That night I went to bed thinking of when and how to got Jane her teenagers. Danny and his friends were it for a treat. Taking on a nice mature woman. She will be surprised when her nephew fucks her. I thought about arse-fucking the wife, but I was saving myself for my little girl. I was going to try out Jim’s present on her.
Thursday morning I sent Izzy shopping for fresh vegetables. She had to get carrots, cucumbers and the biggest marrow she could find. The smile on her face told me she know, what I proposed.
When she returned we what to the pub for drinks. I made sure Izzy had plenty. “Are you trying to get me drunk, Dad.” She asked.
“No dear just relaxed.”
“Is that so you can put those things into me. I do hope so. I brought the fatties marrow I could find. It’ll be fun trying to get that in my fanny.”
“Have another drink, darling. You and your fanny are going to need it.”
Then I noticed an old men beckoning to me, so I went and sat beside him.
“You’re the man that sells the tapes aren’t you. And that’s Little Red Riding Hood with you. Is she really your daughter?”
“Yes she’s my daughter and yes she is Little Red Riding Hood.”
“And that really is you and your son fucking her on the tapes? And the other woman really is your wife?”
“Yes to both.” I said.
“Well me and two friends would like to have a go at fucking them. You can video us doing it if you like. I’m willing to pay you four hundred pounds and of course you can sale the films.”
Four hundred pounds just so you and your mates can fuck my wife and daughter. What’s the catch?”
“I said friends. I really meant Mans Best Friends.”
We made a deal.
I went back to Izzy with more drinks. “Who was the old man?” She asked.
“Just someone who’d like to fuck you.”
“Are you going to let him? Daddy”
“Certainly my dear. It’ll be fun seeing his old prick going in you. He’s eighty-four. You and your mother will probably be his last fuck.”
“Me and mum! Do you think his prick will stay hard for both of us.”
“Oh yes, his prick will stay hard. He wants to watch his friends fucking you as well. His friend’s cocks will be a little different than you’re used to though. He and I want especially to see you sucking on them. Now drink up it time to go.”
I told Izzy to go to the garage, strip off and get on the bench. I went indoors for the vegetables and Jim’s present. Telling Carol and Danny to wait twenty minutes before coming down.
In the garage Izzy was lying back on the bench, naked.
“I’m going to strap you down, tie your legs up on the poles and gag you. Is that alright?”
“Yes daddy you can strap me down, but please don’t gag me. I promise not to scream.”
I strapped her down and turned the handle to spread her legs. Tilting the bench back-wards to lower her head. I striped off and squatted over her face so she could see my cock and balls.
“Tongue my arsehole girl but don’t just lick it. I want to feel your tongue up inside my arse.”
Using my hands I spread my cheeks and lowered my anus to her mouth. She kissed it and sucked on it. Then shoved her tongue as far up my arsehole as she could. She did a good job. I was very near to cumming so I stopped.
“Now slave I’m going to open up that cunt of yours and see how big I can make it. Would you like that?”
“I think so Master, will it hurt a lot.” She asked.
“No pain no gain. I want my little girl’s cunt, able to be opened up very wide indeed. Now let me get to work on that hole.”
Standing between her legs I looked down at my daughter’s fanny, it looked so sweet and innocent. It was a typical teenage vagina, with just a few blonde hairs growing round it. I know it was nice and tight, able to gripe any size cock that went into it. She would need that for Ted’s friends. I also know she liked her cunt to be opened up and held open.
Taking a carrot I showed it to Izzy.
“I’m going to put this carrot in your hole, Izzy, then another and another, how many do you think I’ll be able to get in it.”
“I don’t know daddy? But start putting them in. Because I’m really looking forward to you stuffing that cucumber up my fuck hole”.
Using two fingers I open her vaginal lips and placed the tip of the carrot inside her hole and rotated it around to open it up. As the hole got bigger I pushed more and more of the carrot inside.
“If you fuck me with it dad I’ll get wetter and bigger. Then you’ll be able to put more in.”
Indeed as I began pushing the carrot in and out of her hole, it opened up. I added two more and went on fucking her with all three carrots. Until she was so wet I could get then all the way in. Her hole now had a six-inch diameter. I was ready to try-out Jim’s present.
It was made of metal, with three, seven-inch legs. Metal bands round the top, which were controlled by a wingnut. By turning the nut the bands opened out. Separating the metal legs.
Taking the carrots out I drop the device into her hole. The legs only went in four inches. For the best effect I had to get the legs all the way inside her.
“It won’t all fit in slave so I’m going to use the cucumber to make your hole deeper.” The cucumber was the same size as the opening and I pushed it in very easily. It was a foot long but only half went in.
“That feels lovely daddy! Fuck me with it. Shove that vegetable right up my cunt. Make my cunt as deep and wide as you like. Use it as you see fit. My body is all yours.”
Getting hold of the cucumber I pulled it out and gripping it tightly I pushed it back in.
“There you are! You slag. Is that far enough up your cunt?” I said.
“Deeper Daddy deeper! Really fuck me with it.”
I continued to ram the vegetable in and out of my daughter’s fanny, until it went nearly all the way in. I began rotating it. Pulling her cunt this way and that. Abusing my daughter’s cunt this way made my cock stand up stiff. I was thinking of fucking her when in walk Danny and Carol.
Carol stood with her mouth open in amazement, but Danny obviously liked what he saw.
“Bloody hell dad you’re really giving her some stick. Are you trying to get all that cucumber up her cunt?”
“That’s the idea son and with help I’ll make your sister’s cunt big enough to take a marrow. It’s there in the bag, beside you. She wants to try and got that in her cunt. Isn’t that right Izzy?”
“Yes it is. That’s why I brought the biggest one. I love having my hole stretched open and daddy is going to make it bigger. Please Danny will you and mum help him get that marrow in me, so he can fuck me with it.”
“How can we help?” Asked Carol.
“Play with her tits. When her hole's as big as I can make it, I’ll call you”. I said.
They knelt either side of her. Carol sucked her right tit Danny pinched the left. I removed the cucumber and replaced it with Jim’s hole spreader. I pushed it all the way in her cunt and began turning the nut. It worked just as I’d hoped. Opening the hole wider and wider and holding back the cunt walls. Letting you see all the way inside the cunt it was holding open. When its circumference was eight-inch all the slackness in her vagina was gone.
“Came and have a look at this, Carol”. I said.
“Danny you stay there and stop her making too much noise. Izzy, your mother and I are going to have a good look inside your fuckhole. Would you like that?”
“Yes daddy I would. Is it open enough for you?”
“Not yet, but soon it’ll be big enough to take a hand.”
“Please Dad, make mummy put her hand in me.”
“Okay mum can put her hand inside your cunt. I’ve just got to widen it a bit more”
I went back to turning the nut, but Carol said.
“Let me have a go Steve. This is so perverted. But I'd like to see how wide her fanny will go. I want this slut’s cunt stretched to the limit so I can put my hand inside it, I want to see and feel the inside of my daughter’s cunt before she’s fucked.”
“Alright Carol, but Danny gets to fuck your arse at the same time. You’d like to fuck your mother’s arsehole, a son.”
In reply he dropped his trouser. He prick was up ready for action. Carol pulled her knickers down and bending over began turning the nut to open Izzy's fanny even farther. Danny stood behind his mother and pulled her arse cheeks apart. Placed his nob against her anus and pushed it in. I stood back and tossed-off while watching my incestual family. My son was fucking his mother's arse while she was opening up her daughter’s cunt. Ready to fist-fuck it.
Izzy’s fanny had stretched another two inches. She was starting to feel the strain. Seeing the pain in her face turned me on even more. Very soon I would be shooting my load. Telling her to open her mouth, I shoved my prick in her gob. Going it deeper and deeper until it entered her throat. I pushed on until my balls were in her mouth with my cock down her throat.
“Get your hand in her cunt Carol while I shoot down her throat. Then we'll try and stuff that marrow in her fuckhole.”
Quickly Carol removed Jim’s device from Izzy’s hole and making her hand into a fist she placed it at Izzy's open hole.
“Watch me fist-fuck her you two. I want you both to cum while I’m fucking her, Steve you cum down her throat and Danny fill me up. Shoot your spunk right up my arsehole.”
Then she pushed her hand into Izzy’s cunt. We watched Carol fist-fucking Izzy. Pumping her hand in and out of the stretched open cunt. Whilst I when on shoving my cock down Izzy's throat.
Danny was also doing a good job on his mother's arsehole. I started to cum.
“I’m cuming I’m giving her my spunk, son. It's shooting straight down her throat. Give your mother hers. Fill her beautiful bottom with your cream.”
“I’m already doing it dad, I’m filling her bum up.”
As she felt Danny's spunk shooting up into her rectum, Carol cum too. All three of us had cum together.
It was time for the last part of the cunt-widening job. Time to try and get the Marrow in Izzy’s cunt. Putting our clothes back on we untied Izzy’s, but left her naked. I checked if she still wanted us to try and fuck her with the marrow. She answered that she did. Telling Danny to bring the vegetables I lead Izzy out into the back garden. It was here in full daylight that I intended to abuse her. She lay on the grass with Danny holding one leg and Carol the other. I held the marrow in front of her and asked what she would like me to do with it.
“Put it in me, dad.”
“In you were?” I asked.
“In my fanny.”
“But only nice girls have fannies.”
“I had a little fanny once, you’ve made it into a bloody big cunt, Dad. Now I want you to fill it up by fucking me with that bloody great marrow.”
I told Carol and Danny to spread her legs as wide as possible and I told Izzy to hold her cunt lips apart. Her hole was still pretty open from the fist-fucking, it would help her to take the marrow. With her fanny juice I lubricated the end of it. Then placing the end to her cunt I turned it around in her hole to get it wetter. Then with both hands on the other end I pushed.
Izzy screamed, but still I pushed.
“Get in there you basted, get in that cunt.” I shouted. Pushing even harder.
Her cunt walls gave way and it went in four inches. Izzy stop screaming but she was panting very hard.
“Go on you bloody thing, you can go in farther than that.” I said. Still pushing.
Just then Carol's hand landed on mine.
“Here, let me help you, if we both push we’ll get the fucker in”.
With us both pushing four more inches went in.
“There you are Steve, that’s better. Now you can fuck her with it.” Said Carol.
So I did, pumping it in and out of the stretched hole. For helping me, I let Danny and Carol have a go with the marrow. Danny liked turning it around and around inside her. He said he was screwing his little sister. Then Carol had her go. She liked taking it right out before pushing it back in. She liked seeing Izzy’s cunthole stretching as the marrow was reinserted.
“How does it feel Izzy,” I asked.
“It hurts, but at the same time it feels so good. Fuck me really hard with it daddy. I think my cunt can take some more, maybe another couple of inches.”
“That’s my girl, hold on tight and I’ll get as much in you as I can.”
Placing myself between her legs again I fucked her with that giant vegetable. It was six inches across and she had about eight inches up her. With Carol and Danny shouting encouragement I managed to get ten inches up her. The last bit started Izzy on her orgasm.
Then Carol held the marrow in place as I made Izzy turn over and knell on the grass. Danny pulled her bottom cheeks apart and I shoved the cucumber up her arse. We double fucked her right though her orgasm. We took the vegetables out of her body when she’d calmed down.
“Before we stop, let’s have a drink.” I said, sending Danny to get some wine. Carol and I turned Izzy onto her back admiring her gaping hole, until Danny returned with the wine and glasses.
“We don’t need the glasses. We’ll drink it straight out of Izzy’s lovely big hole; just pour it into her cunt.”
Izzy leaned back and raised her legs, so Danny could pour the wine into her. Carol then Danny had a drink from Izzy’s hair lined cup. When I had my drink. I had to suck very hard to get it out from deep inside her body. We filled her hole again with more wine and tilted her legs back, so she could drink directly from her own cunt.
As we were packing up I saw a movement in the upstairs window of one of our neighbours. I wondered if it were Mr or Mrs Patel that had been watching us. And whether I would get a call from the cops.
But we never did.

Friday and Saturday we all had a rest as far as I know. I needed Izzy’s fanny back in shape, nice and tight. I needed Carol in the mood for a good fucking so Ted and his friends would get their moneys worth. I was going to video the old man and his companions shagging her.
Going into the newsagents for clean tapes I saw Mr and Mrs Patel behind the counter. While I was looking for the tapes I saw them talking together. Then Mrs Patel went into the backroom. At the counter I handed the tapes to Mr Patel.
“Good morning, Sir” He said. “I see you are buying more tapes. Taking pictures of your lovely family. And may I say I think your daughter is most beautiful.”
“That is kind of you to say so.” I answered.
“Please Sir, may I talk to you in the back-room.” He said,
He locked the front door and took me out the back. Mrs Patel was sitting on a low bench, dressed in a golden sari. Mr Patel turned to me.
