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girl gets her cherry busted by uncle
Young Maria has spent the night in bed with her uncle as he talked her out of her clothes and in-between his sheets where he licked and sucked her sexy young body before sucking and gobbling Maria’s virgin cunt. Uncle Pierre devoured Maria’s pussy to the point that she was totally his. Now her sexual training must continue. Her Latino genes will help to make her more than pleasing in bed for every man that wants to take her there. Dip it Low Maria baby, drive your men so wild. Dip it Low Maria honey and please them all through the night. Dip it Low Maria girl, you’ve got to satisfy their every desire! It’s time to dip it down and work it around for all of the men that want you and will teach you to be a pleasing whore now and a pleasing wife one day.


............................... CUMMING OUT!

Pierre awoke during the night and pulled the bed sheets up over his sexy niece who lay naked in his arms. He could still taste her delicious cunt juices on his moustache. He started to awaken her and fuck her brains out but decided he would play her on the down-low and have her in his bed for a second night in a row and then, be the first cock to penetrate her love. He left Maria sleeping in his bed the next morning although it was incredibly hard to leave her silky smooth, tanned flesh lying nude in his bed. Maria was so very sexy for a 12 year old! Still, he went to fix breakfast for his kids and her.

When his young children came out for breakfast, they were hungry but needing that loving touch every child needs in the morning. They wanted their Aunt Maria whom they loved so much. Pierre told them she was still sleeping because she was really tired from last night and indeed Maria was.

Maria slipped into some clean panties under the shirt and came into the kitchen as the children were finishing their breakfast of eggs, bacon and biscuits their daddy had prepared. They hopped down from their seats and jumped and cheered for their M-a-r-I-a...........

Maria kissed them both and told them to go to their room and watch cartoons and she would be there in a minute to get them some play clothes for the day. Pierre just watched and admired how good she was with his children.

"Your remarkable with them Maria" , Pierre told her. "You are better than their mother ever was and I appreciate you so much"

"Thanks" Maria responded. "I like them too."

He took Maria into his arms and they kissed for a couple of minutes as Pierre told Maria how much she had satisfied him in bed last night. He told Maria he was calling her mother to tell her that she would be spending tonight with him also because we have some unfinished business young lady. "Is that ok baby?" Pierre asked?

"If you want me to stay with you again I will" Maria replied.

They were kissing again now as Pierre’s shirt that Maria wore, rode up over her panties as she reached up to kiss him fully. Pierre’s hand clutched a full measure of Maria’s lower ass-cheek and smooth panty. "I can’t wait to bury my cock in you tonight Maria. It has been a long time since I had some really good pussy baby" Pierre whispered to her.

"But you’ll have to teach me Uncle Pierre. I’ve never done that before" Maria smiled and said.

Pierre laughed softly and said, " With pleasure baby. I’ll teach you nice and slow Maria. You’ll feel like you have never felt before and want more of it everyday. With pleasure I will teach you."

Pierre phoned Maria’s mom and got permission for her to spend the night again. She said she would call Maria later that day and talk to her.

Maria went off to help the children as Pierre watched the most perfect ass he knew of sashay down the hallway. Soon now, he would have her, finally.

They all played and cleaned up around the house as Pierre caught himself staring at his niece’s sexy body almost all the time. Maria knew he was watching her and she enjoyed it some but was also uncomfortable at times too, knowing what he planned for her that night and not being sure she could do it with him when it was time. Finally around 3, he had to go to work and did, but with a bad case of Maria on his mind.

Maria’s mom called her soon after she knew Pierre would be gone for work. She asked Maria if everything was going ok? They talked small talk for a minute before her mom asked Maria if Pierre had "tried anything" with her.

"Mom?" Maria exclaimed. "He has hasn’t he Maria?" her mom stated. " Has he made love to you?

Maria now knew her mom was aware of something and she answered her mom slowly, " He wants me to do that with him tonight. We did kinda do some stuff last night too momma."

