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A crown prince, his mother, and a chance for him to have another lover.
I made this story for someone who requested a 'emotional' story. Failing that, I came up with this. this is an adaptation of a work by Koyaanisqatsi. The last paragraph won't be understood unless you read The Champion's Companion Ch.10 at the very least.

The winter for Menthino promised to be harsh. The King of four decades was on the last months of his reign. At eighty three he sagged in his armor. Thankfully, he only had to wear it for ceremonies.

Crown Prince Carsol was ordered back to Lafaust. He was to return to his father’s side, and his mother’s too. Mistress-wife Hurickia was always waiting for him. Now with rumors of ill health swirling he had to be close incase it happened.

Tall, athletic but not overly muscular, with strong wide shoulders, close-cut blond hair and an approachable demeanor. Of his brothers he had the sunniest disposition. He smiled at everyone, talked easily with anyone and was instantly likeable. His face beamed with warmth and a deeply masculine handsomeness that any woman would find difficult to ignore. People expressed happiness knowing he would be King.

His patrol this time had been short. He wasn’t given a command and a campaign to direct with a crowd of generals to advise him. This time he went out with twenty warriors.

During his patrols between border towers and along the fertile river Ort, he set up ambushes on the small groups of raiders and bandits from Astrokos. He felt more like an adventurer looking for troublesome animals as he defended the people of his lands.

He had also met Aurelia, a rare female officer. She was beautiful with short black hair and green eyes. She came from the Citadel’s mysterious north tower. She didn’t seem like the monster he was told came from the place. Prince Carsol had seen her bathe unabashedly. Her body was strong and pear shaped. Her limbs were long, abut her torso was short and narrow. Compared to her large hips and thick strong legs she seemed bottom heavy.

In fights, or quietly like during meals, she called him ‘Master’ in a way that exploded his heart. In the quiet times at camp, they had shared looks. Prince Carsol hoped when she lingered by his fire it was for him. He never got close to her. He could stand to lose her when he got home, not like the others.

Closing in on the ‘Black City’, he remembered the other women. He felt their shame. A few were desperate virgins of merchants and noble families he ruined knowing he would never be able to keep them. All had happily lost themselves with him. Hurickia had seen to that. Pushing them into a fervor, with tales and promises of her life of luxury, she had ensured they would attempt the most direct route possible to his mind.

As always, he would be introduced to the women by Hurickia and left alone with them, or sometimes witnessed. The last time was a short dark woman from the mud people. She wore a shimmering green satin dress with pink and white orchids in her hair from the swamps of her homeland.

She was hardly a virgin. Her eyes were so hungry for him they burned. She had sprang upon him as they sat together on a sofa. She pulled herself over him and fell on to his pants like a raptor. His huge cock didn’t even hit the air before she got it into her mouth. She gagged on it in her haste. Without practice, women couldn’t deal with its size. His cock was a foot long and that was even though it never was actually ‘rock’ hard for them. It was too heavy and thick too support itself. While she prepared the way, he went down on her. Hurickia would be angry if he delayed. They would be together too long if she wasn’t relaxed enough for him.

Prince Carsol got hard for her, and she hastily mounted him clutching at him greedily. They always rushed, this one was not different. Even at the pain of her stretching, she still took him with a zealous fever in her eye. She had done the equivalent of fisting herself on him. He had nudged aside her cervix as she tried to claim his length. For this woman it wasn’t painful as he slid past it flipping over her womb as the length pushed her guts aside. She frantically worked him regardless of the complications. For her, the sex was orgasmic as her body tried to lubricate to protect her, and work for a quick end satisfying him. He was aroused and close but he took much longer then her as usual. She was lazy as he pulled her up and off him. Hurickia’s rules didn’t allow him to cum into the women she gave him, so he had to let it out in a potted plant.

Afterwards, like always, he had gone to Hurickia to be cleansed. She lay awake those nights waiting for him. She opened the door soberly, as the guards or servants would expect. She kept her apartment private just for them. When she led him back to the bed, it was part of the ritual. She would flip off her robe to show how available she was to him. He would disrobe carefully. The invading woman’s touch and smell would then only be left on his cock.

