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Another story I first posted on Hope you guys like it. Naruto comes to a personal revelation that he's gay. He's about to make up for all those lost years chasing girls. In section one Naruto places a bet with Sasuke. In section two, Naruto helps Choji and Shikamaru get back together in his own special way.


Naruto felt the heat as Sasuke slid in and out of his ass moaning his name. He was so close. Sasuke reached around and gripped his erection and pumped it a few times before bringing his hands back to Naruto’s hips and pushed in deeper with each thrust. Sasuke let out a feral grunt and then… he was awake. This had been going on for two weeks and it pissed Naruto off to no end.

“Why the fuck do I keep having these dreams!? It’s getting to where I can’t even get a decent nights sleep! And if that isn’t enough I keep getting these GAY dreams! I’m not gay! I like Sakura!”

You THINK you like Sakura.

“You sayin’ I’m gay you fucking fox!?”

Stop yelling you loudmouth, you’re going to wake everyone on the street up… that is if you didn’t wake them up when you came in your sleep screaming Sasuke’s name!

“W-what! I was not screaming his name!”

STOP YELLING! But I will admit that I was lying about you screaming his name.

“I knew it.”

But I wasn’t kidding when I said you came in your sleep.

Naruto looked down and saw that this was no lie. He was laying in a pool of an off-white, sticky substance. His face fell somber and genuinely confused.

“What the hell is wrong with me Kyuu? I couldn’t be gay… could I? I mean, I’ve been attracted to Sakura since the day I met her. But recently I’ve felt this same attraction to guys too. What the hell is going on?”

‘Hmm, I better let the kit down easy. He already seems depressed. Just like I am. I used to hate his father for sealing me here but, with every year that passes I find myself hating myself for taking him away from the kit. And now here he is confused with no father to talk to. Well no more! From this moment forward I shall be the kit’s father!’

Well kit, you see, this hasn’t been going on for JUST two weeks.

“What do you mean this hasn’t been going on for two weeks? That’s as long as I can remember its been going on.”

Well it has. You don’t always know your dreaming. Sometimes you sleep and when you wake up its like you never had a dream, but the scientific truth is, you dream every night of your life.

“So… if it hasn’t been going on for just two weeks then how long HAS it been going on?”

Kyuubi was silent for a moment as if dreading Naruto’s reaction to his answer.

The truth is… it’s been going on for the past three years.

Naruto sat there dumbstruck. Three years and he’d never once realized it?

“T-three years? I-I guess I am gay aren’t I Kyuu?”

You might not like the answer but, yeah.

To his surprise Naruto smiled and laughed.

What are you laughing about kit?

“I’m not sure, I should be all bummed about the news but for some reason I’m happy. Happier than I’ve ever felt before. My best guess is that I was depressed for all those years because I didn’t know who I really was. But now that I’ve discovered my missing piece to the puzzle that is my mind I can finally live life like I want to.”

That’s… kinda deep for someone like you. But logical.

‘I had no idea the kit could say something that made sense. I guess this discovery has also opened some of his mental pathways as well.’

So, what’s your first order of business now that you’re gay?

Naruto thought on it for a few seconds before coming to a decision, a rather obvious decision. He smirked.


“What do you want idiot? I’ve got better stuff to do than hag out with you. I could be training right now.”

“Cool it jerk I know you could be training and that’s what I had you come over for.”

Sasuke watched him intently wondering what the blonde wanted with him and was quickly becoming impatient with the waiting.

“Well, what then?”

“A battle for mental dominance.”

“Hehehe, you actually called me over here for that? A challenge that you know damn well I can beat you at? You’re a waste of my time loser.”

He turned and began to walk away, clearly pissed at the complete squandering of his time, but then Naruto spoke again.

“I dare you.”

Sasuke spun around and stared into those blue eyes.

“What was that? Did I just hear a sucker bet?”

