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Two lovers meet for the first time
Lost and Forgotten

Author's Note: None of this is real. This may or may not be based on something real, but even if it was (and I'm not telling if it is real or fake) obviously names would have been changed, and locations shifted. If this was real, which it may or may not be. I think that if you want to know if it was real, there's an email above, and you can ask. Or you can just enjoy the story. I hope you enjoy it. I like this one. -Duskshade

Lost and Forgotten

His name was Sasha and he loved Catalina. She meant the world to him, and he was sure he was the same to her. He could remember so many things about them, even separated by an ocean, by thousands of miles. She was the other half he never knew he was missing – the love they shared was the love of high school sweethearts, tempered by brilliance and untried sexuality.
The two had met in Europe, at a multi-school political science scenario – each school represented a country, and spent a week conducting business as part of a inter-country parliament. The two spent time discussing their respective agendas, finding each other funny and totally foreign to each other, yet oddly resonant. They were the whole of their financial committees, Sasha representing Switzerland, and Catalina representing Luxembourg.
She was the adopted daughter of a German man and his American wife from Korea – she'd borne no memories of her home nation, save some fleeting moments of impressions. He was the sone of soldiers, a long-haired hippie born from working-class folks who often had no idea with what to do about their brilliant, yet uncontrollable son.
The daughter of privilege, Catalina attended the American school and spoke several languages smoothly, able to navigate the dinner parties and smooth conversation with ease despite her youthful 18. The son of an occupying army, Sasha was comfortable in similar events for his own 18 years of age, dressed well but for his rebellious mane of hair hanging nearly to his waist. Thick and wavy, he often wore is wild, letting it sit naturally in a world where straight, limp hair was the fashion.
How he managed to get her naked in a pool on their second night at the scenario was beyond her. Yet, there she was, naked and territorial on the steps into the shallow end while he swam, his dark brown skin rich and lush in the sparkly clear water. He bore the marks of scars, strange adventures that he rarely spoke of, although the darker marks in his skin were testament to stories that would likely amaze.
“Girl, you have to let the water move on your skin. There's no point in skinny dipping if you are not dipping into the water and letting it move on your skin.” His voice was accented oddly, both a mix of his native Texas and a clean crisp Central Mexico accent, but it soothed some spot in her soul that she had never known was aching.
“I don't know. What if we get caught?”
“So, what? What are they going to do? We're allowed to be up here, and its not like we're having sex in the water.”
“Well, someone is going to catch us.”
He looked at her slyly, his reddish-black hair stark black in the water. He heaved a sodden mass of it out of his face, sending a rooster tail of water droplets into the air.
“Man, if I'm gonna get in trouble, I want it to be worth something.”
“What do you mean?”
Sasha swam a little closer. She could see his cock, diminished with pool shrinkage but nice when she saw it before the water shrank it down. “You're not embarrassed about your little dick?”
“It's not little, its just chill in the water.”
Sasha slid closer, so his skin was on hers. She shivered at the wet-silk feeling of skin on skin as he wrapped her around his body. She could feel his dick beginning to lengthen under her ass as he wrapped her legs around him. His heart thrummed under the sensitive tips of her breasts, and she could feel a tingle of arousal zap between her clitoris and each nipple.
“Mmm, I think I'm warming up.” The began kissing, him holding her slim, slight form with ease. He could feel his penis beginning to stiffen and insist on a more vertical position, nestling along her perineum, the head of it pulsing against the cheeks of her ass while the base of it was teasing along her labia.
Sasha wanted to sink himself inside her, could feel the animal thrum of his lust and fresh-blossomed love as she kissed him. However, her next words slammed the door on that thought.
“I'm not on the pill, and I don't want to make love without a condom.”
Sasha heard, and with a tremendous pull, took himself back a step. She unwrapped her legs and let them back down to the floor of the pool.
“I do want to, Sasha.” Catalina could tell she had hurt him, her tall, brave, sensitive love. “But, I don't want to get pregnant, and I don't want to be a school-trip fling.”
