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“SEX IN SEOUL” - Part Three - by Anon

As previously reported in Parts One and Two, I had the great good luck to be running an Officers’ Leave Centre in Seoul (senior officers only) and soon after arrival had met Miss Lem, who was operating her School For Homeless Girls, which was actually a thinly disguised bordello.
At her invitation I had attended her ‘pleasure palace’ as she unofficially called it, and she had given me a sample of the sexual delights to be had there - for a price. Paying visitors had to fork up lots of US dollars per hour and even more for an overnight stay, but she had agreed that I could ‘cum’ free provided I send her sufficient business from the Leave Centre. It had been almost a week since my initial visit and now she had invited me back again, saying on the ‘phone that I had indeed accumulated ‘some credit’ via the business I had sent to her.
On my first visit, I had met Jasmine, a delicious little girl who I had picked from a group of the eight young ladies that made up Miss Lem’s ‘student body’ - as she chose to call her young prostitutes. Jasmine was brand new to the School and thought to be a possible virgin, but that proved untrue, although I had considerable difficulty getting my cock all the way into her, even with the help of Miss Lem who had invited me to lick and suck her sweet little cunt before trying. The girl and Miss Lem had sucked me off before I fucked Jasmine, with the idea that my eight inch cock may be a bit diminished and therefore easier to get into this nervous new girl. While Jasmine had been sucking my cock, Miss Lem had vigorously finger fucked her and had got two fingers up her cunt, but with some difficulty. I had also fingered her a bit while recovering from the oral orgasm and was only able to get one finger up her, so really did think this would be her first fuck.
However, there was no hymen to rupture and bleed, and although it was a magnificent fuck, which was over all too soon, there was no bloody evidence of virginity. The lead up had been so salacious and my lust so rampant, I had cum before getting all of my cock into the sobbing girl. The Madam had suggested that on my next visit we should ‘butt fuck’ her in the almost certain hope that her asshole remained virgin. I still had that intriguing thought in mind as I sat in Miss Lem’s ‘Reception Room’ waiting for Jasmine’s appearance.
“Have you done any fucking since last here, Major?” asked the Madam, who was seated opposite me, wearing her ‘professional’ dress, which was practically no dress at all. She was provocatively garbed in high heels, fish net stockings which went to her upper thighs, just below a minuscule skirt which barely concealed scanty thong panties that narrowly covered her cunt. Her short sleeved upper garment was cut so low that the nipples of her tits were plainly visible just above it’s frilly top. Her ensemble was completed with a slender little riding crop which had a perfect duplicate of a human penis for a handle. This little whip was seldom out of her reach and she did not hesitate to use it on her ‘students’ if they did not give immediate obedience to her every command. She went on; -
“Have you fucked that pretty little secretary yet - the one I met when I first visited your office, or maybe you let her suck your cock - to save her cherry?!
“No, (I replied) I have been saving all my energy for this session you promised, and besides my secretary is a shy young lady who I believe comes from a very strict family and I am not sure that she would welcome any sexual advances from me.
Miss Lem: “Oh nonsense, I had a bit of time with her before going into your office and I am a good judge of young girls. She has a delicious little ass and I’m sure she could be fucked, under the right circumstances. You’re her boss and her job depends on you, doesn’t it? Bring her with you next time and between us I bet we can get at least some of that cock of yours into her. If I can get my tongue in her cunt your prick will be sure to follow, and maybe I can teach her how to lick pussy at the same time. I’d love to have her mouth on my cunt while you were driving that cock of yours up her - if she screamed it would feel all the better in my pussy!”
“Well, that does sound quite interesting, but although I am her boss, I also have a boss and if she complained to the General, I could lose my cushy job at the Centre quicker than she could!”
“Ah, don’t worry, laughed the Madam, we would be very discrete, we won’t actually rape her. I know these girls and I guarantee she is ripe to get fucked. I am always on the look out for a new recruit and if we broke her in properly we could have a lot of fun and she could start earning a bit of extra money.”
As I have previously reported, Miss Lem had confided the fact that she was a born voyeur and got tremendous pleasure from watching sexual activity, especially if she could participate as she chose and be in charge of things. She also confessed to a streak of sadism in her character and claimed great satisfaction in giving young girls their first sexual experiences. In fact, I think she truly loved to destroy their innocence, if they had any left when she got control over them. She admitted that it really excited her when she could embarrass and humiliate a girl and rather liked to lay on the whip when any of them resisted her authority. And of course there was the money, but that was only a secondary sort of satisfaction. She truly lived for sexual lust!