Maria’s mom told her to listen carefully, " Maria you must accept your part in our family. You must do the things that are expected of you and not bring dishonor to our family. You will be glad you did all these things one day. Make yourself very nice and attractive to him and see that he is happy with you. I am counting on you Maria."

Maria feed the children some supper that she cooked and left a plate for her uncle in the refrigerator. She bathed them and read them two books before tucking them in to sleep. Maria then went to bathe herself in the tub with a fragrant bubble bath soap her aunt had left when she moved her stuff out.

Maria then slipped into light pastel-blue panties with Princess on the front of them and low-rise faded jeans that she thought her uncle would like seeing her in. She then put on lip gloss, and eyeliner that matched her small blue panties and a thin white spaghetti-strap top and a blue, sleeve only top over her white one. Maria left her bra off so that her small breasts and nipples would show for her uncle. She was ready to be presented for his pleasure and her mom had pretty much told her to make love with Pierre.

Pierre arrived soon after getting off work at 11pm. Maria had been on his mind all night at work, totally destroying any hope of concentration. He wanted her in bed again and bad. There was a virgin at home waiting for him to take her pussy for the first time and he drove recklessly on his way home trying to get to her loving. Pierre could swear he smelled his hot little niece’s pussy when he got out of his car.

Maria was sitting on the couch when Pierre came in. He went directly to her as she stood and they embraced and kissed. "Are the kids asleep?" Pierre asked hopefully. He wanted to get started fucking Maria’s sexy 12 year-old body as quickly as possible.

"Yes sir. I took them to the park and played with them before we came home and cooked supper. Then I bathed them and read them a story before I laid down with them while they went to sleep" Maria told her uncle. "I think they where quite satisfied".

Pierre smiled and replied, "Well now it is your Uncle Pierre that needs to be satisfied and you know what I want don’t you Maria?"

"Yup, I think so", Maria smiled and said.

"I’ve been thinking about fucking your pussy all night Maria" Pierre growled as he pulled his sexy, young niece down to the couch where he began working on getting his cock into Maria, and could think of nothing now except splitting her pussy open and pounding her sex. He didn’t care how she felt now, all that mattered was that he needed some good pussy, bad, and Maria was here and would be his fuck-toy tonight.

Pierre did manage to tell Maria how sexy she looked before he began to kiss her passionately and trying to peel clothes from her sexy body. It took only a minute or two before he had young Maria topless for the second night in a row. He pushed her down on the couch and kissed her neck and shoulder and sucked on her small breasts like a starving animal. He had Maria’s legs spread and he was between them slowly dry-fucking her through her tight, low-rise jeans. Maria was pushing her crotch back against the tremendous bulge she could feel in her uncle’s pants.

Maria was softly panting as they worked their dry-run of their first-ever fucking.

Pierre stopped and looked at Maria’s eyes as he asked her if she wanted her uncle to fuck her pussy? Maria never hesitated in telling her uncle she really wanted to "do it’ with him.

He stood and pulled his hot piece of ass up from the couch and led her by her hand to his huge bed where he closed the door so their fucking sounds wouldn’t wake his kids. Maria was about to become her uncle’s thrill as she would for many more men in her family as word would spread of her being now available for their sexual lusts with her. An almost, 13 year-old about to embark on a six year odyssey of being the family’s whore. Maria would make all the men remember how much fun it is to have a good young pussy in your bed. Tonight though, Maria belonged all to her uncle.

Pierre turned Maria to face him and she fell into his arms, nude from the waist up. He felt the softness of Maria’s flesh as they kissed. Pierre caressed Maria’s hip, ribs, back and breasts before grasping a handful of her ass so tightly packed into her low-rise jeans. Maria moaned under his kiss as he fondled her ass.

Their kisses broke as Pierre dropped to his knees in front of Maria. Maria looked down at her uncle as she told him she had wanted to look nice for him tonight. Pierre responded by telling Maria that indeed she did look very nice and sexy but he wanted her naked and now.