Sasha kept his ears open, schooling his face to a bland, expressionless look that he kept when he didn't want the world to know he was hurting. His eyes were cool, his tone a little aloof, and in his actions, Catalina realized that he reacted the same way, retreating into his own little bit of arrogance. In the world of highly intelligent people, she recognized that he was curling inward, using the arrogance of intelligence to distance himself from her. After that, they awkwardly slipped back into their swim clothes. Minutes after that, their respective chaperones came up the stairs to the pool area.
The European Convention was a simulation that drew the best and brightest of various schools into a parliament that attempted to steer the course of Europe as a cohesive whole in terms of politics, finance, immigration, and economics. Each school represented a nation, the larger schools reserving powerful nations like the US or England or Germany, the smaller schools drawing nations like Sweden, Luxembourg, and Switzerland. As the daughter of a major German vendor working with the US armed forces, Catalina got to attend the American school and easily topped the academic scene. Sasha, his father an Army Command Sergeant-Major, was also part of the power structure. His fluency in languages helped his father as he tagged along when he spoke to German company representatives, french military liaisons. It wasn't strictly legal, but the Army tended to look the other way as the job was getting done well. He lived farther north, so while the two had social circles in common, both were only vaguely aware of each other. The power structure in the armed forces was only so big.
They'd arrived in the afternoon, the air unseasonably warm for the fall. The hosting business had bought a desanctified monastery for company retreats, and leased it to the simulation's owners. They'd added hot tubs, a heated pool open year round, and a small discotheque. These venues were open to the delegates as they arrived.
The opening mixer that evening was a formal affair. Already, whisperings and drama had started as the US delegation showed up and demanded immediate service. They were loud and obtuse about delivering imprecations that threatened US economic and political hegemony in the European Convention. At this, Sasha stood up and left. His delegation followed, although somewhat confused. The Swiss group met the Luxembourg group, also leaving in disgust.
“Hi, I'm the Swiss economic representative.” said Sasha.
“I'm the Luxembourg rep to economics.” said Catalina.
Blind people could have seen the lightning that passed as they shook hands. Sasha stepped closer and felt a resonance with Catalina. She also stepped closer, and within each other hearts, they felt a deep, instant connection that made them feel like they had known each other for years.
After a moment, they excused themselves quietly. Sasha cleared his throat and said, “We're going to eat somewhere less obnoxious. Would you like to join us?”
“I would.” After a moment, the other Luxembourg delegates agreed. Dignity was fine, but the entire group consisted of teens ravenous for food. Their respective chaperones agreed that they were acting fine in regards to the simulation, and the two delegations found a Thai restaurant a mile from the old monastery. They spent the evening laughing over spicy Thai food. Sasha and Catalina quickly jettisoned their bills and crafted a new one, a short bill that would establish a new currency that would be able to solidify the European economies into a juggernaut that would minimize American dominance in currency. They called it the Euromark. The other delegates in their teams ratified it, and they went back, bellies full of spicy food and heads full of powerful notions, to type up their multi-faceted attack against American arrogance.
The week-long simulation started with subcommittees, prepared bills debated. The US delegation tried to strong-arm the situation, but the two nations of Switzerland and Luxembourg leveraged sweetheart deals with Germany and England favoring them with great initial exchange rates as their Pounds Sterling and Deutschmarks were more than enough to stem off the bombast of the US-led delegations. The two delegates, Luxembourg and Switzerland, fended off the strongest superpower in the world. Sasha kept the center while Catalina negotiated the back-room deals. Her small frame was lush with curves, her raven-black hair and smart power-suits providing the sexy lure needed for hot, horny teens willing to negotiate away their power interests for a pretty-girl's smile.
The dealing wasn't done, either. Both students knew they were treading dangerous waters. Their chaperones, noting their intense attraction and powerful negotiating skills, were desperately attempting to force them to take a more conservative line in their negotiations, pushing for neutrality in line with their real-life counterparts in the real world. Both declined – noting that in a simulation, the reality of their scenarios did not have to meet real-world scenarios. The chaperones, upset at their recalcitrance, threw hands up in the air and let it go. They celebrated that second night, their first success, by swimming. Everyone else was exhausted from hard politicking, but Sasha and Catalina were jazzed – they were thriving under the pressure and coming up spades in every backdoor deal they offered. Their awkwardness in intimacy did not diminish their working ability or ardor with each other.
