Julie's mother was a whore but she never thought that her life would be totally changed because of it.
Julie was a very pretty teenaged girl. She was sixteen three months ago. She was 5'4" and weighed 112 pounds, with blond hair that she kept shoulder length. She had perky c-cup tits and a small waist and smooth, freckled skin that stayed pale white, even though she worked on getting a tan. She was almost a carbon copy of her mother. She liked to dress casually in jeans and tee shirts. She was well behaved and a good student and had many friends at school. She lived with her mother in Kansas City, in a four bedroom house in a middle upper class suburb.

She lived with just her mother because her father had divorced her mother two years ago when, three times he caught her cheating on him. He moved to Springfield and Julie went to visit him every other weekend till six months after the divorce, he was killed by a drunk driver. Julie was crushed because she loved her father very much.

Julie had been home from school on summer vacation for a couple of weeks. She was old enough and mature enough that her mother let he stay home without supervision. Julie just goofed around and visited with friends. She had several close friends but did not have a boyfriend. The only other thing she was doing that summer was taking driving lessons to be able to get her license.

Julie's mother was a very attractive woman who had a job at an international marketing firm as a client rep. Julie and her mother looked very much alike. They even wore their hair in the same style. Her mother started dating openly right after her father had moved out. She would often stay out very late and then she started bringing some of her dates home at night. One time she even brought two guys home at the same time and one of them was black. They would just sit around the living room watching TV or something till after Julie had gone to bed. Not long after that, they would go to her mother's master bedroom. Her bedroom was two rooms down the hall from Julie's but her mother was very noisy in bed and Julie could clearly her mother moaning and encouraging her date to give her the fucking that she wanted. Julie was a virgin but hearing what was going on got her horny and she started masturbating while she listened to her mother getting laid. One time she snuck down the hall and pushed her mother's bedroom door open enough that she could peek in. Her mother was on her hands and knees and the man was behind her fucking her doggie style. He held her hips and each time he slammed his cock into her, she would moan and her large tits would swing back and forth. "Fuck me hard. Give me that big hard cock. Fill my cunt with your hot cum. Fuck me. Yesssss !" Julie's mother collapsed on the bed and Julie went back to her room and masturbated long and hard.

About a month ago, Julie's mother took a live-in boyfriend. His name was Jim. He was a couple years younger than her mother. He was about six foot tall and slim but with nice muscles. He said he worked but he did not work regular hours as he was home or gone but you never knew when. He treated Julie nice, hugging her around the shoulders and giving her little kisses on the forehead. A few times he gave her a casual little swat on the butt as she walked away. Apparently he was very good in bed as her mother was noisier than ever and they fucked long and hard every single night. One night Julie's bedroom door was open and she saw Jim walk down the hall naked, twice as he went to the kitchen and came back with beers. Julie gave herself a strong orgasm that night. As the days went on, they got more open about their sexuality. He would squeeze Donna's tits as they kissed if they didn't know that Julie was right there. They started watching porno in the family room before Julie had gone to bed and Jim would have his hand in Donna's pants and she in his while they did. It was never while they knew that Julie was in the room but she did see it as she was going past. They never started fucking in front of her but Julie did start going down to her mother’s room at night and peeking in at them fucking.

One day Julie's mother announce that her company was sending her on a business trip and would be gone for seven days days. Jim asked if he could go but was told that the company would not allowed it. The next day, Julie overheard her mom on the phone and it became clear that her mother was going to be sharing a hotel room with her boss on the trip and that they were expecting to spend a lot of hot time together. She heard he mother say, "I'll be quiet every night while you call your wife and tell her you love and miss her, but I want to be sucking your wonderful cock while you do it."

Two days later, Jim and Julie took her mom to the airport and she was off on her trip. That night Jim said that a friend had invited them to come over for a BBQ and a dip in his pool after. Julie loved to swim. She put on her swimsuit, which was a yellow two-piece that was getting too small for her and then put her jeans and tee shirt over it. After they ate, Julie stripped down to her swimsuit and jumped into the pool. "You guys coming in?" "Soon." Julie swam and the guys watched her and talked and had a beer. Julie was on the other side of the pool but she could hear them talk. She heard Jim's friend say. "She sure has a nice firm young body. I'd love to fuck the shit outta her." Julie's pussy tingled. "Ya, I bet she's going to be as good of a fuck as her slut mother" was Jim's reply. Julie's pussy tingled again. "Julie, wanta a beer?" Jims friend asked loudly. "No, I tried one once and it was gross." About a half hour later Jim said that it was time to go home.

After they got home and Julie went to bed, Jim came into her room and sat on the side of her bed. Julie, I saw you watching me fuck your mother the other night. I told her about it and she said that it was time you learned about sex and she suggested that I help you learn while she is gone, and you will learn to love it and crave it more than anything else. Half of that was a lie. He had told Donna but it was him that suggested that he teach Julie about fucking. Donna didn't think it was a good idea. "Do you have any questions that you want to ask?" Julie pulled the sheet up to her chin and said no. Jim gave her a little good night kiss but this time it was on the lips. "See you in the morning." Julie didn't sleep much that night. She thought about what Jim had said and what she had heard him and his friend saying by the pool. She gave herself a strong orgasm before falling asleep.

Julie didn't understand why Jim said it would take a whole week to teach her about sex. Basically the girl just laid with her legs spread and the boy got between her legs, put his penis in her and moved it in and out till his sperm came out. That didn't take a week to learn but she thought she was ready and if her mother wanted her to learn now, then she would do her best to let Jim teach her.