He unsnapped Maria’s jeans and she wiggled her hips to help him pull her pants off. Maria stepped out of them as her uncle held them down around her ankles. Pierre now leaned in to kiss Maria right above the top edge of her little blue "Princess" panties. Maria’s hands softly held her uncle’s head as he licked all along her panty-waist and he ran his hands up inside the rear of her panties. Pierre longed to drive his aching cock down into this 12 year-old virgin cunt he had ready to enjoy as he pleased.

Pierre resisted the urge to rip into Maria’s cunt immediately because she would be a virgin only once and he wanted to savor every moment of being the first to taste her delicious flesh and to use her for his total sexual satisfaction. He would fuck Maria many times as would so many other men. Pierre wanted to enjoy the seduction of a virgin though, have her sexy, young body begging him for the fucking he could deliver to her so he slowed his advance and decided to enjoy Maria laying in front of him nude except for her low-rise, blue "Princess" panties. He wanted to kiss and lick every inch of her sexy body before he started to pile drive his cock into Maria’s delicious virgin pussy.

Pierre picked Maria up and laid her in the middle of his bed. He stopped to admire how beautiful she was laying in front of him nude except for those little panties that girls her age wore. Maria would soon be totally nude with her uncle, her creamy legs spread for him and her uncle’s throbbing cock would be buried deep in her virgin cunt! Pierre knew he could already smell his 12 year-old niece’s pussy becoming juiced and waiting for their fucking to start.

Pierre leaned in to kiss Maria’s firm bare belly. Maria squirmed as he licked just above the top edge of her panties. Maria giggled and told her uncle he was tickling her! Pierre used his hands to turn Maria over on her stomach where he paused to admire her beautifully shaped ass clad in her thin panties.

Pierre leaned down and softly kissed Maria’s cheek and then used his devilishly horny tongue to lick and tease Maria’s earlobes, neck and bare shoulders. Maria’s arms were stretched out to her sides as she enjoyed what her uncle was doing to her as he began his foreplay before fucking his sexy young niece. Pierre continued down Maria’s bare back running his flicking tongue up and down her back-bone and over to her sides where he playfully darted his tongue onto the side of each of Maria’s breast globes.

Pierre continued on down across Maria’s waist and then nibbled her ass through her thin panties as Maria moaned so sexily. He licked around the bottom edge of her panties along each leg and down in between the back of Maria’s legs. Maria’s creamy young flesh was intoxicating to her uncle’s burning tongue. Maria’s uncle then used his teeth on the back of Maria’s thighs as he bite each of them and then nibbled between her legs. Maria moaned as her uncle was teasing her love now.

Pierre then licked the length of Maria’s delicious legs several times before he turned her over on her back and began to suck each of her toes individually. Maria smiled at him as he enjoyed his labor. Pierre then licked the top of Maria’s thighs down to the edge of her panties before trailing up over and around each of her bare nipples. Pierre took a minute to lovingly suck each of Maria’s small breasts. He then kissed Maria’s neck and they shared a few lip kisses and tongue kisses.

Maria’s uncle then went back down and teased the waistline of her panties with his tongue before he gripped Maria’s panties with his teeth and pulled them down to her knees. He then used his hands to pull her panties the rest of the way off and tossed them onto the floor. Maria was naked with her uncle in his bed again.

Maria looked at her uncle and softly asked him to please eat her again. Pierre told Maria he was sorry but he had eaten her good last night, tonight he wanted to bury his cock in her deep and hard and really drill her tight pussy. Pierre stood and undressed as Maria watched his large swollen cock pop free and it’s large purple head point at her wanting to consume her virginity.

Pierre crawled in between Maria’s legs and they kissed a moment as he used his hand to spread her legs wide for him to mount her missionary style. Pierre used his hand to rub his cock head up and down in Maria’s slit. He looked into her sweet Latino face and those big brown eyes looking up at him as Maria waited for her uncle to sink his cock into her pussy. It came quickly now!