The last two days in committee consisted of fending off US-led sabotage by inserting negating amendments into the bills – quiet negotiations by Luxembourg and the strong lead of Switzerland kept the committees from torpedoing the bill completely. The combination of Sasha's fiery debating and Catalina's cool negotiation kept their bill alive despite bitter fighting. In the end of the subcommitte debate, it had passed muster.
The end of the third day was the first major hurdle. In this five-day simulation, the last two days drew it all up to a head, the big finish coming when the bills selected for debate in general assembly were called. The roll call for bills selected for debate was announced at dinner that evening. The joint-sponsored bill, with its amendments tying in political and financial support with other countries, and it's deals for Germany and England in place, strong support made it the hottest and most popular bill in the assembly. It promised support from other European nations, and a cheer went up in the crowd as the title was read as part of the body of bills selected for debate in front of the the general assembly. The two lovebirds
nodded, as they shared quiet conversation and random well-wishers clapped them on the shoulders, hugged, or shook hands with them.
Dessert came as they basked in their glory.
“I didn't think it would go this far.”
“Neither did I.”
“I think I love you.”
They looked at each other, then around as they looked to see if anyone was watching them. No one was, the dinner chamber full of busy people moving and talking.
“I love you too.” came the response.
They talked, lingering over coffee as they discussed their united plan to reshape the parliament and make people talk about the power of small, united country. They finished their coffee, and decided to take a walk.
The monastery grounds encompassed fully 30 acres, from pristine fields where the monks would grow their food to the small mill they ground grain into flour. The mill itself was a small stone keep, with a covered stone aqueduct to power the water. The nearby river had a small canal diverted. In modern times, a sophisticated filter kept the pollution in the river from contaminating the mill and fields, which were lush with water even in dry times. They walked amongst huge roses and lush tulips that were maintained by groundskeeper year-round.
“So, what happens now?”
“We have to go back home.”
“I mean, whats our next step?”
“We graduate and go to college.”
“You're smart there, girl. I mean, about us?”
“I love you, Sasha.” Catalina looked at him seriously. “Its been a few days, but I know I belong here, in your arms, for the rest of my life.”
“Me, too.” Sasha said as they kissed deeply.
Catalina broke the kiss and led him into the mill itself. Dark, powered only by water, it was a quiet sound of a rotating grindstone and the lull of water cascading into a cistern that kept the field irrigation going.
Catalina was in another power suit, and Sasha's denim and pullover shirt were also dark, so they blended into the darkness. They went up to the second floor, where the gears and levers transformed the water's movement into usable energy to grind flour. Windows gave the view of the whole grounds as they were up there. With that, Catalina smiled and began disrobing.
“What are you up to?”
“I want you, Sasha. I love you and before we have to leave each other, I want you inside me.”
She was nude in moment, the Asian cast of her skin a warm counterpart to Sasha's warm cafe con leche tones as he stripped to his skin. Catalina came into his arms then, and they kissed vigorously in the dark. After a moment, she began kissing down his chest, to his stomach. She could feel the strength in his legs, and he was more muscular than she'd realized – he was well proportioned for 6 foot 2 inches, but he only looked slim, his body was thick with muscle in the right places, with wide shoulders that she'd only noticed as she was close to him.
She found his cock, erect and jutting in front of him like an alert animal. She enveloped him in her mouth, finding the scent of his musk powerfully attractive. He smelled male, but not overpowering or offensive. She sucked him down to the root and moved her mouth on him in ways he'd never imagined it would feel like.
Leaning back, he gripped the rail that kept stray body parts from the machine parts. He let her slip her lips up and down. The fireworks in his head were glorious as his body shivered from the pleasure. He muttered in Spanish as she licked, suckled, and lipped his length. He was so hard, she could feel his heartbeat in her mouth as she held him with her lips. She finally lifted her mouth off him, seeing him straining, every muscle tensed and flexed.
“You taste close.”
“So,” he said as nonchalantly as he could, his fingers digging into the rail and his cock straining with unreleased need. “are we consummating out love tonight?”
Catalina nodded, and fished a foil packet out of her suit, neatly folded on the floor.
