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The Plan Revealed
Chapter 5: The Plan Revealed

The next day, Harry went to classes as usual and took his seat between Ron and Hermoine. As Ron and Hermoine insulted Snape and his knack for appointing Slitherine extra points for no reason, Harry was busy thinking about the events that occurred yesterday with Cho. He couldn’t believe that Cho gave him head and actually enjoyed it. The effort that Cho put when she was willing was much more than the effort she put when she was under the Imperious curse. This got him thinking, if he found someone who he liked and who was willing to have a sexual relation with him, his life would be set. The only person that came to mind was Hermoine, who was sitting beside him wearing a bright emerald color robe. Her beautiful smile brought warmth to his heart. As he looked at her, he could see a small portion of her cleavage through the opening in her robes. This cleavage, although nothing compared to what he saw of her over the summer, gave him a hard-on. At that moment he knew that he wanted her, badly.

All class period he ponders about a way to get Hermoine and finally figures a way. Hermoine is a traditional girl with traditional morals and ethics which means that she will not have a sexual relationship with someone until they have a solid emotional base. The only way to overcome this long and arduous task is by jump starting the emotional part. If Hermoine goes through a traumatic experience, she will confide with Ron and him and they will be able to start a relationship. Harry had to now find a traumatic experience. Thinking back at his life, his traumatic experiences occurred with Dudley when he was getting bossed around. He now had to take that concept and apply it with Hermoine. Instantly, the answer came to him. Cho was traumatized when she found out that Peeves raped her so he can do the same thing to Hermoine.

Throughout the day, he planned a way to get Hermoine to feel as if she was violated without actually raping her. That night, as everyone was finishing up homework in the common room, Harry went up to his dormitory and got his dad’s invisibility cloak. He wore the cloak and went back down to the common room, where he stood invisibly in the corner. One by one, everyone left and went to sleep till only Hermoine remained. Harry snuck up behind Hermoine and yelled, “IMPERIO!” Hermoine’s pupils dilated and she froze mid-sentence through writing her History assignment. Harry took off the cloak and stood before her. “I need you to go and lock all the doors so no one can come out of the dormitories and then I need you to put the Fat Lady into a sleep so she cannot let other enter the common room.” Hermoine went to the doors for the boys and girls dormitories and whispered something causing the lock to click into place. She then used a sleeping curse on the Fat Lady, who began snoring loudly.

With the common room fully secured, Hermoine stood in front of me. “Do a strip dance for me,” Harry commanded. As Hermoine began to move her hips, Harry got a pillow from the couch, placed it next to the fireplace and laid down. Hermoine untied her green robe and began spinning the belt above her head as a lasso. Her hips moved in a circular fashion to match the spinning of the belt. With no belt tying the robe shut, her robes parted as she danced giving Harry a perfect view of her toned body. Her peachy skin was covered with black designed bra and matching black lacy thongs. Her hip movement was hypnotic as her flat abs twisted with her circular movement. Hermoine then threw her belt around Harry's neck and danced over to him to grab the other end of the belt. Hermoine now was dancing above Harry’s body and had both ends of the belt with Harry's head caught around it. She pulled the belt, pulling Harry's head right up to her groin. Close up, Harry could see that her design of her thong and even see through part of the lace material. The peeking didn't last long as Hermoine let go of the belt, dropping Harry's head back on the pillow. She then took off her robe and dropped in on Harry's face. The aroma of her body wash lingered on her robe, which put Harry in ecstasy. Harry now faced a difficult situation: he could either keep the robe on his face and smell the sweet scent of Hermoine and miss the dance or he could take the robe off, watch the dance and miss her beautiful scent. Harry moved the robe off his face and saw that Hermoine was no longer dancing above him. Hermoine was dancing on the sofa with her back to Harry. At this angle, Harry could only see her ass and the black fabric running over her ass crack. Her plump ass stood out calling attention to it. Hermoine put her hands on both sides of her thong and pulled it sideways, which gave a sneak preview of her ass crack as her hips swayed. Quickly, Hermoine replaced her thong back to its original position, ending the peek show. In one swift movement, she put her hands behind her back and unclipped her bra, dropping it down. Harry started getting real excited even though he could not see her breasts from his angle. His cock started rising, making a tent in his pants. Hermoine placed her palms on her breasts and slowly turned around. Her palms pushed her breasts up, making them look bigger and fuller, but at the same time, blocking his view of her rosy nipples. She continued to tease Harry with her seductive dance and she covered up body. Harry's dick was hard as rock and started aching with the pressure of his jeans pushing down. Harry unzipped his jeans and pulled them to his knee, releasing his dick from the pressure of his jeans. His boxers were the only thing covering up his prick from Hermoine's sight. With Harry giving her a sneak peek, Hermoine decided to give one too. She moved her palms off her breasts, allowing them to fall into their original position. Harry was now able to see her small round nipples, extruding from her breasts. Adding to the excitement, Hermoine jumped off the sofa making her boobs bounce around. She danced over to Harry and began moving her upper body, causing her boobs to bounce around in from of his face. As Harry raised his hands to grasp them, Hermoine turned around and bent over. Her breasts now dangled over his cock and her ass was right up in his face. Hermoine then started to bounce her ass up and down as if she was giving a lap dance, making Harry bob his head up and down to keep a constant view if her ass. With Harry busy staring at her ass, Hermoine reached down and pulled Harry's boxers to his knee. Harry's dick now bounced free and stood up, fully erect. With Hermoine busy staring at his dick, Harry took the opportunity to put his hands around her thong and pull them down to her ankles. Hermoine was still bent over giving Harry a clear view of her brown ring circling her anus and her shaved pussy lips.

