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Tom gets some weird invitation, turning out to be something amazing.
I walked out of 4th period, ready for lunch. I had three tests tomorrow, and I hated sitting around at home, doing nothing but staring at books. I was really worried about the college stuff I had for school. Shit, I thought, I have a college meeting. I ran up the steps in the back of the cafeteria, and ran down hall 3. I jumped up the stairs, and walked into Mrs. Moore’s office.

“Hey, Chris! Anything we need to catch up on?”
“No. I’m getting the new scores back in a couple of weeks. I got like three tests tomorrow, so I’m gonna go study for awhile. Thanks.”
“Okay! E-mail me for anything!”

I walked back, but the lunch room was full. So, I got a sandwich and water, and sat at a low table. The table had three seats, none of which were used. I sat down, pulled out one of the notebooks I needed, and started eating and studying. I had like thirty minutes of lunch left, so I got to work. I was blazing through it, but fifteen minutes later, company arrived.

“Are you Tommy?”

Heather, one of the hottest girls in my calculus class, sat down at my table and asked me a question.

“Uh, yeah. Heather, right?”
“Yeah. Cramming for that test tonight?”
“I guess. Stress is killing me, big time.”
“I feel fine over it. Stress is really bad for ya.”
“I’m having a hard time. I tried the usual, you know, running and exercise. I don’t want to be a total stoner and I don’t want to do anything too crazy.”

“You tried smoking?”
“I don’t wanna get hooked.”
“I meant weed, but I guess your right. You seem stressed as shit. Well, if you need help with the stress really bad, there are ways, don’t give up.”
“Like what?”

“Uh, I mean there’s incense and stuff like that.”
“Believe me, I’ve tried it. I’m dying.”
“Shit. Um, okay. Here, write down your email. I’ll get to you tonight with this new thing I got.”
“Thanks so much. Hey, good luck tomorrow. Facebook me questions or anything.”
“All right.”

I watched her walk away, admiring her figure. She had C-cups, and an ass that made the world go in slow motion. I couldn’t keep my eyes off her ass. It was that nice. The bell rang, so I got to world history and finished off the day, slow as hell. I got home at 4 after picking up a box of coffee for tonight. My phone got a text from my friend David, wanting to chill tonight for dinner. Sorry, Dave. I checked my email for that mail from Heather. Nothing, yet. I called my mom, telling her about my situation. “I’ll bring you dinner for the night. Bring out the trash later, though. How was the college meeting?”

“It was nothing out of the usual. Nothing bad to report.”
“Good. Good luck.”

I hung up the phone, and got to work. I played some soft music in the background, and read up.

At around 1030, I took a break. I heated up some coffee, and checked the email. An email popped up from Heather, subject “the thing I mentioned.” All it had was a picture attachment. I opened it nervously, thinking it could be something “personal,” but it was a picture of a map of the second floor of the east building of our school, with arrows leading from the front entrance. It lead to a classroom, with “TUE->THU, 4:30” inside the room’s picture. Tomorrow was Tuesday, but I didn’t want any crappy counseling or some management class. Her number was written on the map, so I texted her “R u srs?” I got a response before I went to sleep, saying “blve me. It wrks, brng ur sht n b rdy fr lts of wrk.” I decided to do it anyways, you know, it couldn’t hurt. At lunch the next day, after the three tests, I asked her if we were studying for the English quiz. She said, “Yeah. Bring your anthology and notes, we’re cramming. See you.”

At eighth period, I got a text with a wink from Heather. I was going, I wasn’t sure if she was convinced yet. At 4, I ran across the street to get a water bottle, and stood outside the room at 4:15. Heather’s girlfriends walked up later, and asked, “You talk to Heather?”

“Yeah, needed help. She sent me this map and some times.”
“Want some water?” Shelly, one of the girls asked. I threw mine away just before, I guess another sip wouldn’t hurt.

“Sure.” She tossed me a bottle from her bag, and I took a sip. I tossed it back to her, but before the bottle hit her hand, everything went black.

