos paused and waited for her. She stopped before him and stood waiting.

“Augussi, I’m relieved to see you. Collect your sisters tell them Master wishes to have them for company at dinner.”

The figure nodded and turned but was stopped by Marcos who reached his right hand to her face. He flipped back the hood. Kaarthen gasped wide-eyed, the woman was stunning and exotically beautiful. She had a dark olive, slightly bronzed, complexion. Her hair was an unreal violet color, and her eyes were a yellow gold.

Marcos grinned watching their expressions. “I see Augussi impresses you. She is also extremely talented. I taught her as much as I knew. She is an expert in several fighting styles and is a master with poison, swords, and daggers.” Marcos said with haughty pride, looking back at Kaarthen’s shocked face. Augussi smiled unsure. “She also is loyal. Without fear, or threats she follows me, merely because I ask it of her.” He let her go and watched her leave. “You talk of slaves but I know you’ve never had any. What use would I have with those?” Marcos chuckled and led them up the stairs to the outside. Kaarthen could feel the shame in Mara, as she knew in a thousand years she could never compare to Augussi. The women began silently discussing what was seen, and what possible purpose they could serve for Marcos.

They walked out into the light and they were treated with a spectacular view from the doorway at the top of the stairs. It was like they had been borne out into the world again.

Marcos continued and thought aloud as they walked down and mounted. “Besides, would you let me train them? They could be trained to fight like humans, with swords or poison. Perhaps not Rinis or Mara, they would have to be left behind if we had to go fight. I have vampires in the army but they are not permitted in the city either. They guard the borders. They are both excellently trained, and were in the army before being… corrupted.” Marcos finished.

As they passed into the grounds of the Citadel, Kaarthen was amazed at the structures. The iron gate of the grounds was fragile compared the substantial bulk everywhere else.

Posted at the outside of the border, were coated city guards that were no different then the ones who patrolled the city and guarded the city-gates. Inside the gate, palace guards were armored head to toe in thick plate armor enameled in purple with highlights in bronze. The thick plating made them smooth for deflecting attacks. Their helmets were broad wide bowls that came down to their shoulders. Holes on the side, and a slit in front gave them places to see and hear. They wielded all metal halberds with sharp long spears and a narrow elegantly engraved axeface. The weapons were long and skinny compared to the wide armored behemoths.

Beyond the fence, ornate low bush gardens, flowers, and fountains made an elegant display. Several paces into the garden, Kaarthen realized she had vastly under estimated the size of the Citadel. At about two hundred yards the gardens stopped, a steep ramp took them lower until they were another two stories down. Kaarthen felt as if they were in a dungeon where the sun didn’t reach, as they walked up to a low tunnel in the outer walls. They passed under the outer walls that bridged over them and went up a short ramp into the palace courtyard. Within the Citadel walls, they were instantly among the hustle and bustle of a living breathing capital.

A pair of stable boys in purple livery came running up and took the reins. The women followed Marcos’ lead as he dismounted. Replacing his swords, he walked toward the wall. Along it, they could see the built in stables, barracks, armor-smiths, and blacksmiths. An open set of double doors on the side of the stables was a busy center of the people going in and out. There was another similar entrance on the opposite side of the entrance gate they came through.

Marcos walked towards the doors. Inside he walked down tight spiral stairs into a tunnel leading to the Citadel. The tunnel was the only clue that they were entering the palace. It was elegantly rendered with a mural and lighting along the ceiling. The walls had slits at the tops and guards on raised platforms stood watch looking down on them. At the end of the tunnel, they walked up wide stairs into the utilitarian areas of the palace. Around them, people everywhere moved briskly. Servants in livery, guards changing post, and soldiers with dispatch all moved quickly up and down around them. Several nobles with their retinue passed, they were dressed for a council meeting with the royalty or heading off into the city or surrounding areas. Few people passing, looked at them, and the nobles were the only ones who openly studied them as they passed.

Finally, they reached what felt like the top and they could feel the sun again. They stood in a T shaped hall, it opened in arms to the right and left and behind in a grand hall with high ceilings, and wide windows.

“As you noticed, the palace takes security very seriously. I will be taking you to the palace security official and have you all added to the rolls as my retainers.” Marcos said as they turned to the left and walked past various rooms, fountains, and curtained side chambers.

“There are no doors out. In point of fact, the only way in or out, is what we just passed through. You three will not be allowed out of the tower unaccompanied until you can defend yourselves. I will train all of you since I take my own security very seriously. Various people, ranging from curious to nefarious want to violate my privacy. I can’t have any weak links, and especially I cannot have liabilities. That minimum is exactly what I expect of all those who live with me. Be glad there will be nothing to miss. As we train, the city has excellent carnivals and festivals, but most are past until the harvest, solstice, and of course new years.” Marcos stated deliberately.

