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One of the many stories of Stardick
Hi my name is Terry Smith but please call me, Stardick which is my naughty nickname that was given to me by a lady friend who’s very special to me but today’s story is not about her but another. Seeing as this is the first story I have begun to share with you I’ll describe myself a bit, I have black hair, black eyes, I’m brown skin but that’s just a nice name for black man, I’m slim but well-shaped, I enjoy a lot of things as I am an open minded guy, I’m sexually conceited but that too is another name for sex addict, as for my package well I don’t have a 12’’ dick but my package comes with more than just my long hard cock.

Life is funny one minute you’re here and then the other your somewhere else, and no matter who you are or where you go there is always a situation that presents its self and I’m going to tell you a few of those situations which I have found myself into, the naughty one’s and this one is called…

Stardick: CP1-Best Anniversary Gift Ever

It all started at work where I admired few of my lady coworkers, few were nerdy dressed in there long dress and wore there big glasses, I’d tell them contact lenses were invented long ago along with the new fashion trend but nah, I already see though their fashion dilemma and nerdy persona. Through it all I see there pretty skin, plum breasts, sexy ass in their skirt, their thick thighs and of course I imagine their fat pussy, how small or fat it is, how juicy and wet they are but that’s another story.

I work for a business executive as his personal assistant but not to get him coffee or a donut… no.. no, my job is somewhat of a specialist you could say but tonight I’m doing my boss a big favor which is taking his wife out to dinner until he arrived from his business trip.

It’s 7:30pm, I’m early as always, I hate to keep a beautiful woman waiting but my boss’s wife is late, we
should have left a half hour ago, hmmm as always it’s a beautiful woman who keeps us waiting and believe me as much as I was a bit angry all that seemed to disappear when she finally walked up to me.

“Sorry to keep you waiting” she uttered

“That’s ok” I replied as I open the door for her

As she entered the companies expensive sports car I could not help but admire how amazingly stunning she looked, a smirk lit up my face as I thought of how she looked every time she came into the office compared to now, it was like she went all out to surprise her husband on their twentieth anniversary, her elegant red simmering dress hugged her every curve of her slim body, her diamond earrings light up her face and made her crystal eyes shine. I skipped to the driver’s side and entered the car, started the engine then looked at Mrs. Jameson with a slight smile on my face.

“You look very lovely, you’re sure to know Mr. Jameson off his feet” I uttered as we drove off.

At last we sat at our table as the waiter poured us some wine, sure enough I glanced at how beautiful the top of red dress looked as it clasped her breasts as well as noticing her looking at her watch, it must have been one of the gifts I bought for her in place of her husband to apologies for something he did or did not do which was very common with my boss, if only she knew or maybe she did?

“I’m sure he’ll be here shortly Mrs. Jameson” I assured her

She lifted her head at me “I’m sure he will Mr. Smith”

“Please call me Terry”

“You can keep calling me Mrs. Jameson” she commanded as she took a sip of wine.

I sensed a bit of resentment, none the less I was only doing my job but still I could not help but to admire how sexy Mrs. Jameson looked, I’d sure love to pleasure every inch of your pretty body but as much as I’m a shark I have to respect he as she is my boss wife. (yeah keep telling my self that)

“You’re very beautiful…” I began to say as Mrs. Jameson cut me off

“And I guess any man would be lucky to have me as his wife” she said

“No…” I gentle replied as she looked me dazed. “A guy would be lucky just being close to you”

A cute smile got away from her. “Interesting… but you’re just the same as every other guy”

“That depends” I quickly replied as if I was waiting for that statement which was not new to me.

“On what exactly?” she demanded, as she gave me her full attention.

“On you or more or less the woman I’d be dating”

“Hmm… you all men say sweet thing and do romantic stuff just to get laid”

“I’m not going to deny that but there are some men like me who do a little more than just get laid”

“Really… so you drug them and take them back to you layer”

“Haha… one thing is for sure Mrs. Jameson If I was him…” again she cut me off.

“Let me guess you’d take me to the most romantic place in the world”


Again she was dazed by my answer.

“It does not matter where we are the most important thing is we’d be together”

A slight blush rushed over her face as the waiter arrived with the menus.

“Mrs. Jameson… are you ready to order?” I asked

“Please call me Liz”

An hour and a half had passed and I must say I was enjoying my evening with my boss’s wife, her smiled lighted up the whole room but then it swiveled away as she received a phone call, no doubt about it, it was my boss her husband telling her how he could not make it again because of some lame excuse. Suddenly my cell phone rang as Liz placed hers back into her bag with a sad but not surprising look on her face. Of course it was my boss telling me to give his wife the gift which I handpicked for him which was no surprise either.