The next morning Jim came into her room. He woke Julie by kissing her again. This kiss was longer and harder. Julie turned her head away. Jim was only wearing his boxer shorts and Julie could see a large bulge in them. Jim put some clothes on the bed. "Put these on and come down for breakfast." His tone of voice sounded more like instructions that a suggestion. Jim left the room. Julie got up and took the clothes. They were new and different than any she had. There was a pair of Daisy Duke shorts and a tee shirt that only came down to the bottom of her breasts. On the front it said "I'm yours". Julie went to her underwear drawer and found that all of her underwear was gone. She yelled to Jim that she couldn't find her underwear and he replied that you don't wear any with those clothes. "Now put them on and come to breakfast." Again it was a command, not a request. Julie put on the clothes and looked at herself in the mirror. She had never looked like that. Her nipples were hard and showing through the thin, short tee shirt. She liked the way she looked but was worried.

Julie slowly walked into the kitchen with her arms across her chest. "Put your arms behind your back." She did it and Jim took Julie by the shoulders and pulled her tight to him and kissed her hard. Julie pulled away but he pulled her back and kissed her again. This time, she didn't stop him. He reached under her cropped tee shirt and squeezed one of her bare tits. "You look really cute in that outfit, Julie." He let her go and she sat quietly at the kitchen table as they ate. Julie felt funny and scared at the same time. She noticed that she was very wet between the legs just like when she masturbated. She knew enough about sex to know why. "I'm going to make love to you today, Julie. Are you still a virgin?" She nodded her head yes but didn't say a word. After Julie finished her cereal she got up. Jim also got up and stepped behind her, slid his hands under her shirt and started rolling her nipples between his fingers. Julie pulled away and ran to her room, slamming the door behind her.

After a half hour of crying and thinking, Julie slowly walked back to the living room with her head down. Jim had said that this was her mother's idea that it was time that she learned about sex from Jim. Jim sat on the couch and patted the spot next to him for Julie to sit there. Julie sat down and Jim put his arm around her shoulder and kissed her. She didn't want to be doing this but it did feel good. "I only have less than a week to teach you everything that you need to know about sex, so you will have to learn fast and do everything I tell you to do without any argument. Do you understand?" Julie nodded her head.

Jim reached for the TV remote and pushed play. The first of many DVD's that Jim had chosen to show Julie was a ninety-minute compilation of blowjobs. It was ninety minutes of women sucking cocks, sometimes of more than one man at a time. Twenty scenes of women getting cum splattered on their faces, in their hair and on their tits as well as numerous times having their mouths filled with cum. Each time one of them would get a mouthful of cum, she would show it to the camera before swallowing it. Then she would show the camera again and smile or lick her lips. One scene showed two women swapping the cum back and forth as they kiss each other. All the time they watched the DVD, Jim was playing with Julies tits and told her repeatedly that getting his cock sucked was one of the things that men liked the most of all.

As the movie ended, Jim pulled his erection out of his pants and told Julie to practice what she had seen in the movie. Julie said no. Jim sharply told her that she was going to do as she was told or get punished. She said no again. Jim grabbed her and pulled his belt out of his pants. He whipped her ass six times with his belt. Julie screamed and cried. "Now are you going to do what you are told?" Julie nodded and wiped her tears. "Now suck my cock and do it good." Julie slowly put her lips over the head of Jim's cock. It was the first cock she had ever touched. Jim grabbed her hair and pulled her down onto his shaft causing her to gag when he hit the back of her mouth. Using her hair to control her, he fucked himself with her mouth while telling her to suck harder and to lick his cockhead. After several minutes of Jim using her mouth to fuck his thick seven-inch prick, he told her to get ready to swallow his cum. Rope after rope of his thick, salty fluid blasted into Julie’s mouth. She didn't know what it was going to be like and was not ready. She chocked and gagged and most of it flowed back out of her mouth. Jim held her there till the final throb of his cock. "Lick up all that you spilled." When she hesitated, he slapped her face and told her again to do it. Julie went to work cleaning up all of Jim's cum. "That's a good girl."

Julie spent the rest of the day in her room. At seven, Jim called her for supper. Julie entered the kitchen and sat at the table. "Take your top off." Julie did as she was told and ate her stew while Jim starred at her tits. After they finished eating, Jim took her by the hand and led her to the living room to watch another DVD. This one was mostly of couples fucking. It also had some oral sex. For the first time, Julie saw a man eating out a woman. Jim played with her tits and also put his hand between her legs. He was very pleased at how wet she was down there. Before the movie ended, he slid off the couch, pulled her shorts off and got between her legs. Spreading her legs, he ran his tongue between her pussy lips and over her clit causing a shock to go through her body. "Ohhh" she said. Jim lapped and probed at her clit and fuck hole bringing her quickly to an orgasm. Her fluids flooded Jim's mouth. Masturbation felt good but this felt a hundred times better. "She's going to be a fantastic slut." Jim thought. While he continued eating her out, Jim slipped one then two fingers into her cunt. To his surprise, Julie spared her legs wider and started thrusting her hips in time with his finger fucking. While finger fucking her with one finger and then two, he was able to work his fingers in far enough to touch her hymen. It pleased Jim to be sure that she really was a virgin. He loved being the first to fuck a young girl. He had had the pleasure of breaking in several and never got tired of it.

After he had brought Julie to her second orgasm, Jim took her by the hand and led her to her mother's room. "Take my clothes off." First she unbuttoned his shirt and removed it. Then she undid his belt and unzipped his pants. Julie dropped to her knees to pull his pants down. As she did, his cock sprang out in front of her face. Her lips were around it before it stopped bouncing. He let her suck him for about a minute and then pulled her to her feet, picked her up and threw her on the bed. Climbing between her legs, he took his erection in his hand and touched to the opening of her fuck hole. Julie said, "Aren’t you going to use a condom? I don't want to get pregnant." "Shut your face. If I was going to, I would have done it. I'll do whatever the fuck I want to with you and I don't want to hear a word from you about it. Tomorrow you'll start on birth control pills and if you get pregnant before they take effect, I have an UR486 pill for that."