They walked to the end of the hall and down a quick flight of stairs to a ready room for the palace security. Tapestries of unit sigils and the offices of officers were all around.

“Up here is the Queens and the Princesses’ apartments. This security area sits directly below it. We’ll go in one at a time and I’ll be there to introduce and file everything.” Marcos went in and took Rinis in first. Kaarthen watched from the outside area as they made imprints of her hands and measured height, weight. Marcos said she would usually be in the ‘north tower’, and they would re-certify in one year. They went in one at a time and were processed in similar fashions until they were finished.

Marcos was passed a note from a busy servant who appeared as they were leaving. He gave a quick reply and the servant bowed before quickly departing.

“Well, it appears everyone knows I’m in town.” Marcos observed.

“Kaarthen, I suppose you’re meant to be my shadow. We have a quick meeting for after dinner with the Queen. You should dress for it. Perhaps my women can help. You’re tall but perhaps they will have something.” Marcos said and led them up stairs.

The route back was the same. They passed the stairs they had come up and continued past to the opposite end. Finally, they reached a similar stairway nearly identical to the other side but as Kaarthen pointed out as they went down the emblem was reversed and shown a crown over an equal sized throne instead of resting on the throne’s seat like his gauntlet.

They continued down the stairs, and were met by three very happy beautiful women. One of the women was obviously pregnant.

The pregnant woman had blonde hair with white bangs gradually faded in. Her wavy hair was gently feathered past her shoulders. Her eyes were a pale grey with streaks of gold and flecks of royal blue. Her face and skin were pale white with adorable childlike cheeks. She had pale pink lips and the bottom pouted out girlishly. She wore a white innocent dress and a sash. She was introduced to them as Aliss.

Kaarthen felt the Goddess step forward out of its corner in her mind and consider creating an aspect of femininity based very closely on her. She was brought back to reality as she heard her teeth grinding.

The other two women were just as sexy but couldn’t have the appearance of innocence the first had. The one to Aliss’ left and slightly behind was a reminder of Vellina, broad hipped and shouldered with large breasts and a healthy ass. Kaarthen couldn’t tell what she was wearing but it was a rich brown color. She had straight blonde hair and vivid matching brown eyes. She was also staring back at Kaarthen as she was studying her. She was introduced as Dulia.

Kaarthen could tell she was very smart, intuitive, and was silently absorbing everything about her.

The one in front was a long black curly haired woman with very large wet bright emerald eyes. Her mouth was also very wide with full dark red lips. She was smiling widely as she did most of the talking, and had a tan that was only visible on the edges of her body. It seemed to draw the eye around her body. She had a huge ass visible from the front, that seemed completely separate from her thighs and back. She also was wearing a tight red and yellow dress with a very risky slit up past the waist. Her name as Marcos called her was Sune.

She was obviously very outgoing and walked ahead of everyone talking as they headed back. The roll of her hips, her narrow waist, her thick swaying hair that grazed her ass, and the flicker of leg were very hypnotizing, even for Kaarthen.

Kaarthen could easily see how all these women could start wars with their beauty. Marcos probably did it before at some point she assumed. All could marry into royalty, and the blonde with intelligent dark eyes could be royalty.

They walked outside down the walkway to the tower. Kaarthen could see the hills were a clever disguise for a partially exposed tunnel that they were walking upon. The structure must be quite large she thought the exposed parts were a few yards wide.

Finally, they reached the tower entrance. Six more earth-shatteringly beautiful women waited like happy puppies. The doors entrance was a heavy wood with a metal drop gate. They walked up covered steps into the door way and Kaarthen could see evidence of the age of the structure on the outside. Marcos had boasted earlier it was the castle by its self when first built some lost age ago. She could understand now how serious he was for continuity and security. Mavvus must have been completely destroyed a least once to get the Citadel where it sits today. She could only guess at how long a colossal structure its size took to be built.

Inside, he introduced his harem to the women. They sat in a large room that seemed be the domain of the women. Incense, large pillows, plush rugs, lounge furniture, diaphanous curtains, gold leaf, everything was a comfortable purple silk. The women sat around on pillows or perched on lounges eyeing Kaarthen, her recognizable robe, Lourndai. They didn’t have jealousy or obvious anger in their eyes. The women seemed blank and curious like young children as they saw them for the first time. The three girls stood inline behind her, eyes downcast, head lowered, hands crossed in front, feet together. The three were intimidated by the beautiful restless women, despite or because they were being ignored.

Mara was the most depressed. Her only role she’d known was a sex slave. She was resigning herself to the fact that the only cum she would ever get from now on would be the cold stuff off the floor from.

Marcos loudly announced them and began introductions. “There are twenty-nine women here. Including those upstairs, it is fifty-one. Somewhere, doing something there are three nymphs. I don’t really count them because that would involve constantly finding them.” Marcos and the crowd laughed.

