my lover my daughter, caught with her best friend in a lesbian romp
Jenni had just celebrated her 15th birthday, and my had she grown into a beautiful woman, her body had filled out nicely, ever since she had been ten years old she had been my lover, and it had not changed, we grew closer and closer over the years, Jenni was who I wanted, no other woman compared to anything her and I had. I would soon find out a few things I never knew about my baby girl, these would be good things, things that would seem to work themselves into our life.

Jenni had spent the night at her best friend Kati’s, who I must say was a little fucking hottie herself, she was soon to be sixteen years old, and just like Jenni, she had filled out nicely as well. Jenni Had known Kati ever since she was in kindergarten, and Kati was in first grade, they had met on the first day of school and had been friends ever since, how good of friends I figured I knew, but a few years down the road, I would truly find out how good of friends they really were. To get an idea of what Kati looks like.

I had only met Kati’s mom once, but it was enough to see that her daughter didn’t look like her father; she looked like her mother and had a body like her mothers, sexy as hell. Kati was just a little taller than Jenni by about two inches, Her hair was a little darker than Jenni’s, with brown eyes, and tiny lips, not as full as Jenni’s, her breast were about a high “C” cup, maybe close to a “D” cup, but they were not as big as Jenni’s, but no less impressive, her baby fat was still around her belly, the same as Jenni’s was, mmmmmm…..cute as fuck, but her ass wasn’t as round or full like Jenni’s, it was kind of flat, but no less cute.

I will have to admit, that over the years I had thought about what it would be like to have Jenni and Kati in my bed, the things I had thought about were pretty bad, and downright dirty, but I knew it would never happen, Kati was Jenni’s friend, and Kati was fucking her own father, but it was nice to fantasize.

When I woke up this morning I had no idea how my day was going to go. I had to go to work and Jenni had stayed the night at Kati’s house and they both had school, I missed making love to her in the morning like we always did when we got up. It was like this for years, ever since I brought her to my bed, it was a wonderful thing, I had made my beautiful daughter into a woman when she was ten years old, and she hasn’t had sex with any other man but me, but I never counted on her having sex with a woman.

its been five almost six wonderful years, and we couldn’t be happier, everything she knew about sex she learned from me, hell she even taught me a few things as well, and over the years I had asked my baby if this was what she really wanted, and every time her answer was yes. I was the happiest and luckiest man in the world. Or at least that’s what I thought; you wouldn’t think it could get better than what was already going on in my world.

I had to get ready to go to work, it was Saturday and I was called in to do some work, overtime, have to love it. I rolled over to kiss Jenni as I got up, but realized that she wasn’t next to me, thought about calling her at Kati’s but it was still a little early I didn’t want to wake her, so I texted her and told her I loved her and that I was headed to work.

On my way to work I remembered that last night when I talked to her on the phone, she had told me that when her and Kati got up, they were going to come back to the house for the day to hang out and do girly stuff, they spent a lot of time together when I wasn’t home and sometimes when I was home, so I had told her to have fun, and that I was going to be working until at least five o’clock.

I got to work around eight am, went in to see my boss to see what it was that needed to be done, he handed me a sheet with about seven things on it, they were finish up projects that had to be sent out today, and my boss told me when it was done I could head home and he would pay me a full days worth of overtime for it, I had no problem with that. It would only take me about a few hours or so to do it, then I could get back home with my baby girl, My Little Jenni.

It was around one o’clock when I finished up what needed to be done at work, I was glad to get out of there; it wasn’t going to be a waste of the day. It was Saturday, a day to have fun. On my way home I decided I would surprise Jenni and Kati and bring them lunch, I knew Kati would be there.

After picking up lunch from McDonalds, I headed home. When I arrived, the house was closed up, but I could hear some music coming from the house, not to loud but just enough to hear it. I quietly opened the door and headed into the house. The music was coming from Jenni’s room.
I crept up the stairs with lunch in hand, as I approached Jenni’s room; the door was slightly open, just enough that I could see into her room, right on the bed. There was Jenni and Kati naked on the bed, doing dirty things I had only fantasized about. The music was playing, my jaw dropped, my cock popped and I dropped the lunch on the floor, (good thing the music was on).

What I saw was Jenni between Kati’s legs! Jenni was eating her pussy, oh my god, what the hell was going on, I didn’t know my baby girl was into girls, and hell Kati for that matter, this was a scene from heaven. I decided to watch for a few to see what would happen next, after all neither of them knew I would be home this early.

Seeing those two beautiful naked bodies entwined with each other was a pornographic paradise, to see their curves, their bodies blended perfectly together, it seemed everything Jenni did, Kati matched the rhythm, Jenni would lick, Kati’s back would arch, it was a perfect picture. I wish I could get closer, hell I wish I had my camera.

