It was around Christmas Break time, and I hadn’t had a real vacation in a while. I packed up my car for a two-week road trip, and headed North. There isn’t a lot of snow where I’m from. Oh, I should introduce myself. I’m Fred, and I work the night shift at a nice little hotel somewhere on US 101. Yes, I’m the same Fred of the Hotel Fantasy story.

Anyway, I had stopped in Eureka for a day or two to visit some friends, and then headed up north again. I was about halfway between Eureka and Crescent City when I saw her. She was a small girl, about 19 or 20, bundled up against the rain and wind so common in Northern California during winter. She was trying to hitch a ride, but no one was stopping. After about 10 cars had passed her up, I pulled over. Normally, I don’t pick up hitchhikers, but her look of abject dejection as I drove by tugged at my heartstrings. “This is somebody’s daughter, and she’s trying to get home,” I thought. I backed up and motioned to her to come to the front door as I rolled down the window.

“Need a lift?” I asked.

“Yes, please,” she said, in clipped English. As she looked into the car, I saw that she was pale skinned, with almond-shaped dark eyes; long straight black hair, almost to her butt; and a nice smile.
I popped open the trunk and said, “Toss your suitcase back there and get in before you freeze to death.” It was a balmy 50 degrees, but the wind was howling, making it feel much colder.

She got in the front seat and said, “Thank you,” in her strangely accented clipped manner.

I put the car in drive and headed north again. “What leaves you on the side of the highway in winter?” I asked. “By the way, I’m Fred. I’d shake your hand, but I’m driving.”

“Pleased to meet you, Fred-san,” she said. “I am Keiko Matsuma, a student at HSU in Arcate.”

“Hey, I know that place. I started my degree there. Good campus,” I said, and immediately felt down for interrupting her. “Sorry,” I apologized.

“No need to apologize, Fred-san,” Keiko said, bowing to me. “I am on my way to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, to visit my parents and other relatives. I want to get there as cheaply as possible, so I am trying to hitchhike my way there.” She cast her lovely eyes down at the floor. “So far, I haven’t been too lucky. I thought I’d be closer to the California border by now.” Her stomach grumbled at that moment.

“We’ll get some lunch in Crescent City,” I said. “I know some good places. What do you like?”

“Anything,” Keiko said. “I am very hungry.” Her stomach growled again.

We made the last 40 miles in just over a half hour, and I pulled the car into a great seafood place I know. The rain had stopped, so Keiko and I left our coats in the car. Keiko was wearing a long sleeved denim shirt, blue jeans, and sneakers, good clothes for the weather. We went in, and Keiko looked at the menu while I looked at Keiko.

Keiko was only about 5-feet-4-inches tall, with a modest figure; not exactly small boobs, but not exactly large, either, maybe a 34C cup. On her frame, they looked bigger than they actually were; at least, what I could see of them did.

The great thing about seafood joints on the California coast is, when they say “Fresh Catch of the Day,” they mean it came off the fishing boat five minutes ago. Keiko had the fish and chips with a soda, and I had a big bowl of clam chowder with coffee. Full from lunch, Keiko went to the restroom and I headed for the car. When Keiko came out, her shirt was untucked and unbuttoned below her boobs. She looked at me and said, “You didn’t need to use the restroom?” Her cleavage peeked out a little.

“There’s a rest stop outside of Brookings,” I said. “I’ll go there.” I tried not to look at the proffered view.

“Oh,” she said, somewhat disappointed. “You never told me; where are you going?”

I started the car and drove out of the parking lot, getting back on US 101 north. “I’m going to Canada, too. If you want to stay with me, I’d be happy to go all the way with you.” I immediately thought, “DIDOT! Now she’ll think you’re a fucking pervert!!!”

She gently touched my hand. “I’d like that, Fred-san. I will go all the way with you, too.” She smiled at me, and my woody started to grow.

About 35 minutes later, we pulled in to the rest stop a mile or so outside of Brookings, Oregon. I parked around behind the large building there because it was closer to the restrooms. “I’ll be back shortly, Keiko,” I said, and went to do my business.

I came back to the car about 10 minutes later. As I got into the driver’s seat, Keiko said, “Fred-san, do you like Japanese girls?” Her shirt was completely unbuttoned, and she had a wicked grin on her face. Her hand found its way to my crotch and she began slowly stroking my boner. “I like American men,” she said, “especially American men who have done nice things for me. And you have been very nice to me.” She unzipped my pants and pulled my woody out and kissed it.