Sasha smiled. Although he was barefoot, she was in her four-inch heels. Her height was barely at five feet, so she was tall enough to not have to break his neck kissing her. Picking her up, he spun her around, then set her on the rail. Spreading her legs wide, he began licking Catalina's sweet nectar as she balanced on the stone rail. He easily held her in balance as he licked and suckled her clir in return. She murmured, threading a hand into his thick mass of hair and pulling him tighter to her. He hmmm'd in appreciation as wetness flooded her crotch. Catalina humped Sasha's face powerfully as she felt her orgasm coming closer and closer. With the sex in the air, Catalina thundered out an orgasm more powerful than she'd ever felt before, one shoe coming off as her toes flexed and she hunched against Sasha's body.
She hadn't lost the foil packet. As she slid down and stroked him back to full length, which had gone down a bit as Sasha had dined at her Y, she slipped the condom over his throbbing cock and then retrieved her lost shoe. Slipping it back on, she turned, putting her breasts to the cool stone and presenting her ass.
“Let's do this, tiger.” she said.
Sasha pressed himself to Catalina's body, and she found his questing tip and guided it to her promised land. He thrust in, his inexperience showing as he slammed himself in balls-deep into her tight wetness.
“Uhh!” she grunted as he slid in. Damn, he was big! She'd marveled at his thickness when it was in her mouth, the length of his hard penis a little over average, but his thickness was what made it great! She felt herself stretch and loved the feeling, although some more wetness would have been great. It didn't take more than a stroke or two before she could feel herself lubricating as he thrust. She moaned and looked back, at the length of her back and the dark brown lover that was flexed, his grin maniacal as he gave her the gift of his first time.
God, she was so tight! He felt her tighten as his first thrust went home. He thought to all the Penthouse Letters he'd swiped over the years, of Herculean lovers pleasuring women til they were limp sweaty puddles of sated flesh. How they managed not to give in to this wonderful feeling was beyond him, but he clamped himself down, determined not to finish before giving his love, his first love and lover, the fucking of a lifetime.
Catalina was jostled along, her mind a shining blank and Sasha held her in place and fucked her senseless. Orgasm jolted through her like Sasha was pumping electricity into her. She could only hold onto the cool stone wall as she bucked, her mind gone and her body reacting primally. Sasha's cock was like a rock inside her, so thick and hard and pulsing – she could swear Sasha was about to blow his nuts, but he continued to rock her pussy like it had never been rocked before.
She came again, mewling in pleasure as she collapsed on the stone wall, her breasts rubbing the rough stone and making her gasp as the rough pleasure built within her yet again. Sasha was trying to hold onto his pent-up orgasm, but he needed to release, feel the liquid rush of his semen flying out and needing the pleasure that was roaring in his head like a hurricane waiting to demolish an island, to vent it out like the howling wind driving itself mindlessly forth.
He felt the orgasm at the base of his dick, and it flew out in powerful thrusts. Sasha's hips pistoned raggedly as the last shreds of his control was lost in the rush of his pleasure. He slammed home, jolting in spasms as his orgasm shattered him into a million shining shards and sent him into oblivion.
Catalina screamed out Sasha's name as she came one last time, a monster orgasm that made her body flail about blindly as Sasha's lust poured into the thin latex of the condom. Incredibly, Catalina felt the hot fluid well up past the tight ring, and drip down her legs. She felt cheated, oddly enough, as the fluid poured down her leg. It would have felt better inside, to know that he had spilled himself into her wetness and forever hold some small part of him inside her.
Catalina sagged against the stone, her knees weak as her chest and upper body laid against the stone as her orgasm left her as limp as a rag doll. Sasha collapsed behind her, having staggered back several steps. He tugged the condom, muttering as he tried to wipe up the leaked-out semen that coated his sack. Catalina could feel the drops of Sasha's cum trickling down her legs. She reached between her legs, touched the sensitive lips that were so tender from the wonderful, powerful fucking she'd gotten. She sniffed. No astringent scent of cum... it had not gotten in her. She smiled as her vagina twitched and spasmed as she came down. She lay there, as did Sasha, gloriously blank and completely lost in their own sexuality.