“This, as you can tell is the women’s level. Around here, behind the curtains are their apartments. There are two open but you shouldn’t find a problem with space. Just treat the apartment as a relaxation and storage area. Nobody spends a lot of time in their apartment.” Marcos said as he pointed out almost hidden doorways circling the room

“Directly above us is the tower’s roof. There is a garden, a cistern for rainwater, a fountain, and three harmless old trees that you should be careful around. My rooms are the level below. It has common areas, but it does have places I go to be alone, please be mindful.” Marcos continued diplomatically.

You may see women, or children not here now, suddenly appear. They live in the tower on the roof. The girls like to come down and be social or use the practice rooms or training rooms. The older ones help with cooking and do other services as their duties. Older women who don’t leave may be around to meditate, help raise children, or ask for grandchildren and another daughter.” Again the crowd laughed. “Pregnant women usually spend more time up there and three girls are pregnant right now.”

Kaarthen noted Aliss was gone from the room.

“Questions? First, Remy will help you with the tour, and settling in. I have to clean myself for dinner. Don’t forget our meeting later.” Marcos said and quickly disappeared down the stairs.

Kaarthen found herself squared up to an orange haired woman. She was tall and skinny like a swamp stork. For her height, her breasts looked small, like two points under her shiny figure hiding dress. Her legs were very long and ended with two sensible sandals. Her skin was very darkly tanned with cute reverse freckles along her arms, legs, and shoulders. Her eyes were catlike in shape with burnt orange pupils that matched her hair and skin.

Overall, the woman looked like a camouflaged predator wearing a shiny dress.

“Come this way. I am Remy. Master says you have two rooms.” She said addressing them all. She brought them to the first room that the women had hurriedly cleaned. The other room was a dust trap that was only starting to be cleared. Ein, Rinis, and Mara stayed to help clean.

Both rooms were in a wedge shape. The entry way opened to a hall, that then opened up with cooking area along one wall of a comfortable lounge area. At the end of the room, a large bedroom the size of the lounge had an open balcony. There was a wash area next door to it with a sunken tub and mirrors all around. Kaarthen was notified they could pick what color to have the room rendered in when they were ready. Remy told her how the room would be painted and drapes and curtains added.

The two toured to see all the areas of their new home. Directly above, the spiral stairs went up to the roof then continued into the smaller tower. Directly below Marcos’ suite, the tower changed to have all rooms surrounded by a spiral staircase that wrapped along the outer wall. The rise was gentle so that each level’s entrance was opposite the ones above and below. The staircase was deceptively narrow and cleverly lit just enough for people not to feel crushed.

Kaarthen learned that training rooms were directly under Marcos’ suite, as he usually enjoyed watching as a spectator, or training from a balcony he had over it. Below was a practice room for various arts and music.

A large library and map room was below that. The rooms were stuffed with information and histories of everywhere in the world. The map room could see anywhere in the world and the women had followed Marcos’ numerous journeys from there. Another library was in the upper tower for teaching and had more secret things like magic or very forbidden arts.

Below the library was the kitchens and a regal dining room for times when everyone was together. Usually the women ate in their rooms. Large gatherings like formal birthdays, pregnancies, or visits from returning sisters were held in the room. A separate grand staircase linked the dining room up to the library. It was useful since Marcos would shutter himself from time to time when planning seasonal campaigns. Usually they would cook for him so he wouldn’t for get to eat.

Four floors below that was all storage. They had hoists for supplies brought up on pallets from outside. The supplies were then easily pushed with magic rollers, and pallet and all went into the storage rooms.

For three floors after that, they couldn’t enter. The ‘steammaker’ that heated the cooking areas and brought hot and cold water to the tower was massive and Remy said she only seen the door opened once.

Below the ‘steammaker’ were two cold storage rooms. The one on top could make you see your breathe. The one on the bottom was kept freezing. Remy noted that by now they were at ground floor and below was a scary torture chamber that Marcos used on nobles. Inside were prison cells and sharp things that it hurt to look at. The tunnel under the walkway went straight to the door of the room. The tunnel was guarded on the castle side.

She spoke of the Nymphs on her way up. “The Nymphs change from ethereal, to flesh and blood, or ghostlike. They can look girlish or mature but never quite human. The Nymphs never actually speak but they do giggle. Still, they somehow communicate effectively if they want something. The two tree nymphs are more shy than mischievous. They usually came out together at night or are visible lounging under the trees during the day. They might find their way into rooms through the balcony but they rarely descend further. Usually, they’ll come in and arouse and seduce a woman at night while they sleep.” Remy said looking at Kaarthen sideways.

