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My life consisted of myself and my husband. we had no children. our neighbours had to little girls, Sarah (13) and Michelle (12). Life was missing something, sure my hausband and i had great sex but, watching these 2 girls growing up reminded me how great life was when you are that young, the innocence, trust, untouched, smooth hairless mounts, untouched.
We occassionally babysat for the girls when their parents were out of town, they would run around our pool naked and laughing. Since the girls were young they occassion during their sleepovers they slept in bed with my husband and i, when they were asleep, jon and i would remove the girls night dresse and touch their little bodies, caress them and love them. Did the girls know, well if they did they never said anything. One night i walked into the living room and heard her on the phone, she was speaking to tim a boy from school, she started crying and hung up the phone. I asked her wat was wrong and she said he dumped her because she wouldnt let him touch her.
I asked her if she was afraid of being touched, and she didnt know. I gave her a hug and left the room. poor girl was hurt, i was glad tim broke it off, i did not want this pimply kid being the first to touch this little girl. I spoke to jon that nite, and we decided it was time for sarah and michelle to learn some valuable life lessons.
The girls birthdays were coming up soon, and we were going o suprise them. During a babysitting evening, jon and i were making the conversation quite sexual, we wanted to know what level of sex knowledge the girls had, i suggested we have a glass of wine, the girls were thrilled at the chance of being adults, whilst i poured the glass of wine for the girls i popped a sleeping tablet in each glass, just enough to relax them.
We all sat on the floor drinking and giggling the girls started to look groggy, so we placed them on our bed and took their clothes off. Jon and i got naked and layed on the bed with the girls and start to touch them. Jon and i were aroused more than normal as we knew tonite these girls were ours for the taking, I reach over to my drawer and removed my strapon, as jon had said its only fair that we both take their virginities, jon in front me in the back. I kissed sarah gently on the lips forcing her mouth open with my tongue and enjoying her joung juices, to my amazement she was not fully knocked out, she responded,
i kissed my way down to her breasts and licked and bit her small puffy nipples, she reacted by arching her back slightly, meanwhile jon was doing the same to Michelle and she also not knocked out completly, jon and followed each others moves so the girls were having the same pleasure at the same time. I worked my way to Saras peach fuzz and licked very gently. I gently pulled her lips apart for a better look to my shock she was wet, dripping wet, and pink.
I massaged her clit and sucked it hard, all this time sarah had her hand on my head driving me deeper into her vagina, i looked up to see her face and she was smiling, sarah are you awake, i say, oh mummy it feels so good dont stop, i dont need any more encourment with that i continued to the point that sara came into my mouth, i licked every drop, i motioned to my husband to swap places, so that i could work on michells,
Jon placed himself in ftont of sarah, and positioned his cock at her entrance, sarah called out to jon and asked if he was going to love her, jon said yes and that he would be gentle, he pushed his head further in, but sarah told him to stop as she was scared, i left michelle and positioned myself under sarah and held her, i told her it would be alright, as john tried again, i licked my finger and placed in her asshole, and started pushing in at least that would distract her, this gave jon time to push it in further, i place my mouth on hers and kissed her deeply, i could tell she was getting turned on by this, jon looked up and i realised he was at her barrier, our plan was when he reached this stage, i would entr from behind, i placed some lube on strapon and gently pushed it in sarah was wriggling, i told her to stop otherwise it may hurt, as i pushed further in i felt her relax more. jon and i pushed togethr as we watched sarah moving front and back, she had nowhere to go, the more she pushed the more jon and i went in. she was moaning and trembling, i asked her if she wanted us to stop she said no,
she had wanted jon to take her cherry for a long time, and with that jon made a final push to break through, sarah was bucking back and forth, i quickly changed her position, i wnted to be inside her wet vagina so i propped her on top of me leaning her as forward as possible and so that jon could enter into her ass, we kept this up until she collapsed onto of me completely soaked from her cum, she realised jon had not come so she crawled towards him and proceeded to touch him, she had never tasted a cock before and placed it in her mouth, she sucked jon's cock as if she had done this before.
I could see jon groaning and asking her to suck him harder, as she did this she got faster, her little head going up and down, jon tried to push her head away but it was to late, sarah had swallowed his whole load, she licked her lips and smiled, the next time i looked over she was fast alseep. This then giving me and jon time for michelle, she was less drowsy, we wondered wat she had seen and heard ,jon and i looked at each other and decided we were not going to take the risk this eveining. and we would wait another day for this and perhaps sarah maybe inclined to join in as well.

Only will complete part 2..... taking michelle, if there is positive response...stay tuned.

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2010-04-02 10:47:30
Not just positive. Very positive.


2007-04-19 13:33:45
Tammy Amber......yes...bring on the next section....wish I could watch a movie of your story...write me?


2007-04-19 13:09:35
great sexy story


2007-03-11 01:30:45
Always take a young girls virginity when you have the chance! PART 2 PLEASE1


2006-10-31 21:48:19
its was a great story now the sequel

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