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I am such an exhibitionist
My husband and I have a summer house in Southern California
near the beach and on Friday we flew down here and ordered
a new refrigerator and dishwasher for the house and we scheduled
to have them delivered Mon. morning. My husband flew back
the night before and I stayed here to let the delivery men
in. We had a fun weekend with me flashing quite a few guys
and gals and I was still kind of frisky. The delivery men
were to arrive that morning between 10AM and 12 noon. Well,
at 8:30AM the doorbell rang and I had just gotten out of the
shower a few minutes earlier and just finished doing my

Since it was too early for the delivery men, I thought
it was my friend Judy, so I pulled on a short red silk robe
and went to answer the door. Well what a surprise when I opened
the door and it was the delivery man. He was about 25 years
old and sort of cute, not great looking, but cute. He said
he was here to deliver the refrigerator and dish washer
and I told him he was early as I made an effort of holding my
robe closed. I told him to come in and showed him where the
kitchen was. He was looking at my legs quite a bit while we
went to the kitchen and then he pulled the old refrigerator
out from its spot and unplugged it. I asked him if he wanted
some coffee and he said that would be great and that his partner
would probably also like some. Still feeling kind of frisky
and naughty, so I went to the cabinet where we keep the coffee
filters and made sure my back was to him and bent over and
reached down into the cabinet to get the filters and since
my robe was short and I had nothing on under it, I know it rode
up and I am sure he got a good look at my ass. I straightened
up and went to the coffee maker and made the coffee while
he went out to the truck to help his partner. I know I had his
attention so I made sure that the I tied the belt on my robe
really loose and as I moved, I knew they would get glimpses
of my tits.

About 5 minutes later, he and his partner came
back in and I really got a surprise when I saw that his partner
was a tall black guy. They were both not that great looking,
but they had something about them that was sexy. I was sure
that from moving appliances all day, they were in good physical
shape. I poured them both a cup of coffee and when I handed
them the coffee, I made sure that my robe opened a bit and
they got a peak of my tits. They took a sip and then they both
started to carry the old refrigerator out. When they came
back in, the black guy asked if I had any sugar for his coffee
and I said yes. The sugar was right on the counter there,
but I was going to give them a show now and I went over to the
top cupboard and opened it and then reached up to the top
shelf to get the box of sugar and my robe, being as short as
it was rode up and I know they had a view of my ass and when I
was bringing the sugar down from the shelf, I leaned a bit
to the right and since the robe was loosely tied, the robe
slid off my right shoulder and my right tit popped out. I
acted as if I did not notice this until I put the sugar on the
counter in front of them and then acted embarrassed and
pulled it up. They took another sip of their coffees and
then removed the old dishwasher and carried it out to their
truck and then they both came back in with the new dishwasher
and they connected it and then pushed it under the cabinets
and then went to get the new refrigerator and when they brought
it back in they hooked up the ice maker, plugged it in and
then pushed it back in place. After they finished this they
drank the rest of their coffee and said they needed to go
load the old appliances on the truck and get the paper work
for me to sign. The black guy finished his coffee and said
thank you while the white guy said he would bring back the
paperwork for me to sign.

