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I'm thirteen. this is my daddy's fantasy.

I would want you to be my lil slave for the weekend. I must insist that you call me either master or sir at all times. I can’t tolerate disobedience or disrespect at all. So Morgan, are you prepared to service me?

"Yes, master. I am here to do your bidding in all things. I want to stay, I need your guidance." You tell me.

"Good. Now strip completely and leave your clothes in the closet by the front door entrance." You will be totally naked, while in my house"

You obey and disrobe. I look at you up and down at how nice and great your lil body looks. Perky nipples, cute lil butt and best of all a nice smooth pussy.

"Come to the livingroom"

You walk into the house from the hallway and into a nice big living room. The room has a nice fireplace and has wooden floors. What you also notice is that there is barely any furniture. In the center is a table with a cusion on it.

"Lay on that table", I command. "You have been a naughty lil one and your Master needs to be train you properly."

"Yes Master!"

I grab your right wrist and clamp a velvet lined cuff on it. Expertly I stretched out your arm and adjusted the chain just enough to make sure you are extended out to the max. I attach your left arm in identical fashion.

"Yes, me thinks you must needs be stretched a bit more.” With a chuckle I tighten the wrist restraints until your slender arms are stretched to the point of pain. “Now what to do with those pretty legs? Hmmmmmm? Let’s see?”

The big question in my mind was should I stretch out the legs making my new plaything look like a wide open star fish of delight or should I restrain your legs back toward your shoulders making sure they were widely spread but far back to give the ultimate in easy access. I decided to break you in a bit easy. I opted for the star fish position first. I cuffed and restrained your legs wide apart almost to the breaking point. You couldn’t move now. There is no escape and even if you screamed for help, nobody would hear your pleading cries. My little lust feast was ready for total consumption.

I looked down at you. “You’ll not speak to me unless you’re spoken to. Is that clear!?”

“Yes master! Oh please master! Be merciful!”

"My little one. You’re my property now. I own your body for my exclusive use. You’ll service me in any way I wish."

I slide my fingers all over your exposed body. Pinching your hard nipples. Tracing the lines of your rib cage. Flicking your clit. Eventually sliding my finger in you. Then shoving my fingers in your mouth.

"You are such a shameless lil slut"

"Yes, I am a slut Master"

"I need you to purge all the bad you have done"

Smack! I flick the cat-o-nine tail whip over your inner thighs and pussy. Smack! Swish! Smack! Over and over I use this small lil whip on you.

"Are you still a shameless slut?"

"Yes master I'm a slut"

What a shame, I think..."Wrong answer MY lil slut" I pull my hand back ready to keep flogging you.

"Wait!" "I'm YOUR slut, Master"

"Too late" My flogging of your inner thighs and pussy continue. Some lil girls just do not learn thier lessons. You moan as you get punished thoroughly. Eventually I do stop. Your skin is nice and very pink from all that whipping and flogging.

I walk over to my talbe and look over some other instuments of pain I can use on you. I select a nice set of brass clamps to attach to your nipples. Thin chains were attached to the back ends of the clamps and then these were connected to a hook on the wall above the bed.

"Do you believe you have learned your lesson now slut?"

"Yes, Master" You whimper

"Does my lil one deserve a treat then?"

"Yes, Master"

I straddle you over the table. Pulling my cock out and laying it between your clamped nipples. I slide up and down your chest. The closer I get to your mouth the more your mouth follows my cock. Your mouth always open expecting my cock. Inching his dick close to your open mouth. “Do you want to suck my cock my sweet?”

“Yes master! Please let me suck out your seed! I promise I’ll swallow all of it for you!”

“Open your lips wide and stick out your tongue like a little school girl. Yes that’s it now just lightly lick the head of it and be sure to taste it. Hmmmmmmm? Like that slut?”

“Yes master! I love the taste of your big cock!”

I move forward, slipping my cock further into your soft, moist mouth. “Now suck it! Work your lips and tongue on it! Yes! Suck slut! Suck my meat! Yes! Yes!”

I soon pump up and down, using my body weight to force my cock down your gagging throat. You are pretty good at sucking cock but didn’t think you have done much deep throating before. Well it was time for you to learn. “Relax your throat muscles whore! Eat that cock! Suck it down slut! Suck me! I’m gonna cum in your throat! This will be your first meal. I’ll nourish you with my warm, rich seed!”

You gurgl and gag while my cock slips in and out, your velvet like tongue flicks and twisted all over my tasty hardness. You knew that I was right. You're very naughty and irredeemably nasty. This is why you need a master

I grip your face with my strong fingers, then my cock gives a sudden twitch. “God! You fucking lil slut! Fffffuuuuccckkkk! Drink it!”

Cum jolts out of my hard cock and drenches the back of your gagging mouth. Desperately you swallow and gulp as each burst sloshed down your throat.

“Swallow it all down! When I’m done, keep sucking and licking it until it is completely clean or I’ll give you another taste of the cat-o-nine tails.

Eagerly you swallow every drop of my cum. Happy with the results I get off of you and go get a camera. I take quick snapshots of your beautiful whipped and flogged skin and of your dripping cum filled mouth.

I then pull the chain that is holding your nipple clamps slowly til the clamps come off of you. You scream in pain as they each slide of your very perky nipples. Ohhh I bet that hurt. Slowly I undo your restraints and your arms fall limply at your sides. I pick you up and take you to another bedroom where I lay you down.

"There you go my lil slut" "Lay here and rest for a bit." You knock out quickly and sleep for a few hours. When you wake, there is a note on the table. Take a shower, get some dinner on dining room talbe and come to my bedroom. You do as your told. Taking a nice hot shower, then eating alone in the dining table. Eventually making it to my room.

"How are you feeling?"

"Good, Master"

I open up the covers to my bed and you slide right in.


2012-01-07 07:23:09
great story please keep it up :)

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