Pierre slipped his cock head between Maria’s pussy lips as she cooed at the feel of it. Now he slid more cock into sweet Maria till he felt her virgin cover in her vaginal canal. Maria looked at her uncle nervously and then he drove down into Maria breaking her hymen once and for all as Maria cried in pain. Pierre held his place in Maria’s cunt until her pain subsided and then he began a moderate stroking of grown man cock to a 12 year old pussy.

Maria held her uncle’s bed sheets with her fists as Pierre stroked about one third of his 9 inch cock in and out of her tender, baby pussy. Pierre could see Maria’s face as she still winced with pain as he slid his cock into her. It didn’t matter though, he was not here to please Maria but rather was going to use his sexy little niece to unload all the sperm he had been saving for months in his balls and if she hurt or not wasn’t his problem. Pierre was getting some pussy again and fully intended to bang the shit out of Maria. It even crossed his mind that soon he might get her into a threesome with a friend of his. Not now though, now it was pure one-one pussy-fucking time!

Pierre sank more of his cock into young Maria and watched her head lay back over the edge of her pillow and her eyes close, her mouth open slightly as she moaned for him. Pierre took one of Maria’s knees in each hand as he spread her legs open wide so he could pork her tight, tender pussy easier. It didn’t hurt Maria anymore but rather it was like her uncle was splitting her in half between her legs and it was kinda feeling good to her now.

Pierre watched his young, sexy niece when he drove his entire cock down into her juicy, velvet cunt. Maria’s brown, bedroom eyes bulged wide open as her uncle packed her virgin pussy full of throbbing, rock hard cock! Maria’s entire body except for her hips, which were pinned to the mattress by her uncle’s cock thrust, rose from the bed. Maria’s mouth was wide open and gasping for air as the force of Uncle Pierre’s cock bottomed out in her young cunt stretching and pushing it’s walls further apart so her pussy would be a little bigger for the next cock that fucked her!

" Oh MY GOD, Oh MY GOD" Maria cried out, "I can’t take all of it, please stop!"

Pierre replied that she would have to take all of his man-cock because he was really horny for pussy and that she (Maria) would just have to learn to give her pussy to men, not boys! I’m gonna teach you how to be a whore Maria baby. You’ll be the finest whore this family has ever had.

Maria was all the way back down on the bed now except for her chest which was arched up and her uncle was breast feeding on Maria’s small mounds as he humped her tender pussy. He had always dreamed of pussy this good and innocent and now he was hammering Maria’s cunt like an expert as he taught her how fantastic it could feel to totally give herself to her lover on her first fucking session! Pierre had NO DOUBT, that a lot of men were going to really enjoy Maria’s pussy.

Maria cried and moaned for her uncle as he fed on her breasts like a starving animal and drilled her young pussy like a completely possessed man. Pierre was possessed, he was possessed with the desire to get everything Maria’s pussy had to offer a man before he blew his sperm load deep inside of her. He wanted Maria’s first time fucking to be something she would remember all her life and that would make it easy for him to get in her pants again anytime he wanted her. He knew it was up to him to make Maria fall in love with fucking and to be willing to spread her legs and take any cock that wanted her from now on. Pierre didn’t aim to fail in his mission of the pussy enslavement of Maria.

Pierre varied his speed of stroking his hard and experienced cock-meat into Maria’s baby pussy. He had seven or eight hard intense strokes into her then a couple of minutes with slow and loving strokes before suddenly ramming her cunt hard and fast again. Maria’s creamy legs were wrapped around her uncle’s back now as she let her genetic make-up take over and do the things in bed with her uncle that were breed into her mother by generations of submissive young sluts and passed to Maria who now used what her mind and body knew to do when a man was humping her. It was all pure and natural instinct for Maria as she gave her pussy so willingly to her uncle.

Deep down inside of Maria she no longer controlled her body and never would again. She lived for fucking like this with any man that wanted her cunt and would never be able to deny any man that made her feel pretty and sexy and showed interest in her sexually. Maria would have more lovers in the next two months than she had fingers and toes combined! Maria was so totally hot, and every man would want a piece of ass from her. Maria’s role in her family now was to never tell a man rather ask when and where, at least when it came to sex!