When he came back in with the paper
work I asked him to show me how the new dishwasher worked
and I was real close to him and he was showing me the controls
and then I pulled the door open and squatted down and asked
where do I put the soap and I know he was looking right at my
pussy, because the robe opened up and he was looking right
at it. As he stuttered and pointed I closed the door, stood
up and said thank you as I reached up and gave him a quick kiss
on the cheek. He then got the paperwork ready for me to sign
and I signed it and then I went to my purse and was looking
for my wallet, telling him I wanted to give them a tip, but
acted as if I could not find any money. I turned around to
him and I told him that I could not find my wallet and he said
it was ok, but I said no, you deserve something and I went
up to him and put my left arm around his neck and reached up
and kissed him on the lips as I took my right hand and started
to feel his cock thru his pants. He was not rock hard yet,
but he was starting to get there and I am sure that my flashing
him my pussy helped. He did not know what to do as we kissed,
so I pushed my tongue past his lips and now he was getting
the idea. I finally broke away from the kiss and while still
rubbing his cock, I told him that I should take care of this
as I unbuckled his belt, unbuttoned his pants and pulled
his zipper down and I reached in his underwear and pulled
out his cock. It was now getting hard as I stroked it and I
looked up at him. I then took off my robe and got down on my
knees in front of him and I pulled his pants and underwear
down and started to lick the tip of his cock and he just moaned
and leaned against the counter. As I kissed it down to his
balls and then back up I asked if this was a good tip and he
just said hell yeah! I then took the tip of his cock in my mouth
and started to suck on it gently as I stroked it with one hand
and massaged his balls with the other. It was average in
size, about 5 or 6 inches long and he had a lot of hair around
the base. Now I was getting a good rhythm going and I was taking
almost all of his cock in until it touched the back of my throat
and his hair tickled the tip of my nose. I was really sucking
on it and he was moaning as I continued to suck his cock, jerking
it with one hand and then I took my other hand and put it on
his ass and started to massage it and then I pushed my finger
in it and he told me he was going to cum so I took him out of my
mouth and jerked his cock till he shot his cum on my face and
tits. When he finished, I licked the tip clean, stood up
and went to the counter and got some tissues and was wiping
his cum off my face, tits and belly as he pulled his pants
up. He was saying that that was the best tip he ever got and
I thanked him and told him that I wanted to also give his partner
a good tip and asked him to go out to the truck and to just tell
him that I had a tip for him inside, but not to tell him what
it was.

I walked him to the front door and stayed there as
he went to the truck and his partner asked what took so long,
so he told him that I had a tip waiting for him in the kitchen
and he asked why he just did not bring it out to him and he said
that I had wanted to give it to him personally. So he said
sure, whatever, and he started for the front door. I rushed
back to the kitchen and stood there, naked leaning against
the counter waiting for him. When he walked in he just stopped
dead in his tracks and did not know what to do. So I gave him
that look and asked him to come closer so I can give him his
tip. He did not know what to do so I walked over to him, took
his hand and lead him to the center of the kitchen where I
reached for his belt and undid it and then unbuckled his
pants and pulled his zipper down and I reached in and grabbed
his cock and even though it was still soft, it was huge, at
least 7 or 8 inches long and really thick. I had never seen
a black guys cock before, except in movies, and had never
touched one. I started to stroke it with both hands and it
definitely started to grow. When it was finally hard, it
was at least 10 or 12 inches long and as thick as a soda can.
I pushed his pants and underwear down, guided him to a chair
and pushed him down and then got on my knees in front of him
and started to kiss the tip and lick it down to his balls,
while I was stroking it with both hands. It was gigantic
and now I was going to try to get it in my mouth and as I opened
my mouth as wide as I could, all I could get in was the tip of
his cock. He then finally said something to me and asked
if I liked his big black cock and I just moaned yes and continued
to suck on the tip. He started to talk really dirty to me now
saying things like, "you really like my black cock"
and "all you white bitches love black meat once you
try it" and "is this your first taste of a black
cock" and all I could do was nod yes to all of these questions
while I was sucking it. Having this huge cock in my mouth
and him talking really dirty got me really excited and I
had to reach down and started to play with myself. I was so
excited and so wet that I was able to push 2 fingers inside
me and my clit was so hard and sensitive as I touched it and
started to rub it. He was still saying nasty things about
his black cock and about me being a "black cock hungry
white slut" and it just excited me more and I started
to suck harder. He then asked "how about you let me
fuck you with my black monster" and I just nodded no
as I continued to suck his cock. He still kept talking dirty
to me telling me how I liked his cock and how good I was sucking
it and I was still trying to get more in my mouth, but it was
so big, I really couldn't. My fingers were now feeling
really good as I was rubbing my clit and then pushing them
inside me and fucking myself with my fingers, I was starting
to get really close to cumming, but just could not get there.