“I saw you in the garden with your little girl, but I not tell the police. May I talk frankly?"
I told him to continue.
"Sir I would like to see my Gojura, sucking your penis”.
I looked him in the eye, not knowing how to proceed. He smiled at me.
“It is our wedding anniversary and Gojura has said I can have anything I want. We are not allowed to have oral sex but I wish to see her doing it. So would you be so kind and put your penis in her mouth”.
Never one to miss a chance I unzipped and got it out. It was semi-hard but cameing up.
“Please Sir, can you make your penis erect”.
I moved forward with my legs either-side of her knees, my cock in line with her face. I looked down at this beautiful Asian woman with her long Cole black hair and the red dot on her forehead. Getting hold of my dick I rubbed it onto that red spot then into her eyes and across her lips. Rubbing my cock all over her face made it came up.
“Yes! Yes! That is good. Your penis is so much bigger than mine. That is good. Now Sir, please put it in Gojura's mouth.”
Pulling back the foreskin I placed it against her lips but she wouldn’t take it in.
“Gojura! Let this nice man put his penis in your mouth.” Still she refused to do it.
“Mrs Patel do as I say or it’s back to Indian”. Slowly her lips parted.
“Quickly push it in Sir.” With a sharp shove I got four inches in her mouth.
“Good! Very good, tell me is it nice having your thing in Gojura's mouth. I believe you call it a prick is that right?”
I didn’t answer him. He couldn’t know how her tongue was licking my piss hole. She was definitely enjoying having my cock in her mouth. He came and knelt down just a few feet from us, to get a better view.
“Gojura let the man put all his penis in your mouth, until his balls hit your face”.
With her tongue licking the underside of my cock, she let me know she wanted more. Taken it out I looked at Mr Patel.
“If I put it all in her mouth I’m very likely to came. Will that alright?”
“Sir! It would be a great honour if you would empty your penis in my Gojura's humble mouth. Do it by all means, I wish for your sperm to go in her mouth”.
Taking hold of Mrs Patel's head I tilted it back and looked into her eyes. She was a sweet woman and this was all new to her, but I think she was keen to taste me. But she didn’t wish her husband to know. I was certainly keen to cum my wod in her mouth. I told Mr Patel to hold his wife’s head, while I put my penis back in her mouth. This he did by standing behind her and holding her head still. Placing my nod to her lips I pushed my cock back into her mouth, as it reached the back I gave an extra push and got it going down her throat. Looking at him I smiled and said.
“You have a very obliging wife. Shall I shoot down her throat or in her mouth?”
“Can you do both? Please Sir.”
I nodded and began fucking her face. Having my dick in this lovely Asian woman’s mouth was good. I make the most of it by getting as much of my cock down her throat as I could. Fucking her face faster and faster while her husband held her head still for me.
“Here I cum Mr Patel. I’m going to give your wife all my sperm.”
Then I was cumming. Shooting it straight down her throat before pulling back to get the rest in her mouth. She sucked on me getting the last little drop.
“Let me see, Gojura, let me see it in your mouth.” Cried Mr Patel.
He knelt in front of her and she opened her mouth wide. Her tongue was covered with my sperm and it dripped from the roof of her mouth.
“Let me see you rolling it around your mouth. Does his sperm taste nice? Gojura.”
She nodded her head while rolling her tongue inside her mouth. Coating it with cock juice.
“Now swallow it. Drink it all down,” he said.
As she swallowed she began to shake. Drinking my spunk had given her an orgasm. She continued to shake as Mr Patel took me back into the shop.
“Thank you for making our anniversary so good. Maybe next year I’ll try oral sex. I think I’ll get Gojura to watch me licking a vagina.”
“If you like Mr Patel, you can lick my wife’s, or even my daughter's. Both are very tasty between their legs. Now I must take my tapes and go.”

Sunday I found Ted sitting in his usual place at the pub. He was pleased to see me.
“I wasn’t sure you’d come.” He said.
I showed him my video camera and asked for the four hundred pounds. He had the money at his flat, so we went there to get it. It was a warm clean house just like many others. He had cleared the sitting room of furniture apart from two double-mattresses, one on top of the other.
“This is where I want to do it. We’ll leave the patio curtains open for more light. Is this alright?”
“It looks good to me.” I said “But where are your friends”
“In the back-room waiting but I want some fun before they join in”
“Alright. I’ll go and get the women.”
“Bring your son along to; I think he’ll enjoy it.”
Putting the money away, I went to get them. I'd told Carol and Izzy to shave their fannies and to be naked apart from their topcoats and shoes. I told Danny the old man was paying so we must do all he asked. When the women were ready we set off. Walking alone Izzy came up to me.
“Daddy, are we going to see Ted?”
“Is he going to fuck me?”
“Is he going to fuck Mummy?”
“Are his friends going to fuck us as well?”
“I hope so”
“Have they got nice big cocks?”
“I don’t know darling, but you know I will be videoing it”
“Great I can’t wait”
At Ted’s we had a drink as I made the introductions.
“This is Danny my son; he’ll help you and your friends. This is my wife Carol. I had her gang-banged on Wednesday but she’s ready for more cock now. And this is my darling daughter Izzy. You saw her in the pub. So far she’s only ever been fucked by me and her brother”.
We all went into his sitting room and sat down. Starting the recording, I asked him what he wanted to do first. He said nothing but stripping down to his underpants and stood with his crutch in front of Carol’s face.
“Would you like to see my prick?” He asked her.
She just got hold of his pants and pulled them down. For an old man he had a good prick being six inches long and wrinkly. Being darker then the rest of his skin it stood out against his white legs and belly. It was semi-hard. Looking at Danny he said.
“Will you rub it up for me? Can you make this old cock came up”.
Danny grabbed it with his right hand and began tossing him off.
“Now stick the end in your mother’s mouth but keep wanking it”.
Carol opened her mouth and Danny guided the old mans knob into it. Danny kept on wanking him as Carol sucked the end of his cock.
Looking down at Carol. He said.
“You know I’m going to fuck your little girl. I’ve brought some Condoms so I can enjoy her teenage body.”
“Sorry Ted”, I said. “No Condoms. You fuck my daughter bear-back or not at all. She wants to feel your cock up her not some rubber. She loves to feel the spunk shooting into her”.
Knowing she was soon to be fucked, Izzy took off her coat and lay back on the matters. Opening her legs so Ted could see her fanny.
“I’ve shaved my fanny just for you. It’s all nice and clean but it needs fucking. Will you fuck it for me Ted”.
Taking his tool from Carol’s mouth, he went over to Izzy. Pulling her to the end of the bed he placed his prick against her fanny. We crowded round to watch this old man fuck her. Carol spoke first,
“Go on you dirty old bugger. Put that wrinkled old prick in my little girl's cunt”.
“She’s only ever had ours". Said Danny. "But I’m sure she’ll enjoy having your cock up her."
With these words of encouragement Ted pushed his cock into her and got into his rhythm. He was fucking her very well for a man of his age.
“Shag her as hard as you like, Ted. Her cunt can take it”. I told him.
We stood watching an old man of eighty-four fucking our sixteen year-old daughter. Watching his old cock going in and out of her young cunt.
Carol took her coat off and leaning over Izzy began sucking her tits. I told Danny to get his mother’s cunt ready for action. This he did by first getting one finger then two fingers up her. Wanking her until the juice run out of her cunt.
“I want to see Bruno fuck your wife while I’m fucking Izzy”. Said Ted.
“Danny go next door and get him. He’s the big black one. Steve put your wife were I can watch his cock going up her”.
When Danny brought in the dog, Carol nearly swooned.
It was a big black Great Dane, standing nearly four foot tall and five-foot long. It was the biggest dog I had ever seen. As it came in, it sniffs the air, then sat down and watched Ted. I looked between its hind legs but saw only a small lump and two little balls.
“Is it just going to sit there? I was hoping to make a good Doggie-Fuck film but it’s got hardly any dick”.
Carol began to understand what I wanted to film.
“You want to see that dog and me together”.
“Yes. You and Izzy! Ted’s got two dogs and I’ve told him the dogs can fuck both of you”.
“Okay Steve, lets get it over with”. Said Carol.
While we were talking a change had came over the dog. From the lump above his balls a bright red pointed tip had appeared. It was about an inch long.
“Bruno is very obedient and will do as you tell him. As you can see he can smell females. Let him smell her fanny, then see what happens”.
Taking hold of his collar I lead him over to Carol, pushing its long nose between her legs. It sniffed her fanny a couple of times, and then its tongue can out and licked the whole length of it. Carol jumped, but pushed her fanny forward and opened her legs wider. He licked the outside, and then wiggled his tongue inside her. His long tongue was licking out her cunt juices. Carol was moaning and pushing her hips up, trying to get more tongue. As he was tonguing her I looked between its hind legs and saw its cock was growing out of its body. The dog’s cock was an inch across, and very red with a pointed tip. It was four inches long and still growing. The most beautiful thing was the vains running all over the surface.
“Isn’t that a site”. Ted Said. Banging away at Izzy’s cunt. “It grows to six inches; will she be able to take that”?
“I think so. Is he ready now?”
“Oh yes, just help him to mount her. He’ll do the rest”.
I pulled the dog up so its front legs were either side of Carol’s head. It was now standing on its hind legs with its cock pointing at her cunt. It was now the full six inches and unbelievably stiff. I knelt and got hold of it. It was hot. So was Carol.
“Do you want me to put this cock in your hole, Carol?”
“Yes Please”.
“You want the dog’s cock in your cunt”.
“Are you sure you want this dog to actually fuck you”.
“Yes, I want it to fuck me. Get his cock in my cunt then sit back and watch. See what it’s like to have a dog fucking your wife. I hope he fucks me good!”
Using two fingers I opened her hole and pushed the dog’s cock in. We all watched as inch by inch its red pointed prick went up her cunt. When it was all in I moved away so we could all watch her being fucked. He started pumping to and fro and he certainly knows how to fuck. It was really into fucking human females and Carol was beginning to like it too.
Watching his dog fucking my wife made Ted screw Izzy even harder.
“That’s it Bruno fuck her good. Let’s fuck their cunts for them. I’m going to shoot my spunk up this young whore then I’m going to let Rover shag her. He likes young cunt”.
I got Danny to fetch the other dog. So that when Ted had finished the dog’s cock would be ready. We’d film mother and daughter side by side; getting their cunt’s filled by animals cock. Izzy was looking forward to being fucked by a dog. I just hoped Rover’s cock would be big enough for my little girl.
Danny brought in Rover, a shorthaired Alsatian and it was ready for action. Danny fetched him over to me, so I could get a close-up look of its equipment. Like Bruno’s, its prick was long and red, and the tip was dripping.
“Ted!” I called out, I think Rover has started to cum, you’d better hurry up”.
“I’m nearly there; Rover will get his turn soon”.
Then Carol spoke up.
“This is so wrong, but I love it. Its cock is so wet and so far up me it’s hitting my womb”.
Ted cried out.
“I’m cuming! I’m cuming. I’m shooting it into her! My spunk is going into her little cunt.”
After shooting his load he got off her and pulled her round to lie next to her mother. Climbing on the mattress he stuck his prick in her mouth and pulled her legs back and apart.
“Came on Rover, here’s a nice young cunt to fuck. I’ve filled it with nice warm spunk; now put your doggie spunk in it too. Just like Bruno is putting his spunk up the other one”.
“Oh no”. Cried Carol.
“Yes! My dear.” Ted Said. “That’s why you’re so wet. His been shooting into you for quite a while”.
“Is he ready cumming up her?” I asked.
“Of course, that’s what made me shoot up Izzy. Knowing that my dog was cumming in your wife’s cunt. You will let Rover cum up your daughter’s cunt wouldn’t you”?
“Yes of course he can. Their here to be fucked and getting cum up their cunts is part of it. Even if it is dogs spunk.”
Danny led Rover over to Izzy. We were all eager to watch her being mounted. Ted didn’t take he prick from her mouth or lower her legs but told us to turn the dog around and back in up. Its tail was wagging against her fanny. So I lifted its tail and Danny pulled its prick between its hind legs. Although it was pointing backward it was still hard and cum was dripping off the end.
“Danny put it in her cunt”. Ted Said. “Push his cock into your sister”.
Danny rubbed it against her inner lips coating them with cum. The liquid kept caming in little spurts, covering her fanny. The dog’s prick had been leaking since it had come in.
“Do they always make so much?” I asked Ted.
“Just get the thing in her Dan!” Carol shouted. "I want your father to see how much this dog is putting in me”.
Danny pushed the tip in and I moved the dog backwards so more of its prick went into her.
