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Tammy wants to please the adults in her life
Hank and Mildred, the older couple down the street from me, were a nice older couple. They paid me attention that I wasn't necessarily getting at home. I liked it when adults were nice to me, because my mom was gone a lot and my grandmother, who would sometimes watch me, was a crazy old bat who yelled more than anything. My mom was single and underemployed and we were broke a lot of the time, so she was very stressed out most of the time. Hank and Mildred had always been nice to me and always seemed to have a free moment for me, which made me feel important.

My visits to Hank and Mildred's front porch had gotten strange when Hank started letting his dick hang out of the leg of his shorts. After a few times of this, Hank and Mildred took advantage of my innocence and dependence on their approval and at the tender age of 7, I got my first load of cum in my mouth. The day that Hank had put his fat purple cock head into my mouth, he had promised me that he would keep my secret if I would keep his. Fear of my mother, plus a burning need for adult approval, drove me to never disclose the secret, and a few days later, it took me right back to that front porch.

After the first time, Hank also began to explore my body with his hands so that he could "show me how good it felt." The second visit started much like the first. As Mildred helped guide my lips onto Hanks throbbing cock, he wrapped one fat hand around my thin neck and held me there, while his other hand reached down the front of my shirt. His rough, wrinkled fingers played across my tiny nipples, making goose bumps stand out on my skin. Hank was getting increasingly greedy, and continued to try to fit more of his cock into my mouth. My thin lips stretched over the cock that was as wide as my wrist, and Mildred pushed from behind and wiggled my head to try to get more and more in. As more of his cock slipped between my stretched lips, he would become more excited.

He began to pinch and twist at my nipples, bringing them up into angry, painful red peaks. Just before he began to spurt his massive load into my bulging mouth, he shouted, "That's it, baby. Suck grandpa's fat cock. You are such a good little girl. Grandpa's little baby girl sucks such good cock, and I'm going to give her a present." His hand clenched my throat tightly, and his fingers pinched and rolled one of my nipples around, and cum started to spurt fast and hot into the back of my throat.

The cum in my mouth was my least favorite part. Every time I would try to jerk away, and every time he and Mildred would hold me in place until his dick started to shrink. This time, however, after his dick came out of my mouth with a "pop", Mildred slid her hand over my mouth and clamped down. "Swallow, it, Tammy. Grandpa Hank gave you a gift, and you should show him how much you appreciate it by swallowing it up." I gagged a little, and tears started to form at the corners of my eyes. Mildred held me in place and the flash in her eyes reminded me that she was the adult, and I should do what she wanted me to do. I swallowed Hank's salty, hot cum, and Mildred let go of me. "Good girl," she told me, and patted my cheek like a grandmother might do.

For two or three weeks after our first encounter, things would work relatively the same way. I would kneel in front of Hank's chair while he pulled out his enormous cock, and would place the head of it inside my mouth. If I ever showed any reluctance, Hank would grab my hair, wrap his hand around my throat and pull me toward him, or otherwise push me into the position he wanted me in, and Mildred would hold me in place while he pumped his cock into explosion. At the end of each encounter, Hank would remind me that our secret was safe because he had seen me with my pants down, rubbing my pussy against the pussy of the little neighbor girl, right out in the open, and if I told on him, he would tell on me.

A month after it all started, I visited Hank and Mildred knowing what was expected of me. That day, I was wearing a flouncy skirt and a tank top. I chose the clothes, knowing that if Hank wanted to touch my body, it would be easy for him to do so. I was really looking for him to tell me that I had done right.

Mildred was out in her flower garden when I arrived and exclaimed, "You look so pretty today, baby girl!" I beamed. She gave me a sweet smile and suggested I get up on the porch for a second and wait. I sat down and set my hands in my lap, and waited quietly while I heard Hank bumping around in the house. When he came out, he was carrying a plastic bag, the contents of which I couldn't see. "Hello, baby girl," Hank said with a smile. "Today is going to be a little bit different. You have been such a good girl, and I want to show you something today." Mildred had walked up behind me, and was putting her hands on my waist. She held me still while Hank set the bag down and reached up underneath my skirt. This was new and different, and I was scared again. I began to tremble a bit and tried to back away. I backed into Mildred, who whispered into my ear, "Don't worry baby. This is going to feel real nice for you." Hank, being the more aggressive one, swatted me on the chin and told me to hold still. He removed my panties and cast them aside. He then sat in his big patio chair, and Mildred moved me over and hoisted me up so that I was sitting in his lap, facing outward.

I sat in Hank's lap, feeling his enormous erection pushing against my butt. His thin cotton shorts never hid much, and I could feel every ridge and vein of his dick up against my bare bottom. Mildred pushed my knees open, and with his hands, Hank pulled them wide and held them in place. I could feel his long, callused fingers digging into my soft fleshy skin. I knew that this time, he was going to touch my pussy and I was terrified and excited. Every time I let him do something to me, he would tell me how pleased he was when it was over.

