I walked up the stairs just as my 14 year old daughter Stacey walked out of the bathroom..naked
She walked down the hallway to her bedroom wriggling her little jail bait ass. As she entered her room..she turn and gave me a smile. My god..that was the last thing i was expecting. Did she enjoy me shoving my cock into her mouth in the yard earlier? Did she enjoy me fingering her little tight asshole? God..fucking her was going to be a lot easier than i taught.

I jumped into the shower..cleaned my self down..dried myself off..when to my room and grabbed my camera..yes..first i was going to take photos of my beautiful daughter so my sex buddies would know i was telling the truth about popping my daughters cherry.

In to her bedroom i walked to find her sitting naked on the side of her bed.

OK need to be afraid..we will do this nice and slowly so you can enjoy it too..ok pet?
OK dad..what the camera for do?
Just so i can take some pics of my beautiful daughter..your gawjus pet..a little model
Do you really think so dad?
Off course i do pet..everyone does.
Jordan's daddy does..
Jordan's daddy does what pet?
He..molests her..and she says she likes it..
Fuck..really...but you have to admit pet..Jordan is on cute little piece of ass..but not as cute and gawjus as you pet
Your just saying that dad
No sweetie its true..even all my poker buddies have said how...cute you are
Really? they think I'm cute?
Yes sweetie..your uncle Tony even have the hottest little ass he has ever seen and he"s a photographer do you want me to pose like a model dad?
Yes a sexy..naked young model OK
OK daddy..just for you

OK pet..lie on your tummy on the bed and look at me and smile pet

Stacey does as she god i got some hot pics...this was easier than i tought...i got pics of her lying on her tummy..lying on her back..legs spread..bum cheeks of her with fingers in her tight of her with a finger in her ass...jesus she was on believable and it didn't take long for my cock to get hard

OK baby girl..that was awesome time for some real fun

I get undress really quick.

OK baby..some different pics now..i want a couple of pics of you sucking and licking my cock

She gets on her knees and grabs my cock and puts it in her mouth and starts sucking and licking..jesus..just looking at my cock in her pretty teenage mouth nearly makes me shoot my load there and then..but i whole out....can cum yet..i have to get her ready for....a gang banging that she going to get planing on making a video of my little girl getting fucked by a few of my very willing mates

OK baby girl..thats fucking great sweetie...but its daddy's turn now..lay back on the bed and open your legs..time for daddy to taste his little girls pussy

She does as shes told..and i waste no time getting my head between her god her pussy looks gawjus...just a little bit of a landing strip..she must have trimmed it herself..but her little slit looks so small..i lick her clit..small little circular licks for about 10 minutes..She wriggles about..clearly enjoying the sensations of her daddy's tonuge..then i move a bit lower tell I'm teasing her sweet little asshole..nector is not the word..who could of taught a teenage girls asshole could tease so fucking good? While I'm licking her anus i slip a finger into her pussy...slowly i start finger fucking my little girl and she really starts to respound...mmmmm daaaadddyyy..thaat sooo goood

You like that baby?
yes daddy..its sooo nice
Which do you like the fingering your pussy or licking your asshole?
mmmm both dad..dont stop
Good little girl..thats what i want to hear.

She starts shivering and shaking..i have to put my free hand on her tummy just to hold her in place..i cant fucking believe shes actually enjoying this

Oh dad..whats haaapen in?
Your having an orgsam baby..just cum for daddy baby
Oooooh god daddy..fuck fuck fuck

God she came so good..her pussy juices ran out of her little cunt down to her asshole where i lapped it all up on my tongue

I stood up...looked at my little girl laying on the bed..face flush and eyes closed..what a fucking sight..I stroked my was throbbing and leaking precum

Ok baby girl..its time for daddy to fuck your little pussy
Will it hurt daddy?
It will for a little while pet...but daddys to horny now to pull back..i have to fuck your little brains out pet

I lay down between her the head of my cock at her little slit...gently as i can..i push a couple of inches in...her hymen was still in place..i could feel it streacting...

OK baby..this is going to hurt but it will subside and hopefully you will start to enjoy it...just like your little friend Jordan

I go for it..i push straight in..till my whole rock hard 9 inches is inside my baby girls pussy..fuck it..she 14..she can take it...i have fucked younger..i had her little friend Jordan Capri when she was 12. Her dad is going to have Stacey tonight....and hopefully we can teach her what we taught Jordan

I fuck her really hard..i feel i have get her ready for her gang bang tonight..jesus she is tight..i fuck her silly for 20 minutes..then i feel my balls tighten

Ok baby..daddys going to explode...get up and wrap your mouth around my cock....She jumps up like a pro...takes my cock into her mouth and starts sucking for all shes shot..2 3 4 5 streams of cum into her mouth and down her troath...

I collapse onto the bed..she lays down and snuggles up beside me

God baby you were brilliant
Really dad..i enjoyed it too
Really baby..
I'm glad you decided to start molesting me..its fun..just like Jordan said it would
I'm glad you feel that way pet cause...tonight your going to get the fucking of a lifetime
Are we going to do it again tonight dad?
Yes pet..but there will be 3 other men joining us
God dad...i cant
You can..and you fucking will..

to be continued

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2013-10-19 07:45:58
Fuking 14 are you feeling good? Fuking pedo

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2013-03-20 22:55:53
can i fuck her next ? I have a 1- inch thick cock for your baby girl


2012-12-17 08:50:03
the one below me......

it's "where" not "ware"......before you correct someone make sure your own spelling is correct first :-)

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2012-07-08 04:48:32
A hot fucking storie I liked it a lot...BUT "gawjus"??? how about gorgeous as in pleasant to behold..." on believable "??? did you mean unbelievable ???. And "but I whole out"??? maybe you mean held out ???... And what is a "tonuge"??? how about "tongue" could that be the word you were looking for ???...And finally " who could of taught " "taught" ??? could you have meant "thought"???... A GOOD STORIE LINE though and I would love to read more so ware is part 3 and part 4 and part 5 and so on...

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2012-07-06 05:05:56
I think the people who left negative comments are hypocrits because you wouldn't of found it unless u were looking for it so dont post stupid shit dumb asses....nd nytime ur daughter needs a fuck let me know especially if she wants to try role changing

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