I knew what Jenni’s body looked like from head to toe, and I had seen Kati in tight clothes, but I had never seen Kati’s pussy, I could see her tits from the side as she was lying back on the bed, but didn’t know how big they really were, but fuck, I wanted to see that beautiful womanhood of hers, I wondered if she shaved it like Jenni did, I wondered if it was just as tight, I was wondering everything, how it tasted, felt, and how wet she could get.

Watching, my eyes wide open, I didn’t want to miss a thing, the way Jenni worked her tongue on Kati’s pussy was awesome, and she seemed to hit all the right places and had Kati Cuming in no time at all. From what I could see, Jenni poked her tongue in and out and all over her clit and pussy, Kati was in heaven.

Jenni wrapped her arms around Kati’s legs, her face buried between her legs, Kati arched her back as her hands went to Jenni’s head and pushed her hard into her pussy, I could see Kati’s body start to shake as her orgasm exploded onto Jenni’s face, and Jenni didn’t come up until she had drank Kati in and licked all her pussy juice that flowed from her pussy.

Seeing my baby eating Kati’s pussy gave me an instant hard on, I was literally so hard I was pushing my jeans out to the max. I continued watching, I couldn’t take my eyes off of them, I could just hear Kati moan above the music, I heard Kati say, “Oh God Jenni, I love the way you eat my pussy.” as her body was withering all over, by the look of things Jenni was doing a damn fine job of making Kati cum, I had to pull my cock out of my pants it was so hard.

Kati was spent; Jenni laid her head on Kati’s belly, with a huge smile on her face. (My favorite place to lay to).

After Kati regained her energy, she looked at Jenni, kissing her deeply she moved Jenni around to lay her on the bed, it looked like it was Jenni’s turn to get her pussy ate out, this was going to be fucking hot, just to see a woman make my baby girl cum.

It looked like Kati was just as talented as Jenni was when it came to eating pussy, she did almost the same things Jenni did, and made her cum just as fast, what I was seeing was priceless, you couldn’t find this kind of action anywhere, it was live and unscripted.

When Kati finished eating Jenni’s pussy, I could see her lips glisten with Jenni’s cum all over; she crawled up Jenni kissing her on the way up and stopping to make sure she sucked on Jenni’s nipples on her way to her lips, Kati reached Jenni’s lips and they locked in a lovers kiss, tasting each other’s pussies. When they finally parted from their kiss, they held each other.

Looking at the clock Kati asked, “What time is your daddy going to be home?” Jenni looked at the clock to, it was almost three o’clock, looking at Kati she replied, and “Don’t worry my Daddy won’t be home for another two hours.” Chuckling I said to myself, “if they if the only knew, I was already home, and just outside their door watching them do the dirty things they were doing.”

Jenni and Kati lay together, as they rested, holding each other and caressing. It was a beautiful sight; I was wishing I was in that bed with them, one on each side of me, holding me. I thought they were done, so I crept away again, but after about ten minutes they had not come out of the room, and of course my curiosity took over and I headed back up to the room.

Wow they were going at it again, as Jenni started kissing up Kati’s body, kissing her smooth curves, her sexy tummy, it was fucking hot. There wasn’t a place on Kati’s body that didn’t meet Jenni’s lips, I was mesmerized by the sight, I took in the fact that not even an hour or so ago I was seeing Kati’s body naked for the first time. I wanted her.

Jenni reached her lips, and kissed her full and deep, I could see their tongues dancing between each of them, probing, licking and sucking on each other’s lips and tongue, I nearly shot my load watching them. I made sure I stroked my cock slowly, I didn’t want to cum before they were close to being done, I wanted to see how far they were going to go, and how long I would be able to last watching them before I went in on them.

Watching them the things they did I couldn’t believe my eyes. When Jenni was kissing Kati, I saw Kati push Jenni back a little and turned her onto her back, holding her hands down as Kati took one of Jenni’s nipples into her mouth, and sucked it deep into her mouth, Jenni’s back arched as she felt Kati’s lips take her nipple into her hot wet mouth.

She continued down Jenni’s body, stopping at Jenni’s belly button kissing it gently, then kissing her down one leg and up the other, when she reach Jenni’s sweet pussy, Kati slid her tongue up her slit, hard and deep, Jenni let out a moan, she was liking what Kati was doing to her, and then again so did I.
Of all the time me and my baby girl had been doing what we did, never did I imagine that she liked girls, or pussy, I had no issues with it, it fucking turned me on to no end, that’s when my thoughts started to wander to what it would be like to fuck both these beauties!

