Best friends getting together to play
“Nick is a terrible kisser,” Lauren announced, as she rolled over onto her stomach from her back on Tara’s bed.
Tara laughed, as Nick was Lauren’s flavor of the week. He was just her type, playing forward on the hockey team, cute, but not especially smart. “Is he at least a good fuck?”
“How the hell would I know? Every time I have a chance of getting laid, he’s too drunk to do anything about it. Besides, I don’t think he has what it takes to get me going anyway.”
“Really? That’s too bad. Why are you still with him then?” Tara asked. She has had the same boyfriend for the last 3 years. She was lucky. Ben was smart, considerate, and definitely what her and Lauren called “Grade A” (they had a tendency to call out grades to each other, text, whatever way they could, depending on how a guy looked. In Tara’s case, it meant in bed also).
“Because there’s nobody better,” Lauren said, sighing. “I mean, I like him, but… I don’t know. Maybe I’m just being hard on him because he’s not like Ben.” Tara knew from being friends with Lauren for the last 15 years that she didn’t mean anything by the comment, only that Tara was lucky to have found someone like Ben, which she already knew.
“Maybe,” Tara responded thoughtfully. “Maybe you two just need a little more time together. And you’ve only been with Nick like… 5 seconds. It’s not terrible that you haven’t fucked yet.”
“First off,” Lauren proclaimed, flipping her blonde hair over her shoulder and sitting up. “You try going 4 months without some action. You don’t have to go 4 days without it.”
Tara got up off the floor and flopped down on the bed next to Lauren and the two stretched out side by side like they’d done for so many years. “I know, I shouldn’t talk. It’s got to be hard. I really don’t know how you do it.”

Suddenly, Lauren looked over at her. Everything about Tara that had been awkward or gawky when they were younger had vanished over the last 4 or 5 years. Her hair, which had changed colors many times as they were growing up, finally settled on a dark reddish brown that you always had to look twice at to see what color it really was. Her celery green eyes, always a shock at first, were the most intriguing thing about her. Tara was thin and beautiful and the fact that she didn’t know she was beautiful made her even more desirable to anyone who met her.
Just then, Tara screwed her eyes together and stuck her tongue out at Lauren. Lauren cracked up and sat up again.
“Remember when we were like, what, 12, and decided we needed to know how to kiss before the middle school dance?” she asked her best friend.
Tara started laughing too. “Yes! I can’t believe we did that.”
“It’s not even like it was a one time thing,” Lauren said, remembering back to all the hours they’d spend in Tara’s room. They chose Tara’s house because her parents were divorced and her mom was always working. They’d race home from school every day for 2 weeks, thunder up the stairs to Tara’s room, and “practice” kissing. First on posters of hot guys, then on their hands, and then, one time, on each other.
“We were definitely dorks,” Tara nodded, still smiling. However, she noticed something funny on Lauren’s face. “You okay?”

Lauren reached forward and brushed some hair out of Tara’s face. “Did you start using that new shit on your face that your mom brought back from wherever she just came from?”
Tara reached up and touched her cheek. “Yeah, you noticed? I love it… Do you want some?” She ran into her bathroom down the hall. Lauren got up off the bed and followed her. She walked in just as Tara was grabbing the tube off the counter. “Come here,” Tara motioned her to sit on the closed toilet as she squeezed some out onto her finger. She gently circled the cream on Lauren’s pale cheeks. She looked up into Lauren’s clear sky blue eyes.

Before she knew what she was doing, Tara leaned down and kissed Lauren. Almost as instantly as she touched her lips, she backed away. “I am so sor---”, Tara started. But before she finished, Lauren stood up and kissed her again, this time long and deep. When they finally broke apart, Lauren had pink in her cheeks, but her blue eyes were sparkling. Tara felt flushed and a little light-headed, but she felt herself want more of Lauren’s soft lips. She hesitantly walked back close to Lauren and Lauren met her halfway, this time running her hands in Tara’s long auburn hair.
Tara pushed Lauren back against the wall and kissed her over and over. Their tongues started to intertwine. “I don’t remember it being quite like this when we were 12,” Lauren said, with a giggle. “But I think that’s okay.”
“Is this… You know, is this okay with you? I mean, it doesn’t make us…” Tara tried to explain what she was feeling.
Lauren laughed at her friend’s puzzled, and adorable, face. “No, just because we enjoy kissing each other doesn’t mean we have to commit to the whole lesbian lifestyle. It also doesn’t mean we don’t like cocks. We can have it both ways, you know.”
Tara thought about it a moment and decided Lauren was right. Even if she wasn’t, there wasn’t much Tara could do about how wet she was starting to get. She was turned on by her friend’s soft lips, urgent kiss, and slim, yet curving body. She almost wanted more than just a kiss.

