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John Stevens stepped off the bus and approached his first day of high school. John stood at 5'7, had dark hair, green eyes, toned body, and, not many people knew this, he had quite a large dick. 8 inches, to be exact. This was the last thing on his mind, as his family had just moved to this new town, so he knew nobody.

He got his locker assignment and saw that he had been placed next to this very hot girl. He started making small talk with her, and learned her name was Jessica Richardson. Jessica was 5'4, blue eyes, long brown hair, 34C boobs, and a butt that every girl in the entire school wanted, even though she was only a freshman. John, Jessica noticed, wasn't like the other guys. He looked her straight in the eye when they talked, and was quicker to talk about her than himself.

Jessica, John noticed, wasn't a huge tease. She was wearing a pair of loose jeans, and a semi-tight t-shirt, which amplified her nice chest. With that thought, the first bell rang, and they said good bye, but not before Jessica slipped him her number.

Throughout the first week, they talked casually while getting stuff from their lockers, though Jessica's wardrobe started to become tighter and shorter, to the point where John's hard on could be clearly seen through his blue jeans, and Jessica "accidently" tended to brush it.

But what Jessica didn't know, however, that John went home every night and played with his dick while picturing her face. He knew she teased him, and he loved it. He loved to jack off to her images of her chest, her sucking his rock hard dick, him penetrating her, the thoughts of them rolling over in bed.

So one day, they had a huge exam coming up, and considering they had the same teacher, and John had an A+ in this class, Jessica asked if he could come over to her place and tutor her.

Naturally, John accepted, and he told his parents he was going to study at a friend's house. John didn't really associate with girls, so his parents thought, so they just told him to be back by 11:30. So as John walked over, his mind was really on the upcoming baseball game that evening, and wasn't particularly horny.

Jessica, on the other hand, planned this day accordingly. Her parents, not home as they were on a business trip, were gone. She put on some sexy clothes, wore a lacy bra and panties, and got ready for a fun night.

At 9 o clock, John knocked on Jessica's door, and almost came on the spot. She was wearing a low-cut shirt that almost exposed her delicious chest, and wearing a thigh-high miniskirt. John stammered something about studying, but she silenced him with a passionate kiss on the lips. With that, she closed the door and took him over to the couch, where they started making out roughly, they're hands traveling all over each other. This was beyond John's wildest dreams, and his novice dick was so hard. "I want you to fuck me so hard,"Jessica whispered. So, with unsteady hands, he undid her shirt and bra, and gasped at her large breasts. Then, by primal instinct, he started to lick each of her nipples, alternating with the time. Then, deciding to be rough, he started biting on them. "Oh yes, I've been such a naughty girl! Be rough with me, I've deserved it!" moaned Jessica. "I want you to suck my damn dick!" yelled John, all shyness aside. So, with trembling hands, Jessica undid his pants and them down, and gasped at the size of his dick. "Suck it now!" "Yes master!" And with that, she took his dick in her mouth as he started to groan in ecstasy, as she licked his head rapidly. "You're such a naughty girl, you don't deserve this hard cock!" and with that, he yanked it out roughly. "Turn around!" "Yes, ok I will!". And with that, he started to spank her. "You like that!?" "Oh yes, it feels so good, spank me harder, I've been so naughty!"And he spanked he so hard she screamed out loud. "Now," he said "I'm gonna eat you out, you've had your punishment!" "No!" she screamed, and shoved him to the ground. "You've had your go with me, now its my turn!" With that she started to violently suck his dick "You deserve this, you naughty boy! You like my wet mouth all over your hard dick, I bet you wanna put this in me!" "Oh yes, please!" "Well no! Lets 69, right now!" So he got on his back, and he got on top, as he lapped up all her pussy juices, and she started to moan on his dick. "Oh shit, I'm gonna cum!" she screamed and she came all over his face, which he eagerly licked up. "Now, I want you to suck my dick. Hard!" and she sucked so hard, playing with his balls, fingering his ass, to the point where.. "Oh shit! I'm gonna cum!" He came all over her mouth, and she swallowed it all up, like it was fine french wine. "Now lets get this hard again!"

So with that, she started jacking him off, and and as soon as it deflated, it inflated. "Now. Lets get that thing in me!" With that, she started to ride his hard dick reverse cowboy, and he smacked her delicious ass as she moaned. "You like my hard dick, dontcha? Want me to cum in you?" he said. "Oh yes, please!" So with that, he laughed and yanked his dick out. "Lay on the damn ground with your ass up!" And with a moan, she did, knowing what was coming. With that, he smacked her ass, and stuck his huge dick in with a large plop. "Fuck me harder, cum in my ass! Please oh please!" And with a loud groan, he came in many spurts in her ass, putting his wet cum in her tight teenaged butt. "How was that?"

"Amazing. Now I want some." said Jessica's 10 year old sister, Jamie

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I am friends with the writer, he was 14 when he wrote this

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the sex was too short but very good. pt. 2

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OMFG I LOVE U!!!!!!!!!! <3

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Thats a good start, keep going with pt 2

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Thats a good start, keep going with pt 2

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