Again Kati was eating Jenni’s pussy like it was her last dinner, the way I ate my daughters’ pussy, there was a momentary pause in the music, I could hear Jenni, “oh god Kati, eat my pussy, make me cum hard!” Kati replied, “You know I will Jenni,” then I heard Jenni again, “Mmmmm…..Kati, you should see how my daddy eats my pussy, and he makes me cum so good!” what was said next was mind blowing, Kati answered, “Mmmmmm…..I would love to have your daddy eat my pussy.” My baby girl was talking about me to Kati, I was wishing I had my camera now; this was something I would never forget but would be good to have pictures of.

Clearing my head and focusing on what was happening in front of my eyes, I continue to stroke my hard cock, I had pre-cum coming from the tip, but I didn’t want to cum yet.

Getting back to what was happening, Jenni and Kati had switched up to a sixty/nine position, oh my god they were eating each other’s pussies at the same time, oh I wanted to be in there, but I held back, it wasn’t time to bust in, not just yet.

Both of them almost at the same time slid fingers into each other’s pussies and started finger fucking, one finger then another one, all the while their tongues were dancing on each other’s clits, their bodies were shaking, the bed was rocking, they were getting ready to orgasm, and I was there to see it and enjoy every moment of it.

I could see the wetness of their pussies on each other’s fingers, they were dripping, Kati licked her fingers, “Mmmmmm…..Jenni, you taste so fucking good,” Jenni in return, licked her fingers and told Kati, “mmmmmm……..and your pussy taste just as sweet lover.” Their heavenly bodies were at the height of excitement, I shot my load; it ended up on her door, my hand and the floor.

When I came I almost groaned too loud, and I was weak, I almost fell back on the floor but I steadied myself and saved my ass from getting caught. I stepped away as quietly as I could so I could go and clean myself up, but I was by far done with watching them, I was still so fucking turned on I wanted more, I wanted to see more, if I couldn’t have Kati one way this way was just as good, I got to see the beautiful young woman naked, it did well for my fantasies of her.

I cleaned up and headed back to the door to watch some more, when I looked into the door, again I was just like wow, jenni was propped up on her arms and legs spread wide, Kati was in the same position, they were facing each other.

Their pussies were damn near on top of each other, but as I watched I saw that they had a toy, it was a double ended dildo, they were fucking each other, I wondered why it wasn’t very deep inside Kati, and why it was deeper in Jenni’s sweet pussy, Kati had her hand on the dildo as they were pushing their pussies into each other, Jenni reached one hand up and grabbed Kati by her neck and pulled her to her as she kissed her. (I wondered if Kati was still a virgin, but I would find out soon enough that Kati still had her cherry).

After their kiss broke, they each reached down and started to play with each other’s clits, they were in a fucking frenzy, of toys and fingers, they came at the same time, holding each other as they came, kissing and having an orgasm at the same time, they collapsed onto the bed, one to the head of the bed the other to the foot of the bed, watching them shake from their orgasms, watching them breath hard to catch their breath, I could see the sweat from their bodies.

That’s when I decided to surprise them and go into the room, my cock was rock hard again, even though I was dressed you could see my hard on through my pants, I didn’t try to hide it, I wanted them to know that I was turned on.

Acting somewhat normal, I knocked on the door and walked in, the girls sat up quickly on the bed, their eyes wide, and a surprised look on their face, Kati grabbed the sheet to cover up, Kati didn’t know what to say, and Jenni didn’t move. “Dddd……daddy……What are you doing home?” she asked as she tried to cover up as well. “I got my work done early enough, so they let me go home, what’s going on here?” (I already knew, but I wanted to see what they were going to tell me before I told them I knew).
Kati was blushing, and yet smiling at the same time, it was a pretty sight, and Jenni on the other hand was actually smiling, Kati spoke first, “ummmm….. Me and Jenni were just kind of playing; it was a first time thing with us.” I smiled and replied, “oh really now?” “From what I saw, I believe that you two have been doing this for awhile now.”

“So which one of you wants to tell me what’s going on?” I asked both of them.
“Well daddy,” Jenni started to talk, but was cut short when Kati looked at her and said, “it's ok Jenni, I will tell him everything.” So I sat down in the chair next to Jenni’s bed and listened as the story unfolded from Kati’s lips, her beautiful sexy lips.

From what Kati was saying, most of what she was telling me was a surprise, which all this time she had been lying to me, about her reality. From the beginning, she told me that she had lied to all her friends about her father having sex with her, it never happened, she just wanted to belong, she wanted to be part of the crowd, part of the girls that did things no one else did, and wanted so bad for her daddy to fuck her, but he never would.

