Later that week Chad invited Mindy over. When she arrived the party was just getting started. There was booze and drugs and rap music he had invited a host of people over and she would be the main attraction.

“You better get stripped off Mindy I want my favourite girl to look her best.”

Mindy gritted her teeth. She quickly shook her clothes off and began to do her makeup in Chad’s bathroom.

“Go for the slutty whore look Mindy the guys want to see a whore tonight not a dazzling beauty.”

He came through into the bathroom and took hold of the deep red lipstick on the side board. He began to smear it all over her lips, big thick red lines to give her the appearance of a cheap hooker.

“Chad I can do it.” She moaned.

“I’m sure you can but I like to finish the touches. Now grab that fucking skirt and put it on.”

“Don’t I get to wear any underwear?”

“And why would we want to do that? Me and the guys want easy access to both your holes Mindy. God If only you knew how fucking annoying it is to tear down a bitches thong.”

She knew how Chad liked her and didn’t bother to protest. She pulled the pleated skirt up to her groin and gazed at herself in the mirror. It barely came halfway down the back of her ass anybody could see her naked flesh.

“Oh yeah and no bra or top either. Here attach these weights to you udders I want them hanging low and on show. I want the guys to see how far you’ve come since your training began eh.”

She couldn’t believe what she was hearing he was literally turning her into a fuck pig, only good for one thing. Her ass hole and pussy were slowly turning into buckets fit for the cock of a donkey. Her nipples were swollen and puffy all the weight training he had given her really had made them stretch.

She quickly clipped the chains to her nipples and hung the weights on either side. She stood there emotionless nothing but hatred for the fucker before her.

“There you go pretty as a picture.” Chad said as he took multiple photos of her.

“The weights really do bring your nubs on well. Not long now before they will be so distended no one but dirty old men will want to fuck you. “

Mindy heard the hoots and chit chat coming from downstairs in the lounge; she hoped Chad hadn’t planned to use her in one of his sick fantasies.

“Chad It’s not the big black guys again is it?”

She remembered back to only last week when Chad had given the three hungest guys in school permission to use her any which way they liked. And they used her alright. Deniro the biggest of the three rammed his cock so deep into her pussy, relentlessly for four hours that she actually passed out. Well not soon after a big stream of warm nigger piss woke her up and the fucking continued. That went on for six hours until all the three guys were all fucked out and we know how long niggers can fuck for.

“No not them, but don’t you dare talk of my buddies in that way, whining on like you have a say so in who I say you fuck. Yes Mindy they might be our schools prize winning black basketball team but you sure as will fuck them when I tell you too jeez.”

“I’m sorry Chad.”

“You will be sorry and don’t think I’ve forgotten about our little arrangement. The list of tasks I gave you, if you think slurping the dicks of the hungry basketball team is tough wait until you see boxer. I hooked up with Jimmy the other day he’s been starving the bulldog till he’s fuckin raw hasn’t cum in a month and you know how rampant dogs are when there horny.”

He placed a necklace around her neck and faintly kissed her cheek. “Look how pretty you look don’t you like your birthday present?”

She gazed down to see the thick gold chain around her neck. It read “Slut puppy girl”, a tear filled her eyes and she thought she were about to cry.

“Don’t cry Mindy, don’t you dare cry! I have guests out there waiting to have a good fucking time I don’t want their enjoyment spoilt by an ungrateful girl. To think I just gave you a belated birthday present and all you can do is moan. This is why I don’t do girlfriends, this is why were not together anymore I can’t deal with this shit.”

But it was no use she broke down there and then she fell from Chad’s arms and crumpled onto the bathroom floor. “Get the fuck up now. If you smudge that makeup Mindy I’ll make you clean the fucking toilet with your tongue. Get up.”

At once she rose and readjusted her hair in the mirror. She glanced at her tits they were once so nice and rounded now they resembled that of an old whore.

“Stop cryin Mindy.” Chad bawled.

“I’m sorry Chad I just can’t take it anymore. All this you have put me through why, why have you done this to me!”

“Of course you can take it, just like you took Jerome’s dirty ass hole in your face, just like you drank the piss of me and my buddies. So come on and clean yourself up wipe those tears away, we have guests. And my guests want to fuck so step to it. We’ll be in the lounge.”

As she descended the stairs draped only in the shortest of skirts and nothing else, Mindy heard the howls of laughter coming from the lounge. She cupped her breasts then remembered the painful weights which pulled down on her nipples. Just before she entered she composed her self as Chad had taught her. She poked her little ass out and made sure her skirt was in place.