Jim worked the head of his cock into Julie’s tight virgin opening. If she wasn't so wet, it would have been harder to do. "Oh, that's so big. Are you sure it's going to fit?" "It will fit. Now shut your fuckin mouth." With that, Jim gave one hard thrust and buried himself fully in Julies tight cunt. Julie screamed in pain. "Owwwww, that hurts. Take it out, PLEASE. Stop. I can't take it. Stop." Jim smiled and pounded hard into her, repeatedly burying himself balls deep in her cunt. His balls bounced off her ass and her tits bounced. Her face was covered with tears. The pain eased off and she just lay there getting slammed. After several minutes, it actually started to feel good but just then Jim blow his load deep in her belly and pulled out. He took her by the hair and pulled her head to his crotch. "Suck it clean, slut." Julie saw his cock, covered with his cum, her cum and her blood from getting her cherry popped and she pulled away. Jim slapped her hard across the face and pulled her back down. "Suck it." Julie opened her mouth. He had her give him head till she got him hard again. Her jaw was aching from being stretched so wide so long. When he was hard, he got back between her legs and fucked her again. Her pussy was tender and sore but it did not hurt so much this time. Jim lasted longer after giving her a load in her mouth and then fucking her to his completion. He took his time and brought Julie to orgasm before he filled her again. "Suck it clean, little bitch." This time she did it with out protest. They lay down and got some sleep.

Jim woke up about four am. He looked over and saw Julie sleeping next to him and smiled. He shook her and told her to get up and suck his cock. Not wanting to get hit again, Julie did as she was told. She sucked him till he was empty. "I've gotta pee. I should make you drink my piss. Get in the shower." He dragged her to the shower and pushed her in. Jim followed her in and pushed her to her knees. He took his cock in his hand and aimed it straight at her face and let fly. A strong stream of hot yellow piss flew into her hair and all over her face. "Open your fuckin mouth like a good little slut.” Julie did as she was told. Jim pushed his pissing cock into her mouth. Most of his urine ran back out and off her chin and down her body, but she couldn't help swallowing some of it. Julie thought this was the grossest thing she could ever think of. Finally Jim turned the water on and cleaned them off. After drying off, they went back to bed and slept till ten.

Julie woke first. She looked at Jim and saw that his cock was hard. It was hard most of the time. She took it in her hand and started stroking it. She liked the way it felt, hard on the inside and the soft skin on the outside slid up and down on the hard inside shaft. The head was smooth and almost rubbery. This woke Jim and he just watched as Julie jerked him off. When she saw his balls tighten and knew he was ready to come, she put her mouth over it and accepted his morning offering. "Thank you, Julie. That was very nice of you." Julie smiled at him.

Even Jim was getting worn out and needed a rest himself. That was the most he had fucked and been sucked in months. He knew he only had the rest of the week to turn Julie into a cock craving obedient whore. It was starting off well enough but he had to keep at it. He told Julie that he had a treat for her. They were going back to his friends that afternoon for another swim. He had her dress in a short skirt and tank top, of course with no panties. Julie was getting used to that. She grabbed her swimsuit but he told her to put it back. "You won't be needing that today." They drove over on the freeway and as they passed an eighteen-wheeler, Jim told her to show the trucker her tits. She hesitated and Jim firmly said, "Do it." Julie pulled down her tank top and flashed the trucker. He almost went off the road. Then she pulled up her skirt and showed him her little shaved pussy. The trucker almost ran into the back of the car in front of him. Julie laughed. They pass two more trucks and Julie did the same thing without being told to. She enjoyed that.

When they arrived, Jim's friend answered the door. As they entered, he grabbed Julie and gave her a kiss while squeezing one of her titties. Julie looked at Jim and he just nodded yes. They went to the back. It was a large yard with a high privacy fence. Jim's friend also had a friend over that afternoon. He was a black man about the same age. Jim never introduced either of them to her by name. Jim told Julie to take her clothes off and get her swim. She stripped and dove in. Jim sat in a chair by the pool watching and nursing a beer. After a few minutes, Jim's friend and his friend stripped and got in the pool also. They started splashing Julie and she started splashing them back. Pretty soon they were pushing her back and forth between then and playing see what part you can grab when she comes to you. Julie was giggling and enjoying the game. A couple of times Julie had grabbed their cocks under the water. They were both hard and both about the same size as Jim.

Jim's friend walked over to the side of the pool near the shallow end and sat on the edge with his feet in the water. Jim told her to go over and suck him off. Having never been with anyone but Jim she looked at him with a look that he knew was asking if it was OK. Jim nodded yes and Julie stepped between his legs reached out and took his shaft in her hand and started jerking it. Then she bent over and put her lips around his cockhead. She could taste the pre-cum that had already come from it. The black man walked up behind Julie and as his cock touched her ass cheeks, Julie pulled up and looked back. Julie had never even thought of being with a black. She wasn't sure she wanted to let him touch her. Then the guy in front of her pulled her head back down. "Get back at it, little girl." He pressed his cock to her lips and she opened her mouth and accepted what was going to happen to her. The black man bent over her and reached between her legs and started stroking her clit. Rapidly, Julie's body started to react. The hotter she got, the more cock she was able to take into her mouth. As she reached orgasm, she pushed forwarded and for the first time took a cock into her throat. As she deepthroated Jim's friend, the black man took his hand away and started sliding his manhood back and forth between her pussy lips. Then he found her hole and entered Julie's cunt. He held her hips and fucked her with a steady motion while she gave the blowjob of her young life. Unexpectedly, they all came at the same time. Julie’s stomach was filled with cum and her uterus was filled with black seed. They all got out of the pool and rested before having pizza. Before going home, Julie fucked each of the two guys one more time. The one who was not fucking her was getting sucked and then they would switch. Both of them pulled out before coming and shot their spunk all over her face. Julie scooped it up with her fingers and ate it.