“The rock nymph however, is very curious and mischievous. Marcos had to use magic to wed it to the tower’s stone so it is not completely natural. It bullies whom it can with childish pranks. It is liable to turn up anywhere and has been witnessed all around the Citadel. It is funny how whenever they are mentioned, or sighted Marcos always acts surprised and paranoid, and then orders a search anyway. He seems convinced that the Nymphs shouldn’t be able to leave the tower despite watching them play in the gardens below numerous times.” Remy chuckled at the thought.

“Many of the women think that they breed somehow. There seems to be much more then just three of them. We estimated perhaps a dozen were around. In the summer, the Nymphs attract sprites that float around the trees and in the palaces gardens. They should be doing that sometime soon again. The Queen has a water nymph in her private fountain apparently, but that’s just a rumor.” Remy said as they arrived back where they started.

Remy found among the bored women, someone who could get a dress that fit onto Kaarthen’s massive frame.


Below as Kaarthen toured and the others cleaned, Marcos lay on the bed in his room and enjoyed a wonderful blowjob from Sune. She curled in between his legs and lovingly bobbed onto him. Her wide mouth suckled him masterfully as he fought the urge to writhe under her. Finally, he pulled her up and slung her on to the bed before him. He jumped over her as she lay back. Sune usually received his attention in her oversized ass. She was pleasantly surprised when he slid into her seldomly used pussy.

He barely seemed aware of anything as he lay over her and pounded her through blazing orgasms as she kissed and licked him. She tried her best to urge him despite being almost completely out of control herself.

His own climax made her wrap her arms and legs around him instinctively as her pussy milked him and her hips rolled into him. His hot cock bulged and pulsed within her. The feeling of hot cum spreading and pooling inside her as he locked tight onto her pushing deeper was perfect. She felt fulfilled, like she knew on some level she got what she wanted. She dug her head into his shoulder nuzzling him thankfully and stroked his back and neck as he gave her his share.

“Oh thank you Master you gave me so much.” She cooed. “With you permission, I would like to keep this wonderful gift from the others and have my first daughter.” She milked him and rolled her hips trying to keep him inside of her.

She watched him grin and smiled back uncertainly hoping for his answer. “You may certainly. Let us bathe together and prepare for dinner.” He said as he moved on to the washrooms.

Giddy, Sune followed him and ran past to start a hot bath.


Kaarthen was dressed in a diaphanous black dress with white silk underneath. On Marssel, a woman with straight black silky hair, catlike green oval eyes, who stood more then a head shorter, it was a floor-dragging gown. Marssel was Sune’s quiet sister. Her mouth seemed only slightly narrower and her eye’s were a darker blue green. She had a very large ass like her sister. She had a daughter already, and had the largest set of breasts of any woman in the tower. She mentioned her child with pride and caressed her substantial bosoms as she chatted and looked through clothes.

Remy had mentioned something about her attempts before Marcos left to get pregnant as they got Kaarthen dressed. She hoped for another turn now that he had returned. Kaarthen got the idea that pregnancy was the women’s immediate goal. When she asked the two they giggled about the duties and pride of being mothers. They spoke of how women like Aliss’ mother have had many daughters. Not all stay, but they usually return to have their own children. Few of the women have sisters in the tower. It is considered good luck to have another around incase anything happens. Kaarthen could understand that unconsciously, blood continuity, was their real goal. They understood that as Marcos’ specimens they must have children to provide the next generation of exotic perfection.

They didn’t all directly work for Marcos. Some women took their abilities and made fortunes with their beauty or intellect. All women from the tower at the very least had better health, concentration, learning, a more complete understanding of history, and the ability to read over their competitors. Their long studied abilities with blades, unarmed combat, and the timing and uses of various poisons made them strong and ruthless competitors in any arena. Kaarthen found that many of the women lived in Dar Delis, or Pessilberg for a time. Usually, they then branched out as ship captains, brothel madams, and rich merchants in cities around the world.

Internally, the Goddess mused in its corner of her mind over how wonderful these women were. It considered these women to be excellent models of Sisterhood. It told Kaarthen not to worry about pregnancies. She was already pregnant it said congratulating her. The news didn’t really surprise her.

The women looked at other dresses and accessorized. Marssel helped Kaarthen once they realized the dress would not do. They wrapped and pinned up black silk to hide her legs, and continue the dress to the ground. The work was first rate and made Kaarthen less savage and more graceful.

They continued to dress her and spoke of the latest rumors and gossip of the Queen. She was a distant relative of the tower’s women and apparently, she and her daughters benefited from the superiority. Few could tell her age, when Kaarthen asked, she was told it was the Queen’s secret.

The women all had extravagant jewelry. Marssel had the best matching set since they were counter colored. She had Kaarthen dressed a pure silver. A matching spider web necklace and bracelets made her look even less of a barbarian.