“Fuck her with it Danny. Wank him into her cunt. Ted will enjoy seeing that” I said.
Going over to Carol I kissed her then looked into her eyes.
“This is different. Are you enjoying it?” I asked
“I don’t know”!
“Tell me what’s wrong”.
“I like it fucking me. I’d even like the other dog to fuck me as well. It’s just their sperm”!
“Let me take a look”. I said. Knelling down to see.
The dog’s prick was all the way inside her. Only his furry balls were visible, pressed against her fanny. Taking hold of his balls I pulled his cock out slowly. The dog’s bright red six-inch cock had been all the way up my wife’s cunt and shooting spunk into her for quite awhile. As the tip came out there was a gush of clean liquid, it poured out of her hole to cover her fanny and arse.
“My God! He sure put some up you, Carol. But you’ll be alright”.
“I want to watch Rover screwing Izzy then I want it to fuck me”.
We all crowed round to watch Izzy being done. Ted still had his cock in her mouth, slowly feeding it in and out. Danny was still rubbing the end of the dog’s cock just in and out of her hole. Spunk was all over her fanny, with splashes on her thighs and tummy.
“Look at all that cum!” Said Carol.
“No wonder I’m so wet. I’d like to see his cock in her. Push the dog’s cock right the way inside her Danny. I want him cuming inside her cunt and Ted you cum in her mouth.”
“I will soon. Just let Rover shoot some of his juice up her. He does so like young females. She’s only the third human cunt his been in. Let’s watch them for a while and then I have something special for you Carol. You’ll be able to watch me fucking your daughter’s face”.
We stood watching Izzy and the Alsatian. Human cunt and Canine cock joined in the joys of fucking.
“I like this.” Izzy Said. “I’m glad you made me rest my fanny before we came, dad. I can feel his cock putting so much doggie-spunk up me; I have to grip him with my fanny muscles to keep it all in”.
Ted then climbed off her and asked me to help raise her bum. Standing either side of her we place our hands under her hips.
“This will send her over the top”, he said, as we raised her hips. Izzy screamed.
“It’s hitting my womb. I can feel the tip trying to go in. Oh my god, ‘it’s in’”! She shouted and began jumping and shacking all over the place.
“That’s it Rover, shoot that doggie-spunk into my womb. Fuck me like the bitch I am. Fuck me deeper; fill my hole with your beautiful cock cream”. She shouted as she orgasmed.
After her orgasm we left the lady’s to clean out their holes. And we took the dogs out for a walk. Ted said he had enjoyed screwing Izzy but the best part was seeing her taking his dog's prick. I reminded Ted that he hadn’t cum in Izzy’s mouth yet and that Carol had said she would like to try Rover. He told us to wait until we got back. He had something special in mind for my wife. Which he hoped Danny and I would like to join in with? We walk for about half an hour before returned to his house.


We returned to find Carol and Izzy ready for more sex games. After cleaning themselves they’d walk around Ted’s house naked. In his bedroom they had found some videotapes, one they recognised. Little Red Riding-hood and another called Taking on all Cummers. No being nosy, they’d watched their own video and got turned on. Carol said.
“To see that ornament being push up me really was something, I didn’t know what it was until now”.
“I liked the bit were Danny fucked our arse’s”. Said Izzy. “I sometimes wish I had a cock, I’d love to do Danny’s bum”.
“Did you now Ted, all of us has had a cock up our arse except Danny”, I said.
“Please dad not here, not now”. Danny said.
I reminded Danny we were here for Ted’s enjoyment and if Ted fancied fucking his arsehole he could. Ted said he wasn’t into men, besides he had something for Carol to do. He told us to have a drink while he and Carol got things ready. After a few minutes he called us into the sitting room.
The mattress’s had been moved to one side to make room for a leather-covered bench. Carol was naked and tied down kneeling over the bench with a board clapped over her waist.
“Nearly there,” Ted Said. “Get the dog’s Dan. Steve will you help me get her head into the right position, then we can start”.
I held Carol’s head up while Ted put a band around it, which he anchored to the broad behind her. This kept her head up and facing forward. Then the dogs were brought in.
“You still happy to let my dogs fuck you, Carol?” Ted Asked.
“Yes please Ted”
“You want Rover’s cock up your cunt?”
“He’ll probably cum in you”.
“I don’t care, I want Rover to fuck me hard and deep, I want that lovely Alsatian to shot its spunk deep inside my cunt”.
Ted brought Rover over to Carol and got him smelling her fanny. Once again we watched as the red pointed penis grows out of its body. A second dog was going to penetrate my wife but this time she was eager for it. Ted placed its front paws up on the board, which was over Carol’s back. The dog then walked forward on its hind legs and its penis entered her. Ted came and stood beside me and we watched as more and more of its cock disappeared up her cunt.
“I made this specially. You get a better view of their cocks going in and out of the woman’s cunt. The women like it too, because the dog actually fucking them and they can’t stop the dog from cumming inside them”.
“Now lets get ourselves ready for Izzy while Rover’s fucking your wife”. We strip off our cloths to join Izzy in the nude. All three dicks were fully erect from watching Carol being fucked. Izzy knelt by the side of her mother and fitted with a head restraint like Carol was wearing. This would hold her in place.
“I think your son should have first go”. Said Ted.
Danny walked over to her, Izzy opened her mouth and he put his cock in it. She closed her lips around him and began sucking.
“Fuck her face son, give her all that cock”. I said.
“Empty your balls in her mouth. Said Ted. “Give your sister a nice drink, then me and your father will have a go in her mouth. While we’re waiting Steve let give Bruno something to do”.
Bruno can at the sound of his name. There was no sign of his penis just his two balls. Ted took him round in front of Carol and put his front legs up on the board.
“I’m cumming”. Said Danny. “I know what you’re going to make mummy do, it’s making me cum”.
Ted smiled. “That’s right son, I’m going to make your mother suck the dog’s cock. She’s going to be fucked by Rover while sucking on Bruno’s dick. Your dad is going to make Bruno's prick hard so he can see his darling wife sucking it, you like that idea don’t you Steve”.
“Yes I do. Show me how to get Bruno's cock to come out”.
Ted told me to play with Bruno's bollocks. I rolled the dogs testicles in my hand and its penis grow. Soon it was hard and erect the full six inches ready for her to suck. Moving him forward I rubbed the tip of his penis over her lips, but she wouldn’t take it in.
“Open your mouth and suck the dogs cock or we'll only fuck Izzy. She’d suck off a horse if I asked her to”.
Reluctantly she let me push the dog’s cock in her mouth and Bruno started to hump her face, getting more and more of his dick into her. I then went to face-fuck my daughter. She was more than happy to have her father’s prick in her mouth fucking her face. With her head held in place I could put as little or as much as I liked into her mouth, while watching Rover and Bruno fucking Carol. Rover obviously enjoyed fucking human females. With its front legs up I had the perfect view of its long red cock going up my wife's cunt. He was giving her a good shagging. Having put a load up my daughter, he was on his way to doing the same to my wife. Pumping my dick in and out of Izzy’s face, I turned to watch Bruno. It was so beautifully obscene; I had to tell Izzy.
“Your mum’s sucking a dog’s cock, Izzy. Well really his fucking her face just like I’m fucking yours. She’s being used by both dogs”.
I removed my penis so she could answer.
“Is he going to cum in mummy’s mouth?”
“I hope so”.
“Try and cum in mine when he cums in hers”.
“Yes I’ll try”.
“Thanks dad, I’ll drink your cum as mummy drinks the dog’s spunk. Now dad get your prick back in my gob and fuck it good and deep”.
I went back to fucking her face, doing as she’d asked, getting it right down her throat. Danny was walking about filming. I asked Danny to film while Ted narrate what was happening. He got Danny to film Izzy and me.
“Here is one of our main stars, Izzy. A sixteen year-old girl whose cunt I’ve just had the pleasure of fucking. At the moment she’s being face-fucked by her father. His going to shoot in her mouth, then I’m going to spunk into it. Now we go over to our other star, Carol. Carol is Izzy’s mother and a very accommodating lady. As you can see she’s getting thoroughly fucked by two dogs. Let’s move in for a close-up of her fanny”.
Danny got down to film between their legs.
“There you can see the dogs prick going in. If I open her fanny for you; you’ll see that his cock going right up into her cunt”.
Using both hands he spread her fanny lips and held them open.
“Now you can see Carol’s cunt better, it’s all wet with Rover’s juice because his shooting stuff into her. Now we’ll go and see what Bruno’s doing to her”.
They moved towards her head, I was hoping Bruno would do his thing. I gob-fucked Izzy faster and shouted encouragement.
“Go on Bruno! Shoot, empty your balls and fill her mouth with spunk. Make my wife drink your doggy cream”.
Just then Rover gave an extra hard push into her cunt and her mouth opened. Clear liquid poured from her lips. He’d been cumming for some time and Carol had been holding it in her mouth. I saw his cock twitch and shot out some more. I cum in Izzy’s mouth watching Bruno’s spunk filling my wife’s mouth.
“Both of you drink it Shallow his spunk, Carol. Let’s see you drinking that dog’s cum”. Closing her mouth on his cock again she began sucking. She swallowed and sucked some more. As he shot it out, she drank it. My sweet innocent wife of two weeks a-go was now enjoying being fucked by a dog, whilst drinking another’s spunk.
Removing my cock from Izzy I got hold of Bruno. Pulling him back so I could see the spunk shooting out the end of his prick. Holding the base of it I aimed it at Carol’s face. She shut her eyes as spurt after spurt hit her face full on. I managed to cover her whole face and still he kept shooting.
“Go and let Izzy suck you off, Ted. I think Bruno nearly finished here. Open your mouth and stick your tongue out, Carol. Let’s get the last few spurts in your mouth”.
As Ted got his cock sucked and Carol was drinking the last of Bruno’s spunk I thought.
What a great perverted day. I’ve seen my wife and daughter being shagged by dogs. An old man fucked my daughter and shot his wod up her cunt, and soon she’ll be swallowing his cum. But the best and dirtiest was seeing Carol’s face covered in dogs’ spunk and making her drink it.
Cameing back to reality I saw that Danny was now fucking his mother. “I’m sorry dad! But mum’s cunt was just so wet after Rover had finished with it; I just had to get my cock up it”.
“That’s alright son. Give her a good shagging; a bit more spunk won’t hurt her”.
I finished the days filming with Ted shooting his wod in Izzy’s mouth. Which she thoroughly enjoyed. And Danny fucking his mother’s spunk filled cunt, which they both enjoyed.
As we were leaving I told Ted I would give him a copy of the film we had just made. He gave me the tape called Taking on all Cummers. And told me to view it at my leisure.


The weekend had gone really well. After her initial shock Carol had relished being used by the dogs. The fact she was tried up, and couldn’t stop us made it even better for her. She hoped I would arrange something just as perverted for her again.
Izzy told me to keep Friday night clear, as she was planing to give me a treat.
Danny asked about his Auntie Jane. I told him to get names and numbers and I would talk to her. And arrange it for Wednesday.
Monday and Tuesday were very quiet. We were all getting over the weekend.
On Tuesday night I sat down to watch Ted’s film.
It opened with a woman sitting on a sofa in Ted’s front room. She was about twenty-five with long brown hair put up in a bun. She was wearing a lady’s business suit and glasses. She looked a real high-flyer and full of class.
As the camera moved in for a full view of her face, she smiled, showing her pearly white teeth.
“Hallo”. She said, “My name’s Wendy. I’m twenty-six, and just getting divorced. I work in the city. My husband left me for a younger woman and I hate him. So I’m making this tape to send to him. And thank you Ted for arranging it.”
The film shook a bit so I know Ted was the cameraman.
She turned on the radio and started dancing to the music. Slowly she took off her jacket and skirt, continuing to dance in just her shirt and underwear. White bra and panties with grip top stockings. Then she removed her shirt.
“My measurement are 38-26-36, I have quit large breasts, let me show then to you”.
Moving her hands up her back she removed her bra and throws it away. Her breasts were big but firm with large pointy nipples.
Holding her breast up she squeezed them and pushed them forward.
“My husband loved to suck on my nipples and my vagina, but he won’t have them any more”.
Turning back she sat on the sofa and took off her knickers. Slowly opening her legs.
Her pubic hair was cut in a heart shape the rest was clean-shaven; her vagina was neat but wet looking.
“My husband said I was frigid with a dry fanny and no good at sex. Well darling look at me now”.
Leaning back on the sofa she spread her leg wide open, and began pulling her fanny lips.
“You said I was too superior to appreciate sex. Well just you look at this cunt, my very wet cunt. You didn’t know I could use such words did you, well I can. Today I’m going to enjoy myself”.
She turned herself around so her head was hanging over the edge of the sofa, and spread her legs along the back.