On the way home it was too dark to flash the truckers. At home Julie cuddled up to Jim and they watched another DVD. This one was all threesomes with one guy and two girls. The girls spent as much time eating and playing with each other as they did with the man. Jim was getting Julie ready for what he had planned for the next day. Julie looked up at him. "Are you going to fuck me tonight, Jim?" "Do you want me to?" "Yes." "OK but there is one thing I want to change now. Whenever you talk to me I want you to call me Sir. And the same goes for any other man who is interested in you sexually." "Yes Sir." "Get out of your clothes." "Yes Sir." Julie stripped. Jim took a little bag that he brought in from the car and reached in. First he pulled out a dog collar. It was about an inch wide, black and had rhinestones all the way around it. He pulled out a leash and snapped it onto the collar. "Whenever I put this on you will follow me and when I tell you to, you will do it on all fours like a dog." "Yes Sir." Jim took the leash back off. "Your mother is going to be so proud of you when she gets back home." Julie smiled and Jim laughed to himself.

"Turn around and put your hands behind your back." Julie promptly turned around. Jim took some zip ties out of the bag and tied her hands together. "On your knees." Julie dropped. She had a little trouble keeping from tipping over with her hands bound. Jim took out his cock and Julie promptly opened her mouth. After she had completed her job, Jim took her to the kitchen and sat her in a chair and then fed her supper, naked and with her hands bound behind her. After supper he took her to her room, cut her loose and told her to lay face down on her bed. Next he retied her hands to the headboard and tied her feet to the lower legs. She lay there spread eagle, face down on her bed. Jim reached between her legs and started finger fucking her and rubbing her clit. It wasn't long before she was wiggling and moaning and getting ready to come.

His finger was wet from her juices when he moved it to her ass hole and started playing with it. He got one finger in up to the first knuckle and started pumping it in and out, pushing it in a little further each time. Putting some lub on his second finger, he worked two fingers up her shitter. "Do you like that Julie?" "It hurts a little and it feels funny Sir." "You'll learn to like it." Jim removed his fingers and replaced them with his cock. He pushed in slowly. He had thought about just slamming all the way in on the first push but decided to take it easy on her. "Oh, that hurts. You're too big. You're tearing me apart." Jim slapped her ass hard. "You didn't say Sir." "Please stop Sir." Jim pushed the last inch into her. Julie cried. After pausing for just a minute to let Julie's ass adjust to having his cock in it, he started slowly fucking in and out of her. He got going harder and faster and soon was fucking her ass the same way he would fuck her pussy. "How does it feel now, my sweet little whore?" "It doesn't hurt and more but I feel like I have to take a huge shit, Sir." Jim pumped his cock into her shit hole hard and fast till he filled her bowels with his cream.

When he pulled out he could see his cum and a little shit and a little blood on it. He reached into his bag and took out a small cock shaped vibrator, turned it up on high and shoved it into her well-used ass hole. It was small enough that he was able to push it all the way in so her hole closed around it, hiding it from view. Jim moved up to the top of the bed and put his cock next to her face. She knew what he wanted but she did not open her mouth. Jim grabbed the sides of her jaw and squeezed. When she had to open her mouth he shoved his cock deep into her throat and held it there till Julie was afraid that she was going to pass out. Then he finally pulled out, pulled her hair so that she was looking up at his face and told her, "Don't you ever refuse to suck a man's cock when he puts it to your face. Now go to the bathroom and take that vibrator out of your ass and suck it clean before you put it away." Julie did as she was told. Jim snapped the leash onto her collar and she followed him back to the master bedroom on all fours.

The next morning Kim got his morning cock suck without asking the way he wanted it every morning. "Thank you for letting me suck your cock, Sir. I really like doing it for you." Julie was starting to wonder if she was doing it from fear of being punished or because she had come to really like doing it. We're going to have company this afternoon, Julie, a good friend of mine. I want you to be on your best behavior. When you answer the door I want you to give our guest a big sexy kiss. At about one o'clock the doorbell rang. Julie answered the door, naked except for her dog collar. At the door was a large black woman. She was about the same height as Julie but weighed well over two hundred pounds and had tits that had to be DDD's. Julie looked at Jim and he nodded his head. Julie planted a kiss on Tanya's lips and Tanya returned it for a long time, slipping her tongue into Julie's mouth. Julie said, "Please come in." She almost said Sir but caught herself and said "Mam."

Julie, help our guest out of her clothes and make her feel welcome. Tanya stood there while Julie removed her clothes. Tanya lifted one of her huge saggy tits to Julies face and told her to make them feel welcome too. Julie put both hands around it and put her mouth around the nipple. Her nipple grew to well over an inch as Julie sucked it. Tanya moaned and told Julie that the other one was feeling left out. Julie treated the other one to the same welcoming. "Let's get to the bedroom," Tanya said and took Julie by the hand and said, "Lead the way my pretty little white slut." Jim followed them to the master bedroom. Tanya rolled onto the bed and lay on her back with her legs spread wide. Jim took Julie by the shoulders and spoke to her. "You remember how good it felt when I ate you out. I want you to do just as good a job for our guest." Then he slapped her on the ass. "Get to it." Julie remembered when Jim had made her feel so good and come so hard by eating her. She also remembered the scenes from the movie that they had watched the day before. She climbed onto the bed between Tanya’s fat legs and pushed her face into her hairy twat. Slipping her tongue between Tanya’s pussy lips, she started licking at her clit. It was obvious from the smell and taste that Tanya did not put a lot of effort into keeping herself clean.

