Rory's got an exciting day ahead of her.
Rory stirred awake. She groaned as she took stock of her surroundings. These days she never knew where she was gonna wake up. Happy to find herself still at home, she glanced around her room, checking to see if anyone was there. Sure enough, a person was lying underneath a pile of blankets on her floor. Taking even more stock, she realized she was naked and the person underneath the blankets was Dean.

Now it was all coming back to her. Last night her and Dean had gone out to dinner and a movie. Even at dinner they had scarcely been able to keep their hands to themselves and were full on groping before the movie was over. He had carried her out to the car, where they sped back to Rory’s house, with Lorelai out due to Dean’s arrangement, and proceeded to fuck like rabbits all night. They had fallen asleep, exhausted, in Rory’s bedroom.

Now that Rory knew where she was and who she as with, she had to contemplate what to do next. Dean shifted, moving the blankets off of him. She took in his breath-taking hunkiness for a second. Contemplating starting his day off with a blowjob, she decided that since she was awake she would get to pleasure herself first. She lay back on the bed and slowly began to move her hand down her body. She circled one hand around her breast and soon moved both hands onto her chest. Slowly pinching her nipples, she moaned, just taking in the feeling. Quickly, she licked her fingertips and went back to massaging her breasts.

Her pussy was just beginning to get moist, so she moved one hand down there and began to just circle around her outer lips. Over time, she made smaller and smaller circles, until she couldn’t help but to dip one finger into her sexpot. Gasping at her own invasion, she preceded to pump her finger in and out. She started slow, but soon picked up speed, but then slowed down again. Taking her hands out, she brought them up to her nose, smelling her own juices. She smiled and was about to go back to rubbing off, when suddenly she felt hot breath at her pussy.

Rory felt her heart skip a beat, until she saw Dean’s head in between her legs. She smiled as he began to work his tongue around the mouth of her pussy. “Good morning honey,” he hummed, sending shivers up and down her spine and taking her breath away.

“Good morning hunk, “ she responded when she got her breath back. Right after the words had left her mouth, Dean took one finger, his middle, and shoved it right up her pussy. She yelped like a dog, as a small orgasm rode up and down her spine. He began to pump his finger in and out of her pussy, while continuing to dance his tongue around the outer part. Rory was heaven. Her hands were moving like lightening all over her breasts, until they moved down to behind Dean’s head, where they started to push it against her pussy. His finger was still pumping in and out of her pussy, when he thought she was ready he took two more fingers and just shoved them right up into her snatch.

The screams that left her throat were so loud, someone should have been afraid they would wake the neighbors. Luckily, the two teens were alone in this house and Rory’s screams soon were reduced to just loud moans. Dean took his mouth away and just began to move his fingers in and out of her snatch. “Oh, yeah. You like it when my fingers are in your pussy, don’t you?” Dean teased Rory.

All Rory could do was moan, “Harder Dean, harder!” And all Dean could do was oblige. He pumped his fingers in and out, in and out. Her hands were roaming all over; one would squeeze her breasts while the other played with Dean’s hair. Moving faster and faster, her hands were only adding to her pleasure. Dean felt the time was right and moved his mouth down to her pussy. Moving slowly, so she could enjoy the feeling of his hot breath, he reached his tongue out dipped it right between his fingers.

Rory shuddered, as now Dean’s fingers and his tongue were working in tandem on her pussy. He would move his fingers in and out and then quickly dive down to lap up whatever juices had been secreted. Then he would pull his little fuckers out. Dancing around her lips, Dean’s fingers were now the masters of tease. Spreading her lips and then jumping away, lightly massaging the skin right next to her pussy, his digits were never in the same place for more than one second. Unless they were plunged deep into her snatch, then he would keep them there as his tongue skillfully played with her clit. No pleasure was denied to Rory as Dean went down on her.

Rory’s voice had left her completely. All she could do was press her hands against the back of his head, making sure he never left there while she had anything to say about it. Every last moan was being ripped from her throat as his tongue took her closer and closer to orgasm. Finally, she could not hold back her climax any longer. She let out a shriek as she came all over Dean’s face. Her juices flowed and flowed all down his cheeks as he eagerly tried to lap them all up.

