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Second part of story-read part1 first
I quickly did my patrol as I couldn’t wait to get back to what I had waiting for me in the guardhouse. When I opened the door, the vision I saw made me catch my breath for a minute. There tied to the desk, naked except for her sneakers was the sexy teenager Hailey with her blue thong panties stuck in her mouth. I walked up to her and removed the gag.

“I told you Hailey that I would be back soon” I said as I reached down and pinched a nipple “did you miss me?”

Hailey pouted at me and said “You were mean leaving me alone like that. But I forgive you.”

“Well I have to do my job, after all that’s why I met you in the first place. But don’t worry, I plan on making it up to you.” I said. I undressed , just leaving on my socks. I reached between Hailey’s thighs and ran my fingertips along Hailey’s lips. They were still wet, even though I had been gone almost 15 minutes. I brought my fingers to my mouth and licked them.

“Do you like the way I taste?” Hailey asked smiling.

“Oh you’re finger licking good, as you see.” I answered “I see that you’re still wet. Hailey is a horny little girl, isn’t she.”

She shrugged as much as she could and said “I like sex, what can I say. Besides no one ever ate me like you did before.”

“Don’t worry Hailey, I plan on tasting you some more.” I answered “but now it’s your turn.” Her head was right near the edge of the desk and I pulled her so her head was hanging free. I straddled her face and inserted my half hard cock into her eager mouth. With her hands restrained all she could do was use her mouth, but at this angle I could easily slide down her throat. As Hailey had deep throated me earlier I knew she should have little difficulty. My cock rapidly grew to its full length of almost 8”.

“Come on Hailey, take it all down your throat” I said as I slid deeper. Hailey relaxed her throat muscles and I went until my balls touched her lips. I reached down and could feel my cock through her slim neck. I pulled all the way out and put my balls by her pink lips. Without prompting Hailey began to lick my balls. She soon craned her neck up and took a ball into her mouth where she swirled her tongue over it. She then switched to my other ball and repeated the process. While Hailey did this I reached down and played with both her nipples, twisting them hard. She let out a moan muffled by my ball sack in her hot mouth . I pulled my balls away and adjusted my cock over her mouth again.

Hailey moved her head up and started to lick my engorged cock again. I bent at the waist and placed my head between her creamy thighs. With her legs tied apart I had complete access to her womanly treasures.
I began to lick her pussy lips all around before plunging my tongue into her pussy canal. When I did this she stopped licking me, and instead took my head into her mouth, bobbing her head up and down a few inches at a time.

I groaned in delight from her sucking. I then removed my tongue from her puss and started licking her clit while sticking my nose into the entrance of her pussy. My nose isn’t large but it is somewhat wide and I pushed it all the way in while continuing my licking. It wasn’t long before Hailey pulled her head off my cock and cried out “I’m cumming again.”

I continued my actions until her body stopped shuddering from it’s orgasm. As I pulled away her juices ran out her pink slit down toward her little puckered asshole. I started to rub her clit with my thumb, then moved my mouth to where I began to lick her ass. I slobbered all over her, getting her ass wet. When she was soaked I began to rub her little hole with the tip of my finger. After a couple of minutes of this I pushed my finger into her sphincter causing her body to spasm. I continued to work my finger deeper in her asshole until I was past my second knuckle.

All the time I did this I continued thumbing her clit. I removed my finger from her ass and spit a couple of times onto her back hole before forcing two fingers there. Hailey whimpered in pain but I forced both fingers all the way in. I then replaced my thumb with my mouth and started to tongue her clit while finger fucking her tight asshole as hard as I could. After a few minutes of this I was rewarded with Hailey having another orgasm. I didn’t slow down but instead forced a couple of fingers from my other hand into her pretty pussy. This caused a string of small orgasms in Hailey.

“Oh God yes, I’m cumming again. Oh I can’t take it anymore. Stop please, no more” Hailey cried out. I showed her no mercy but continued licking her clit while frigging both her holes. I did this until her body was limp and she was mewing piteously. I finally stopped and straightened up. I walked around the desk and cut her feet free. Her legs slid down to the desk, trembling. I pulled her body until her ass was at the edge of the desk. I lifted her legs up and placed her feet against my chest with my pelvis between her thighs. I gripped my cock with one hand and placed it outside her pussy lips.

“I hope you’re ready Hailey because I’m going to fuck you now. I’m going to put my long hard cock inside you and fuck you hard” I said and before she could answer I drove into her soaked pussy. On my first thrust I went halfway deep forcing a moan from her. Hailey was tight, but due to her lubrication and the fingers that had been in her pussy, she was ready. I pulled back until just my head was in her, then thrust again. By my fourth thrust I was balls deep and my head was bumping her cervix. Her pussy muscles gripped my shaft tightly but I began to fuck her slow and steady. I reached down and began to play with her clit while continuing my fucking. I did this for a little while but I started to feel close to cumming so I pulled my cock out of her. I put my 8” on her pelvis.

