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Andria is about to get double trouble of pleasure
StarDick : King Kong

Hi I’m Terry Smith but you can call me stardick Today’s tale is about a lady friend of mine named Andria who had a fling with a guy or two, who had the strangest nickname King Kong.

Andria got up a bit disappointed because she had been dreaming of a sexual fantasy so intense and exciting that she almost had an orgasm if it had not been for that stupid clock which alarmed 6:00am this morning.

“I need a man…” she frowned as she could feel her panty slightly wet come the passionate dream.

Moments later after getting ready for work the phone rang….

“Hello...” Andria answered

“Hi it’s me” said Lisa

Lisa was Andria’s close friend from work, they did almost everything together except excepting her invitations to instant dating night out, or going to the big bear string club to suck on some random dancer’s cock. Not Andria though temped every time by Lisa she always backed out and wanted something more discreet she thought.

“If I’m going to cover for you at work then you have to at list tell me everything that happened” Andria uttered

“Ok… ok” Lisa replied “But I’ll just tell you the short version until you come over later ok”

“Sure tell me what has you feeling so sick you can’t come to work?” Andria asked as she chuckled

“It was a black guy I met last night, he ravaged me, his tongue was like a hurricane on my pussy and his dick was too big for all of it to enter…”

A burst of laughter escaped Andria’s mouth…. “Sor… sorry” she quickly giggled

“I’m not joking… he was so big no matter how much we tried all of him could not enter inside me”

“Ok say no more… I’ll cover for you this time but you don’t have to make things up ok” she noted

“You know I don’t make those types of jokes… Andria, all now my pussy walls are hurting”

Again Andria laughed… “Well got to run I’ll stop by later”

“Don’t worry your turn next….” Lisa mumbled as Andria placed the receiver down.

Few hours past at work as Andria took some time out to browse few porn sites to look at how women really took big cocks and she was shocked.

“WOW!!!... This guy is so big” she thought as she looked at a black guy’s cock
It looked like it was 12’’ or more; she crossed her legs squeezing her pussy wondering if she could allow such a beast, a monster to enter her pretty tight cherry.

“He’d destroy me” she thought with fright but still could not turn away from how the woman was enjoying and having multiple orgasms even to squirt out her juices from that massive cock being inside her.

More and more Andria watch as she got aroused and horny, her clit slightly twitched as her pussy begun to release a bit or moisture, her nipples stood rock hard and could be seen bursting out of her bra and blouse if someone just looked straight at her. This heat was intoxicating her, seeing women being pleasure by suck huge cocks made her yearned to feel something of that magnitude inside her.
She slightly got up off her chair and eased her head over her cubicle to take a look at any prospects she felt had a big cock she could feel inside her, she looked over to the left and saw Jeffrey.

“His not bad, tall he might have a big cock, but he’s going out with Cindy…. No not him” she thought
Again her mind wondered as she looked around.

“Oh! There’s Terry I could let him do it but he wants me to drink his cum yuck!! I’m not ready to taste the cum of a guy who’s been in all types of women pussy… am I?” she shakes her head to take out the thought of swallowing Terry’s cum.

“Then there’s Gaff but I overheard Jesse and her girls talking, she said he came on him when he saw her naked and she laughed so much… nah he can't do”

Andria felt like she was going to lose her mind as she was not able to find a guy who came close to looking like he had a big cock to ravage her. Then she giggled to her self -thinking that she sounded just like her slut friend Lisa.

“I got to get a grip and regain my sanity” she thought as she closed the web page of the porn site.

It was 9:06pm Andria got to Lisa’s apartment and knocked on the door, but there was no answer, again she knocked.

“That’s strange…” she thought knowing that Lisa said she’d be home
Suddenly the neighbor’s door opened as an old lady eased her head out of the door.

“Hello…” she said


“Could you tell your friend that she should stop the loud crying its disturbing Mr. whiskers” she uttered as she held her fat black and white cat and went back in shutting the door behind her.

“What was that about?” Andria thought before knocking the door again.

And then it abruptly opened as a black man welcomed her in.

“Hi my name is Drake but you can call me King” he uttered

“Hi…” Andria said reluctantly as she tried to figure what was two tough black guys doing in her friends house.