Julie was on her hands and knees, eating the huge black woman's cunt. Tanya got very wet, very fast and her cunt juice literally poured out of her. Julie got mouthful after mouthful and could hardly keep up swallowing it all. Tanya pulled Julie's head tight to her pussy and almost smothered her in her rolls of fat. Jim got behind Julie and started to fuck her doggie style. Julie hardly noticed that he was in her. Julie worked and worked on Tanya's cunt and finally got her to climax. It turned out that Tanya was a squirter. The black woman's ejaculate flew out of her cunt in a stream, much like when the men had pissed in her mouth but she could tell from the taste that it wasn't piss. Julie swallowed as fast as she could but much of Tanya's cum still ran down her chin onto the bed. Jim filled Julie with his seed but he didn't get any reaction from her. She was too wrapped up in what was happening to the other end of her. Jim got up and went to Tanya's face. Tanya opened her mouth and promptly deepthroated Jim's shaft till she was licking his balls. Julie watched her and was feeling jealous. Jim's cock was supposed to be hers. She bit Tanya's clit but it only made her moan with pleasure.

Day number five started with Jim’s usual blowjob. Julie showed him that she no longer had to be having an orgasm to be able to deepthroat. It was her feelings that made her show Jim that she was just as good as that fat black Tanya. Jim asked her how she was enjoying her sex education. Julie lied and said that she liked it. But she did tell the truth that she liked it most when he fucked her or she got to suck his cock. Julie was truly starting to enjoy that and she was having feelings for Jim. Jim had to go out and Julie had to spend most of the day alone. One of her friends called and asked her to go to the mall. Knowing that Jim would not be home till suppertime, Julie said OK. Betty picked her up in time to have lunch at the mall. They spent two hours at the mall and Betty asked her why she was being so quiet. Julie just shrugged her shoulders. She couldn't tell Betty that she was really thinking about being fucked by her mother's boyfriend and sucking his cock till it came when he got home. Betty took Julie home.

Jim got home about six. Julie had supper ready. After supper, Jim said he had a new game to play. He brought in a bench from the garage. Then he had Julie lie face down on it and tied her hands to two of the legs and tied her at the knees to the other two legs and spread. Julie couldn't move much more than her head and then only to turn it from side to side. Jim stared tickling her. She squirmed and giggled and begged him to stop and fuck her. "I have a new surprise, Julie." "What is it Sir?" "Just wait, you'll see." Jim went out to the back yard. Tanya let me bring Duke home for us to play with. Julie looked puzzled. Duke walked over to Julie and pushed his cold wet nose into her crotch. "Get him away, Jim." Jim walked over and gave Julies ass a hard slap. "What did you call me?" " I meant, get the dog away from my crotch, Sir." That's better but Duke is just fine where he is. Duke started to lick Julie. His long rough tongue easily split her pussy lips and rubbed the length of her slot, from ass hole to clit over and over. Julie was repulsed at the thought of a dog licking her privates but soon the feeling started to get really good and she started to get wet. The wetter she got the more Duke licked. Julie didn't want it to happen but Duke brought her to an orgasm. Julie screamed thru it.

Julie had not seen but Duke's cock had come out from its sheath. Jim took him by the collar. "Mount." Duke jumped up with his front feet on the bench. Julie felt his prick touch her ass. Duke started poking at her ass and after many tries he found her opening. His cock was bright red and pointed at the end. It was almost ten inches and very thick. It dripped pre-cum almost in a steady stream. "No. Get down doggie. Bad dog. Help me Sir." Jim laughed. As soon as Duke had found the right spot, he slammed deep into Julie. She screamed. Duke pistoned his oversized pecker into this bitch faster than any man ever could. As he fucked Julie she started feeling him growing inside of her. She remembered about dogs knots and how they got stuck together when they had sex. Dukes knot grew bigger than a tennis ball and it was painful for Julie to be stretched so far. Julie felt his searing hot cum filling her till she felt bloated but his knot kept them sealed together so the cum could not run out. Duke stopped but they were locked together. Finally he stepped over Julie's ass so they were ass to ass. Then he just waited till he would start to go down and he could pull out. It was about ten minutes later when, with a poop, Dukes cock came out of Julie. His dog cum poured out of the girls stretched pussy. Duke licked her twat and then laid down in the corner and started licking himself clean. Julie dropped her head and cried. She didn't know why Jim would make this happen to her. Julie was let free and spent most of the rest of the day in her room trying to forget how sore her bottom felt. Jim did come in and tell her that she had taken that very well and that he really enjoyed watching her get fucked by Duke. "Maybe someday you will do it again so my friends can watch. Julie fell asleep and Jim did not take her to his room that night. Time was running out and he still had more plans for his little slut in training.

The next day was the next to last day before her mother would come home. Julie came into Jim's room to give him his morning blowjob but he stopped her. "This morning is going to be different. You're going to give my morning sucking to Duke before we have to give him back to Tanya." Julie crossed her arms and sternly said, "No way am I ever going to suck off a dog." Jim pulled her onto the bed and took his belt, which he had ready for this possibility. "I'm going to whip your ass till you change your mind." He had given her four hard smacks with the belt before Julie screamed for him to stop, that she would do it.