It was most vivid how she had been with him. Their times together were always identical.

With childlike enthusiasm, Hurickia threw herself back on the bed as Prince Carsol approached. She was short and less than five feet, darkly tanned, and very slim. Her dark eyes were bright and energetic with a mouth that seemed small and full at the same time. Her waist length wavy dark hair made her seem further childlike with her mannerisms. Even he had trouble believing she could pass a child, particularly him. She had come from a principality to the northeast. Her oval eyes and naturally very dark natural tan made her look somber in the dark clothes she preferred.

He straddled her narrow torso, and she felt his cock and balls drag over her chest as he negotiated his position. Finally, she felt his knees against her armpits, and she saw his cock but an inch from her mouth. Hurickia’s saliva production accelerated, and she swallowed heavily, anxious to have her son’s organ in her mouth.

Hurickia lifted her head from the pillow and pressed her nose against Prince Carsol’s flaccid member. She inhaled deeply, and the foreign but recognizable odor of another woman’s vaginal fluids filled her nose.

“Oh, that skanky bitch left her scent all over you, Prince Carsol.” Since he knew words, everyone called him by title, even, and most especially, the Mistress-wives of the King who had no title.

Hurickia breathed in again, her eyes closing as she did so. The electricity in her crotch was nearly overwhelming.

“That fucking bitch! How dare she? Fuck, Prince Carsol, you’re cock’s all crusty,” Hurickia hissed, her voice a mix of derision and lust.

Prince Carsol opened his mouth to speak, but Hurickia got there first.

“I’d better clean it off, huh? We don’t want that fucking whore’s juice all over you,” Hurickia breathed as she took her last inhalation of Prince Carsol’s sex-crusted phallus. Satisfied she’d gotten her full enjoyment from the scent, Hurickia popped his still-flaccid cock into her mouth.

One of Hurickia’s favorite things in the entire world was feeling Prince Carsol’s cock stiffen in her mouth. She had trained him to remain flaccid as long as possible so as to allow her such a pleasure. She wasn’t sure what it was she like so much about that sensation, but she did know that it was a perfect illustration of the kind of control over Prince Carsol that she so desperately enjoyed. She savored the knowledge that she could arouse him so instantaneously, at HER command.

Prince Carsol’s shriveled cock ballooned in her mouth, and Hurickia swallowed hungrily to keep his entire length encased in her control. She deepthroated him expertly, her tongue even snaking out underneath to touch his hairless scrotum. She reached around Prince Carsol’s bare thigh to massage his balls. She stroked his ass crack lightly, anxious to tease him, but not yet ready to release her oral hold.

Prince Carsol felt his cock absorb into the hot moist space of his mother’s mouth. He closed his eyes involuntarily, feeling the familiar sensation of his ultra-rapid erection coming to bear on her throat.

He looked down at Hurickia. Her jaw was gapingly wide to fit his thick cock, and as her mouth slid to take in his fully engorged length, he watched her eyes roll back into her head. He thought she looked like a snake eating a rat, the way its jaw dislocates to handle the girth of its prey. The whites of her eyes showed as she hypnotically bobbed her head.

Sometimes he wanted to just skull-fuck her. He loved her slow, teasing cocksucking, but sometimes he wished he could just ram it home and explode in her mouth. But he couldn’t. She wouldn’t let him. Not ever. He sighed deeply, and emptied his mind of such distracting thoughts. Hurickia started playing with his balls, and he surrendered himself fully to her well-practiced ministrations.

Hurickia finally released her suction hold on Prince Carsol’s phallus. Her neck muscles were getting sore, and her head fell back onto the pillow to her relief. In the process, Prince Carsol’s cock was left in midair, glistening with Hurickia’s saliva, and pulsing perceptibly in the dark bedroom air. He was only fully hardened by her mouth it seemed.

Prince Carsol crawled off of his mother, taking in her naked body in the pale light. He leaned down and pressed his mouth to hers. Quickly her tongue slipped into his mouth. The two lingered in a passionate, hungry kiss. Hurickia finally broke it.

“Oh, even your mouth tastes like that slut. Did you eat her cunt?”

