This story is just one of my fantasies. Though the character Jack is actually me, only not my real name. Thanks for reading and I hope you like it :D

This was going to be a long ride... We were going to spend Christmas at my grandparents house with the rest of the family. Problem is, we live in San Francisco and they live in the South of France. That meant a 10 hour flight to Paris, and another 5 hour drive to where we needed to be. Thank god my parents had reserved seats for an overnight flight so that I could sleep most of the way. But wait, there's another problem. I'm an only child, and all my cousins are under 7 years old beside a 13 year old boy. 

I guess it would be ok because I'm 13 with shoulder length black hair. I have a "cute" little dimple on my right cheek and I must say my skin is super smooth. I'm around 5ft8" which is pretty tall for a 13 year old. This also means my penis is pretty long too, uncut, at about 3-4" when soft and 6-7" when hard. It all depends if I'm cold and if I'm horny (I know. Weird). 

I only see my cousins about once every two years and they usually come to the States for some sightseeing. I guess they changed their mind this year! Wait a minute, I haven't seen my cousins since I was 10. A lot of things have changed since then. One of the most important things is that I am now comfortable with being gay. Before I used to cry because I thought I was a freak... But after some research and the help of my best friend (who is also gay), I made it through. I wonder what my 13 year old cousin looks like now... I guess I'll be finding out in 15 hours!

The drive to the airport was pure hell! We left at around 6:30pm which is when the traffic is at it's worst. I was happy we weren't late when we finally arrived. Now all we had to do was check in, go through security, and board the giant metal tube that would get us blasting through the air.

"Mom? When does the plane leave?" I asked getting a little bored

"It leaves around 9:00 baby... Don't worry only a few minutes till we board." she said with the most reassuring smile on her face, although I hate it when she calls me "baby"...

We finally boarded the plane. My parents sat next to each other in front of me while I was stuck in the window seat next to this random buisness dude. He said "Hi..." and proceeded by reading his newspaper. I was in for a long and boring flight...

I made it through the first few hours because my attention was stuck to the screen in front me. They were playing "2012". It was an ok movie but a little cheesy... The only reason I kept on watching was because I had developed an unconditioned love for Noah Curtis, the son of the hero of the movie. He was such a cutie and he got me so hard. I had to get to the restroom as fast as possible! My dick was straining against my jeans. Boy am I glad the person next to me didn't notice. 

"Excuse me sir, I have to go use the restroom." I said shyly,

"Oh no problem bud! Go right ahead," he said as he got out of the chair.

I ran straight to the restroom to go unleash my load. I unbuckled my belt and yanked my jeans down furiously. My hand stroked up and down at an amazing speed. I didn't even know I was capable of doing this without and lubrication. It only took me about 2 minutes to let my hot boy seed shoot everywhere. Damn that felt good... Hopefully no one heard me kick the door by accident when that amazing orgasm made my leg jolt up and hit the door.

I got back to my seat and the man smiled at me. A bit awkward no? I looked down and saw that my zipper was down with a small cum stain on my underwear. Oh lord that was embarrassing... I zipped up quickly and sat down. The rest of the flight was spent by trying to beat my highscore in "PapiJump" on my iTouch. Pretty much impossible...

We finally landed in Paris after a long flight. I got up, stretched my legs, and fell back down. I grabbed my backpack and waited for everyone to pass so that I could get out of this freakish invention. My parents met me outside and asked how it was,

"Oh it was so good..." I said smiling,

"Good!" they said in unison, "Because now we have a long drive to granny's."

I got into the Renault that my dad had rented. It was pretty roomy so I spread my legs over the 3 seats in the back and fell asleep. I woke up just in time to see the gates of my grandparents' house. Holy cow it was huge! It looked like a mini Whitehouse except surrounded by forest. There were already a few cars parked around the huge archway looking driveway. I got out and smelled the great scent of pine trees mixed with cooking chicken. Must be what we're having for dinner! 