I woke up with a bag over my face in a seat. My hands were tied behind my back around the chair, and the bag was dark. I could feel heat around me, so when I jerked my head around, someone pulled the bag from my head. Ten people stood in front and to the side of me, seven girls, three guys. Heather stood front and center, with a folded piece of paper in her hand. Every one of them had a black wristband with the Greek letter omega on it in white bold center. I looked and saw all the hot girls in my calculus class, my best friend Dave, Jack, the star quarterback, and Ben, a genius in my physics class.

“Welcome to our meeting.” Said Heather.
“A warm welcome indeed.” I said.
“Yeah. Well, you’re here. We all decided you should be here, in fact. This is a big deal. Our group has no name, this a group of academic and social excellence, which we do all we can to help our brothers and sisters succeed. This group is extremely secret, and for all we know, the only secret society our school has.”

I was flattered to be here. Dave’s here?

“We don’t get crazy high and drunk on the weekends, and don’t party ‘tll the cops come. Are you our brother?”

I stood there for a little, and said, “Yeah?”

“Good,” said Heather. “Ladies, show him how this works.”

They walked over to a slit in the wall. The wall pushed open to be one of the closet’s in the classroom I was in before. A closet in the back of the room opened to this secret room. It was a comfy room. Beds with plain cushions lined the left side wall from the entrance. There were five or six. On the opposite wall, school desks. The far wall had a fridge I would assume be well stocked, and a water cooler. The room was a lounge for the brilliant. The ladies shut the doors, and sat on the cushions, three on each. The cushions were a cream color, about seven feet long each along the wall, five feet from it. They didn’t have blankets, but a pillow on each. I liked the digs.
“How do I get in?”
“If you’ve ever noticed, there are no classes held in this room. You can come in here for privacy for studying or whatever.”

“Then what are the times you wrote down?”
“When we meet as a group. Don’t worry, you can come during lunch or whatever.”
“Okay. What if I’m gonna be late for class?”
“Press this button at the door, and that printer will print out a late note for class. The teachers will all recognize the omega on the note, no questions asked.”

I love it.

“Cool. Thanks.”

They freed me, and I started to make my way out.

“Where you going?” asked Heather.
“Was that not the meeting?” I asked.
“No, silly. Come on, we’re studying.”

Studying? This is the meeting?

“Get your notes. I see how much you write for English.”

We walked to the cushion on the end of the line, and the girl behind me closed the doors shut. No one could come in now. She dropped her stuff, and took off her shoes. And socks. And sweatshirt. And her polo. I stood in awe as she was stripping. It wasn’t a sexy dance or anything, she was just undressing.

“Come on.”

I kicked my shoes off, pulled off my socks, sweatshirt, pants, and polo, and sat on the bed.

“Be comfortable. There’s nothing wrong, don’t worry. Don’t freak.”

I pulled out my notes, trying to conceal the semi-hard on I had from the cool air and the semi-nude chick. She was fucking gorgeous. Her c-cup tits were majestic, her tan-white skin was perfect, and perfect body shape. I think I was in love with this girl.

“You okay?” she asked.
“Yeah, I’m uhh kind of in shock or whatever.”
“I said don’t worry. You know how I told you about the stress?”

I guess she meant being with hot chicks was the therapy. I loved it, don’t get me wrong, but I still needed to study. It was distracting. How did they get anything done?

“Now be polite.” She said.

My boner was sticking out through the slit in my boxers. I took a notebook to cover it, but she wasn’t grossed out or anything.

“We maintain some politeness and discretion. We’re here to be safe and be in a stress-free environment. Don’t be over-the-top.”


She took the notebook off my lap, exposing me.

“Now explain in medias res to me.” And she grabbed my cock.
“Whoa. Uh, what?”
“Stress-free. Now, come on, play along.”

She motioned to everyone else. Everyone was just as nude as we were, doing something sexual while doing some work. They looked productive.

“Wow. Uh, in medias res. Can you help me on that one?” I asked.
“Of course. It’s when the book starts in the middle of the story.”
“Oh yeah.” She beat me off with skill. Still, distractions.