Prince Carsol nodded with a big grin. Hurickia grinned back.

“You’re disgusting. That filthy whore didn’t deserve it.”

Prince Carsol couldn’t respond when Hurickia pulled his head in for another hot kiss. She licked his lips and mouth, taking in all of his earlier lover’s remaining tastes and scents. Prince Carsol managed a word in.

“But you do.”

Hurickia smiled proudly. “Yes, I do, don’t I? In order to make up for having chewed her nasty cunt, you have to eat my beautiful clean one.”

Prince Carsol nodded, and dutifully moved himself down between her legs. Hurickia lifted her legs high and far apart. She felt her son’s hands on her thighs, and sighed peacefully as she felt his warm mouth on her labia.

Prince Carsol lapped and licked carefully and tenderly. Hurickia’s body tingled at his touch. She bit her lip as his tongue grazed her clit, and her back arched in response.

“Tell me my cunt is beautiful, Prince Carsol.”

Prince Carsol took a breath from his efforts. “It’s the most beautiful cunt in the world, Hurickia.”

“Tell me you love my cunt. Tell me you love me.”

“I love you, Hurickia. I love your cunt, and I love licking your cunt.”

With this, Prince Carsol plowed himself into her folds, pressing his tongue into her, feeling her vagina absorb his tongue. Hurickia moaned loudly, and her hands tumbled through his short hair.

Slowly, patiently, expertly, Prince Carsol brought his mother to orgasm. Her hips rocked against his head. As climax approached, Hurickia’s legs wrapped around Prince Carsol’s neck. His strong shoulders bore her weight, and her hips left the bed. He supported her by putting his hands on her small, shapely buttocks, giving them a tender squeeze as the first waves of orgasm washed over Hurickia.

When her body had recovered from the shock of her intense climax, Hurickia released her crushing grip on Prince Carsol’s shoulders, and reached down to feel the heat emanating from her highly stimulated crotch. She looked down at her son, his face flushed and sticky. The twins lay in repose, catching their breath and enjoying the moment of closeness.

Finally Hurickia spoke.

“Time to go to the special place,” Hurickia said softly, using their code word.

Prince Carsol simply nodded. His cock ached, and he pressed it harder against the bed.

Hurickia lifted her legs up again, spreading them wide, and tilted her hips up. Prince Carsol leaned in and pressed his tongue against her now exposed anus. He lapped at it briefly, leaving ample saliva for lubrication. Prince Carsol loved Hurickia’s ass. She always kept it clean and neat, and this was always his favorite part of their sex life. He actually loved the taste. However, this moment was just preparation, and he didn’t linger long.

Prince Carsol sat upright, and pressed his swollen cockhead against Hurickia’s wetted anus. He looked his mother in the eye and leaned in. His heavy phallus slid easily into her butt, and he started stroking into her gently.

Other than the use of her alternate orifice, the two made tender love as any other couple would: lots of caresses, passionate kissing, exploration with hands and lips. Prince Carsol’s hips pistoned unfailingly and with precise frequency. Hurickia felt her rectum fill up and empty with each stroke. She adored the feeling of having her son in her ass. It just felt perfect. She never came this way; like any woman, she needed clitoral or vaginal stimulation for that. But this was the emotional apex of their lovemaking.

Hurickia knew that no other woman would ever offer up her anus for Prince Carsol’s enjoyment. At least, she would never let any woman get that close to Prince Carsol for it to come to that. This was the core of her control over her son; her special place was a symbol for their inseparability. Prince Carsol truly believed that no woman could ever love him as much as Hurickia, and the proof was his regular access to her in this way.

The consequence for Hurickia was a permanently stretched anus. She brought Prince Carsol into her rectum several times a week on average. But she had long ago adjusted to the consequent changes in her bowel movements. It was all worth it to have Prince Carsol’s undying love and obedience.

After several minutes of deep thrusting into the depths of her ass, Prince Carsol finally reached orgasm. He emptied himself deep inside her, and she swooned when she felt the hot liquid spill into her cavity. After pumping until empty, Prince Carsol collapsed in exhaustion across his mother’s sweaty naked body, and promptly fell asleep. It was his second lengthy sexual engagement of the night, and it was also nearly dawn.