She followed her new handlers down to the large dinner room past the library level. Inside, the women had covered trays all around the giant table. A dozen of the nineteen children stood against the wall with a matronly woman. The girls were all very well behaved as they followed their aunts with bright eyes. Several were shy when Kaarthen got close. She could see that all of these girls would be exotic and extremely beautiful as they grew. They watched her with wonder in their eyes though none actually spoke.

Remy had mentioned in her tour that at any given time the children are about half the numbers of adults. Right now, their numbers for adults are slightly lower than average.

“Some of the daughters opted not to stay when they turned twenty. Despite the fact that they would marry older then the average of those outside, some women want to take the chance. Marcos has the girl become a maiden of the Queen so she can have a room in the Citadel. Marcos picks out men that he thinks the woman would like. To see them, he had them stand before the walkway so the girl can pick from the crowd. Usually many men are around for the chance. It usually does not take too long before she is off and married.” She said looking around the table.

“Other women become bodyguards for the Princesses or the Queen. I have two sisters. Both are in service as the princesses’ Battle maidens.” Remy announced. “My mother is a Sister at the Red temple. When I have children, they will likely be the Hjordis or Battle maidens of a future queen or princess.”

Remy leaned in and continued. “Other women serve Marcos from the shadows. They send information from brothels he owns in cities, or palace harems throughout the world.” Remy said conspiratorially. “Augussi is one who actually kills for his service. She has an apartment out in the city and does things out there with her skills. She is not unique. A few others protect the tower from the outside.”

They all sat together with Marssel on her left quietly leaning in to listen. Kaarthen’s hand felt the weight of her breast rubbing against her. The weighty flesh was firm yet soft. With a shift, she could feel the naked flesh of Marssel’s cleavage resting on the back of her arm. Remy continued, and talked about all the threats to the tower.

“Every couple of years someone attempts to kidnap a woman from the tower usually on the way to the temple. They are slavers or others who figure on taking a pretty woman.” She said disgustedly. “The distraction is enough to have every woman trained not just in self-defense, but death arts. Marcos had long ago given up teaching fools not to play around. His current mindset is the obliteration of any who touch or threaten his women.” She finished proudly.

“Don’t you girls have an identity for yourselves?” Kaarthen asked noticing no real title as Marcos’ women.

They were both confused.

“Title? I take care of security for the….”

“No, No, I mean you never call these women your ‘Sisters’.” Kaarthen said gesturing around the table.

“’Sister’? Those are the temples’ women.” Marssel said.

“Yes, but what that really means, and shows, is the unity and togetherness of the women.” They looked at her oddly.

“Look, when I was in my enclave we were more then a bunch of women. We were ‘Sisters’. We talked as you all did. We loved as you do too. You all raise each other’s children and pit them against each other for fun. That’s not good competition. You all must have a purpose that connects you.” Kaarthen wasn’t too sure, where the Goddess was taking this, but it seemed convinced.

“You all as mothers want your children to be safe. Marcos wants you and the children to be safe. This tower and the Citadel were created for all of that. Nevertheless, every few years you allow trouble to attack. Women, just like you and your daughters, doing what you or your daughters could have been doing, are taken.” Kaarthen paused. The wheels were turning behind these women’s eyes. Fellowship is instinctive and these women already had empathy.

“I think that you are all ‘Sisters’ and you can help yourselves more by helping each other.” Kaarthen finished.

The two sat back and considered this quietly. Around them the rest of the harem came in for dinner. They were all dressed elegantly. Sparkles, leather, velvet, silks, and shameless diaphanous dresses of all colors draped and clung to the women as they sat around the table. When asked, Remy said in the tower a woman named Passil made dresses from material.

Once Marcos came in, the atmosphere completely changed. They women watched his every move and listened to his every word. They weren’t all sycophants as Kaarthen learned. One older woman came down and graciously asked for the chair next to Marcos. Wordlessly, a brunette with her hair up scooted out and reseated at the other end of the table.

“Who is that over there?” Kaarthen said indicating the stunning older woman.

“She’s Aliss’ mother she is a grand dame who lives in the upper tower. Her husband died and she returned several years ago. She actually had a granddaughter two years ago.” Remy said.

Kaarthen noticed there was stress behind Remy’s eyes.

“So she rules the roost?” Kaarthen asked.

“Huh? I suppose. We don’t have, as you said earlier any organization, so no leader. Marcos does not want problems so we do not make problems.” Her voice and eyes were pretty stressed now. Kaarthen was pleased by how much her face showed emotion.

“So she’s a problem.” Kaarthen said for her.

To her left Marssel looked over at her quickly.

“She has become his favorite.” She whispered warningly.

Dinner passed quietly after that, the only notable event happened when Marcos introduced the women to the entire harem.

Marcos quickly stood after dinner and had Kaarthen come with him. They traveled down the stairs to the entrance.

