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Prim & proper Rosalie gets her first experience of cock!
Rosalie was the epitome of a Vicar’s Daughter. She lived with her father who, ironically, was the parish Vicar of the small sleepy village where she had lived all her life, her mother and younger brother. She had attended the village school along with her friends whom she had known all her life. She had led a fairly sheltered upbringing and was a good Christian girl as her Pa had taught her.
Like most girls of her own age Rosalie enjoyed socialising, fashion, shopping and horse riding around the countryside surrounding the picturesque village. Rosalie’s friends were a little more brash than she and also enjoyed the company of the young men who inhabited the village!
But Rosalie respected good Christian values and did not socialise or flirt with the boys. All through school she had rejected any advances and now, at the age of 20 she was still a virgin! The young men now largely ignored her in favour of her more approachable and open minded friends, who would often compare men and stories together, causing Rosalie some embarrassment as she had no tales of her own to tell and she found the subject rather uncomfortable!
“You just need to find the right guy” Her friends would tell her. But Rosalie did not want the ‘right’ guy, she now wanted to fit in with her grown up pals and be footloose and fancy free like them! But it looked as though Rosalie had burnt her bridges with the men folk of the village from her school days. In their eyes she seemed a bit dull and plain, although she was not a bad looking girl, her friends were a lot more fun!
Rosalie had chestnut brown hair, tied neatly in a prim pony tail or a tight bun high up on her head. She had a pretty face, framed with high cheek bones and a short fringe. Her eyes were small and hazel coloured. She had a fine body hidden away beneath her sensible clothes as well! Her breasts were large, pert and firm, much like her posterior and she had good strong thighs that were very well toned from all the horse riding in which she partook.

One stiflingly hot summer’s day Rosalie took her horse out for a late Sunday morning stroll. Pa’s sermon had been a long and draining one this morning! He was a wise man, but on a day like today, nothing was worse than spending an hour inside that stuffy little chapel, listening to him drone on!
Now she had the freedom to head out to the meadows at the end of the lane and relax in the peace and quiet. Only the farmer went down there to cut the grass into hay later on in the year, but today it would be deserted, just as Rosalie liked it! “Well hullo!” An irritating voice called up her as she headed toward the bridal path, leading to the meadow. It was Justin Jacobs, her ex class mate. Always the popular, know-it-all sports fanatic, whom all her friends had wanted to sleep with since year 10!
“Well, well, I bet that’s the first stallion you’ve ridden this year?!” He gloated.
“That’s disgusting! get lost you creep!” Rosalie exclaimed in annoyance. Justin laughed. As he watched her shapely jodhpur-clad buttocks clench, rise and fall in motion with the big horse as she disappeared down the lane. Then an idea entered his mind, a hot, wild idea that with its outrageous intentions, it may just succeed! Justin leapt over the wall beside the lane and hurried through the fields toward the meadow.
When Rosalie got to the meadow she had almost forgotten the altercation with the oh-so-full-of-it-Justin, when her heart sank! For there, lying in the meadow and eugh! Topless! there was Justin!
How dare he ruin her |Sunday morning trek!
“Well, well, well! Fancy meeting you here!” He chuckled. Rosalie was about to turn her horse to leave, when something inside her made her pause. Something was telling her to hang about…
“What do you want Justin?” Rosalie demanded in irritation, jumping from her horse and tying him to a shady tree.
“I’ve just been thinking, Rosalie. We have not really spoken much in the past two years since we have left school. I thought it nice that we had a little catch up!” Justin answered, grinning his usual self satisfied grin.
“Well that’s because we have nothing to say. I have always thought you arrogant and full of yourself!” Rosalie answered defiantly.
“Is that so? Then why did you not just turn round and leave when you saw me here? Instead you have made yourself comfortable rather quickly!” Justin retorted.
He was right. Without really realising, Rosalie had settled on the long soft grass away from her horse. She tried to give an excuse that he should be the one to leave, but it did not sound too convincing! Why was she wanting to sit here and give this arrogant young man the time of day?!
“You need to let your guard down once in a while, Rosalie”
“What do you mean?”
“I mean you are always so uptight about life! You’re only 20 but you act so much older!” Justin teased.
“I am not uptight!” Rosalie exclaimed indignantly.
“Yeah? Prove it!” Justin sat back on the grass, grinning. He had a very muscular physique and Rosalie couldn’t help but find her eyes being drawn to the rippling six pack and bulging arms.
“Wha- what d’you mean?” Rosalie paused, she knew exactly what Justin meant.
“I know how your friends all have sex and rub it in when you’re about. How would you like to join their little clique?” Justin probed her, looking into her hazel eyes. She felt transfixed by his gaze.
“I-I Gue- guess so” Rosalie stammered. She couldn’t believe what she was getting herself into! Especially with Justin! He was her nemesis, all that she despised in the self obsessed boys who lived in her village. But all her friends wanted him, but he wouldn’t give them the time of day. He always said he preferred the more sophisticated girls in the nearby towns. But now here was Justin offering himself to her! He was at her disposal. She knew she should humiliate him and tell him where to go. But he was hot! As much as she hated to admit it she wanted him! Imagine her friends faces when they found out that she, Rosalie, the plain, unglamorous Vicar’s daughter had been chosen by the hottest guy in the village!