“Mindy you crack whore.” Chad wailed with a high five to his bud Brendan. The two boys laughed as the humiliated girl walked into the room. She presented herself in the centre of the lounge and took her place on top of the glass coffee table.

“Dude why she getting on there?”

“You’ll see in a moment Brendan, patience now.”

She got onto the table and assumed an all fours position. Very gradually she bore downwards as much as she could pressing her face into the glass. She then spread her legs as far apart as possible and thrust her ass into the air. As the short skirt popped up and fell onto her back her gaping exposed pussy came into full view. It was a real picture her pussy lips were so swollen from the relentless fuckings she had received that they just seemed to gape open freely.
That exposed her gaping hole which truly had been ravaged. And her ass hole was much the same story but Chad knew it needed a little more work.

She closed her eyes and thought of nothing, because that’s all she could think of nothing. Chad’s blight and pain had made her so ill that her mind was beyond repair.

“Brendan take a look at her pussy hole. I bet you fifty big ones that you can spit directly down her hole with out hitting her sides.”

The guys in the room laughed and giggled at Chad’s remarks it seemed like a joke but he was serious. He pulled out a bunch of notes and teased Brendan with the bet.

“You serious man, nah no way if that happens then this bitch need a donkey dick or some shit to get here going. Man I aint never seen no bitches pussy like that before.”

Chad lightly tapped Mindy’s ass a few times as he circled her sipping his drink, “Go on Mindy tell them what happened the other night?”

The room fell silent as Mindy thought back to what had happened. Chad stood proudly and winked at his mates waiting for her to speak.

“It was oh last week on Thursday Chad told me to come over because……”

He slapped her ass hard, “Get to the fucking point Mindy. The guys don’t want the whole fucking story just tell them what we did to your cunt.”

“Chad tied me to the radiator. He pulled my legs apart and so my pussy was in full view. Then he pulled my pussy lips apart and taped them to my legs.”

Brendan stood up and shook his head. “You fuckin serious man. What happened then?”

“Then the four guys took turns spitting in my pussy. To see who could get the best shot right down in my hole.”

“And what did the winner get to do Mindy?”

“The winner then got to shove whatever he could find in the room that was good enough right into my pussy.”

“Chad how long you play this shit for man sounds fun. We had a round of four games and each time one of the guys one we stuffed an even bigger object into her. Mindy tell the guys what we fucked you with.”

Still with her ass in the air and her distended pussy lips gaping wide she spoke but closed her eyes as she did she was utterly humiliated.

“First there was the beer bottle, then the vase and the rolling pin and finally…”

“And this is the big one…” Chad shouted.

“Then they fucked me with a baseball bat.”

“Jeez no telling why you got the bucket of a sow. Shit looks like you could fit a hundred hungry cocks up there girl.” Brendan said and pulled out his own nine inch beast.

And so the party got into full swing. Chad had invited two of his buddies over, Brendan the Jamaican who he owed a favour too and his two pals. Plus there was Paul his business associate who he planned to set a deal up with, involving Mindy and some underground porn.

Chad took a seat and frigged his own cock as the guys began to maul the little girl. Brendan decided a face fuck was in order so casually flipped her over onto her back. He pulled her head so it hung from the end of the glass table and lined his cock up with her mouth. He didn’t even have to say open as the eager slut willingly took the giant cock end in her mouth. His pre cum fell onto her lips as he guided his member in and out. Paul took a step back to watch the rampant boys do there worst.

“Looks like you’ve got a real winner there Chad. Tell me has she done any work with dogs or pigs yet?”

Chad nodded in agreement with Paul his words were most kind, “Not pigs or dogs but I’m working on it. I’ve got something set up this week a big pit bull if you know what I mean.”

Paul was intrigued he’d seen talent like Mindy before. He knew she could be a prime asset for one of his own sordid flicks.”

“Mindy stop the fucking screaming!”

The little girl was getting heavily fucked by Jacob one of Chad’s younger friends, he was only fifteen but was hung like a mother fucker. Right now he was battering her asshole balls deep; he held her legs in the air almost dangling her upon the table. He was a big guy with beaming muscles to match it was some spectacle.

“Go on Jacob give it too the bitch.”

Brendan still had his cock embedded in her mouth and each time she tried to expel it through lack of air he held her nose thrusting more and more of his member down her throat.

“Sorry Paul were where we?”