Duke was on the floor next to the bed. Julie got down next to him. She rubbed his sheath till his prick started to come out. Then she bent down and took the pointed tip of his cock into her mouth. Duke made a lot of pre-cum but it was watery without much taste. As more of Duke's cock emerged, Julie took more and more into her mouth. When she got to the thick part of it she could just barely get her mouth around it. Duke started humping and whimpering. Julie held her hand on his cock to control how much went into her mouth and to be completely sure that his know never made it into her mouth. It only took a couple of minutes and Duke was ejaculating in Julies mouth. His cum was much hotter than a man's and there was a lot more of it. She tried not to swallow any of it but did not have any choice. She swallowed three big gulps before he was empty. Julie went to the bathroom and puked it the toilet and then rinsed her mouth several times. Jim put her on the bed on her knees with her head flat on the bed and fucked her doggie. When he was ready to come, he had Julie turn around and finish him with her mouth. She never spilled a drop. About an hour later, Tanya came to get Duke. As she was leaving she asked Julie how she like her friendly little doggie. Julie said what she thought Tanya would want to hear. "He's a very nice dog. I had fun with him, Mam." Julie was very glad to see Duke go.

"Tonight is the next to last night of your education before your mother gets home, Julie. She is going to be so pleased at how much you have learned. I would like to do something special for you. What would you like to do?" "I would like to go out to dinner, Sir." "OK, I'll take you to Eddie's Steak House. How does that sound?' "Great, Sir." "Consider it a reward for how hard you are working. We will have some fun while we are out also." Jim told her that he wanted her to wear her short white leather shirt and the silky white top that was semi-transparent. You could see the dark spots that were her nipples and when her nipples were hard, they made very noticeable bumps in the blouse. Julie got dressed.

Jim came into her room carrying something. "Here is one more thing for you to wear tonight. Jim had the small vibration cock in one hand. He turned it on high and told her to sit on the edge of the bed and spread her legs. When she did it he spent a minute rubbing the vibrator on her clit. When she was nice and wet he worked it into her cunt till he pushed it out of sight with one finger. Then he gave Julie the finger to suck clean. Then he gave her the other thing that he had with him. It was a belt that he had taken to the shoe repair shop and had a second strap sewed onto it. The belt went around her waist and the second strap went between her legs and kept the vibrator from coming out. The vibrator was already working it's magic and Julie was wiggling and squirming from the feeling. "Now we're ready to go, Little One."

As they drove, Julie was feeling very horny from the vibrating cock buried in her pussy. They pulled up next to an 18-wheeler and Julie pulled her blouse open and wiggled her tits at the driver and blew him a kiss. Rather than finishing passing the truck, Jim stayed next to it. "We're coming up to a rest stop, Julie. Wave to the driver and point to the right." Julie did it as Jim finished passing him and pulled into the rest stop. Jim saw the driver get on his CB. They parked and got out. Jim clicked the leash onto Julies collar and told her to follow him. They walked behind the truck so they were away from the other vehicles. The driver was there as were two other drivers that were already at the rest stop. The first driver had called them on his CB. Jim spoke,” My little daughter here really loves truck drivers. Can she give you a little treat?" The three drivers all reached for their zippers. "OK Julie, suck their cocks." Julie got on her knees, opened her blouse and reached for the first cock. Jim had the first driver write down his CB handle while he was waiting his turn. When they were done, Julie had three mouthfuls of cum to swallow. Jim led her back to the car. Her tits were a little dirty and there was cum on her chin. Jim gave her a handy wipe and told her to clean up. "That was fun, Sir. Giving a blowjob while my insides were buzzing like that." Jim could see her cum on the insides of her thighs.

They got to the restaurant. The hostess gave Julie a dirty look as they went to the booth. The young boy who brought the water was almost drooling as he stared at Julie. Julie shook her shoulders back and forth to make her tits giggle for him. A minute later, Jim watched Julie as she gritted her teeth and slid down in the seat. "That's the fourth time I have come since we left the house." After they finished their meal, they got up to leave. Jim looked where Julie had been sitting and smiled when he saw the big wet spot she left. He pictured the next person who sat there.

On the way home, Julie cuddled up with her head on Jim's shoulder. She slid her hand under the strap between her legs and gently rubbed herself during the ride. When they were home, Julie put her arms around Jim's neck, pulled herself up and gave him a big kiss. "I need you to fuck me, Jim ..... I mean Sir." "Go to my room and get undressed and take the vibrator out." Julie rushed to the master bedroom. When she removed the dildo, it was still going strong. She rubbed it against her clit a couple of times before she sucked the end of it and licked up and down the sides and put it on the nightstand. "Now undress me," Julie had his clothes off in about a minute and had her lips around his cock. As soon as he was fully hard, she jumped up on the bed and spread her legs as wide as she could. "PLEASE" was all she said. Jim got between her legs and sank his manhood into her waiting pubic playground. He slowly fucked her with long strokes. It was the gentlest fuck he had eve given her. Julie moaned with each thrust and had two small orgasms by the time Jim filled her with his seed. She cuddled his back as they fell asleep.

As usual, breakfast followed Jim's morning blowjob. Julie now looked forward to starting the day off by sucking Jim's cock. She loved having her mouth full of his cum. She swirled it around with her tongue before swallowing it and licking her lips to get any that she had missed. At the breakfast table, Jim told Julie, "We're going to have a party here at the house tonight. It will be your graduation party." "How many people will be here?" Julie asked. "I think the total should be seven or so." "I'm going to film it and you can show your mom everything that you've learned this week. She will be very proud of how much you have learned." "Do you really think so, Sir?" "You have done very well. You have become a sweet slut that any man would be happy to have service him."