Pierre’s large ball-sack slapped Maria’s ass-cheeks with a loud clap every time her hammered her tail and drove into her cunt to the limit. Maria didn’t know what was happening anymore except that she felt so totally awesome and never wanted this to stop. Maria creamed her uncle’s cock time and again as he filled her with his throbbing meat. Maria just kept telling her uncle how much she loved him as he kept cramming her full of dick!

Pierre loved the feeling of Maria’s ankle bracelet rubbing on his side while he rode his prize mare’s pussy. Maria and Pierre were both dripping with sweat as their initial fucking was nearing an end. Their tongues were wrestling as they kissed and fucked. Pierre had been fucking the sexy Maria for over thirty minutes and they were both getting loud in their sexual moans.

Pierre suddenly increased his fucking pace to Maria to overdrive and he drilled her tender pussy with his large cock.

Maria moaned to her lover "YES, OH YES BABY. Oh, Oh, Oh yes. So, So, Good babeee".

Maria’s soft hands held her uncle’s bare back and her toes pointed out as Pierre suddenly squirted her full of hot, sticky sperm that had built up in him for several months. Maria coated his throbbing cock with a final secretion of her female cream.

Maria instinctively pushed her pussy up to meet her uncle’s last few thrusts of cock into her cunt.

Massive jets of her uncle’s sperm continued to spurt deep into Maria’s pussy. Pierre groaned from deep within and blew a huge wad of his cock juice into Maria, then he collapsed on top of her delicious pussy.

Maria and her uncle were both exhausted from their intense fucking, her first ever. Pierre rolled off of her and laid on his back. Maria used the last of her energy to turn onto her tummy and lay against her magnificent lover and uncle. Maria softly rubbed his chest with her small hand and draped her sexy, bare leg across his groin. Maria reached up and kissed his cheek as she told him how warm she felt inside and how happy she was.

Pierre stroked his niece’s smooth, bare back as he told her how good her pussy was. They kissed for a moment before Maria laid her head on her uncle’s chest. Pierre told Maria that since he was her first lover, it was his job to let some other men know she was ready for sex with the men who wanted her. He told her that he would keep her "dating" on a very regular basis.

Maria asked if she was going to like kinda have a lot of sex with men? Pierre responded that yes Maria baby, your going to be doing a lot of cock from now on.

It was at that point that uncle Pierre’s bedroom door opened and his kids came running in. Maria sat up quickly and covered her naked body with the top of the sheet. Her uncle just laid there laughing.

The kids bounded into bed saying they wanted to sleep with daddy but Pierre told them that no, they couldn’t tonight because Maria was staying in his bed with him, just the two of us. Pierre told his kids that Maria needed to be kept warm and safe tonight and it had to be just daddy and Maria alone.

Maria stood and quickly slid into her uncle’s pull-over shirt that barely came to the bottom of her ass cheeks, Maria led the kids back to their room as Pierre watched her walk with her hot little tail showing. Pierre smiled as he saw his sperm drizzling down the inside of both of Maria’s thighs where it was leaking from her pussy. He told Maria to get the kids back to sleep and hurry back to him because he needed a lot more of her sweet snatch tonight!

Maria did her best to get the kids back to sleep quickly but it took her over 30 minutes. She read them a short book and then sang softly for them as she thought about how good it had actually felt to have her uncle’s large cock stroking in and out of her. Maria could feel Pierre’s sloppy wetness all inside of her and she treasured the feeling of it.

Maria finally got them back to sleep. She went to the restroom to freshen herself up for her uncle again as she brushed her teeth, her hair and applied eyeliner and eyeshadow for him to see. Maria also found some of her aunt’s perfume that she had left and applied it to various parts of her delicious body. Maria was hoping her uncle would want to make love to her again.