He then asked again "how about you sit on my black monster
and let me spread your pussy like it has never been opened
before and touch places no one has ever touched" and
I did not say anything because I was starting to get lost
in the moment and all I wanted to do was make myself cum and
I now had both hands between my legs, one rubbing my clit
and one pushing 2 fingers inside me fucking myself as I sucked
on the tip of his cock. As I was trying to cum, he kept saying
things like "come on, you know you want to fuck my black
cock" and "you will love it so much, you will
want to fuck it all the time" and at that moment I was
so horny that I really did want to have it inside me so I stopped
sucking his cock and stood up and took hold of his cock and
while facing him I straddled him as I started to rub his black
monster cock on my clit and then down to my pussy hole and
back up to my clit and it was huge. He kept talking dirty saying
things like "oh baby that’s it, get it nice and wet
with your juices so you can take it inside you" and
"you really want this black cock inside you don't
you" and at the moment I did as I kept stroking it with
both hands and rubbing it along my slit and around my clit
and I felt so horny. He was now playing with my tits and pinching
my nipples and this was driving me crazy. I really have sensitive
nipples when I am excited and it just makes me more excited
when they are pinched. I was getting so excited at that moment
that I did not know what I was doing and all I wanted was to
cum, so as I was rubbing his cock around my clit, I pushed
it down along my slit and when it was at my pussy opening,
I started to push it inside me. It was so huge that I really
could not even get the tip inside me and he then said "oh
yeah, take that black cock inside you" as he started
to suck on my nipples now. It was huge and I was gently trying
to get it inside me and finally the tip of his cock popped
inside my pussy as he pushed up with his hips and it felt so
different from anything I ever experienced, even though
only the tip was inside me and I had my orgasm right then and
it rocked thru me so strongly, that I nearly fell over.

When I finally came to my senses, he said to me "now it is
my turn" and tried to push his cock further inside
me, but I would not let him and told him no, but told him that
I would still suck him off, that’s it as I got off of his cock.
He begged a bit, but I insisted, either I just suck you off
or you leave and when he heard that, he was ok with me just
sucking his cock. I got back on my knees and stroked his cock
with both hands and sucked on the tip till he finally said
he was going to cum and when he did, it shot in the air about
15 inches, stream after stream of his cum, landing on my
face, in my hair and all over my tits. I finally got up and
he stood up and pulled his pants up and then told me that if
I ever change my mind and want to try and fuck his black cock
to call him anytime. I told him maybe someday, but not now
as I showed him to the door with me still naked and his cum
all over my face, hair and tits and said good by.

I bet those guys are still talking about this and I am sure their coworkers
will know what happened. After he left I was still horny
and went to the bedroom and got one of my toys out and played
with myself until I had an orgasm again. Even now when I think
about that black guys monster cock as it popped into my pussy,
I am starting to dream about what it would feel like to have
all of that monster cock inside me. Since it felt great with
just the tip, about 2 inches inside me, I want to know what
all 10 or 12 inches would feel like, I bet I would be having
one orgasm after another until I could not take it any longer.

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2016-06-04 10:14:41
Trust me,,,,,,my BF talked me into fucking his best friend,,,,,,,You Will LOVE a fat 10" cock!!!!!! I want two or three now!!! BF said I'll get two now,,.... at 44_,,, I know now I Want big fat cock!!!!!

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2016-02-05 07:28:22
You had your chance and you blew it
If you wanted to feel what it felt like to have it all
Then you should have sat right down on his cock instead
Of just taking the first two inches
Like said you had your chance
From Misterjedi

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2013-12-23 07:37:34
I want that big black cock inside me make a part 2.......please


2013-11-25 22:45:34
I bet that if you had that big black cock in your pussy, you would enjoy having my average white pecker in your ass at the same time. Enjoyed the story and hope there is a part two.

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2013-11-25 22:42:15
Is there going to be a part two where she invites them back and lets them fuck her cunt?

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