The day was spent cleaning the house and getting snacks ready. Julie took a long bubble bath, freshly shaved her pubic hair and decided what clothes she wanted to wear. Jim came in and told her to put them back away because all she needed that night was her collar. About eight pm the guests started to arrive. Julie noted that they were all the people that she had been with during the last week. There were the two guys from the pool, the three truckers and Tanya who brought Duke. Jim led her by her leash to each person as they arrived and she gave them a big kiss while they fondled her parts. She even gave Tanya a big, open mouth kiss.

They all started with snacks and drinks while Julie danced with a lot of tit shaking. Then she lay on the floor and pleasured herself with her fingers and a large black dildo. The guests watched and cheered her on. The whole time, Jim or one of the others filmed the party, concentrating on Julie. Everyone else’s clothes started to come off and cocks were given to Julie to suck, which she happily did. Before long it developed into one hell of a gangbang. Julie was fucked in every hole. Sometimes she had cocks in all three holes at the same time. Cum flew and landed all over her. She swallowed more than she ever had. Tanya sat and watched with Duke at her feet. When the fucking slowed down, Jim went out and got the bench. He placed Julie over it and without being tied, she stayed there while Duke was brought to her. Duke licked her crotch and some of the cum that was all over her. His cock emerged and that was the sign for Tanya to tell him, "Mount."

Duke quickly found his target and gave Julie the same wild dog fucking that he had given her the first time. This time she had a hard orgasm with her cunt full of dog cock. Duke didn't manage to get her knotted this time and when he came, his thin, clear cum poured out of her as fast as it went in as he gave her far more that her insides could hold. Duke went to the side of the room and laid down and started cleaning himself. Julie followed his and helped him lick his prick clean. Julie was sent to the bathroom to clean up. When she got back, most of the men were ready to use her again. After being given several more loads of male ejaculate, Tanya came over and squatted over her face. Julie licked and sucked Tanya's fat hairy twat till she got her to come. Again she squirted a mouthful of girl cum for Julie to swallow. "I've held myself all day. My bladder is busting. I've gotta piss real bad." With that, Tanya started spraying hot piss all over Julie's face. Julie caught some of it with her mouth but most of it went all over her and soaked her face and matted her hair. Tanya had held a lot if piss to give Julie a golden shower. It was a good thing that Jim had put down a plastic sheet before the party started. After Tanya had finished, Julie went to clean up and the party broke up. When Julie came back out, the only one still there was Jim. "Get this place cleaned up and then come to bed."

An hour later, Julie finished and crawled into bed with Jim. "One more task before the night is over." Jim had Julie mount him and fuck him from the top. Julie bounced up and down on his cock. He loved watching her tits bounce when she did him that was. Jim filled her one last time. She kept fucking herself on his pole till it got too soft to stay in. Then they slept.

The next morning, Jim told her that her mother's plane arrived just before noon and they would go to meet her. Julie still gave Jim his morning blowjob. "Will I still get to suck you in the mornings, Sir?" "There will usually be time after your mother leaves for work, Little One." Jim had Julie dress in one of her new outfits that was sexy but not slutty. She was still to wear no underwear. Jim had actually thrown it all in the trash. Donna walked off the plane and Jim and Julie were there waiting for her. She noticed Julie's new clothes. Jim gave her a hug and then Julie did too. Donna felt that her daughter was not wearing a bra. She scowled. On the way home they chatted about the trip and how things went at home. Jim told her that everything had been great at home and he said that Julie had learned a lot while her mother was away. Donna was puzzled by that statement.

That night Julie was sent to bed a little early. Jim had talked to Julie and told her what he wanted her to do that night. Jim figured that Donna would be super horny after being away all that time. He did not know that she had been fucked by or sucked off her boss ten times or more while she was with him and that he had passed her around to several other business men to secure some more business for his company. But even with that, Donna was horny and looking forward to the good fucking that Jim always gave her. They got in bed. Jim told her that he wanted to play a little game. He wanted to blindfold her and she was to pretend that she did not know who was fucking her. Jim often had her play little games like student and teacher and others, so she didn't think much of it.

First Jim had her suck his cock, then he started fucking her in the missionary position. Then he backed away and moved down and started licking her slit. Something didn't feel right so Donna pulled of the blindfold. First she saw Jim standing next to the bed. Then she saw Julie on her hands and knees, licking her mother's pussy. "What the fuck?" Jim gave her a stern look and put his finger to his lips in the Shhhh motion. Donna stopped. She did not want to do anything that would make Jim punish her. Julie kept eating her mother out and soon Donna's body started to react. Jim got behind Julie and pushed his cock into her ass. Donna could see Jim fucking Julie but she couldn't see what hole he was using. Donna went over the edge and had a hard orgasm by her daughter's tongue. Julie kept licking and sucking her mother's clit and tongue fucking her fuck hole.

Just as Jim was ready to come, he pulled out of Julie's ass and went up to her face. Julie promptly opened her mouth and accepted Jims cock. She sucked it till he filled her mouth with his cum. Julie held it in her mouth and moved up and kissed her mother, pouring Jim's cum into Donna's mouth. Then she went back down and stared eating her mother again till she brought her to another orgasm. Jim held Donna's hand. Julie couldn't tell but he was squeezing it hard enough to cause Donna pain as he told her that from now on, Julie would be sharing the bed with them. Then he told Donna to return the favor and to go down on Julie. It wasn't that she wanted to do it but the physical pleasure was there and she did not want to get Jim mad. When Donna positioned herself to eat her daughter, she could see that Julie's ass hole was still gapping and she knew that Jim had been fucking her daughter up the rectum. Donna got to work and ate Julie till she came. Not another word was said till the next morning. The next morning would start with the two women sharing the sucking of Jim's cock.