“I’m ready now Ted, bring in the first one, and make sure to film everything”.
In walked a fat naked middle-aged man, with a small penis.
“This is my boss. Now sir, I’d like you to put your prick I my mouth so I can suck you off. Play with my tits at the sometime”.
He knelt down quickly and placed his little penis in her mouth. She began sucking it straight away; pulling him forward until his balls where in her mouth as well. While she sucked him, he pulled on her tits.
“You have the best tits I’ve ever seen Wendy, I’ll play with them anytime you ask”.
Then he cum, with his cock and balls still in her mouth. Then he left.
“There you are, you rat! He liked my tits. He cum in my mouth just by playing with them. Pity you couldn’t see him cumming in my mouth. But you will with the next one. He’s your golfing instructor”.
In walked another man. This man was bigger in the dick department and it was ready for action. He walked forward and she shook his hand.
“Nice to meet you Harry my husband was always talking about you”. Looking at camera she said.
“You remember Harry. He's the one that’s supposed to cum a lot”.
Harry stood facing the camera with his legs either side of Wendy’s head. And began tossing himself off. She played with her fanny as she looked up between his legs.
“That’s it Harry wank that cock, I want you to shot loads and loads. I want that rat to see you toss-off into my mouth so I can drink your spunk”.
He was taking a long time to come and the film was getting boring. Off screen Ted spoke.
“Squat down over her face Harry. Show her your arsehole”.
As he squatted Wendy used her hands to hold his bum cheeks apart.
“She’s looking at your arse Harry, a lovely lady is studying your arsehole, waiting for you to shot your spunk in her mouth. Give her a good long drink”.
He robbed himself a bit harder, and then pointed his cock down towards her face and started to cum. Wendy opened her mouth very wide and a great big jet of thick white liquid shot into it. She kept her mouth open as he shot more spunk into in. His aim was excellent, getting spurt after spurt of his thick white semen on target. Her mouth was beginning to fill up but still it remained open to catch the last little drop. Closing her mouth she turned round and sat up. Then we had a close-up of her mouth, which opened to show the inside coated with spunk. Licking her lips she swallowed the lot then opened it again to show it was empty.
“He certainly filled my hole with white, thank you for telling me about him. Now you bastard I’m not going to talk any more. You can just watch as I get myself fucked by your friends and others. I’m going to be a slag and let them shag me. I’m going to have my cunt filled with spunk. I’m going to take on all cummers”.
Leaning back on the sofa she opened her legs and spread her fanny wide. In came the local Dentist.
“Came and drill this hole, Jack, it needs to be filled. Please fuck me”.
He knelt down, aimed his six-inch cock at her cunt and pushed it straight in. He fucked her for some time before shooting his load. Then five other men followed him. I didn’t recognise any of them as they just walked up to her and fucked her.
“I’m still horny”, she said. “Have you got any more, Ted”?
“Just one, his a coloured fellow and I know you don’t like blacks. But his got a big, long cock, which I’d love to see going up your cunt, Wendy”.
“I'm not sure Granddad”!
“You asked me to arrange it; you said ‘I was to make sure you got fucked like a slut’. Well, sluts get fucked by black men. And remember your husband hates them. It’ll drive him mad to see you being shafted by what he calls a Nigger”.
“Go on then, I’ll let him fuck me.”
In walked a naked black man followed by Ted also naked. The black man was Mike the road-sweeper. Now Mike was a happy smiley man but a bit slow in the brains department, but not in the prick department. It was very thick and stood out a good ten inches.
“Knell up and stick your arse in the air, Wendy. I fancy opening your cunt for him”. Said Ted.
Wendy knelt on the end of the sofa as she was told and Ted pulled her fanny lips open.
“Put your knob in this, Mike, women like men to put their knobs in it”.
Mike moved forward, not sure what to do. Ted got hold of Mike’s cock and pulled the foreskin back.
“That’s your knob Mike. Put it against Wendy’s hole and push it into her”.
Mike did a he was told, but his cock was too thick and wouldn’t go in. Ted pushed Wendy head down making her bum rise higher and pulled her fanny open even wider.
“Now Mike push really hard, let’s got your cock in this cunt.”
Wendy gave a scream as Mike’s knob disappeared inside her fanny. He stopped and looked down at Wendy with a look of concern.
“Just ignore her screams”. Ted Said. “Put the rest in her. Let’s get all ten inches of your black meat up her lily white pussy”.
Slowly he worked his cock all the way in until she was taking all ten inches. Then Mike spoke.
“I like this. It’s fun”. He said, beginning to fuck her with long deep strokes.
“It’s called fucking, Mike. Women like being fucked. Move a bit faster and fuck her harder. She’s a right slag is my Wendy. Fuck her until you feel a tingling, when that happens got your prick right up inside her. Her husband wants you spunking up her cunt”.
Mike what on fucking Wendy while Ted held her fanny open for him.
“It’s happening! My spunk’s going in her. Does she like it”?
“Oh yes! Just keep going. Fill her up”.
After a while Mike’s cock plopped out, followed by a load of semen. He then left the room. Ted kept Wendy cunt open as he watched the spunk leaking from of it
Two men had shot in her mouth and seven had fucked her but still she hadn’t cum.
She started crying. “I must be frigid, after all that sex I still haven’t cum”.
“Wendy I don’t have any more men, but if you’re willing I’d like to fuck you”.
“But you’re my Granddad”!
“I know, but I’d still like to fuck you. Your Dad used to do Grandma”.
“You mean my Father had sexual intercourse with his Mother”.
“Of course, we all used to screw her. Your dad, me even the dogs. We all had the use of her cunt. She loved being fucked. She recognized it was wrong but she just loved having your dad’s cock. Just before she died she had one last fling. Riding your dad’s cock while I fucked her face. One of the dogs even used her arse”.
“If my dad fucked your wife it might be alright for you to do me.”
“Lovely Wendy. Knell on the floor with your chest on the sofa. Then put your arms down and pull yourself open for me”.
Soon she was in position with Ted behind her.
“Pull your cunt open wider Wendy and tell me what you want me to do”.
“I want you to fuck me”.
“Lots of men have already fucked you. Tell me who you really want to do it”.
“You Granddad, I want you to fuck me, I want to feel your cock in my cunt”.
“Would my little grand-daughter want me to cum up her”?
“Came on Granddad! This is turning me on. I know I’ll cum with you fucking me. This is what I wanted all along. I let these men do me just to get you going. Please Grandfather I’ve always wanted you to give me a good shagging”.
Ted wasted no time in getting his cock up her. He was going to have the pleasure of fucking his twenty-six year-old Granddaughter.
Watching Ted and Wendy fucking, I got my dick out and started wanking. I liked watching old and young people fucking each other. That’s why I’d let Ted have a go at Izzy. I watched as Ted’s old cock pumped away at the young woman’s fanny, being incestuous only added to the fun.
The look on Wendy’s face showed she was having a great time. Ted held her hips and banged away at her. Filling her spunk filled hole with his old wrinkled dick. After about ten minutes of him pumping his cock up her, she called out.
“Shoot now! Grandpa, I’m cumming, shoot up me”.
“Here it cames Wendy, here comes the spunk right up inside you”.
Ted shouted as he let loose. Both orgasmed at the same-time and it was so intents that Wendy fainted. Ted quickly climbed off his granddaughter and left her unconscious on the sofa. He returned with Rover. “Quickly boy, while she’s out, you have her cunt as well”.
Rover jumped onto Wendy’s back and Ted guided his penis into her.
“Fuck her Rover, Fuck her like you used to fuck her Mother”.
Ted lay down between her legs watching the dog’s cock disappearing up Wendy’s hole.
“Faster Rover, I’m not sure how she’ll reacted to being fucked by you. Her husband will probable have a heart attack, seeing a dog shagging her”.
Rover was now in full swing. Griping Wendy’s waist with its paws, it fucked away at her cunt. It started shaking as it orgasmed.
“Good dog, good dog, empty those balls. She may be the last human you get to spunk into”.
Just then Wendy began to came-too. Ted jumped up and pulled the dog off her and took it to another room. Wendy was all smiles when she woke up.
“Ted, you were the best, I hope we can do it again soon”.
Turning to face the camera she said. “If only you’d done me like Ted just has, we could still be together, I can feel all his juice inside me, it's beautiful”.
She was unaware that a lot of the spunk inside her belonged to a dog.
I stopped wanking and turned-off the video. If I ever see Wendy in the street I’ll have to smile. Remembering her Taking the Cum of all Cummers, even a dog’s.

Wednesday I phone Jane and asked if she was free for the evening, as I was arranging a treat for her. She said she would do her best to make it. I had arranged to use Ted’s house for the evening, and Danny had got his best friend and he’s younger brother to come. William was eighteen and John his brother was thirteen. William had just left school where Jane worked as a dinner lady. John was still there.
Jane came to my house to talk over what I wanted her to do. I told her I had three boys that wanted to learn about sex, she was to act as a female model. She was to be naked apart from a mask. The mask was to stop any embarrassment. After the lesson I’d get the boys to fuck her if she still wanted them too. She asked their ages. I told eighteen, fifteen, and thirteen. She wasn’t to sure about two of them being legally underage.
I told her, she could make her mind up after the lesson. The boys were at Ted’s waiting for their lesson. Jane was nervous as we walked and I told her we could stop right now if she wanted. She started to ask questions.
“Will they be naked too”?
“No, this is a lesson”.
“Will they see my breasts and vagina”?
“I’ll show them all parts of your body”.
“I think I’m going to like being a model, will I know any of them”.
“Yes Jane, that’s why you’re wearing the Mask, You know one of them very well, it would be nice if he was the first one to fuck you”.
She was silent all the rest of the way, even in the backroom where she undressed and put on the mask. There I unzipped and pulled out my prick.
“Suck my prick; it’ll help you got in the mood”. Removing the mask she knelt and began sucking me.
“Jane you will know one of the boys, but you must not show it”. She nodded her head and went on sucking.
“You’re not speak at all”. She nodded again.
“At the end of the lesson I’ll ask you if you want it to go on, answer yes or no”.
Taking my prick from her mouth and replacing the Mask I lead her into the sitting room. The boys were sitting on the sofa, with their backs to the window. The evening sun was shining directly on Jane’s naked body.
“You boys are here for a sex lesson, this lady has kindly volunteered to be a model, say ‘Hallo’”.
Very quietly they said Hallo, looking intently at the naked woman in front of them. William and John had never seen a naked female before.
“As her face is covered, we’ll start with her breasts”. Walking behind Jane I lifted up her tits.
“This lady has very large breasts, and very brown nipples, some ladies have bigger breasts some smaller. The job of the breast and nipple is to make milk for babies”.
As I was talking I was bouncing her tits up and down. Her nipples became erected.
“In sex play women like them to be call tits, and they like them sucked, this lady’s tits a ready for sucking”.
Moving in front of her so the boys could see, I sucked both nipples. She was breathing hard. Having the boys seeing her tits being felt and sucked was making her randy.
“Now we’ll move from top to bottom”. I said, as I turned her back to them.
“Look at her bottom or bum, I think bum is a nicer word”. I said patting her behind.
“Bend over so the boys can have a better look at your bum. Please stand with your legs apart”.
With her feet a couple of feet apart she bent over and touched the floor. The light from outside was very good, but still the boys leaned forward.
“Came closer, she won’t mind you seeing everything she’s got”. This would get Jane hot. “Tell us what you see, John”.
“I see lots of hair, it’s covering her vagina but it looks very nice”.
“It’s called a fanny or a cunt, ones as hairy as this I like to call a minge. This lady’s minge is very big because it’s been used a lot”.
I asked John what he know about sex.
“I know men put their penises inside women’s bodies to make babies”.
“That’s right John”, I said. “When a man puts his cock in a woman’s cunt, that’s called sexual intercourse, but men prefer to call it fucking. Would you like to fuck this lady’s cunt, John”?
“If he wouldn’t, I would”, said Danny. I’d love to get my dick up her”.
“So would I”, said William.
“Now, now boys, this is a repeatable, married, lady. She's only here as a model, to help you boys learn. Now let’s have a closer look between her legs”.
Putting my hands on Jane’s cheeks, I spread then, opening up her bum-hole and fanny.
“Now you can see both holes, this lady’s fanny’s quit big, her husband has used it a lot. Young girls have smaller holes. Which are tighter and you must be gentle with them. But this one can take a good hard fucking. I’ll show you her cunt in a bit more detail later”.
Opening her bum wider I told the boys to look at her anus.
“I think you now what this hole is for, and you probably know that some men like other men to put their cocks up it. Well some women like it as well”.
From my pocket I took out some KY jelly and rubbed it over Jane arse.
“Danny came over here. I’d like you to try and put a finger up it”.