Anyway, I promised Miss Lem I would give the matter more thought, but in the meantime all this sexy talk was making me very horny and I asked her where Jasmine was.
As though it had been prearranged, there was a light knock on the door, which immediately opened and there was the girl in question, being ushered in by a slightly older girl, who bowed and smilingly announced, “Here’s the one you wanted, Miss Lem.”
Lem nodded and Jasmine was left standing in our presence. She was dressed as before, in the ‘school’ uniform. Each of Miss Lem’s ‘students’ were dressed exactly the same, low black shoes, white knee socks, short black skirts, white short sleeved blouses with large shawl collars under which they had a sort of neckerchief loosely knotted at the front. In other words - they exactly portrayed the typical Asian school girl in every respect.
She was as embarrassed and uncertain as when I first met her, and stood in front of me with eyes downcast, nervously twisting the fingers of her hands clasped behind her back.
“Now Jasmine, started the Madam, here’s the nice gentleman who fucked you the other day - after we sucked him off, in an effort to make his cock a bit easier to get into your tight little cunt.”
Turning to me: “Her little pussy was very sore for a few days, Major, and I
have excused her from everything except oral sex since then. She is becoming a very good little cunt sucker, and I have one lady client who always asks for her. I fit Jasmine up with a chin dildo and she can fuck this ladies cunt with it while licking and sucking her clitoris. It is an extremely effective way to bring a more mature woman to repeated orgasms!”
“But now (she went on) Jasmine, pull up your skirt and let’s have a look at your cunt, so we can see if it’s ready for some more fucking to-day.”
The girl blushed furiously, but only hesitated a moment, glancing at Miss Lem, who had picked up her whip and held it ready. She slowly lifted the hem of the very brief skirt, holding it with both hands as she pulled it waist high, revealing her plain white panties.
“Let’s have a look”, said the Madam, as she knelt down beside the girl,
and slowly rolled down the little panties, to knee level, revealing the hairless little slit in question.
“Now get your feet further apart”, she ordered, as she slid one hand up between the girl’s legs from behind and with the other, deftly spread the lips of the little vagina.
“Hmmm, still looks a bit sore and inflamed! How does that feel, Jasmine?” she asked as she suddenly drove two fingers all the way up the girl’s cunt.
“Oh, Ma’am, that hurts!” gasped Jasmine, as her face contorted in pain and her big eyes filled with tears.
“Never mind, darling, I am sure the Major will love to kiss your cunt all better - before we fuck you up that tight little ass hole, which I think needs to be opened up a bit!”
“Now Jasmine, go and see how the Major’s cock is looking. We have been talking about the possibility of fucking his secretary, and I hope it has made him nice and horny. Get his cock out and we will have a look at it!”
The girl had been through this before when we had first met, but her embarrassment was just as apparent as the first time. She moved in between my parted legs and hesitantly fumbled my zipper open. I helped by undoing the top buttons of my slacks and as she reached inside to find my cock, the touch of her soft little hand immediately sent a salacious thrill through my stiffening prick.
As she slowly produced what Miss Lem had demanded, the Madam nodded approvingly and said, “Ah yes, Jasmine, I think his cock is coming along very nicely. but would be helped with a few licks from that hot little tongue of yours!”
Immediately the girl’s face turned scarlet with an embarrassed blush, but after just a moment’s hesitation she dropped to her knees and obediently took the head of my cock into her sweet little mouth.
“Alright, now take it out of your mouth and let me see you lick all around the cock head - that’s right - now flick your tongue back and forth on the underside of the knob; that’s the most sensitive part!, advised Miss Lem, as she looked on with intense pleasure.
"Yes, dear - you are doing very well. Now put it back in your mouth and see how far you can get it in - let it go right to the back of your mouth - slide it right down your throat."
I couldn't resist putting a hand behind the girl's head and in my excitement, pushed my cock down her throat until she started to choke a bit, at which point Miss Lem called a halt to the cock sucking in case I blew my load too soon. But now I noticed that she had pulled the scanty panty thong aside from her cunt, which she was rapidly fingering.
“Oh yes, Jasmine you have his cock looking quite good, so now we will move over to the Operations Room and get right down to business.”
She then pulled Jasmine’s panties all the way down to her feet and told the girl to step out of them, but not to let go of my cock.
“You can lead the gentleman into the O.R. by his cock, Jasmine - just follow me.” And away we went, to the adjoining room, with it’s mirrored ceiling and walls, complete with what Miss Lem called her ‘sex sofa’ which actually was a completely adjustable physicians examination table.