Justin leaned in, taking Rosalie by surprise, their lips locked in her first kiss! She had always wondered how it would be! The situation, here in this sunny meadow, was perfect, but the guy, not so much! Still it felt thrilling, exhilarating! What would her Pa think!? His innocent daughter snogging a half naked man in a secluded field!
Their hot bodies pressed together. Justin felt her hot firm breasts, so big and pert, pressed against his hard pectorals. He felt that good old stirring in his pants and Rosalie must’ve felt it too because she pulled away briefly, a look of confusion flashed across her face. “Carry on baby. It feels great!” Justin coaxed. He guided her hand down to his crotch. She could feel the hardening organ. It was weird! She had felt her brother’s penis before, during rough and tumble sessions, but that had been soft and squashy! Why was this so stiff and hard?!
“Wanna see what I’ve got, sexy?” Justin was already unbuttoning his jeans and whipping them down in one quick movement, he revealed his big hard willy! He was neatly trimmed over the base and the balls which were hanging in a neat smooth pouch. They looked nice and squidgy! Rosalie barely suppressed a gasp of shock! For a mintue she was mesmerised by the thing! It was so long, so rigid! The odd looking end was shaped like a grotesque fleshy fireman’s helmet with a slit on the end that stared up at her like gaping serpent’s eye.
Justin guided her hand down, she tensed, feeling his hard willy brush against her hand. “Wank me.” He ordered.
She awkwardly rubbed her hand against his shaft. Justin realised just how inexperienced this girl was. He took her hand and wrapped her fingers round himself and guided her hand in the up and down motion. “Squeeze my meat tight” Justin grunted, tossing his head back. Rosalie obeyed. She was getting into the swing of it now, though as they leaned in to kiss some more, she feared he would hear her loudly pounding heart!
“Lets get this top off” Justin whispered, unbuttoning her riding blouse. Rosalie’s big mams popped out from the tight fitting cotton. They were smooth and soft and sat firmly on her chest. They did not hang. Her nipples were neat and pale pink in colour and Justin was sorely aroused at the mere site of them! He bent down and began teasing the soft nips with his tongue. The tickling feeling felt so good for Rosalie. She couldn’t help but giggle softly to herself. Her nipples were now nice and erect and Justin rolled them in between his teeth and tongue.
“Now it’s time for a blow job” Justin interrupted the slurping silence.
“A what? A blow Job?”
“Yeah. Surely you know what a blow job is?!” Justin laughed incredulously.
“Y- yeah of course I do!” Rosalie answered, almost convincingly, she thought.
“Down you go then.” Justin directed her chestnut head down toward his crotch.
Oh Great God! Thought Rosalie, horrified. I have to put that thing in my mouth! Just imagine it’s a lollipop, a big juicy raspberry lollypop! Rosalie closed her eyes and opened her cute doll like mouth. Justin pushed forth and his hard cock popped in her mouth. She was aghast! It felt odd, like a rubbery, chewy balloon. The big head tickled the back of her tonsils. It was incredibly warm and weird feeling. It’s just a tasty lollipop. Rosalie fretted, slurping her little wet tongue up and down his big shapely shaft.
She realised Justin had his hands upon either side of her head and he was grinding his crotch into her mouth! She must be doing it right!
“Oooooohh!” Justin groaned happily, fondling Rosalie’s wonderful whoppas.
Suddenly Rosalie felt a warm, salty taste leaking into her mouth. It was syrup like in texture, it was coming from Justin’s ’head’!
“Euugh! Gross! What is that!?” Rosalie pulled away in disgust.
“Don’t worry baby, it’s just pre cum!” Justin coaxed, pushing her sweet young head back onto his bone.
Justin began fondling the jodhpur clad botty, kneading the ample flesh roughly, searching, exploring between her legs until he found the fleshy fanny lips tightly encased in the cotton of her panties and riding gear. Time for these to come off! He thought. He rolled Rosalie over, his dick still wedged deep in her warm, accommodating mouth.
Rosalie did not resist as Justin unbuttoned and slipped her jodhpurs down her large shapely thighs. She was wearing frilly white knickers, slightly childish Justin thought at first, but then this was her charm- the innocence of Rosalie! Looking at the crotch Justin noticed a wet patch. He had got this little bitch damp! This got him all the more excited! More pre cum leaked into Rosalie’s mouth. She could do nothing but swallow it. But she was feeling excited now, like she wanted to grind her own crotch against Justin’s big fingers that were tickling and teasing her in experienced young clitty.
“HoooooooH!” She moaned out load.
“I think I should return the favour now” Justin announced, pulling Rosalie up from his soaking wet saliva covered cock. He sat her on the long, soft grass. He got down on all fours and nibbled around the panties with his teeth, pulling the lacey frills. Then Justin placed his finger around the crotch and begun to tug them down her sexy legs.
“N- No no I don’t know if I-I” Rosalie stuttered, trying to pull away from the big horny man. She felt very embarrassed all of a sudden.