Moving very fast Danny lubricated his finger and began pushing it into her anus. Leaning down I whispered in her ear.
“Is it nice having the boys watching your arse being fingered”? She nodded and I what back to giving my lesson.
“I don’t know if this woman’s ever been arse-fucked but see if you can get any more fingers up it”.
Danny added a second finger and pushed them both up her arse. Her cunt got even wetter as she pushed herself onto his fingers. Her arsehole opened up even wider so he pushed a third finger in.
“As you see the hole will open wide enough to take a cock, a man’s arsehole will do the same. Now I think it time to move on to the fanny”.
I got the boys to move off the sofa, so Jane could lie back on it. She placed her bum on the very edge and leaning back opened her legs wide. She was keen to show them her big hairy minge.
“Can you all see her cunt”? They nodded.
“Will you please open yourself up so we can see inside it”, I asked.
With her fingers she opened it up very, very wide. She was loving it, showing off her cunt. I know she would let the three of them fuck her. I pointed out her clitoris, her urethral orifice, and vaginal orifice. Calling them the clit, pisshole and fuckhole. Here were three boys with hard cocks, and one woman with a very wet cunt. It was time for Jane to make up her mind.
“Danny do you know more about sexual intercourse now”. I asked.
“Yes thanks dad”.
“Would you like to try it with this woman”?
“Yes please dad”. Turning to Jane, I said. “Would it be alright for my son to have a go”?
“YES! YES! I want him to have a go; they can all have a go at fucking me. I’d love to feel their nice young cocks up my cunt”.
“Okay boys take your cloths off, let the lady see your pricks”.
I could see why Jane wanted young cock. All three penises were pointing at the ceiling they were so stiff. Danny’s was long, I know from having it up my arse. William’s cock was shorter but broader. But John’s cock was the most beautiful. It was a little boy’s cock, smooth and nearly hairless, five inches long and so stiff; it pushed his little balls forward. I’d have liked to have sucked it.
I get John and William to sit ether side of her so they could watch. Jane took hold of both their cocks, as Danny got between her legs and started to enter her.
“His cock’s going in her boys; Watch his cock disappearing up her cunt. After he’s fucked her both of you can have a go in her”.
We all watched as Danny thrust his prick in and out of Jane’s wide-open cunt. He know it was his Auntie Jane he was shagging, he’d watched her being fucked and now it was his turn to root her. As Danny screwed her I pushed John face to her tits.
“Suck her nipples John. Suck her big tits while she playing with your penis”.
With Danny fucking her and John eating her tits it was time for William to have some fun.
“William would you like to put your penis in the lady’s mouth”. I asked him.
“Yes” he answered.
“Then ask her nicely”.
“Please Miss may I do it, may I put my penis in your mouth”.
“Of course you can, I’d love to suck your penis. Climb up and put it in my mouth”.
He climbed up, and leaning on the back of the sofa lined his cock up with her face. Jane took hold of it, and placed the end at the mouth-hole of the mask. He tried to push it though but his knob was too broad to go though the hole. She was going to have to take the mask off, and let her secret out.
“Why not take the mask off, let William see who is going to suck his cock”.
“I will Steve, if the boys promise that once they’ve see me there’ll still fuck me”.
I looked at Danny. “I’m not going to stop fucking her now, her cunt feels so good”.
I looked at John. “I’m only thirteen, I’m not supposed to be doing this in the first place, if she’s willing to let me fuck her, I don’t care who she is”.
Last come William.
“Just get her to take the mask off, so I can fuck her face, I’ll fuck her cunt later right now I just want her to suck my dick”.
Jane pulled off the mask, grabbed William’s dick and pulled it into her mouth, and sucked on it.
“It’s your Aunt.” Will said. “Danny you’re fucking your Auntie and she’s letting you”.
“She’s also sucking your prick and letting John suck her tits”. Said Danny, so enjoy it; I’m going to. I’m going to fuck her until I cum. Then I’m going help you and John shag her”.
The boys got to work on her. Danny had waited a long time to have a go at his aunt and was going to enjoy her. William had gotten over the shock and was pumping his cock in and out of Jane’s mouth.
“That’s it boys, this is what sex is all about, giving and receiving”.
“I’m going to give her something soon dad, can I ejaculate into her”.
“Yes son, your Auntie likes men to ejaculate up her. She always cums when she feels their spunk shooting up her cunt so let it ripe”.
He did, forcing his prick all the way up her and emptying his balls. Jane was moaning around Wills cock, as she took her nephews cock-juice deep inside her body.
“Get off her boys and let her get her breath back, then we’ll help John loss his virginity”. I said.
As Jane was getting her breath back, Ted came home. He saw what was going on and called me over.
“Who is she? How old is she? Can I fuck her”?
“She’s my sister-in-law, Jane, and she only likes young cock. But I think she’ll let you watch”.
“Is she going to let that really young one do her”?
“We were just getting round to that”. I went over to Jane.
“Jane do you still want young John to fuck you and will it be alright if Ted watches”.
“He can watch but that’s all. I want John and William to fuck me, and if Danny is up for it I’d like him to fuck me again. I want them all to spunk up me.
“Are you ready John, your school dinner lady is longing for you to fuck her”.
“To true, I am”.
“Remember what I said about giving. Your penis is quit small, but you must try to put it all into her”.
I got Jane to bend over the arm of the sofa. This placed her fanny at just the right level for John to stand and enter her from behind. He had trouble finding her vagina and kept hitting her arse.
“That her arsehole John, you can bugger her another day, right now she wants you in her cunt. Stand back and pull open her fanny, and then you’ll see the right hole”.
He pulled her fanny lips open and found the hole he was looking for. Then moving forward slowly he guided the tip into her vagina.
“Put some more in, John, you'll like it”. I said.
Jane could feel the little boys’ penis at the entrance of her hole.
“Came on Johnny put more of your penis into me, you’ll enjoy it inside my nice warm hole”.
“Go on son” Ted said. “She wont let an old man do her, but she desperate to be fucked by you. So got your cock in there and fuck her good. Shag that fucking hairy minge! Give that lovely lady all your cock and shoot your fresh spunk up her. She is desperate for it, so fuck her hard”.
With all these words of encouragement John pushed his penis up her to the hilt, and began fucking her in earnest. It was beautiful to see this young boy having his first peace of fanny. His fresh unused penis sliding up Jane’s well used hole. The contrasted was unbelievable, the reverse of Ted’s old cock and Izzy’s young pussy.
Unfortunately he was unable to go on for long and started to cum. Jane was on Cloud Nine, from being serviced by such an inexperienced youngster. She was orgasming the whole time he was in her and squatting up her. As John came out, she called out.
“Quick Will got your cock up me I like being gang-banged, I want to be cocked by all of you”.
William was behind her and up her in a flash. Her cunt was so wet even Will’s fat prick slid in with on problem.
“Do you mean you want me and Ted to fuck you as well”, I asked.
“Yes everyone’s got to fuck me. You got the boys. Ted got John to screw me properly, you can both have a go at my soggy cunt”.
Ted and I striped off, waiting for William to finish with her. When he’d cum I moved in for my turn. My cock sailed up her slimy hole with ease. Taking her hips in my hands I fucked her as hard as I could. “Go on dad, fuck her good. Auntie Jane is enjoying having all our cock up her cunt. I’m going to do her again”.
“We’ll let Ted have his go and you can finish her off”. I said.
I started shooting, adding my spunk to the load already up her. When I’d unloaded I called the boys over for one last lesson. With Jane still bent over I spread her cunt as wide as I could. Stretching the hole open I got the boys to look up it.
“Before Ted pokes it. I wanted you boys to see what you’ve done to this lady’s cunt. It’s all swollen up and red because you’ve fucked it so well. I hope you can see all the sperm you’ve put up her. That could make her pregnant but I don‘t think it will. We’ll watch Ted give her one, and end with Danny giving his Auntie one last length of cock. Let’s move back so your dinner lady can be feed more cock”.
We sat and watched Ted fuck Jane. He took his time he fucked her fast one minute, slow the next with long, slow, deep pokes. At last he emptied his balls. She’d taken cock from a thirteen-year-old boy to a man of eighty-four and she’d let us all spunk up her. She wasn’t toffee-nosed at all. She was a secret whore and her husband didn’t know.
"I'll give Auntie Jane her last fuck now”. Said Danny.
Jane called me over. “Steve, will he do my arse, I’ve never been arsefucked and I’d like Danny to be the first”.
“Alright Jane. Move to the middle of the room, so we get the best possible view of your arse being used”.
She stood up and walked towards the patio-doors. As she walked spunk poured from her hole and down her legs. By the window she bent over, opened her legs and holding her ankles squatted a little. The light from the window fell straight on her backside illuminating her cunt and arsehole.
“Is this alright Steve”, she said.
It was just perfect. I told Ted and the boys to pull up some chairs as they were going to see a first for Jane. To Danny, I said.
“I hope your cock is nice and stiff because your Aunty wants you to put it up her bum. She wants you to be the first person to bugger her”.
Danny’s prick gave an extra bounce. “Would you like to put your prick up her arsehole”?
“You bet I would” he answered.
“Then let’s go, son. Get your prick up her bum”.
I scooped up the spunk from her legs and rubbed it around her arsehole making it wet and lubricated. Danny used his fingers to open her arsehole by slowly pushing a finger up her bum. Pumping it in and out until he could add another until he was getting three fingers up her.
“Now, show your friends how you fuck a lady’s arseholes.” He took his time slowly working his cock deeper and deeper into her anus. Jane helped by squatting down more and more until his prick was all the way up inside her. Danny was used to arsefucking so he didn’t rush it; at last he was completely inside her. I spoke to Jane.
“Are you sure you want him to use your bottom”.
“Tell him to do it, I want to be buggerd. I need my arsehole to be fucked”.
“Off you go Dan, give her arsehole a good work-out”.
We all sat and watched as seven inches of prick slide in and out of her bum. For her first arse fuck Jane was doing very well pushing herself back to take it right up her rectum.
“John please knell between my legs and pull my cunt open”. She said
John did as he was told and with her cunt at eye level he pulled her fanny apart.
“Smell it John, smell my cunt while your friends cocking my arsehole. See what happens to my fuckhole when he cums”.
“Now Danny, shoot! I want John to see how my hole opens and closes when I orgasm, but I need to feel your spunk pumping into me”.
Danny screwed his prick into her a couple of times then he pulled it out. We all saw the first spurt land on her open anus before he shoved it still spurting back up her arse. She did indeed orgasm as Danny filled her bowels with John looking and smelling her hole. So ended our little sex lesson.


On Thursday Izzy told me that her plans for Friday were all set. It was a surprise for me so I had to agree to do what she asked. Jane had talked to Carol about her evening at Ted’s. Jane was surprised when Carol asked if she had enjoyed being fuck by Danny. She was even more surprised to find out that Danny was fucking his own Mother. Carol showed her our film, Little Red Riding-Hood. Jane now knows why Danny’s so good at arsefucking.
That night in bed Carol asked me to fuck her bottom. I told her I liked loose arseholes and hers was too tight. But if she were willing I’d get it made looser. She agreed, as she wanted Danny and me up her arse more often. I went to sleep, thinking of way to extend her bum-hole.
Friday my dick was hard all day wondering what Izzy was up to. When I get home she told me to be ready at seven-o-clock. Her friend Vicky would pick me up in her car.
Dead on time Vicky arrived. We got in her car and she made me put on a blindfold. We were going to her work place and she didn’t what me to know were it was. We rode in silence for about an hour. Then still blindfolded she lead me to a hard-backed chair.
“Sit there, I won’t be to long”. I sat and waited. Hearing people moving about until at last Vicky came back.
“Now Mr Turner there is only Izzy and me here so I want you to drop your trousers and pant and rub yourself”.
I dropped my trousers and sitting back down began wanking. If two young girls wanted to see me tossing-off, it was all right by me.
“You have a seriously nice cock there Mr Turner. Your daughter tells me she’s had it in all her holes. If you’re good I might let you put it in one of mine, now stop wanking and put your hands behind you”.
She tied my hands around the back of the chair.
“That’s so you can’t rub yourself off”.
She told me to keep my eyes shut while she took the blindfold off. After a couple of seconds I was told to open then. Vicky was standing in front of me naked, Izzy was knelling between her legs licking her out.
“I’m your daughters other Master. When you’re not using her, I am. Between us we’ve given her the biggest cunt in town”.
“Slave while I’m getting the first stud ready give your daddy a nice suck".
Izzy knelt between my legs and began sucking on my prick. Vicky left but soon returned leading in a fully-grown white stallion.
“Izzy told me that if you ordered her too ‘she’d suck off a horse’. Well here’s the horse and this show is for you. So make her do it.”