“The Queen is responsible for many of the internal workings of the country. She is basically the land’s steward on a much larger scale.” He explained as they departed the tower and started across the walkway.

“I also serve her as a High Advisor. She will be curious as to what I saw when I was out of the capital. The information is important for her decisions at this time of year.” Marcos continued.

“Kaarthen I want to ask you if you are comfortable here.” He said as they walked.

“Of course, I’m sure I’ll be spending my nights with you a lot.” Kaarthen said out the side of her mouth.

“Well, I actually have the women allow me to pick around bedtime.”

“I am your Companion Marcos, I’ll be there to watch at the very least. We had fun with Vellina did we not?”

“Yes, I suppose.” He said uncertainly. “The memory was nice, but some women want private intimacy. I had someone go to see if she is still in the city.” He provided. They had reached the end of the walkway and had come upon a rather normal wood door.

He opened the door into the Citadel.

“Marcos, why go through all the elaborate security just to walk outside like that?” Kaarthen asked noticing a huge inconsistency she missed earlier.

“Well, you feel the breeze blowing your hair right?” Marcos said grinning mischievously at her, Kaarthen nodded.

”You noticed the walk way is almost two yards high at it’s lowest with the hill? And, you think some one could easily climb it?” Kaarthen nodded again.

“Perhaps you didn’t notice the Citadel’s walls on either side. A crossbowman could get up there and take a clear shot.” Kaarthen thought back to how the tall Citadel walls joined into the tower on either side.

“Well, it’s only apparent when it is raining or if strong magic is in the area, but there are barriers there. Two vertical impenetrable walls are on either side, then a two-panel roof that reflects and ricochets. I added a small strip to make sure rain doesn’t get in during storms.” Marcos said thoughtfully. As they went up the stairs, he continued.

“The end result is it’s for show. Rather than let my enemies make or find another weak point, I offer it to them. The roof reflects missile shots, the walls can’t be broken by any magic around today.” He said as they continued.

“In fact, there are traps. For instance, if someone physically attacks the wall they’ll find themselves locked in an arena dimension. They stay in that eternal prison with anyone else who shared their mistake. It gets very rough in there. All they have is an eternity with each other and the weapons they brought in. I could enter at my leisure and kill or question them. The prisoners usually tend to be short-sighted, muscular types, who favor the direct approach.”

They walked up three flights of stairs at the end of the hallway. Two palace guards with purple and white linen tabards over their armor stood before the door. They both parted and the one to the left opened the door. Inside was a chamber like anteroom. It had benches and door to either side.

Inside, a man in purple, gold, and white livery stood before them. Marcos introduced her and requested time with the Queen. With a quick bow, the man motioned them to follow.

They were brought through the left doorway and passed an open entrance room, a small dining room, and into a study that had books lining the far wall. The furniture was presented in matching styles of dark wood. A large wide fireplace roared behind a screen to Kaarthen’s right. Before it, a wide ornate rug sat with two chairs on either side. A lounge sat facing the fire between the chairs. Behind it was study tables and map desks. Far to the right, the room ended in wall-to-wall floor to ceiling windows. To the left, they were two paces from the stonewall.

Three people were in the room. A woman in black with two cutlasses on her left hip stood behind the lounge. Before her, a woman laid on her side in the plush purple lounge. She was dressed in a simple linen gown for sleeping. Her hair was a wavy light brown, and worn down. Busy worries had made lines around her face. A young man sat in a chair near her. He was pale and sickly and had very dark hair. He also wore a white nightgown that stopped above the knee. Oddly, he had dark leather riding pants and boots underneath.

“Queen Mensillin, I would like to present the Goddess’ designate Kaarthen, my Companion.”

Both women’s eyebrows jumped. Kaarthen had not discussed titling with Marcos but felt pretty impressed.

Marcos gave a nudge to bow or curtsy. She ended up doing a mix of both and blushing badly.

“Kaarthen, I would like to present Prince Monto Carthin of Sellis.” Marcos waved to the boy, he hardly moved despite being presented. Protocol stated that the lesser is presented to the higher in these situations. Kaarthen didn’t know that, but figured there was a reason she was offered to bow before the Queen and take this boy’s nod.

“Please sit, I am not as young as I used to be.” The Queen said

After the introductions, Kaarthen and the boy were left out of the conversation. The Queen had made an offer of tea that Marcos waved off. Few questions were asked about what little they’d seen and the situations were found satisfactory. Their travels to Grippe and in the Chaos lands were left out and they didn’t have much to talk about from the journey.

Marcos and the Queen discussed the fine ins and outs of betrothing the prince to one of the princesses. Kaarthen figured out there were three princesses. The younger two were twins. The second was the likely choice but they had some worries about her. Princess Ruegin was a shrewd character who had been making troubling inquiries around the time of the prince’s arrival. The third would be an outright liability. Princess Nossin would allow the foreign noble too much latitude and political cover. The first was Crown Princess Saliss and she was being groomed to be queen. As heir-apparent, she had her own choice in who to marry.