Hurickia lay beneath her son, comforted by his weight upon her, and by his continued phallic presence in her butt. She felt his ejaculate move around in her cavity, and she relished the sensation. Slowly, though, she felt his cock shrink and retreat. Eventually it slipped out altogether, and she suddenly felt empty. Prince Carsol’s cum dribbled from her loose sphincter. Hurickia drifted into a warm pleasant slumber, secure in the embrace of her son, her closest friend, and lover for at least another day.

Hurickia and Prince Carsol had performed this bizarre ritual hundreds of times. The involvement of other women for Prince Carsol’s use had evolved in the past year, and had only been done a few dozen times. It became Hurickia’s latest perversion, but was borne out of Prince Carsol’s vocal desire to meet other women. This terrified Hurickia, of course. She decided very early on that Prince Carsol was the only man she could love. Prince Carsol had felt the same until recently, when he started to recognize that their love could never be recognized or admitted. He longed for a legitimizing love, and while he loved Hurickia more than he could possibly tell her, he also yearned for the freedom to move beyond her.

So Hurickia, recognizing that she might lose Prince Carsol if she didn’t let him taste the forbidden fruit, decided to actually help him meet women. She had to, lest she not be able to control the situation. So she started taking him out, identifying girls that fit her profile.

For one, they must not look or act anything like her. It was crucial that Prince Carsol never confuse anyone with her. They must be attractive enough for Prince Carsol to get excited about, but not so beautiful as to threaten her place in his heart. The women must be sexual, or desperate enough that they would sleep with him on the first date, because she absolutely forbade second dates. That would lead to a relationship, and commitment, and the collapse of their carefully ordered life.

And thus, Hurickia started helping Prince Carsol get laid, but always with the secret purpose of driving him even closer to her. Prince Carsol relished his brief moments of sex with these women, grieving for their brevity, wishing he could see them again, and love them, and maybe marry them. For all his sexual prowess, Prince Carsol was a full-blown romantic. He lived to cherish women, and that was exactly what drove Hurickia’s fears.

She had to vilify them, make them seem dirty and unlovable. Prince Carsol was a disgusting fool for sleeping with them, and she had to make him right again afterwards. She cleaned away the filth of the other woman’s claim on her man. She learned to love the taste of other women’s pussies by sucking their juices off Prince Carsol’s shaft. She had to keep him in her orbit, keep him under her control. Losing Prince Carsol would be losing herself. She was sure she would die without him. His wife would kill her, as she had killed the previous Mistress-wife, to rule his bed and his mind. She dwelled on this often, and it took all her emotional strength to hide her weakness and her fear from her beloved son.

For Prince Carsol it was all too much. He wouldn’t have Aurelia like this. He was paralyzed knowing to go further would lose him his chance. Maybe she wasn’t the one but she seemed so close to what he wanted.

The group came along the ‘avenue of heroes’. The wide street extended far out of the city. It was the intentionally imposing road that cons came up as they traveled into the city. Around them the cities industries churned. The homes and markets mumbled with a thousand voices. The grey sky did nothing to the busy mood of the city.

Everywhere were cons in black. Everyone was doing their assigned task learning the systems of the city. People learned enough to be able to leave and earn money. After conion, they had a trade, they could read, they knew math. Men in some professions could open and run a shop after the three years they spent in service.

Many of the houses were the style of black stone built by the cons for their wives and family. They were encouraged to think their homes their castles. Menthino’s young came in at the age of nineteen. When they left, they were usually married. No promises were made. Everyone left equal. What happened after that, even on the way home, or wherever they made their fresh start, was entirely their own design.

Prince Carsol knew that the country depended on the smart citizens who stayed and were contracted to serve as stewards and government officials. Others were inventors chartered to improve the weapons, and ways of labor, and war.

The Castle here made a ‘Redoubt’ with all the necessary things centrally located. The complex’s barracks alone was gigantic. The shape was tapered dome similar to the Citadel at Mavvus however, it was an H shape and built of the black rocks found in the western hills. Overlooking the barracks that housed the army and its supporting cons, from the base of the western hills to the north, was the Tower keep of Lafaust.