“Could they be the reason of all the noise the old woman complained about” Andria wondered

“Hi you must be Andria…” said the other black guy who got off the sofa to greet her. “My name is Jake but you can call me Kong”

Andria trying to make sense of all of this looked at the two black men and saw they were twins with the taller one slightly cuter. “She giggled”

“What’s so funny” King asked

“Nothing…” she quickly replied “Have you guys seen my friend Lisa?” she asked as she stayed close to the door.

“Yeah, she went out and told us to keep you company” replied Kong

“Is that so?” she dimmed as she slowly took a step back but then suddenly stopped when she felt she bumped into something.

It was huge she thought, whatever it was, it was pressing against her ass as if it wanted to burst her pants and enter her ass, no way she thought, it could not be….

Andria slowly looked behind her to see King was standing between her and the door, her only escape from these two tough black me who seemed to have huge cocks, in that instant her clit flinched and her pussy released little moisture in fright of what might happen to her tight pink pussy.

“Why don’t you have a sit, its rude to leave company unattended to” King said as he admired her sexy slim body, her round ass that popped her jeans outwards, Kong did that same watching Andria with hunger in his eyes, he gazed at her cup size breasts just enough to fit all into his mouth and how fat her pussy must be.

“Come sit by me…” he requested

Andria sat on the sofa next to Kong and King sat next to her, she looked like a sandwich between to black buns. King rubbed her shoulders as Kong touched her knee then passed his hands over her thighs.

“Is this the first time you’ve been with a black guy?”


“Don’t worry your friend told us to take good care of you”

Andria crossed her legs fearing for her tight pussy which was beating like her heart.

“You have lovely size breasts, is that a cup bra you’re wearing?” Kong asked

“Hey bro it’s best you see rather than ask” King replied

Kong began to unpin her blouse as her breasts begun to slowly come out, she took a deep breath and King rubbed her thighs and was passing his hands over her pussy.

“They look so lovely” Kong said with delight as if he’d never seen breasts

His eyes would not flinch as he admired them, taking his hand and pulling on side of the bra off her breasts, it popped out with its nipple standing firm. King then took her hand and placed it over his cock which was hard, Andria yes pooped open as she felt how huge it was, in a fright she rouse from the sofa but was held by her wrist.

“Ah… ah your not going anyways baby” Kong uttered

The twins got off the sofa, as Kong turn her towards him giving his brother her back, he felt her tremble a little, as he placed his hand over her chest rubbing her breasts. She closed her eyes with leisure.

“That feels good” she whispered as she also felt her ass being massaged in her jeans.
Suddenly her blouse came off as Kong begun to suck her chest then her breasts after King on tacked her bra. Kong unpinned her jeans as King begun to pull it down. Off it came and in ecstasy Andria went, when she felt Kong sucking her neck, chest and breasts from one to the next then all around grabbing and squeezing them into his mouth, whilst King licked and sucked her back, her pussy begun to flinch and as it got wet.

More and more King grabbed her ass then placing his finger between her legs to feel her wet pussy, unexpectedly they stopped, Andria was in shock when she no longer felt the ecstasy of such pleasure.
King took off her jeans and panty’s as Kong threw her bra away. “Sit” he said
Without any hesitation she sat on the sofa as Kong sat next to her going back into full throttle on her lovely cup mouth- watering breasts. King got between her legs and pulled her to the edge of the sofa he admired her thighs but most of all her small pretty pussy, as he drove head in opening his mouth as wide as he could to cover her entire pussy.

“Ah…” she moaned and inched her waist

King’s mouth was big and so was his tongue as he licked and sucked her pussy.

“Aoooo…. Aaahaaaha” she continued as he grabbed her thighs then placed his hands under her ass squeezing them each time he drove his head into her pussy sending his tongue in her pink tight hole sucking her juices.

King then took his head out of between her legs. “Hey bro your turn”
Andria was in in shock, she could not believe this was happening to her being taking by two black guys or the share pleasure of having them licking and sucking her so much.

“Auwh….” She mumbled as she felt Kong’s long tongue trying to enter her pussy, he sucked and pulled her pussy lips just as King was doing the same to her breasts, her legs spread wide open as she was being eating out.

