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We had a rough day at school and came to my house to chill
What’s good my name is Chris and last week was the first time I had sex with a guy. The guy was my best friend Nick he is about 5'6 120lbs caramel skin and short hair. I am about the 5’8 in height and I’m 140lbs. Nick was on the baseball team and I play football. It was Tuesday after school and we walked to my house and no one was home. So we went down stairs to play the 360. But after a while we got bored. So we ordered pizza we most of the pizza until we got down to the last slice, but we both reached for it and he decided. We wrestle for the slice. He jumped on my back but I fell on my back onto the couch and he let go. Then I held him by his legs upside down and he did a sit up all the way up to grab my head. Then he said lets go to my room and do it on the bed where we can have more room so I said ok and we went to my room and we took off our shoes. Got in my bed we wrestled a little while longer then I said I was getting hot so we took off our shirts. After a little while longer of wrestling we both got winded and just laid there then we started talking and he slowly moved his hands over my abs and made playful joke saying I was sucking my gut in. He then said that his were more defined so we stood up and compared his were more defined but I said I could do more sit ups and he said ok but the looser had to do whatever the winner wanted no matter what I said ok. So we started doing them together then after 15 he said that if he win that I had to do 100 jumping jacks naked I said ok but if I when I will surprise you so we got to 30 and we both were winded so by the time we hit 49 he was done cause I could only do 1 more so we laid there about 10 mins and he said so what do ii have to do I said I want you to suck my dick and he said, but he said it to fast I think he knew what I was gonna say. So I pulled down my shorts and ma 6in soft dick came out he grabbed it and started sucking it like a pro. He started bobbing and playing with my balls. While he was doing this I rubbed my hand on his head then I rubbed his back then finally I was rubbing his bare ass. I can tell by how he was moaning and jerking he liked it so I sucked my finger and inserted 1 into his tight lil pucker. Then I put in 2 fingers and he moaned like I never heard before. Then I told him to lay on his back and he did. So I got between his legs and spread them out next I put those to2 fingers back in then I sucked his dick I sucked like a pro too (wink wink) I got to the point right be fore he came and I whispered in his ear I wanna fuck you. He got on his knees and bent over while I licked his hole like a lollipop I tongue fucked him. Then I told him that I was gonna take it nice and slow and I did until I heard his cherry pop. When it did I lost control I moved in and out fast till I was sweating and he was screaming my name Chris Chris Chirs. I then got on my back and he got on top and rode me like a mustang bouncing and grinding his hips. I told him I’m gonna cum and he said do it inside me, as soon as he said that I came and I felt my cum surround the inside of his ass and cover my dick. Then he got up slow and I told him to come here and I sucked his dick till he cam in my mouth them we just kissed until 8 that’s when we got dressed and I walked him home. When we got to his house his mom asked him why is he walking like that and he said he fell on a big hard metal pipe. and we both laughed as he waled me to the door.

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2016-08-22 20:56:29
good story, an enjoyed but need some final go back and corrextions. looking forward to more from you.

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2011-09-17 16:50:30
Super excited to see more of this kind of stuff oinlne.

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2011-03-15 21:47:44
Yep, I'm gonna say the same thing as these others. Use spell check, get a proofreader, and break it up into more legible pieces. It's also a bit short, which is alright, but it does need some more development.


2011-02-11 08:19:23
I found this very hard to read

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2011-01-05 19:54:48
wow that was really bad

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