The gigantic stout square keep was black with the rock also. The rock was dense and used in various prestigious buildings around the city. The rock was apparently, resistant to wear, easy to work with, and watertight, a good thing to have in a place that rarely freezes. The shape of the tower belied its size. It was a castle in its own right, the walls of it encircled the whole city.

As he walked along the avenue under the statues of kings and great heroes from Menthino’s storied history Aurelia rode up to his side. She was quiet as usual. He felt at ease in her presence.

When he bypassed the barracks and made for the Redoubt’s tower keep, she followed while the men broke off and hollered their farewell.

He received no formal welcome entering the courtyard before the massive building, and it was just as well. Once he made his way in the keep to his suites, he received a surprise. Hurickia usually kept him among male servants. Today however, he was in his rooms alone with a short darkly tanned black haired woman.

Her hair was up in tight bun and she wore an apron embroidered with the crown and throne. Under that, she wore a simple black and purple dress. As with most people who work around the royal family in Lafaust, she was one of the few laborers that were not cons.

Her breasts wobbled enticingly as Prince Carsol watched her frozen. They seemed gigantic, everything about her was mundane and stout. It was oddly alluring for the prince who worked with people at the peak of fitness. This woman’s breasts alone would preclude her from any kind of drawn out fighting. He was aware of his arousal staring at her.

She turned her head over her shoulder and smiled widely noticing his stare. The prince was struck by her pale blue eyes. They seemed cold but very inviting.

“Highness,” She called in a rich elegant voice. “I am Mara, I am here for the room, and for your comfort.” She crossed the room to him and presented herself.

Prince Carsol gasped at the display of her deep curtsy. From above the cleavage was a divine crack. He grew horny thinking of plunging himself into it. He noticed the feeling of sweat trickling down his back.

“I must go. I must see mother…” He paused. He wasn’t suppose to call her that anymore.

She blocked the door with one hand. Her stout body kept him from being able to budge the door. “No. you are stressed I will relax you as a chamber maid does. Come here and lay across the bed.” She fairly pulled him across the suite into the bedroom.

The prince felt horny as he was drawn like a child too the bed. She kneeled before him and removed his boots. Then stood and removed his armor. Her breasts were always well presented as she moved. When she reached past him and worked off his blouse, he was fairly smothered in them.

She got to his leather pants, and finally she moved in for his small pants. “Wait, no what are you…” With deft moves, she went around and through his hands and had him naked.

He looked at her aroused at his exposure. Unable to take his eyes off her mildly sweaty heaving chest as she stood over him.

“Move your hands.” She ordered kneeling again.

Prince Carsol stuttered. “What I… Oh.” She pulled his hands away and held them down on his sides.

She went in like a snake and slurped him into her mouth and her spacious throat. No woman except Hurickia could deep throat him. He wasn’t ever taken so deep either. Her throat felt tight and bottomless as she slurped. She stood now bending at the waist and bouncing the whole of her upper body onto his cock it seemed. She didn’t stop when he gave out and exploded.

He fell back weakly in the middle of the bed. She didn’t seem to ever want to stop as she worked him with her extremely talented mouth.

She paused stroking his dripping cock. It was cleaned of everything but her spittle. “Are you still stressed Highness?”

The prince looked past his cock to her face and breasts beyond. “You can’t tell anyone about this.”

“These are my proper duties Highness.” She said absently fiddling below her dress. “But if you want to make a deal then we shall. I’ll take your seed to seal our covenant.”

She turned around and hiked up her dress. Her bronze legs were quite muscular he could see. She revealed her lack of small clothes, and the prince felt trapped.

The prince panicked now able to think while the breasts weren’t hypnotizing him. “My rites are through my seed, you cannot have it in you cunt.”

She looked over her shoulder at him and spread her cheeks. “That is well, you may have my ass then.”

He was shocked. Perhaps he should have known that since she wasn’t noble she wouldn’t shirk the idea. Her back hole was well used it seemed. On anyone else, it would be offensive but it gave the prince hope. Nobody else but a stable boy his mother vulgarly sent when he asked to see others had a hole with such promise. He did not like men but his mother wasn’t against him using them if he ever had urges. He tried to be unknown in those circles as much as possible.