“Keiko, I…” I started to say.

She put a finger on my lips and said, “The Japanese way is to be accepting of things you cannot control, Fred-san.” She unzipped her pants and slipped them off, showing a pair of lacey black undies that hid nothing. She leaned over me and reclined my car seat, and I got a really good look at her tits. They were very nicely shaped C cups, in a sheer bra that hid less than her panties. Her legs were covered in black silk stockings, halfway up her thighs. She kissed me deeply and said, “Accept what is happening, Fred-san. It will be very pleasant.”

She took off her shirt and put my hands on her tits. I gently squeezed them, and she moaned. She pulled away and turned around, placing her panty-clad pussy as close as she could to my nose. I looked at her exquisite ass, and my pecker got even harder. Her lips started kissing my cock, and I wanted to return the favor to her hot pussy. I moved the cloth out of the way, and began rubbing her wet pussy lips. Soon, the car smelled like hot sex.

She responded my sucking my 10-inch long, 4-inch thick tool into her mouth, and the things that she did with her tongue were indescribable. She was a champion cock-sucker, and I wanted to show her that I was her equal in pussy-licking. She pushed herself back, keeping an inch or two of me in her mouth, and I was able to reach my mouth to her hot cunt. Soon, her pussy was writhing against my face, and I was eating the sweetest pussy I had ever eaten.

I started bucking my dick into her face, and she started to really grind her twat against my lips and tongue. She popped my cock out and said, “I’m really close, Fred-san. Bite my love button.”

I bit her clit as her wonderful mouth engulfed my raging hardon. She started cumming, and her face was racing up and down my stiff shaft. Her pussy leaked hot, steamy juices into my waiting lips as wave after wave of pleasure release flowed through Keiko’s young body. I erupted into her hot mouth, filling her oral cavity with my jizz.

Keiko swallowed every drop of my man-cream, and I swallowed all of her girl-juice. She got up off of me, put her clothes back on, and said, “I think it’s time for us to resume our trip, Fred-san.”

I reluctantly agreed and pulled her face down to me and kissed her deeply and passionately, slipping her my tongue and a sample of her juices. I pulled away from her, zipped up my pants, and drove off.

* * * * * * *

I took my time going north, and dinner time found us pulling in to Florence. I stopped for gas, and chose a nice restaurant for dinner. The food was very good, and the waitress was smokin’ hot. I left a very generous tip, and Keiko and I left.

It was getting dark, so I suggested we find a hotel for the night.

“Are you going to get separate rooms, Fred-san?” Keiko asked.

“No,” I replied, “just one room, but two beds.” At the sound of my “no,” Keiko got a big grin on her face; when I said “two beds,” the grin disappeared. “We need to keep up appearances, Keiko.”

“Ah, Fred-san,” Keiko said approvingly. “Saving face is something Japanese understand.” She pointed out a hotel with easy access to the highway, and we stopped there.

I rented a room with two queen beds, and Keiko and I took our luggage in. After the door closed behind us, Keiko jumped on a bed and held her arms out to me. I climbed onto the bed and put a liplock on her like I hadn’t just had the most amazing 69 with her a few hours before. She responded with equal passion.
I slowly unbuttoned her shirt and savored the view as it was exposed. My woody began to grow with each undone button. Keiko made no attempt to stop me; however, she didn’t help me either. But she did smile a sexy smile as the last button was undone.

I started kissing my way around her face and neck, and as I followed her neckline down to her perfect breasts, I slowly removed her shirt. Keiko said, “I cannot control what you are doing, Fred-san, so I must accept it.” She undid the front closure of her bra and pulled it aside, revealing her breasts in all their glory.

Her nipples were standing at attention, and I gave them the attention they craved. Keiko moaned in delight.
“Yes, Fred-san,” Keiko moaned. “I really like that.” I pinched a nipple and she jumped a little. “That was good, Fred-san,” she said. “I felt that all over.” I nibbled her other nipple and began slowly moving down her body, kissing and licking every square inch of exposed flesh. Soon, Keiko was wiggling under me, trying to get her hands to her jeans zipper. I kept pushing them away.