They made a quick agreement to delay a decision in the end.

They left after what seemed to be hours. The prince left also and a guard from outside the Queen’s apartments escorted him. As they went down stairs, the prince swerved off in his own direction.

“That boy’s a problem,” Marcos said after the prince left. “Sellis sent him to us to get a good deal and rid themselves of him so he can’t have the throne like the bunch of horse traders they are.”

“Wouldn’t the princess marry and go to his kingdom?” Kaarthen asked.

“That is exactly what’s supposed to happen, but he was sent with two assassins on his tail. Even his servant apparently tried to kill him on orders. He won’t be returning now. The Royals of Sellis sent a letter once they found out he’d arrived claiming he was being turned over on honor of a treaty, also they bid him to be part of the Menthino’s Royal family.”

“What does that mean?” Kaarthen asked.

“Well, long ago when the land was starting to come out of chaos. Warlords started loaning family members as hostages. The idea is ‘I’ll honor this treaty, and you can have my relative as proof.’
Naturally, over time, if the treaty lasts the relative gets married into the host family eventually. The idea is to make the bond permanent. Usually it starts a war unless people understand the order of succession on either side.” Marcos lectured, “Sellis understands that the future Queen has her own choices in marriage here. They can’t use him for a right to the throne. They sent Prince Monto because he’ll hopefully die before he gets the throne.”

“Why is that?” Kaarthen inquired.

“He would be the oldest, but his parents are young enough to try again for a worthy son. You did notice the less then regal bearing, poor posture, and the riding chaps he wore?” Marcos said shaking his head.

“That’s it huh, he’s crazy or something?” Kaarthen said looking at him.

“Not exactly, Sellis likely gave up on him. If he were better minded, or less sickly, we would have sent him to Lafaust to learn how to become an officer. That’s usually what’s required here for nobles.” Marcos stated. “If he were better he would not be here though. Sellis just dumped him off and turned to better things.”

They were quiet on their return and Marcos pointed out the seams of magic over the walkway. They were barely visible light lines that were hard to keep the eye on. When they entered the tower, Kaarthen followed him all the way up to his quarters. She wasn’t the only one with the idea.

Marcos’ apartment was the largest taking up the whole floor. The central room had two-steps down after the door. The floor was a shiny finished tile of dark green. The furniture was fixed grey stone with dark green velvet. There were doors on either side of the room of thick carved wood. Toward the back, a low banister overlooked the training rooms below. The center of the room in front of the steps had a large circular table that Marcos removed his swords and robe onto. Behind the table, three sofas formed an open circle.

On one sofa directly behind the table, a woman in white laid on her side. Kaarthen moved to the sofa to her right and Marcos acting like this was normal sat to the sofa on the left.

The woman was Aliss’ mother. She sat back with straight white hair. Her skin belied any signs of age except around the eyes. She was pale though her hands hinted at a tan. Her beasts were meaty and large but covered with a white shawl she had around her head. The shape of her face was similar to Aliss with chubby cheeks that gave the impression she was smiling or laughing inwardly. Her eyes were a striking pale grey with a burst of blue in craggy lines like lightening. Her eyes were hard and seemed to take away from the cherub like innocence.

“Marcos, how I’ve waited for your return.” She said entreatingly.

“Yes, it was an interesting journey. I’m sure you met Kaarthen at dinner?” Marcos motioned to Kaarthen who sat back looking between the two. “Kaarthen, this beautiful creature is Salenne. She lives in the upper tower. It is so nice of you to come down and join us.”

“Yes, what a beautiful woman you are.” Kaarthen said absently.

Salenne’s eyes flicked over her lecherously. “Yes, thank you. You are also.”

Images formed slowly of them locked up licking each other’s pussys. The images were tentative and slow to form. Kaarthen was not surprised, she had played with many women. But, these images emphasized her muscles and Salenne’s softness. It appeared Salenne was being held down and ravaged by a woman made of rock, While Salenne’s body seemed fluffy, soft, and very plush all around.

Kaarthen wanted to emphasize her own soft breasts and the image changed to just her. It was some vague yet familiar time when she filled her water and caught her own reflection in the water. Her breasts hung low and her nipples were visible under her mantle. Again, the image changed as Salenne picked up. Now the image shared was a close up of her inverted nipples and Salenne wonderingly fingering and sucking them in the room they were in now.

“Marcos” She said opening her eyes. He was leaning forward and looking between the two with obvious curiosity. They had been still and breathing hard and moaning for a few minutes. He must not have expected them to have a s?ce in his apartment.

She pulled open the top of her dress. It had large straps meant to join some where above the navel on Marssel. On her broad back and massive chest, it showed decent cleavage, but was rather tight. Her breasts came spilling out happy to be free.