“It’s time, I think she’s wet enough” Kong said as he off up and took off his cloths along with King.
Andria trembled when she saw the two men naked with huge cocks in front of her, both being 13” long could she handle them she thought with worry in her eyes as they stroke they long huge cocks back and forth.

“I… I can’t” Andria whispered to them

But they did not pay any attention to her as King kneeled in front of her spreading her legs apart and holding his huge cock inches from her pussy, Kong got beside her and placed her hand around his huge cock then lifting it towards her mouth to be sucked. She closed her eyes in fright and tried to turn away but Kong held her head and inched if forward toward his cock and within that instant Andria screamed in pain as she felt King’s huge cock penetrate her and at the exact moment Kong shoot his huge cock into her mouth.

“Mmmm… Mmmmmm…..MMmmmmm” she groaned but not just in pain but In pleasure for King did not place his entire huge cock inside of her though she felt her pussy walls were being stretched to its limits it
was not deep inside her.

Andria moaned with delight a huge cock in her mouth and one in her tight pink pussy she wanted to scream out as loud as she could but Kong’s huge cock would not give her an inch to do so and then she also thought about the old lady next door and all she could do was “Mmmmm……”.

Thrust after thrust she felt King’s huge cock going deeper and deeper as he squeezed and slapped her ass whilst Kong grabbed her breasts and fucked her mouth.

“Ahhhh… yes… your pussy is so sweet” King uttered with delight “Bro come try this sweet pussy”

Kong too out his huge cock from Andria’s mouth as King took his out from her pussy, she looked at them and saw Kong’s cock to be longer whilst King’s cock was fatter, they turned her around into a doggy style position (back-shot) as Kong went to her back he grabbed her ass and spanked it with his long huge cock, Andria buckled as she could only imagine that anaconda going into her, she grabbed King’s huge cock but tilted her head back at Kong to see his huge cock go into her, she flinched as his cock head begun to enter slowly so her pussy could wrapped its self around the size of his huge cock but then he pushed in alittle to fast and she moved her ass which he quickly grabbed and positioned dead in front of him and he held her tightly pushing his cock into her.

Andria tried to squirm but could not her legs shrunken as her knees trembled; her pussy farted as there was no room for air, in and out, in and out Kong thrusted his huge cock as she sucked King’s own. She moaned and cried out in agony and pleasure then she suddenly took out King’s cock from her mouth to release a huge scream.

“AAAAAHHHHH…. No all of it can’t go in” she cried out.

King held her hands and Kong begun to stroke his huge cock deeper and deeper into her as moisture begun to sip out.

“Ahh look see your pussy is enjoying that” Kong says as he spanks her ass sending a sensation deep with her causing her to dig her finger nails into King as she moaned in pleasure and trembled.

“Oohhhhhhh…….” She cried with sweat pouring over her face, she had finally came, her orgasm was so huge she fell unto the sofa and shivered with satisfaction.

“Seems like someone had fun, guess now it’s our turn” Kong said

“Yeah you cum in her pussy I’ll cum in her mouth” they agreed

Kong pulled Andria’s ass back up and placed his huge cock into her which woke her up as King placed his cock into her mouth, over and over they thrusted into her as she moaned, her eyes open wider then they could ever open as she begun to have multiple orgasms which was her pussy betraying her for she was also in so much pain that tears flowed from her eyes.
Deep and harder and faster Kong rammed his huge cock into her pushing It all the way to his balls, he could hear her screams over his brothers cock and noticed her nails ripping the cushions of the sofa then it happened.

“I’m cumming” Kong said

“Me too” replied King


In fright and concern Andria screamed out no, knowing she was not on birth control but could not for she was filled with cum, she sat on the sofa in tears and cum running down her mouth and leaking from her pussy in disbelief as she passed out.

The next morning, Andria opened her eyes to see she was lying next to Lisa.


“Hey you made it, did you have fun”

“What you set me up didn’t you?”

“Well you did ask for it”

“Whatever, some friend you are”

“How many time you had an orgasm?”

“I can’t even remember, I lost count when all of his huge cock went into me”

“Me too”

“So you think we can have a four-some?”

The end….

Thanks for your time I hope you enjoyed the story please leave comments bad or good

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