“I guess you could call it that. Whoever wins has to do exactly what the other says no matter how crazy it is. Do you accept?”

Sasuke smirked and lowered his eyes, laughing to himself. This was going to be a snap.

“A shinobi with the brain the size of two versus a shinobi without one? Hmm, I like those odds. Hehe, you’re on!”

They went into Naruto’s kitchen and sat at the table across from eachother.

“So what’s the challenge?”

The blonde thought and chose his poison.

“A staredown.”

“Hmph, how juvenile. That’s an academy game.”

“Not so, a staredown is actually the best way to measure mental dominance. That’s why they allow it in the academy as an actual course.”

“Whatever idiot. Lets just get to it.”

They sat across from eachother, staring directly into the eyes of one another, never moving. Sasuke’s eyes as black as coals piercing Naruto’s sky blues. Sasuke soon found himself eating his words as Naruto’s eyes became much like a cat’s. They were hypnotizing him by every second that passed. He broke into a slight sweat as he stared deeper, Naruto not even threatening to blink. Five minutes had passed before Sasuke could no longer stand his unrelenting gaze and looked away. Naruto smirked at Sasuke who had his head on the table and was holding his palms over his eyes, trying to erase the memory of those eyes staring holes into his. Naruto spoke.

“Well, do you have anything to say to me?”

“No I don’t.”

“How about I’m sorry for all the years of being a pain in the ass?”

“Fine, sorry I was such a pain in the ass all those years.”

“And that you’re sorry you doubted my mental ability.”

“Grrr alright. I’m sorry I doubted you’re mental power.”

“And you want to fuck my ass.”

“And I want to fuck your…WHAT!”

“I’m gay Sasuke.”

“Um, yeah. So.”

“So I want to lose my virginity to you.”

Sasuke got up and stormed around the room, stomping his feet on the hardwood floor.

“So does every rational thinking lady in the village! Why should I relieve YOUR virginity!?”

“Because you have to do what I say. That was part of the bet, remember?”

“You… clever…little…bastard!”

Naruto laughed out loud before starting to remove his jacket and black undershirt.

“So…will you Sasuke?”

“Do I have a choice?”

Sasuke began removing his clothes as well. As big of a macho bravado he put on, Sasuke was a little bicurious himself. The whole thing made him wonder why some men, like Naruto, were aroused by other men and not by women. I guess now was the best time to find out. By the time he was done with his thoughts they were both nude. Naruto walked over and put his arms around Sasuke. Hugs were still rather foreign to Sasuke, especially from a naked man. But Sasuke melted into it and cautiously hugged Naruto back. Naruto lifted his head from where he had been resting it on Sasuke’s shoulder and looked into his eyes and slowly moved his head forward allowing for a kiss. Sasuke closed the gap, opening his mouth slightly so Naruto could slip his tongue in. This was nothing like the time they had accidentally kissed in the academy. Naruto’s tongue was wrestling his for control but he would not surrender. He closed his eyes and kissed back, his tongue slipping into Naruto’s mouth as well as they created friction between them. Naruto timidly reached down to Sasuke’s hardening member and began to stroke it causing Sasuke’s eyes to shoot open and moan into his partner’s mouth. Naruto took this as encouragement and broke the kiss, panting. He then got to his knees, still pumping Sasuke’s rod. He used his other hand to roll Sasuke’s balls around noting that they were heavy with rare Uchiha semen.

“Na-Naruto, that feels…so good. Don’t stop, please.”

Naruto’s mouth operated faster than his brain as he spoke back.

“Not until I have my face painted by your thick, white cum.”

Sasuke looked down with amazement. Though Naruto was a foulmouth at times, he would’ve never thought he would hear those words come from his mouth. His words set of a time bomb inside of him as he felt his nuts began to tighten up and his dick began to pulse a bit.