Pierre watched Maria walk back into his bedroom with her long sexy legs and angel face. He directed Maria to lock the bedroom door this time because they were going to get loud with their fucking. Maria just gave her distinctive huh laugh. Maria locked the door and walked to the bed where she lifted her uncle’s shirt up over her head and dropped it to the floor.

Pierre looked at Maria’s luscious 12 year old body so perfect and so naked! Her breasts were budding but the rest of her body an eighteen year old would kill for. Pierre tossed the sheets back and pulled Maria back into bed for some more fucking.

God, what your kids must think of me. Do you care what my kids think or, do you care more that I get all the pussy that I want? Maria smiled and said ..hmmmm, I dunno. Pierre pulled Maria down on her back and started to tickle her naked body. Ok, Ok Maria giggled. You, you, I want you to get all of my love that you want. No Pierre replied. Say it. Say the word about what you want me to do to your sex and call your sex by it’s name and mine by it’s name. I want you to start talking dirty in bed with me. Maria smiled. Pierre said do it or I tickle again. Ok, Maria started. I want you to use that big cock of yours in my pussy and fuck me real good again.

Pierre knew he was lucky to be the first of so many men who would feast on Maria’s sexy body.

Pierre laid on his back and directed Maria to climb on top of his hips. Her legs were spread open across her uncle as he guided his hard cock against Maria’s bare cunt. He could see his wet sperm still on Maria’s pussy from their previous fucking. He directed Maria to raise up on her knees and he centered his cock under her cunt. Maria slowly lowered her hips down as her uncle guided his massive cock to Maria’s dripping pussy hole.

Pierre gently rubbed his cock head against Maria’s cunt lips letting them get reacquainted for a moment and he loved hearing the smacking sound his cock made with Maria’s wet pussy. Pierre placed his hands on each of Maria’s hips and suddenly forced her down on his cock as he drove his hips up into her. All 9 inches of his fat cock rammed into Maria’s tender pussy and split her open.

Maria cried out her pleasure as her uncle’s cock drove into her belly. Pierre used his hands to teach Maria how to move her hips back and forth with a little up and down motion added. Maria was a fast learner because so much of fucking is instinct, and being a fantastic whore was breed into her genetically.

Maria now held hands with her uncle as she rocked and rode on his big cock buried inside of her. Pierre watched Maria’s head laid back and her eyes flickered and closed as his hard cock began to do a number on her young pussy. Maria was moaning regularly now as Pierre pulled her arms down beside him forcing her chest in front of his face. He began to lick and lap her small breasts and flip her erect nipples back and forth with his tongue. He finally took one of her small breasts into his mouth and sucked Maria’s nipple and breast meat like a small puppy sucking its’ momma’s milk. Pierre was in ecstasy fucking his young niece’s sexy body.

Maria was so young and innocent but with a body to die for and a face that showed no imperfections at all. She was every boy dreams of bedding and she made all the boys (and several teachers) at school watch when she walked by. She was a real dream fuck! Maria was real though and her pussy was so naturally good that any man could become addicted to her loving in one night of fucking her.

Maria was falling in love with her uncle. She knew she could never hold her knees together around him again and he would always be able to take her to bed when he pleased. She would get naked for him and spread her legs as quickly as she could whenever he looked at her in the future.

Maria would always have a special place in her heart for her Uncle Pierre but she would soon discover that it really cock that she loved. Long, hard, fat cock that men could put inside of her and make her feel so totally awesome. Before tonight, she had no idea how good it could feel to have sex with a man. But now, Maria had to be classified as a devout, twelve (soon to be thirteen) year old cock-loving whore!

Maria cried out in pleasure as she creamed her uncle’s cock with her female cum-juices. Her legs, hips, arms chest and back shuddered with her orgasm as her uncle drove up into her pussy. Pierre looked at Maria’s face, a young girl in total surrender to awesome feeling of sex! Pierre had wanted her on top this time to use his large cock on her pussy walls to show her how good a man could make her feel and why she should surrender to being the family sex toy.