My dad did the honor of ringing the doorbell. We were greeted by my grandpa and in the background a bunch of little kids running around and screaming. I walked in with my backpack hanging off one shoulder and shook hands with all the adults present. Probably around 10 adults all chatting around the house. I asked my aunt where Liam (my cousin) was and she told me he was upstairs on his laptop. I grabbed my backpack and gave high fives to all the little kids passing as if on a riot for more candy. I got to the monster staircase and wondered if I'd ever even make it to the room without getting lost. Well, it was worth a try! 

I knocked on each door that I passed, finally finding Liam in the last room down the left hallway. He was on his laptop playing this weird game called "Evony"... I didn't bother listening to the explanation of what it was. I was mesmerized my his cute face. 

He was a bit smaller then me and had blond hair. His skin, like mine, was baby smooth. I was dying to find out what he looked like without any clothes. Just imagining it gave me a boner. I was hoping he hadn't noticed so I sat down on the chair next to the queen bed. Right as I sat down, my mom called up from the stairs,

"Liam! Jack! Dinner time!"

Liam sprung off the bed and sprinted downstairs. I took my time, trying to find a reasonable way to hide my raging boner. I walked slowly and casually down the stairs. I wasn't sure where the kitchen was so I just followed the squealing of little kids.

I found everyone else and my mom approached me,

"Hey Jack I hope you don't mind bunking with Liam this week... All the parents get their own room and the little ones will share one. That leaves you and Liam so you'll have to sleep with him..."

"Ok mom, I don't mind," I said with a smile on my face.

One week, one bed, with my cute cousin. This will be interesting.

I sat down next to my grandpa and we started talking about the past years and what we had accomplished. He had caught a record-breaking trout in the lake close to his house (more like mansion) which didn't exactly interest me. I guess you could say I was hearing something through one ear and letting it out the other. I couldn't stop looking at Liam. He was just way to hot to not be noticeable. I think he may have noticed me staring a few times but I didn't mind. He was mine for the week. 

We finished desert which was an ice cream Sunday. All this food must have cost a fortune! I got up and walked straight to Liam. It was already around 10:00pm so our parents told us to head to bed. Liam led the way back to the room and made himself comfortable on the bed. Sure it was a queen, but it didn't look that big. Maybe big enough for two little kids. 

I grabbed a towel and headed to the connected restroom for a quick shower. I wasn't going to masturbate because I thought it would be better to save it for a good cause, if you know what I mean. I spent most of the time washing my butthole and my penis, hopefully getting them ready for some attention. I got out, dried off, whipped on a clean pair of boxers, and walked back into the room. Liam was already sound asleep under the covers. I turned off the light and walked towards the bed. I had to feel my way around to get to my side, which ended up rubbing Liam in some pleasurable places.

I lifted the covers and got in behind Liam. He had a strong boy stench and I loved it. He had a night shirt and boxers on, while I only had a pair of boxers on. I rubbed his arm to make sure he was asleep and put my arm over his body. I fell asleep spooning him from behind. If he woke up, he would have instantly felt my dick pressing against his virgin hole.

I woke up because of a weight on me. I was flat on my back with Liam's face inches from my lips, his arm spread over my chest, and his leg sprawled out over my waist. Boy was my dick hard! I snuck a kiss on his lips and his eyes opened a little. He smiled at me and closed his eyes again. He whispered,

"Can I?"

"Can I what?" I asked curiously.

Before answering, his hand slowly moved to my raging boner and rubbed it through the fabric. I was in heaven. He opened his eyes and kissed me again, this time letting his warm tongue slide in. Without any hesitation, I kissed back and rubbed his cock through his boxers.

He moaned in ecstasy but unfortunately pulled back and said,

"Jack, I have to shower real quick..."

"We'll take one together baby..." I answered with a smile on my face

"But you took one last night,"

"And? I'm feeling very dirty now... If you know what I mean..." I said as I winked at him.