“So is the daddy girls club real?’ I asked, Both Jenni and Kati piped up and said yes that it was, only that Kati was the only one not being fucked by her daddy, I asked Jenni, “how long have you known that Kati wasn’t really a part of it?” “Well Daddy a few years now,” and “how did you find out?” “Because the first time I used my fingers on her pussy, her cherry was still there, that’s when she told it all to me.”
The next thing she started to talk about was that she was so into it, really wanting it to happen but never did with her father that she started getting Jenni thinking about it and wanting it, so Kati introduced jenni into what she wanted but couldn’t have, and she would live the life thru Jenni, cause Jenni always told Kati what her and her daddy did. Kati had showed Jenni the incest sights, gave her the magazines that she had stole from her father. I wasn’t upset or anything, I was actually excited as she talked; it started to show in my pants again, Jenni saw this; Kati however was still talking barely looking at me.

The next thing I asked was, “so are you still a virgin Kati?” looking down at the bed, it was just barely a whisper and said that she was, “you have never been with a man before?’ “No, I haven’t, and honestly, Jenni is the only sexual partner I have had.” Oh was my mind reeling, the thoughts I had in my head were

Next thing I asked Kati was, “so what about the pictures that you had that was supposed to be of you and your daddy?” Kati replied, “those where fake, I found pics of a daddy with a daughter that looked like me on the internet and used them to show Jenni, the pics were not so clear that you didn’t know it was me.”
I was taking this all in, Kati was a lost little girl, wanting a real daddy figure, turns out, her daddy was kind of a drunk, he wasn’t a bad father but his booze took place over everything in his family, all Kati wanted was attention, now I finally realized why Kati spent all the time at our house with me and Jenni, we were a happy family, I didn’t drink and always treated the girls like my daughters, Jenni being my daughter, and Kati being like a daughter. I did love them both they were smart, beautiful and ladies no matter what, and they always treated me with respect.

So now I really needed to know how long Jenni and Kati had been having sex, looking at Jenni, I asked her, “so baby girl, how long have you and Kati been having sex? I already know it’s been a few years, but how long total?” smiling as she replied Jenni answered, “we have been into each other since I was ten and Kati was eleven, it sort of just happened, about a year before I fucked you daddy, and we have been ever since.”

“How come you never told me?’ I asked, “I was scared daddy, I thought you would get mad at me.” I saw tears in the girls eyes, getting up I went to the bed sat down and took each of them into my arms and hugged them, “I am not made at all baby, as a matter of fact I kind of like it, and if you continue I have no issues with that, as long as I still get my baby girl.” With huge smiles the girls hugged me tight.
“Anything else I need to know ladies?” I asked, “Well daddy…….ummm…………. there is something else, but I am unsure about how you would feel about it.” “Well you won’t know unless you tell me baby, right?” “That’s true daddy, your right.” She answered. I was wondering how bad this would be, god I hope it wasn’t a bad thing, I braced myself for the worse.

“Ok Kati, tell him,” Jenni urged her. “No, No, No….I...I….I can’t, you tell him,” Kati stammered, “ok ladies spit it out, what’s going on?” I demanded. “Kati wants you to be her first, she wants you to fuck her and take her virginity,” Jenni blurted out. I almost fell off the bed, “holy shit, are you serious?’ I asked. Kati turned away almost crying and whimpered, “I knew it was a bad idea, I am so sorry I asked, it was wrong to ask.” Taking Kati in my arms I held her to me, “it's ok Kati, I am just surprised, but if that’s what you want I don’t see why we can’t work something out.”

Looking at Jenni, “we can work something out if this is what you both really want, is that what you both want?” I asked. “Oh daddy it is what we want, I want us all to be happy, and I think you want it too daddy.” Jenni replied. “Why do you say that?” I asked. “Because I can see your cock bulging out of your pants daddy, you’re excited.” That was a true statement; I was really fucking turned on.

“Well before all this happened we need to lay down a few ground rules, do you understand?” “We need to keep it between us and only us, we will talk a little more about it in a bit, once everything has sunk in and we are more relaxed, ok?” Jenni and Kati both nodded in agreement, I kissed Jenni on the lips, her kisses were hot, and passionate, when I went to kiss Kati on the cheek she pulled a jenni and turned her head to kiss me on the lips, her lips were soft just like Jenni’s, I nearly melted right then, I realized right then that this was going to be a very interesting night.

I got up off the bed and headed out of the bedroom, on my way out I told Kati to make sure that she could stay the night, I needed to know for sure so that I could plan things for the night.

It was still early in the afternoon, almost four o’clock so I figure I would go get dinner started, I was in the kitchen about fifteen minutes when the girls came in, they both kissed me and said they were headed to Kati’s to make sure she could spend the night, I kissed them back and told them not to be too long, dinner would be ready in about thirty minutes, they said ok and were out the door.

