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a continuation of A Southern Gentleman. Once again, this is a TRUE story. It involves teen sex. This isn’t something that you sit at your computer and beat off. This is for me to get my sins and misdeeds off my chest. This is my story. Some names are changed. I hope you enjoy.
The Fifth Month

To: Katie Stott
Katie idk wtf is your dam prob but im done wit this sht! I love u! is that not enough!

To: Ethan Mathews
Cookie wat r u tlking about? Of course it is. I love you to. It just CANT happen, im sorry hon :-(

To: Katie Stott
Wtf ever. Bye Katie

I slam my phone shut and stuff it in my pocket. How could this have happened?

Three Months Ago:

“Hey Ethan! Its Fiona! Wanna… hang out?”

Ha. Yeah, “hang out”. Fiona wants it. Sets have some fun!

“Yeah, hey, I just got home. Give me till tomorrow and we’ll meet up!

“Ok! See you tomorrow!”

I hang up my phone as my mom stares me down.

“Who was that?”

“Just Fiona. She wants to chill tomorrow. Shouldn’t be a problem right?”

“No, just call when you make it to her place.”

“Ok mom. Im gonna take a nap. I’m beat! Love you.”

I get back into my room and lay on my love seat and I’m immediately asleep

Two Days Later

“Hey bro, wanna hang out? I can get some girls down here and we can all chill?” I hear Desmond take in a breath, thinking about what I just said.

“I… nah man I can’t. You know I got Julia. I can’t do that to her”

“Man, live a little! You can’t be a hermit all your life. Have some fun. ‘Sides didn’t she cheat on you with a grown ass man?”

“Yeah she did but that doesn’t mea-“

“Des, come on man, just try to think about this. You know you’re pissed at her, take out that anger. It will be worthwhile I promise. Haley’s gonna be one of the girls”

“Ah hell ight, ill pick you up ina few”

“Later man”

I hear the line go dead and hang up. Getting some action! Hell yeah!

The memory of last night creeps back into my mind: Fiona’s sexy ass body covered in sweat, bouncing on top of me, the video camera rolling. Her moans escaping every time she sits down. And then…
Seeing Maggie’s face. I mentally cringe as I remember how it went: me throwing her off in a panic, her surprised scream. My terrified one. She had asked me what was wrong. My mind was reeling, with I knee jerk reaction I say: “Nothing Maggie, I’m fi- SHIT Fiona I’m sorry I didn’t mean to sa-“. The argument that followed straight after was gruesome.

Shaking the thoughts out of my mind I focus on what will be happing tomorrow…

The Next Day
I hear my phone vibrate on my desk.

To: Ethan Mathews

Hey bro. outside. Let’s go.

I crawl out my window and run down my property. Desmond is waiting in his Tahoe. We stop off at Wal-Mart, grab some condoms, and go pick up the girls. Once we get back the action starts.
Desmond takes Haley to the back room of his Game House and I keep Gracie in the kitchen area.

“Have fun Haley! And hey, you to bro!” I throw Desmond a nod and he laughs and slams the door. I hear a lot of rustling and grunting, knowing they ain’t wasting time I’m not going to either.

I pull off my button-down as I walk towards Gracie.


“Yeah?” I say as I start to kiss her neck and slowly pull her shirt up her stomach.

“I’ve… never… you know…?”

“Really? Well… didn’t expect that. Don’t worry babe, I’ll take REALLY good care of you. Just breathe.”

She lets out a sigh as I kiss up her neck and pull her shirt over her head. Running my hands down her body, I grab her hips and pull her hard against me. She sighs and I pick her up by her waist and set her on the table. The thought: “ha Des is gonna kill me when I tell him about this!” runs through my head as I kiss down her chest and go to unhook her bra…

“What the hell?” I can’t find the casps! It not back here!

“I… I wore a front clasps just for tonight…” she says shyly and blushes. I look at her chest, admiring the sight for a little while. She has an amazing rack! At least a 32B (I like ‘em small), and sure enough I see the clasps right in between her tits.

“You dirty little girl!”

“Oh… I’m sorry! I shouldn’t ha- I mean I don’t know why I di- … I’m sorry…”

“Gracie, Gracie. No honey no. It’s good, REALLY good. I like it!”

A smile slowly makes its way across her face and I kiss her again. Moving real slow so she don’t panic (hey! I might be an ass but not that big of one! She IS a virgin after all) I kiss further down her chest till I get to her waist. Then I unbutton her pants, listening for the “no, wait” I’m expecting. When it doesn’t come I push on and pull her pants and thong off in one motion. Then, with her completely naked in front of me I drop my pants and push her back hard. I’m in my element now. In control. Her smile shows me she likes it. I lie on top of her, think better of it and roll her on top.