Having closed her eyes right after her orgasm, Rory basked in her post-climax glow. She could vaguely hear Dean moving about. When she opened her eyes, Dean was positioned right over her. She looked up into his eyes and saw a lust here, something she was more than willing to give into. Beads of sweat slowly dripped down his face and fell onto her flushed skin. His member was at the most erect she had ever seen it. She was entranced by it, mesmerized by it. It hardly registered to her that it was slowly moving to her well-lubed pussy.

“Are you ready for this, my little slut?” She hadn’t even heard him, his cock was just getting closer and closer. “I asked, are you ready for this, my little slut?” Dean practically shouted.

“Yes, yes, give it to me now!” Rory responded. With those words, Dean impaled her, all the way up to his balls. Momentarily saddened by the disappearance of the approaching pole. Rory quickly realized where that pole was now and screamed out in ecstasy. She pulled Dean’s face to hers and began to face-rape him, pushing her tongue so far into his mouth it almost didn’t feel like part of her body anymore.

Dean’s cock was quickly, but smoothly, moving in and out of Rory’s pussy. He was enjoying the feeling of her tight pussy and ravenous mouth. Suddenly, Rory pulled away from him and said in a husky whisper, “You call that fucking?” Not needing any more invitation, Dean began to pound in and out of his girlfriend. He wanted to make her scream.

And scream she did. Every quick thrust of Dean’s cock blew her mind. Her world had fused into one long experience of pleasure. Very long. She didn’t know what she was saying. It could have been his name, her name or just the dirtiest things that came to her mind. All she knew was the intense pressure of his body entering into hers.

Before long, he was calling out her name and she could feel that he was close to being finished, “Fill me with your seed!” she heard herself yell.

“What was that my slut?” he answered.

“Fill me with your fuck seed,” she gasped just as he shot his white hot sperm straight into her womb. This didn’t stop him from continuing his thrusting, and Rory continued to feel his warmth enter her as the fucking continued. Once he was emptied, he slowly began to slow down until he was stopped completely.

“I love you so fucking much, Rory,” Dean admitted as he leaned down to engage her in a passionate kiss. He pulled back, “And I love fucking you so much.” She giggled as he climbed off of her. “I’ve got to get to school, and so do you, missy,” he reminded her as he searched for his clothes. She jumped out of bed and gave him one last kiss, and his cock another nice squeeze before heading for shower.

She cleaned herself thoroughly, just as Tristan had commanded. She rushed out of the shower and put on her slightly modified Chilton uniform. The skirt was just a little shorter, and there was a zipper in back from easy access. The blouse was a bit more low cut. Not enough for Rory to get in trouble with the administration, but enough for Tristan to be satisfied. Glancing at the clock, she scurried out of the house, praying she wouldn’t miss her bus. She had to run a bit at the end, but all the bus drivers were nice in Stars Hollow and would wait for you, especially if your blouse was just a little more low cut than normal.

Rory paid her fare and then walked about two thirds of the way down the bus and plopped down in a seat. She glanced around and noticed a smoking hot black guy sitting in the back of the bus. His skin was a deep chocolate brown, and although he was sitting, Rory guessed he was at least six foot and change. He was wearing the uniform of Wester, a nearby all-boys private school, that nice accentuated his ripped body. She made eye contact with him and they both smiled.

Digging into her backpack, she pulled out a book, crossed her legs (making sure her skirt rode up just a little bit to give her new friend a show) and began to read. She kept on eye on the chocolate beauty in the back even as she read and noticed that more than once he had to shift his crotch around. By the looks of it, he had been blessed in that area.

Her stop came far to quickly. She gathered up her stuff. As she stood up to leave, she decided that she better say good-bye to the dark stranger and dropped the book in the aisle. Bending down to pick it up, she was sure that he could see Tristan’s other demand of her, that she never wear any underwear underneath her skirt. She turned, winked at the flabbergasted young male and got off the bus.

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2010-12-29 10:20:29
More please. How about a story about Rory getting gangbang at Wester the all boys school.

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More please. How about a story about Rory getting gangbang at Wester the all boys school.

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