The girls got back to house about forty five minutes later, just as I was finishing up getting dinner ready, when the girls came into the kitchen I could see why they had taken so long, both Jenni and Kati had gotten dressed up and sexy looking for me. It was hot.

Kati’s parents could care less what she did, so of course it was ok for her to stay the night, her father was like, “I don’t give a fuck, hell why don’t you move your whoring ass in with them, and then we wouldn’t have to worry about you anymore!” (This was coming from him because he was drunk).

Looking at Jenni, she was so sexy with her hot little fifteen year old body, she was dressed in a tight tank top, with daisy duke shorts on, I could see the crease or her ass cheeks, it was hot, with a pair of flip flops, it was hot! Kati was dressed just the same, and I saw jenni checking her ass out, she had the same ass crease as Jenni did, but the best part was when I looked at both the girls, they were wearing pig tails! Jenni knew I loved when she wore them it turned me on to no end, my cock sprang to life for these two beautiful women.

This was going to be a first for me, two women, one my daughter the other her friend, it made me wish that Kati was my daughter too.

It was a very good dinner; we talked about the events of the day, and went over a few things about what was going to happen. I told Kati that she was to never breathe a word of what happens in the house. Kati had no problems with it, so it was agreed.

As hot as the girls looked, I need to take a shower, so as we finished up dinner I asked the girls to tidy up the kitchen, and then meet me upstairs in my bed room, I walked up and kissed Jenni on the lips, then over to Kati and kissed her as well, I thought she was going to hit the floor her knees got weak, but I held onto her so she didn’t fall.

Giggling the girls started to clean up the kitchen, I headed off to the shower, excited about the events that were about to unfold. I headed to the bathroom to take my shower, my cock was rock hard, just from the thoughts I was having about the girls.

I stepped into the shower, I was going to clean up and shave so that I smelled and looked good for the girls, I didn’t want to disappoint them.

About fifteen minutes later I had finished washing up and was just about done shaving when the girls came into the bathroom, I asked, “is everything ok girls?’ to answer my question the shower curtain opened up and there before me stood two naked beautiful bodies. I knew Jenni was shaved it was the way I liked her, but when I laid eyes on Kati I noticed her pussy was just as smooth as Jenni’s it was fucking hot to see them standing there.

I was surprised, the girls stepped into the shower with me, each of them kissing me deeply on the lips as their hands started to roam all over my body, feeling their hands grip my cock, again my cock sprung to life from their touch, looking at jenni I smiled the biggest smile and asked her, “who’s idea was this young lady?” with one voice the girls piped up “it was both of us.”

Jenni had a wash cloth, and Kati grabbed the soap, the proceeded to start to wash me, I protested, “ladies I already washed up.” Jenni replied, “Its ok daddy, now you will be extra clean.” Who was I to argue with them, so I stood as they washed me up; they paid particular attention to my rock hard cock.
Never ever had I dreamed that this would ever happen to me, it had been many, many years since I had the company of two women in the shower, let alone what was about to happen. This was going to be a good “fucking night!”

It was a little crowded in the shower to really do anything in there, so after the girls had washed me up it was my turn to wash them up, I made sure I hit every spot on their sexy bodies, their breast, their ass’s and when it came to their pussies, I made sure I spent extra time there, fingering them and playing with their clits, I had them weak in the knees.

We stepped out of the shower, everybody drying each other off, our hands were all over each other’s bodies, me playing with their nipples and pussy, and them playfully fighting over my cock, Kati with a huge smile tells Jenni, “Mmmmmm….Jenni, everything you have said about your daddy’s cock is true, it is big, defiantly better than looking at pictures of cocks, and bigger than my daddy’s cock when I seen him naked once.” “Wait until you feel it inside of you, it’s so fucking wonderful!” Jenni Replied.
After we dried off, we headed off to my bedroom, I was eager to get things started, I was going to fuck my daughter and her best friend, this was like a dream, and I wasn’t going to waste any time making it come true.

I looked at the girls and then gave them instructions. “Jenni baby.” I called out. “Yes Daddy?” jenni asked, “I want you and Kati to get back to what I caught you ladies doing, get each other nice and wet, especially Kati, she still has that beautiful cherry and I can’t wait to pop and make her a woman.
With that they both got on the bed, I sat in the chair to watch, it was a huge fucking turn on to see these babies going at each other, licking, sucking, and finger playing. My own personal porno live, and close enough to touch.

Jenni was looking at Kati with a wanton lust in her eyes; it was evident that Jenni loved playing with Kati’s body. Jenni laid Kati back while kissing her deeply, their bodies skin to skin, like two angels.
The scene was like a repeat of what I had caught them doing, my cock was raging fucking hard, I wanted my cock buried in my baby girl and in Kati, but the way I saw it in my mind was nothing like what was going to happen, Jenni had an idea of her own.