He smiled and got off me. He stripped completely in front of me. Wow his body was beautiful. He had a strong body with a nice dick. He showed off his 6" cock with a pose and caressed his soft, short blond pubic hair. He cupped his ball sack and motioned for me to follow him into the shower. I leaped off the bed, and ripped off my boxers exposing my rock hard 6.5" dick. He smiled and turned on the shower.

He put his head under the shower, closing his eyes and relaxing under the steady flow of warm water. I got the mischievous idea of making him even more relaxed. As he rubbed his hair thoroughly, I slowly got on my knees. His long manhood poked at my face, and I licked it as well as I could. I heard a sharp gasp followed by moans. I looked up at him, dick in mouth, observing him as he swayed slowly back and forth with his eyes closed. I slid my hands up his firm legs and took hold of his soft butt cheeks. I pulled him in as far as I could, making my nose rub against his fuzzy pubic hair. I felt his balls pull up, so I pulled off his dick. He looked down at me in surprise,

"I have a better idea for that sweet cum of yours..." I said winking at him,

"Ok baby," he said smiling "but first I get to pleasure you a little!"

I got on my back and let Liam get on his knees. He looked so hot, butt in the air fully exposed. He slowly lowered his mouth to my dick and swallowed half of it in one go. His wet, warm tongue flicked and slithered all over my rock hard cock. I couldn't believe this was happening... I felt my orgasm building up so I lifted his head slowly,

"I'm going to cum dude..."

"Well then shove that steel rod up my tight ass and give some use that your boy seed!" He said, obviously wanting some more pleasure.

The warm water had already lubricated his ass so I slowly pushed in. He was pushing on my dick so I moved forward a little more. I started to pump in and out slowly. He moaned in pleasure. His warm hole compressing my dick like this was incredible. It was like having the best orgasm over and over again. I couldn't stand it anymore. I thrust in one more time and unleashed all I had into his body. He moaned even louder as I massaged his balls. I couldn't wait for him to shove his dick up my ass. My limp dick slid out of his ass slowly as I turned him around for a strong embrace. I kissed him furiously letting our tongues dance around. My cock was hard again and ready for action, but first it was Liam's turn. I got back on my back and lifted my knees up to my chest. 

He pointed his cock head to my horny hole and pushed in. His head popped in and instantly gave me the pleasure I was waiting for. He saw that I was enjoying it, so he immediately started to pound my ass. It felt like heaven... He, like me, didn't last long and let his hot fluid flow into my tight ass. I could feel the warm sperm flush into my body. I got up and kissed him again. 

We washed up and put on a clean pair if clothes. Liam and I then lay on the bed and talked about the past years. I told him about my discoveries and he said he had liked me since we first met. A few hours later, I heard my mom yell again,

"Boys! Breakfast is ready!"

Liam snuck a quick kiss and sprung off the bed. I, again, took my time and thought about what had just happened.

If you like this story, please tell me and I will write more. If you're a cute boy looking for attention, email me at I'm always ready :D

Thanks for reading! 

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A great and a fabulous story.a masterpiece indeed

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Great story, are you going to continue? Please do!!!

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Terrific story! Style of writing is a matter of preference, and I had no problem with the amount of time you took describing the travels and the intimate bits. I've traveled quite a bit overseas myself, so I related well to how you told that part, and my imagination works perfectly well, so I had fantastic images in my head of the two boys as I read of their reunion and subsequent sex.
As long as you write well, which you do (other than a few technical errors - such as confusing the use of it's and its, for example), you oughtn't to worry over writing to a particular preference or style. It's YOUR story, for goodness sake! If you tell a good story with enough background and detail, in a well-written manner, to prime the imagination of your readers, you can be proud of your work and let the negative jabs of the detractors roll off like water on a duck's back, regardless of their own 'stature' as an author.
I thoroughly enjoyed this story, so I hope you will submit more about Jack + Li

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