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Serene slumber turns into something sweeter.
I can see the moon shining through the window. I follow its rays until they settle on your gentle curves. Your hips push up against the sheets and your bare shoulders are being kissed by the night air. I reach out and caress the lines of your shoulder and follow them down over your side and over your rounded hips and as far down your legs as I can reach.

I pull my body close to yours and bury my face into your silver moonlight kissed hair. I inhale the scent of your skin; its spicy scent lingers in my nose and all I smell is you. I kiss your neck and shoulders tasting the sweet saltiness of you skin on my lips. I slowly pull the sheets down your body and your beautiful full breasts are exposed. Your nipples stand up from the chill of the night air and I lightly rub them with my fingertips. Your head rolls to the side and a sigh escapes your lips. I’m not sure if you’re awake but I just can’t get enough of you. Your face is an angel when you’re sleeping and your body is calling to me.

I pull the sheet farther down your body until you are completely naked in the moonlight. I softly kiss your sleeping face and start to glide my fingertips over your body; your stomach, your breasts, each nipple and your neck. But I linger the longest on your cheek and your eyes flutter open. Your eyes are the most beautiful shade of blue as it reflects the paleness of the moon.

I lean down and kiss your lips. I feel your hand come around and cup the back of my neck and pull me deeper. My hands caress your cheek and move down over your throat. Memories of you singing our song to me make my heart leap. I continue to dance my fingers in the moonlight over your chest and they pause over your heart. I can feel it fluttering in your chest and it quickens my own blood. The heat from the blood in your veins rush to your skin and your cheeks get rosey.

You roll towards me making your nipples like beacons in the night. I move onto my knees shifting the sheet off of me. We are both naked in the moon and getting ready to make love. I straddle your gorgeous body and lean down to kiss your lips, and then your throat, and then that little spot behind your ear you like so much. Your hands clasp onto my sides roaming over my taut waist and firm buttocks. As I lean to kiss more of your neck and shoulders, our nipples touch ever so slightly and we both inhale deeply, the anticipation almost too much.

I slink down your body trailing my fingers over your body as I move. Your own hands slide up my body as I move closer and closer to your belly button. The further down I move, the more of your skin I caress. I inhale deeply as I stop right over your stomach. I take a deep breath as I fill myself with your essence, your very soul, my soul’s mate. Your skin is intoxicating smelling of soap and a hint of sweat.
I lay my head down to get as close to you as I can. I feel your pussy throbbing on my breast that settled there when I laid down my head. Your hands are lost in my hair and around my face. I look you in the eyes and you look back, capturing me in that moment: you shimmering in the moonlight, me bespelled by you’re very being, the moon a silent watcher….two lovers and a celestial voyeur are the only ones aware of what is happening, of our love.

Your lips turn into a quick smile and my heart melts further. I smile back and move up for one last kiss. I move down past your gorgeous neck, your perfect breasts, you flat stomach and finally stop at the object of my search: your wet, hot pussy. I kiss her reverently, like a goddess statue in a temple. I gently place my tongue on your clit and you tilt your head back with a sigh and open your legs wider. I rove around with my tongue reaching every part of you. I dip inside for a quick taste of what is to come. A little moan escapes your lips and your hands begin to massage and tease your nipples. Just watching you brings my own pussy into heat.

I slowly lick from your hot hole to your reddening clit, making your climax build slowly. I want this to be the best lovemaking we’ve ever had. Your legs begin to quiver and your breath comes faster. As I continue to bring you closer and closer, your body shines in the moonlight from the sweat on your skin. The heady scent of your pussy juices and sweat mingle in the air and I feel my own desire to be loved begin to build. I break away for a moment to breathe.

In that quick respite I glance up and see your eyes locked on my face. Before I can bring you to orgasm, you grab my shoulders and pull my up and leave us in a sitting position on our knees. You place your hands gently on either side of my face and kiss me tenderly making my own breath catch. You leave one hand on my face and reach between my legs, pushing my legs slightly apart so you can reach my own dripping cunt.

You begin to run your finger nail over my sensitive clit causing my body to jump away for just a moment. I bring my body closer to you and reach my own hand down to your pussy. We slip in a finger into each other and somehow manage to stay on our knees with a lot of effort. We lock our lips in passion and slip in one more finger into our lover’s amazing pussies and begin to pull in and out slowly.

As our climaxes push forward faster and faster, so do we. Trying to cum at the same time in each others’ arms we quiver and sweat. You move your kisses to my neck and I hold you tight. Your hot breath cascades over my neck and shoulder. Our hold on reality slips as the moon’s light makes the experience seem unreal. Our bodies glisten and squirm against each other and our hands and fingers are working furiously for the others' ecstasy.

I move my thumb to your clit and apply pressure to make you cum soon. You match my efforts and I begin to breathe harder, holding you tighter as I feel my climax begin to take over. I whisper “I love you” into your ear and you whisper “I love you too.” With a few more indulging thrusts your body shakes and you moan in my ear, your body almost collapsing if not for me holding you up. Finally your finger hits my g-spot and I begin to cum almost collapsing myself. Our bodies writhe in pleasure and the room is filled with our moaning and noisy finger fucking.

We shudder one last time and collapse to the bed sheets, breathing hard in each others’ arms. I kiss your neck and face until I finally make it to your slightly parted lips. I breathe in your breath and kiss you one more time.

At last I showed you how much I love you. Though it is late and I am tired, I couldn’t let this moment pass. As we lay next to each other utterly spent, I watch the moon move over your glistening body and smile slightly.

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2016-01-28 17:15:55
This story was amazing! I feel as if it was not given the rating it derserved I love it when there is real emotion and making love. Please write another like this!!!REALLY GREAT!!!

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2016-01-28 17:15:22
This story was amazing! I feel as if it was given the rating it derserved I love it when there is real emotion and making love. Please write another like this!!!


2011-06-21 21:09:07
This is lovely, really lovely - so vivid, and full of real emotion. It deserves a much higher rating than this.

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2010-12-28 16:14:27
Really, Really very good and really very well written.

Please continue you work.

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