I looked down at Izzy still sucking my cock; her eyes were looking up at me.
“Do you want me to make you to do it”? I asked. She nodded her head.
“You want me to make you take that horse’s penis in your mouth”. Again she nodded. I asked Vicky if she could get him ready. Her hand when under the horse’s belly and began rubbing its cock. She was obviously used to handling their cocks and it grow to be as long as my arm and as thick as a tennis ball.
“Make her do it Mr Turner”. Vicky said. “Go on make her do it.”
“Go and lick that horse’s cock”. I ordered Izzy.
She went and leaning under the horse run her tongue up and down the length of its prick.
“That’s a good girl lick his Winkle”. Vicky Said. “Flash likes that. Go on keep licking his penis”.
Izzy licked the whole length going round the knob and even licking inside the piss hole.
“Suck on it now. Take the knob in your mouth.” I said.
She stopped licking and looked at me.
“Must I daddy”, She asked
“Yes! Get underneath it and suck that horse’s cock, Vicky and I want to see it in your mouth”.
Climbing under the horse she sat cross-legged facing its hind legs. Lifting up the horse’s cock she took the huge penis into her mouth and sucked on it. Vicky was rubbing her fanny as she and I watched Izzy giving the horse a blowjob.
“Use your hands on its cock”. Vicky Said. “Wank that cock as you suck it”.
Vicky looked at me. “I see by the state of your prick Mr Turner that you’re enjoying this”.
“I think it terrific”.
“You are actually enjoying seeing your own daughter sucking that horse’s penis”?
“I like watching her suck any penis”.
“I don’t know how you can make her do it”.
“Because she really wants to do it. She asked you to bring me here. I only mentioned in passing about horses but she was the one that set this up. I order her to do dirty and perverted thing, but she wants to do them anyway”.
“How far do you think she’d go”?
“As far as we tell her too”.
“Good”. Vicky said.
She gave me a quick rub then went and stood beside Flash. Izzy stopped sucking and looked up at her.
“Poor Flash hasn’t been put to stud for two weeks so his balls must be pretty full. I want you to toss him off and let him cum over your face”. Vicky turned to me.
“Is that alright Mr Turner”.
“That’s fine by me; she’ll enjoy having her face covered in spunk”. I replied.
Izzy put her two hands around the fat eighteen-inch cock and began wanking it. Occasionally she sucked as much into her mouth as she could. She was into this new perversion of animal sex. Turning to me she smiled. I nodded and smiled back.
Suddenly Flash whined and a jet of semen shot from the end of its cock hitting Izzy on the chest. Lifting the huge phallus she aimed it at her face and the second jet hit her full on, followed quickly by a third. There was so much that it run down her face and dripped off her chin but still it kept on cuming.
“Take the rest in your mouth.” I ordered.
She opened her mouth wide and three good loads landed in it.
“Swallow it there’s a good girl. Drink the horse’s spunk for daddy”.
“Yes Izzy drink it”, said Vicky.
She swallowed it and opened her mouth for more and took another three loads of hot slimy spunk, which she gulped down. My own cock erupted as she swallowed the second load. My sperm flow into the air and landed all over my thighs. Izzy kept on playing with the horse’s penis. Using the end to rub the spunk into her face.
Vicky said, “I’m going to take Flash back. Izzy go and clean up that mess on your dad’s legs”.
Izzy wiped the spunk off my legs with her hand and then licked her hands clean.
“You liked that didn’t you dad. You cum just from watching me drink that horse’s spunk”.
“It was impressive. Seeing it squirt in your mouth and I think you liked sucking its cock”.
“I did. But the best part was when you ordered my to open my mouth so he could shoot his spunk into it.
“That was dirty wasn’t it? Did it taste nice”?
“Not as nice as human spunk it’s not so thick”.
“I think I’ll have to get Ted’s dogs to cum in your mouth some time then you’ll have tasted three different kinds of spunk”.
“Yes please dad. You made mummy drink Bruno's. I’d like to have both dogs shot their sperm in my mouth”.
While she was cleaning me up I asked her about Vicky. They had been lovers for about six months before I started fucking her. She’d told Vicky how I made her do really kinky things. Like having her arsehole pissed into by two strangers and being fist-fucked by her own mother. So now Vicky was ordering her to do bizarre things and Izzy loved it. But before I could ask her what kind of things. Vicky returned.
Vicky told Izzy to get ready for A Vicky Special. She untied me and together we moved a bail of hay to the centre of the barn. She told me to watch and wait until she was ready. Vicky placed a blanket over the bail and told Izzy to bend over it. This put Izzy’s fanny at a perfect height for fucking. Vicky said to me.
“Mr Turner I hope to see you fucking her. I think it’s great that you shag your daughter and I know she enjoys having her daddy cocking her. But for now watch while I have a go at her”.
I sat down to watch. Vicky took down a saddle and placed it over Izzy’s waist then holding a ridding crop she mounted her. She began rubbing her fanny on the saddle while she whipped Izzy’s bare bum. The blows on her bum got harder and harder turning it from white to red with strips all over it. This went on for five or ten minutes until Vicky had rubbed herself to orgasm. Then she dismounted and began smacking Izzy’s bottom. Turning to me she said.
“She's going to get what I call A Vicky Special. You’ll enjoy this Mr Turner it involves her bottom”. Then she spoke to Izzy.
“I’m going to do my little thing with you”.
“OK Mistress”.
“Your Daddy is going to watch me do it”.
“I now Mistress”.
“I might even get him to help”.
“That’ll please him he loves arseholes. He’ll enjoy seeing you abuse mine”.
“Show it to us then slave, and ask us to use it”.
Spreading her legs wide Izzy used her hands to pull her bum cheeks apart. Her tight little brown anus winked at us. Vicky spat on it and Izzy used her fingers to push it into her rosebud. This was repeated a few times until it was wet with spittle. Izzy worked a finger from each hand into her anus, stretching it.
“Please Mistress my fingers are tired will you help me”
“What do you want me to do”?
“I want you to open my arsehole so you can do your Special thing”.
Vicky turned to me.
“Came and help me open her arsehole between us we’ll make your little girls bumhole as big as her cunt”.
I take the right side and Vicky the left. We each put a finger in Izzy anus and set about the task of stretching it. Adding more and more fingers until we each had three inside her.
“It’s nearly there. Pull as hard as you can Mr T”. Vicky Said.
Izzy started moaning and groaning, pushing her bum higher into air. Vicky and I pushed our fingers even deeper into her arsehole and pulled harder. We both looked into the hole we were holding open. It was possible to see a good seven inches up her rectum.
“I’ll hold it open. So you can have a real good look”. Vicky said.
Climbing back into the saddle she leant over Izzy’s bum and replacing my fingers with hers she pulled Izzy’s arsehole wide open. I moved round to have a real close-up look at my daughter’s bum-hole. It was bright red and vainy but smooth inside. Leaning forward I shoved my nose into the hole and took deep whiffs of the inside. My prick went rock hard from smelling her.
“It smells good doesn’t it Mr Turner”. Vicky said.
“Take one last look then stick your cock in it”.
I took my face away and again looked deep into her bowels.
“Stand up and put your cock in her bum I’ll hold it open for you”.
My cock was so hard it went straight in without touching the sides.
“That’s good”. Said Vicky. “Get your balls in as well, so that both your cock and balls are inside her arsehole before I let it close up”.
Doing as she said I got my balls inside as well then she took her fingers out. Izzy’s anal ring closed up trapping my genitals inside. I was unable to move but Izzy moved her bum from side to side and I could feel her rectum squeezing my dick.
“I bet you’ve never had your balls as well as your cock up your daughter’s arse before”. Vicky said as she dismounted and crawled between my legs.
“Now I want you to piss inside her. After that I want you to pull her arse open so I can get my hand up it.”
This Vicky was good. I’d pissed in Izzy’s anus before but not while my cock was still inside it.
I stood there trying to pee for some time. Izzy had stopped moving and was waiting for my urine to fill her bum. Vicky was also waiting until Izzy broke the silence.
“Go on dad piss into me. My Mistress is waiting to get her hand up my arse and I want you to see how good she is at arse-fucking me”.
I relaxed a little more and slowly a trickle left me, slowly building up.
“He’s doing it Mistress”. Izzy said.
“Well do”. Vicky said. “Wee into her all you can, when you’ve finished pull you cock out”.
The trickle turned into a torrent as I forced the urine from my body into Izzy’s. Filling her bowels with hot golden liquid. When I’d finished peeing I pulled my cock out. As my cock came out Vicky shoved her hand in up to the wrist.
“Great now sit in the saddle and watch me arse-fuck her”. Vicky said.
I sat watching as Vicky turned her hand around inside Izzy’s arsehole as my piss leaked out around her wrist.
“Do you often put your hand up my daughter’s arse”? I asked.
“As often as I can it’s so lovely and dirty”.
“Has she ever had a go at yours”?
“I’d like to have a go at it Vicky. I’d like to fuck your arse or get my hand in it”.
“I’ll think about it. Just let me have a good go at this arsehole first. If you spread her cheeks I’ll be able to go in deeper”.
“Good idea”. I said. Pulling Izzy’s bottom apart. Vicky pushed her hand another two inches up inside her arse.
“More! More! Harder and deeper” called Izzy.
Grabbing hold of her bum cheeks I pulled then as wide apart as I could. Vicky pulled her hand out but Izzy’s bum-hole stayed fully extended. Making her hand into a fist Vicky placed it at the opening and pushed it in. Piss shot out as half her arm disappeared up my daughter’s arsehole. Izzy screamed at the sudden assault on her back passage.
“Do in again but go in deeper”. I said.
“How far should I go”? Vicky asked.
“Up to the elbow if you can”.
Vicky removed her hand only to push it back in. More piss shot out of Izzy’s wide-open arsehole as more of Vicky's arm what in. Izzy was screaming more and more but Vicky and I were having too much fun to care. Time and again her hand came out only to be crammed back in, deeper and deeper. We only had a couple of inches to go before Vicky's arm was in up to the elbow.
“Stop please I can’t take any more”. Izzy said whimpering.
“We’ll stop on one condition”, I said.
“What’s that”?
“We get one of Vicky’s horses in here and you let it fuck you”.
“Anything you say dad”.
Vicky wasn’t too happy about taking her hand out of Izzy but I was Izzy’s father and she did as I asked. I sent Vicky to get another stallion that was ready for mating. While she was gone I got Izzy ready by turning her over to lay on the bales of hay with her legs hanging off the end. Her arse was gaping open from the fist-fuck but I needed her cunt opened up.
“Izzy, I’m going to have to open your cunt up if you’re to take a horse’s dick. This might hurt a bit”.
“Go ahead Dad. I just knew you’d want to see me fucked by a horse. Vicky would never have thought of it, but I knew you would”.
“So you got me here to make you do it”.
“Yes of course. I also know I’d need yours and Vicky’s help too take such a big cock. I hope she brings Devils Delight I’ve seen him mounting a mare and him prick is absolutely huge”.
“I’d better get started with opening you up then. Pull your legs back and spread them”.
She pulled her legs all the way back to her tits. Giving me lots of room to work on her cunt. With thumb and forefinger I spread her anus and using two fingers up her bum I collect mucous from her rectum which I rubbed on her fanny. This I did until her fanny was covered in the stuff. It would act as a lubricant for the fucking.
Outside I heard the sound of hooves. I had to get a move on and get my daughter’s cunt ready. Sticking two fingers from each hand up her hole I pulled it open. I wasn’t very gentle with her but she liked the way I was using her holes. Soon it was opening up but I didn’t want her cunt so big she won’t feel the horse’s cock going in it. So I stopped.
Vicky came in leading a big black stallion.
“Look who I’ve brought for you Izzy”. Vicky said. “You like riding him so it only fair to let him have a go at riding you, if you can take it”.
“Oh you’ve brought the Devil”. Izzy said smiling.
“He’s the only one that hasn’t been put to the mare. If you think he’s too big I can get a pony”.
Devils Delight was a racehorse that had just finished its racing career. He was tall with a very shiny black coat and a magnificent penis that was just beginning to grow.
“I think he’ll do very nicely”. I said.
“But Izzy may not want too”? Vicky said.
The horse had caught the smell of sex in the air and was rearing up with his prick fully erect. Unlike Flash the Devils prick was rock hard and standing out a full twenty inches from its balls.
“I don’t care what she wants! I want to see him use that huge black cock on her”. I said.
“Alright get her off the bales and I’ll get him to stand over them”.
Izzy rolled off the bales and Vicky got the horse to straddle them. As he moved over the hay Vicky called out. “Lift his cock up if it hits the straw it may go down”.
I held up the penis until he was over the bales and tied off.