I joined the ladies on the bed, kissing them each deeply, feeling them pressed against my body, they were so very warm, you might even say very hot, their bodies covered in sweat, I could see the drops glisten off of them, I was starved to taste them, and then to fuck them, and to make Kati into a woman by taking her virginity

I laid back on the bed as Jenni and Kati started kissing my body and touching me all over, working their way down to my rock hard cock. This was the first time Kati had ever had her hands on a cock, and Jenni was going to teach her how to suck a cock; using me.

Jenni started on my cock first, stroking it up and down, a little fast and a little slow, but doing a wonderful job. Jenni grabbed Kati’s hands and placed it on my cock telling her to do what she had just done, Kati’s hand felt great on my cock. Kati was as giddy as a school girl; the smile on her face was priceless, she looked at Jenni and asked, “Am I doing it right?” Jenni smiled back and said that she was, that’s when Kati looked at me and with a pleading look in her eyes she asked me if she could kiss my cock.
That was something I had been wanting, fantasizing and craving for years, it was now becoming a reality, and all I could was smile and nod. Watching Kati lower her head to my cock she kissed the tip while still stroking my cock, Jenni was looking on as Kati kissed her first cock ever, Jenni moved Kati’s hand and started licking my shaft, and telling Kati to do exactly as she was doing, it was leading into one hell of a blow job from both of these beauties.

Feeling Jenni’s lips on my cock was always a beautiful thing, but to now have Kati’s lips wrapped around my cock was a new sensation, her lips weren’t as soft as Jenni’s, and her experience was nowhere near Jenni’s but she gave it the best she could, I was by far not disappointed.

I was getting a little impatient, I wanted to taste these ladies, and I wanted to slide my tongue into their sweet, sweet pussies, now it was my turn. I had both the girls lay next to each other on the bed, watching them get in position, the held each other’s hands, I had to beautiful bald pussies in front of me begging to be tongue lapped by me, every second that went by it was getting nothing but better.
I choose to eat Jenni’s pussy first so that Kati could see what I was doing, I push my baby girl’s legs apart to expose her sweet box, it was wet and moist from what had already been happening, I ran my tongue up her slit to her clit, making her jump, as I sucked on her clit I slid a finger inside her wetness, but as I was doing this I saw Kati turned towards Jenni and started kissing her breast, and sucking on her erect nipples, it made my cock even harder!

I buried my face in my daughters pussy, it never got old, every time we made love, had sex or fucked it was always exciting, I licked her pussy up and down, nibbling on her clit and sliding my fingers in and out of her wetness, I could make my baby girl cum with anything I used, her body would shake hard for me, and she would yell out, “oh god daddy I am Cumming,” it was music to my ears whenever I heard her say that.
As I ate my daughters pussy, I moved my hand over to Kati’s pussy, rubbing it with my fingers, I knew she had her cherry so I wasn’t going to bury my fingers into her, I would save breaking that part for my cock. I found Kati’s clit and started to rub it and play with it, doing this as I was eating Jenni, I wanted to make both girls cum at the same time, and I knew Kati was getting ready to cum her moans got louder, then Jenni started to moan as well, they were Cumming at the same time.

I pressed Kati’s clit harder with my fingers, buried my face harder and deeper into Jenni’s pussy as they exploded together, Jenni tasted so good, and I didn’t let any of her juices escape me, Kati’s pussy got extremely wet I felt her coat my fingers in her cum, as I finished making them cum I sat up, I went to taste Kati on y fingers when Jenni grabbed my hand and licked my fingers clean of Kati’s cum, so in turn I grabbed Jenni and kissed her so she could taste her own juices on her daddy’s lips, when our kiss broke, Kati grabbed me and kissed me hard, licking around my lips to taste Jenni on me, it was like these two ladies were craving the taste of each other.

It was now time for Kati to feel my lips and tongue on her pussy, to have a man for the first time ever touch her womanhood. I laid Kati back down after she kissed me, where her tongue had danced all over my mouth; I was finally going to taste this virgin pussy.

I slid between her thighs, pushing her legs apart to make sure I could get my face as deep as I could, I wrapped my arms around her legs, with this being her first time with a man, I knew she would be all over the place when her orgasms hit, I slid my tongue up her slit making her jump and squeak a little to, I smiled, this was going to be fun.

My head came up for a second, I saw Jenni laid back playing with her pussy, furiously rubbing her clit, I went back to eating Kati’s pussy, she tasted so fucking good, as I was lost in my actions, I felt a hand grab my cock, jenni had stop masturbating and had gotten behind me and was stroking my cock, I felt her head get under my cock and balls, as she swallowed my cock.