For the next couple weeks things followed in the same fashion. Donna and Julie usually shared the morning blowjob and Jim fucked Julie after Donna left for work. Donna and Julie got comfortable with being sexual with each other and a couple times were with just each other when Jim went out for a while. Jim would invite friends over every few nights for gangbangs. The women didn't know that sometimes the strangers that fucked them were paying Jim to do it. There were about three weeks left in Julie's summer vacation. Jim told them that he had a special treat. He had been able to get a condo in the islands for a week and a friend had a plane to fly them down there. He told Donna to get the week off as vacation and they would all go spend some time on the beach.

The day of the trip came and everybody went to the airport. They boarded a private twin-engine jet and took off. After several hours of flying, the plane landed on a private island airstrip. They taxied past several other planes and docks with large boats tied up at them before coming to a stop. Julie had been told to strip, then Jim pinched her nipples to get them hard. She was led down the steps with her leash on. At the bottom of the steps Jim had told her to kneel next to him and put her hands behind her back. She didn't notice that her mother was not allowed to get off the plane with them. Waiting for them on the runway was a couple who were probably in their late forties or even early fifties. They were well dressed and they had two male dogs sitting next to them. The dogs were even larger than Duke. "Welcome to my island," the man said. Julie was introduced to them as Mr. and Mrs. Johnson but told that she was to call them Sir and Mam. The pilot went back up into the plane and took Julie's suitcase with him. Jim told her that she would not need her old things (or anything, he thought to himself) here on the island. "Come this way." About half way to the large house, Julie noticed that her mother was not with them. "Where's Mom?" "She has some things to take care of. She'll join us later." Jim and Julie followed the couple into the house, or you might even call it a mansion.

In the huge living room, Jim told Julie that he wanted her to show their guests how nice it is for them to have us come spend some time with them by going over and sucking his cock. Julie looked an Jim and then started over towards where he was seated. Mr. Johnson stood and dropped his pants and sat back down. His wife stood next to the chair. Julie got between his legs and looked at his limp four inch dick that was almost hidden by his belly. She knew that she had to do the best job that she could. She leaned forward and lifted it to her mouth. Licking and sucking for a couple of minutes finally got him hard. His erection was about six inches, still the smallest cock she had ever had but not bad. Julie started bobbing up and down on it.

Mrs. Johnson moved next to Julie and grabbed her hair. Then she forcefully started pushing and pulling Julie's head up and down on her husband's prick. "Suck that cock hard, whore. Swallow my husband's cock till he fills your mouth with his cum." Julie didn't have any trouble swallowing his whole manhood. Soon he groaned and came in Julie's mouth. Julie didn't spill a drop. Mrs. Johnson pulled Julie's hair so that she was looking straight up and then she leaned over and gave Julie a long hard kiss. Julie returned the kiss. "Julie, we have invited a few friends over for a welcoming party in your honor." Julie knew what kind of party they were talking about. Mr. Johnson reached next to his chair and took a briefcase and handed it to Jim. "$60,000 in US currency, Is that correct?" "That's just right Sir. This young lady is all yours for your pleasure. Thank you very much."

Julie looked at Jim with questioning eyes. Jim said, "Mr. Johnson, Sir, I have to talk with Julie for a minute if that is alright with you." "Go ahead." Jim took Julie into the other room. He held her tightly by the jaw and made her look at him. "OK Julie. Here's the story. I make my living finding, training and selling fuck sluts as sex slaves. I have sold you to these people and you will be living here with them from now on and you will treat them the same way I have trained you to treat me. Do you understand?" Julie cried, "But I want to stay with you and my mother." "That's not your choice." Actually Jim had also sold Julie's mother to a harem in the Middle East for another $40,000 where Donna would have a very good life. Right now she was tied in her seat on the airplane waiting for Jim so they could leave. Jim told Julie a lie so that, fearing the consequences she would accept her situation and act the way she was expected to.

Jim told Julie that her mother was of very little value at her age and that he had sold her to a drug gang in Mexico for just $1,000 and that they were going to make her the star in a snuff film to sell. He told her that the film was going to be twenty Mexicans raping and torturing her mother for several days. Then in the final scene, they were going to tie her to a rafter in a barn, cut off her tits, shove one in her mouth and the other up her cunt and then stand there and watch her bleed to death. "Julie, If I ever have to come back here and give these people their money back because they are unhappy with you, I will then sell you to the same drug gang. Do you understand?" With tears running down her cheek, Julie nodded her head. "Now go back out there and sit at his feet, hand him your leash and tell him that you are looking forward to living here." Julie went back out into the living room knowing that she had to please her new owners and sat, naked between Mr. Johnson and his two dogs. Jim walked out the door with the briefcase in his hand. A couple minutes later the sound of the plane taking off was heard and men's voices could be heard in the other room as they enjoyed the beginning of that nights welcoming party.

One thing that Julie had no idea of, was that the Johnson’s were looking forward to Julie bearing them many grandchildren and as soon as possible. It made no difference to them who the father was. The birth control pills that Jim had given her were fake. She was not protected but she was not yet pregnant. She would be filled with as much cum as he and their friends could pump into her, starting tonight, so that she would stay pregnant as often as possible. One rule that they had told all the guests was that any man of a different race could only use Julie's mouth and ass hole unless she was obviously pregnant, as they wanted all their grandchildren to look like their mother. Fucking her while she was pregnant would be just a bonus pleasure for everyone and his dogs. Julie was also going to be expected to pleasure Mrs. Johnson's cunt any time he or his wife wanted. She will also be expected to be the house servant whenever someone was not using her mouth, ass or cunt.

Julie sat in her new bedroom, looking out at the palm trees and the ocean wondering how her life had taken such a change in the last month. She thought back to the day that her mother had left on that business trip.



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she is lucky he could have been brutal in training her and broken her will as it is she will be treated very well with all the cock she could ever want


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