“Naruto I think I’m…”

Too late for warnings. The Uchiha’s batter began to rocket from the tip striking Naruto on the nose, then on the left cheek then Naruto was overcome with curiosity and opened his mouth to allow the last shots of cream to collect in his mouth. Sasuke watched him closer still as he moved the semen around in his mouth to get a good taste before swallowing it and placing his mouth back over his cock to clean it of the bit that was sticking to it.

“N-Naruto. How did you? I mean, I didn’t…”

“So I take it I did a good job?”

“Hell yeah.”

“Well then, what now?”

Sasuke smirked at the blonde before pushing him to the ground. And positioning him just the way he wanted him. He had no experience in this, but he knew enough to prepare the person especially if he was a virgin. So Sasuke reached around to Naruto’s mouth and told him to suck. Naruto did as he was told, opening his mouth and taking two of Sasuke’s fingers in and sucking on them tonguing the pads lightly as he did so. Sasuke moaned out as that talented mouth messaged his fingers. Reluctantly, he pulled his fingers out and traced them lightly around the cute little pink pucker of Naruto’s asshole before pushing in gently. Naruto squirmed a bit at this new feeling, slightly uncomfortable, but at the same time pushed backward to get more of that strange sensation. Sasuke pushed in deeper and stroked the walls, tickling Naruto and making him giggle a bit and thrust himself back into the fingers roughly. Sasuke began to open his fingers, scissoring him as he twisted them around.

“Sasuke, I think I’m ready now. Please do it. Please.”

Sasuke stroked his cock back to an erection and spit on it to add a bit of lubrication and placed it at Naruto’s asshole and pushed in roughly. Naruto screamed out in pain at first. Sasuke stayed still for a moment while Naruto adjusted to this new feeling. After a few seconds Naruto nodded signaling that he was ready. Sasuke gripped his shoulders and pushed in further. Naruto moaned as Sasuke’s penis brushed against his prostate and pushed himself back once again to meet another one of Sasuke’s thrusts, building a steady rhythm of meeting eachother with each thrust. Sasuke had been around a while, having slept with several women before, but this was completely new for him seeing as none would allow him to do anal. Sasuke caught on to the pleasure and began to push in faster as Naruto’s toes began to curl.

“Sa-Sasuke! I think I’m gonna cum now!”

True to his dream Sasuke reached around and gripped Naruto’s cock and began to pump it quickly. Feeling it begin to throb he slowed his strokes down so he could feel it jerk in his hand as it released. Naruto grunted and began to shoot his hot load onto the floor below him. This caused his ass to clench tighter as if trying to milk Sasuke. Sasuke pumped in faster still into Naruto’s virgin tightness. Feeling himself growing closer to the edge he pulled Naruto as far back to him as he could and started to spasm inside of his depths. With one final shout he let himself go and spurted his boiling cum inside of Naruto’s ass. He fell forward putting all of his weight on Naruto, still cumming, and began to kiss Naruto’s neck.

“Sasuke, can I say… it?”
This question confused Sasuke a bit before realizing what he must’ve meant.

“Sure. I guess you could considering what we just did.”

Naruto blushed. He had never said it before to anybody in his life. Not even Sakura.

“Sasuke… I love you.”

Sasuke panted, recovering from his orgasm and finally spoke back.

“I love you too Naruto.”

Naruto turned his head a bit and kissed Sasuke letting their tongues dance together in harmony.

“Umm, Sasuke?”


“Can we maybe… go out sometime?”

“Sure. I would like nothing better. I wont hold you back though.”

“Do you mean I can have sex with others while we’re dating?

“We’re men Naruto. It’s a mans nature want more than one person. Just as long as I can have the same liberty.”

“Sure. Like equals!”

Sasuke gave a rare smile and hugged Naruto tightly.

“Like equals.”


Sasuke and Naruto sat in Ichiraku Ramen Shop eating a bowl of Naruto’s favorite dish when Sakura came inside and sat next to her teammates.

“So Naruto. You two seem to be closer than ever! It’s nice to see you two getting along so well.”