“At my speed, Keiko. You must accept it,” I said, and I slowly unzipped her jeans.

“Yes, Fred-san. I will accept,” she said, her voice hoarse with lustful desire.

I slowly pulled her pants down to her ankles, then slipped her sneakers off, followed by her pants. Her legs looked exquisite, wrapped in sheer black silk, and her tiny panty was saturated with her juices. I don’t know why; I hadn’t done anything to her to make that happen; well, not much, anyway.

I took off my clothes and climbed back on top of Keiko, again nuzzling her tender, firm, young tits. Her moans of delight only made my love weapon grow harder. She reached down between my legs and began stroking my member. “It feels as nice as I remember, Fred-san,” Keiko said. “Does it taste as nice as well?”

“You’ll have a chance to find out, Keiko,” I said, planning to shove it down her throat just before I shot my wad.

I reached between her legs and stroked her hot pussy through her saturated panties. I slowly followed my hand down the front of her body again, making my way to her muff. Instead of immediately pulling her skimpies down, I continued down the outside of her right leg, kissing and licking to her ankle. I came back up the outside of her left leg, and it appeared her panties got even wetter as I approached them. She was really squirming now, trying to make pussy lip contact with my lips. As I reached her crotch, I went above her panty line, across her midriff and back down to her crotch. I took a gentle hold of her panties and slowly pulled them down behind probing lips and tongue as I kissed and licked down the inside of her right leg. When I reached her ankle, I slipped the sodden underwear off and moved to her left leg. I continued my journey up that sexy leg until I reached her bubbling honey pot. It smelled even better than it did at the rest stop; I attacked it and showed Keiko no mercy.

Keiko began writhing like a maniac under my lips and tongue as they brought her to the brink of orgasm. “Don’t stop, Fred-san. I need to cum. Don’t stop, PLEASE!!” she begged. Naturally, I stopped.

“Now, you must accept what happens,” I said, pulling my face away from her amazingly hot twat. I climbed into her saddle and placed my cockhead against her vaginal opening. “We made this weapon hard, Keiko, you and I. Now, it must be made to return to its former state.” I gently pressed it into her waiting cunt.
“I am a lowly woman, Fred-san. Do with me as you will,” Keiko said, trying to pull me deeper into her sopping pussy.

I pushed my pole in deeper, slowly stroking my way in. I continued to fuck her pussy slowly, always going a little deeper, until I was about halfway into her. I pulled out to the very tip of my love muscle, then shoved hard, thrusting my sword deep into her.

“AAAAHHH!!!” Keiko screamed. “More!! Harder!! Deeper!!” she cried, trying to impale herself even deeper onto my sex pole.

I stroked her harder, forcing myself as deep as I could into her hot, steamy pussy, drawing cries of lusty pleasure from Keiko’s throat. As I increased my tempo, she started bucking against me, driving me to new heights of sexual pleasure. I never knew fucking could feel so good!! She was even better than the black woman I’d had for five years!!!

Involuntarily, my rhythm picked up even more, and soon I was stroking the hottest cunt ever like I was a car piston in its perfect cylinder, revving at full power. Keiko began screaming loudly as my cock punished her pussy, and she let go in complete silence. The only way I knew she had cum is that her twat felt different and it began milking my weapon. I started spurting into her, doing my best to make her pregnant with my kid.

Keiko stopped writhing on my cock, and it popped out of her. She immediately grabbed hold of my shaft and directed it to her mouth, where her talented lips and tongue cleaned me off. She took me deep into her face, swallowing my entire shaft, right down to the base. In return, I erupted again, filling her mouth with my jism, and she swallowed every drop again.

“Well, Keiko,” I said, “does it taste as good as you remembered?”

“No, Fred-san,” she said, smiling wickedly, “it tastes much better, especially when seasoned with my juices.” We both giggled at that, then I kissed her deeply and we went to sleep.

* * * * * * *

It took us a good 14 hours to make it to the border the next day. Of course, four or five stops for sex along the way didn’t help. I got her to her parent’s place in Vancouver, and continued my trip through Canada. Keiko gqve me her cell number, and I used it a few times (like about 200) over the next year or two, but, like the black woman, she eventually left me for another guy or three.

Maybe someday I’ll have the good fortune to find a hot, sexy babe who won’t take off on me. In the meantime, I’ll take whomever comes along.

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