She stood still bent forward slightly knowing he was staring at her ass in wonder. She came around then and straddled him.

He could only watch as his hard rod stood aching for her. He measured it on a good day and knew it to be nearly thirteen inches when hard enough to actually support itself and stand on its own. Its thickness was the bane of countless women and a few stable boys.

She took the plunge and dropped herself on him without complaint. Her bouncing breasts came at him as she crouched over him and milked him with the most amazing ass he’d ever had. Her black hair was released from the bun, and fell over, shrouding him in a curtain around his head. Her breasts drooped and fell out of her dress onto him and he sucked her thick rubbery nipples with tears in her eyes at how great it felt. His cock swelled amazingly, he felt it pushing open his legs in its exuberance. He was amazed at her ability to be so natural as she took him. Pressed to her breast he felt true passion. He actually forgot about Hurickia and Aurelia as he felt the pressure rise in him.

He was able to climax with her as they sweated into each other. He clutched her tight amazed at what they shared. He stayed in bed with her and slept with a woman other than his mother for the first time. Throughout the night, she would roll to her stomach and raise her hips for him, or suck him off in the best and deepest suck he ever received.

Breakfast in the castle was strained. Of his four brothers, only Princes Billile and Sidwell were in town. Sitting in the paneled dining hall they all remembered from their youth filled with sunny happy moments, the grey skies darkened by rain made a depressing contrast to their present situation. Both of his brothers were of sober demeanor. Sidwell was a naturally dark fellow. He was removed from the line of succession upon turning twelve. Sickly from a complication with breathing when he was stressed or exerted himself, he couldn’t train and thus wasn’t an officer extended leave. He was now a scribe who spent his time in the library.

Billile in comparison was a picture of tanned health. He had light eyes, dark hair, and a ready smile. He was likely still drunk from excesses with women of loose character. He got louder over the course of breakfast and shared stories of the night before with their uncle Duke Palein.

Their uncle was likely the funniest man in Lafaust. Bald, muscular, and bearded he was intimidating until people got close and could see his smile. The men all wore shiny gauntlets on their left hands. They appeared golden except the dukes, which was silver. They were elbow length and had slots along the wrist for horse reins, dispatches, wrist swords, crossbows, shields, and grip assists.

The crude jokes the two got into were cut short when Hurickia came in. Prince Carsol knew she came for him. She wore her mourning dress, and was trailed by three similarly dressed maidens.

“Hurickia you are a dark cloud on this dark day. You disturb the only time we can laugh.” The Duke jested. It was semi-forced since the occasion they were brought together weighed heavily on everyone.

“You can all have your smiles back. I am here to speak to my son, Prince Carsol.” She turned to her target. “Perhaps a moment could be spared for your mother?”

Prince Carsol dreaded this. Only a few hours ago he was dreaming of the return, now it was torture knowing what he had to do again. “After dinner, I must write out the report of our patrol.”

Billile jumped in. “Oh? Why brother, what stopped you from your work on the whole of the day and night you were here? I heard you took dinner in your room.”

The prince tried to lie convincingly. “I was worn out from the journey.”

Billile missed his slyness thankfully. “I would be too. I heard you took an aide from Mavvus with you. How was she?”

His face grew hot. “She fought well, I dare say I have much training to do if I want to provide an example before her.”

Billile continued, his insidious folksy charm was the antithesis of the prince’s careful and ordered personality. “You’re blushing big brother. I know you didn’t pounce on her like I did. I was promised a knife to the back the whole trip, but I couldn’t take my eyes off the two in my party. The aides are all down in their suites making a bug fuss about some arrival. I saw yours down there, kinda titless I must say.”

He blurted before he could stop himself. “She is beautiful. Keep your eyes off!” He eased himself back in his chair. The mask was back on but it was too late.

Everyone had froze. Their minds recorded and reviewed this most unlikely of outbursts. Prince Carsol was too scared to look at Hurickia. He could see everyone trying to reason out what they had seen as they replayed it in their minds. It took forever before anyone spoke.