“C’mon baby! What’s up!? No one’s here. Only you and I! And I won’t mind seeing what you have” Justin massaged her pussy through the cotton, taking Rosalie to ecstatic new heights. Gently he teased the sodden cotton panties off her legs, revealing her virgin vagina at long last! It was unshaven, as Justin suspected it would be, but only a neat, pale downey covering was present. It looked darn tasty!
Down on all fours went Justin, plunging his good looking face into Rosalie’s neat young crotch. His experienced tongue went to work immediately, exploring her tight un-blemished hole and cute, inexperienced clitoris. Rosalie was in seventh heaven! She was writhing about on her back, squirming and moaning uncontrollably. She raised herself up in the air in the crab position, so that her breasts popped out on her flat chest and her crotch arched down elegantly onto Justin’s blonde hair, where he fed from her fabulous fanny! Meanwhile Justin wanked his solid veiny dick with all his might. Rosalie placed an elegant hand firmly upon his head, pushing his big tongue further into her hole, Oh Christ it was a tight little hole!
What on earth would Pa think if he saw her now!? The sweet innocent Vicar’s daughter in seventh heaven, taking this big, good looking rebel between her sexy thighs! “Hooooooooh! Hooooooh Sooooo gooooood!” She cooed softly, gyrating against the horny face in her lap,
Now it was time for her to become a woman!
She knew it and he knew it.
Rosalie’s heart was pounding. Justin’s penis was pounding! He lay her on the soft meadow grass and climbed upon her. His bulging fireman’s helmet was now facing her sweet honey pot, the big gaping slit spewing pre cum onto her soft pubic hair, as it pulsated in excitement. Justin took her small hand, placed it upon his prick and guided it toward her hole. The bell end was now kissing the unspoiled fresh lips. Justin pushed. In popped the head. Rosalie gasped a little. This was amazing! but she had not bargained for the following 7inches! Justin heaved himself upon her, plunging inward, ever further. Great God it was tight! Rosalie felt a sharp pain, he would have to stop there. He could put any more inside her. “D-Don’t keep pushing! You can’t fit any more inside me OWWW!” Rosalie cried as Justin ignored her pleas and drove in further. She felt as though he was tearing her in two! Rosalie dug her nails into his muscular back and screamed out in aguish and annoyance.
“I SAID STOP! HAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH! OhhhhhhhhhhhhOOOOOOH YEeeeeeAAAAH!” She cried, going from agony to ecstasy in moments! Justin had reached his hilt. Her soft blonde pubes were now intermingled with his wirey dark brown ones. And h was now rhythmically pumping her virgin pussy and she was loving it! “HuH HUH HUH HUH HUH! YEAH YAH YAH!” She called noisily.
Justin was loving it too. “OH OHOHOHOHO!” he grunted happily as his pumping got faster and harder, his juicy great balls slapping against her neat little butt hole. She was so much more pleasurable than those slutty city girls! None of them were this pert, this tight! Why had he been so stupid?! Going all the way to town when this was right here on his doorstep!
Justin’s muscly buttocks were going into overdrive now, drilling this fresh young innocent’s pussy good and hard! Rosalie grabbed them and clenched her hands tightly round them. He was a stallion! How she had missed out on all this pleasure for sooo long! So much time to make up for, after sitting through all those dull sermons teaching her what she should and should not do, wrestling with her younger brother in the vicarage garden, when she could be writhing about in this secluded meadow with a real man. Ooooh it was exciting!
Her thighs were wider apart than they had ever been as she romped with this arrogant young man between them, her neat bun had fallen out and her sleek, shiny hair was spread out behind her head for Justin to admire as he pumped her.
Looking down her saw this beautiful young lady in a whole new light. No longer was it ‘plain Jane’ the Vicar’s daughter, who he had ignored all through school, but now it was rude Rosalie! Her big titties bouncing in the hot sun, her tight vag encompassing his big member like a neat velvety glove. Justin could contain himself no more! “UuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnnnnnAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!” He roared, having the fore sight to whip out of her aching quivering pussy he squirted hot, pearly white jets of cum over her fuzzy little box. But with the pressure of jizz backed up, many of the powerful shots reached her flat smooth belly and even those wonderful pert tits got a good dousing.
Rosalie was taken aback. “Euuugh! YUK! You’re grim Mister!” She whined, attempting to wipe the sticky droplets from her body.
“Rather that than me doing it inside you. What would Pa say if you had an immaculate conception?!” Justin grinned slyly, imagining the Vicar probably carving up the Sunday roast as they lay fornicating together in the meadow! Rosalie must’ve had the same thought. She glanced at her watch and gasped
“Crikey! Is that the time?! I told Pa I’d only be an hour! He’ll be carving up the beef! He’ll be sooo mad!”
“Well I think you’ve been carved enough for one day!” Justin called after her mockingly looking down at the small traces of blood on the grass and his now fat flaccid dick. Rosalie’s hymen had been breached. And on the Lord’s day!
But Rosalie was not there to see him or hear him. She was rising up and down elegantly upon her horse, fully clothed and riding off down the lane!

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