“The dogs Chad, have you used one on a girl or boy before?”

“Not yet no not at all.”

“Well I should probably give you a few tips. Do know what I mean when I say knotted?”

“Knotted?” Chad was puzzled.

“When a dog fucks a bitch his cock unlike humans balloons some what. It gets bigger once it’s inside the cunt, and well once he has had his fun it can sometimes get a little tricky.”

“You mean he carries on fucking or some shit goes back for seconds.”

“Not quite but I’ll tell you a funny story. I was down in Denver on business one year, had a little arrangement with a colleague I once knew from back home.”

“What happened?”

“In not so many words the arrangement had been made for a young boy perhaps fourteen or fifteen to be fucked by a Doberman. Have you seen a Doberman they carry big fuckers. Well this boy was unused and untouched basically a virgin. Anyway we got over the preliminary misery of telling him it was all good and that he would receive a nice pay check yada yada yada. So the dog fucked him and we were all happy bunnies, but when the kid tried to make the dog pull his swollen cock from his asshole he couldn’t. And as I said this kid was rather on the thin skinny side so then out of no where the dog began literally dragging this kid by his ass hole halfway around the room. You should have heard the screams. But as things go the added extras did do well for my own earnings we just didn’t expect it.”

“How long was he dragged about for before they broke free? That gonna happen to Mindy I hope it does.” Chad liked his lips and settled back into the sofa sipping his wine.

“About five minutes it was some spectacle. Just thought I’d give you the heads up. Remember animals can be funny creatures you never know what next there gonna do.”

“Believe me Paul Mindy needs all the excitement she can get and if that happens it will be another new experience to add to her arsenal try something new everyday that’s what I say.”

Paul sat back in his chair and relaxed, watching as Mindy had all of her holes stuffed with cocks, one in her mouth, pussy and ass.

He knew Chad had more to offer it was just a matter of time before he would introduce him to the underworld that awaited.

That evening Mindy lay up in Chad’s bed as he finished his shower. He’d asked her to sleep with him tonight which felt strange to her. It was the weekend but usually she was forced to sleep outside in the dog kennel or on his floor.

Chad pushed the door to the on suite open and broke into song, “Oh Mindy you came and you gave me your pussy, and I fucked it up so greatly oh Mindy oh Mindy…..”

He ruffled his hair with his towel and handed her the remote control. “Put the DVD on I have something to show you.”

He sat down next to her and felt her weary bones. She ached as Chad prodded and pried her body with his coarse hands. He loved to just sit her next to him whilst he groped inside her pussy and fingered her ass hole it was great. Then he’d usually toy with her nipples. He’d allowed her for now to remove the gruesome weights, but that was the great thing it gave him chance to play with the distended nubs which now hung on her tits. He liked to flick them up and down whilst they sat and watched a movie together.

All the while she knew he had here exactly were he wanted her. He had the Dictaphone he had her life in the palm of his hands ready to do whatever he wished, she was trapped. But so clueless that she could easily get out of this hell hole. But as all little girly cunts are saving face at that age is the most important thing.

“You remember Paul don’t you my friend and business partner from overseas.”

She was a little disorientated after the wild fuckings that had taken place. Chad nudged her and gripped onto one of her nipples harshly.

She came round suddenly, “Yeah I remember him the fat bold guy who made me eat the crud from his ass hole.”

For a moment Chad nearly froze. The manner in which she spoke gave the impression that all the abuse was just normality to her. He really had managed to turn this girl into one fucked up slut physically and now mentally, what a genius.

“Him yeah, god you sicken me doing that, the thought knocks me sick.”

He waited but no reply. Nothing, the room fell silent just the adverts on the DVD running. Her mind was becoming that of a girl who had accepted her fate. Perhaps now he could go to stage two and real turn the heat up a little bit. He grabbed the control.

“Mindy watch the TV now.”

As the film played Mindy sat silently watching the video as each disgusting act happened. It was the video Paul talked of earlier that evening he had give Chad a copy. It sure made Chad hard especially the extras. The boy truly was pulled by his arsehole around the room. The dog knocked over chairs and glasses all the while the boy screamed, what great viewing.

Mindy was horrified but hardly shocked she had been through so much and as she fell asleep in Chad’s arms she knew just knew that he planned to have that done to her. But right now all she could do was sleep she was exhausted and achy.

As the film finished Chad blew his load he wiped it up onto his hands and smeared it over the sleeping girls face. He then slept dreaming of the fun to come……..

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