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A facial, a fake rape,a creampie - all in a night's work.
A smirk on my face, I leant back against the side of the cubicle. Her head was bobbing up and down on my cock. I grabbed her hair with my hand and forced her right down to the base. She spluttered for a few seconds, and I let her up for air. Threads of saliva clung onto my slick shaft and dribbled down her chin. She was wasted; the last drink I had bought her had tipped her over the edge, and it had been easy to persuade her to follow me into the toilets and suck my cock. She was a pretty young thing, and she obviously thought that there would be something in this for her; no chance. "I'm close, ok?" I grunted. She giggled "Ok baby, just tell me when, so I can get out of the way." No fucking chance. My hand had been stroking my dick and as she finished her sentence, I exploded all over her face. She tried to move, but she couldn't as I kept a firm grip on her hair. I grunted in pleasure as I saw my cum gush into her eye and splash onto her face and mouth. By the time I had finished, thick globs were in her hair as well. Cum dripped down her nose and chin onto her dress. She was speechless for a second, and I just managed to get my phone out of my pocket and take a quick photo before she erupted in anger, shrieking and frantically trying to get the cum out of her eye. By the time she lunged for me, I was out of the cubicle and into the crowd, fastening my belt as I went. I left the club quickly, before the doormen even realised anything was wrong. My dick was still gently pulsing, the thrill of my orgasm receding slowly. I sent the picture to the number I had been given and began walking to the drop point to pick up the cash that would be waiting.

In a sense, I'm a sex worker. Life as an adult star didn't appeal to me; I prefer to work in the shadows. I didn't want to be an escort, fucking desperate old women in hotel rooms every night. I had built up a clientele of the young and the wealthy who used me to mess with each other. Sometimes, like today, I would be asked to humiliate an ex partner, sometimes I would be served up as a treat by a guy who liked watching his girl fucked rough on video. The girls sometimes hired me as well, for themselves, for their friends - or their enemies. I had three rules; I wouldn't break any laws (for instance, simulated rape was ok - real rape wasn't), nobody ever knew my real name, and apart from the women I fucked no-one ever saw my face.

I had done as the guy asked. "She's a fucking whore," he had said. "She's been stringing me along for months. I can't believe I didn't realise. I want revenge." He had outlined what he wanted me to do - get her to give me a blowjob in the toilets, cum all over her face, and take a picture as proof. "I want you to really mess her up, so you'd best store up plenty. She gives really good head, especially when she's drunk, so cumming won't be a problem for you. I'll pay you after you show me the photo. And don't worry about getting into trouble. These society types are so pilled up you can slip out quick, and she'll be so drunk that she'd never recognise you again." He had been right - she had given good head. I regretted not having the chance to fuck her, God knows what she would have been like. I felt unsatisfied, but there was no need to worry - after picking up the cash I would be off to meet a regular customer who I enjoyed visiting.

An hour later, after a short drive home to drop off my earnings, I pulled up outside Marianne's. I knew the drill. Marianne liked to be roughed up a little and basically raped. I had no problem with this - it was all good unclean fun . Following our usual deal I entered her unlocked apartment wearing a mask that she had left by the door and looked for her. She liked me really wound up and intense, with a bit of roll play thrown in. She was probably my favourite visit, with her elegant figure, youthful looks and trully filthy tastes in sex.

I saw her across the room and I just lost it. I grabbed her by her thick brown hair and snarled "I've had enough of you taking advantage of me. You think I'm just a nice guy, huh? I'll show you what a nice guy can do." She squeeled and tried to swipe at my face. I grabbed her wrist and slapped her hard across the head. She dropped to her knees and looked up at me with a dazed and shocked expression. I took hold of her hair again and pulled her, crawling, across the room to the sofa. I lifted her satin nightie, showing her perfect ass, and pulled her thong over to one side.