In my hands was a horse’s huge penis, which I was going to try and get in my daughter’s cunt. Perhaps this was going too far.
“Look after that cock dad I want it to be really hard when it fucks me” said Izzy.
Her words put all doubt out of my mind. She wanted it
“Oh it will be. Climb underneath him and lets got this fucking great cock up you”.
She had some trouble squeezing between his belly and the top of the bales. But at last she was underneath him laying face up with her legs spread wide open. I aimed the huge cock towards her cunt as she moved herself down. At last the knob was resting against her fanny. I called to Vicky for help. With her pulling Izzy’s fanny lips from one side and me from the other we opened her hole. I gave the horse a slap and it jumped forward forcing the knob to enter her cunt.
Izzy started to scream.
“Quick Vicky grab a leg”. I said. “We’ll pull her onto it”.
We both pulled on her legs and watched at more and more cock went into her.
She kept on screaming and we kept on pulling until she had half the horse’s meat up her. Then Vicky and I stopped pulling and Izzy began to calm down.
“How much is in me”, she asked.
“There’s about ten inches of horses cock up you”.
“It feels like a lot more but I’m getting used to it. It feels great”.
Suddenly the Devil gave a shove and another inch what up her.
“He’s starting to fuck her. Vicky said. “What shall we do”?
“Quick hold me down. Please hold me down while he does it. Let him actually do the fucking. You want to see the horse fucking me don’t you Dad”.
“Yes I do. I’d like to see how much more cock he can get up you. I’ll hold you so he can get more of that gigantic cock up your cunt”.
“Vicky will you hold me as well”. Izzy asked.
“Of course I will”. She replied.
The horse then moved back a bit before thrusting its penis back into her.
“Hold on to me”. Izzy called out, as its prick was pushed up her even further.
We held her down on the bales to stop her from sliding away as he pumped his cock in and out. Gradually he got faster and faster until he was fucking her like a mare instead of a teenage girl.
We held her shoulders down with one hand and her legs apart with the other, allowing the horse to fuck her. It was marvellous watching fifteen inches of rock hard black cock pumping in and out of her cunt.
“He’s really fucking me now dad! I can feel him way up inside my belly”.
“That’s good dear. Can you imagine what it will feel like when he starts cuming inside you”.
“Oh yes! Come on Devil shag me harder and fill me up. Fill my fuck-hole with lovely horsy spunk”.
Devils Delight started to winery and his hind legs began to shake.
“He’s doing it”. Vicky called out. “He’s cumming right inside her Mr Turner”.
The horse went on fucking. Pumping more and more into her.
Vicky and I held Izzy down and watched it filling her cunt with cum.
“Daddy! There is gallons of it”. Izzy said. “I can feel it swimming around inside me. It’s beautiful. I must be the biggest slut going. I’m really enjoying this horse shooting its spunk up me”.
“You are the best daughter any father could have and to prove it, I’m going to fuck you straight after his finished.”
“He’s finishing Mr Turner. Let’s get him off so you can fuck her.” Vicky said.
Together we got the horse to back up; it’s cock caming out with a loud plop.
Vicky returned it to the stable and I got ready to mount my daughter. She was too tired to move so I placed a bale at the end of the stack between her legs. I striped and was wanking myself off whilst looking up Izzy’s wide-open cunt when Vicky returned. She asked to suck my cock before I fucked Izzy. She knelt and started to suck me off. She was very good and I know that one-day I would have to fuck her. As she sucked me I played with Izzy’s swollen hole. She probably wouldn’t feel a thing but I wanted to feel the horse’s spunk on my dick as I add mine to it. I tapped Vicky on the shoulder to let her know I was ready. She got up and held my dick with her other hand she spread Izzy’s fanny.
“Can I put it into her for you Mr Turner. Its incest and I know you shouldn’t do it but I so want to see you fucking your daughter.”
“Vicky we’ve just watched her being shagged by a horse. Didn’t you think that was wrong?”
“But he’s an animal he doesn’t know any better. You do.”
“Look Vicky I’ll fuck anything. Right now I want to get my cock up my daughter’s spunk filled cunt. So stop talking and help me get it in her”.
Vicky placed my prick at the entrance of Izzy’s vagina and watched as I pushed it in. Her cunt had been stretched so wide by the horse's cock that I couldn’t feel her fanny but I shoved my cock in all the way. Fucking her harder and harder making the horse’s spunk shoot out her cunt. It was lovely having my cock and balls covered by the stuff.
“That is good, fuck the slag”. Vicky called. “She loves having cocks up her. Fuck her cunt and shoot your spunk up her as well”.
I fucked my daughter. Using her cunt as it was meant to be used; I fucked her and fucked her until I added my cock cream to her flooded cunt. Mixing the two lots of spunk together.
Getting dressed very slowly Vicky and I took her home and put her to bed. I thanked Vicky for a good night and told her that I hoped to give her a fucking sometime. I made up my mind to let my daughter get fucked by anyone that fancied having a go at her.


Saturday morning sitting round the breakfast table, I told my family how we were going to spend the weekend. I hadn’t told Carol or Danny about our Friday night trip, but I told them to leave Izzy alone until later in the week.
I wanted her vagina back to its sweet little girl look.
I told Danny to keep Sunday free as we were going out together. And I told Carol that I was taking her out for the afternoon. She was to wear a long dress with stockings and suspenders but no knickers.
She was on tender hooks all morning, wondering what I had in mind for her.
To tell the truth I didn’t know myself. I only know that I wanted to get her arsehole used, to loosen it up.
As we drive around I spotted a grope of young men playing football in the park, so I drove into a nearby parking space to watch them. We watched them for some time before I turned to Carol.
“They all look fit and healthy. I bet they could give you a good fucking”.
“I think you’re right, but there are about eight of them. Would you want all of them to fuck me”?
“You know me Carol; I’d love to see all those different cocks going in you. What do you say, shall I go and ask them”.
“All right but find somewhere to do it, I’m not taking that lot home, because before you know it they’ll be fucking Izzy instead of me”.
I strolled over to a man standing in the goal. “Hi there, are you from a team or are you just friends.” I asked.
It turned out that they were just mates, who meet on Saturdays to play football.
I asked if any of them were marred. He told me that three were, and the rest were single. I told him I had a lady friend, who would like to play a different kind of game with them, if there was somewhere to take her. He thought I was joking. I said to him. “Have a word with your mates and if their interested came to my car”. Then I went back to the car.
“Well, what did you tell him?” asked Carol.
“I told him I had a lady who would like to play with them, if they know a place to go”.
“And he’s going to ask them. Three of them are marred, so may not what to”.
“I hope they do. It really turns me on taking a married man’s cock. You’d let them do me, wouldn’t you Steve”.
“My darling I’ll make sure that all of them want too. I’m sure they’ll give you a good cocking”.
Just then two men walked over to the car and leaned in. One was in his thirties and the other in his late teens.
“Hallo mate”. Said the older one. “My friend tells you have a lady that wants to play games. Tell me exactly what she wants”.
“Well gentleman this is my wife Carol, and she would like you all to fuck her, while I watch”.
The younger man then leant into Carol’s side of the car.
“Is that right lover, you want us to screw you”. He said to Carol.
“That’s right, if you know a quiet place where we can go. I’ll let all eight of you fuck me”.
They looked at each other and nodded. The older one turned to me and gave me a set of keys.
“Go to the end of the road and turn right, a few yards down is the changing rooms, and gym. Take your wife in there, we’ll be along shortly”.
“Will the marred guys be coming too”? Asked Carol.
“I’m one of them love, and I’m not going to turn down a free fuck”. He said.
As they were walking away I called out. “I’ll get her ready for you. Then I’ll come and get you”.
We found the gym just as they said. Using the keys we went inside. It was a well-laid out gym, with wall bars, mats, rings and vaulting horses. It had a high ceiling with big glass fanlights to lighten it up. The changing rooms were off to one side, but I fancied the gym for what I had in mind. Telling Carol to take off her dress I got some ropes from the car. Carol was sitting in just her stockings and suspenders when I returned.
“You look absolutely lovely darling; I can’t see any man turning down the chance to fuck you”. I said.
I moved one of the vaulting horses to the middle of the room, and got Carol to lean over it. With a few adjustments she was able to lay over it in comfort and at just the right height. Spreading her legs I tied them to the legs of the horse and I tied her arms to the other side. She was unable to move, or stop anything that was going to happen to her.
My poor Carol had no idea what I had in store for her, as I went to get the men from the playing field.
I was going out to get them when I saw them making their way back to the gym, laughing and joking. Before we went inside I called them all together.
“Gentlemen, Do you know what awaits you inside”? I asked.
“Fred just said there was some dame needed fucking”. One of them answered.
“Well, the dame is my wife, her name’s Carol and she’s a 35 year-old mother of two. She’s a bit shy so I’ve got her ready for use. I’d like all of you to have a go at her but I’d like half of you to fuck her arse”.
They started talking amongst themselves and then the one called Fred turned to me. “I for one will be more than happy to fuck her up the shit-chute, but why so many”.
“Because gentlemen, her arsehole is too small for the good hard fucking I like to give it. I want you to loosen it up. Then all her holes will be available for unrestricted use. Now if you’re ready lads, I’ll take you in”.
We walked into the hall. They were surprised to see her tied over the vaulting horse, legs spread with her bum in the air. They began making their way to the changing room to wash.
“No time for that lads. Get over there and start fucking her”. I said.
“Yes come on boys, Came and fuck me. But tell me if you’re married before you stick your cock up me”.
“Form a queue. You’ll all get a go”. I said.
They all striped naked and lined up. I went and stood beside Carol and pulled her buttocks apart, exposing both her holes. Fred was the first one to step forward. He knelt down behind Carol for a closer look at what I was offering. To help him see better, I hooked my fingers in her cunt and opened it wider.
“Can I stick a finger in her?” he asked.
“Of course you can. Your fingers and your cock”.
I held her open as he stuck two fingers up her fanny. Pushing them in to the knuckles and finger-fucking her. I could see that the others were getting inpatient, and he had a stiffy
“Enough of that now Fred give the lady your name, age and marital status and then give her your cock.” I said.
He stood up. “She's bloody good and wet. But are you going to holding her open all the time”.
“Oh no, I’m just going to help you get your cock in. After all it is my wife you’re going to fuck”.
He moved closer. “My name’s Fred. I’m twenty-six. I’m happily married and I’m going to fuck your cunt”. I looked at him. He know what I was thinking.
“First cunt and then arsehole, Okay”. I nodded and smiled at him, as I pulled her cunt open and watched his prick disappear up her hole. Holding her by the hips he fucked her, hard and deep. Putting on a show for his mates.
“Bloody hell, look at him go, I can hardly wait to fuck her”. Said a young boy who was next in line.
“What’s you name son”. I asked.
“Gordon sir.”
“Well Gordon. Fred is going to fuck her arsehole as well, so be patient. Your turn will come”.
We all stood watching as Fred fucked away at Carol. Pumping her as if his life depended on it. Carol too was obviously enjoying it, wiggling her bum about to help him get in deeper. All of a sudden he stopped thrusting, and I knew he was cumming up her cunt. I was disappointed he hadn’t used her arse but there were still seven to go.
As Fred withdrew his cock Gordon moved forward and looked straight at me.
“I’m Gordon, eighteen and single. And err, I’d like to try her bottom”.
“Well her name is Carol, she’s thirty-five and married, and she’d thoroughly enjoy your young cock in her bottom”. I said. “Have you ever fucked a women’s bum”?
“Well take your time to start with. When she’s used to it, you can use it just like a cunt”.
Fred moved to one side as Gordon stepped up behind her. His dick was about seven inches long and quit thin. It was the ideal size and shape to be the first one up her arse. Spreading her arse cheeks I stuck two fingers up her cunt, getting some of Fred’s spunk to wipe round her arsehole.
“This young man wants a go in your arsehole”. I told Carol.
“I’d prefer it up the cunt”. She answered.
“Well darling, I hope most of them use your bum. If you’re good I’ll let one or two of them have your cunt. I brought you here to get your arsehole bored-out and made looser. The more cocks go up it the better. Now be quiet while I help Gordon to get his prick up your bum”.
Gordon held her cheeks apart. I took hold of his prick and guided it to my wife's anus. Thanks to all the spunk, the head slide in quit easily. Having such a slim cock I know the rest would go in just as easily. Placing my hands on his bum I pushed him forward, forcing him further into her. He began to fuck her moving his cock slowly in and out.
“That’s nice! He can go faster if he likes”. Carol said.
“You heard her Gordon. Go for it”. I said.
He started going faster and faster until the vaulting horse started to move across the floor.
“That’s it Gordon. Give the bitch a good hard fucking. Lubricate her for me. She’ll need it when I get up that arsehole”.
