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A true encounter of the first times for myself and my girlfriend :)
You were fourteen when it started, I seventeen. Your skin was soft with that precious teenaged suppleness, like the soft belly of a puppy, yielding when I pressed it gently, your eyes bright and curious, shining with temptation and forbidden desire. Your belly was stretched over two hipbones, juicy points of flesh that were just begging to be kissed...begging to be worshipped.

It began there with a single strand of your ebony black hair, lying so innocently on your tummy, it began by teasing you with that hair, and later drawing my fingers lightly over your belly and those hipbones. Every finger-trail blazed over your skin, sending ripples of want and need through was the first time I had touched you like that and it was doing unspeakable things to you...and to me. Your soft whispers punctuated the still air, studded with low moans of desire. I felt like joining you.

The kiss was memorable...a hand slammed into your chest to drag you up to me. It was a release of pure want, a final giving in to my own sense of morals and reluctance. The kiss was all lips and tongue and teeth...the first time you or I had ever kissed another woman. It was sensual...the lingering feeling of you being dragged to me was hanging heavily in the air, lighting fires that burned for other passions to come.
I pulled your shirt up a bit and began to caress your belly, I ran my fingers slowly over your supple were hot to the touch, wanting more. I moved in circles, in wide, long sweeps, I ran the palm of my hand flat along you. My hands were riding you and your feelings, driving you towards a sense of home. I inched my fingers lower...hardly daring to touch below the waistband of your jeans. Here I hesitated for a while, gently feeling the texture change beneath my fingers from rough jeans to the smooth skin underneath. As though you were a present...your outer wrapping was revealing the most amazing gift inside... The sensations coursing through my body were setting me on fire, I was sharing your pleasure. My fingers were dancing over your skin, rubbing, caressing, touching...I was taking as long as I could to give myself time to pluck up the courage required to do what I knew I was going to. Your breath was deep, your eyes shut, as I took a great breath and walked my fingers down your belly, past those jeans and finally feeling my fingertips brush your soft pubic hair, watching your hips rise up just a little to meet me.

I shuffled in close to you, on my side, while you were on your back, my arm was under you and you pressed your face into me, shyly hiding, as the first touch of another woman cemented my soul to yours forever. You were slick and wet, wanting me to touch you and give you something you hadn’t had before. Your body was quivering, your eyes shut tightly as I took my first careful venture into you. My fingers slid easily along you, reaching for you and sinking deeply into your hot, wet centre. I felt and heard you groan just a little and I pulled you closer into me, moving my fingers gently inside you, feeling you loosen up a little under my patient hands. Your breath was coming in long, deep bursts, your face buried so hard-up against me, your eyes would open to glance up at me and then quickly close again, although your smile told me everything I needed to know right then.
I remember the first time I kissed you all over. Your skin was still soft then, and I took great pleasure in kissing and tasting you. I set to work at nibbling you, the flat of my tongue caressing your skin, raising tiny goosebumps over you. I took my time, savouring the moment, and slowly worked my way over your face and lips, (oh, your luscious, plump lips! To this day my lips know your body map...the curve of your forehead, the slope of your delicate eyebrows, your finely proportioned nose, your high cheekbones and those lips that drive me crazy...) your breasts, (so beautiful and perfect...your nipples were a wonder to me, the way they shyly stayed inwards until with enough loving kisses they ventured out...) your belly (my favourite!) and your thighs...and then to the well of pleasure between your legs. I remember dipping in for the first taste of another woman, of you, -of you!- and I remember all too well how you tasted. So sweet, so right. The taste of you will forever be on my tongue, as I recall how sensual and sweet it is to bury myself within you and lap at you, gently rolling my tongue in you, taking long, slow, sensual licks along your womanhood, sucking softly on your little bud of pleasure. I loved the way you thrust your hands in my hair, your long, low moans resonating in the room, the heavy scent of sex settling over us. I loved the way your body and mine flowed smoothly into one another when we are like this, my mouth connecting so deliciously between your legs and taking me into you as though we are one being. Your hands would be everywhere, grasping my own hands, in my hair, over my shoulders, on my own would softly groan and finally come to rest either in my hair, my favourite, or grasping mine.
And I remember all too well the first time you kissed me like that down there...the way you wetly tickled my thighs with your tongue, the utterly mischievous way your eyes sparkled at me when you flashed me a glance from between my legs. You loved the control you had over was the one place I was entirely belonging to you, relinquishing all control. You drew out my pleasure, my want, my need, until I was reduced to begging you for it, then you hovered over me and waited for just a moment longer before plunging your tongue into me, taking a taste of the part of me that was only ever meant for you. I loved the way you could control me like this, the way that you would draw me out until I could do nothing else but beg for it. I loved hearing me plead with you...I loved saying your name softly, over and over again....while you would pleasure me with your soft tongue, dipping into me over and over again, driving me utterly crazy with want for you.

I bucked my hips crazily, but your mouth stayed clamped to me, your tongue smoothly flicking into me, then coming up for a long lick along the length of my pussy, then you changed again and drove your tongue as far into me as you could possibly stretch. Oh! How I did moan and gasp, how I did thrash around on the bed! You kept this delicious attack up for so long, first at one minute beginning to flick lightly on my clitoris, then driving your tongue into me. At some stage you produced a vibrating bullet and held this to my clitoris while you lapped and sucked at my pussy.

I knew when it was coming, I felt the wave of feeling begin at my toes and slowly begin to consume me. The bullet was sending sensations through me that I’d never had before, and coupled with your thrusting, hot tongue, I felt as though you were reaching places inside me that I’d never heard of or felt before. A brief gasp...I felt I had to warn you before I lost the ability to make coherent sounds altogether...I’m coming...I’m coming now...! – and you rode me with your tongue even harder while I began to spasm completely out of control underneath you.

The rush was enormous! I came so suddenly, juice exploding from me, ripples of utter pleasure consuming me from every strand of hair right down to my toenails. A low guttural moan escaped from my lips, tears sprang from my eyes, I gripped your hair with such intensity... It lasted forever, and still there you were, your tongue still buried deep inside me, milking out the last drop of come from my spasming and twitching pussy. I could only lie back, still moaning softly as the afterwaves ripped through me, sweat beading from my skin, my breath coming in gasps of mindless pleasure. You gently pulled away, giving my very wet pussy a last gentle lick before wiping your face on my thighs and then coming up for a kiss. I loved that, tasting me on your breath...knowing that you were the only woman to have touched me like that. You would snuggle in beside me after sex, throw an arm around me...and I would know that I had been lucky enough to find the most perfect woman in the world.


2015-10-05 07:29:49
This is such beautiful writing - I know this is from a while ago . ..but please write more
moon xx

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2011-04-13 14:11:34
I am a fifteen year old Asian girl and am thought to be beautiful. Like most Asian girls I am used by family members for sex and am familiar with the things men do to girls. We are required to lay still and do as we are told and not show any kind of pleasure, not that there is any pleasure in someone pushing his cock into me and ramming it in and out until he comes inside me and then leaving without a kiss or word of kindness, but that's the Muslim world and the teachings of the Koran.
Last year I became friendly with the daughter ot a local architect, she is two years older than me, English and lovely. My family don't know we are in love and are content to let me sleep at her house several times a week, her parents let us sleep together and understand that we are lovers. Her mum has bought us various dildoes and two different vibrators to share and her dad says he thinks we are very nice sensible girls. I really do wish my family would disappear and I was English and free of them.


2010-12-28 16:47:48
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