“Look at my cock Hailey, it’s covered in your juice from fucking you. Look how long it is and it was all inside you. It’s reaching up to your belly button and you took it all in your tight pussy. Do you want it in you again?” I asked her, breathing hard.

Hailey had lifted her head and was gazing at my long cock. “Yes put it back in me” she answered. I began to tease her, rubbing my cock along her slit but not penetrating her. After a minute of this I gripped my shaft and started to slap it against her clit.

“If you want it in you I want to hear you beg for it Hailey. Tell me how much you want it” I told her.

“Oh please put your big dick in me. I want you to fill my tight little pussy, I’m begging you to fuck me again Joe, please I want it a lot” Hailey said.

“Ok since you asked so nice I will” I answered. I then plunged into Hailey again causing her to gasp from pleasure. I began to make circular motions with my hips stimulating her greatly. After five rotations I would thrust all the way in, before resuming my rotations again. I continued with this technique until Hailey told me she was getting close, at which point I just began fucking her hard and fast.

After around ten thrusts Hailey wailed out “Again, I’m cumming again” and I felt her pussy contract around me. I stopped moving until her muscles relaxed, at which point I withdrew from her. I leaned down and began to kiss Hailey’s sweet, pink lips. As I did I positioned the head of my cock by her tight puckered asshole. Without warning her I plunged my head inside her ass. That forced her to exhale her breath into my mouth.

I stopped kissing her and placed my hand over her mouth while staring into her beautiful brown eyes. I could see distress in them but I continued pushing deeper into her backdoor. Her ass was so tight on me that it felt like a pleasurable, velvet vise.

I let out a low moan as I kept pushing in, until I was all the way in.
“Oh Hailey, your ass feels so good on my cock. I’ve never felt anything so good in all my life” I told her while starting to move in her ass. “Relax as much as you can, it’ll feel better.”

I started slowly thrusting, as I was scared if I moved fast I would cum and I wanted this to last. There aren’t many times one can break in a hot teenage girl’s ass in most men’s lifetimes. I took my hand off her mouth and started kissing her again, sliding my tongue into her mouth. Hailey began sucking my tongue deep. I reached down between our bodies and again began to play with her clit while continuing my slow ass fuck of her. I broke our kiss and began to talk to her again.

“Hailey you are incredible, you are the hottest piece of ass I’ve met. I love fucking you. Now I want you to cum one more time for me. I want you to cum while I fuck your tight ass, then I want to shoot deep into your ass.”

While saying this I increased the speed of both my fingers as well as my cock. This had the desired effect on Hailey as her face got red and she scrunched up her nose.

“Oh Joe you’re fucking my ass and it’s making me cum again. Yes fuck my ass-oohh” she said and then her whole body stiffened. I felt my cock shudder in Hailey and start to fill her ass. While I still could, I pulled out of her and staggered to near her head. I grabbed a handful of her brown hair and pulled her face to my slimy cock which was still oozing cum.

“Suck it Hailey, taste my cum and your ass on my cock” I ordered. Without missing a beat Hailey took me in her mouth and sucked and licked my cock clean causing me to moan from what her mouth was doing to my sensitive cock. When she finished I bent down and kissed her. I released her hands and helped her get off the desk and stand.

“There’s a bathroom over there if you want to clean up and rinse your mouth out “ I said as I directed Hailey in the right direction. While she was in there, I got dressed and sat in a chair. When she came out of the bathroom Hailey walked up to me. I grabbed her by the waist and pulled her onto my lap. I rested one hand on her thigh while my other hand wrapped around her back until my fingers were grazing her small tit and nipple. My lips nuzzled her soft neck.

“So how do you feel Hailey, are you tired?” I asked.

“A little” she said “it’s been along night.”

“I was thinking when I get off in a few hours, if you don’t have to rush home, I can take you out for breakfast” I told her.

“Cool, no I don’t have to go home yet. I said I was staying at a friend’s house so I’m not in a rush” Hailey answered “ and no if you were wondering I wasn’t staying at the jerk’s house. I was going to go to my friend Jen’s.”

I smiled as Hailey tried to further distance herself from the “jerk”.
“If you want to crash in the back of my suv while you wait let me know Hailey” I told her. She wrapped her arms around my neck and gave me a big kiss.

“No Joe, I’d rather wait with you if it’s ok with you” Hailey said.

I just squeezed her thigh and pinched her nipple for an answer. Hailey sighed and snuggled close.

The End

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