Looking at this beautiful sight changed Harry's mind. Instead of just leaving Hermoine naked in the common room and letting her feel as if she got violated, he is going to have some fun violating her. Harry put his hands on Hermoine's hips and pulled her ass closer to his face. Eventually, her ass was an inch off his face and her face an inch off his dick. “Suck me,” Harry whispered. Hermoine bent lower and in one quick motion, took his dick in her mouth. Her warm mouth wrapped around his hard dick made him crazy with pleasure and he felt as if he was about to explode. His dick was already releasing pre cum, which got mixed with Hermoine's saliva in her mouth. Up and down her head bobbed engorging more and more of his dick. With excitement and pleasure flowing through his body, he could not help but running his tongue down her ass to her pussy lips. Harry lapped his tongue up and down lips till they were soaked in saliva. He then stuck his tongue inside her warm pussy and began licking her inner walls. As her pussy got stimulated with his tongue, it started to release some juices. The juice had a very distinct pungent smell and a tangy taste to it. Harry tried to suck every last drop of juice but the juice flowed out of her pussy and down to her belly with drops falling in Harry’s chin and neck. With his hands, he began groping and squeezing her ass cheeks. Her ass was soft to the touch yet firm in nature allowing Harry to squeeze and pinch them without disfiguring them. Meanwhile, Hermoine was using her free hands to play with Harry's balls, which she began cupping in her palms.

As time went on, Harry got close to cumming, which made him lick faster and harder. Things seemed to be going perfectly when a spark from the fireplace shot outwards and hit Hermoine on the back. Instantly, Hermoine's brain took over, releasing Harry's control over her. Hermoine looked down and saw a dick in her mouth, freaking her out. As she backed away, Harry's dick shot cum upwards hitting Hermoine’s nose and her cheeks. Spurts of cum flew on her face and neck, causing her to shriek on horror. She quickly got off Harry and ran towards the couch. When she turned around, she was mortified to see Harry naked on the ground. “What the hell is going on here? What were doing to me?” As she spoke, cum from her nose dripped in her mouth making her spit. She used one of the pillows from the couch to wipe her face clean and then covered her breasts and pussy with her hands.

“Listen Hermoine, it's not like what you think.” “What is it then!” Hermoine yelled. “You somehow blacked me out and made me suck you filthy dick. We were best friends and you were raping me. I'm going to the Headmaster right now and getting you expelled.” Hermoine reached to pick up Harry's wand from the floor when there was a knock from the boys dormitory. Hermoine turned to look for the source of the noise, giving Harry the time to get up and grab the wand before Hermoine could. “What are going to do to me Harry? Someone is at the door, who will come in at any time. You cannot do anything” With that, Hermoine walked towards the door. “Stupefy!” Harry yelled, sending a stunning spell at Hermoine. The spell hit Hermoine and she froze in her tracks. Harry went up to her and dragged her stunned body into a corner and covered her with the invisibility cloak. Harry quickly put on his clothes and went to the boys dormitory door to see who it was. “Alahamora” Harry whispered, unlocking the door.

As Harry opened the door, he was surprised to see Ron standing there in his pajamas. “What’s going on?” Ron inquired. Harry let Ron into the common room, locked the door behind him and explained what happened with Hermoine.

Harry walked over to the corner and pulled back the invisibility cloak. Hermoine was still standing there frozen with no clothes on. Ron walked over to Hermoine to get a better look and Harry could notice that Ron's pants had a bulge in them. Ron picked her up and brought her in front of the fireplace so he could get a better look. He circled her multiple times, admiring her perfect body. Her peachy body glittered with the fire light giving her an aura of a goddess. With Hermoine still frozen, Ron began fondling her body starting with her wavy black hair which fell down to her shoulders. Ron then moved his hands lower to her breasts where he cupped her boobs with both his palms. Her body was still warm and smooth, which made her breasts feel silkier to Ron's hands. Ron then took her red nipples in his hand and began rolling it between his thumb and index finger. With the delicacy and passion he was putting, Hermoine would have moaned if she were not stunned. After finishing with her breasts, he moved down her stomach to her shaven pussy. The heat emitted by her pussy was more than the heat emitted from any other part of her body. Ron roamed his hands around her pubic region, enjoying the warmth it provided. With his middle finger, he ran it up and down her slit and slowly pushed it inside her lips. Hermoine's pussy was wet from her experience with Harry so Ron's finger slipped inside pretty quickly. Ron felt around the inside of her pussy for a couple of minutes before withdrawing.