I was eating Kati, and Jenni was sucking my cock, I was in fucking heaven. I made Kati cum so many times that I even lost count, her body was all over the place, her hands where on my head, at one point she was trying to get me from between her legs but I held onto her legs and kept myself there, and at other times she was shoving my head into her pussy even harder, those were the times I knew that she was Cumming.

I felt Jenni let go of my cock, she came out from between my legs and crawled up next to me and whispered into my ear, “I think she’s ready daddy, fuck her virgin pussy daddy, I want to see you fuck her and make her a woman.” With an evil smile, I sat up leaned over and kissed Jenni hard on the lips, my cock was resting just outside of Kati’s pussy, and she was hot wet and ready for my cock to penetrate her virgin pussy.

Jenni helped guide my cock into her waiting hole, the head of my cock slipped in, jenni leaned down to Kati and kissed her as she told her, “it's going to hurt a little bit sweetie, but my daddy will be gentle,” “and there might be a little blood, but it will be ok.” I was slowly working my cock back and forth making sure my cock was coated with her juices, enough to make the penetration easier.

I bent forward to get a good position so I wouldn’t hurt her, Jenni kissed Kati as I pushed my cock past her hymen, her cherry was popped, and she let out a muffled scream, covered by Jenni’s kiss, and Jenni kind of held her down for me, I pushed my cock as deep as I could and let it rest, I wanted her to let the pain pass, after a few moments I start to slide my cock out and then back in, she was just as tight as Jenni had been when I took her virginity when she was ten.

Within a few minutes Kati was into what was happening, there had been a little bit of blood but not enough
to stop fucking her, Kati wiggled and squirmed as I pounded her pussy.

Jenni was so excited that in a demanding voice said, “Fuck her daddy, fuck Kati’s pussy hard and make her cum!” I couldn’t believe how turn on my daughter was as she was watching me fuck her best friend, I guess Kati was feeling it too, because what she said next made my cock get even harder than it already was, “oh god daddy fuck my pussy, fuck me like I’m your daughter, Fuuucckk meeeee!” at that moment I realized Kati had called me “Daddy” I guess she thought of me as her daddy too.

Jenni not wanting to miss out on anything, went up to Kati’s head and proceeded to straddle Kati’s face, Jenni wanted Kati to eat her pussy as she was getting fucked, and I had the pleasure of having my baby girl in front of me I leaned in and grabbed her breast, pulling he nipples to my mouth, not missing a beat with my cock pounding Kati.

My mind was realign As I fucked Kati, and sucked on Jenni’ tits, Jenni slid her hand down and started to play with Kati’s clit driving her even more wild that before, Kati was like a bucking mare, her orgasms were just continuous, she was getting fucked and fed.

I wanted to switch up positions, I had the idea of having Kati on my cock, and Jenni on my face, while the both of them played on top of me. Pulling my cock from Kati’s pussy, I did notice it was a little messy, blood and her juices mixed together but that wasn’t going to stop our play, I was determined to cum deep inside this girls pussy!

As Kati straddled me, Jenni helped guide my cock into Kati’s wet pussy, and in one push impaled her pussy onto my cock, Jenni threw her leg over my head and lowered her pussy down to my lips, I could smell her sweetness, the scent of sex coming from her pussy, she was so hot and wet I was in heaven, I let her pussy engulf my face, as I pushed my tongue deep inside her, and opened my mouth to suck her pussy lips into my mouth I wanted it all.

It only took a few minutes to make her cum, but might have had something to do with the fact that she and Kati were playing on top of me as well, I loved it, and I had them both in my bed.

We fucked like that for what seemed like an hour, Kati was really learning fast, she was grinding her pussy down on my cock and driving me wild, and every time Jenni came her body shook hard, like an earthquake on my head, and every few minutes I would break from eating Jenni’s pussy to look up and see them going at each other.

I wish I was videotaping this, it was just to fucking good to be true, would have been nice to have it to remember the night by, but then again I would soon find out that there was going to be more days, nights and every other time like this.

With all the activity going on, I knew I was close and getting ready to cum, but I didn’t want to like this. I eased Jenni off my face, my mouth and lips were coated with her pussy juice, using my hands, I wipe her juices into my mouth licking my fingers clean, she tasted so fucking good.

I got Kati off my cock to get her doggy style, I wanted to tap her from behind, but there was a twist, Jenni wanted to be under Kati in a sixty nine position, Jenni wanted to lick Kati’s pussy while I fucked her, it had occurred to me that Kati had been bleeding from her cherry being popped, “Jenni love, Kati is bleeding a little, are you sure you want to do that?” I asked, “oh daddy yes I do, I earned my redwings with her a long time ago, only this time its her popped cherry blood.”

