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this is the story of me and a coworker.
being the assistant manager of a supermarket, i have contact with many female coworkers. but this particular one who just started months ago was different. i was joking with her like i never did with any other coworker. joking with her became frequent and then she being a cashier was difficult to talk. we then started writing what we wanted to talk on small notes. she then told me that she is not satisfied with her husband and her husband ignore her. she also told me that she has not been touched by her husband foe the last 3 months. this was getting excited for me and we both started feeling physical feelings for each other in our notes.

one day i gave my mobile number without knowing how she will react. she asked me what she will do with this and she did not have a mobile.i was dissapointed and we continued with our notes without anybody noticing otherwise i could lose my job for having a relation with a coworker.

one day she was on her break and a number txed me and wanted to see me. i was not sure if it was her and i said that i was married and i am happy with my wife. being married herself, she pretended to be somebody else and i stopped texting her. after 1 day she told me that it was her and she bought a mobile without her husband knowing. we stopped our little notes and we started texting each other. we got quite involved with each other and she told me that she loved me and she want me. i replied the same and started telling her what i wanted to do with her.

we started masturbating while i was talking to her when her husband was at work. then one day i asked to come and meet me. being both married it was difficult so i pretended i had to go to work early and she did the same.

as she lived local, i picked her up on the bus stop and i took her to a garden nearby. when we reached there she was expecting what i would to her as we discussed that over the phone. she wore the uniform skirt as i requested and the i started. i held her head in my hands and i started kissing her.our tongues were touching each other and i felt horny as ever. she had a very nice body a 36 24 36. while kissing her i moved my hand onto her breast and then i move it inside. she did not resist and i continued. while kissing her i started moving my hands down and i put my hand in between her legs and caressing her pussy.she was moaning with pleasure and i continued. that day she did not let me touch her pussy. but i allowed her to touch my penis and she kept masturbating me. time was coming to open the shop and we had to leave. she told me that was very horny and wanted to do more but wasnt sure.

we talked over the phone and wanted to know the real problem. she then confessed that she was afraid that if i have sex with her i would leave her. i reassured her and told her about my fantasies with her.after about 2 months she agreed to see me.this time we had more than 2 hours. i picked her up and we went to the beach.

having tinted glasses in my car helped a lot. nobody could see us from the outside. i started caressing her boobs while kissing her and feeling no reluctancy, i carried on. i moved my hand to her pussy and inserted one finger inside. she was wet and she moaned louder. i unbuttoned her shirt and lick her licked her nipples and she moaned while i was fingering her. i then started removing her thong and she allowed me. my cock being out, she was masturbating me. the suddenly stopped and moved towards my cock. she started licking me and sucking me for about 1 min. she stopped and felt ashamed. i told her there is nothing to be ashamed of and if you want it you can do it. i immediately move my head towards her pussy and started licking her while caressing her boobs. she was moaning with pleasure. the i asked her to go at the back of the car. she asked me why and i answered that i wanted to rub my penis against her pussy. she said no. we continued caressing each other and we had only 30 mins to go. i asked her again and she asked me if i could control my self without inserting my rod inside her. i said i could and she said it will be difficult for her. i convinced her that i would control her when i wanted it so badly.

we went to the back of the and i pulled her skirt up and made her lie on the back seat. i moved up guiding my rod to her pussy. to make her more secure, i told her to rub it herself. i was pressing my rod against her pussy and she could not resist and she introduced my rod to her pussy and it went inside. she told me that i could not control her and i said to her since its already in let make love. i started moving to and fro and she was moaning with pleasure. i carried on and started feeling an orgasm. as she was not on pills and i remove my penis and discharged my load on her. my penis was still hard as a rock and she asked me how could i do that. she told me her husbands would sleep after ejaculating. i told her that im different and wanted more. i wiped my cock and i started again. she didnt have an orgasm since sha was married and my goal was to make her orgasm. she was moaning with pleasure and i reached my second orgasm. she again didnt have one. my cock was hard again and i wiped myself and said i wanted more. she was reluctant and i pulled her by her feet and inserted my hard on inside her. this time i was talking to her while i was making love and after about 10 minutes her moans grew louder and she started stretching her pussy muscles and i knew she was going to have and orgasm. i continued and she suddenly pushed me and i knew she had her orgasm and i discharged again on her. she then told me she had her 1st orgasm since she was married and i succeeded what i wanted. we wiped ourselves and time arrived for us to go to work. since then we have not met but we still continue to talk on the phone when her husband is not there and waiting to see each other next time. as the new year is approaching, she told me we will meet more often next year as her son will be going to school and she will be more free. i am still waiting for next year as we still masturbate on the phone. she told me that i made her satisfied and that she loved me.i told her that i loved her too waiting to see her next year...part two will be available when i meet her next year as i have new plans for her...


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i am just an amateur...if u didnt like it just dont leave rubbish comments u fool...

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Before you try to write again, go back to school to learn the English language.

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