They came to, Sasha's deflating cock finally coming out of the latex. It was red, itchy as he tried to clean up. He hissed in discomfort as he touched. He hadn't thought about it at the time, but he knew his latex allergy made his skin red and irritated where it touched him. With this, his most sensitive appendage sore and unhappy, he mused that the best time he'd ever had with a girl wasn't ruined.
Sasha pulled out a hankerchief, and wrapped up the used rubber. They kissed deeply, knowing that they had shared something more than pleasure, passion. They had welded together, soul to soul, spirit to spirit.
Catalina watched Sasha slip his clothes back on, and saw the angry red skin where the latex had burned him.
“What happened?”
“I forgot that I have a latex allergy.”
“Poor baby.” She went to kiss the abused penis, but Sasha flinched.
“Please don't.” Sasha smiled at Catalina. “It will ease off in a bit, but for now it just plain hurts.”
The newly-minted lovers cuddled for a moment, then snuck back down to join the rest of the people who were retiring to their rooms. The last day of action was tomorrow, then the next day everyone went back home.
Debate on the joint bill of Luxembourg and Switzerland went quickly. The US threatened to withhold foreign aid and withdraw its military from Europe and leave it to the tender mercies of the Soviet Union. The bill passed almost unanimously. The next bill linked European militaries together and presented a unified European military. With the threat of the US delegation lost, they left in a huff to mocking laughter and cheers. The mock government called a break for lunch.
The passage of the jointly sponsored finance bill to link European economies into a powerful meta-economy was radical, a marvel of negotiation. Sasha and Catalina were exhausted. They spent time late in the evening making backdoor deals, promising power and considerations for each nation they wooed. Promised support and votes were traded, the backdoor negotiations instead of open, transparent voting process were subverted by a smile for the girls who hadn't had much male attention, and a nice, perfumed hug and a peek down a shirt for the boys who liked politics more than sports. The two were tired, and decided to nap for a bit – each to their own room. Sasha told his chaperone that he needed a nap and would be in the room.
A knock fifteen minutes later brought Sasha, in boxers, unhappily toward the door. Catalina was there, a bowl of fruit in hand.
“Can I come in?”
Sasha pulled on his pants and sat, his chest bare, on his bed. The small dinette in his room was full of papers, and he put them on the floor carefully.
They ate, oranges and figs and apples crunched and dispatched with the appetites of the young. Sasha yawned, and said. “I need to sleep some more, or I'll doze off during votes and end up missing something I promised someone.”
“Me, too. Can I curl up with you?”
In moments, they were snuggled, and Sasha was wide awake. Caresses turned to kisses, kisses into fondling, and soon Sasha and Catalina were nude again, with Sasha's hands on Catalina and Catalina's hands pulling Sasha's hips into her crotch. This time, there was nothing between them as Sasha eased his way in. Catalina's hand fluttered on his back as his cock eased her sore passage open and sent waves of sharp, painful pleasure through Catalina.
There was sharp sudden knocking on the door. Sasha jumped up with a curse word, smacking his head on the bunk where the rest of the Swiss team bunked, and heard his chaparone notifying him that the parliament had reconvened early and he needed to get up now.
“I'm coming!” he said, only to hear Catalina say quietly, “No, you're not.”
The voice of the chaperone came through the door. “Are you alone?”
“No, I'm not, and I'm trying to get dressed. Can I get two minutes?”
“Who's in there with you?”
Sasha looked in shocked. Catalina was also shocked, her offhand comment landing them both in trouble.
Finally, Sasha got his pants on, without his boxers. He dragged on a black pullover and opened the door. His chaperone, a short brunette teacher, was glaring at him. “Do you have a girl in there?”
“Its not against the rules, Miss.”
“I don't care. You have set this scenario on its ear and now you're getting laid!”
“Power attracts, miss. Can I get dressed now? I'm uncomfortable being less than fully clothed in front of you.”
Fed up, the chaperone stormed out.
Sasha shut the door to see Catalina slipping back into her power outfit. “Ready?”
“Is she waiting?”
Sasha pulled off his pullover and slipped back into his shirt and tie. He opened the door, his pants down to tuck his shirt in, to see the chaperone leaning against the wall, tapping her heels impatiently.
“Oh, well.”