Mildred reached between my legs and reached into Hank's shorts. His thick, meaty cock sprang forward and rested between my legs, against my hairless pussy lips. Mildred used her hand to press his dick up against me so that I felt it's warmth. She let go and his head bobbed and bounced off my stomach. Mildred reached into the plastic bag and pulled out a Polaroid camera. She took a photo of Hank's enormous cock up against my tiny bald slit. She then guided my hand down so that it encircled Hank's cock. My fingers did not even come close to closing around it. Hank said, "That's it, baby girl. Grandpa loves it when you touch his cock. Move your hand up and down." And so, my tiny pale hand moved itself up and down Hanks veiny purple headed cock while Mildred took a few more photographs.

Hank had stretched my thin legs as far apart as they would go. He finally let go, instructing me to leave them where they were. I was stretched and my legs were starting to cramp, but I knew that Hank wanted me to be a good girl for him. With his large hands, he reached up to my shirt hem and began to lift my shirt up until my tiny nipples were exposed. They were light pink in color, and barely a mound on my flat chest. Hanks fingers found them immediately and began to circle them using his fingertips. I broke out in goose bumps then, my skin prickling at his touch. But my body also flushed at that moment, and I felt warm and tingly and prickly all over. Mildred was snapping photos of Hank's hands on my tiny breasts, and stopped for a moment when he began to pinch them. It hurt, and I flinched and started to squeeze my legs shut involuntarily. Hank slapped at both of my thighs, hard enough to bring up red welts on the skin. "Grandpa said to keep your legs open, little girl. If you don't do as I say, I will punish you, do you understand?" I felt shamed and scared that he would make me leave, and I nodded even as tears pricked my eyes. I spread my legs out as far as they would go, and Hank resumed his assault on my tiny little nipples. When he was done, they were bright pink, and stood out against my pale skin. Mildred took two more photos and set the camera aside.

My legs burning, my chest stinging, and my bare pussy exposed to the breeze, I felt fear and shame. I knew, however, that I kept coming back to this house so I must like something about it. I was obscenely open to this old couple in front of me, and to anyone who looked closely if they drove by. Hanks cock continued to bob between my legs, and all I could do was wonder what would happen next.

More photographs were taken. Mildred positioned my hands over Hanks big heavy balls, in a two handed grip around his mighty dick, and finally took one of me using my own hands to press Hank's big cock up against my small body. When she was satisfied with her photos, she pulled a tub of Vasoline from the bag. She put a glob in each of my hands then helped me reach down to Hanks dick and stroke him several times to get it coated. Hank kept me on his lap but allowed me to close my legs. Now, my slit and thighs were closed around his long shaft, and I could almost feel it burning between my legs. Hank proceeded to wrap one long, hairy arm around my chest, and placed one hand at the back of my head, tangling in my hair. Mildred told me to hold still while she took a picture of my entire body. Then she reached down and held my outer thighs firmly together.

Hank begin to thrust slowly at first. His cock, slick with lubricant, slid easily between my thighs. He held my chest and head still while Mildred held my thighs closed tightly, and he fucked up and down my slit with increasing intensity. The friction along my tiny cunt did not go unnoticed, and once again, I felt my body flush with something that felt nice.

Hanks thrusts became faster. His hold on my hair became tighter, until it began to hurt. I cried out, and that seemed to fuel him to move even faster. He began to speak into my ear, heavy and slurred, "That's it, baby girl. Grandpa loves the feeling of his dick sliding between your legs." He began to thrust in a frenzy, and Mildred said "Put your hand down over the top of his dick, baby." So I put my tiny hand down to the area where the hot fat head of his dick was popping up between my legs. He pulled my hair even tighter, and I cried out again. This time, he said, "Thats it baby. Grandpa is going to cum. I'm going to cum and then I'm going to show you what a good girl I think you are for making Grandpa so hot." With a final yank of my hair which made me cry out longer and louder than before, Hank covered my hand and my lap in gooey white cum. It seemed to spurt forever, and when he was finished, he released his hold on my hair.

Mildred opened my thighs again and snapped a few more photos of my bald pussy covered in man cream. As she was doing this, Hanks hands slid down between my legs and for the first time, his big, rough hands touched my creamy smooth white slit. Using his semen as lubricant, he pushed one finger into the top of my slit and for the first time, I felt electricity run through my body. He used his fingers to massage all of his cum into and around my pussy, and every time his fat finger brushed my inner lips, I jolted and felt good in a way I had never felt before.

When we were done, Mildred gave me a hug and told me what a good child I was, and Hank hugged me by cupping my ass cheeks and letting his middle finger come to rest between them. He whispered in my ear, "You're so good to grandpa. Next time I see you, I am going to make you MY baby girl."

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