“People tend to get along better when they’re dating.”

Sakura’s eyes glowed with fury. And she punched Naruto right between the eyes.


Immediately Sasuke caught Sakura’s fist before it made contact with Naruto a second time. Sakura looked at Sasuke in terror.

“Never lay a finger on my boyfriend again or I’ll have you arrested.”

“B-BOYFRIEND! You mean…”

Sasuke nodded and helped Naruto to his feet, kissing him where Sakura’s fist had collided before kissing Naruto firmly on the lips.

“You’re damn right. We’re a couple now.”

Sakura lowered her eyes obviously crying. The couple left the shop hand in hand. Sakura sat on a stool and lowered put her head on the counter. Then, Sasuke poked his head back inside.

“Hey Sakura.”

Sakura raised her head and looked back at him.

“About Naruto having a tiny dick… that is a lie.”

Sakura turned back and banged her head against the bar several times. Since then though, the shock has worn off. And Sakura has accepted that Sasuke belongs to Naruto. And happier still, she is still very close friends. And the news that Naruto is gay has spread throughout the village.


“That was wonderful Sasuke.”

Sasuke tenderly pulled out of his lover and looked at him with his signature grin.

“I’ve been fucking you senseless for weeks and you’re still as tight as the first time we did it, no gape or anything.”

“Hehe, you can thank my exercises for that! Keeps me tight as a virgin!”

Sasuke kissed his tanned beauty lovingly on the lips, he would never hurt his dobe. He realized all he had said to him in the past and regretted every word of it. Never again would that happen.

“So teme, have you heard of anybody who wants a piece of me?”

Sasuke smiled. He had had his ear to the street, trying to find Naruto someone else to fuck. Naruto had hatched a plan to record his “adventures” and then take it home so Sasuke could watch them.

“Well, I do know one you could try, if you’re interested.”

Naruto nodded his head franticly, making Sasuke chuckle.

“Well then, I’ve been talking to Choji a little lately and he tells me that he and Shikamaru have been going through a rough patch and just recently Shikamaru said they needed to take a break from eachother. So I figured if you fucked Choji it would make Shikamaru jealous enough to go back.”

“Poor Cho, he loves Shika more than anything, even food. If fucking him will make Shika go back to him then that’s a price I’m willing to pay.”

“So, you’ll do it?”

“Of course I’ll do it Sasuke. It’s not like I would leave it to chance that Shika would go back to him.”

“Well then go meet him at the ramen shop, he’ll probably be there.”

“Thanks Sasuke.”

Naruto turned to leave but Sasuke got his attention again.

“Hey, don’t forget this.”

Sasuke handed him the camera, Naruto chuckled and stashed it in his pocket before turning again and leaving, shaking his ass for Sasuke as he left. He made his way down the street to Ichiraku’s searching desperately for Choji. He was uneasy about trying the seme position this time. Naruto was always the uke in their relationship and he never complained, mainly because he held no desire to be a seme EVER. But Choji was an uke too so he had to be the seme just this once. It didn’t take long for him to arrive at Ichiraku’s only to find that Choji wasn’t there.

“Hey pops, has Choji been here?”

Teuchi looked at him from behind the counter. He scratched his head.

“As a matter of fact, yes he was. But he just left about five minutes ago, mentioned something about the gates if you wanna check there for him.”

“Thanks pops.”

“You sure you don’t want to buy anything?”

Naruto thought about the offer, scratching his cheek as if it helped him think.

“Sure I’ll take a couple large bowls of the best ramen you got for the road.”

“No problem my boy, oh and put that damn wallet of yours away. You’ll never pay for your food here again as long as you live. I’m giving you a lifetime voucher.”

“R-really you mean that pops?”

Teuchi nodded at him while making the noodles.

“Well then in that case, think you can throw in a couple bottles of tea?”

“Sounds like you got a romantic night planned. I’m guessing Choji?”