"What are you doing to me?" she cried. I replied "I'm going to fuck you and dump a big load of filthy cum in your ass, or your mouth, or your pussy, or anywhere I fucking well want to. And you're going to take it or I'll send you back." "No," she gasped. "Please, no. I'll go right now, you'll never see me again. Please." Her large eyes looked up at me, and I felt a rush. She was only 19, I thought. Her pussy was tight and her tits firm and round. I love my job. I grabbed her hips, flipped her over, and tore off her thong. She was struggling, so I grabbed her throat and hissed "I'm warning you." She tried to cry out but my hand choked off the sound. I dropped my jeans. My cock was already rock hard - I was enjoying this. I spat on her bald twat and rubbed it with my free hand, then manouvred into position. Her face was going purple as I shoved myself into her and released my grip, opting to hold onto her wrists instead. She winced as my thick prick opened up her pussy right to the cervix, and water from her eyes began streamed down her cheeks. Her cunt felt terrific wrapped around my dick, and I was glad of my earlier excursion. Only that prevented me from filling her up with cum right away.

She lifted her feet and pushed away my hips, drawing my cock out of her and turning onto her hands and knees. She tried to crawl over the back of the sofa, but I grabbed her ankle with one hand and pulled her back, roughly. She landed hard on her side, and I was on her in a flash, turning her head around and forcing my slick cock into her mouth. Still writhing and moaning through her full mouth, she opened wide and I began to hammer away at her throat, my balls slapping against her chin. "That's right, you fucking bitch" I growled. "I could cum right down your throat right now and choke you half to death." I wasn't lying. I had set a furious pace and I needed to cum already. That was ok, I could stay hard after shooting a load. Without taking my cock from her mouth, I straightened Marianne out, pinned her wrists behind her head, and fucked her beautiful face some more. Saliva was being drawn from her mouth with every pump of my dick, running in rivulets down her chin and neck and dripping onto her chest and nightie. Her large eyes stared up, fixed on mine. She was loving this.

It was time. I quickly drew out of her throat and barely had time to blink before I blasted her face with several jets of cum, spraying her tongue, cheek and chin. She swallowed a little, gasping for air. "God, you fucking bastard. Please leave me alone, please. Don't do anything else to me, I'm begging you..." I slapped her cum covered face hard, cutting her off, and turned her over, bending her over the arm of the sofa. "No, no" she cried. "Please don't fuck my little pussy, please." There was still a sticky drop of cum on the end of my still hard tool as I drove it into her mercilessly. Her cunt was slippery and tight, and as I pumped away I reached down and began rubbing her clit, which was firm and ready. Her cries and protests increased in intensity and the muscles in her back tightened. "No...don't make me fucking dirty cunt!" With my free hand I picked up her thong and stuffed it into her mouth. She shrieked and shuddered, cumming hard. My fluid was all over her face, and as her mouth hung open strands of cum stretched between her lips.

It was time to drop the act. I pulled out and she lifted her nightie off over her head, removing most of my cum with it. The leftovers of our fuck were left gathered on the upper part of her chest, on her neck and in her hair. I took off my mask and we giggled at each other. I genuinely liked Marianne and I hoped she was happy with what had happened. "You came pretty quick tonight." "So did you" she grinned, reaching out and gripping my hard shaft. "You need another?" I was surprised, and confronted by the sight of her smooth naked body I could only nod. She pushed me back onto a chair and mounted my cock. With a little resistance, the lips of her well-fucked cunt came apart and stretched over the head of my penis. She smiled and kissed me gently at first, but then deeper. I could taste the tang of my semen in her mouth and on her face, and somehow it turned me on. She rode me smoothly, coaxing me to orgasm, her slit drawing the cum out from my balls. "Come on, give me your cum. Plant your seed in me. Take my pussy, you fuck." All I could hear was her voice, and the rhythmic squelching of her juicy pussy sliding up and down my shaft. I came for the third time that night, my cock twitching away inside her, spraying out my white juices into her hole. She gently carried on pumping up and down. My cock softened and came out of her with a pop, and I felt warm sperm drip out of her and run over my dick and balls onto the chair. I love my job.

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