We talked a bit over the tragedies on the quiz, but I couldn’t take my eyes off her tits. Jesus, were they fine. Her hair accented her chest and skin, I was in bro heaven. I was coming close to coming, so I said, “I’m coming!”

She stopped, and got more notes. I got up, flipped the boner between my waistband and chest, and got some water. I sipped the water, and gazed upon the action going on in the room. People were having slow, full-on dick-in-pussy sex while talking and studying with each other. Some were just talking about stuff and life while fucking slow, some were full-on sexing it up, others studied while doing it. Dave was talking to the hot Asian chick while she rode him, talking about the game and this week. They were really in stress relief, just hanging out, pleasuring each other. None of them were fully naked, all being polite and not coming on each other and shit.

“This is awesome.” I said to her.
“Private school, am I right?” she stated.

I laughed, and she got on her back. I grabbed the notes, put in next to her hip, and pulled her panties down from under her skirt. She still had a skirt and bra on, though. I was being polite. I positioned my cock at her entrance, and pushed. My cock was welcomed by her the crazy heat she made. She was more hot than tight, but felt just as good. I pumped a couple times to get used to this amazing sexual experience, and looked at her. She smiled, and picked up her notes. I started to look at mine, and asked her a couple of quiz questions. We conversed like this for a few minutes, until I barely realized I was nearing climax.

“Hey, I’m about to come. Do I just—“
“Yeah, come in me. We’re all on the pill, society rules.”
“No complaints here.”

I kept the same pace, and just came naturally. I couldn’t help but stopping to enjoy the orgasm in the hottest girl I know, then I continued reading my notes. I took caution to not get any cum in her red-plaid skirt, and then wiped myself off with a napkin on the water cooler table. I took in the dark, warm environment our secret room was, then joined Heather again on the bed. I sat on the bed again, ready to learn.

“Put your back to the wall.” Heather said.

I backed up to the wall, and sat up. She crawled over, and climbed on my lap. She sat up, grabbed and beat my cock a little, then lowered herself onto me. I shuddered in delight as her hot pussy bounced on my cock, then came back to Earth and started to talk about the quiz again.

“By the way, do we switch partners at all during the meeting or do we stick with the our one?”
“Anything, really. I prefer just sticking with one so we know what’s up and we don’t repeat on notes, but it’s up to you.”

“Cool.” I said.
“Enjoying yourself?” Asked Heather.
“I love this. It’s hard not to be distracted by sex with a girl like you, but I’m trying.”
“Aww, thanks. You’re a great guy, Tom. And your cock is the best I’ve ever had—Fuck, I’m coming.”

She bounced harder and harder, groaning.

“Ehhhhhhh—Shit!” She yelled.

She climaxed hard, shoulders lowering and leaning backwards in pleasure. I pinched one of her covered nipples to reawaken her, and she came to attention.

“Hey!” she yelled.

We lay there, in a spooning position, fucking, going through the rest of the notes.

“Anything else?” she asked.
“I—yeah, nothing. What do we do when we’re done in our meetings?”
“Whatever we feel like. Reading, fucking, music, cards, anything. I like fucking some more.”
“I like that, haha.”

She zipped up her bag with all her stuff packed, and put in on the floor. I did the same a minute later, standing on the floor, pushing the bag aside. She got on her knees, and turned herself. I got back on the cushion, lowering myself and getting behind her, and started fucking her again. She arched her back up, and fucked back. I held her at her hips, and fucked at a decent pace. I loved the touch of a skirt while doing it doggy. I thought it was hot as shit, so this was the best thing ever to me. She put her arms back and grabbed onto my elbows, fucking back as hard as she could. We went full speed at each other.

“Shit tom. FUCK FUCK FUCCCKKKKKK--- I’M COMING!!” she screamed.

She came first, then I did ten seconds after. I slowly pulled out, and kissed her on the cheek.

“Thanks for making my dreams come true.” I said.
“I try.” Heather replied.

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Nice story but "teehee" really?

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