“Yeah, he’s been going through a rough patch with Shika.”

“Oh that’s too bad. Give him my best regards.”

He handed the basket to Naruto. Naruto thanked him and headed to the village gates. Finding Choji was a bit of a chore, but after a thorough search of the area around the gates he finally found Choji on a hill overlooking a lake. He crept up and sat next to him.

“Looks like it’s going to be a pretty sky tonight.”

Choji looked at him passively.

“Yeah, beautiful.”

“Look man cheer up. True love always survives. Shika just needs some time to come to his senses that’s all.”

“I miss him so much Naru-kun. You have no idea. You and Sasuke will never fall apart but people like me; we just don’t have it so lucky. He’s bored with me, I just know it.”

“Well you just need to spice things up then. Do something unexpected; make him think there’s more to you than meets the eye.”

“Like what? I’ve tried everything to get us back toge…”

Naruto stopped him in mid sentence by tenderly kissing him on the lips. Choji’s eyes shot wide open as he felt Naruto’s tongue sliding along his lips, tracing them, asking for entrance. Choji melted into the kiss, allowing his mouth to open for Naruto. This session of intense kissing made Choji feel loved again, Naruto was a lot more active in his kisses than Shikamaru was and it made his member swell until it was painfully restrained by his shorts. All too soon for Choji, Naruto broke the kiss as suddenly as it had been administered.

“W-Wow Naru-kun. Shika never kissed me like that before.”

“Listen. Sasuke and I devised a plan. If I fucked you just this once, then there’s a possibility that he’ll get jealous and come back to you. If you consent to it of course.”

Choji thought hard for a few minutes.

‘I want Shika back more than anything in the world. But would I let myself get fucked by Naruto to get him back? I mean sure he’s got the body of a sex god and I’m sure that the fox has made him very lengthy in the cock department but… Aw, what the hell am I thinking I’m doing it! And if Shika doesn’t come back screw him. He’ll never get a piece of this ass again.’

“Okay Naruto, lets do this! I crave you! I want to taste your body! I want to feel you cum in my ass! I need you!”

Choji began removing his shirt and Naruto soon followed but soon he remembered something.

“Oh yeah I almost forgot. I brought us something to eat.”

He opened the basket and pulled out a couple of bowls of ramen an the bottles of tea. And prepared to dig into his bowl.

“Umm Naruto, You think we can maybe… eat naked together?”

“That’s an unusual request Cho, but sure. Let’s get comfortable with eachother.”

He removed his pants and boxers displaying his pride as Choji did the same. Naruto had expected Choji’s penis to be mostly hidden by the fat in his crotch area but much to his surprise it jutted out around six inches, near comparison with his own. They sat across from eachother, each looking into the others beautiful eyes as they picked up their chopsticks and began to eat. However, Choji’s mind, for once, was not focused on the food. It was focused solely on Naruto’s cock. He wanted it so bad. Just then an idea hit him. He laid on his tummy with his ramen to his side. Naruto looked at him quite confused.

“It’s okay Naru, just enjoy your food. I’ll sure as hell enjoy mine.”

Using his fingers Choji drew out a few noodles and began to wrap them around Naruto’s length. He gasped at the sudden temperature change as the noodles met his penis. Once Choji had finished covering Naruto’s manhood with the noodles he licked his lips with anticipation and began to enjoy the treat he had prepared for himself. Naruto had always heard stories about how fat people sucked the best cock and he was pretty sure this wasn’t a lie. Sasuke had done it a few times to him and it was truly amazing, but the blowjob he was receiving from this chubby god of beauty blew Sasuke’s out of the water.

“Wait Cho. Stop just a minute.”

“Why? Are you having second thoughts?”

