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I tried to look around the bus but couldn't see much, though I did catch a glimpse of one of the men from my bus stop, he was holding a video camera, I think it was pointing at me but I only saw briefly before the bus jumped again and I felt 2 hands on my ass, squeezing it, they released a moment later only to raise my skirt, I felt the mans body move closer as his hand started to rub at my pussy through my thin, skimpy, lace panties.
I'll start my story off by describing myself. I'm 18, female, pretty pale with medium length hair, dyed black, it has a slight curl to it, I'm about 5'3, pretty skinny, small chest but pretty perky tits and what some people call a bubble butt. I have really nice eyes, a sort of dull green with gold flecks, I usually wear miniskirts and fitted shirts, but sometimes short dresses and even the odd pair of shorts, I also love to wear heels.
Now, into the story.

It was a thursday night, late April, I was walking home from a club at about 2 in the morning. I was wearing a short, black and white plaid, pleated skirt and white singlet that hugged my chest but loosened and finished just above my belly button, along with my usual fishnet stockings and ankle boots with stiletto heels about 5 inches tall. I hadn't had much to drink but was already pretty tired so wasn't paying much attention to anything around me. I came up to my bus stop, sat down, and waited for the bus. There were 3 other people at the bus stop, 2 guys, maybe in their late 20's to early 30's, and another girl about my age who was clearly pretty drunk. Only about 5 minutes later the bus pulled up and we all got on, the drunk girl first, one of the men standing close, I assumed to help incase she lost her balance but I guess I was just hopeful it wasn't something more... dirty he had in mind. I got on last, paid and walked closer to the back, but the bus was pretty full and I couldn't sit down. I held onto one of the poles and tried to keep myself awake enough not to miss my stop, though the bus ride took almost an hour and some places got a little bit bumpy. As we stopped at more places few people got off and more got on, it was soon even more packed and I had little room to move, we went over a pot hole, I swayed a bit and felt something rub against my ass, I figured it was an accident and ignored it but soon after I felt it again, longer this time and there were no bumps in the road, I quickly swatted the hand away, but it returned almost instantly, rubbing my ass more insistently, it went just below my short skirt and squeezed my butt cheek, I flinched and swatted it away again. I tried to look around the bus but couldn't see much, though I did catch a glimpse of one of the men from my bus stop, he was holding a video camera, I think it was pointing at me but I only saw briefly before the bus jumped again and I felt 2 hands on my ass, squeezing it, they released a moment later only to raise my skirt, I felt the mans body move closer as his hand started to rub at my pussy through my thin, skimpy, lace panties. I squirmed and bit my bottom lip, I wanted to get this guy away from me but couldn't help but enjoy his fingers rubbing against my pussy lips, I was already getting wet. I let the man continue to rub, using his other hand to squeeze my ass. All I could think was "Spank me, please spank me, you know you want to..." but he didn't, I suppose the noise would have been a bit much but I loved being spanked. The man pushed closer, he moved his hand away and held up my skirt, using both hands to squeeze my ass again as he pushed his bulge against me, I squirmed more and closed my eyes tightly, he started to hump me, very, very slowly but the feeling of his bulge against my almost bare ass just made me more wet, I wanted that cock in my tight pussy. He continues to do that as he reaches one hand around my front and under my skirt, moving it towards my pussy lips and clit, rubbing softly, I can't help it and a small moan escapes, I quickly bite my bottom lip and try to hold any further noise in but the man heard it and starts to rub a bit harder and faster as his bulge pushes into me faster. The hand he was using to hold up my skirt disappears and I can't feel him pressing into me anymore, but just for a few moments, soon I can feel more than I bulge, I can feel his cock, he lifts my skirt again and starts to rub his cock up and down my crack, still rubbing my pussy lips and clit with the other hand.