“Come here please.” She bid, and Marcos dumbly moved across to her left and took her breast. She climaxed as he worked the already hard nipple into standing position. She leaned back and fiddled with the image building a realistic image of Salenne on her knees blowing Marcos and fingering herself. Salenne herself refined the image slowly. It showed she was naked under the creatively arranged sheet she was actually wearing.

She closed her eyes concentrating on the image as Marcos worked his magic. She felt the Goddess stir and push the image out. It ceased to be an image radiating out and changed to a directed projection. She could felt the change as the image went from a mental picture shared by both into a physical ideal. She was still surprised when she heard Salenne stir. It only involved Salenne for the image to be realized. But Kaarthen was still awed by the new power she wielded.

Kaarthen’s hand moved opening Marcos pants. His cock was cleared and standing by the time Salenne dropped her face onto it. The ideal image continued to change as Salenne escalated in arousal. She stopped Marcos from ejaculating too soon several times as she used her throat to stimulate him. She wanted to triumphantly take him and his seed within her core. She felt that she alone was the vault, the caretaker, the steward for his precious seed.

The Goddess shifted in Kaarthen’s mind as it saw the images the woman of the woman’s thoughts. Unsurprisingly Salenne’s focus was his cum so most thoughts were scenes of sexual domination through simple greed. Kaarthen pushed against them and found herself remaking Salenne’s fantasies and mentally transforming her. Images where she sat straddling Marcos post coitus while Kaarthen looked on sadly at her lost share of seed were replaced and changed to Kaarthen looking pleasantly smug and proprietary with her hands on Salenne’s shoulders gently pushing her down further onto his spurting cock. Kaarthen always wore faces of cheerful satisfaction while Salenne’s face was orgasmic, sweaty, and satisfied.

The Goddess seemed to be changing the woman also. In moments, Kaarthen watched in surprise the changes to Salenne’s concept of femininity and fertility. Salenne’s only desire was his cum for their pleasure and her breeding interests now. Everything else was secondary to her receiving his hot loads. The Goddess was done making changes but still spoke to Salenne’s mind perverting her further. Salenne outwardly didn’t look any different as she was remade. She was still worshipping Marcos cock with her mouth and staring at his balls.

Kaarthen knew it was time, and pulled at Salenne’s shoulder. She pushed the image of Salenne rising and dropping her sheet on the ground before mounting Marcos. The push was different from when the goddess did it, it felt more naked and raw. She felt like she shouted in closed space, instead of hearing noise from the room next door.

When Salenne rose, Kaarthen did too. She watched as Salenne dropped her sheet to pool at her feet. Salenne stood statuesquely for perhaps a heartbeat longer then she should, but moved in precisely. Her legs folded under her as she mounted him. Kaarthen stepped in and placed her heavy breasts on Salenne’s shoulders for Marcos as she reached between the two and rubbed Salenne’s bud.

She quickly realized Salenne hadn’t been penetrated yet. Salenne had followed the image exactly like water drops sliding down a string, and Kaarthen had missed that action. She placed his cock at her hole. The Goddess mentioned from its corner, how doing this would mean she was taking charge of Salenne’s sexual pleasure.

Marcos tenderly sucked her teats, Salenne started to pump them as she rose, and fell onto him. Kaarthen stood behind them leaning in. She climaxed almost as often as Salenne as she felt the rise and fall of their bodies with the almost painfully intense pleasure in her suckled breast. For a while the three were in a tiny world filled by breathing, moaning, and the smell of raw sex.

Finally, Marcos came with an explosive exhale. He stiffened, relaxed under them, and leaned back into the sofa closing his eyes. Kaarthen stayed behind Salenne stroking her breasts, and the front of her body. She rubbed away the sweat that cooled on Salenne who started to shiver. Finally, she helped her off. Kaarthen's strength helped, since Salenne wasn’t to steady on her legs at first.

Salenne grabbed her sheet and pulled it around her self. She had changed from the proud posture to one of acute self-conscious awareness. The change didn’t look good on her at all. The posture dissipated all the mystic of her feminine form.

Her breasts drooped and belly bulged as she tucked her chest and hunched her shoulders. Kaarthen tried to quickly send another image. She knew to try linking the thought to sex, and imagined Salenne naked, smiling, and standing proud with her shoulders back and her hands on her hips. Salenne looked startled as the thought hit her. She straightened up and dipped a finger between her legs before tasting what she found. The taste seemed to make her very happy and she straightened further and beamed at Kaarthen. She turned and left content and appearing happy. When she looked back closing the door she locked eyes with Kaarthen staring at her with wary dark eyes.

Kaarthen followed Marcos to bed. She tried to think about and understand the changes in how she moved Salenne, and almost more importantly the changing of her eye color.

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