Naruto dug into the pocket of his discarded pants and pulled out the camcorder. He flicked it on and held it up to his eye, intending to make a POV video. Choji blushed and sensually slurped a noodle off Naruto’s cock, licking his lips afterwards.
“How do you feel about being on camera Cho, knowing that my boyfriend is going to watch this and jerk his beautiful cock to it?”

“I feel… kinky and dirty and…slutty.”

“That’s right Cho. You’re a dirty little cock loving slut, now eat your food for the camera.”

Choji grinned and took half of Naruto’s cock into his mouth, hungrily sucking it and eating the ramen off of it. Naruto reached down and gripped a handful of Choji’s soft locks pulling him closer, forcing more of his cock into his mouth until it hit his throat causing him to gag for a second.

“Yeah, gag on my huge cock you slut. You love it don’t you?”

Naruto got to his feet and pulled Choji up to his knees before putting his cock back into his friends hungry, sucking, inviting mouth. He grabbed a handful of Choji’s hair and began to roughly fuck the mouth clamped around his cock. After a minute he pulled it back out and began to rub it over Choji’s face, leaving a trail of saliva and precum wherever he dragged it. He felt himself getting close.

“Where do you want it Cho? Face or mouth?”

“Please Naru I want it all over me! I want it all over my face, a load in my mouth and some in my hair to make me look like the dirty cum hungry slut I am.”

“Okay Choji anything you want you little cum lover.”

With that Naruto gave a few more furious pumps of his shaft and began to blow is load for his little slut. The first shot hit him in one of his chubby cheeks and began to drip down, the next caught him on the forehead, and the next one Naruto aimed at his brown locks where it became caked in the strands. For the last few he shoved his cock into Choji’s mouth so he could taste it. Five huge shots rocketed into his mouth. It was genuinely the best thing he had ever tasted. Sticky, salty and sweet all at once. Once the jets began to die, Naruto pulled out to allow the bit left to dribble from his lips. Choji looked into the camera, opened his mouth to show the cum in his mouth and moved it around with his tongue before swallowing it all and showing the camera that not a trace was left. Naruto stopped recording and fell back into the cool grass, panting to catch his breath. Choji on the other hand was using his fingers to clean his face before inserting them into his mouth and sucking them clean.

“Was I good Naru?”

“You were outstanding Cho. You’ve gotta teach Sasuke how to do that sometime.”

“Hm, maybe I will.”

“You ever done that to Shika before?”

“Well, come to think of it … no.”

“Next time you see Shika, drag him somewhere private and do that to him. He’ll come crawling back for you like a dog.”

He placed the camera on a nearby stump facing the action then crawled over to Choji and began to stroke the large cock nestled between his legs. Choji moaned and enjoyed the feeling of Naruto’s slender fingers wrapped around his cock as they moved fluidly up and down. Choji knew this wouldn’t last very long. He had denied himself self-gratification since Shikamaru had left him. But now after so many days he was being pleasured and was getting closer to the ejaculation he longed for by the second. A stream of Choji’s precum began to flow over Naruto’s fingers and he came in closer to tenderly lap at the head to taste the pearly substance which seemed to come out in an endless supply. It tasted actually a little sweeter than Sasuke’s, like the perfect blend of sugar and salt. Choji moaned as he felt Naruto’s tongue intrude into the slit of his penis as it wiggled around collecting the steady flow of pre. Unable to contain his excitement any longer Naruto took a large portion of Choji’s cock in his mouth and began to suck on it with heated passion, almost violently. The part he could not fit into his mouth (or chose not to take in), he pulled his hand up and down in a slow, torturing manner making Choji’s eyes roll back. Choji was by no means at all a quick-shot but the long amount of time he had denied himself pleasure was about to take its toll. Choji attempted to warn this blonde haired god of sexual temptation who was sucking him off, but he found it to be more difficult than it should have been. It was like his vocal cords were tied and tangled around eachother. His warning came out as a hybrid between a gurgle, a squeak, and a grunt.

“N-N-Naruto! I’m cummmmiiiing! AH!!!”