I wasn’t going to argue, my baby girl can do whatever she wanted, everything she did turned me on, hell it excited me even more that my baby was this kinky, made me wonder what else there was that I didn’t know about, what other things were we going to try in the future.

Kati got on her hands and knees in front of me, her ass looked so pretty, I snacked her ass, hard enough to leave my hand print there, she jumped and said “oh daddy, I like that, Jenni told me you like to spank her, guess you like to spank me too!” I couldn’t resist and I smacked her ass again on the other cheek, now both ass cheeks had my hand print and both were a very sexy red!

I pushed my cock into her pussy in one push, hitting it as deep as I could, Kati moaned loudly; I grabbed her hips and started pumping my cock in and out of her, hard and fast, I could feel Jenni playing with my balls as she was licking Kati’s pussy making it hard for me to keep from blowing my load. I leaned forward and got a hold of Kati’s hair and started pulling it as I jack hammered my cock in and out, I could feel her pussy grab my cock every time she came, she literally had an orgasm every fifth or sixth stroke in her pussy, Jenni was doing a good job of helping.

It was just too much, Kati’s tight pussy, and Jenni playing with my balls, these two beautiful women were doing things to me that had me in fucking heaven, it was so fucking hot, I blurted out, “oh fuck, I am going to cum, oh fuck, I’m Cumming…….,” I heard Jenni, “cum daddy, cum for your baby girls, fill Kati’s pussy up!”

My balls tightened, and in one final stroke I slammed my cock deep and shot load after hot load into Kati’s pussy, it was so much that Kati’s pussy overflowed right into Jenni’s waiting mouth, Jenni lick every drop of juice, cum and blood off Kati’s pussy, after a minute or so, I slid my cock out of Kati’s pussy, what I had filled her with was dripping out, and again Jenni lapped every bit of it up.

I was getting ready to move off the bed, I felt Jenni grab my cock, she slipped it into her mouth, she was clean my cock off, licking every bit of Kati off of me, draining the last bit of cum from my now soft cock.
I was exhausted, these ladies drained me good, and I had to lie down on the bed to regain my composure, the girls laid next to me, each of them kissing me. The roomed smelled of sex, it was a very beautiful smell.
After resting for almost a half hour, we got up and head to the bathroom, where of course it all started for the evening, as Kati left the room I could still see her as was red from me spanking it, it was pretty, Jenni had the biggest cheesing smile I ever saw, me, well my cock was limp but I was the happiest motherfucker on the planet.

We jumped into the shower all three of us again, the girls again washed me up, and I again in turn washed them, but thinking it was over for the night was wrong, Jenni wanted to be fucked and filled with her daddy juice.

In the shower Jenni got in front of me on her knees, Kati got behind her, as Jenni started sucking my cock, Kati was finger fucking Jenni furiously, the harder Kati played with her pussy the more aggressive Jenni was while sucking my cock, I was again hard in no time at all.

Once my cock was hard again Jenni turned around and bent over in front of me, I guide my cock into her wet wanting hold and started to fuck her like a racehorse, water washing over us as I pounded her hard, Kati was playing with her pussy fingers buried deep, in no time at all I was getting ready to cum again, I shot my daddy seed deep inside my baby girl, I held my cock there until every drop I had was drained into her, but this time when I pulled my cock out, Kati was there to lick it clean and get any last drops that came out of my cock.

We finished our shower again, we got out and dried each other off, we were all exhausted from the fun we had just had, we headed out of the bathroom and to the bedroom, Kati started towards Jenni’s room, Jenni grabbed her arm and pulled her with her to my bed room, Kati was surprised and asked, “what are you doing Jenni?” “We are sleeping in daddy’s room tonight,” then Kati asked me, “Are you sure Mr.D?” “Yes Kati I am sure, and you don’t have to call me Mr.D, you can call me daddy too.”

With that being said we all head to bed, to fall asleep in each other’s arms, Jenni on one side Kati on the other. We drifted off to sleep, and all I could think of was what was going to happen next.

to be continued................

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Some time after becoming lovers, Pammy asked if she could invite afriend along on our camping trip. Two 14 year olds were quite enticing so off we headed to the mountains. Fucking Pammy is one of my greatest joys but sliding into Mary's tightness that weekend opened whole new vistas. Mary is a regular at our house now and my cock is rarely anywhere but in one hole or another. Pammy just called from upstairs. Gotta cum when they call!

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thank you everyone for all the comments, but please keep in mind this story set is fiction it is not true, so there are no pictures and never will be.

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Reqding this story again with my little 10 yo nieghbor girl has given her the idea of bring her little 10 yo friend to our sex fun time! Can not wait to see where this goes! Maybe you could write anotber story about young 10 or 11 yo since she seems to come up with new ideas when we read your stories together."Likeemyoung"!!!

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