Another moan escapes as I push backwards, his cock going deeper between my ass cheeks, he licks my cheek and kisses my neck then pulls my underwear to the side, releasing my skirt to do so, he rubs his cock against my tight asshole, pre cum coating the area, he continues to rub his cock against me for what feels like an eternity, loosening up my hole before suddenly thrusting the head of his cock into me. I gasp and moan, I get a few glances and try to act normal but I suspect they see me blushing, squirming and biting my bottom lip. The mans other hand is now in the front of my panties, furiously rubbing my clit as he bites at my neck, he rams the rest of his cock into me, it feels like at least 8 inches, I hold my breath, trying to be quite, and he starts to fuck me slowly at first so nobody will notice but slowly picks up pace, fucking me harder, deeper and faster. We go like this for a few minutes, I almost cum but right before I can the man pulls out, turns me around and pushes me to the ground, his hard, now wet, cock in my face, I know what to do. I reach forward and start to gently massage his cock and balls, focusing on his balls, I lick his dick clean of my pussy juices, no longer caring if anybody is looking, I suck his balls into my mouth and lick at them feverishly before licking back up the length of his cock slowly and taking it into my mouth, I manage about 5 inches and try to stretch my neck and get more in, but I've always had trouble deep throating. I'm sucking and licking his cock when he reaches down with both hands, pulling my head closer roughly, shoving the last 3 inches or so of cock deep into my throat, I try not to gag and keep sucking and licking him, still playing with his balls. I soon feel another person roughly raising my ass into the air and I go with it, I feel another cock, rubbing against my pussy, this one feels nice and thick, it doesn't take him long to push it deep into my tight, soaking wet cunt, making me moan, sending vibrations into the first guys cock. The first guy starts thrusting in and out of my mouth, holding me in place with a large chunk of my hair, and the 2nd guy is ramming his cock into my pussy fast and hard. I can hear some people whistling and laughing while others and whispering in disgust. I can't stop moaning and the guy in my mouth is grunting as he thrusts into me, I can feel him about to cum, he shoots his load deep into my throat, I swallow as much as I can but some dribbles out of my mouth and onto my breasts, he pulls his limp dick out and moves back, I lick my lips clean then use my finger to wipe up and eat the rest of his cum, while still being fucked furiously from behind. Another guy moves forward and undoes his jeans, revealing a small but sort of thick cock and shoving it into my mouth, I start to suck and lick him as he fucks my mouth, the guy fucking me from behind is breathing heavily now and grunting every so often, he soon pulls out and jacks off onto my back, cum shooting onto my back as he moans and grunts, the guy in my mouth cums soon after, I manage to swallow all his cum then notice we are almost at my stop, I try to tidy up and head for the door, I get spanked multiple times along the way, one guy grabbed my ass and whispered horsely into my ear "I hope to see you again soon slut" I blush and nod slightly then get off the bus "What a night..." I mutter to myself and walk inside, eager to have more fun the next night.

I hope you enjoyed that ^ ^ constructive criticism welcome, this is my first sex story.

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2013-09-10 16:14:52
any story a bout sex i love it.

anonymous readerReport

2011-07-22 19:49:13
Agree with the previous posts, style the story so it reads smoothly and easily. It looks like one big paragraph. For me, I like to know what the person is feeling, thinking, going through; without that, it feels kind of matter-of-fact or sterile. Love bus sex and find it mysterious and dangerous. Good choice of topic . . . keep writing!


2011-01-02 04:17:13
pace your story... commas and paragraphs are your friends
this story had a hot setting... molested and fucked on the bus? i love it... but try to fill out the discrecptions and details thereby filling out the rest of the story too

an dif you are indeed a virgin, try to get laid to help you with in and outs... i'm looking forward to your next story


2011-01-01 08:24:36
Yes please put some breaks in your story to make it eazer to read. It was a good start. Keep going you are doing better then I could.

anonymous readerReport

2011-01-01 07:45:27
i like it try for part 2 and we will see what happens

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