Billile slid forward his dumbfounded expression gave way to a grin only seedy horse traders and Lord Panthi wore. “Amazing, they said you were one of the confused sort. I guess that soft cow I saw in your room got you looking for more holes to stick it in.”

Prince Carsol was nearly to the door before he finished. His sight had passed over a very angry Hurickia wearing a mask of calm that the veins in her face and neck belied. Behind her pale mourning makeup, she was livid. Her bloodshot eyes twitched, and though she hadn’t yet cried, she would all day now until the brandy got her heart healed.

Prince Carsol stayed in his room for the rest of the day, and kept out Mara and her knowing smiles of invitation. It was almost painful to open the door when a servant knocked. He had expected it to be an invitation to the wives apartments, to Hurickia and her cold sharp tongue. Instead, the servant delivered the King’s signet ring. He had only hours now, the doctors thought he would not leave the bed again.

Prince Carsol looked at the ring stupidly before winding back to his desk. He was invited later by servant to the circle lounge where all the family was waiting.

He followed and came up to the room below the King’s quarters. He was surprised to see Aurelia when he entered the room. In the middle sitting at a circular couch was Hurickia. He paused entering the room. Save those two, it was empty.

Prince Carsol forced himself to speak. “So, what brings you by, Aurelia?”

She smiled and crossed over to embrace him. she wore a simple white linen dress that seemed bridal. it off set her hard tan beautifully. Prince Carsol could even see her dark skin under the thin material.

Hurickia’s forced smile vanished, her eyes took on their icy glare. What followed, if overheard by a passerby, would have sounded like a traditional love triangle argument between the two competing parties. Hurickia lashed out verbally at Aurelia, using horrendous language and cutting deeply into Aurelia’s sensitive nature.

The worst, of course, was that for the first time, Hurickia had completely and dramatically exposed her torrid, if illegal, relationship with her son. The news landed on Aurelia like a crushing ocean wave. She immediately resisted it as a terrible lie, but the ferocity of Hurickia’s confrontation was proof enough.

Aurelia was devastated, naturally. Her legs weakened and she fell back onto the small sofa along the outside of the room next to potted plants she seemed to try hiding behind. Hurickia was relentless, and Aurelia could barely get a word in edgewise. Worse, she didn’t even know what to say. Within minutes, she had gone slack and hid her face in her arms, begging Hurickia to leave her alone.

Finally, she fled. Prince Carsol was slapped away as he reached for her. Just like that, he lost.

Hurickia didn't even wait. “The family is upstairs. Come with me Prince Carsol.” She entreated as she grabbed his hand.

Her action, beyond cruel and unnecessary, was stupid. She’d risked their entire relationship to act territorial. Prince Carsol never was one to resist and even now, he couldn’t take back his hand or say a word of how he felt. He didn’t know how he felt. He was in an odd place of numbness. He went upstairs and said good-bye to his sleeping father while holding the hand of his wife, the prince’s mother and lover.

She guided him then to her bedchamber. Servants politely passed quietly in this sad time. The prince was in a blur of emotion as he was brought to the bedroom. As always, she stripped first and watched him. After a long moment habit kicked in and he moved slowly. He removed his clothes, they moved as one to the bed, he massaged her feet, kissing her toes tenderly. Hurickia was surprised, but she took it as a clear sign that Prince Carsol had come to his senses and realized how precious their love was. She gave herself to his advances.

Hurickia moved him up and straddled Prince Carsol on the bed. She pressed her lovely face to his and sucked his lips into her mouth. Prince Carsol’s hands were immediately groping. Hurickia’s petite frame required no bra, and his hands coursed over her smooth back, eventually coming around the front to find her small pert breasts. Her nipples were stiffened, and Hurickia shivered as her son’s familiar touch caressed them. She chewed on his lower lip and thrust her crotch against him.

The lovers reenacted their traditional lovemaking routine. Prince Carsol straddled Hurickia’s narrow torso. She took him lovingly into her mouth, relishing with satisfaction that she had earned his love this time. She was exceedingly loving and generous as she sucked on his cock, taking extra time to deep throat, tease the head, lick the length; she even took his hairless scrotum into her mouth. Prince Carsol noticed the extra attention and made sure his appreciation was vocalized.