Sasha slipped on his suit and finished pulling his long hair into a ponytail. He smiled as Catalina finished her final bits of grooming. They walked out, arm in arm, to have the chaperone hustle them to the auditorium. Catalina saw as Sasha's chaperone found hers, and they convened quickly.
“Great, now we'll never get time alone.”
“We'll see about that.”
The rest of the meeting went quickly. Deals were honored, votes exchanged, and the whole thing wrapped up. Cheers went up from those whose bills were passed. The US made drama storming in and out like ill winds. The final night was here – a discotheque was rented for the night, and the DJ was spinning out hot dance music. The party went all night. Sasha and Catalina danced, smiled, and danced more. As the students were bussed back to the dorms, Sasha and Catalina bid good night.
The dorms were policed lightly, and Sasha waited til his roommates were out for the night. He slipped out the window and made it to the pool. It was dark, but one person was there.
She jumped, her dark clothes barely visible in the dark.
“How the hell did you do that?”
Sasha shrugged. “I have Navy SEALS quartered in the same complex I live in. They teach a lot of us some of what they know.”
“Like what?”
“Fighting underwater, stealth and sneaking up. We play a lot of Airsoft in the parks at night.”
They got naked and in the water. The stars above were usually obscured by clouds, but tonight they were clear. They swam and talked, eventually touching and pleasing. Again, Catalina angled herself toward Sasha's cock, ready to feel him sheathed within her.
“Wait.” he said.
Almost delirious with lust, Catalina looked up at him as she floated, her back supported by the steps at the shallow end. “What's wrong?”
“I don't have a rubber.”
“What does that mean?”
“I thought you didn't -.”
Catalina slid herself onto him, and began to slide back and forth. They sent waves rippling from their bodies' coupling. Keeping him deep inside her, there was little motion other than enough to rub her cervix on his dick. They stayed like that, until Catalina arched against Sasha's body and came.
Then she sat him down and straddled him. She kept him deep insde her again, using her inner muscles to stimulate them both. Finally, with the deep wetness of Catalina's body and the full sensation of sex without a condom, Sasha murmured in her ear. “I'm gonna cum. Oh, Jesus, I'm gonna cum.”
Catalina, feeling her power, grabbed his head and pulled it back, exposing the neck. She bit down on his exposed skin, licking the salt and sucking hard. The stimulation was too much, as she sucked on his carotid. He arched up, bringing her along with him as she let his load go. She felt her insides get slick, the heat of his seed inside her. She could have sworn she felt the first spurt hit her cervix, but the rest she got as he thrusted and bucked, spending himself in her as she moaned his name into the mouthful of flesh she had in her mouth.
Sated, they stayed joined. Catalina swallowed the fear of a disease or pregnancy as she cuddled against him. They came apart after a while, and swam about in the water more..
The night crawled as they swam, talked, and spent the night cuddled against each other. As the night waned, they slid back into their clothes, preparing to sneak back into their dorms.
The light of dawn began to stain the sky as they dressed. They snuck back in unseen, spending the remaining hours laying fitfully on their beds, wishing the night had lasted longer. That morning – the buses left back to their respective towns, and they had nothing but names and telephone numbers to keep track of each other.
As her bus was ready to go, and the small bus that would take him back to his life was next, he helped her load up her bags. Before she could say goodbye, Sasha kissed her, a deep, wet, long kiss that left her weak at the knees and wanting him all over again.
“I love you.” he whispered as he finished the kiss.
“I love you too.” she whispered back.
She boarded the bus, and it shut the doors as she sat down. Tears came to her eyes as the bus pulled away. She put her hands in her jacket pockets, feeling cold. A CD was in there, but she didn't have many to have forgotten one in her pocket.
She opened it up to a folded note. The note said, simply, “Think of me when you hear Track 5.”
The disc was M?y Cr? “Decade of Decadence.” She opened her Discman and put the CD in. She felt the tears well up as Tommy Lee's piano intro and Vince Neil's singing brought up warmth and memories. She could still feel him, the slickness of his semen, inside her as she thought of him.
Sasha got into his bus. His chaperone was haranguing him about getting him suspended from school and for dismissing him from the AP program, but he smiled. In the end, he would get a smack on the wrist, and he would go on with life.
Although life was forever changed, now.
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