She reached back for Lauren and they kissed more and more until it got harder and more needy. Lauren slid her hand under Tara’s shirt and across her flat stomach. She kept going, gently, to slide her hand up to Tara’s C-cupped tits and began softly rubbing her palm of the nipple. At this point, there was no going back for either of the girls.
Tara held tightly to the back of Lauren’s head, her fingered twisted through her long, light blonde hair. With her other hand, she went in for Lauren’s tits. Even though they were slightly smaller than Tara’s, they filled her hand with a sweet satisfaction. She stepped even closer to Lauren so that Lauren’s leg was in between hers. She started rubbing her pussy up and down on Lauren and they both let out soft moans.
Tara stepped back and glanced over at the shower. Lauren eagerly nodded and reached across Tara, with another kiss, to turn on the water. She went to unbutton her pants when Tara reached over and held her wrists. For a fleeting, almost panicked moment, she thought her friend was stopping her. But Tara, sexy thing that she was, walked to her and pulled Lauren’s shirt over her head, tossing it to the side. Then she smiled as she unclasped Lauren’s bra and began kissing her tits. As she kissed her way down Lauren’s stomach, she moved her hands down her back, sending shivers down Lauren’s spine.
As her kisses lingered around Lauren’s waistline, she pulled down Lauren’s jeans, revealing a hot pink thong. Lauren stepped out of them and tugged Tara to her feet. Then she slipped out of Tara’s grasp and stepped backwards into the shower, never breaking their gaze. Tara quickly stripped out of her clothes and followed her friend into the shower. Immediately, the two locked lips again, with extreme intensity. They ran their hands everywhere on each other and eventually both girls were grasping each other’s asses, their tits and nicely shaved pussies pressed together.
Tara brought her hand down between Lauren’s legs and began to rub her clit. “Ohhhh,” Lauren moaned. She leaned her head back, water running down her face and eventually down her tits, which Tara started kissing again. Lauren took her hands off Tara and with one hand grasping the wall to hold her up, she started returning the favor to Tara. Both girls went back to kissing each other while they fingered each other in and out, faster and faster. Both were squirming, trying to keep from cumming right away.

Lauren put her hand on Tara’s arm and gently pushed her back. She kneeled down in front of Tara and started to lick her pussy and then move her tongue in and out of it. Tara spread her legs as far apart as she could and pressed her back against the walls, resting her hand on top of Lauren’s head. “Oh. My. God,” she panted, as Lauren worked in her pussy. Finally, when she was on the verge of cumming, she yelled out, “Wait!” She reached behind Lauren and turned off the water.
Lauren looked at her quizzically. “Come with me,” Tara said, taking her hand. She nearly pulled her naked friend back down the her room, both of them giggling all the way. Tara playfully pushed Lauren down on the bed. “Close your eyes.”
While Lauren obliged, Tara quietly opened the drawer where she kept her vibrators and pulled 2 out. She slid them under the quilt and climbed on top of Lauren, kissing her once more. She put Lauren’s hands above her head on the pillow, clasping them in her own. She worked her pussy on Lauren’s and let out another moan. With one hand, she reached under the quilt and worked the vibrator into Lauren’s pussy. “Oh fuck,” Lauren gasped. “It feels so good.” Tara rubbed Lauren’s tits and played the vibrator across her clit. Lauren squealed with pleasure. “Give me your pussy,” she said. “I want to make you cum too.”

Tara quickly grabbed the second vibrator and they laid side by side, facing each other. They both moved the vibrators in and out, pressed them onto their clits, and made out. Their hands kept quickly moving across each other’s slim bodies, getting them more and more worked up. Lauren took the vibrator from Tara’s hand, tossed it aside and put the other end of the one that was in Tara’s pussy and put it in her own. They grinded hard against each other, rubbing each other’s clits and moaning loudly.
“Oh God, oh God, I’m going to cum,” Tara moaned when she couldn’t take it anymore.
Both girls moaned and moved together as they rubbed each other furiously. Tara and Lauren screamed out together as they finished.
Lauren slowly removed the vibrator and they both laid on their backs, breathing heavy. She glanced over at Tara and said, “I think this is the one time you should keep a secret from Ben.”
Tara smiled. “Maybe for now,” she said, as she reached for Lauren again.

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I'm Rick age 12. I have 4 little sisters Kelly 7, Candy 6, and Amy and Cindy 4. My mom works in an office. Many of the other female employees are her friends and we kids are friends with their kids. The mothers have to arrange playdates so we all get as much fun as possible and still get our homework and chores done. But our playdates are different from most. We don't play. We have orgies. I love making little girls scream and their tortured holes bleed. They love it too. Some of the moms are fun to fuck too. I especially like the pain whores. I love beating the shit out of them until they can't standup anymore. They have a doctor that takes care of them that doesn't report them to child services or the police. We boys keep her happy with an occsional tune up. I love fucking her kids too.


2013-06-29 09:00:46
I love voracious women, and be too, who are generally the same ...
A very nice bi love story, so well written ...


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I love voracious women, and be too, who are generally the same ...
A very nice bi love story, so well written ...

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