Maria’s brain wasn’t even connected to her body right now as her uncle rolled her over placing her on her back in his bed again. Now, why Maria was so exhilarated, Pierre was going to fuck her like every whore should be fucked. He was going to pound and pile-drive Maria’s pussy into total submission so she would know her place from now on, naked and legs spread for all the men in her family.

Pierre could see her small breasts were red from him sucking and chewing them while they had been fucking. Maria was still in a warm and special world of hers as Pierre picked her creamy legs up, spread them over his shoulders letting her calves rest on his back and her feet hang down to the middle of his back.

Maria’s eyes were glazed over with the hot passion she was still feeling from the orgasm that was slowly dying down. She never even realized her uncle was about to start fucking her again.

Pierre’s cock found Maria’s pussy hole without any guidance. It was like a hungry dog after a juicy bone, a horny cock just finds good pussy!

Pierre rammed the full length of his throbbing cock into Maria’s cunt as she grunted with it’s impact and gasped for air. Pierre began to fuck his sexy Maria hard and fast driving his cock inti her time and again as his heavy ball-sac slapped Maria’s ass cheeks with every plunge. The sex slap was loud enough to be heard throughout the room, a pussy being spanked by a cock.

Maria cried and groaned her uncle’s name between panting for what precious air she could inhale. She told him how good it felt, how fat his cock was, how much she loved him and how her pussy was his, all his! Pierre just kept banging her pussy forcing the air from Maria’s lungs with many of his cock thrusts into her sweet pussy.

Maria was on a continuous orgasm now as she coated her uncle’s cock with her girl juices. Pierre grunted and drove hard before he groaned like a dying animal as he blew massive spurts of sperm into Maria’s pussy. Her toes curled and her feet constricted as Pierre filled her cunt box with male sex juice. Their juices mixed to produce a wonderful aroma that filled the air. The smell of hot passionate sex!

Pierre pulled his cock from Maria’s pussy as a loud smack sounded, the sound of pussy suction releasing its prey. He had given his sexy little niece exactly what she needed to insure she provide her cunt to all the men who wanted her and do it with enthusiasm for sex play.

Pierre stood by the bed and slipped back into his boxers as he watched Maria’s delicious body jerk and jump as orgasmic spasms continued to sweep through her hot body. Maria curled into a ball as she moaned from the pleasure her uncle had delivered to her sexually.

Pierre grinned and then left the bedroom to go get them a single glass of wine to mark the occasion with. He came back to find Maria laying in the middle of his bed, still nude, and smiling from her happy soul. Maria begged like a little girl for her uncle not to wear his boxers because she wanted to hold and play with his cock while he held her.

Pierre slipped his boxers to the floor and stepped out of them and back into bed. His hard cock seemed to almost be smiling at the sight of Maria’s sexy, young body. Pierre toasted the wine glass to his lovely Maria who had entered his bed two nights aga as a virgin and now had become a woman. Maria smiled at his toast and shared the glass of wine with her uncle.

"Maria, you are a woman now and you will please many men sexually over the next few months and years but I hope you will always remember your first time fucking with your Uncle Pierre and that you will spread them sexy legs many more times for me.", Pierre told her.

Maria curled up in her uncle’s arms as they talked and giggled and kissed. "I will, I promise I will Uncle Pierre. I will do my best to make you proud of me when other men want to date me. I just wish I could make-love with you every night though." Maria said.

Maria feel asleep in her uncle’s arms as he enjoyed the feeling of her creamy smooth nakedness against him. Pierre hadn’t told her, but he had already made a "date" for Maria tomorrow afternoon. Soon she would be spreading her legs for another man, then another and another and another.

Maria was truly........


When Maria finally awoke, she remembered how good it had felt when her uncle had licked and eaten her the night before. She thought that he had wanted to make love with her and wondered why he had not done that with her. Maria slipped into one of Pierre’s pullover shirts hanging in his closet and went into the living room where her overnight bag was. She usually slept on the couch when she stayed over at her uncle’s, but those days were over now. Maria would fill his bed and the beds of many men at night from now on.

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