I turned around to see who was talking to Gordon. It was the next man in the line. He was well over six feet tall with broad shoulders. His cock was in the same propulsions, about nine inches long and two inches thick.
He looked at me. “Sorry mate got carried away. I didn’t mean it”.
“I was hoping you did! Yours is the kind of cock I want stretching her arsehole. Bugger her as hard as you like. Call her any names you like. I don't mind and it doesn’t matter if she does.
I turned back to see that Gordon had stopped fucking. He was standing with his hips pressed against Carol’s bum, and his legs were shaking. He was emptying himself into her. He was smiling and so was Carol. They had both enjoyed it, my mature wife and the young boy.
I watched him remove his cock. His penis came out with a loud sucking sound. I hoped there was enough spunk up her rectum. The next thing up there wasn’t going to be so little.
As Gordon walked away the big fellow knelt behind her and roughly parted her bum cheeks. Studying her cunt and arsehole.
“I think I’ll be able to get in her, can I have her in a different position”.
“Look mate, you can have her any way you like, order her to do something, and she’ll do it”. I said.
“Untie her and get her to kneel down and suck one of my mate’s pricks”.
I began untiring her and Carol asked.
“Are you really going to let him do what he wants to me? I’ll admit the young boy’s cock was nice and I enjoyed it. But I don’t practically like this man.”
“Carol darling. You will do everything he asks and act how he wants you to act. He’s got a fucking great big cock and I want him to stick it up your arse. So be a good girl. If you are, later in the week will invite Danny’s friends round and you can play with them.”
A gym mat had been place on the floor. The big man and his mate were waiting for her on it, while the last three men sat near-by wanking themselves.
The big man turned to us.
“Came on bitch, we’re ready for you now. I want you to suck on John’s cock. His wife won’t do it, but I bet you’ve sucked plenty in your time. Knell down and suck him off.”
Carol knelt in front of John and raising his prick ran her tongue up the underside. Reaching the crown she tongued around the groove under the knob. Then looking up at him she took the end and sucked it into her mouth.
“Isn’t that good John”? The big man said getting down behind her. Putting his hand around her, he grabbed her nipples and pulled on them. He pulled then away from her body stretching her tits. It made Carol wince, but that was all right by me. The man really know how to use a women. It was going to be exciting to watch him abusing my wife.
“Now you whore, I’m going to use this sweet arsehole of yours; I’m going to shag it so hard you won’t be able to sit down for a week.”
“John, keep your cock in her gob. They love the taste of prick and they love drinking spunk. You’ll have to make your misses to do it. Wendy wouldn’t so I left her for a younger bird. But she did have a lovely fanny. Right let’s get on and shag this one.”
He stopped pulling on her tits to spread her bum cheeks. A dribble of Gordon's cum leaked from her rectum to slide down over her pussy. Pulling her bum cheeks even wider he studied her arsehole.
“It’s going to be hard work to get into that. I can see why you wanted it widened. You’d better hold your wife’s bum open for me, or I’ll never get into her arse.”
“It’ll be my pleasure.” I told him.
He got John to lay flat on the floor. Carol was made to knell and lean down to suck his cock. This left her with her head down and her bum high in the air.
“Well Carol here it cames. My names Bruce and I’m going to fill your arsehole with spunk.” Turned to me he said. “Right mate open her up and I’ll get stuck in.”
“I’ll open it as wide as I can.” I said. “I’m dieing to see that huge prick going up my wife’s arse.”
I pulled Carol cheeks wide apart. Offering this man her arsehole.
This man had no respect for women and he treated them all like whores. His wife was obviously Wendy, Ted's granddaughter. He must have treated her badly, for her to have made a video. In which she let herself get fucked just to spite him.
Yet here I was encouraging him to bugger my wife. The differences being Carol enjoyed it when I made her do dirty things.
He placed his fat knob against at her anus and pushed. He pushed and pushed but her bun-hole wouldn’t open up.
“It’s no good, I can’t get it in. It’s far too tight. I’ll use the cunt instead”. He said.
“Hang on Bruce.” I said. “Use the cunt for a while, just to get your prick lubricated and try again.”
Bruce tilted his prick down and in one thrust buried it deep in Carol’s cunt. Taking hold of her hips, he pumped his cock in and out, fucking her hard and deep. He was shagging her good and proper, just the way I liked seeing her cunt used, but I wanted him doing her arsehole the same way.
“Carol darling.” I said. “I really want him to use your other hole. Encourage him to use your arse.”
Taking Johns prick out her mouth she said. “Steve! It feels so good with his cock up my cunt and John’s in my mouth.”
“Daring if you take Bruce's cock all the way up your arsehole, I promise the others can use your cunt, okay”.
She nodded and turned back to sucking John’s prick.
I turned to the three remaining men. “Get your cocks ready for her. Her arse will be out-of-action so you’ll have to make do with her cunt.”
Hearing this, Carol turned her head around to look at Bruce and using her own hands she pulled her bum cheeks apart.
“Do my arse! Get that fucking great big pole up my backdoor. I know you can do it Bruce! I want you to bugger me good and hard. Show my husband how well you can fuck his woman’s bum. Let him see his wife’s arsehole being enlarged by you fucking it. Go on you bastard get that prick out my cunt and up me arse.”
He didn’t like being called a bastard; it upset his manly pride.
“Alright you fucking dirty cow, I’ll do your arsehole. Spread those cheeks wider and get on with sucking that cock.”
Carol when back to sucking John’s cock, taking it all into her mouth. Raising her bottom higher she pulled her cheeks so wide apart her anus was stretched open.
Bruce spat onto it, and then taking he's cock out of her cunt he stuck it against her arsehole. With the first push two inches went in. With the second push another two inches disappeared.
Carol’s face turned red but she went on sucking John’s cock. She even pushed herself backwards to help the huge prick enter her.
Her arsehole was being stretched wider than ever before. This was just what I wanted. I wanted her arsehole made looser. And Bruce's fat cock was doing it.
“All of it, Bruce.” I said. “Put it all in her.”
He gave another good push, and another inch disappeared up her arse. Carol screamed. “That bloody hurt! Is it all in yet? If not, get on with it! Shag my arsehole harder. I want every inch of that cock right up inside my body.”
Having said this, Carol force herself back onto his cock until it disappeared completely inside her. Gabbing hold of her hips he pulled his prick halfway out, then shoved it back in all the way, right up to his balls. Her arsehole slowly got looser and looser until he was fucking it like a cunt.
My cock was rock hard knowing my wife's arsehole would never be the same again. Not after this man’s fat cock had fucked it. As he what on shagging her arse she looked at John. “You fuck me as hard as he is.” She told him.
“Go on John, do it to her. Fuck her mouth.” I said. “Shoot your cum in her mouth while Bruce is cumming in her arsehole.”
“I’ve never cum this way. I’ve never even had my cock in a woman’s mouth before.”
“Well do your best, John. I know she’d love to drink your spunk.”
Putting his hand on either side of her head he tilted her face up and removed his prick.
“Would you truly like it? If I did what your husband says.” He asked.
“Dear John you’re so sweet to ask. But you shouldn’t ask. When you ask your wife, she says NO. So don’t ask her just make her do it! She’ll love it in the end, I do! Now get your cock back in my mouth and down my throat. I want to drink your cream.”
So saying she opened her mouth and John holding her head still, thrust his cock deep into it.
Both men were fucking her as hard as they could. Pumping their cocks deep into her arse and mouth, both wishing to spunk into her.
Dropping my trousers I tossed myself off. Watching the two men use my wife so well with three others yet to fuck her.
“Go on boys shag her good. Fill her up. Empty your balls down her throat John. Bore out her arsehole Bruce. Shag my whore of a wife. Fuck her to death.” I shouted as I wanked off.
“I’m there! I’m there! I’m cumming.” Shouted John.
Pushing his prick right down Carol’s throat and holding her head against his belly as he emptied himself into her. I was on the verge of cumming myself; I just needed that extra push.
“Up her bum Bruce. Go on, spunk up her bum. Fill my wife’s arsehole with your slimy liquid.” As I spoke I pushed John out of the way and putting my hand under Carol’s chin I aimed my cock at her face.
“Now Bruce now.” I cried. As my sperm shot from the end of my cock to cover Carol’s face. Just as I’d finished Carol’s face was push against me. I looked up to see Bruce grinning at me.
“I’m doing it! I’m cumming up your wife’s arse. The muscles are sucking the spunk out of me.”
“Good work. Keep your dick in her until I get there. I want to see if you’ve stretched her arsehole enough.”
I held her buttock apart as he withdrew his prick. His fat cock had done a good job and we both looked at the inch wide hole that was between her cheeks. We could see deep inside to the white liquid he had left there. My wife’s arsehole had never looked so big and beautiful. It was not yet as wide as our daughter’s anus but it was getting there. But maybe it was wide enough to take a horse’s dick. I wondered if Vicky would like to see Izzy’s mother being fucked up the bum by a pony. Then maybe Vicky would let me have a go at her arsehole.
Carol had been a good wife helping to get her arsehole stretched. It was only fair to let the last three fuck her cunt.
I lifted Carol over to the gym equipment. With help I got two rings under her arms and two rings under her knees which suspended her in mid-air. The rings were placed so as to keep her legs wide apart and her head up. She’d be able to watch the cocks going in her.
“Now Carol, this is David aged 22, Richard aged 20 and Ahmed also aged 20. What do you want them to do?”
“I want them to fuck my pussy, Steve. I want them to put their cocks deep inside my cunt and fill it with spunk. They must shag me like the filthy whore I am”.
“Go on then boys. Fuck her and fill her cunt with spunk. Shag my wife’s pussy and make it as sore as her arse!”
Richard and Ahmed held a leg each while David got between her thighs and pushed his cock into her. Her hole had closed up just a bit after having her arse fucked. So David was taking his time. Feeding his cock into her with long slow strokes. Feeling the fanny muscles holding him. Richard and Ahmed were watching their friend very closely. Suddenly Ahmed shouted!
“I think I’m going to cum”.
“Quick Dave let him get in her”. I said.
David moved out of the way for Ahmed to take his place and grabbing hold of Carol’s thighs he pulled her onto himself and stood there.
“Well done Ahmed! Are you cumming”? I asked.
“Yes I am”.
“Jolly good. Keep it going”. I turned to Carol.
“Can you feel it”?
“Yes I can. He’s shooting ever such a lot”.
“Quick Ahmed I’m nearly there too. Let me get my prick in. I’m want to shoot up her as well”. Richard said.
“That’s it boys change round”. I told them.
“Hang on a minute Richard”. Carol said. “Your Indian friend is still going. I can still feel him pumping it into me. When he’s finished you can have your go”.
Ahmed stood emptying himself into Carol. He then moved aside so Richard could get his cock in her. After two or three thrusts he too was cumimg up her. There was only David to go.
“I want to do her doggie style”. Dave said.
“Okay we’ll take her down so you can screw her from behind”. I told him.
Carol was soon on her knees with her bum in the air ready for another shafting.
“She’s all yours Dave. Fuck her good and make her cum. Shove that stiff prick up my slag of a wife, good’n’hard”!
Knelling behind her he pushed her head down than stuck his prick in. Fucking her deeply. He had great self-control. He’d watched her being arse-fucked and gang-banged yet still he took he time. Screwing her slowly and letting her feel his prick going in and out.
“Thank you David. That’s very nice”. Carol said. “You will cum up me won’t you”?
“Oh yes. I’ll do that all right. I think your cunt is glorious. You’re also a very kind lady; to let us all use you. Your husband’s a very luck man to have you”.
“He makes me do these disgusting things! But I love him. He wants you to give me a good shagging, so please shag me faster Dave”.
David speeded up. Grabbing hold of her hips he thrust his cock up her. Pumping in and out at a very fast rate.
“That’s it Dave use my cunt. Screw me!”
Carol said. Pushing herself onto him.
“Oh my god! I’m cumming. Cum with me Dave! Shoot it up me. Give me that spunk. Fill up that fucking hole”.
David did. Giving them both an orgasm at the same time.
Now it was time to take her home. She didn’t even clean herself up she just got dressed and then we said ‘good-bye’.
On the drive home Carol was ecstatic.
“Steve that was just so fucking unbelievable and you know what? I loved it. Having all those different men fuck me. It would have been even better if Danny and Izzy had been there to see it”.
“I’m glad you liked it because I’m thinking of putting an advert in the papers, offering our services”.
“How do you mean”. She asked.
“I’ll offer to make home-made porno videos in which the customer is the star. I’ll also provide male or female models”.
“You mean Izzy and me”.
“Of course, Jane as well if she’s willing. Danny and I can do the male stuff”.
“All right Steve. It sounds like it could be fun. Do it as soon as we get home”.

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