Ron looked at Harry with devilish eyes and said, “We have a golden opportunity to be with her. I think we should have our way with her and think about the rest later.” Harry was not the one to make brash decisions, yet his calculated plan was the reason he ended up in this position. He needed a way to keep Hermoine quiet about their plans and the only way to do that was to reason with her. “Ron, I have a plan. I can get Hermoine to keep mum about our plan but there is a chance you might not get anything out of it.” Before Ron could argue, Harry whispered something and ropes shot out of his wand and wrapped around Hermoine's arms and legs. Harry then cast another spell to unfreeze Hermoine. When Hermoine came to, she saw her bounds and began squirming to get them off. “You won't be able to get those off,” Harry said sternly. “You have two options right now: you can either stop resisting and stay mum about our business and we can go about our lives as before or you can resist and get tortured and finally stay mum about our business. The choice is yours. Pick the first option please. I fancy you a lot and it would break my heart to have to sacrifice our friendship and torture you. I don't want any of this to go down the way it did but there is no other way. Ever since the beginning of the year I have been in love with you but you only consider me a best friend. This was the only way to get the chance to be with you. Don't mess it up by being stubborn. What do you choose?”

“What you did was wrong and disgusting. You want me to trust you now that you love me. I'm not stupid Harry. You cannot fool me with these lies. If you truly loved me, you wouldn't have done anything to tarnish my honor. Torture me if you want but I'm not going to stay mum.”

Harry fell on the sofa, heartbroken. How was he supposed to torture her when he liked her so much. Ron looked at Harry and understood that he would not be able to carry out his threats. Ron then took charge and said, “repeal your statement about telling Dumbledore or you will suffer.” “NO!” screamed Hermoine. Ron became furious and dragged her to the sofa where he placed her upper body on the sofa with her legs kneeling on the ground. He shoved her face in the cushions making her ass extrude outward into the air. With his free hand, he shoved a finger into her dry ass hole. Hermoine's scream was loud, even with her voice being muffled by the cushions. Even Harry winched at the sound of her screaming. Ron pushed his finger up till the hilt and rapidly pulled out, scraping her insides in the process. Hermoine screamed even louder. Once her screams subsided, he pulled her hair, making her face rise from the cushions. Her face was wet with tears, which still continued to pour. Her beautiful face looked horrid and her rosy lips were dry from all the screaming.

“Are you going to listen or do I have to continue that. I am not going to get expelled from this school. My parents will be crushed and I will not let that happen under any circumstance, even if that means torturing my best friend. Please, please, please make this stop by saying you won't tell Dumbledore. It kills me to have to do this to you but there is no other way.”

“Do your worst! I am not going to budge,” screamed Hermoine. This infuriated Ron and decided to do something drastic. He pulled down his pants and boxers revealing a stiff cock. His cock was crimson red, which matched his angry face. He ran his cock up her pussy to her butt crack, making Hermoine tense with fear. Ron toyed with her by running it back down, slowing down when he reached her ass hole. He circled her sphincter with his cock before moving it lower to her pussy where he ran it up and down her labia. Hermoine was trembling with fear.

“Do you want to retract your statement or do you want me to take your virginity?” Hermoine was frozen stiff with fear. Harry glanced at her and couldn’t help but feel remorse. How could he allow his best friend, who he loved dearly, to be subject to torture, even if it meant getting in trouble. He deserved what he would get, but she didn’t deserve this. He was supposed to be protecting her, not watching her get ravaged. All the while Harry was thinking this, Ron was getting impatient with Hermoine’s lack of response so he decided to go through with the act.

Suddenly, valor rose within him and Harry got off the couch and pushed Ron before he could thrust his cock inside her. Ron was caught off guard, which sent him flying sideways towards the Fat Lady. Harry then aimed his wand at Ron and said, “I can’t allow you to do this. She means a lot to me and I cannot watch her dignity get ravaged. When the truth comes out to Dumbledore, I will take the entire blame on myself. You will not get in trouble so you have no reason to torture her.”


Harry lowered his wand and went to the fireplace to get Hermoine’s clothes. She was still bent over on the couch crying so Harry picked her up and clothed her. He even wiped the tears off her face. When he finished straightening her up, he escorted her to the door that led to the girls dormitory, unlocked the door and ushered her upstairs. After Hermoine disappeared into her dormitory, Harry took his invisibility cloak from the ground, unlocked the door to the boys dormitory and went upstairs. Ron soon followed. Neither of them could sleep as they wondered what kind of trouble they would get into.

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Good story, better grammar the poor writing style takes some of the fun out of reading it

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i do wonder when are you going to post another chapter of this story.
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i do wonder when are you going to post another chapter of this story.
I also wonder how far Ron is willing to go with his sister (presumably all the way and beyond.)

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