Upon his final shout he released almost a half a month’s worth of seed into his blonde companion’s mouth which began swallowing it down without even pulling back. After a second or two though, swallowing became difficult and Naruto pulled back to allow the rest splatter onto his face in an enormous cumshot.

‘Sasuke will enjoy that part later.’

Naruto stood and wiped some of the cum from his face then used it to generously slick is cock and Choji’s puckered entrance. He may have been an uke, but he learned enough from his loving days with Sasuke to know the basics of preparation even if Choji was no virgin. He knew he would be clumsy in this session would be seeing as this was his first time giving. Kami he really didn’t even want to do it this time. He was an uke dammit! Pushing those thoughts to the back of his mind, he gently prodded Choji’s entrance before slipping slowly in. He had to admit it felt good sliding in and out of Cho, but he still wouldn’t trade a lifetime of being a seme for a minute of being an uke. He kept a slow and steady pace until Choji began to violently push back trying to speed things up. Naruto happily obliged and began to slam into him with an almost bruising force. Choji, within minutes of this, was screaming his name.

‘Huh, I’m doing better at this than I thought I would. Or at least I’m doing SOMETHING right…’

Perhaps striking the small bump that was Choji’s prostate was that something. He made it a point to hit that spot with every re-entry thrust. Choji had missed this feeling that he had been deprived of so cruelly by Shikamaru.

“Naruto! Keep it up! Give your slut what he wants! I have to have it! Deeper, harder, faster!”
Naruto had no idea if Choji’s wish was possible. He was already going at his ass in overdrive. But if his mate wanted more then, by Kami’s light, he would have more! He gathered up his chakra and focused it in his cock and hips and began to drive balls deep into the heat of passion. He pounded in with a near bone crushing force and used the chakra focused in his cock to further stimulate the man below him. Choji screamed even louder when the chakra infused dick collided with his prostate. He wanted to hold this feeling for all eternity. Shikamaru had to learn a few tricks from Naruto sometime. However, one can only take so much before reaching his limit and every time Naruto hit his prostate he was shoved a mile closer to the edge until finally he fell off into a pit of orgasmic bliss. He spilt the second load of the night, his seed rocketing up between them. The erotic sight of Choji’s face as he came, the vision of the essence leaving him in jets and the feeling of the tight ring of muscles clenching even tighter around his rod was enough to bring him down as well. He emptied himself inside the tight cavity of Choji’s ass and collapsed on top of him to recover. In the end he had to admit that being a seme was fun but he would never change from the uke life he had settled into. Choji smiled at Naruto and they shared a gentle and passion filled kiss.

“After seeing the things you can do Cho, Shikamaru would be a fool not to take you back.”

“Hey, Naru. Could you do me a favor?”

“Sure Cho. Whatever may I do for you?”

“Well, if Shika DOES get back with me, will you promise to teach him a few of those moves you used?”

“If it will help you two to keep a long and happy relationship then I’d be glad.”

“Good. Hey lets finish our meal! It may be stone cold by now but I have to have something, I’m starving!”

Naruto got up to flick off the camera and then sat back down to enjoy the rest of his lukewarm meal with his friend.


Sasuke had just finished setting the table for a nice candlelit meal with Naruto when the man himself stepped through the door with a big smile on his face. Sasuke stirred the stew on the stove once and turned back to his lover.

“So foxy, how’d it go with you and Cho?”

“Pretty damn awesome. Well, I didn’t like being seme that much but other than that it went pretty well.”

“That’s it? No details?”

“What do ya need details for teme I taped the whole damn thing, remember?”

He held up the camera for emphasis.

“Oh yeah, that’s right. Well how about we eat and then watch the action?”

“Sure. I’ve always wanted to see myself on screen. And after that, how bout you welcome me back to uke-hood?”

Sasuke chuckled. The night was far from being over; he could feel it in his gut. And even more so a little bit lower.

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