“Your husband can't apologies enough for not being here and so he wanted you to have this” I uttered as I
reach into my pocket and gave her a black box which had a diamond bracelet.

“I know it’s your job but you don’t have to make excuses for him” she said as she smiled

Seems she’s taking this fine but what woman would not, after so many times of being stood up guess maybe she figured that he was really doing.

“Would you like me to take you home?” I asked

She looked at me with her crystal eyes. “Not really”

“Then maybe a walk it’s a beautiful night out?”

Without any hesitation she agreed and we went off.

We walked in the park pass the benches under the street light.

“So tell me, what types of women do you like Terry?” Liz asked

“Well honestly life has thought me its best to like who likes you”

Liz smiled as she quivered from the slight chile in the air.

“Would you like my jacket?”

“No thanks I’m ok”

“So if I was not married would I be your type?” she inquired

“Well that would depend, would you like a guy like me?”

“Well that depends as well?” she replied as she smiled

We made our way to a special bench which was hidden away under a street light, as we sat the cool breeze made Liz quivered again like it was sending me a message and so I placed my jacket around her.

“Thanks…” she uttered then looked up at the stars. “This is my favorite place I use to come here all the time and fantasize about doing a lot of thing here”

“Like what”

“You mean having someone do you a lot of sexual things here?”

She smiled and took a deep breath as she rubbed her sexy legs against each other trying to keep them warm.

I got off the chair and kneeled in front of her, rubbed my hands together then began to massage her feet.

“What are y…”

“Relax…” I mumbled “I’m only going to help for-fill your fantasy”

I reached under her red dress and rubbed her legs passionately whilst she leant back enjoying my hands, I reached up to her thighs and gentle grabbed and squeezed at them, she moaned alittle with pleasure as I gazed at how tempting her breasts looked to touch and suck.

As I rubbed her beautiful legs and thighs she began to open them slightly, abruptly she felt my warm lips touch her leg then the other as I moved my left hand up her dress and unto her left breast grabbing and squeezing it, I kissed and licked and grabbed her thighs whilst she moaned and opened her legs further. Between her thighs I kissed, licked and sucked I could he the heat of her pussy escaping her laced panty hitting me on my face as I inched closer. Her thighs tasted juicy as I thought of how sweet her pussy would taste even better as she got wet.

I grabbed her by her hips reached under her soft ass and pulled her down unto the edge of the bench to get a better position as I drove my head back between her legs kissing, licking and sucking making my way to her sweet pussy as I got closer I teased her pussy by running my mouth over her then going to the other side of the thigh to suck it the teasing her again by coming inches to her pussy. Liz slowly wined trying to get my mouth to hit her pussy but I teased her instead then grabbed her breasts and squeezed her nipples. With my mouth inches from her pussy I could smell she was wet, I took my hand and pulled her panty to the side and there she was, though it was too dark to see but the smell of her sweet pussy made me get so hungrily horny that I opened my mouth as wide as it could and placed it over Liz’s sweet wet pussy, she flinched as she felt my tongue hit her clit then ran down her pussy into her hole, around her pink sweet wet hole, then up to her clit as I twirled my tongue around it, I sucked her pussy lips as she moaned and emmmed and arrrrrrrr…….

I squeezed her soft ass then her sexy thighs as I eat her pussy up but suddenly her moan caught the attention of unwanted company which made me stop lucky for her she was married if not I would not have cared who saw us heck they could have joined for all I care.
Liz smiled as I walked her up to her front door. “What’s with that smile?” I asked

“I was just thinking…” she uttered while she took out the keys to her door.


“This is going to stay our little secret right? If I’m not mistaken you are good at doing that?”

I smiled “Yeah I guess everyone got there unique skill… well it was a pleasure being close to you”

“It was nice being close to you to, I guess the few things I’ve heard about you is true”


“Bye Terry” Liz said to me as she turned away to open her door.

“Bye…” I replied but as I began to walk off I suddenly heard her voice.

“I… I’m Ter…” Liz uttered


“Would you like to come in for some coffee?”

To be cont…

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2014-07-04 17:21:46
Not a bad start , your writing flows nicely and is well paced, you do jump from past to present tenses, e.g" I squeezed her ass as I eat her pussy" it should be ate her pussy just small faults like you don't for- fill a fantasy, its fulfill something. I think you should read back your work aloud then you may pick up on the mistakes. I look forward to reading morefrom you . Thanks Luvsalik

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