Before he got too close to orgasm, Prince Carsol withdrew from the delightful confines of his mother’s mouth, and descended to his familiar cunnilingus position. Hurickia readily parted her legs. Prince Carsol reciprocated his mother’s attentive oral ministrations, bringing her to orgasm slowly, lovingly, tenderly, passionately. His tongue plied her wet folds like the sharp prow of a ship through gentle waters.

Prince Carsol felt her thighs tighten around his head has her climax came on. He intensified, pushing her faster to her orgasm. She swooned with great emotion, he noticed, and Prince Carsol understood the significance of his giving act for his mother this night.

Finally, the time came for the ‘special place’. They worked as a practiced team as Prince Carsol slid effortlessly into Hurickia’s warm rectum. Hurickia played with her nipples, and Prince Carsol sucked on her toes. She spread her labia wide, feeling Prince Carsol’s pubis land against her clit. She relished that favorite feeling of fullness, the ebb and flow of Prince Carsol’s looming presence in her anus. She decided to masturbate to orgasm one more time. She wanted them to come together. Hurickia watched his face intently, looking for cues to his impending climax.

Finally, Prince Carsol could no longer delay the inevitable. His nuts tightened and began to pump semen. He groaned loudly as his seed spilled deep inside his mother’s ass. She sped up her clitoral contact, and her second orgasm arrived seconds after his.

Hurickia was just enjoying the final tingles of her orgasm when the lovemaking routine changed unexpectedly. At this point Prince Carsol normally fell asleep on top of her, one of her favorite parts of their ritual. This time, however, Prince Carsol remained upright and stared Hurickia right in the eye.

Hurickia was opening her mouth to ask Prince Carsol what was wrong. The words never came out. Prince Carsol suddenly clamped both hands over his mother’s mouth, clamping her nose and mouth closed. At first she thought he was joking, but his grip was cruel and heavy. Hurickia began to panic.

Within seconds, Hurickia’s panic was at full intensity. She started to kick wildly, and her slender arms flailed helplessly. Hurickia’s waifish frame was no match Prince Carsol’s robust physique. Her panic and exertion accelerated her body’s consumption of oxygen, and in a haze of terror, bewilderment and deep sadness, Hurickia slowly lost her fight for survival. Hurickia’s eyes rolled back in her head, her mind no longer registering the image of her son and lover on top of her, taking her life as his shrinking phallus still lingered in their most sacred shared space.

Outside the bells chimed the ascension of a new King. King Carsol Laundrew scrambled back to his room in terror. He kicked open the door already crying and bounced off of Mara.

She patted his head as he sobbed. “It is sad, Highness.” She moved behind him and pushed him forward. “Lay in bed.”

Before him in the suite was Aurelia sitting on his bed looking as sad and small as he felt. He was on her and holding her hand asking and begging forgiveness before he realized he was speaking.

“She had me under her spell, but not anymore. Aurelia, listen to me. Hurickia is not going to bother us anymore. I love you and I want to be with you. We can be together now, forever…”

Behind them Mara closed the doors.


Many miles away, in another ‘tower’ in a Citadel, a tall muscular woman with pale skin, white hair, dark eyes that glinted like metallically, and youthful feminine looks lounged sideways on a backless couch in a library. Her belly was dilated with pregnancy as she ate grapes and stared of into space.

“The King is dead.” She announced quietly.

Behind her, a dark tanned woman with purple hair and gold eyes wrote down something while a blond with dark eyes and a curvy body looked over.

“What of the marks? Have we decided which to remove?” She asked quietly.

“One killed the other, she is dead. By suffocation. Mara is preparing to tell a story of her killing herself upon the news of her one true loves death.”

“Creative.” The blond mused. “What of the boy-King?”

“He is exerting himself with Aurelia. He has already given her his seed.”

Behind them, the tanned woman spoke up.

“Please inform Master that all actions are complete in Lafaust. He will need to be available for coronation.”

The lounging woman replied. “Rinis has told him everything.”

“Excellent, I’ll send our notes to Pessilberg.”

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