“Straddle me” she sits up and puts her legs on either side of me. I then sit up and I shift her body till I’m lined up and I push in slowly.

“Gracie, this is gonna hurt. A lot. Take a breath and when I tell you, let it out ok?”

“Ok… *breathes in*”

I push in deeper till I feel her hymen and I tell her…

“Let it out” just then I push all the way in, breaking her hymen.

She screams and lays her head on my shoulder, but I don’t let up. I start pulling her towards me and pushing her back while she just takes in the feeling, at first she’s whimpering from the pain but it soon turns into slight moans as I keep going. Soon enough I’m not moving her, I let her hips go and she picks up my slow rhythm and then starts to speed up. She puts her hands on my shoulders and rakes her nails down my chest. Then she unexpectedly pushes me down on my back, roughly, and starts riding me harder. Her moans start to get louder and louder…

“Ugh, fuck Ethan! I’m SO wet. Ugh! Yeah! You like how I’m fucking you? Yeah you like this dirty little girl impaling herself on your fat cock don’t you?”

WOAH! Where did that come from! What happened to cute innocent Gracie?!

“Mmmm, oh fuck yeah girl. Ride that dick. Mmm! Yeah! Harder baby harder!

She grinds down on me as I start to match her rhythm and push into her. She moans louder then starts to shake. I know she is on the brink and I start to go faster. She moans on top of me and falls over me. Laying her body against mine and still shaking and moaning slightly, having little mini orgasms. Then my phone rings.

“Ethan where the hell are you!”

“Mom! Chill! I’m at Desmond’s. Julia cheated on him again and I’m over here for moral support. Ok?”

“Ok…” I can almost hear the gears working as she processes it. “Just let me know next time you just leave”

“You where asleep, I didn’t want to wake you. Des is kinda messed up mom, I need to go. Love you”

I hang up and Gracie looks at me, a big smile on her face. She is obviously in the blissful aftermath of her first orgasm. I hear a loud bang and a high moan. Knowing Des just finished and that was Haley moaning I know it’s time to go.

“Hey Gracie, come on let’s get dressed. Time to go darlin. “

One Month Later:

I wake up to the sound of my alarm. Its 10:30. It seems that I can’t seem to get her outa my head. I dream about her every night, and every morning it’s the same: a tear stained face and a fresh crack in my already broken heart.

I roll outa my love seat and onto my feet. I get dressed and as soon as I pull my shirt on my phone rings.

“Hey Ethan, wanna hang?”

“Oh hey Katie sure, I’ll be there in 45 mins.” Katie is my best friend next to Des, just like Des, she has always been there for me.

“Ok! See ya soon! Love you!”

“Ha, love you to. *click* if only you knew how much… *sigh*”

I go out and tell my mom where I’m headed, grabbing my keys on the way.
I pull into Katie’s drive and as soon as I step out I’m tackled and look to see Katie squeezing me in a death grip.

“Ethan! Ah! I’ve missed you!”

When I’m with Katie, Maggie never crosses my mind. It’s like with her, nothing matters, just the moments, the smiles, and this love that I have for her. I know she loves me, but more than friends? I’m not sure…

“Hey honey! I’ve missed you to! Gah! How’ve ya been!”

“I’m good. Been super busy, mom and dad have been getting horses and we just had a new litter of puppies! Wanna see ‘em?”

“Yeah! Let’s go look!”

The rest of the day goes by in a blur, all I can remember is smiling so much my jaw hurt, laughing with her family, playing with her little brothers and thinking… “This is where I belong”.

Three Months Later:

I can’t believe I’m doing this…

What am I even thinking…?

You know she doesn’t love you like that…

How could she?

“Katie… I love you.”

“… Ethan”

“Katie please just hear me out”

“Ok, I’m listening…”

“You’re all I can think about. I dream EVERY NIGHT about Maggie, but as soon as I’m with you I forget! I’ve been trying for months! The only time I’m happy is when I’m with you, please take me Katie”

“… Ethan I ca-“

“NO! Katie please, don’t say you can’t, give it a try at least. We could make each other so happy”

“Ethan we are happy. I see it in your eyes when we are together. I love you. But I love our friendship more. I won’t sacrifice that Ethan. I can’t.”

“Katie you’re breaking my heart… I got to go… I need to think”

The Next Day: The Fifth Month

The Fifth Month

To: Katie Stott
Katie idk wtf is your dam prob but im done wit this sht! I love u! Is that not enough!

To: Ethan Mathews
Cookie wat r u tlking about? Of course it is. I love you to. It just CANT happen, im sorry hon :-(

To: Katie Stott
Wtf ever. Bye Katie

I slam my phone shut and stuff it in my pocket. How could this have happened?
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