Once in the O.R., Miss Lem ordered Jasmine to let go my cock long enough to get my slacks and under shorts off and then she stripped the little girl of everything except her shoes and stockings - drawing attention to her budding breasts which she briefly fondled, and the curvaceous little ass which I was to fuck. She had the girl bend over the end of the ‘sofa’ with legs well apart, in order to better present her beautiful little bottom to my appreciative view. She spread the girl’s pretty ass cheeks wide enough to reveal the tight little puckered up hole I hoped to soon invade.
“We have to get her into the best position for our mutual enjoyment, Major, and I think that we should have her leaning over the end of the sofa, with that sweet little butt stuck out level with your cock as you stand behind her. I’ll get up there on my back and pull her mouth onto my pussy so she can suck me off while you’re fucking her. I will hang onto her wrists and hold her in position for you. She may scream a bit when you first get the knob of your cock into her, but that will feel wonderful in my cunt! You can watch her sucking me, and I will be able to see you driving that big thing up her ass! Oh, yes - let’s get started!”

Putting her words into action, she positioned herself face up on the sofa, until she had Jasmine’s mouth on her cunt. She instructed me to kneel on a cushion at the end of the sofa, which was just the right height to enable me to devour the little girls cunt and ass hole - which I immediately started to do! The little pussy was as sweet as I remembered, and I licked and sucked it for awhile before I pulled her ass cheeks wider apart and let my tongue go on up to her tightly puckered little hole, which I now invaded with my tongue.
The Madam, lying on her back, was easily able to watch all of our activity in the mirrored ceiling, and now suggested I get lots of saliva on the girl’s ass hole then try to put a finger up it - which I proceeded to do, quite nicely.
“Ohhh - that looks so good Major, why don’t you see if you can get the head of your cock in there now?” - gasped Miss Lem. “I want to see that thing going into her!”
And I couldn’t wait any longer, so rising to my feet, took my rampant cock in one hand and spreading those beautiful ass cheeks with the fingers of the other, I started pressing the blunt head of my prick into the little puckered up anus
so provocatively presented to me.
As the tight little pucker was slowly forced open by the head of my cock, Jasmine at first reacted with a series of gasps, and as the knob burst all the way in, she jerked her head up off the Madam’s cunt and screamed, “No, no - take it out, take it out - it's too big. Oh, please Ma’am - you said it wouldn’t hurt!”
But the uncompromising Madam responded by grabbing the girl’s head and pushing her mouth back onto her cunt, which effectively muffled the pitiful pleading.
“Of course it hurts! It always does the first time, but you will soon get to like it well enough and may even like it up your ass better than in your cunt. Now, you little bitch, get that tongue of yours busy on my clit, I can feel a beautiful orgasm building!”
And so could I. This salacious situation was driving me to new heights of sexual frenzy and now my cock was well up the hot little hole it had so ruthlessly invaded. My frenzied groans of lustful delight signaled the fast approaching climax and both the Madam and myself were oblivious of the tortured pleadings of little Jasmine as I continued to drive my cock relentlessly into her and Miss Lem ground her cunt onto the girl’s beautiful little mouth.
At last the damn burst and I came off with a roar of lust, followed almost immediately by Lem’s ecstatic screams, as she too reached her shuddering climax.
“Oh, Major, that was wonderful!” exclaimed the madam as at last she came down from her ecstatic high and slowly released Jasmine as my wilted cock slid out of the girl’s tortured asshole.
“Why don’t you suck her off in appreciation for that beautiful butt fuck”?, she suggested as she pulled the girl face up and onto her back on the sofa. “I’ll play with her titties and hold her legs up for you.” - putting words into action.
In a minute Miss Lem had Jasmine lying face up between her legs & when she reached forward and pulled the girls legs well up I immediately went down on my knees again and had my tongue working in her cunt with renewed vigor, and with excellent results. Jasmine was soon rewarded for her suffering as I licked and sucked her cunt, sometimes letting my tongue slide down to her little ass hole, which was now leaking out the cum I had pumped into her. In short order she was gasping and shuddering as an orgasm overtook her. At Miss Lem’s prompting, I kept tongue fucking her little cunt and asshole and between us, we brought her off twice more before she was at last allowed to humbly thank us and leave.
“So you really like butt fucking, Major”, smiled the Madam as I prepared to leave. “Have you ever had a cock up your own ass?” - she inquired, as she felt the cheeks of my butt through my slacks.
“Hey! I haven’t got a drop of homo blood in me!”, I protested. “Well, we will have to see about that!”, she leered. “Come back and see me next week!”

And so I did, and will tell you all about it in Part Four - Anon

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